[Psalms - General]

It is safe to say that no other collection of poems has accomplished as much good as the book of Psalms. Its sentiments seem to touch the soul at every turn—in joy, in sorrow. R5653:3
David's thought in writing the Psalms may have been merely to their use in song; but the Lord's object was to give prophecy to assist his people of a later period. R2345:4 Many of David's prophetic words relate more particularly to The Christ than to himself and many were written from this standpoint, as speaking for Messiah. R3609:1
The book does not claim to be a book of David's psalms, but a book of psalms. While a majority of the psalms particularly claim that David was their author, some do not name their authors. The Jews recognized the book of Psalms as a whole—as sacred Scripture—as a holy or inspired writing. And our Lord and the apostles quoted directly or by allusion from sixty-one of the psalms, some of them repeatedly. Our Lord himself quoted from nineteen of them. These quotations embrace, not only some of those definitely ascribed to David, but equally those whose authorship is not stated. And in one case (John 10:34, 35) our Lord, quoting from Psalm 82:6, distinctly terms it a part of the "Scriptures" which "cannot be broken." R1418:3

[Psa. 1:1]

Blessed is the man —The Lord Jesus and those who walk in his footsteps, the pure in heart. R1383:2
That walketh not —Has no fellowship, sympathy or common interest. R1383:2, R2697:3 Evil companionship corrupts good conduct. Let all of our special friends or companions, in business or pleasure, be the Lord's friends, who honor him. R2366:1 It is not our mission to follow others into outer darkness in conversation and reading, but to remain with the Lord and seek others to take their places and crowns. R1860:6 We should fellowship with the saints of the Most High, who are meek and lowly of heart and whom he shall lead in his ways. R4484:4 Lot did not pursue this course and hence failed of a blessing. R2853:2
In the counsel —That there is a way of salvation for man other than that provided in God's plan. R2698:2
Of the ungodly —The worldly. C89 The wicked and slothful servants in the Church who, having been made partakers of the holy Spirit, commit wilful sin. R2697:6 Those who neglect this counsel need not be surprised if they fall into temptation, sin and disfellowship with the things which are pure. R4076:2
Standeth —Entering into their plans and schemes, thus likely becoming partakers of their spirit, careless of consecration vows and overcharged with earthly cares. R2698:4 Stand with God even if that should imply standing alone. R1383:3
The way of sinners —The assemblies of the wicked. C89 Sinners against their covenant of consecration, being overcharged with the things of this life. R2698:3, R4079:5*
Nor sitteth —We cannot sit down in the light. We must walk in it if we are to stay in it. A25 Because of ignorance of God's plan and character, because they are blinded by Satan and because their ideas of right and wrong are warped through false doctrines and theories. R1174:6
Of the scornful —Some, not of the Church, unteachable; those possessing more or less knowledge of holy things and rejecting them, speaking of them lightly and scornfully. R2698:4 The heart that is contentious and that sitteth in the seat of the scornful is not in a condition to receive the blessings of the Lord. R4475:3 Illustrated by one church which invited Dr. R. G. Ingersoll, the agnostic, to preach to them. R1968:4

[Psa. 1:2]

But his delight —The sentiment of our heart should be the desire to get the divine mind as nearly as possible on every subject. R5518:6 One thus isolated from the ungodly will have a delightful experience. "I delight to do Thy will, O my God." (Psa. 40:8) R1383:3
Is in the law —Three lessons for the Lord's faithful to learn: (1) Meekness, humility; (2) Obedient faith, abiding trust; (3) Love. R4483:6 Briefly comprehended in the word "Love." R2698:5 God's will and plan. R1383:3
Doth he meditate —Not read carelessly. R2146:5* Study. C89 A contemplative study to see how the Law would work out its influence on oneself. R4838:3 Only in so doing can we receive the nourishment it is designed to give. R1390:3 When the memory is stored with the words of divine revelation, what food is furnished for prayerful meditation. R2038:6 That its principles may be assimilated. R4835:4, R4838:3,R5518.5

[Psa. 1:3]

Rivers of water —God's grace and truth. R1383:3
Forth his fruit —The fruits of the spirit. R2698:6
His leaf also —His hopes. R2698:6
Shall not wither —Become dead and barren. R1383:3
Whatsoever he doeth —His aim is to glorify his Heavenly Father. R2698:6 It will make happier homes, better husbands, better wives, better children. It will sweeten the temper, soften the voice, dignify the language, cultivate the manners, ennoble the sentiments and lend its charming grace to every simple duty. R4835:4, R1296:5 "All things shall work together for good to them that love God, to the called according to his purpose." (Rom. 8:28) R1646:4
Shall prosper —Not because of our own wisdom in the management of our affairs, but because our infallible Lord is supervising our interests and outworking them for good to him. R2699:4Since God's plan shall prosper, their plan shall prosper; for his plan is their plan. R1383:5 What matter if instead of earthly prosperity is brought financial loss, if it work our spiritual gain? R2699:1

[Psa. 1:4]

The ungodly —Those who wilfully prefer sin to righteousness. R1383:5
Are like the chaff —Shall have no place after the Lord has thoroughly cleansed the world and swept them into oblivion. R1383:5
The wind driveth away —The winds of false doctrine or the storms of opposition. R605:6

[Psa. 1:5]

The ungodly —The wicked (and slothful servants) shall not stand in the assembly of the righteous. R2975:2
Shall not stand —Though a thousand unfaithful shall fall at his side and ten thousand at his right hand the faithful shall stand and, in due time, receive the great reward. R606:1 Shall not continue to stand, but shall fall, pass away as the chaff. R1383:5
In the judgment —Of the Millennial age. R1383:6, R1219:5
Nor sinners —Violators of their covenant of consecration. R1383:6
In the congregation —Not permitted to continue, but cut off in the Second Death. R1219:5, R1235:1

[Psa. 1:6]

Knoweth the way —The judgment will determine who are the lovers of righteousness. R1383:6
Of the righteous —God's care is over the righteous. "The Lord knoweth them that are his." (2 Tim. 2:19) R3155:6 The justified. R3156:1
Shall perish —If justice be delayed it is only for the development of some greater good than could be accomplished by a speedy adjustment. R2025:5

[Psa. 2:1]

Why do the heathen —The nations. R1385:1 This Psalm is a prophecy of Jesus at his first advent and still further of the entire Christ, including the Church, and their final exaltation as the Millennial Kingdom. R1384:3 Though applied in Acts 4:25-27 to events connected with our Lord's crucifixion, the fulness of the import belongs to the time of the second advent. R1384:6
Rage —Tumultuously assemble. A271 In the worldwide commotion and discontent already prevailing. R1385:1
A vain thing —As the cry of Peace, Peace, when there is no peace. D239 Vain schemes, such as Communism, Socialism, Nihilism, Anarchism. God's remedy is the only one that will cure.R1385:1 Every nation in this war (1915) seems to believe itself God's favored people whose ultimate mission is to rule the world. They are all in error. R5788:3

[Psa. 2:2]

Kings of the earth —Civil and ecclesiastical authorities. D239
Set themselves —In opposition. D52
The rulers —Religious, financial, and political. R1385:1; SM695:2
Take counsel together —For the preservation of the present inequities in the world by which they are profiting. SM695:2 "Associate yourselves (unite), O ye people and ye shall be broken in pieces; ... take counsel together and it shall come to nought." (Isa. 8:9, 10) R1079:5
Against the LORD —Against Jehovah. R1385:1
Against his anointed —The Head of The Christ in the Jewish harvest, and the feet members in the Gospel age harvest. B263 The King, who has come to rule in righteousness and whose presence and power is now forcing upon the minds of men the perplexing questions of the hour. R1519:3 The kings of the earth do not know that by attempting to uphold their present institutions they are really fighting against the establishment of the Lord's Kingdom. R1385:1, R1425:5

[Psa. 2:3]

Let us —Jehovah and his Anointed. R1385:2 The kings and rulers of earth. D52 Those seeking freedom from the restraints of consecration.R4707:1
Break their bands —The restraints which the people are putting upon them, seeking to reinaugurate a reign of autocracy. SM695:2 The combinations of those who have banded themselves together to oppose the setting up of the Kingdom. R1385:2 The Adversary still leads the world into all kinds of excesses in the name of liberty. R4707:1
Their cords —By which they endeavor to retain control of their kingdoms. R1385:2

[Psa. 2:4]

Shall laugh —The Lord shall have them and their wonderful banding together in derision. R1385:2 "I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh." (Prov. 1:26) R1519:4
The Lord —Adonai, Jesus. E48
Shall have them —Their futile schemes. R1079:5

[Psa. 2:5]

Then —Since they persistently neglect to heed his warnings. D52
He —The Lord. R5574:2
Them —The world. R5574:2
In his wrath —The great time of trouble just approaching. R1385:3 Also merciful and gracious to those who will then turn unto him. R5989:2 He who smites them in his wrath is also merciful and gracious, unwilling that any should perish but desirous that they should obey his counsels and live. R5989:2
Sore displeasure —Hot and just displeasure. D631

[Psa. 2:6]

Yet —Meanwhile. R1385:3
Have I —Jehovah. D632; R1352:6
Set my king —Anointed my king. A271 Already the Father has appointed our Lord as King, and will soon deliver to him the power and glory of his office. R5181:3 Since 1878 AD. R1914:2, R5990:2
Upon my holy hill —The Kingdom of God. Dix; OV272:3 Or "hill of the sanctuary," being the original site of the Tabernacle, pitched by David for the reception of the Ark. R1648:3

[Psa. 2:7]

I will declare —He (Jesus) will first make plain to the world that it is by the Father's decree that he takes possession. R1385:4
The decree —The decree is that the dominion shall be taken from them, that he whose right it is shall take the kingdom and that the nations shall be given to him for an inheritance. D12
The LORD —Jehovah. E48
Thou art my Son —God honored him in this way. R5472:3; E72 "He that honoreth not the Son, honoreth not the Father which sent him." (John 5:23) E72
Begotten thee —Fulfilled when our Lord Jesus, at 30 years, consecrated himself wholly to the will and plan of God. R1385:4 Borne, or delivered thee, from death by a resurrection. R2149:6

[Psa. 2:8]

Ask —The Redeemer will not ask for the world until his Church will have been gathered to glory. R5493:4, R1385:4; CR490:6, CR51:5; R4476:4, R5054:6; HG669:2 When Christ shall have paid over the ransom-price. R5683:3; SM666:1 The Lord did not ask for his great power sooner. He was well contented with the divine times and seasons. SM436:1 This worldwide dominion has not yet come to Messiah. "Darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the heathen." (Isa. 60:2) CR50:2; SM435:1 God will make his enemies his footstool. R5054:5 Pray for. R5493:4 Messiah, after finishing his work, shall make application for a kingdom which divine providence has already arranged for, and which divine prophecy has already foretold. R5492:3 Misapplied by the Papacy to the Papal Millennium. HG268:6, HG269:1
Of me —Jehovah. R5777:4, R5492:3
I shall give thee —"The God of heaven shall set up a kingdom." (Dan. 2:44) A308 It is Jehovah's power that will bring about the Millennial victory of The Christ. R3079:5, R5492:2 This, we believe, is at the door because the Lord is about to take possession of the Church. R5622:3,R4476:4 Our Lord will make application of the ransom-price for the world. Then ignorance and superstition will be supplanted by divine enlightenment. SM666:1; R4819:5In "due time," when the Church shall have passed into heavenly glory. SM666:1 During Messiah's reign the Lord Jesus will be given full power and authority to control the world. This is the particular business appointed to him. R5022:6 Messiah will take possession of man's inheritance purchased by him for humanity at Calvary. The nations will become Christ's by the conquering power of the time of trouble. HG669:4
The heathen —The nations. D12; Q29:4 Who are not now members of the household of faith. R5777:4, R5493:4 God's due time for giving the heathen to Christ is in the Millennial age and not in this Gospel age. R1710:4
For thine inheritance —God is about to show the world the true and beneficial operation of the Law of Primogeniture. R1164:2 The King's Son is soon to receive his long-promised inheritance.R5489:5 When the Church shall have inherited the Kingdom they will be prepared to do the work of judging the world. R5776:4
Uttermost parts —Jesus gained the right to control all for whom he died. R43:5*, R483: 6*
Of the earth —The purchased possession includes the world of nature. R593:3

[Psa. 2:9]

Thou —The Christ, Head and Body. B77, B100; R30:6*
Shalt break them —In the great time of trouble just approaching. R1385:3, R5527:4, R5493:4, R268:4, R1092:2, R1095:1, R1692:5 When the selection of the Church shall have been completed. CR51:5; SM441:1 When the work of destruction is accomplished the people will return to the Lord and he will heal them. A256; R1869:3The iron rod of Christ's rule must bring down every high thing and subdue all things unto him. R1735:3 Breaking up all their former habits and customs as well as breaking up present institutions founded upon these false habits and false ideas of liberty. A302 He wounds to heal. The lessons of the time of trouble will be salutary. R5493:4 Men must learn their own impotence and the true Master; just as every colt must be "broken" before it is of value. D378 The myriads of ignorant and barbarous heathen who have gone down to the grave with lifelong habits of fierce passion and deep degradation. HG31:2 The thousand-year period, known as the Millennium, is set apart for this work. Q69:5 This does not commence until the sounding of the seventh trumpet. HG13:6 This war (1915) was allowed to occur at about the end of the Times of the Gentiles, the appropriate time when they are to be dashed to pieces with the iron rod of the iron rule. R5632:3
With a rod —Symbol of divine authority. R4058:4 The rod will be merely for temporary service, bringing the race back to their original privilege as kings of the earth. R5377:4 He will rule with the iron rod to the intent that all mankind may learn the divine law and have the divine blessing. R4819:5
Of iron —Of unbending and just retribution. R1423:2 With firmness and vigor, cutting off every opportunity to do wrong to others or to oneself. A302
Shalt dash them —By the tumult of contending factions. R362:1 The Gentile governments. B77, B100 The present strife in Europe (1914-1918) is only the beginning of the great trouble and overthrow of the nations. R5735:4 Intimating that in some sense the Lord will take possession of these before they have been completely overthrown. R5631:5 In the midst of the time of trouble. HG14:1 Everything appertaining to present institutions contrary to the divine standards of justice will be rudely shaken and eventually destroyed. R5493:4 As a result of manifesting the judgments of the lord in the world. (2Thess 1:7-10) R5527:4 When "the kingdom is the Lord's and he is Governor among the nations." (Psa. 22:27,28) R321:2 Jesus' title, the Prince of Peace, will not then apply to him. R5136:4
In pieces —"In the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, and it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms." (Dan 2:44) HG 75:5
Potter's vessel —The existing institutions, those vessels of the Adversary potter. SM717:1

[Psa. 2:10]

Be wise ... O ye kings —Ye powers of Christendom. D52 Including financial kings. OV86:4 Those nations who heartily accept Messiah's rule will be saved from the breaking process. SM441:3
Be instructed —God's Word furnishes the only principles which, if put in operation, would avert the dread calamity now impending. R1369:1 Part of Messiah's Kingdom work will be to stop the anarchy when it shall have done its work, when it shall have demonstrated to the human race that nothing that man can do will be able to help the race. R5567:2

[Psa. 2:11]

Serve the LORD —The conditions of consecration for mankind in the next age will not be sacrifice, but obedience to God and his law of love. R442:6
With fear —Respect. R442:6
With trembling —"Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall." (1 Cor. 10:12) OV272:3; B300

[Psa. 2:12]

Kiss the Son —Misapplied by the Pope to himself in compelling kings and emperors to kiss his great toe. OV272:3; B300; R54:4, R305:4; HG269:4 Make friends with the Son. A272 Yield cheerful, willing submission to the Lord. B300; A272 The Greek word translated "worship" in the New Testament is proskuneo which signifies "to kiss the hand," as a dog licks the hand of his master. The significance is reverence. E72 God's last warning to Christendom. D52 Now or never (as nations) they may recognize their new king by abandoning oppression and establishing justice. Now is the time to concede to all men their natural rights. R713:4
Lest he be angry —Lest he bring the threatened Day of Vengeance. D52 Scriptures intimate that all nations will be found in violent opposition to the heavenly Kingdom and hence will be crushed as the vessels of a potter. CR51:6
But a little —For his wrath may soon be kindled. A272
Are all they —Primarily the consecrated Church as the time of trouble draws near. R1385:5

[Psa. 4:1]

Hear me —It is supposed that the fourth Psalm and part of the third were written regarding David's experience as an exile from his capital. R4277:3

[Psa. 5:3]

In the morning —In the Millennial age. A9; E359

[Psa. 5:4]

Pleasure in wickedness —The destruction of the incorrigible after the final test will be a demonstration of God's unceasing hatred of sin. R1782:1 Therefore God is not pleased to accept men without testing and proving them as to whether, after full knowledge, ability and choice, they will sincerely love the right and hate the wrong. R1273:5 The very character of God demands that we become holy.R5901:6*
Neither shall evil —Nothing short of perfection can find favor in God's eyes. R5902:1*, R1610:2 God permits evil for a time because he sees a way to make it a valuable and lasting lesson to his creatures. A118; HG393:1 God could not excuse the sin, for he cannot look upon the least sin with any degree of allowance. R386:6
Dwell with thee —Every good cometh from God as the good fountain. Evil, on the contrary, comes from sources in opposition to God and his goodness. R870:6 We must in this life become Christlike, or perfect in character; else we cannot eternally dwell with God. R5902:1* This does not signify a perfection of the flesh, which is an impossibility; but a perfection of heart, of intention, of will, of endeavor. R5902:1

[Psa. 5:7]

Thy holy temple —The Christ. T70

[Psa. 5:11]

Ever shout for joy —If suffering, are we rejoicing? R4248:3* We ought to rejoice, remembering that the Lord's dealings were designed to work out a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. R4248:2*
Thou defendest them —It is profitable in many ways to love the Lord. He has provided a place of safety during the day of wrath for every trusting, loving child of his. R32:5*
That love thy name —Those who love the name, the character of God, are endeavoring by his grace to develop it. R4248:2*

[Psa. 6:4]

Deliver my soul —It is the soul, the being, which is destroyed. E361

[Psa. 6:5]

Is no remembrance —There is no consciousness in hell. E361; R4781:2, R552:6, R802:2*, R4363:4*; SM525:1; HG511:1 "The dead know not anything." (Eccl. 9:5) R754:4* Death is the "land of forgetfulness." (Psa. 88:11) CR209:2; HG335:1 Therefore they can neither assent to, nor oppose, their awakening. R1509:5 Man's probation or trial must occur, not in death, but before the state of death has begun or after it has ended—in the resurrection. R909:3*, R915:6 Even from the human standpoint it would be a short time for each individual who would only have the few remaining years of life before the Kingdom. R3180:6 Thus, when our Lord was dead he could not preach and the dead of mankind could not hear. R4176:6
In the grave —Sheol, oblivion, death, not torment. E361; R828:6; HG216:2
Give thee thanks —The text manifestly refers to the pious. E361 Therefore the departed saints have not been praising the Lord after their death all during the past ages. R1881:5

[Psa. 7:11]

God is angry —Righteous indignation against sin. R5603:1 Anger in itself is not sin. R5417:5 Inability to be angry under proper cause would imply imperfection. R3928:2 It would be improper for our Creator to refrain from righteous indignation where there is a just cause; just as it would be improper for him to be angry without a cause. R787:4 God is not so overbalanced in love that he cannot permit justice thoroughly to scourge the race of condemned sinners. R880:6 He tells us to be like him in our loves and hates—to hate sin and love righteousness. R1251:1 The force of character which permits of anger is the very same force which, otherwise directed, signifies intensity of love. R3928:2 If we feel that anger is proper for us we should use a great deal of discretion. "Be ye angry and sin not." (Eph. 4:26) R5417:5 If any walk after the flesh and not after the spirit such will proportionately lose the love of God. R3034:1

[Psa. 7:15]

Fallen into the ditch —Those who dig pits for others are likely to fall therein themselves. R2503:4
Which he made —As illustrated by Haman and by those who caused Daniel to be cast into the lion's den. R2503:1

[Psa. 8:2]

The mouth of babes —Foreshadowing the multitude's shouting Jesus' praise as the Messiah, the Son of David. R4670:4

[Psa. 8:3]

Consider thy heavens —When we realize that the countless stars are each one a solar system we are amazed and feel our own littleness. CR188:5; R4972:2 Gaining thereby a high conception of the divine character. R3313:4 Our solar system is a small fraction of God's creation. Astronomers count 125 million suns and estimate that there are millions of others further distant. SM467:2 How much more profitable is the consideration of the still higher things revealed to the Gospel Church through the holy Spirit since Pentecost. R3313:4

[Psa. 8:4]

What is man —Man is of the earth, earthy, an earthly copy of his heavenly Maker. "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." (Gen. 1:26) R1266:1; OV288:1 How little is man, how small a speck in the universe. CR188:5 Orthodoxy falsely teaches that he is of two indestructible, indistinguishable parts, soul and spirit, enclosed in a prison-house of flesh. E302 Science says he is merely an animal of the highest type known, and has evolution hopes. E304 The Bible says that he is a Nephesh, soul, sentient being, composed of a body animated by Ruach, life-power, sometimes called the spirit or breath of life, because sustained by breathing. E308 Adam was the man preeminently in that he was the head of the race of men, and in him resided the title to earth and its dominion. E152
Art mindful of him —In his present deplorable, fallen, sinful condition. HG670:3 Not having forsaken the original plan. A175 God has provided a Savior, a way of restoration to divine favor. CR317:5, CR189:6; R5140:3
And the son of man —The posterity of Adam, the fallen human race. E426
Thou visitest him —Carest for him. R5291:4 Eventually, in the Times of Restitution. E426

[Psa. 8:5]

Thou hast made him —Claimed by Popists to refer to the Pope. B309
A little lower —In intelligence and capacity. R3922:2 Only a little lower. CR189:2, R4972:3, R453:5Not a little while, as if a matter of time; but clearly and distinctly a little lower in degree. A175; R329:1; HG670:4 Not lower in the sense of being less than perfect, but a totally different kind of being. R329:1 Consequently mortal. E390; R1879:4 On the earthly plane instead of the heavenly. R5837:3 God designed an order of beings adapted to the earth by nature. R363:3, R470:3 Therefore the Redeemer must be on the same plane. R5025:5 Because Adam was not a spirit being he could not die a spiritual death. CR131:1 As there is a vast difference between the conditions of existence of a fish and a bird, so we may reasonably suppose that there is just as wide a difference between the human and the angelic conditions. Q769:5 Restored perfect men will still be a "little lower" than the angels, while the glorified Church will be "so much better than the angels." (Heb. 1:4) R637:5, R2317:5, R4176:1, R616:2*, R852:4 Jesus was made alive from the dead in the divine nature, far higher than the angels, while manhood is a little lower than the angelic nature. R1228:2, R486:1; Q838:4
Than the angels —Elohim, a name frequently applied to Jehovah. E67, SM497:2 Like them, mortal; where death is a possibility. E390;R4972:3 The highest of earthly creatures, and but a little removed in intelligence from the angelic hosts. R2836:4 Fallen man cannot cope with the cunning of fallen angels. R2172:5 Angels are the lowest in rank on the spirit plane and man is the highest of all earthly beings. But man, even when perfect, was a little lower than the angels because he was an earthly and not a spiritual being. OV137:1; Q502:6; SM53:3; R4774:3, R5837:3, R456:6, R506:6 Orders of spirit beings (all perfect) were made before men. R5057:6, R4972:3;OV15:T Man is lower than the angels as far as nature is concerned, but this Psalm speaks of man as superior in that he has a dominion. R4972:5 Man was not an angel, so he could not fall from the condition of angels or fall from heaven; therefore he will not be restored to being as an angel. CR279:2, CR269:4 Neither was Jesus a combination of the two natures, human and spiritual. A179
Crowned him —An earthly crown. SM153:3 As the king of all creatures on the animal plane. SM469:1 Originally in God's likeness and, as his representative, Adam was the king of the earth. R1510:4
Glory and honour —Of perfect manhood. E427; R1794:1, R5417:3 As a son and heir of God, beloved and owned of God. R1266:3, R5223:3 The moral likeness of his Creator. R2394:5 "Glory"—Adam was made in the image of his glorious Creator. R5229:1; CRI73:1, CR279:3 Man was so grandly formed as to be able to receive and retain life by the use of the means which God supplied, and never grow dim. A208 Lost in sin and degradation, through disobedience. Restitution to "honor" and life in God's favor was redeemed for all by our Lord's sacrifice. R1761:3Possessed by Jesus at his consecration, originally by Adam before sin and death, and ultimately by the restored race at the close of Jesus' glorious reign. R573:5 Men must discern God by his works, the noblest of which is perfect man, made in his moral image on the earthly plane. R4966:5 Glorious and honorable indeed will be the estate of men when lifted up to perfection in Paradise restored. A191

[Psa. 8:6]

Thou madest him —Mankind, in the person of Adam. A247, R453:3 Both man, the sovereign of the earth, and woman, his joint-heir and queen.R1552:2 It was purposed from the first—the Heavenly Father made man the king of the earth. R5377:1 As a result of Adam's covenant with God. E27; CR326:2
To have dominion —As an earthly representative of the Creator. CR425:1; F722 "And thou, O Tower of the flock (Christ) ... unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion." (Micah 4:8) E152 "Fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion." (Gen. 1:28) B94 The Heavenly Father made man king of the earth. R5377:1, R5403:6; CRI89:3 Adam had dominion over the earth, but none of the angels were ever set over anything. R5290:3,R4972:5; CR189:3 Jesus took the place of father Adam with all his rights and authorities. OV251:T, E152; R4452:1; Q224:T The "likeness" of God (Gen. 1:26) in which man was created. R2836:3 A likeness of the divine honor and rulership of the earth.R871:3 Man stands related to the lower creatures as God does to the entire universe. R4972:3, R3922:2; A174 Representing man as the crowning masterpiece of mundane creation. R5140:3 Qualities of justice and judgment fitted him to be a ruler; qualities of mercy and love prepared him to be a reasonable, kind and wise ruler. R163:2, R417:1 The specialization in the case of man's creation is shown in his vast superiority over the lower animals. PD7/13 Though Adam was privileged to be a great king, he himself failed to be fully loyal to the Creator. CR425:2 The divine plan ultimately is to have mankind perfect, as the lord of earth, controlling earth and its creatures in harmony with the laws of the divine Creator. E426; HG669:1 With the restitution of perfect mental and moral balance to man, the original king of the earth, will also come a blessing to his subjects, the beasts of the field; and the ordering of the earth itself is likewise promised. HG299:6 Peter, Jesus and all the prophets declare that the human race is to be restored to human perfection and is again to have dominion over earth as Adam had. R612:6, R2606:6, R3572:3, R860:5 In "the fulness of times" there will be on the earthly plane perfect fish, perfect birds, perfect beasts; and over and above them all, their ruler, perfect man. R828:1, R4535:4 Typified by Job with his estate. R1507:4, R5403:6 The father of lies seduced Adam and robbed mankind of the dominion, thus becoming the "prince (ruler) of this world." R453:3
Works of thy hands —The winds and waves, the light and heat, the electric currents, the minerals and gases and liquids, and vegetation in all its varied forms will freely minister to his comfort and blessing. R1267:4
Hast put all things —Divine power will put all things under Messiah. (1 Cor 15:28) HG671:6
Under his feet —The feet in this passage are figurative. B157 All life on earth was subject to Adam. CR173:1, CR326:3

[Psa. 8:7]

All sheep and oxen —The dominion is not to be over each other, for when love controls there will be no necessity for dominion over one another. R655:2
Beasts of the field —To become docile and obedient to mankind, as originally as a blessing of Christ's Millennial reign. R1352:3 Naturally and without compulsion the beasts, cattle, fish, and fowl will be man's willing servants. R1267:4

[Psa. 8:8]

Fish of the sea —Claimed by the Pope to refer to those who are in hell, agitated by its waves of affliction. B312

[Psa. 9:8]

And he shall —In the Millennial age. F396

[Psa. 9:11]

Dwelleth In Zion —The spiritual Church of God. A297; D23; T33

[Psa. 9:15]

That they made —Those who dig pits for others are likely to fall therein themselves. R2503:4

[Psa. 9:17]

The wicked —Those who forget God after clear knowledge. E361; R2610:1; HG498:5 This text applies to the time when the highway of holiness is set up. R2610:2, R553:2 Saints and sinners all go into Sheol now. R553:5
Turned into hell —Shub, returned, into Sheol, oblivion, Second Death. E361; R2610:4; OV174:6; Q329:3 Into the condition of death. R553:2 Showing that some go into hell once, come out of hell, learn of God, forget him and are returned to hell. HG734:3* Since they are returned to hell, it must be to the Second Death. R769:5, R1298:3*, R3084:1
Nations —Goi, heathen, Gentiles, people. All who, under that full knowledge, do not become Israelites indeed. R2610:3
That forget God —That do not become God's covenant people. R2610:3 They must first have known him. Q329:2; R2610:1

[Psa. 10:4]

Not In all his thoughts —Their minds are distracted, turned to unworthy and ignoble subjects that have a more and more degrading influence upon them. R3893:2 God's Word is neglected by scientists; hence the proper foundation for reasoning and judgment along geological lines, for example, is lacking. R4825:5 Just as Israel failed to think of the Lord's will in their affairs. R4277:1 Although the nations of Europe style themselves Christian nations, not one of them manifests any faith in God. R5754:3

[Psa. 10:6]

In adversity —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125

[Psa. 11:1]

Put I my trust —Like David against Goliath, we must battle in full reliance upon the Lord, using the sling and pebble of truth. If we cannot conquer along these lines we cannot conquer at all. R4216:6

[Psa. 11:4]

In his holy temple —The Christ. T70

[Psa. 11:6]

Upon the wicked —In the Day of Vengeance, the time of trouble. D541 And in the testing season at the end of the Millennium. A303
Fire and brimstone —Trouble and destruction. D541

[Psa. 12:5]

Oppression of the poor —The whole present order of things shall be reversed, for the Lord shall espouse the cause of the poor and needy. R1896:5

[Psa. 13:3]

The sleep of death —A condition of peaceful unconsciousness. HG726:4 Dr. Trench says of this word sleep, "The reality of death is not denied, but only the fact implicitly assumed that death will be followed by a resurrection, as sleep is followed by an awakening." R2617:5 Heaven is not a sleeping place, but a place of joyful activity and life. Neither could we imagine mankind as sleeping in a Catholic purgatory or a Protestant hell. R5060:1

[Psa. 14:1]

The fool —One who ignores, or lacks, reason. HG528:1 The person who, after intelligent thought, concludes that there is no God; that everything came to be what it is by chance. SM467:3; R5210:3,R2834:2 Those who do not recognize the great First Cause, God, have their intellects so perverted that they are fools. R2834:2 The study of creation is the key to knowledge. PD1/7 Blinded with pride and liberty of earthly wisdom, science falsely so called. R525:4 So undeniable is the basis of fact in nature's testimony, and so logical the reasoning from cause to effect, that the Bible declares the man a fool who does not accept the conclusion that there is an intelligent Creator. R1158:2
Said in his heart —Even the "fool" says it to himself. It is not a conclusion of reason, but an expression of a wish. He is anxious to get rid of God in order that he may freely exploit his folly. R3421:1
There is no God —That each cranium makes its own god, according to its own development of the qualities of wisdom, justice, love and power. OV61:T It is a self-evident truth that effects must be produced by competent causes. HG528:1 Nature alone teaches that there is a God. R932:4, R2162:2; HG528:1 Only 35% of the students in a large class at Columbia University expressed their belief in a personal God. R3792:1
None that doeth good —All have shared in Adam's sin and its death sentence. All come short of the glory of God as represented in the first perfect man. HG193:5

[Psa. 14:3]

None that doeth good —None up to the standard of perfection required by the Law; hence none approved by it. R812:2* None perfect, sound in either mind or body. R1080:2, R1413:1

[Psa. 14:7]

Out of Zion —The spiritual Church of God. A297; D23; T33; R4474:2

[Psa. 15:1]

Who shall abide —It is not enough to consecrate ourselves, for the consecration will avail nothing if we prove unfaithful to it, except to rise in judgment against us. R2154:5 The one ultimate standard of admission to blessedness in the future is character. R800:5* It is one thing to get in; another to stay in. R4240:5*
In thy tabernacle —Wherever there are one or more loyal, consecrated hearts, there is a dwelling place of God. R2080:3* Especially the glorious temple of God, which shall be the dwelling place of the saints throughout eternity. R2080:5*
In thy holy hill —The Kingdom of God. D628

[Psa. 15:2]

Walketh uprightly —Implies the strictest integrity in our dealings, both with God and with our fellowmen. R4808:5 The measure of our acceptableness is only to the extent that we earnestly strive to attain actually to the standard of perfection. R1295:6

[Psa. 15:3]

Taketh up a reproach —A violation of the law of love. We will not be against our brother unless he acknowledges the wrong. Love will cover a multitude of sins. R4240:5*

[Psa. 15:4]

Is contemned —He who sympathizes with the evildoer whom God condemns is partaker of his evil deeds. R764:5
Sweareth —Makes a solemn covenant to present himself a living sacrifice to God. R2080:6*
And changeth not —Carries out his part of the agreement faithfully even though the covenant be unfavorable to him. R3108:2, R4808:5 One cannot, by subsequently changing his mind, be released from the obligations of consecration vows. R2080:6* Having made a covenant, do not ignore its solemn obligations. R2080:6*

[Psa. 15:5]

To usury —Taking unjust advantage of the necessities of others. R2155:1, R4808:5, R1994:6 The word "usury" is now always used to indicate oppressive interest. Formerly its meaning was, simply, interest. R1995:1 We do not understand the taking of reasonable interest to be usury. R1994:5 If the party using the money is making something out of it, it is not usury. R1994:6
Never be moved —Such a one is a virtuous man, a man of fortified or strong character. R2155:1, R4808:6

[Psa. 16:5]

Lord is the portion —Your life consisteth not in the abundance of the things you possess. You are not dependent upon these earthly things. R2130:6*

[Psa. 16:6]

Unto me —The Lord does not keep any who do not make the proper effort to know the will of God. R5501:4
In pleasant places —What a flood of glory now shines upon the path of the saints. R5501:2

[Psa. 16:7]

Given me counsel —Thus Jesus, the Great Teacher, would be himself taught of Jehovah. E51

[Psa. 16:8]

At my right hand —Signifies the chief place, next to the chief ruler. A92; R2089:5

[Psa. 16:10]

Not leave my soul —Fulfilled in Jesus' being raised from the dead. R5832:1; Q668:1; SM526:1 We are particularly told that it was the soul of Jesus that was raised from the dead. R5017:2, R5612:4; SM25:2; CR290:3; HG245:6; R3854:5 "He, seeing this before, (prophetically) spake of the resurrection of Christ." (Acts 2:31) R2600:6 Cannot refer to David personally, for his soul was left in hades and his body did see corruption. R2600:6, R5832:1; HG121:3 Our Lord's soul was not left in Sheol, but God did not give him back the body he died with. HG204:6 The act of baptism represented, in the one act of going into the water and rising from it, his going down into death and his trust in the Father's promise that he should not be left in death. R444:6
In hell —Sheol, oblivion, death; not torment. R5154:3; SM30:T, SM526:1; Q668:1; E348,E362 "He hath poured out his soul unto death." (Isa.53:12) E362 The Lord Jesus was in hell during the three days following his crucifixion. Q784:2 Compared with Acts 2:27-31, a proof that the word hades in the New Testament is the exact equivalent of the word Sheol in the Old Testament. SM526:1; HG511:2
Holy One —Hebrew, ghahseed; literally, God-seed, meaning saint. HG26:2
To see corruption —The removal of the crucified body from the tomb was also miraculous, for it did not see corruption, nor was a bone of it broken. R1817:4 We incline to the opinion that his flesh, man's ransom price, will never see corruption, but that it will be preserved as an everlasting testimony of the grace of God. R2478:6 The body would vanish, be dissipated or dissolved, without corrupting or decaying. R666:2 The New Testament writers record the fulfillment of these predictions in Jesus of Nazareth. A58

[Psa. 16:11]

Thou wilt shew me —Cause to have a knowledge of. E52 If meekly desirous of being shown and honestly in doubt of God's teaching on a subject. R1256:3
The path of life —The narrow way, with its strait entrance. R814:1* God made known to our Redeemer step by step the path that would lead to the glorious consummation. CR158:3 Our Lord was shown that the path of sacrifice meant the path to glory; similarly, he shared this light with his followers. R4155:4 "I am the door" (John 10:7)—the door of opportunity, the way of access to eternal life.R1647:3
In thy presence —No matter where we are. R1949:5 By and by in the immediate presence of God. R1949:2 Instituting a lively and delightful fellowship with God, which is the chief end of human existence, both on the side of the creature and of the Creator. R2031:3
Fulness of joy —If any of God's children is not happy in him, he is living below his privileges. R1949:5 "Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy maybe full." (John16:24) R1949:5
At thy right hand —To which we may approach by prayer. F679 A place of favor and power. R2089:5, R655:6, R1394:1, R2607:5; A92
There are pleasures —True happiness can come only to those who form a character modeled after that of the Heavenly Father. R1840:6
For evermore —Beginning in the present life. R1949:2

[Psa. 17:8]

Apple of the eye —The true Church, espoused to Christ. D29

[Psa. 17:15]

I shall be satisfied —It will more than compensate for all the little things you suffer and endure now. CR462:6 We will not attain full satisfaction until we experience our resurrection change. R4558:1, R4810:2, R1387:6 We may be content now, but we shall be satisfied only when we get those eternal verities of which we now have only the promise or hope. SM739:3 By faith we are satisfied and rest in hope—actually we shall be satisfied when we awake in his likeness. R3730:6 Nevertheless, there is a measure of satisfaction to our drinking, even in the present time. R4132:5 The prophets of past ages will likewise be satisfied when they awake with God's likeness as Adam had it. R613:2
When I awake —In the first resurrection. R1703:4, R2671:6 Death is a condition of unconsciousness, rest and quiet. R5059:6
With thy likeness —Christ in the likeness of the Father. T67 The Church in the likeness of its head, having the divine nature. T67; A222; E140; R4966:5; CR117:4 Mankind in the likeness of the man Jesus. E140 There are two likenesses spoken of in the Bible—the likeness of men and the likeness of God. R89:1 "It doth not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when he shall be revealed, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is." (1 John 3:2) R4675:3; CR117:4

[Psa. 18:2]

And the horn —Horns are symbols of power. T42

[Psa. 18:5]

The sorrows of hell —The bonds of Sheol, oblivion, the fear of death. E362 A figure in which trouble is represented as hastening one to the tomb. R2599:3
Prevented me —Seized me. E362

[Psa. 18:7]

The earth shook —Verses 7 to 19 give a vivid description of the awful time of trouble. R5735:4

[Psa. 18:10]

He rode upon a cherub —Jehovah is frequently spoken of as dwelling between, or above, the cherubim. R529:6*

[Psa. 18:12]

And coals of fire —To batter down man's pride, selfishness, and prejudices, and consume these. B153

[Psa. 18:14]

Sent out his arrows —Divine truth slaughtering the hosts of error. R5493:6; CR164:4; SM51:T See comments on Psalm 45:5
Shot out lightnings —Diffusions of knowledge. R511:2

[Psa. 18:19]

Brought me —The David class, heirs of the Kingdom. R4242:6*
Large place —The place of freedom. R4243:1* The place of justification and consecration—seated with Christ in heavenly places. R4243:2*
Delivered me —In two ways—deliverance out of the vexations and deliverance in the distresses. R4243:2* Either by removal of difficulties, or by increased grace and ability to stand the trials. R4243:2* Not as individuals, but as members of the Body of Christ. R4243:2* Not necessarily from financial troubles, but he will give us peace and rest.R5218:1

[Psa. 18:25]

Shew thyself merciful —If we come to God's Word as reverent students, expecting to find therein the delineation of the character and plan of God, it will be revealed to us. R3337:1

[Psa. 18:26]

With the pure —A person's idea concerning God is a fair index of his relation toward God. R139:6*
The froward —These can warp and twist the Scriptures to suit their own ideas. R3337:1

[Psa. 18:27]

High looks —"A haughty spirit precedes a fall." (Prov 16:18) R3337:2

[Psa. 18:28]

Enlighten my darkness —To those humble and faithful ones whom the Lord has been leading. R3337:4

[Psa. 18:29]

By thee I have —"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phil. 4:13) R2154:3
Through a troop —Of opposing enemies. R3337:5
Over a wall —Of bondage into the glorious liberty of a son of God. R3337:5

[Psa. 18:30]

As for God, his way —God's way is his plan or purpose, that which he purposes to accomplish, and which is steadily working out. R3336:3
Is perfect —Just, merciful, wise, benevolent, practicable and sure of a glorious termination. R3337:5 Nothing short of perfection can find favor in the eyes of God. R1610:2 God created man perfect, in his own image or likeness, not in the image and likeness of a monkey. CR208:6* But we received our lives from our parents, and so on back to father Adam. Our first parents sinned, and thus the curse of death came upon the race. HG650:2 Our blemishes came to us from our parents, not from God. R2285:1 Therefore God is not the author of sin. R1225:2, R1782:4 Therefore we are to be so fully in accord with God's arrangements that we will not be disturbed or distressed by the fact that some will go into the Great Company and that others will go into the Second Death. Q498:7
Is tried —When fully understood it will stand the test of every argument that could be formed against it as to its justice, wisdom and benevolence. R3337:5
He is a buckler —A defense. R3337:5

[Psa. 18:31]

For who is God —Who is mighty. R3337:5
Who is a rock —A safe anchorage to our souls. R3337:5

[Psa. 18:46]

The LORD liveth —Securely anchored in him, we may trust and not be afraid.) R3337:5

[Psa. 19:1]

The heavens declare —By their numberless multitude, their orderly grouping, their continual yet never conflicting movements, their perfect harmony, their magnitude and mutual benign influence. R1391:1 Much more shall his intelligent creatures exhibit, in variety, the glory of his power. A188 But many wise men who study these wonderful works of God do not appreciate the love of God. They have a certain knowledge of his power, but few appreciate his character. R5717:2
The glory of God —Speaking of an intelligent designer, wisely adapting means to good and benevolent ends, and ministering to the necessities of his intelligent creatures. R1562:6 We stand awestruck at the immensity of space and at the law and order which everywhere reign. R5210:3 An appreciation of the infinite power of the Creator and of our own littleness should make us teachable. PD1/7 The magnificent pageantry of the heavens, daily and nightly should elicit our praise and adoration. R1815:1 They tell of the order and harmony of the circling spheres, and of the benevolent purposes of God. R1560:3

[Psa. 19:2]

Sheweth knowledge —Of the immensity of creation. SM467:2

[Psa. 19:3]

Is not heard —Their voice is heard by some; by those who have a hearing ear. R3848:2

[Psa. 19:4]

Is gone out —Shall go. This proves that the Gentiles shall yet have this Gospel preached to them. R1970:5

[Psa. 19:7]

The law of the LORD —The law of love. R1462:5 Margin, doctrine. R524:2*
Is perfect —"The law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just and good." (Rom. 7:12) R1462:2* How true these prophetic declarations are may be comprehended only by those who have learned to appreciate the Word of God. R3609:2 The Jews perceived that such was his covenant with them—obedience was rewarded; disobedience was punished. R4922:6
Converting the soul —Transforming the being. R4923:5 Completely turning us from sin to righteousness if we give heed to it. R1296:2, R4834:6, R276:6 Only what the Bible teaches should be believed. R4923:3* It deters from sin, encourages toward righteousness, gives consolation in trouble, strength and courage for fear and quaking, wisdom in times of perplexity. R3609:2 Other influences may lead to temporary and partial changes of course and action, but only God's revealed truth can change being, character, soul. R1391:1
The testimony —The instruction. R1296:2, R4834:6
Of the LORD Is sure —Not doubtful, but clear and positive. R1391:2
Making wise the simple —The meek, teachable ones—clearly pointing out to them the ways of righteousness. R4384:6, R1296:2 A right understanding of God's Word not only adds to the wisdom of the wise, but also maketh the wise simple. HG315:1 The humble. HG471:1 Those with no other desire than to know God's will. R524:2*

[Psa. 19:8]

The statutes —Piqqudim, appointments, appointed plans. R1391:2 Decrees, ordinances and precepts. R4834:6
Are right —The infallible rules of righteousness. R4834:6
Rejoicing the heart —The plan of the ages rejoices the hearts of all who come to a knowledge of it. R1391:2 Of the obedient. R4834:6
The commandment —Mitsvah, precepts or teachings. R1391:2
Enlightening the eyes —Showing us clearly the certain ends of righteousness and unrighteousness. R1391:2 Giving us right ideas of justice, love, etc. R524:2*

[Psa. 19:9]

The fear —Yirah, reverence. R1391:2
Of the LORD is clean —Not a menial, servile fear; but a noble fear, begotten of love; a fear of falling short of his approval. R4834:6, R1296:2,R1391:2
The judgments —Mishpat, ordinances, decrees. R1391:2
Of the LORD —Expressed by his holy apostles and prophets. R2057:6
Altogether —His judgments as to right or wrong in any manner are always correct. R524:4*

[Psa. 19:10]

Are they —The Law and the testimony of the Lord. R4834:6, R1296:2

[Psa. 19:11]

Moreover by them —By the judgments or decrees of the Lord as to the course of righteousness or of unrighteousness with its rewards and penalties. R1391:3
Is thy servant —The faithful servant who meditates on these things. R1391:3
Warned —Concerning the dangers of the way and the snares of the Adversary. R4835:1, R1296:2
In keeping of them —In remembering and harmonizing with them. R1391:3

[Psa. 19:12]

Who can understand —Guard against, by his own wisdom and foresight. R1391:4, R1296:2, R4835:1
His errors —Rightly judge himself by using merely his own fallible judgment without the Word of God. R1296:3, R4835:1, R4524:1
Cleanse thou me —The prophet recognized that he was not capable of cleansing himself. R5739:3 To strive against outward sin while neglecting the beginnings of sin in the secrets of one's own mind is attempting a right thing in a very foolish way. R2249:1
From secret faults —Those he did not see himself. We should pray to the Lord that he would show us whatever in our lives is not fully pleasing and acceptable to him. R5739:3 Imperfections and faults of the mind, unknown to anyone but ourselves and the Lord. Suggestions of pride or avarice or envy, if entertained, become secret faults. R2248:3 "All things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him whom we have to do." (Heb. 4:13) R2094:4*

[Psa. 19:13]

Presumptuous sins —Which must first have their roots in secret faults. R2249:1 To presume signifies to take for granted without authority or proof. R4835:1 Presuming to approach God in our own righteousness. R1836:6 Such as presuming that the Lord "Takes the will for the deed" instead of actually "keeping" his words. Love is the measure of our obedience, and vice versa. R1802:3* Dictation to the Lord. A191 Sins of pride or of arrogant self-will which do not meekly submit to the will of God.R4835:2, R1296:4 The perversion of what he has revealed, or claiming and holding tenaciously any doctrine merely on the ground of fallible human reasoning. R4835:1, R1296:4, R1391:5 Illustrated by the strange fire offered by Nadab and Abihu. R1836:5 It is best to "wait upon the Lord." R1959:1* Not appreciating the necessity for the precious blood of Christ. Q648:2
Great transgression —Willful, deliberate, intentional sin. R2249:1 The sin unto death referred to by the Apostles. (1 John 5:16; Heb. 6:4-6; Heb. 10:26-31) R4835:2

[Psa. 19:14]

Let the words —A prayer appropriate to all the Lord's people. R3305:6, R2240:4 Even the most advanced of the Lord's people are liable at times to err with their lips. R3305:6 What a fearful responsibility attaches to the tongue that wags in an evil, or even in a flippant, way—which is also dishonoring to God. R1938:2
Meditation of my heart —Begin with the heart. Harbor no thoughts that in any sense of the word would be evil. R4803:3 Not manifest to fellow-men until expressed in word or action, but all open and manifest to God. R1296:1
Be acceptable —Nothing short of purity of heart, will, intention, can be acceptable to God. R5123:4 We are to measure ourselves continually by this standard. R5123:4
In thy sight —With what confusion and chagrin would we greet the sudden appearance of a friend of high and noble character while we were in the midst of some ignoble transaction! God is just such a friend, always present. R1295:6

[Psa. 20:2]

Out of Zion —The spiritual Church of God. A297; T33

[Psa. 20:7]

Trust in chariots —Symbols of worldly organizations. C316
And some in horses —Symbols of doctrinal bobbies. C316
Remember the name —Christians must cultivate the spirit of praise by calling to mind the works of the Lord. R2031:6

[Psa. 21:3]

Crown of pure gold —Symbol of the divine nature. T18

[Psa. 21:9]

And the fire —Destruction of his foes in the time of trouble. R5761:6; A318
Psa. 22:T

A Psalm of David —David may have spoken of himself, but Jehovah guided his utterance, and made him thus to represent Messiah. R436:2, R1364:2

[Psa. 22:1]

My God, my God —Jews read from Psalm 22 and cried aloud these words at the wailing place in Jerusalem. C275*
Forsaken me —There came a time when the gate of earth and the door of heaven were both closed to Jesus. He hung suspended between the earth and heaven; he had given up earth at his consecration, and now the door of heaven was also closed. R4529:5* Such a dark moment might be permitted to even the most worthy followers of the Lamb. F143

[Psa. 22:11]

None to help —Pray, pleading our need. R5380:5*

[Psa. 22:14]

It is melted —As every particle of the meat offering was exposed to the fire. R84:2*

[Psa. 22:18]

Part my garments —Minutely fulfilled. R1394:5, R3370:3 Little did the soldiers think, as they divided his garments, that they were fulfilling prophecy. R3901:5
Upon my vesture —Symbolizing the righteousness of Christ, which can be appropriated only as a whole. R2474:1

[Psa. 22:22]

Unto my brethren —The Little Flock, the Bride class. R5007:1 Who have received the spirit of adoption. E109

[Psa. 22:23]

That fear the LORD —Perfect love casts out slavish, but not reverential, fear. R2289:4

[Psa. 22:25]

My vows before them —Nothing in the Scriptures intimates that our Vow to the Lord must be kept secret. Indeed, our baptismal vow we are required to symbolize or profess publicly. R4266:4

[Psa. 22:26]

The meek shall eat - The table of the Lord has been spread for his Church from the very beginning of the Gospel age, and has always been supplied with meat in season. R1899:2

[Psa. 22:27]

Shall remember —The resurrected ones shall have personalities identical to those with which they went into the grave, able to recall their former degraded conditions. R360:5, R604:3*
Turn unto the LORD —In due time. (1 Tim 2:4) SM311:1 The Christian church has been right in believing in the eventual conversion of the world, but it is the work of the Kingdom and not of the Gospel age. HG14:2
All the kindreds —Including those who have perished from the earth, for the Scriptures assure us of the awakening of all the sleeping millions of earth's population. HG434:2
Worship before thee —"All nations shall come and worship before thee" (Rev 15:4); the ultimate result of the work of Christ. R99:2*

[Psa. 22:28]

Kingdom Is the LORD'S —The conversion of the world is not due while the devil is "the prince of this world." R532:4, R256:4, R321:1, R5:2

[Psa. 22:29]

Keep alive his own soul —The soul can be destroyed by its Creator. R1882:1; HG334:5

[Psa. 23]

A Psalm of David —Himself a shepherd, one of a group that might be termed an intellectual and thinking class of people. R2556:5

[Psa. 23:1]

The LORD —Jehovah. E45; F251, F396 Jehovah, the great over-shepherd, appointed his Son to be the under-shepherd. R5490:1, R2706:5 In David's day, the arrangements for the shepherd and the flock of John 10:1-16 had not been completed.R2672:1 All the features of this Psalm are applicable to our Redeemer himself, as well as to his followers. R5653:6
Is my shepherd —Jehovah is the shepherd in the largest sense of the word; Jesus is the great shepherd to all the flock; every local elder is a shepherd in a local capacity. F251 Fed by Messiah "in the strength of Jehovah." (Mic 5:4) E45 Originally the Jewish nation constituted this flock, David himself being one of the sheep. R5490:2In the present time, the Little Flock only. R3268:3, R1396:2 The only begotten Son is called the Lamb of God, and all his people are styled his sheep. R2441:2 Of the antitypical David—Christ, Head and Body. R4851:3, R5490:3 The shepherd has particular care over the affairs of spiritual Israel. R5490:2, R5491:1 Sheep are meek, docile; when they hear the voice of the shepherd, they run to obey it. R3116:2
I shall not want —Temporal necessities. "Bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure." (Isa. 33:16) R1745:2, R4279:3 Light. "Unto him shall be given the light of life." (John 8:12) R1745:2 Care and discipline. "Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth and scourgeth every son." (Heb 12:6) R1745:5, R4279:3 Consolation and fellowship. "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." (Heb 13:5) R1745:5 Anything. "All things work together for good to them that love God." (Rom 8:28) R1396:3, R5654:2 The only condition connected with this promise is that we shall abide in his love and follow his directions. R4279:3 Those who are proper sheep trust wholly to his guidance, and are thus relieved of that anxious craving so common to the world. R3269:2 Though the promises of God's Word may not hinder us from feeling pain, they will modify the pain and its frequency. R2083:3

[Psa. 23:2]

To lie down —To rest, the rest of faith. R3116:5, R4279:5 This rest, this peace of heart, is absolutely essential to our development as New Creatures. R4279:5
In green pastures —Of spiritual refreshment, private devotions, studies of divine things, and Christian fellowship. R3269:3 Being spiritually fed and refreshed. R5654:2 We shall be bountifully fed with meat in due season. R1396:5
He leadeth me —Away from the strife of worldly ambition. R3269:4 Divine leading is necessary to find the streams of truth and grace. R3269:4 To appreciate the desirableness of his ways and the undesirableness of every other way. R5654:3 Shielding us from every foe and the dangerous pitfalls that lie in our path R5490:6
The still waters —The deep waters of Present Truth. R3295:6 Streams of truth and grace. R3269:4, R5654:2 Living, but comparatively quiet waters. R3269:4

[Psa. 23:3]

Restoreth my soul —Justified me to life. R3269:5, R1396:5 He brings me back to himself. R5654:3
In the paths —The path marked out by the Word of the Lord as one of meekness, faith, patience, love, etc. R1646:5
Of righteousness —Suitable for spiritual development. R3269:5 All his ways are perfect, righteous. R5654:3
For his name's sake —Because we are his and because we trust in his name, in his merit. R1396:5 Because I am his child I bear his name. R3116:5His promise is involved; his honor is at stake. R4280:1

[Psa. 23:4]

Yea, though I walk —In common with all the rest of the world of mankind. R3269:5, R5654:3
Through the valley —Far below the mountaintops of life and perfection. R360:3 The valley of sin, with its broad road to destruction and its narrow way to life. R3269:5 The farther we go into this valley the darker it becomes, until the last spark of life expires. R15:2
Of the shadow —The journey of life, since the fall, has been through a vale of tears, upon which rests the shadow of death. R3116:5 Lingering on the brink of death. T90
Of death —I was born in this valley and I shall die in it. R1396:5 We have been in this valley for more than 6000 years, but the end of it is near. R4280:2, R5654:4
I will fear no evil —No failure of thy sure covenant. R1396:5 Because the Shepherd is with us. R4280:3 They realize that divine love has provided a redemption R3269:6 We should seek to drive away our fears, giving heed to God's Word, having it before our minds and considering its precious promises concerning God's love and care. Q272:2
For thou art with me —Even here. R1396:5
Thy rod —Such chastisements as are necessary to correct me and to bring me back into fellowship with the flock. R2672:5, R4663:1
And thy staff —Of promise and hope. R1396:5 Of providential care. R1721:3 A rod for our correction; a staff for our relief, assistance, and protection. R4280:3 Even straying sheep the Shepherd will not leave. R5654:2 If one becomes overcharged with the cares of this life the Lord may permit affliction or disaster to teach a lesson that could not otherwise be learned. R4663:1
They comfort me —Protect me from difficulties and defend me from enemies. R3269:6 "Before I was afflicted I went astray." (Psa. 119:67) F648The rod and the staff are designed to bring back the sheep from some course leading in the wrong direction, away from the Shepherd's footsteps. F648

[Psa. 23:5]

Thou —As my host. R3270:1
Preparest a table —To the end that his children should be so full of happiness as to bubble over all the time. R1494:2 Divine truth. R3270:2Clean, good, orderly, bountiful, beautiful. (Contrast Isa. 28:8) R1475:2 The Lord girds himself and sets before us rich things from his storehouse—things old and new. R4280:5, R3455:5 Especially since his presence. R4280:5 The privilege of feasting at this table, even when misunderstood and opposed, represents God's provision and favor to his people. R5654:4
Of mine enemies —The Adversary and the wicked spirits in high places. R3270:1 They see the bounties and feel jealous, but refuse to accept the good things we would so freely share with them.R3396:1
Anointest my head —Christ Jesus, the Head of the Body. R5654:5, R3270:4
With oil —Symbol of the holy Spirit. T116
My cup —Both of joy and sorrow, sweet and bitter; represented in the communion cup. R3270:4, R5654:5 Our cup is full, but we would not wish it one drop less. R5654:5 It represents sorrows unto death. R4555:5
Runneth over —A cup of joy and of sorrow; in both respects it overflows. R3270:4, R4280:6, R4555:5

[Psa. 23:6]

Surely goodness —The few who can join in this expression of confidence have therein a great joy and rest of heart which none others possess. R5425:2
Shall follow me —"Pursue me" appears to be the stricter translation. R4280:6 It has already begun, and will follow beyond the veil. R3270:4God's goodness and mercy, following us every day and every moment, making all things work together for our good. R5654:6
And I will dwell —In the present life, through faith. R2642:5
In the house —The heavenly state, in the Father's house on high. R3270:5, R5654:6; CR92:3
Of the LORD for ever —As his child, a member of his household. R3116:5 He will be our Shepherd to the end of the way, receiving us into the glorious condition at the end of the journey. CR92:3

[Psa. 24]

A Psalm of David —Supposed to have been sung as a marching accompaniment as the procession returning the Ark was entering Jerusalem. Seven choirs formed part of the procession. R4260:4, R5680:4

[Psa. 24:1]

The earth —The joint care of which, with its fulness, was committed to mankind by God as a stewardship. D310 The symbolic earth, the new social order. R3113:3
Is the LORD'S —From the time that "the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ." (Rev. 11:15) R3113:3
The fulness thereof —Every good and every perfect gift cometh down from the Father through the Son. R5680:5

[Psa. 24:2]

Upon the seas —After God had said "Be still" to the restless sea-element of society. R3113:6 The new earth will be established upon the ruins of the old. R3113:6 God is founding his new order of things in the midst of seas of discontent. R5680:5 The new earth will be stablished where the sea now is; the class symbolized by "the sea" shall be no more—"There shall be no more sea." (Rev 21:1) R1814:2
Upon the floods —Replacing anarchy. R3113:6

[Psa. 24:3]

Who shall ascend —Go as true subjects, loyal citizens, no longer aliens and strangers. R3114:1
Hill of the LORD —Jerusalem was built on a double-top mountain, symbolizing the unity of the kingly and priestly qualities in the glorified Church, and also the heavenly and earthly phases of the Kingdom. A301 After the time of trouble there will be only one mountain, or hill, left—the Kingdom of God. R3114:1
Who shall stand —Be counted worthy to remain. R3114:1
In his holy place —The spiritual phase of the Kingdom of God. A301; D582; R5680:5

[Psa. 24:4]

He —Whether as an heir or as a subject of the Kingdom. R3114:2
Hath clean hands —An honest life. D582 Clean actions, clean conduct, determined opposition and resistance to sin in all its forms. R3114:2Righteous living to the best of one's ability. R5680:5 The one ultimate standard of admission to blessedness in the future is character. R800:5* A character which is the outcome of true faith exercised unto godliness. R3114:2 Free from self-emulation and human glorying. R2275:1 Among whom the delusions of error can make no headway. R2275:1 The best provision which parents can make for their children for the time of trouble is to give them faithful instruction in righteousness. R1963:5
And a pure heart —An honest heart. R5680:5 Void of offense towards God and man. D582 A will, intention or purpose that always, like the needle to the pole, turns toward righteousness, truth, purity, cleanliness of person, clothing, language, habits, and companionship. R3114:4 A single-hearted purpose to glorify God and bless fellow men. R2275:1
Lifted up his soul —Aspired to be great, or good, or wise in the eyes of men. R2275:2
Unto vanity —But is humble, meek, modest, candid and sincere. R3114:4 Cultivating no earthly ambition or pride, but patiently waiting for the glory to follow the course of present self-sacrifice. R3826:5
Nor sworn deceitfully —Ignoring or despising his covenant with God. R3114:5, R3826:5, R5680:6, R2275:2

[Psa. 24:5]

He shall receive —Those who have done all they have covenanted to do. R5680:5
The blessing —The promised share in the Kingdom. R3826:6
And righteousness —Perfection, full deliverance from present imperfections. R3826:6

[Psa. 24:6]

That seek thy face —None can obtain God's blessings without seeking them through Christ. R3114:5
O Jacob —O God of Jacob. (Margin) R3114:5

[Psa. 24:7]

The King of glory —Jehovah. E44 We are still waiting for the entrance of this King of Glory in the full sense of the word. R5680:6 The Pope is the imitation "king of glory." R1002:3

[Psa. 24:8]

Mighty in battle —In the time of trouble. D549

[Psa. 25:9]

The meek —The fully consecrated children of God who have laid aside their own ways and thoughts to both know and to walk in God's ways. R1023:2 Those who hear the Master's voice by whomsoever he speaks. R1574:3 Ones willing to leave the confession found to be false and the denomination found to be in error. R1305:5 If you are honestly in doubt as to God's teaching, and meekly desirous of being shown, God is ready and willing to lead you into the truth. R1256:3 Guide in judgment—Guidance for the knowing of his will. R590:1* Thus the results of the consecrated deliberations of the Church should be accepted by all as the mind of the Lord. R1891:6 The spirit of a sound mind leads one to accept God's instructions and reject his own faulty judgment. R5095:4 All classes of mankind need divine instruction. R5370:1
Meek will he teach —It is to those who are meek that Jesus was sent to preach the good tidings. (Isa. 61:1) R3103:3 As we seek to teach the meek, let us see that we also maintain a meek, childlike spirit. R957:4 Before honor is humility, and before exaltation is humiliation. R764:5 Self-confidence hinders the seeing of truth. R2882:3 "God resisteth the proud." (Jas. 4:6) R5370:4 The meek are the only ones in a position to receive instruction. R5370:4 The proud and haughty, therefore, are very unsafe spiritual guides. R2241:3

[Psa. 25:10]

All the paths —God will bring order out of present confusion. R2334:6 "And we will walk in his paths." (Isa. 2:3; Mic. 4:2) R2334:6

[Psa. 25:14]

Secret of the LORD —The deep things of God, the divine plan. R5989:5, R2208:3, R5462:4 "The mystery"—revealed only to the saints and hidden from all others. (Col. 1:26) R4492:1, R4715:2 That we should be fellowheirs, and of the same nature as our Redeemer. (Eph. 3:6) SM152:2 The full import of the great oath-bound promise. R5285:3 In the secret of the Lord's presence an armament of grace and truth is specially provided. SM289:2 The principle of keeping secret the divine purpose, yet providing a key to its understanding in due time, can be illustrated by the time-lock of a bank. OV6:2
Is with —So that the Lord's consecrated people might know of the time in which we are living and be more and more quickened, energized and separated from the world and its spirit. HG399:1
Them that fear him —Such as have made a covenant with the Lord by sacrifice. R4666:3, R5462:4, R5039:2; SM457:3; Q719:7; CR9:4, CR10:3, CR90:4, CR92:2 But not with others, not even Satan—to whom, no doubt, much of the Word is obscure. A171; D611, D612; R4492:1, R4631:3;OV65:3; CR10:1, CR92:2; Q621:2 It is the due time to open up things new as well as old. CR92:4 Developing in them the spirit of perfect love. CR9:5 Not all have ears to hear. SM183:2 The Lord does not honor the world, nor the worldly-wise, with a knowledge of his secret purposes. R1617:6 The world cannot comprehend our joy, nor know the sweets of this fellowship with God and his Son. R1906:5 Not seeing their need of the great Physician, the worldly are not listening in that direction and do not hear his voice. R3915:2 For the uncontrite of heart to understand would mean that they would oppose God's plan the more and would come under greater responsibility themselves. R4599:2 "The wise shall understand (matters as they become due) but none of the wicked shall understand." (Dan. 12:10) R3947:1 "Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them (unbelievers) it is not given." (Matt. 13:11) R1063:3* , R1957:6 To whatever extent we lose the spirit of the Lord, to that extent we lose its illumination. R5100:2 Any, once sanctified and blessed, are sure to lose their interest in the deep things of God if they return to their "wallowing in the mire" of sin. R3213:5 Not those who fear man and the work of man, sectarian systems, creeds, etc. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Psa. 111:10) because it leads to sonship. R2208:3 That love him, that love his will and his way more than anybody else's. CR159:5, CR175:3 "Fear"—reverence.R4599:2, R4631:3, R4715:1, R5100:1; SM6:1 Honesty and sincerity lead to zeal to know and to do the will of the Father. R5522:2
He will shew them —And no others in the present time. A171 Otherwise it could not be understood. R4631:3 To understand it distinctly we must be in the right attitude of heart and abide under the shadow of the Almighty. CR159:6, CR175:3
His covenant —The Abrahamic covenant, that "all the families of the earth (shall) be blessed" in the seed of Abraham, The Christ. R2209:3; CR9:6, CR11:1 His covenant is to make it known to them. R1913:5, R3371:4 Whoever loses sight of this mystery shall cease to strive for it. R4535:5 To be in covenant relationship with God is to be in harmony with God; and to be called a son of God is a full measure of this. CR93:3,4 To those worthy of heart, God revealed his Son. R4715:1 To such the Bible, as a telescope, will bring divine things into close view; and, as a microscope, magnifying the law of God in all the little affairs of life, will help us to bring every thought into subjection to the divine will. R2210:5

[Psa. 26:2]

Prove me —He proves to see if we are worthy—to see if we love him best or love self best. R5914:1

[Psa. 27]

A Psalm of David —This entire Psalm applies to every member of the Body of Christ. R3248:5

[Psa. 27:1]

The LORD is my light —Guiding the heart. R3248:2 An encouragement when facing the finger of scorn or the lip of sarcasm and slander. R4857:5
And my salvation —Overruling our affairs for good. R3248:2 The more fierce the conflict with the powers of darkness, the more glorious the deliverance. R1915:1
Whom shall I fear? —The proper frame of mind for all the Lord's people who are fighting the good fight of faith. R2016:4 Courage, born of faith and strengthened by endurance, cries with humble boldness in the midst of the deepest darkness of the most perplexing difficulties. R1915:4 Our consciousness of loyalty to God and of divine guidance should keep us without fear. R4922:4

[Psa. 27:3]

Encamp against me —Let us not be of those who draw back, or those that faint by the way, for glorious will be the victory of faith and zeal. R1876:4

[Psa. 27:4]

That I may dwell —Be counted worthy to be recognized by him as a member of his Church. R1915:1
In the house —"Whose house are we." (Heb. 3:6) R1915:2
Beauty of the LORD —The beauty of holiness; our pattern and chief joy. R1915:2
And to inquire —As students, of his holy law and testimony. R1915:4

[Psa. 27:5]

The time of trouble —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125; R1351:2*

[Psa. 27:10]

Father and my mother —My most trusted human friends. R1788:4

[Psa. 27:11]

Teach me —We know that the Lord can direct our course in whatever way he chooses, if we put ourselves under his care. R5212:2
Thy way, O LORD —We should study the scriptures bearing on any subject, trying to find the underlying principle of God's teachings; then commit all to the Father in prayer, asking him to guide both reason and judgment; then use that reason and judgment to the best of our ability. R5212:5

[Psa. 27:12]

False witnesses —Foretelling the painful circumstances of the sacrificial death of the Messiah as the Lamb of slaughter. R1205:2

[Psa. 27:14]

Wait on the LORD —Not a ministering to the Lord, but a patient watching and waiting until we learn what our Lord would have us to do. R5711:3, R5712:1
Be of good courage —Courage, fortitude, persistency, in the service of the Lord are very necessary to the child of God. R5712:2 Courage, born of faith in God and in his exceeding great and precious promises, is required to surmount difficulties. R5712:3
Shall strengthen —So that we will not be overwhelmed. R5712:3
Thine heart —The soul, the being, especially the intelligent portion of man. R5712:2
Wait —We are to have faith and hope even though the way is rough. R5331:4

[Psa. 28:7]

Trusted in him —The grandeur of David's character was shown in his devotion to God and in his submission to the divine will. R5674:5

[Psa. 29:1]

O ye mightyEl, a name often applied to Jehovah. E67; R296:3

[Psa. 29:2]

Beauty of holiness —The worship of God is elevating and ennobling, calculated to develop in us the glorious moral likeness of God. R1836:1

[Psa. 29:10]

Sitteth upon the flood —Indicating that Jehovah's dominion is established over all created beings. R1283:5*

[Psa. 29:11]

The LORD will give —So, then, if you lack the strength to use faithfully your talent, the fault is yours, not God's. R1282:6
Strength —Courage. The Lord encourages us in many ways. R4817:6
His people —His trusting, faithful servants. R4818:6
With peace —In this age, when all creation groans and travails in pain. R4818:5

[Psa. 30:3]

Soul from the grave —Sheol, oblivion, death—not torment. E348, E363 The soul can be destroyed by its Creator. R1882:1; HG334:5
Hast kept me alive —This passage expresses gratitude for recovery from the danger of death. R2600:2

[Psa. 30:4]

His holiness —His justice, wisdom, love, and power which insure his doing all things well. R5989:6

[Psa. 30:5]

For his anger —Which must necessarily be manifested in the great trouble that will soon overwhelm the world. C304 There was anger against Jesus "for a moment" when he bore the sinners' curse. R302:5*
Favour is life —Everlasting life. R5475:6, R436:1 The future existence. R581:1 The earnest of the morning he has tasted, but the morning itself he anticipates. R302:5* Jesus' resurrection was a manifestation of Jehovah's favor. R302:5*
Weeping —Not only for the departed ones, but also by reason of the imperfection, mental, moral, and physical, which they find in themselves, their neighbors, and friends. HG415:5 Sorrow. OV202:2 In connection with our fightings with foes within and without. R3259:3
Endure for a night —During the period in which sin is permitted. A9 The night of dying and sleeping. E345; HG332:1 Six thousand years. SM470:2; R5273:2 The entire period of human history thus far. SM789:2; CR324:1; R5097:2, R6013:1 We are still in the night of weeping. R4892:1 The Gospel age is part of the world's dark night. R1877:5 The healing of diseases of mind and body will not be complete until the Millennial morning. R2028:3 Sickness, sorrow, sighing, and dying continue; and will continue until the glorious morning of Messiah's Kingdom. OV176:1; R4892:1Jesus had a night of weeping, of "strong crying and tears," (Heb. 5:7); being "sorrowful, even unto death." (Matt. 26:38) R302:5 *
But joy cometh —Showing the strong contrast between the present evil age and the coming age of righteousness. R2398:2 Note three contrasts: the length of the night with the longer day; the cause of the night with the cause of the morning; the cause of weeping with the cause of joy. R1868:3 When that which is perfect shall have come. R3259:3 Whose glory, brightness, and blessing will fully compensate for all the dark shadows of the nightime past. SM789:2; R6013:1 There was a joyful resurrection morning for Jesus, and there shall be one for his saints also. R302:6* Israel's "double" has been fulfilled and her morning of joy will soon break. SM399:T "Awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust." (Isa. 26:19) E345
In the morning —The morning of awakening, resurrection. A9; E345; R4329:5, R1881:1, R1533:2, R302:6 * When the Church will be known and honored. CR492:1 The glorious morning of Messiah's Kingdom. OV176:1, OV205:1,4 The great antitypical Sabbath, the seventh thousand-year day. R5273:2; SM471:1 The Millennial morning is already here, but it is early—not yet light except for the Morning Star. It will be some time yet before the Sun of Righteousness shall arise. R348:6 We can see the reflection from the "Sun," although it has not yet arisen. We are now in the early dawn. R5097:6 The night will give way to the glorious day of his presence. HG433:3 "The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in his beams." (Mal. 4:2) HG336:5 The path of the elect is a dark way, a nighttime when the Word of the Lord is a "lamp to their feet"; the path of the non-elect in the Millennium will be radiant because the Sun of Righteousness shall arise. R3026:5,6

[Psa. 30:7]

Made my mountain —My Kingdom. A318

[Psa. 30:11]

Hast turned for me —The chastened and converted world. C304

[Psa. 30:12]

And not be silent —And never be silent. C304

[Psa. 31:1]

In thy righteousness —Pray, pleading God's justice. R5381:1*

[Psa. 31:3]

For thy name's sake —For the sake of thy work and the share that I may have in it. R3062:4 Pray, pleading God's glory. R5380:6*, R5381:1*
Lead me, and guide me —Every spiritual Israelite must recognize the leadership of the Lord. R3061:6 And never attempt any undertaking, either temporal or spiritual, without seeking to note the will of the Lord concerning it. R4859:1, R3062:1

[Psa. 31:5]

Into thine hand —Quoted by Jesus on the cross. (Luke 23:46) R2474:6 Hoping to receive it again by a resurrection. E315; R2475:4
Commit my spirit —Ruach, spirit of life or vital energy. E315 The ransom-price was thus placed into the hands of the Father, giving Jesus the right to all those things which he intends to bestow upon the whole world of mankind. R4637:5

[Psa. 31:15]

Times are in thy hand —All the affairs of life, temporal and spiritual, of God's people. R4527:3, R4533:6 We wish to have the Lord's will done in respect to the time of our change, and in respect to all we enjoy together daily. R5728:5

[Psa. 31:16]

For thy mercies' sake —Pray, trusting God's love and mercy. R5380:5*

[Psa. 31:17]

Silent in the grave —Sheol, oblivion, death, not torment. E363; HG121:3

[Psa. 31:20]

Strife of tongues —Confusion of human traditions. R1788:2

[Psa. 31:23]

Preserveth the faithful —God is both able and willing to keep that which we have committed to his keeping, but we are not to expect miraculous help except when necessary. R2021:2 By being all gathered through death to glory before the terrible severity of the world's trouble will be permitted to come. R2020:4

[Psa. 31:24]

Be of good courage —Courage is necessary to fight down the tendency to sin. R5329:6 We are to resign our earthly interests to our Heavenly Father and to leave them under his supervision. If we allow the Adversary to beat our courage down, he will soon put us out of the battle entirely. R5329:3 Strong courage, godly courage, from right principles, based on faith in the Lord which says to us, do your duty whatever may be the Lord's will for you. R5330:1 Thus demonstrating our faith in the Lord. R5330:4
Strengthen your heart —Our faith is the basis of both our strength and our peace. R4817:6
That hope —The Lord will supervise our affairs and we are to trust in him. R5329:3 The Christian's secret of a happy life is in his knowing and trusting the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Bridegroom. R2083:5

[Psa. 32:1]

Blessed is he —Primarily David himself. R3260:1 Taking the standpoint of the prophet after his heart had returned to peace with God through assurance of divine forgiveness of his sins. R4271:2
Whose transgression —Against Uriah. R3260:1 Nearly all sins committed by God's people may be classed as mixed sins—only partially wilful. R5690:2
Is forgiven —If you believe God exercised mercy toward you and forgave your sins, then believe also that the Lord has a similar arrangement for the world. HG147:3
Is covered —The Lord will cover the unwilful portion of a mixed sin, but will punish that portion which was of knowledge and assent of the mind. R5690:1 Set aside; not actually blotted out until the resurrection. R3261:1, R3314:6, R2667:1, R4272:5

[Psa. 32:2]

lmputeth not iniquity —So long as we renounce it and seek the Lord in faith and sincerity. R3314:6
There is no guile —No deceit or hypocrisy; whose conduct is open and transparent. R2017:5 No secret longing for sin with merely the restraints of fear. R4271:2

[Psa. 32:3]

When I kept silence —Verses 3 and 4 briefly rehearse the king's unhappy experiences during nearly a year. R4271:3 Apparently for a time the king had smothered his conscience. R4271:5 The sin was concealed, unrepented of. R2016:2
My bones waxed old —He seemed to age rapidly that year; he became enfeebled prematurely. R4272:1

[Psa. 32:4]

Thy hand was heavy —The chiefest of his troubles consisted in his separation from the Lord. R4271:4
Turned into the drought —All the freshness, vigor and joy were consumed, as by a drouth. R4272:1

[Psa. 32:5]

Acknowledged my sin —"Against thee, and thee alone, have I sinned, and done this great evil in thy sight." (Psa. 51:4) R4271:5
Unto the LORD —To the Lord only could he go asking forgiveness. R4271:5

[Psa. 32:6]

For this —For this cause, because of God's mercy. R4272:5
Mayest be found —There is a time limit to divine mercies. R4272:5 Before the heart becomes calloused and set in an evil course. R2017:5 David's experience taught him that every day he remained unrepentant carried him further from fellowship with the Lord. R3261:4
Surely —If the sinner will promptly confess and repent. R3261:4
Of great waters —Of trouble. R3261:4

[Psa. 32:7]

From trouble —Not necessarily implying that they would be taken away before the trouble. It is "through much tribulation we shall enter the kingdom." (Acts 14:22) R4273:1
Songs of deliverance —David could figuratively hear the heavenly messengers singing songs of his deliverance even while in the affliction. R3261:5

[Psa. 32:8]

With mine eye —The eye is the symbol of wisdom. R4858:6 We should look to the Lord for leading in all of life's affairs. R4859:1, R4858:3, R3062:1 As a horse, driven without reins or bridle, simply directed by the eye and watching for the master's will, the animal being without restraint. R4273:2 The Lord's eye will watch over us, that he may give us the necessary proper counsel. R4273:1 Those who can be guided only by continual scourgings are not of the overcoming class. E234 See comments on Psa. 31:3.

[Psa. 32:9]

Be ye not as the horse —But, in the legitimate use of our intellectual endowments, let us apply our hearts unto instruction. R1661:6*
As the mule —Stubborn. R680:1*
No understanding —God would have his reasoning creatures serve intelligently and without force. R1566:2, R680:4* While the Lord promises grace sufficient, he never encourages any to rest supinely upon his promises, but exhorts to activity, alertness, energy, perseverance. R1670:3 With general directions he sends us forth: not like machines, but as intelligent beings, to use our brains as well as our hands and feet. R3161:5 The two extremes of underrating and overrating human reason are both fraught with evil consequences. R1566:6
With bit and bridle —The world will be restrained with bit and bridle during the Millennium, but they must advance beyond this to be fit for eternal life at its close. R4273:2
Lest they come —Else they will not come (R.V.) R2017:6

[Psa. 32:10]

Mercy shall compass —Though, to outward appearances, having as many sorrows as their less pious neighbors, God's promise is sure and his grace sufficient. R4273:4

[Psa. 32:11]

Glad in the LORD —A very different thing from being glad in the trifling things of this world. R4273:4
Ye righteous —God's people, reckoned righteous through faith. R4273:1

[Psa. 33:1]

Rejoice in the LORD —Rejoicing and the spirit of praise are indissolubly linked in the divine economy. R2031:3
Praise is comely —Gratitude is one of the divinely implanted instincts of a soul bearing the image of God, and should therefore be cultivated. R2031:2

[Psa. 33:6]

By the word —Not Jehovah personally, but he used various agencies. He gave orders and they were promptly executed. E182

[Psa. 33:8]

In awe —Before God, infinite in wisdom, justice, love and power. SM168:4

[Psa. 33:9]

For he spake —When we read that Jehovah created the heavens and the earth, we are not to suppose that he personally handled it, but that he used various agencies. R370:4
And it was done —His orders were promptly executed. E182 Satan has never interfered with God's plans. A116

[Psa. 33:13]

From heaven —The bodily presence of Jehovah is in heaven. R5547:6

[Psa. 33:14]

Looketh upon all —The Lord has means by which he can be cognizant of all earthly affairs. R5547:6

[Psa. 33:19]

Their soul —Being. R277:1
From death —Not the body, but the being, called in the Scriptures, "soul," dies. R205:4, R277:1

[Psa. 34:2]

Boast in the LORD —"Let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me." (Jer. 9:24) The beginning of this wisdom is indeed the reverence of the Lord. R1919:6

[Psa. 34:7]

Angel of the LORD —There is some power by which God seems to encircle his holy people. CR314:4 May stand for any agency or power, whether animate or inanimate, that God would be pleased to use. R5633:3, R3798:1 The angels are "ministering spirits" (Heb. 1:4) and always have access to the Father's face on behalf of his Little Flock. F76 God's dealings with his people in earlier times was through angels. R5634:1 In this text the word angel probably refers to spirit beings. R5634:1Doubtless the angels of the Lord are as present with his people now as ever. R5606:1, R5635:1; Q437:4; F76 Perhaps one guardian angel to each saint; perhaps more than one. R2350:4 It will be part of our joy, on the spirit plane, to make the acquaintance of these angels. R4823:5 Persons whose minds are in accord with righteousness and truth are proportionately surrounded by a protective influence which shields them from the intrusion of the evil spirits. R4218:3, R4069:2
Encampeth —An encampment, representing a continual and abiding presence, of divine representatives. R3441:2 Present in our midst without our being conscious of their presence. R265:2 Present, yet invisible. A182; R5781:5 So the Lord, at his second advent, can be present, yet invisible.R2974:3
Round about them —For their deliverance or protection. R4477:3, R4348:4, R4769:3, R5634:5, R5781:5 Illustrated by the vision granted to Elisha's servant. R3441:1, R2349:2 On the snowy curtain above the Holy of the Tabernacle, and on every side, are pictured cherubim. R158:6 *
That fear him —Any special supervision intimated in the Scriptures is only for the Lord's "little ones." R3798:1 Especially deputized to watch over and minister unto the very elect. R3441:3 Who not only will to do right, but who do the right to the extent of their ability. R3641:4
Delivereth them —In the way that will bring the largest measure of blessing. R5634:5 Only those who are in covenant relationship with God. R4769:3Protect them, not always from the threatening disaster, but from any injurious or evil effects therefrom. R3641:3 The angel of the Lord was as truly with James, who was killed, as with Peter, who was delivered. The deliverance is such as cannot always be appreciated by the natural senses; sometimes granting sustaining strength to endure even when not delivered. R2140:5 In James' case the "escape" was final and decisive; in Peter's case it was only temporary. R3004:5 But it is the interest, the good, of the New Creature that is being considered and not the interests of the flesh. R5606:1

[Psa. 34:8]

O taste and see —Of the feast now spread for the elect Gospel Church, or of that of the Millennium for all people. R1957:6 But do not let it stop at that, as many do. F117

[Psa. 34:9]

O fear the LORD —Perfect love casts out slavish fear, but increases reverential fear. R2986:6 The fear (reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. R2289:4

[Psa. 34:10]

Any good thing —They shall not lack anything good for them. R4731:5

[Psa. 34:13]

Keep thy tongue —A warning to the world in general. A309; D68 "Speak the truth in love." (Eph. 4:15 ) R2157:4
From speaking guile —Our first concern, then, should be for the heart. R1937:2

[Psa. 34:14]

Seek peace, and pursue —Insisting on such rights as are reasonable and necessary for the cause, and freely relinquishing other rights in the interest of peace. R4407:5 Whether the great trouble be very near or farther afield, the proper course of God's consecrated people is the same. R5458:6 "God has called us to peace." (1 Cor. 7:15) R2946:3

[Psa. 34:15]

Eyes of the LORD —Let your child feel that your eye and God's is ever upon him, just as we feel that God's eye is upon us. R1097:5*
His ears —Are bowed down to hear the groaning of the prisoner. SM623:1
Open unto their cry —No matter how long we have walked in a blundering way. R2147:4

[Psa. 34:17]

The LORD heareth —A promise applicable to all who fulfil its conditions. R1358:6 Let your faith grow strong by meditation upon the promises. R5381:5*

[Psa. 34:18]

Broken heart —Those discouraged and despairing, bereft of all hope. R5862:2
A contrite spirit —Their lowly estate in the present life is only their necessary discipline to fit them for the glory and service of the time to come. R2139:5* If any violation of the golden rule brings pain and regret it is a sure sign that it was not wilful, but stumbled into by the flesh contrary to the desires of the spirit. F375

[Psa. 34:19]

Are the afflictions —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125; R1351:2 * Trouble is not necessarily a sign of disfavor. God permits us to have afflictions. R5879:4 Illustrated by the life of Job. SM523:1

[Psa. 34:20]

Not one...is broken —The New Testament writers clearly record the fulfilment of this prediction. (John 19:36) A58; R1394:5, R1205:2, R1817:4 One of the many prophecies which show that the Bible is a divine revelation. A58

[Psa. 34:22]

Redeemeth the soul —Actually, death is an extinction of the soul. R3174:3

[Psa. 35:11]

False witnesses —All the painful circumstances of the Lord's sacrificial death were foretold. R1205:2

[Psa. 35:27]

Pleasure...prosperity —It is God's good pleasure to give the Kingdom to his Little Flock. (Luke 12:32) R1272:6, R1781:4

[Psa. 36:6]

Is like the great —El, a name often applied to Jehovah. E69; R296:2

[Psa. 36:8]

Abundantly satisfied —The Ancient Worthies shall be satisfied when they awake with God's likeness as Adam had it. R613:2

[Psa. 36:9]

Fountain of life —Thus it can be withdrawn by him in whom we all "live...and have our being." (Acts 17:28) R822:2 *
In thy light —To see any truth clearly we must look from the standpoint of the divine revelation. F45

[Psa. 37:1]

Fret not thyself —The New Creature should not be distressed over political, financial or other wrongdoings. F592 Under the Millennial order of things right-doers are to be exalted and evildoers restrained and punished. B138

[Psa. 37:2]

They shall soon be —Verses 1 to 19 give clear prophectic testimony relative to the Kingdom and its operation on behalf of the poor—its overthrow of injustice and the general equalization of human affairs. B138
Cut down —In the reign of Christ. R492:6

[Psa. 37:3]

Do good —So much the more as ye see the day drawing on, "strengthen ye the weak hands and confirm the feeble knees." (Isa. 35:3) R707:5 Especially when confronted with "perils among false brethren." (2 Cor. 11:26) R4540:3 Rather earn a humbler living with godliness and contentment and spend more time in his service, doing good unto all as you have opportunity. R1243:3 To forward the truth and suffer for it. R1102:5
Thou shalt be fed —Our food and water will be sure. He will never leave nor forsake his own. R1840:1 Naturally and spiritually. R2021:5 It is improper for saints to ask alms. R4101:5*

[Psa. 37:4]

Delight thyself —This is a step further than trusting. "I delight to do thy will, O my God." (Psa. 40:8) R1840:1 To delight thus in the Lord is to have the affections centered on him. R1840:2 The heart that is continually looking for divine direction is continuously in a prayerful attitude. No other condition is proper to the Christian. R3806:1
The desires —If those desires are in harmony with his plan. R4983:6

[Psa. 37:5]

Commit thy way —It is not sufficient that we merely place ourselves in the hand of the Lord. R4790:1 Before becoming entangled in multiplied cares and hampered by the outcome of our own misguided course. R1554:2
Bring it to pass —Their fervent prayers will avail much. R1840:4 Blessings and peace, even in the midst of the storms of life; and eventually glory, honor and immortality through Christ. R4506:4

[Psa. 37:6]

He shall bring forth —In his own due time. R3820:3 There is likely to be in all our affairs a time in which, if we have been misunderstood and misrepresented, the truth will ultimately be brought forth. R2888:2 Thus we can rejoice when we are accounted worthy of misrepresentation for his sake. R1193:4
Thy righteousness —Thus silencing all our opposers. R1102:5, R1816:1
As the light —Clear, cloudless and widely manifest. R5803:5 As God was ultimately glorified by Daniel's course of letting his light shine. R3639:3
Thy judgment —Character will, in every case, be revealed in due time and meet its just recompense. R801:5*

[Psa. 37:7]

Rest in the LORD —Do not make the mistake of expecting him to give you the desires of your heart instantly. R1840:5
Wait patiently —We must not be disappointed and allow our faith to falter when the test of patient endurance is applied. R5802:6, R1840:5 "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." (Isa. 40:31) R1840:5 Outward peace and calm are not always the conditions best suited to our needs as New Creatures. R5803:1 Our Father has not forgotten us when the answer to our prayers seems delayed. R5803:1 For the grand outworking of his plan. R1070:1

[Psa. 37:9]

For evil doers —All who, after coming to a clear knowledge of the truth, still wilfully disobey it. E388 Unless they attain the spirit of love, they will not be fit for the Kingdom, for God is love. SM230:2 From the mention of the character of this class it is manifest that the Second Death into which they are cast is not a death to sin, as Universalists claim. R1443:5
Shall be cut off —During the Millennial age. A67; R492:6, R443:1; HG538:2 "From among the people" (Acts 3:23) in the Second Death. E473; R2763:5, R1878:6, R1272:5 Because God has no pleasure in them that love evil. R1781:3 This rule, however, does not apply to the Gospel age. R2061:1
But those —During the Millennial age. E240
That wait upon —The Prince of life will use for servants the pure, the holy, the reverent, the godly. OV91:1

[Psa. 37:10]

Wicked shall not be —God tells us plainly that the nature of the everlasting punishment of the wicked will be death, destruction. R2607:3 Contrary to the teachings of Universalism. R3083:6 It is merciful on God's part to destroy the incorrigibly wicked. R3083:6

[Psa. 37:11]

Meek shall inherit —Not yet. Today they seldom even get a good slice of it. CR493:5 In the reign of Christ. R492:6
Of peace —"God has called us to peace." (1Cor. 7:15) God's Word has many messages on peace. R2946:3

[Psa. 37:16]

Little that a righteous —The Christian does not strive as anxiously as others for his full rights and full share of present blessings. R1245:2

[Psa. 37:20]

Wicked shall perish —All who, after coming to a clear knowledge of the truth, wilfully disobey it. R1878:6 Suffer the loss of everlasting life and all of its privileges, joys and blessings.E388 Perish does not mean preserve. SM521:T "All the wicked will he destroy." (Psa. 145:20) R2607:3, R891:5We do not find one verse in the Bible saying that the wicked can have life in torment or in any other condition. R2607:3, R1039:6

[Psa. 37:23]

The steps —Walking in the right paths. R4628:6, R3155:6 "The Lord knoweth the way of the righteous." (Psa.1:6) R3155:6
Of a good man —A righteous man, reconciled to God through the death of his Son. R4628:6, R3156:1
Are ordered —The Lord will surely direct the path of such. R5711:5, R4628:6 Especially in respect to the service of the truth. R3157:2 Sometimes in sending financial or social disappointments or sickness to bring back his wandering sheep. R3157:2 The providence of God over his sons is a very particular providence. R1561:2 Therefore, the Christian should never view any experience as being lucky or unlucky. R4628:6 God does not arbitrarily interfere in the affairs of his people, set aside their free agency, and force them to move as mere machines. R3156:5 We must scrutinize the circumstances of life, lest that which is only a device of Satan be mistaken for the providence of God, and an indication of his will. R614:2,3
By the LORD —Who exercises supervision over his individual affairs. R3155:6
And he delighteth —Because of confidence in God's love and wisdom. R2762:6
In his way —In God's way; because, be it ever so thorny, narrow and rocky, he knows the end is best. R2762:6

[Psa. 37:24]

Though he fall —The feet class. R1268:2 Err in judgment and bring upon himself the consequences of his error. R3156:6 The noblest characters you have ever known in the racecourse have made failures at times. CR153:1 A just man will not fall into sin. The very most that could happen to him would be to stumble. R5218:3 While all the Bride will not fall with Babylon, yet some, really children of God, will fall, yet not be utterly cast down. R177:5
He shall not be —But, in due time, by constant effort, be able at least measurably to overcome the weaknesses of his nature. R628:5*
Utterly cast down —Which would mean Second Death. CR153:1; R3157:5
LORD upholdeth him —By making his blunders and weaknesses react so as to establish him in righteousness and fit him for joint-heirship in the Kingdom. R3156:6, R5218:3
With his hand —He will not let go of us as long as we are striving to walk in his way. R3157:5 His hand is still held by the Lord. R3157:4

[Psa. 37:25]

The righteous forsaken —The Lord's children and work will get along without us; but a loss of opportunity and blessing will be sustained by us if we do not assist. R548:3,4
Begging bread —Each has confidence regarding the bread, water and plain clothing. What they fear is the loss of some of the comforts, the luxuries that God has not guaranteed us. R832:5 Does not exclude the providing of means for their deliverance. R1963:1 * The Lord may provide through their own industry, through the generosity of friends, or by public provision. R2021:5 Accepting proffered help is not begging. R2021:5 It is improper for saints to ask alms. R4101:5*

[Psa. 37:31]

Is in his heart —Symbolized by the breastplate's being bound to the High Priest's heart. R72:1
None of his steps —The Word of God furnishes principles, precepts, and examples broad enough to indicate the Lord's will in the minutest affairs of life. R614:4

[Psa. 37:35]

Seen the wicked —At the present evil time. CR493:4; HG538:3
In great power —It is seldom indeed that God visits punishment upon the world in the present time. He has appointed a day in which he will judge the world by Christ Jesus. R569:5
Spreading himself —During the time in which evil has been permitted. A68; R492:3

[Psa. 38:3]

No soundness —We are all enslaved to the extent that we have these imperfections. CR429:3

[Psa. 39:1]

I will take heed —If our ways please the Lord our utterances will be right. R4804:3
With my tongue —The tongue is potent in its influence, beyond any other member of the body, for either good or evil. R4805:1, R4804:6 Thereby we may honor God, or blaspheme him. R4804:3 In the unregenerate the tongue is a fire, stimulating all the fallen passions. R4805:2 The perfect mastery of our words is to be sought by vigilant, faithful effort. R4805:2 To utter an injurious remark against another, and then to add, "I do not know whether it is true or not," is to show that the speaker is exercised by an evil spirit. R2444:6
Keep my mouth —To the end that, when we speak, our speech may be with grace, seasoned with salt, and that under all circumstances we may speak as the oracles of God. R1937:6 Satan and his angels are seeking to subvert the Lord's people and catch them in their words. R5518:2
With a bridle —A restraint, a controlling influence. R4804:3
While the wicked —The wicked one, who tempts and tries the righteous. R1937:4, R5518:2 The evilly inclined of the world, and those with a knowledge of the Lord who are in opposition to him. R4804:6

[Psa. 39:2]

Dumb with silence —The safest attitude for a saint when being tried. R1937:5
Even from good —From doing or saying what seemed good in my own sight. R1937:5

[Psa. 39:3]

The fire burned —A fiery trial. R1937:5

[Psa. 39:4]

Measure of my days —However vexing our experiences, they will soon be over. R1937:5
How frail I am —Realizing the vanity of all earthly things, and their inability to satisfy or comfort, and that our days are but as a handbreadth. R1937:5

[Psa. 39:11]

Like a moth —When sin deprived humanity of the right to life, immediately the jewel began to lose its perfection of brilliancy and beauty. R279:1 "Yea, man giveth up the ghost (life) and where is he?" (Job 14:10) A209

[Psa. 39:12]

And a sojourner —A law-abiding, tax-paying alien, looking for protection under the laws, but not compelled to fight against the rightful king. F594

[Psa. 40:1]

I waited patiently —Pray perseveringly. R5381:2*

[Psa. 40:2]

He brought me up —By the "arm of the Lord" Christ Jesus. (Isa. 53: 1) E418 A testimony to be proclaimed publicly by all in their lives and conversation. Q514:4
An horrible pit —The pit of condemnation, sin and death. R3000:6; OV308:3 Depth of confusion. R287:6
Out of the miry clay —Of personal sin. R1673:1
My feet upon a rock —Christ and his redemptive work. R3000:6 Especially applicable to the feet members of Christ being established on the rock of truth. R287:6, R757:5
Established my goings —Established my feet of faith upon the rock foundation. R3000:6 Our course no longer vacillating. R3000:6

[Psa. 40:3]

Hath put a new song —Of divine justice, mercy and love, reasonable and harmonious in its every cadence. R3001:1 "The song of Moses and the Lamb." (Rev. 15:3) R3998:6; C237 Now sung by those who can exercise faith in the Lord, but its complete fulfilment will be in the Millennial age. R3999:1
In my mouth —What further commission is needed for every member of the New Creation to preach. F295

[Psa. 40:4]

The LORD his trust —"This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith." (1 John 5:4) R3064:6

[Psa. 40:5]

Thy wonderful works —Thy kindness towards us already performed. R3000:6
And thy thoughts —Thy plans, purposes, promises for the future. R3000:6
Cannot be reckoned —"Neither count I my life dear unto me." (Acts 20:24) R3001:3 "I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord." (Phil. 3:8) R3001:4 "Count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations." (Jas. 1:2) R3001:4 "I reckon that the sufferings of the present time are not worthy to be compared." (Rom. 8:18) R3001:5 "I thank Jesus Christ, who counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry." (1 Tim. 1:12) R3001:6 "That ye may be counted worthy of the Kingdom for which ye also suffer." (2 Thes. 1:5) R3002:2

[Psa. 40:6]

Thou didst not desire —The finest bullock could not take away sin. A perfect man had sinned. Only a perfect man could redeem the sinner. SM660:1 These were not the end of God's desire or intention; he had in mind the better sacrifices of Christ and the Church. Q611:4

[Psa. 40:7]

Then said I —Christ Jesus, at the time of his baptism. F437
Lo, I come —At age 30 Jesus offered himself as the antitypical bullock of the sin-offering. R5128:2, R4969:6 Our Lord made a covenant of death at that moment, which required the succeeding three and a half years to accomplish. HG602:2 Representing in the consecration of the priesthood (Lev. 8) by the offering on the altar of the fat and parts of the life-producing organs as a sweet savor unto the Lord. T42
Volume of the book —The Law and the Prophets. CR400:4 At consecration, Jesus offered to do everything written in the book, though he did not then know all that was therein written. R5086:1,R5165:4 What book? The book of the divine will, represented in Revelation by the scroll written on the inside and outside, sealed with seven seals. Also the books of the Old Testament. Q182:1 Submitting himself to everything that was written in the book. R5085:3, R5264:2; Q36:7 We must also be willing to do everything written in the book. R5447:1 His consecration went beyond the moral law and embraced everything that God had written prophetically. R5165:4

[Psa. 40:8]

I delight —"Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." (Psa. 37:4) R1840:1 Jesus was willingly delivered up to die; every talent and power was offered up as a sacrifice to God in the carrying out of the divine plan, whatever that might involve. SM644:3; CR401:1 Jesus came not for exaltation, but from a delight to do the Father's will. R5375:2, R5186:3 To have the affections centered in him, to see in God the fountain of all goodness and truth. R1840:2 We must all come to that point or we cannot be his disciples. CR322:6; R4462:5; CR469:4; R5269:6, R3021:3 How important patient, cheerful endurance seems to be in the light of the Word. R4910:5, R5650:6 Willing service, not compulsion. CR489:4 Not merely a willingness to do the Lord's will under restraint, but of a willing heart.R3609:1 Jesus had pleasure in self-abasement. R3885:5 The pleasure of an ideal life. R2694:6* Not taking pleasure in turning, twisting and endeavoring to avoid the force of that Word, but seeking to conform thereto. R2649:1 Delight to surrender and sacrifice our own wills. R3237:2Such desire is necessary before we can be, in any sense of the word, pleasing or acceptable to him. R4596:5 Endurance in an impatient or unhappy state of mind cannot be pleasing to God. R4910:5 So that his will is not grievous to us. R4277:4 The language of love, the language of the heart. SM283:T, F452
To do thy will —Christ Jesus, highly exalted as he is, delights to acknowledge the headship of Jehovah. R765:2*, R920:4, R1075:3*; SM492:3; OV307:T, We know that God's will is best whether we understand it or not. R5843:6 God was specially, and more particularly, manifest in the flesh of Jesus when he presented himself to John at Jordan. (1 Tim. 3:16) R5291:5 Our first battle should be to gain the consent and full cooperation of our wills with the divine Word. R4062:3 Consecration to God will ensure a searching of his plan revealed in his Word, that we may be able to spend and be spent for him, in harmony with his revealed plan. T119 In accordance with the Father's will; NOT in obedience to the Father's law. R4591:2 He left the dignity of the chief place on the spirit plane and came prepared to face death to carry out the Father's will. R5846:6, R5085:3, R5022:6; Q212:4 Our service must not be rendered to obtain the reward. We must seek to know the divine will and to obey it. R4836:4, R5648:4, R5431:6
Yea, thy law —The Law, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, being and strength." (Mark 12:30) F356 He sees more than merely, "Thou shalt," "Thou shalt not." He sees things from God's standpoint. He sees the principles of God's character which govern the universe. R5277:5 All under it must love God supremely. F356That which condemns all imperfection. T35
Is within my heart —In the midst of. R5085:5 Is my pleasure. In the type, the breastplate of judgment, representing the Law, was worn upon Aaron's heart, Aaron typifying Christ. T35; R72:4 A part of the Christian's daily business is to engrave in his character, in his heart, more and more deeply the laws of the Lord. R3609:2 Moses carried the Law to the people in his hands; Christ carries the law to the people in his heart. R1322:5*

[Psa. 41:1]

In time of trouble —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125

[Psa. 41:9]

Own familiar friend —Judas. R3760:2
Eat of my bread —One who partook of the same supper, common hospitality. R4906:6 Trials from "brethren," some of whom were only weak, and one false at heart, must have been the sorest among our Lord's experiences. R3820:3
Lifted up his heel —The Lord quoted this prophecy, but it did not move Judas to change his course. R4906:6 A radical change from an attitude of love and friendship to an attitude of bitterness and enmity is not an instantaneous, but a gradual, work. R4234:4

[Psa. 41:13]

From everlasting —From all eternity, without any beginning. E86

[Psa. 42:1]

After the water brooks —"Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters (the refreshing waters of divine truth)." (Isa. 55:1) R1936:1
So panteth my soul —With increasing appreciation of spiritual blessings comes a more ardent longing for more and more fellowship with God, and more intense longings after holiness. R2123:5Hungering and thirsting for righteousness. (Matt. 5:6) R5163:6
After thee —Not only after truth with a curiosity interest, but after that righteousness which comes through a knowledge of the truth. R1936:1

[Psa. 42:5]

Art thou cast down —"Perfect love casteth out fear." (1 John 4:18) R1906:2
Hope thou in God —As the eagle soars above the storm cloud, live at such an altitude of Christian experience as to enable you to rejoice in the Lord always, and in everything to give thanks. R1906:2

[Psa. 43:3]

Unto thy holy hill —The heavenly phase of the Kingdom of God. D582

[Psa. 44:3]

And thine arm —The power of Jehovah; in highest matters, Jesus. E47

[Psa. 44:14]

Makest us a byword —Since the Jews' rejection of Messiah, since their house was left desolate, Israel has had no marks of God's favor—their tears, groans, and prayers have gone unanswered. B216

[Psa. 44:22]

All the day —The Gospel age. R5173:4

[Psa. 45:1]

The king —The Lord, after being invested with Kingdom authority. SM55:1

[Psa. 45:2]

Thou art fairer —In his earthly life. HG448:3 He had proven purity of heart and absolute loyalty to the Father. SM55:1
Grace is poured —"Let your speech be always with grace (with manifest love and kindness), seasoned with salt (a purifying and preservative influence)." (Col. 4:6) R1937:3
Into thy lips —The grace of our Lord's lips is manifest to us in the message which he left. SM55:1 "Never man spake like this man." (John 7:46) "All bear him witness and wondered at the gracious words that proceeded out of his mouth." (Luke 4:22) R1937:2
Blessed thee for ever —Jesus' exaltation is perpetual; far above angels and powers and every name. SM56:T

[Psa. 45:3]

Gird thy sword —Make ready for the Day of Vengeance. D549 The sword of Messiah is the truth, and with it he shall smite the nations. R774:2Divine knowledge as it shall go forth in due time for the binding of Satan and the liberating of all the slaves of sin and death. SM56:1
Thy majesty —The establishment of Messiah's Kingdom with power, great glory, and majesty. R5493:6; SM56:1 Messiah's triumph in the Millennial age. SM440:1

[Psa. 45:4]

Ride prosperously —Prophetic of Jesus in his glorified condition. CR164:2 The saints also ride upon white horses (pure doctrines). R774:6
Because of truth —The lessons of "right" (righteousness), the necessity of equity and fairness in their dealings with one another, is being forced upon every one—nations and individuals. R774:2
And righteousness —A reign of force. SM56:1
Thy right hand —Thy power. CR164:2; SM57:1
Terrible things —There will be a terrible time of trouble. CR164.2; SM57:1

[Psa. 45:5]

Thine arrows —Words of divine truth shall enter in and show the whole world just where they are, and shall cut them to the heart. (See Acts 2:37) CR164:4, CR51:4; SM51:T, SM53:T, SM440:1; R5493:6The sharp truths and righteous judgments of the Lord which shall prevail during the Millennial age. HG270:3
Are sharp —"Sharper than any two-edged sword." (Heb. 4:12) R3726:6
King's enemies —Hosts of error. R5493:6; CR164:2; SM52:1
The people fall —In submission to the Kingdom. SM60:2 A picture of the conversion of the heathen. CR51:4; SM440:1 The slaughter of the hosts of error will mean a great blessing, for the Lord smites to heal. R5493:6; HG270:3 Every knee must bow and every tongue confess. (Rom. 14:11) HG448:3 Those who fall before him in obedience and reverence to his scepter of righteousness will the soonest be blessed and exalted by the King of glory, while those who oppose his scepter are counted his enemies and shall fall before his sharp arrows. R774:3
Under thee —To confess and adore him. SM60:2

[Psa. 45:6]

O God —Given of God (Leeser). R774:1
The sceptre —The right to rule. B83

[Psa. 45:7]

Lovest righteousness —Only those who learn to love what is right will have life on any plane. A303; SM65:3; OV202:1
Hatest wickedness —In equity, injustice; the very opposite of love. SM395:T, R5125:1 All brethren of the Lord Jesus must take the same stand regarding sin, especially sin in ourselves. R5702:5 We should hate the wrong but not the individual who does the wrong. R5125:2 Not like Balaam, double-minded, not reliable in every way. R5323:1 We should not become more loving than the Lord. We want to love just what he loves and hate what he hates. R4909:6
Thy God —The mighty one above even thee. R354:1
Anointed thee —We have received of the anointing under our Lord. CR436:1
The oil of gladness —The holy Spirit. F132; R5654:5 The holy joy of our Lord, and the holy prospects which sustained him in his sacrificing, laying down his life. R5847:1
Above thy fellows —As David was chosen over his older brothers. R4210:4 As head over the Royal Priesthood—his fellows. F132; CR435:6;T37 Above the angels, above the Church, making him head over all things. SM434:2

[Psa. 45:8]

Smell of myrrh —Symbol of wisdom. R4093:2*

[Psa. 45:9]

Thy right hand —The place of favor. R354:1
The queen —The Bride of Christ, the true Church. R1944:1; OV255:5
In gold of Ophir —Clothed in the glory, honor and immortality of the divine (gold) nature. R354:1, R1944:1

[Psa. 45:10]

Hearken, O daughter —Daughter of Jehovah, not of Christ. E49; R385:1* The Church, espoused to Christ. CR39:2 Was ever a proposal of marriage couched in more delicate and beautiful phrase? R1494:6
And consider —That present life is brief, and that we have the opportunity to sacrifice it for eternal life in the future. HG450:3
Incline thine ear —Give attention to Jehovah's instructions; search the Scriptures and learn of him. R354:2, R458:3
Forget —By becoming so enchanted with future prospects as to be almost oblivious to the things of this present time, except as to "things needful." R4090:4
Thine own people —Earthly friendships. R1386:5, R1318:2 *
Thy father's house —The human nature. R1386:5 The world—its vanities, smiles, frowns, praises and scorn. R354:2, R1141:5 Adam's house, the world in general. R1494:6; CR39:2 The human relationships, the ambitions, hopes and aims of the children of Adam. C193; R5862:5

[Psa. 45:11]

So shall the king —The Lord Jesus. R5862:5; C193; E49
Greatly desire —Have respect only to his approval, his smile, his praise, and his frown. R354:2 Although the whole family in heaven and earth will be blessed through him, only his wife, cooperating with him, will be his companion, confidante and treasure. R5862:5
Thy beauty —Of character, of heart loyalty. R5862:5, R1554:3 Thou art beautiful already in his eves, for he looks upon the heart and reads its loyalty to him. R1141:5 "The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit." (1 Pet. 3:4) R1820:6, R5862:6
For he is thy Lord —Adon, not Jehovah. E49
Worship thou him —Our Lord, while on earth, was really worshipped, and properly so. R2337:3; E72

[Psa. 45:12]

Daughter of Tyre —The strong ones of earth. C193
Shall be there —During the Millennium. C193

[Psa. 45:13]

The king's daughter —Jehovah's daughter, the Bride of Christ. C193; CR8:3, CR39:2, CR101:5; Q436:2; R5865:5 Pictured by Asenath, wife of Joseph. R2888:5
Is all glorious —With the beauty of holiness. C193; CR217:1 Not merely a glory of office, but an inherent and eternal glory as we11. CR39:2, CR8:3
Within —Not to the vision of the natural man. C193
Her clothing is —Will be, when she is glorified. C193
Of wrought gold —immortality—the divine nature. T18; C193; CR217:2, CR253:5, CR39:2, CR8:3, R2161:5; SM727:1

[Psa. 45:14]

She —The Little Flock. Q106:3; R4655:1, R4973:6
Brought —Led—all through the Gospel age, from grace to grace. SM254:1
Unto the king —The Bride's exaltation to Plane K of the chart will come when the Heavenly Bridegroom shall present his Bride complete before the Heavenly Father. R5060:5; Q53:4 The intimation is that after the Church has experienced her change she will be absent from the earth for a while and will be brought into the presence of Jehovah, the great King. R5181:6, R4973:6
In raiment —The simple white robe of her Lord's own furnishing. C193; R5197:6; HG449:3 There is a difference between her imputed robe and the one she will wear when she is changed. HG449:5 Represented by the seamless robe of Christ. R2788:3,4
Of needlework —The beautiful adornments of the Christian graces. C193; R5181:6, R2782:6;CR217:2; SM259:1; HG449:4, HG180:5 As Peter expresses it, she is to "add to her faith" the various Christian graces. (2 Pet. 1:5) R458:2 Painstaking endeavor to fix and establish in their robes the glorious pattern outlined by the Lord. SM254:2, SM205:3; R5197:6, R2161:6; CR253:4; Q159:1 Painstaking embroidery of actual righteousness. R1494:6 Every stitch must be taken carefully, painstakingly. Each feature of the outline must be carefully studied. HG449:6
The virgins —The five "foolish virgins." (Matt. 25:2) C192; F128; R5232:2;CR101:5;Q300:1, Q437:T Though foolish, they are, nevertheless, virgins. Q296:T
Her companions —The Great Company are to be companions of, and ministers to, the Church. F121; R5394:3, R4655:1, R3869:2; Q436:2 Typified by the damsels that accompanied Rebecca. R4761:1; F171; R428:4; Q304:2; SM205:3 They neglected the work on the garment; they lacked zeal. SM260:T, R4648:1, R5023:2, R5656:2, R4855:2, R4921:4 The Great Company is part of the household, part of the Church of the first-born. Q304:2; R4761:1, R4875:3 Bridesmaids. R5865:3 In olden custom, the father would present the wife with a maidservant, who would accompany her mistress and would necessarily be associated with her. R4655:2 Though companions, there will be a very great difference in the degrees of glory. R458:1 They will never be sharers of the Bride's portion. R2764:4, R5232:2, R4036:1 They are also invited to the marriage supper. Q229:2, Q106:2 Also represented by Benjamin. R4437:1, R5232:2,6
That follow her —At the fall of Babylon they will be fully set free from the timidity that has restrained them, and be glad to acclaim the Bride. Eventually, they will be invited to the marriage supper. R4647:6
Shall be brought —As soon as they have all finished their course. Q314:4 They shall also be brought into the presence of the King. Q161:T,Q106:3; CR62:6; SM727:1, SM326:T The Great Company shall be honored also, though less highly than the Bride, by the King. R828:5; HG450:1; SM727:1

[Psa. 45:15]

And rejoicing —Finally delivered from Babylon, with rejoicing. R4079:6* After they have passed through their great tribulation. R2162:1
Shall they —The Bride, all glorious, shall be presented to the great King, the Father, by the great King, his Son. R4148:5 The Great Company—after severe testings, and after having lost the chiefest blessing. F128
They shall enter —"The virgins, her companions," as guests at the great supper. After the marriage they will enjoy the feast with the royal family. R343:6, R3834:5
The king's palace —By an instantaneous resurrection to perfect spiritual conditions. F707

[Psa. 45:16]

Instead of —Instead of being any longer considered. D625; R5199:4; Q751:T, R4715:3, R5074:1
Thy fathers —Messiah's progenitors—the Ancient Worthies, the Patriarchs. E142; R5199:4, R4555:2, R1006:5, R354:2,4; Q750:4; SM733:1, SM397:1 The faithful among Israel who earnestly endeavored, in their weakness, to keep God's covenant. B207 These men, great in faith and obedience to God, will be known to the Jews as "the fathers." OV321:5; F128; D628 Developed by the Law covenant. Q196:1
Be thy children —They will be the first-born children of the "Everlasting Father," the Messiah. R4535:4, R4321:2, R5199:4, R4990:5, R4555:2, R3245:5; CR104:2; OV46:T Instead of Christ's roots, they shall be his branches. R809:6 The father of Messiah in the flesh will become the son of Messiah in glory. R4687:5 But not of the father's (divine) nature. To be a father does not imply that the children will partake of the father's nature. R354:5 Typified by Kohath, on the Church's right hand, their closest of kin. F129
Whom thou mayest —By an instantaneous resurrection to perfect human conditions. F707 Eventually to be made sharers of the spirit nature and become members of the Great Company class.R5182:4
Make princes —Examples of perfect manhood, leaders of the people. R4990:5, R5344:4 Perfect on the earthly plane, made princes amongst men. R3937:2, R5810:1 R4836:4, R5189:5 Chief ones, captains. F707; D625; R5074:1, R4555:3, R5199:5, R4930:6, R5031:1; SM733:1 Fleshly representatives of the Kingdom. E78; C257; R4535:4, R4974:2, R5344:4, R5505:4, R5836:3, R4715:2; OV56:4; CR104:2; SM402:1 The agents of the Kingdom's judgments and the channel of its blessings. T109, R5241:4, R5836:3, R5182:2; SM191:T, OV96:2 Representatives of the invisible Messiah and his Bride, backed by their full power and authority. R5189:5 The seen representatives of God's Kingdom, while Christ and the Church, the real spiritual leaders, will be unseen. R1872:5 As perfect men they will be the superiors and natural leaders of the world. R1872:5 The princes who will execute judgment will all be Israelitish and all perfect men—tried and approved of God. OV321:5; R5809:6 To them, first, will be drawn the Jews. OV109:1, OV116:3; F178 Israel's polity will be restored under these princes or judges. (Isa. 1:26) A294 Representing Israel when the blessings of the New covenant will be poured upon them. OV119:3,4
So recognized by Israel and all nations. R1904:2 A remnant of fleshly Israel shall join with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who will then be princes, in constituting a nucleus of a holy nation. R2860:5 Inheritors of the earthly phase of the Kingdom. R4072:1, R5964:3 When Christ, as King, appoints those resurrected and perfect men as the rulers, exemplars, and teachers of men. R1157:1 Being resurrected perfect men, they will be the perfect images of God. In each one of these Ancient Worthies God will be manifested in the flesh. R5291:3 Presumably they will have a great work of instruction to do for the rest of humanity. R5182:2 In contrast, the Church will be a Kingdom of priests, a Royal Priesthood. R5859:3 "Out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem." (Isa. 2:3) R5293:4 Only the merciful of the Ancient Worthies will share with Abraham in dispensing the divine favors to mankind as "princes in all the earth." R2857:5, R3947:5 Represented by Moses on the Mount of Transfiguration. R3794:3 "A king shall reign in righteousness and princes shall rule in judgment"—to act as magistrates (Young). (Isa 32:1) R354:5Administrators of the law. OV184:4 Intermediaries between the spiritual Kingdom, the saints, and their subjects, mankind. D619, D626, D629; CR117:1 Typified by the veil that Moses wore at Mt. Sinai. D630 The contrasting standard of perfection that men must recognize in the Kingdom.F717 Like the ashes of the red heifer (Num. 19), the results of the painful experiences of the Ancient Worthies will be a store of blessings, instructions and help in the restitution work. T111, T112 The "reward" that he gives to "his servants, the prophets." (Rev. 11:18) R5567:5; F119 Not likely to be as many as 144,000. Q606:1 In these Christ will be manifested, in their flesh, even as the Father was manifested in his flesh. B136
In all the earth —The nation of Israel will be the first to respond to this standard of the Lord thus set up. R2983:1

[Psa. 46]

A Song —The utterance of the faith of Israel's faithful ones in the time of Jacob's trouble. R302:6*

[Psa. 46:1]

God Is our refuge —The antitype of Israel's cities of refuge. R3093:1 The Church's refuge and protection. A323; D158 Justice is the avenger of sin and Christ is the refuge and deliverance. R3093:5 All of these blessings are of the Father, through the Son. R3093:5
And strength —"In the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength." (Isa. 26:4) R1787:3
In trouble —The great storm of trouble at the close of this age in which Babylon will go down, like a millstone cast into the sea. R5058:6 Which will entirely change the present construction of society. R5059:1

[Psa. 46:2]

Will not we fear —Because we have made the Lord our refuge and habitation. CR18:3; R5059:1 Because we are waiting for and expecting thus to see Messiah's heavenly Kingdom introduced. R879:6 Knowing that, at the same time, our redemption draweth nigh. R1379:4 The saints rejoice and are restful of heart while others lament and weep. R5989:5 Nor will we, if permitted to remain even until they sink into the midst of the sea. R845:4*
Though the earth —The trouble upon the earth (society) will not reach its intensity until the shaking of the heavens (ecclesiasticism) has broken the fetters of superstition, plunging the masses into skepticism and infidelity. R1308:4 When the present organization of society. A323; C229; D46
Be removed —Unsettled, disorganized and overthrown. A323; C229; D46;CR18:3 Not until the servants of God are "sealed in their foreheads." (Rev. 7:3) R1863:2 When newspapers and banks, politicians and everybody, will be lost, and every man's hand will be against his neighbor. HG480:5 Psalm 46 seems to give a complete picture of the seventh plague of Revelation. R511:4
And though —And when. A323
The mountains —Kingdoms, autocratic governments. A323; C229; D46, D551; SM320:3; R4990:2, R5059:1 As mountains and hills tower above the earth, they aptly symbolize the civil powers of earth. R716:2* While kingdoms (mountains) shall give place to republics (islands), so the islands in due time shall also flee away. (Rev. 16:20) R511:4
Be carried into —Signifies the overwhelming of a government in a revolutionary uprising of the masses. R816:1, R686:2,3 Others will melt with fervent heat. (Psa. 97:5) R815:6, R4573:1 Are swept into. A323 By a great tidal wave. R5364:1, R5863:6; SM320:3
The midst of the sea —Lawless, ungovernable masses. A323; C229; D46, D551, D596; R5364:1, R5863:6, R1489:4; Q842:2 Anarchy, which will swallow up the false systems. R5478:2, R4772:3, R5059:1; SM320:3 The great waves (Luke 21:25) of nihilism, communism, socialism and anarchism are sweeping with irresistible force against the bulwarks of present institutions. Q841:4 Babylon is to be "cast as a great millstone into the sea." (Jer. 51:62-64; Rev. 18:21) R5478:3

[Psa. 46:3]

Waters thereof roar —Become infuriated. A323
And be troubled —With the disputing of contending factions. C229; HG401:6 With retributive and purgatorial troubles. R1470:3
Though the mountains —The kingdoms. C229; D45
Shake —By terrible revolutions. D551 Tremble for fear and insecurity. C229; R1489:4He shakes and sifts because he would separate the many who have assumed the name of Christ, but who are not truly his people. R1307:6
With the swelling —The threatening and rising power. C229

[Psa. 46:4]

There is a river —The river of salvation. CR18:5 A river of truth. R686:4 Illustrated by the Niagara River. R4066:4,5 The river of the water of life which will flow during the Millennial age from the glorified New Jerusalem, the Church. R2508:3,5
Shall make glad —But not rejoicing in its own security, regardless of the woes of others. R686:5
The city of God —The Kingdom of God, the Church, even in its present hampered condition. C229; CR18:5; R686:4
The holy place —The Church, the Sanctuary. C229 It is not the Kingdom set up and glorified, else it would be represented as in the Most Holy. R686:4
Of the tabernacles —The dwelling place. C229

[Psa. 46:5]

The midst of her —The true Church. A323 The center of our interests is our great Advocate. R5306:2
She —The Church, the Bride of Christ. R3259:3
Shall not be moved —Not exempted from the shakings, but not moved by them. R3053:1 Earthquakes cannot dissolve the relationship subsisting between the Lord and his faithful; they are preserved by the peace of God ruling in their hearts. HG401:6 There is no saint of God so weak as not to be able abundantly to stand, even in this evil day, if he is only loyal and faithful to God. R1318:6*Because her faith is established, not in ignorance and credulity, but in the Word of God. F592 "That those things which cannot be shaken may remain." (Heb. 12:27) R3053:2; CR18:5
Help her —Rescue her from her toil, weariness and peril. R2650:5 Deliver, "change." (1 Cor. 15:51, 52) R4133:5
And that right early —The morning brings with it deliverance from danger, victory over enemies, peace to the nations, and the renewal of earth, by the establishment of Messiah's glorious throne. R303:1 * Just as in the morning watch he looked out from the fiery cloud and troubled the Egyptians. R303:1* When the morning appeareth the saints will be changed in the first resurrection.C230; R5567:6 "When the morning appeareth." (margin) What a morning!—Resurrection for the Church, restoration for Israel, restitution for the earth! R303:1 *, R2064:3 At the dawning of her morning, when she has passed through her nighttime in which "no man can work," (John 9:4) and has been ushered into glory. Her morning is to precede the Millennial morning. C230; A323; E437 In the morning of the Millennial day. R1832:5, R3701:4, R2973:3, R2759:5 The morning is already dawning. CR18:6 Earlier in the morning than others not winners of the prize of the high calling. R2109:5, R2504:4; HG745:3 As Israel's deliverance did not come in the night in which the Passover was eaten, but in the morning which followed it. R2918:3
As Jesus was raised —"very early in the morning." (Luke 24:1) R3375:3 As Jesus came to the disciples in the midst of the storm in the fourth watch of the night. (Matt. 14:25) R2650:5

[Psa. 46:6]

Uttered his voice —"The voice of the archangel." (1 Thes. 4:16) B147 Assumed command. B147 God will speak "Peace" in tones that will shake not only the earth (social structure), but also the heavens (ecclesiasical structure). R2515:2
The earth melted —Organized society disintegrated, the systems of error going down. B147; A323

[Psa. 46:8]

Desolations —Divine wrath. SM188:1 He wounds to heal. R1869:3
He hath made —Truth on every subject, however, or by whomsoever uttered, is the voice of God. R686:6 "Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste." (Isa. 24:1) R686:6

[Psa. 46:9]

Maketh wars to cease —By the "desolations" of verse 8. The nations will be so satiated with bloodshed that they will willingly turn and seek for purity and peace. R35:2*, R269:1, R532:3 With the crisis of its trouble, the world will be saved from its own madness by the establishment of Messiah's Kingdom. R5852:2 By subduing all classes and enforcing principles of righteousness in the Millennium. A333; E372
In the fire —In the destruction of the time of trouble. D528

[Psa. 46:10]

Be still —"After the fire a still small voice." (1 Kings 19:12) R3414:6, R2334:5 The time of trouble will paralyze the whole world. Q204:9 Desist from your former ways, O people. A323 God's message to babbling, clamorous, self -assertive humanity in the time of trouble. D637; B78 Out of the wild commotion of that stormy sea, God will bring order and peace. R3114:1Applicable to the Church now. R687:1 Those who bid their own wills and prejudices to be still are learning now, from God's Word, the blessed truth. R687:4
And know —Come to the knowledge. A323 After the trouble the Lord will command the nations to be still and recognize him as God. R5364:1Then the preparatory work will be accomplished, and the proper work of the new Kingdom may begin. R763:5
I am God —That the Lord's Anointed has taken the dominion. R1095:1, R1423:2, R1715:1
I will be exalted —The only true basis of peace is righteousness. SM606:2; CR114:5
Among the heathen —Rich and poor of every nation shall gradually be made aware of the changed conditions, and all lovers of righteousness will rejoice. SM456:T Therefore the heathen cannot be going to an everlasting hell. R870:4*
Exalted In the earth —In the new order or arrangement of society. A324 After 6000 years of human pride and boasting. R2145:6

[Psa. 47]

A Psalm —Probably written for the occasion of the bringing of the Ark to Jerusalem. R4297:1

[Psa. 47:3]

Subdue the people —Forcibly. B101 Not a peaceable conversion of the nations. B101 The work of subduing and ruling the nations with a rod of iron does not commence until the sounding of the seventh trumpet at the end of the Gospel age. HG13:5

[Psa. 48:2]

Is mount Zion —The heavenly phase of the Kingdom of God. R3647:2; A295 God's agency. Dviii The reward of The Christ. R5711:2
Sides of the north —The great eminence which Lucifer sought, that he might "sit upon the sides of the north," (Isa. 14:13) will be granted as a reward to The Christ. R5711:2
The city —The New Jerusalem. A295

[Psa. 48:6]

A woman in travail —The troubles of the Day of the Lord are but the labor pains of the old, as the new dispensation is ushered into existence. R621:2

[Psa. 48:9]

Of thy temple —The Christ. T70

[Psa. 48:14]

Be our guide —Ask him to guide you, with no will of your own, no choice as to the pathway. R590:5

[Psa. 49]

A Psalm —These are Christ's words, as proven by the quotation of verse 4 in Matt. 13:35. R302:6*

[Psa. 49:7]

None of them —None born of Adam, the contaminated fountain. R5972:1, R777:1,2, R1247:4; E102; HG351:5; A172 Because there is "none righteous, no, not one." (Rom. 3:10) R5429:6; E96; T78 Illustrating the exactness and particularity of divine justice. OV22:1 Therefore without hope of ability to recover himself. R3847:3 Since none could be found, God arranged with the Logos that he should become a man and be the Redeemer of the race. R5352:4 Had our Lord not been absolutely free from sin he never could have redeemed us. R1186:6 Jesus must have been a perfect man since he was able to do what no imperfect man had done or could do—give himself a ransom. R776:2 Proven by God's Law to Israel and, through their experience, to all the world. R682:6 Thus the necessity for Jesus' having no earthly father, but being begotten of the holy Spirit. R4941.2
Redeem his brother —Adam and all condemned in his transgression. E418 To give a ransom for father Adam, or for any other man. OV150:2; R4426:1, R5352:4 Or even satisfy the claims of justice against himself. F101; R5972:1Since man could not justify himself he would be wholly unable to justify another—his brother. R5972:1
A ransom —The word "ransom" in the Old Testament seems to be used less definitely than in the New Testament. The Hebrew word is "kopher" and signifies a covering, a protection. R5972:1Proving that God's Law did demand a ransom; that he will by no means "clear (excuse) the guilty." (Ex. 34:7) R709:5 None can, by any works, meet the requirements of justice. F101 So God had compassion on man, and love made a provision for this. The Son of God became a man and paid man's ransom-price. HG346:5

[Psa. 49:10]

Leave their wealth —The result of an unsound mind. If the mind were well balanced its energies would be divided between accumulation and using, for good and noble uses for himself and his fellowmen. R1080:5

[Psa. 49:11]

That their houses —Their families. C20
Shall continue —Holding to the present arrangement of society with a death clutch. C20

[Psa. 49:13]

Posterity approve —Receiving their inheritance with mean ingratitude and generally using it to their own injury. R1080:5, R1413:4

[Psa. 49:14]

Like sheep —Sheep are not buried in graves, but in oblivion. E363
They —A certain class who vainly think to build up fortunes and make their names endure without realizing what is the true wealth of character which should be sought. R2338:2
Laid In the grave —Sheol, oblivion, death; not torment. E363; R2600:2
And the upright —The saints. (Dan. 7:27) R2600:2 "The saints shall judge the world." (1 Cor. 6:2) E364
Dominion over them —Come under the dominion of Christ and the Church in the morning of the Millennial day. R2338:3 "Rule them with a rod of iron." (Rev. 19:15) A303
In the morning —Of the resurrection, the Millennium. A60; E363; R302:6* The morning shall bring dominion to the righteous—redemption from the power of the grave. R302:6*
Grave from their dwelling —The grave, sheol, oblivion, being an habitation to every one of them (margin). E363

[Psa. 49:15]

Will redeem my soul —By giving thy Son as my ransom price. A172 It is the soul that was sentenced to death. R5166:3, R1510:2, R3854:5; E328, E348 The soul that went into death is the soul that was redeemed by Jesus. R5166:3
Power of the grave —Sheol, oblivion, death; not torment. E328, E363

[Psa. 49:19]

They shall —His earthly riches shall. R1761:5
Never see light —Never more be seen as his. R1761:5 They shall never see light before death overtakes them. R3725:4* Never—"ad," as far as, or until; "naytsakh," goal, or the bright object at a distance traveled towards; "lo," not. Instead of teaching everlasting death, the word "never" teaches resurrection. R2358:4* Never see life in the full sense, though all the families of the earth shall be awakened and brought to a full clear knowledge of the truth before being sentenced as wicked. R1106:4 Never be enlightened concerning a better way. R3725:4*

[Psa. 49:20]

That is in honour —Therefore not heathen, or men dying in ignorance of God. R1761:3 Lifted up by restitution processes to the glory and honor of perfect manhood. R1761:3
Understandeth not —Does not appreciate the work which Christ has done for him. R1761:5
Like the beasts —Perishing hopelessly. R1761:3

[Psa. 50:1]

The mighty God —El elohim, the mighty of the mighty. E67
Even the LORD —Jehovah. R3647:2
Hath spoken —Through the glorified Christ. R3647:2
And called the earth —To repentance, righteousness and eternal life. R3647:2 With thunder tones of judgment. R5990:4, R1914:4
Rising of the sun —"The Sun of Righteousness shall arise." (Mal. 4:2) R3647:2 From the east to the west. R5990:4
Going down thereof —At the close of the Millennial age. R3647:2

[Psa. 50:2]

Out of Zion —The heavenly phase of the Kingdom. A295; T33; R4454:1, R5874:4
God hath shined —His glorious character and plan are made known. R3647:3

[Psa. 50:3]

Our God shall come —The promised blessings are still future. R3647:3
A fire —The time of trouble. "The fire of my jealousy." (Zeph. 3:8) R3647:3; A323
Very tempestuous —The Millennial morning will be specially cloudy—"Behold, he cometh with clouds." (Rev. 1:7) R1073:5

[Psa. 50:4]

To the heavens —The high or ruling powers. D75
And to the earth —The masses of the people. D75
Judge his people —His professed people—Christendom. This judgment is now in progress and accounts for the merciless criticisms of the nominal church by the world at large. R3647:3; D75 As the supreme Judge. F396

[Psa. 50:5]

Gather my saints —"Gather the wheat into my barn." (Matt. 13:30) BI04, B164, B229; C139; SM127:1 Separating them as wheat from tares. R1488:1, R248:5 From every quarter of Babylon. R3786:5Into oneness with the Lord and each other, and out of fellowship with mere professors, tares. C139; CR84:1 It was the Lord who said the gathering time would be in the end of the age. R6023:2* The present time is a gathering, rather than a sowing, time. R442:2 The first work of Christ at his second advent will be the harvest work. B104, B229 This call, or invitation, has been going forth during the entire Gospel age. R5424:3;CR84:1,3 He is gathering merely those who have the hearing ear and the responsive heart—from inside and outside of all denominations of Christendom. SM130:1; R4831:2, R5092:5;HG671:1 Saints—holy ones. R5877:6, R5928:1; SM186:T, SM334:1; OV119:2, OV156:3; Q177:T, Q194:4 In the day when the Lord shall make up his jewels, he will gather such as have completed the covenant of sacrifice. R581:6 Preparatory to the setting up of his Kingdom in power and great glory. R1745:5 Not at death, nor continuously during the age, but after, and in consequence of, the Lord's return. R154:3* Hebrew, ghahseed; literally, God-seed. HG26:2
Together unto me —Not into any man-made organization. SM343:2; R4638:3, R5092:4, R2994:1; CR84:6, CR85:2 Primarily, this drawing is not to the Savior, but to the Father. CR84:6 "They shall be mine, saith the Lord, in that day when I make up my jewels." (Mal. 3:17) C139; R3849:5 This class as a whole is the Messiah, the spiritual seed of Abraham. OV156:3
A covenant —The Sarah covenant, the Grace covenant. R5909:2, R5690:4 The Church is developed under the same covenant-mother as was Christ. R5246:1, R5644:4 To be fully submissive to the headship of the Savior. R5308:5, R4548:1, R5644:4, R5758:1; Eiii Under which Christ and the Church are called, sanctified, and developed. R5928:1, R5909:2, R5071:2; CR100:2; Q181:4, Q196:2A new covenant, in the sense that it is different from the Jewish covenant of Mt. Sinai, but it is not THE New covenant. Fii Not the Law covenant or the New covenant. R5542:6, R5947:1, R5021:6 Not without law, but under law in Christ. The law in Christ is the law of their covenant, the law of love. R5072:3 The only way to gain justification in God's sight. OV280:1 This covenant has been made individually with the entire Church of Christ. R5071:3 Offering life. A141Offering the divine nature. SM154:1 To be carried out day by day. SM683:2 A covenant of consecration. R1383:6 Covenant-keeping sacrificers. R1170:4 A fellowship covenant. R4490:1* Many people are not Christians because they have not entered into a covenant with God. R5055:3 None can enter into this covenant without a definite knowledge of its terms and conditions. R5775:6 When this company shall have completed their covenant by sacrifice the present age will end. R5928:1
By sacrifice —Not by a promise to sacrifice. R3647:3, R4494:4, R5654:1, R5775:6; CR98:3 Self-sacrifice; a full surrender to the divine will in thought, word and deed. OV156:3, OV422:5, OV344:1; R5006:6, R5301:4; Ev We make the covenant to sacrifice. It is for the Lord to give us the opportunity to do so. R5168:6 We sacrifice earthly things. The reward is heavenly things. R4902:2,R4869:6 Of the earthly nature. R4681:1, R5226:6, R5163:5Represented by the goats (of Lev. 16) being tied at the door of the Tabernacle. But it has not yet been offered. R4864:3 A daily work of the crucifixion of the flesh. R5855:4More than merely obedience to the divine law. Justice, the divine law, could not demand sacrifice. R5006:6, R5128:4 A sacrificial arrangement, based upon our Lord's merit, imputed to us. R5089:6, R5877:6 That I might attain unto the heavenly inheritance in joint-heirship with my Redeemer. R5165:3 As Jesus laid down his life in doing good and proclaiming the truth, so do his followers in the same manner, whether for three-and-a-half years, or twenty, or whatever it may be. R5671:6The Church attains her relationship with God, not through the work of a mediator, but by sacrifice. CR98:3 The privilege of joining in this sacrificial work is limited to those who have certain characteristics—character-likeness to the Great High Priest. OV107:T Not a portion of time and substance. Cain came with such a sacrifice and it was not received. If we present ourselves we must surely present all we have also. R328:6* None are saints who make no sacrifice. R156:3*, R5134:2, R3871:5, R4450:1* Proving a most drastic test, demonstrating to the Lord those whom he desires to be the spiritual seed of Abraham. R5301:5 Those accepting this call to enter into sacrifice are received of the Father; then they are begotten of the holy Spirit. Thenceforth they are New Creatures. R5439:1 "Bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar." (Psa. 118:27) R4244:4*

[Psa. 50:6]

And the heavens —The Kingdom of God which will be established. R3647:5
His righteousness —God's righteousness. R3647:5
For God —Who cannot err. R3647:5

[Psa. 50:7]

O Israel —Nominal spiritual Israel—Babylon, Christendom. D75

[Psa. 50:8]

Thy burnt offerings —Freewill offerings, such as benevolent works. "Many wonderful works." (Matt. 7:22) R3647:6

[Psa. 50:9]

1 will take no bullock —Neither will he compel his children to sacrifice anything in his service, nor will he accept anything from them short of a cheerful freewill offering. R885:5*

[Psa. 50:10]

Is mine —"The silver is mine and the gold is mine." (Hag. 2:8) R3844:2
And the cattle —The Almighty is not poor that he should need our gifts. It is a privilege to give to the Lord and his cause. R5781:3 Yet, while so rich, he has deposited a little here and there with us, giving us the control of it that we might have the privilege of ministering to the saints, being thus co-workers with God. R547:3,5, R3844:2; Q615:T

[Psa. 50:12]

Would not tell thee —I do not need your wisdom nor your works. R3647:6 We should not wait for the Lord or his cause to be hindered and embarrassed for money before giving it. R855:4

[Psa. 50:14]

Pay thy vows —As a thank-offering for all his multiplied favors. R885:6* "When thou vowest a vow unto God defer not to pay it." (Eccl. 5:4) R4265:6
Unto the most High —All our covenants or vows, except for the marriage vow, should be made with the Lord. Our responsibility should be realized to him and not to man. R4265:1

[Psa. 50:15]

Call upon me —We need to reinforce our courage with the special promises of divine grace. R4817:3
In the day of trouble —"I will be with thee in six troubles and in the seventh I will not forsake thee." (Job 5:19) R4784:2
I will deliver thee —We have enlisted in no uncertain struggle, except as our faint-heartedness or unfaithfulness should make it so. R1281:6, R4817:3
Shalt glorify me —By thy testimony and faithfulness. R3648:1 Let your faith grow strong by meditation upon the promises. R5381:5*

[Psa. 50:16]

But unto the wicked —Covenant-breakers who still claim to be God's people. R3648:1 The unrepentant, who walk after the flesh, not after the spirit. R3483:3 Who have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof. R3330:5 Who know what is right but refuse to practice what they preach. R1922:1The messages of peace which the Bible extends are not for the world. SM334:1 All who are not in the attitude of full consecration to the Lord are in opposition to some extent, and to the extent that they are in opposition they are wrong, or wicked.R2925:5 The difference between the Church and the world should be distinctly discerned. R5692:4
Declare my statutes —Decrees, doctrines, plans. R3648:1,2 Why should any undertake to give out the message of God who has not been anointed by his spirit? R5537:3 The privilege of testifying for God, or being ambassadors for truth, is a favor reserved for the Lord's own people. R3309:4 No man should be regarded as a minister of the gospel who cannot claim his commission by virtue of his anointing as a consecrated child of God. R1715:3, R1922:2, R2057:3 The Lord does not desire the testimony of the devils or unregenerate respecting himself or his plan. R3727:6 Better to waste or destroy the money than to contribute to those who fetter others with error and dishonor God. R1173:5
Take my covenant —"Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain" (Exod. 20:7)—falsely, or to no purpose. R1527:3 "Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity." (2 Tim. 2:19) R1527:6
In thy mouth —The Lord's people should resent the services of any who do not give evidence of heart union with the Lord. R3309:4 Seeing with what aversion the Lord regards anything short of simple candor and honesty of heart, with what carefulness we should take upon us his worthy name. R1527:6 Neither Jesus nor Paul would accept testimony from the fallen angels. R3309:4 Prayer is the privilege of "believers," reconciled children of God, only. R2024:4, R2644:1, R3805:3, R5692:3

[Psa. 50:17]

Hatest instruction —These who have no heart union with the Lord would deceive and mislead the children of God. R3309:5

[Psa. 50:18]

Sawest a thief —One desirous of robbing God's children of the truth. R3648:4 Teaching men to climb up to life by some other way than that of God's appointment. R1528:4
Consentedst with him —A listener to, or repeater of, slander is partaker with the thief in his robbery of a reputation. R4282:5
With adulterers —With the Mother of Harlots and her daughters. R3648:4

[Psa. 50:19]

Thou —The unfaithful nominal church. R3648:4

[Psa. 50:20]

Against thy brother —The true saints, the wheat class. D75

[Psa. 50:21]

And I kept silence —Up to the present time. R3648:4
Thou thoughtest —Because I kept silence, that I was consenting to your evil ways. R3648:4
But —Now that the Harvest time has come. R3648:5
I will reprove thee —Hence the exposures and growing unrest in the various sects of Christendom. R3648:5

[Psa. 50:22]

Now consider this —This reproof. R3648:5
He sets men's sins in order before them that they may freely confess their sins and bear their shame, as did the brethren of Joseph. R1646:4
Tear you in pieces —Destroy you. R3648:5

[Psa. 50:23]

Whoso offereth praise —Thankfully receives the reproof and applies his heart unto instruction. R3648:5
Glorifieth me —As a faithful, consistent believer and representative of the truth. R3648:5
Conversation aright —Makes his life conform to the light received. R3648:5

[Psa. 51:1]

Chief musician —Indicating that David had this confession chanted in the Tabernacle with the other Psalms. R3254:2
When Nathan —In this Psalm, David makes public confession of his sin and asks God's mercy in forgiveness. In Psalm 32, he gratefully records the blessedness of the man whose transgression is forgiven. R2017:5
Have mercy —Pray, trusting in God's love and mercy. R5380:5* God showed mercy to David, as to all Jews under the Law covenant, in that he made allowance for their fallen condition and punished with trouble, not everlasting death. R1397:2
Blot out —David's sins were not blotted out nor forgiven, for the Lord punished him severely for his sin; yet he did not exact the full penalty, everlasting death. R1397:2

[Psa. 51:2]

Mine iniquity —These words of honesty assure us that the king was overtaken in some kind of mental fog. R5681:5

[Psa. 51:3]

I acknowledge —Commendable that he did not attempt to justify his course or deny the wrong. R1396:6
My transgressions —Because he had allowed earth-born clouds to arise between the Lord and himself. R5681:5

[Psa. 51:4]

Thee only —God is the Great Judge. R3254:5 David's confession here was to God, for the wronged Uriah was dead. R1397:5 While the wrong to fellow-creatures was recognized by the king, he recognized a still higher responsibility to God. R3254:5
Be clear —He confessed his sin that others might know, when the chastisements should come, that the king's troubles were just punishments and not violations of God's covenant promises. R1397:5

[Psa. 51:5]

Shapen in iniquity —By heredity. E484; R4752:6, R5032:3, R5093:1, R5768:4; OV329:6; HG351:4, HG574:2 Mis-shapen. CR451:3 None was ever born perfect except one, Jesus. CR427:2 These conditions of the fallen race may be accentuated or diminished to a considerable degree by the mental condition of the parents. R5615:3 We cannot assent to the doctrine of total depravity. CR113:3 We cannot do perfectly because we are imperfect. We are imperfect because we are born in sin. Q798:T Therefore we cannot be perfectly holy in every action, word and thought. CR451:3 But God has graciously arranged that the merit of Christ's sacrifice shall compensate for the weaknesses and blemishes of the followers of Jesus. R4558:2 "We cannot do the things that we would." (Rom. 7:14-25) OV366:1 Poor material out of which to form likenesses of God's dear Son. R4837:1 Selfishness seems right to man in his depraved condition because he was born with it. SM162:2 If the perfect man by disobedience forfeited his standing, we who are imperfect could have no hopes of justifying ourselves before God.F101 "Condemned already" as children of Adam. HG434:3 Therefore our need for the robe of Christ's righteousness. HG409:5 Not that God made us sinners. We received our life from our parents, all the way back to Adam. These first parents sinned and came under the death sentence. HG650:2 Imperfection of mind, morals and body is passed from mother to child. HG693:4; R4982:2 Nevertheless, we cannot accept the doctrine of total depravity—that there is nothing good in any man, nor in all men. SM501:3; HG650:1 Confident that the Lord would give him the benefit of every mitigating circumstance. R3254:5 If no fall, then no death, no ransom. R1616:1 The very essence of Jewish belief, upon and into which were fitted the various typical sacrifices for sins, atonements and washings from uncleanness. R1794:1 Therefore our minds, at first conformed to earthly things, generally take the earthly view of matters, the selfish view. R4628:1 The shape of the brain of the child is largely influenced by heredity—particularly by the mother. R4752:6 The realization of this helps to make us more sympathetic with the depraved and degraded, not approving their wrong, but intelligently assisting to better mental views. R4866:5, R5102:1, R4991:4; HG650:3 Few parents realize how much they have to do with the moral and physical status of their children—in the qualities which are given them at the time of their begetting and during the period of gestation. R5360:3; F551;HG650:4-6
And in sin —Under the death curse. E409; R5093:1, R5360:3; SM436:2; CR496:2; HG193:5 The dying process of 6000 years has affected the race mentally, morally and physically. R5063:6, R4443:4, R4612:3, R5149:3; CR428:1 But all are not born in the same degree of degradation. Some parents produce types higher than themselves. R2902:2, R5201:1 The only exception to this rule of being born condemned is in the case of children, one or both of whose parents are believers. (1 Cor. 7:14) R2719:1, R3773:6 The statement that in Christ there was life (John 1:4) implies that he did not receive his life from an earthly father. R4154:3 The rationale for infant baptism. HG252:6 The better we understand the origin of sin and the methods of its operation in ourselves and others, the more successful we will be in combating it. R650:1
My mother conceive —Accounts for the fact that the infant shares in the dying process and the pain as well as those who live longer and participate personally in transgression. F333

[Psa. 51:6]

Thou desirest truth —Candor, honesty, truthfulness. Any who have not this quality in the heart cannot be pleasing to God. R5453:5, R2943:6 "Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity." (2 Tim. 2:19) R1527:3
The inward parts —In the heart. R1527:3 Although mankind is fallen in the flesh, and unable to do perfectly, God demands purity of heart, purity of motive or intention, and this David realized he had not manifested. R1397:5 We are to be loyal to the very core or God will reject us. SM346:1 Outward crime and a crime allowed in the mind are alike heinous in God's sight. R3254:5 Although David had not directly taken the life of Uriah, but merely connived at his death in battle, he was a murderer. R3254:5

[Psa. 51:7]

Purge me —The pardoned sinner in the Millennial age. T112
With hyssop —With the application of the instructions that will be given by the Ancient Worthies. T112; R1872:5 Used in the sprinkling of the unclean under the Law. David desired the antitypical cleansing of his heart. R3254:6
Wash me —With the truth. T112
I shall be whiter —The Hebrew root word from which we get the word "frankincense." R84:5* Made so in the great fountain of redeeming love, the Redeemer's merit. C209

[Psa. 51:8]

Hear joy and gladness —Implying that during the preceding year even the music of singers and joyous songs of nature were sore to his heart. R3254:6
May rejoice —As freely as God forgave, so must all his people; and therefore we rejoice to recognize David as one of the Ancient Worthies. R2017:6

[Psa. 51:10]

In me a clean heart —The lesson here is that we shall keep close accounts with God. R5681:6 The world's need is thus foreshown. D450
Renew a right spirit —Disposition. R2322:4 If we would realize the influence of our minds over our own bodies what a great thought-reform movement would speedily begin in us. R2322:1
Sinners . . . converted —Prophetic. R3600:5 In the present time, sinners are reclaimed through good example. In the future, we hope that they will be turned to the Lord under the more favorable Millennial conditions. R3600:5

[Psa. 51:13]

Then —After we have experienced the joys of his salvation and forgiveness. R3255:2
Will I teach —Those who would be thus used of the Lord, in this age or the next, must be fully consecrated to God—clean, pure in heart. R1397:5, R3600:5

[Psa. 51:14]

Of thy righteousness —The mission of the cleansed ones is to accept the Lord's mercy, extol his righteousness, acknowledge their unworthiness and call upon others to recognize this fountain of forgiveness. R3255:2

[Psa. 51:15]

Open thou my lips —None can tell the glad tidings of great joy unless first the Lord shall have opened his lips with his mercy and truth. R3255:2

[Psa. 51:16]

Desirest not sacrifice —Typical sacrifices. R3255:4
In burnt offering —Only the Day of Atonement sacrifices were sin offerings. The burnt offerings and peace offerings of the remainder of the year represented consecration to the Lord. R3255:4

[Psa. 51:17]

Sacrifices of God —The thing which is most difficult for us to sacrifice is self. R3845:3
A broken spirit —Nothing we can give the Lord, even after our acceptance in Christ, has any value in his sight until we first give him ourselves—our hearts and our wills. R3255:4
A contrite heart —Of humble mind. R5596:3 Those who have broken and contrite hearts may know that they have not committed the "sin unto death," for it is impossible to renew such "again unto repentance." (Heb. 6:6) R3255:5 It is the crushed olive that yields the oil, the pressed grape that gives forth the wine; and it was the smitten rock that gave water in the wilderness. So it is the broken, contrite heart that is most rich in holiness and most fragrant in grace. R1775:5
Wilt not despise —All who are mourning and sorrowful, drawing nigh to God through Christ, will be comforted. Q782:T

[Psa. 51:19]

Then —At the close of the Millennial age. T96
Of righteousness —Of right doing. T96
With burnt offering —Thankful prayers to Jehovah for a ransom through Christ. T97
They —Mankind, on reaching perfection. R5383:3
Offer bullocks —Perfect sacrifices. T96 Cannot refer to the Church in the present time, for on the Atonement Day the Church is represented by a goat, and our Lord by a bullock. R5383:3

[Psa. 53:3]

None that doeth good —An important factor to consider in marriage, therefore not expecting perfection of one's mate. R5900:5

[Psa. 53:6]

Come out of Zion —The heavenly phase of the Kingdom. A295; T33; R4454:1 "There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob." (Rom. 11:26) R238:4*
Jacob —Natural Israel. A300

[Psa. 55:15]

Let them go down —"I would that they were even cut off which trouble you." (Gal. 5:12) R356:1
Quick into hell —Sheol, oblivion, death, not torment. R2599:3; E364 The gradual change of language has attached a totally different meaning than the word "hell" originally had—the grave. PD29/41

[Psa. 55:22]

Cast thy burden —"Every man shall bear his own burden." (Gal. 6:5) This Psalm refers to burdens which we cannot bear. R549:6*

[Psa. 56:12]

Vows are upon me —Nothing in the Scriptures intimates that our vow to the Lord must be kept secret. Indeed, our baptismal vow we are required to symbolize, or profess, publicly. R4266:4

[Psa. 56:13]

My soul from death —The soul can be destroyed by its Creator. R1882:1; HG334:5

[Psa. 57:7]

My heart is fixed —Established in love, reverence and faith in the sure Word of God. R3337:4 If Christ be formed in one, these established principles of Christian character will hold him firm and steady in the midst of temptations and error. R1274:5 Illustrated by the heroic examples of the godly zeal and fortitude of Daniel and his three Hebrew companions in Babylon. R1708:6

[Psa. 58:3]

Are estranged —By heredity. R3133:3
They go astray —The image of God has largely given place to the image of Satan. R3773:6

[Psa. 60:2]

Hast made the earth —The present organizations of society. A323; C229; D46

[Psa. 61:3]

A strong tower —The divine plan of the ages is an ample shield and buckler to all who, in simplicity of heart, receive it and prove faithful to it. R3332:1, R4926:1 See comments on Psa. 91:4.

[Psa. 61:4]

I will trust —The responsive language of the hearts of God's faithful children. R3331:6, R4926:1 "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust." (Psa. 91:4) R3331:6 So close to his heart does Jehovah gather his children that they feel the warmth of his love. R3331:6

[Psa. 61:5]

My vows —My covenant of consecration. R3331:6

[Psa. 63:3]

Because —And not for money or reputation. R2853:4
Thy lovingkindness —Divine favor. R2850:3, R5435:3, R5475:3 In a sense to all creatures, but especially to those who have lovable qualities of heart. R5440:3 Seen through the divine plan of the ages—the salvation planned from before the foundation of the world. R5441:3; CR480:4 Here the Psalmist represents The Christ. R5436:1, R5441:1,3 The more a reality to us, the more we lay down our lives in his service. R5441:1,4,5 Not merely favor as respects future prospects and hopes, but it extends down to the present life. R2852:2, R5441:4 But God does not love the wilful sinner. R5440:3
Is better than life —In view of God's provisions for the future, we count what remains of the present life as a trifling thing and are glad to lay down our human lives in doing the things that are pleasing to God. CR481:2; R5436:1, R2852:1 "I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord." (Phil. 3:8) R2851:6 None but those who walk and talk with God can say this. R5441:3, R2850:3 Jesus, in appreciation of God's lovingkindness, laid down his life. It is the same with those who walk in his footsteps. CR481:2, CR489:4 More esteemed by us than all of earthly life and its good things. R2853:4 David would rather die than live without divine favor. The same is true, prophetically, of The Christ. R5436:1, R5475:3
My lips —The Church's lips. CR481:1; R5436:1, R5441:3, R2850:3
Shall praise thee —Not from a sense of duty or love of money or worldly position, but because the message is too good to keep. R2852:4 "He hath put a new song in my mouth, even the lovingkindness of our God." (Psa. 40:3) R2852:4 Showing forth the glorious character and loving kindness of our God. R5436:4, R5476:1, R5440:6; CR481:3 Costing trouble, money, misunderstandings, persecution, and perhaps breaking of home ties. R5441:2 By telling the wonders of the divine plan. R5436:4, R5476:4 Not only as a witness to the world. The witnessing also has a good effect on us. R5436:4, R5476:1

[Psa. 63:5]

Shall be satisfied —David referred to God's favor, raising him from shepherd boy to king. R5785:2 The Ancient Worthies will not envy the Church, but will be satisfied when they awake with God's likeness as Adam had it. R613:2
Shall praise thee —The Psalms contain many beautiful expressions of praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty. R5785:2

[Psa. 63:6]

When I remember thee —The spirit of praise is cultivated by calling to mind and recounting what the Lord has done. R2031:3 So must the Christian continually call to mind the works of the Lord, especially in his own individual experiences. R2031:3
Meditate on thee —Not thinking foolish thoughts, nor planning foolish things. R5785:2
In the night watches —If there is a prophetic thought here, it is that all through the Dark Ages, all through the nighttime of this age, God's faithful people have been praising him. R5785:5

[Psa. 64:3]

Shoot their arrows —Bitter words of the opponents of the truth. "The arrow that flieth by day." (Psa. 91:5) R3332:1; SM51:T Receiving no arrows again in return from those who are seeking to serve the Lord. R4112:5
Even bitter words —The method of persecution at the present time. SM217:2 May hurt our flesh, but cannot do us harm. CR314:3 Possibly the extent of our sufferings may be the wounding of our feelings. R3002:4 Slanders and misrepresentations of the faithful. R2450:3, R2560:5, R5288:5; CR351:4*; HG558:1

[Psa. 64:4]

Shoot in secret —Injure the righteous. SM50:3
At the perfect —All identified with the work in a public way. R5365:3

[Psa. 65:1]

In Sion —The heavenly phase of the Kingdom. A295; T33; R2737:4
The vow —The vows of sacrifice. R2737:5

[Psa. 65:4]

Whom thou choosest —Not many great and rich are chosen because their riches usually make them too self-confident and not sufficiently humble and reliant upon the Lord. R5605:2
Of thy holy temple —The Christ. R2508:2; T70; R2737:5

[Psa. 65:7]

Noise of the seas —The restless, ungovernable masses. A323; C229; D46, D551

[Psa. 65:9]

Visitest the earth —The new social order. R3113:6
The river of God —The river of the water of life, flowing from the city of God in the Millennial age. R2508:5
Is full of water —Truth. R2508:3; C65

[Psa. 65:10]

Waterest the ridges —The ground of Israel is no more chapped, for there are now rains in the land. The favor of Jehovah is causing the city of Jerusalem to revive R1297:5*

[Psa. 65:11]

Crownest the year —The Lord's people should continually keep track of the mercies and blessings they enjoy and, at the close of a year, take a comparative view of their experiences. R2737:1
With thy goodness —Recalling life's storms as well as its sunshine, its sorrows as well as its joys, its tears as well as its smiles. R2737:3 Our Lord Jesus was the great channel of this divine goodness, through whom it reaches his followers. They, in turn, can become channels for dispensing divine goodness ultimately to Israel and all the world. R4100:6

[Psa. 66:1]

A joyful noise —The Lord can get along without trained choirs. What he desires is that all should praise him in their hearts. R2511:3
All ye lands —All the world. R5500:3

[Psa. 66:8]

Our God —His name is Faithfulness. R5501:2
Ye people —Primarily relates to natural Israel—even more appropriately to spiritual Israel. R5500:6

[Psa. 66:9]

Feet to be moved —They were not vanquished by their enemies as long as they trusted and obeyed; so with spiritual Israel. R5500:6

[Psa. 66:10]

Proved us —Probed our heart within. R187:5

[Psa. 66:13]

Pay thee my vows —Which David had made in the time of his trouble. R5500:3

[Psa. 66:18]

If I regard iniquity —Pray, being free from condemnation. R5380:3* Having prayed against sin, be sure you watch against it. R585:3* To take the name of God, claiming to be Christians, without determination and effort to fairly represent him, is a sin against God. R1527:6

In my heart —We are to be loyal to the very core or God will reject us. SM346:1
The Lord will not hear —"God heareth not sinners." (John 9:31) R2024:1 To undertake the Christian life is to engage in a great warfare against iniquity. R1527:6 "Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity." (2 Tim. 2:19) R1527:6

[Psa. 67:6]

Then shall the earth —By the close of the Millennial age. E30
Yield her increase —Easily and naturally. A192 Discoveries are already being made in preparation for the fulfilment of this promise. SM37:1; R5058:2, R2775:6, R2776:1-3 Every hope held forth to the Jews is earthly. OV118:1 The entire earth is to become like the Garden of Eden. R6013:5 Become a fit habitation for man. Q777:1

[Psa. 68:1]

Let God arise —This Psalm seems to be a description of the journey towards Canaan. (Num. 10:35) R3060:6

[Psa. 68:18]

Thou hast ascended —"He that ascended, what is it but that he first descended, into the lower condition of the earth." (Eph. 4:9) R5066:3
Captivity captive —The glorious outcome of the Savior's work. R5066:2 "A multitude of captives." Our Lord purchased the whole race of mankind, captives to sin and death. R5066:2, R5067:1
Gifts for men —"The heavenly gift," the Spirit, at Pentecost. E210 "And he gave some apostles, and some prophets, and some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers." (Eph. 4:11)R567:1, R5265:1 The Church, in turn, will be his gifts for mankind. R5067:6

[Psa. 68:20]

Belong the issues —Or escapees from death, which Jesus owns by purchase. R1337:1*

[Psa. 68:21]

His enemies —Those who still (in the Millennium) go on in their trespasses. R1337:4*

[Psa. 69:4]

Without a cause —Prophetic of Jesus (John 15:25)—who was crucified because his works were good and theirs were evil; because he taught the way of the Lord more perfectly than they. R5215:2

[Psa. 69:8]

Unto my brethren —In the case of Jesus and the early Church, the persecution came from their brethren according to the flesh, the Jews. Since then, from their nominal Christian brethren. R5215:5

[Psa. 69:9]

The zeal —That which is warm, aglow, hot. R5250:2 Born of love. R3296:1 That eager, arduous, active interest in the Lord's plans and their development which is begotten of sincerest love for the Lord and those dear to him. R913:2* The measure of our zeal in the service is the measure of our love for the heavenly Bridegroom. R913:6* The more love there is connected with our consecration to God, the more quickly will it consume our offering. T46 If we have the spirit of Christ, it will be the spirit of service. R5250:2
Of thine house —David had a zeal for the Tabernacle and the Temple. Jesus had a zeal in cleansing the Temple. But now the Church is the house of God, the Temple. (1 Cor. 6:19) R5250:1
Hath eaten me up —Our Lord's zeal prompted him to lay down his life for us, and he invites the Church to be similarly consumed with him in service to the Church. R5250:2 Consumed all my energies. R913:2*
And the reproaches —"Let us go to him without the camp, bearing the reproach with him." (Heb. 13:13) T62 All associated with the truth will bear some of its reproaches. R1798:5
Are fallen upon me —Christ and all who faithfully teach the truth. E490

[Psa. 69:21]

Vinegar to drink —Prophetic of the circumstances of Jesus' sacrificial death. R1205:2, R1394:5 Not ordinary vinegar, but more properly sour wine, the common, cheap drink of soldiers. R2474:3 Jesus hungered and thirsted that we might have the water and bread of life. R4173:3

[Psa. 69:22]

Let their table —The table of fleshly Israel, so bountifully spread with the rich promises and blessings offered them through Christ. B215; R4287:6 Become a snare - Because of their hardness of heart. B215

[Psa. 69:23]

Eyes be darkened —They have stumbled, they are blinded; but their blindness is not to be perpetual. CR104:3; SM398:T The period of their blindness is the second part of the "double"; with its fulfilment, their blindness will begin to vanish, and "all the blind eyes shall be opened." (Isa 35:5) CR104:3

[Psa. 69:33]

Not his prisoners —Death's captives. A112

[Psa. 72:1]

Give the king —Christ during the Millennial age. B138 This King whom thou hast appointed. R1415:5
Thy judgments —The execution of thy grand designs. R1415:5
Unto the king's —Jehovah's. R1415:5
Son —Messiah's Kingdom is to rule the world in righteousness. R5706:4 The Body of Christ is, collectively with their Head, the King's son. R49:1*

[Psa. 72:2]

Thy people —For thy people. R1415:2
With righteousness —In due time, God will establish righteousness in the earth. R5115:3
And thy poor —And for thy afflicted. R1415:2
With judgment —With justice. R1415:2

[Psa. 72:3]

The mountains —New ruling powers of Christ's Kingdom. R1415:2

The little hills —The tributary powers under the main government. R1415:2

[Psa. 72:4]

He shall save —Shall give help to the children of the needy. R1415:2

Break In pieces —This will be the beginning of the purgatorial judgments of the Millennium—in favor of the poor and against the wealthy. R1470:4
The oppressor —All oppressive systems and institutions—civil, social, financial and religious. R1415:1; OV46:3

[Psa. 72:5]

Sun and moon endure —The glorified Church will have no need of the sun or moon (Rev. 21:23) literally, because they will be spirit beings. Symbolically, she will not need the light of the Gospel or Jewish ages because of her more excellent glory. R2833:6 Nothing in the above indicates that the world will not have need of both sunlight and moonlight during the Millennial age and subsequently. R2833:6

[Psa. 72:6]

Like rain —Symbol of truth, refreshing—"showers of blessings." (Ezek. 34:26) R5575:5
Upon the mown grass —The world of mankind, after they have been shorn of all that has encumbered them and prevented the showers of grace from reaching their hearts. R5575:5
Water the earth —"Times of refreshing." (Acts 3:19) R1414:6

[Psa. 72:7]

In his days —In "the world to come, wherein dwelleth righteousness." (Heb 2:5; 2Pet 3:13) A67 In the reign of Christ. R492:5
Righteous flourish —Temporally, mentally, physically, morally. R2763:5 The reverse of what we now witness. R1412:3, R2406:2; HG538:2, HG681:2 The same rule as in the Jewish age—faithfulness brought temporal prosperity. R2060:6 The very circumstances which now make sacrifice necessary will be gone; consequently, the opportunity for sacrificing will be gone. R443:1 The rewards and punishments will be equitable. An appeal will be made to the hearts, supplemented by stripes, judgments and chastisements. R3304:6 This has not been fulfilled yet. R5853:5
Abundance of peace —Because the King, the Lord's Anointed, rules in righteousness and princes decree justice. (Isa 32:1) R3114:1

[Psa. 72:8]

From sea to sea —While there is a work of grace now going on in the hearts of believers, a veritable Kingdom of God is yet to be established under the whole heavens. A282
Ends of the earth —Christ's Kingdom will be without an opponent. R4974:4, R1415:1 After every evil thing has been destroyed, every creature in heaven and in earth will be heard praising God. (Rev 5:13) R5183:2 "As truly as I live, the whole earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord." (Num 14:21) R1415:1

[Psa. 72:9]

In the wilderness —Beyond the pale of Christendom. R1415:1
And his enemies —Those who, after full knowledge, oppose the Kingdom and its laws. R1415:1 Wilful enemies—not the ones referred to by Jesus when he said, "Love your enemies." (Matt. 5:44)R1176:1
Shall lick the dust —Be destroyed. R1415:1, R1176:1 Signifying the destruction of Satan, symbolized by the serpent. "Dust shall be the serpent's meat. (Isa. 65:25) R5574:4

[Psa. 72:10]

And of the isles —Symbol of republics. R511:3

[Psa. 72:11]

Yea, all kings —The prominent and influential among men. R1415:1

[Psa. 72:12]

Deliver the needy —By causing the general leveling of society. R1955:1
When he crieth —Pray, pleading our need. R5380:5*

[Psa. 72:14]

Shall their blood —Their lives. R1415:4

[Psa. 72:15]

He shall live —Receive all the blessings of everlasting life which God has made provision for through Messiah. R5706:4
Of the gold —Representing obedience. R3703:4 Have we laid at his feet our earthly substance, our gold? R3703:5

[Psa. 72:16]

An handful of corn —An abundance of corn. R1415:4
Top of the mountains —As a blessing from the King. R1415:4
The fruit thereof —The fruitage of our Lord's death was the bringing forth of the Church. The dying of those grains is to bring forth the appointed crop. R4354:3
Like Lebanon —Like the trees of Lebanon. R1415:4
And they of the city —Those blessed by the Kingdom of God. R1415:4

[Psa. 72:17]

Endure for ever —Be as that of a son, continuing his father's name forever. R1415:4
As long as the sun —As the sun's brightness increases to noon, so shall the honor of the Messiah grow brighter and brighter as the mists and gloom of sin are driven away. R1415:4
Blessed in him —Blessed through him; it will be in and by the blood of the Lamb that this opportunity for cleansing shall come. R1415:4 Christ, Head and Body. R238:4*
All nations —Including the half -civilized and savage tribes. R1415:1

[Psa. 72:18]

Doeth wondrous things —Whose wisdom alone devised the wondrous plan. R1415:5

[Psa. 72:19]

With his glory —The whole earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord. B99


Are ended —Summed up. R303:2*


Well nigh slipped —In former ignorance and foolishness, until he held us up by the right hand (verse 23), and did not suffer us to fall. R1562:5


1 was envious —If justice be delayed it is only for the development of some greater good than could be accomplished by a speedy adjustment. R2025:5
Prosperity —The effect of Satan's reign on sinners. R492:3
Of the wicked —Who, in the present life, flourish more often than do the righteous. R1383:5

[Psa. 73:5]

They —The wicked class, the worldly. R1652:3
Not in trouble —All suffering is not the direct penal result of some personal sin. R1773:3 It is very seldom, indeed, that God visits punishment upon the world in the present time. R569:5
As other men —The saints. R1652:3 But we see the justified ones suffer and die just like other men. R1561:1

[Psa. 73:7]

With fatness —Under the reign of the prince of darkness, evildoers often have great success. R5778:2; CR493:4 They seem to go unheeded in their wrong course. R4856:4

[Psa. 73:8]

Wickedly concerning —In the wickedness of oppression. R1562:2

Loftily —From the chief places of power and control. R1562:2

[Psa. 73:9]

Their tongue walketh —Their influence has free course. R1562:2

[Psa. 73:10]

Therefore his people —God's people. R1562:3
Return hither —Turn into the wilderness condition of separation from the world. R1562:3
And a full cup —Of affliction and persecution. R1562:3

[Psa. 73:11]

And they say —The ungodly say. R1562:3

[Psa. 73:12]

Prosper in the world —Occupying the chief places of control—political, financial and religious. R1562:4 Because, during this age, Satan is permitted to be the prince of this world—to rule as he will. R569:2, R5778:2

[Psa. 73:17]

Into the sanctuary —The holy place of entire consecration to God, typified in the Holy of the Tabernacle. R1562:4
Their end —In the day of judgment they will get their lessons and have much more difficulty than those who learn the lessons now. R4856:4 "The Lord knoweth how to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished." (2 Pet. 2:9) R569:5

[Psa. 73:22]

So foolish was I —In being envious of the prosperous wicked. R1562:5


Thou shalt guide me —Nothing indicates that God is pleased to guide his people by impressing his thoughts upon them in any other way than through his Word. R2240:6 If the heart desires guidance, divine light will be shed through the Word, under the illuminating power of the holy Spirit. R590:5* One of life's most important lessons is our own insufficiency, our own lack of wisdom. R2240:2 He will not drive his sheep, but goeth before them to lead, that they may follow. R2672:3 We should not expect to be able always to comprehend the divine wisdom which is so much beyond our own, yet we can often see it afterward. R1562:2
With thy counsel —As contained in the Scriptures. R2240:5 Those who can be guided only by continual scourgings are not of the overcoming class. E234 Not only respecting the life to come, but also respecting the things of this present life. R2240:2 We believe in divine providences, but these do not supplant God's written Word. R2240:5 Even the best of earthly counsel is of value only as it has been directed by the divine counsel. R2240:3 As a natural man, Jesus had no need of the Father's special counsel, being perfect and able to guide his own way, but as a spirit-begotten individual he, like the members of his Body, needed the Father's counsel. R4246:6*
Afterward —If we give heed to the counsel. R2240:3 The present life, being preparatory, is a time for the schooling and discipline of the sons of God. R1561:2 "Afterwards it yieldeth the peaceable fruits of righteousness." (Heb. 12:11) R1562:2
Receive me to glory —The overcomers of the Gospel age to celestial glory and the overcomers of the Millennial age to terrestrial glory. R2242:5 Only those who seek diligently to know the most minute features of the Lord's counsel will afterward be received into glory. R4247:2* Those of the Jewish age into the glory of the earthly phase of the Kingdom; those of the Gospel age into the glory of the heavenly phase. R1562:2 It was not the man Christ Jesus that was received into glory. R4247:1*

[Psa. 73:26]

My heart faileth —The flesh is too weak and the heart is too faint to pursue the course marked out for the righteous in this evil time, except as strengthened and upheld by power from on high. R1562:5 Jesus realized that, as a human being, though perfect, his heart and flesh would fail unless reinforced by divine grace. R1807:2

[Psa. 74:1]

Sheep of thy pasture —We are his sheep. The Jews were also referred to as God's sheep. R5383:2

[Psa. 75:3]

The earth —Not the literal, physical earth, but the symbolic earth, society as at present organized. R1813:6

[Psa. 75:6]

Promotion —All prominence, all promotion, and all control of the Church, is in the hands of the Lord. R5711:1
Cometh —The Church is on the way to a promotion, a prominence, greater than that of all others. R5710:6
Neither —Throughout the Scriptures, the North seems to be closely associated with Jehovah's government of earth. R5710:3 The members of the Church do not promote their own selfish interests, but lay down their lives in carrying out God's great purpose and plan. R5711:1

[Psa. 75:7]

God is the judge —The great eminence which Lucifer in his pride sought to grasp, that he might "sit on the sides of the north," will be granted as a reward to The Christ. (Isa. 14:13; Psa. 48:2) R5711:2 All things are of the Father and by the Son. In this work of judging the world, Christ will be the Judge, and the Church will be the associate judges. R5710:6
He —"God hath set the members, every one of them, in the body as it has pleased him." (1 Cor. 12:18) R5711:2
Putteth down —Therefore a brother, losing the office of elder or deacon, should accept the decision as from the Lord. R5305:6, R5711:3 The Lord will put down the attempt of the great usurper, Satan, to rule the world. R5710:5, R5305:5
Setteth up another —God sets up elders and deacons through the voice of the church. R5305:5 As he set up Nebuchadnezzar as the head of gold and raised up Pharaoh. (Ex. 9:16; Rom. 9:17) R5305:2

[Psa. 75:10]

All the horns —Horns are symbols of power. T42

[Psa. 76:2]

Salem —The most ancient name of Jerusalem. R1296:3*
In Zion —The spiritual phase of the Kingdom of God. A295; T33

[Psa. 76:6]

Both the chariot —Symbol of worldly organizations. C316
And horse —Symbol of doctrine. C316

[Psa. 76:8]

From heaven —From the new powers of spiritual control. A318; D618
The earth —The present organizations of society. C229; D46

[Psa. 76:10]

The wrath of man —The Lord has even used the devil as his agent. R5527:1 In far-seeing wisdom, God has permitted all present disorders. R1408:5The Adversary may have had to do with the movement toward communism, socialism and anarchism. Q579:4
Shall praise thee —Unintentionally, by working out thy plans. E448; Q23:6; R5205:4, R799:1 This would imply that the affairs of the world may be safely left with the world, under the Lord's supervision. R3853:3 Some agencies, not in themselves good, will be made use of in destroying present evil governments, thus accomplishing the Lord's purpose. R592:5, R5061:4 The wrath of men and devils, while not in any sense of God, shall be operated or controlled by God's providence. R1778:4
The remainder of wrath —That which would work no good, serve no purpose, or teach no lesson, but which would be subversive to the divine arrangements. R3179:5; A250; R5257:5, R4843:1*, R2973:6
Shalt thou restrain —Not permit to interfere with his plan. R1270:1 God's actions, where he has interfered at all, have been toward the restraining of sin. R1779:1, R1270:4

[Psa. 76:11]

Vow and pay —Taking a vow, let us keep it in letter and spirit. R4267:4

[Psa. 77:3]

And my spirit —Ruach, mind, courage. E318

[Psa. 77:6]

And my spirit —Ruach, mind. E318

[Psa. 77:10]

I will remember —Nothing is more encouraging to faith than to consider the Lord's past faithfulness to us and his promise that thus it shall be unto the end. R2163:5* In Israel, the spirit of praise was cultivated by calling to mind and recounting what the Lord had done for them. R2031:6 So must the Christian continually call to mind the works of the Lord, especially his own individual experiences of the Lord's leading, care and deliverance. R2031:6

[Psa. 77:12]

I will meditate —With a meek and prayerful spirit; not read carelessly. R2146:5*
Work . . . doings —Here the two great books of nature and revelation are pointed out as special themes for meditation. R1390:6

[Psa. 77:15]

With thine arm —The Lord Jesus. E47

[Psa. 77:18]

Voice of thy thunder —Symbol of controversy. R576:6
Was in the heaven —In "the day of his preparation" (Nah. 2:3) for the blessings of mankind. R738:5
The lightnings —Diffusions of knowledge. R511:2 Not the brilliancy of the "Brain Age." A171; R738:5; HG346:5
Lightened the world —In "the day of his preparation" (Nah. 2:3) for the blessings of mankind. A171

[Psa. 78:2]

In a parable —If our Lord's parables and dark sayings be taken as plain, literal statements, they will lead to all kinds of error. R4644:1 It is the invisible world which is the fact. It is the visible world which is the metaphor. This fact is why the Bible is so inexhaustible in its meanings. R29:5* "Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God, but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables, that seeing they may see and not perceive, and hearing they may hear and not understand." (Mark 4:11) R3763:3 The misconceptions of our forefathers on the subject of punishment for sins were built upon mistranslations or statements meant to be understood symbolically. HG653:6
I will utter —Our Lord opened his mouth in figures and obscure sayings. R2602:6
Dark sayings —Without his enlightenment through the Apostles, his words would today be dark and not understood. OV151:5; R5455:5, R5088:1
Of old —Expound the hidden truths of ancient prophecy. F233

[Psa. 78:9]

Children of Ephraim —Ephraim was the name of the ten-tribe kingdom of Israel, as Judah was the name given to the two-tribe kingdom. R3463:3

[Psa. 78:25]

Angels' food —The manna, a food supplied by the Lord's providence. R4011:6 Representing our spiritual supplies. R3036:6 All life, other than immortal, both of angels and men, must be supplied by food or other conditions. R280:1, R252:3

[Psa. 78:35]

God their redeemer —Gaal, the one who sets free by payment. E438

[Psa. 78:40]

Provoke —Though God is love, the children of Israel aroused his indignation repeatedly. R5125:1

[Psa. 78:50]

Soul from death —Not the body, but the being, called in the Scriptures, soul, dies. R277:1 The soul can be destroyed by its Creator. R1882:1;HG334:5

[Psa. 78:71]

His inheritance —The people over whom he ruled, under Jehovah. A248

[Psa. 79:5]

Burn like fire —In the time of trouble. "Fire of my jealousy." (Zeph. 3:8) D528

[Psa. 79:7]

Jacob —Natural Israel. A300

[Psa. 79:11]

Of the prisoner —Death's captives. A112

[Psa. 79:13]

Sheep of thy pasture —The Jews are referred to as God's sheep. R5383:2

[Psa. 80:1]

Between the cherubims —Between love and power, above a foundation of justice. "The Lord of hosts that dwelleth between the cherubims." (2 Sam. 6:2) T124
Shine forth —A bright light represented Jehovah's presence.T123

[Psa. 80:15]

And the vineyard —"The vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel." (Isa. 5:7) R1795:3, R5504:3
Right hand —The vine of the Father's right-hand planting, the fruitage of which is the character-likeness of Christ. R5505:5
And the branch —He will not look for ripe clusters on the new branch, or even green grapes, but for the small indication of the fruit-bud; and subsequently, the blossoming of these in flower. F170

[Psa. 80:17]

Of thy right hand —Position of power and authority. A92 See comments on Psa. 110:1.

[Psa. 81:1]

A joyful noise —All who have heart sentiments of thankfulness and gratitude should be encouraged to make "a joyful noise unto the Lord" without trained choirs being necessary. R2511:4

[Psa. 81:16]

Finest of the wheat —It is necessary that the New Creature be fed upon it. R5735:6

[Psa. 82:1]

A Psalm of Asaph —A Psalm for Asaph—to set to music. This Psalm is questioned by Higher Critics, but Jesus quotes from it in John 10:34, 35. R1418:2 Asaph was a Levite whom David made musical director in the services of the Sanctuary. R1418:2; HG310:5
God —Elohim, Christ appointed by the Father to judge the world now. E69
Of the mighty —The saints. R1410:3, R296:3, R338:2, R421:3The financial, political and ecclesiastical princes. D53; E69
Among the gods —These same Elohim, mighty ones, saying. D53; E69

[Psa. 82:2]

How long will ye —Ye earthly princes. D53; E69

[Psa. 82:5]

They know not —Earth's mighty ones need not his reproofs. E69
Walk on in darkness —Respecting the outcome of their policy. E69 Until, as a consequence. D55
All the foundations —The established principles of law and order. D55
Of the earth —The present social structure. D55, D542; E69
Are out of course —Moved, terribly shaken. D55 And must be removed, is his decision. E69 All the basic principles of the present social structure are distorted, out of proper relationship to each other, in confusion. HG551:4

[Psa. 82:6]

I have said —Distinctly termed by Jesus as part of the "Scripture" which "cannot be broken." (John 10:34, 35) HG310:6 He now addresses his faithful Little Flock. E69
Ye are gods —Elohim, mighty ones, applied to the saints. C239; E68 Quoted by Jesus in John 10:35. C239
You are children —"Beloved, now are we the sons of God." (1 John 3:2) E69 The present work is that of selecting this class. R5007:1 Not only was Jesus the Son of God, but he said he would bring many sons to God. R5623:3
Of the most High —Claiming Jehovah as our Father is claiming that we are divine beings, hence all such are gods. R474:1

[Psa. 82:7]

Ye shall die —All who have consecrated themselves unto death. "But we shall not all sleep." (1 Cor.15:51) C238, C239; Q117:2 There is no other way of entering into the spirit nature than by dying according to the flesh. R5624:2 Nevertheless, though the natural man understands it not, these are passed over, or rescued, from death.F460
Like men —Like other men. E68; Q122:2; R5729:1, R338:2, R421:4, R3823:3 It is as co-sacrificers with Christ that the death of the saints is esteemed by God. (Psa. 116:15) C239 Or, as men. R4519:4 Confirming the distinction between men and the "New Creatures," between the human and the divine natures. R515:1
One of the princes —Not like Prince Adam, but like Prince Jesus. F444; E68; HG368:3; R301:6, R1106:3 Dead with Christ; made conformable unto his death. C239 The world in general die like Adam, sharing his sentence. F724 Literally, heads (Young's translation). R301:2, R473:6 As joint-sacrificers with Jesus in his death of obedience. R2982:6 "Filling up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ." (Col. 1:24) R3175:3

[Psa. 82:8]

Arise, O God —As soon as the elect Church have all died, Christ will be called upon. E69 In Psa. 110:1 we see Jesus at Jehovah's right-hand, waiting for his enemies to be made his footstool. Then he who had said unto him, "Sit," shall say, "Arise." R303:1*
Judge the earth —Let loose the judgments of the time of trouble. E69
Inherit all nations —In the succeeding "Times of Restitution." (Acts 3:21) E69

[Psa. 83:18]

Alone is JEHOVAH —This title belongs only to the Father. E65, E66, E47; R379:5 The distinctive personal name of the Almighty Father, never applied to any other being. R1410:6

[Psa. 84:1]

How amiable —How lovely. D652 In the eyes of all who have the same spirit. R1401:6
Tabernacles —Dwelling places. D652 "Ye are the temple of the living God." (2 Cor. 6:16) R2080:3* Wherever God is, there is his Tabernacle. Wherever there is a loyal consecrated heart, there is the dwelling place of God. R2080:3* Such are not only tabernacles individually, but the Church of Christ as a whole is one great Temple of the future. R1401:6
O LORD of hosts —Jehovah of hosts. D652

[Psa. 84:2]

My soul longeth —After more and more of the manifestations of the divine favor. R2080:3*
Courts of the LORD —Wherein the individual tabernacles will be brought together into one grand holy Temple of God. R1401:6
Crieth out for —Shout with joy unto. D652

[Psa. 84:3]

Yea, the sparrow —Leeser's translation is better: "Even as the sparrow hath found a house and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, (so have I found) thy altars, O Lord of hosts, my King, my God." R1402:2
Even thine altars —Even so have I found thy altars. D652 The Brazen altar in the Court representing the ransom-sacrifice of Christ, and the Golden altar representing the Church's acceptableness as joint sacrificers with him. R1402:2

[Psa. 84:4]

Blessed are they —Happy are they. D652
In thy house —Now, or at any time. R1402:2
They will be still —They shall be continually. D652

[Psa. 84:5]

Whose strength —Whose strong confidence. D652
In whose heart —Whose heart reflecteth wholly on the paths of righteousness. D652
The ways of them —Portraying the journey of the consecrated toward the heavenly home. R1402:2

[Psa. 84:6]

The valley of Baca —The valley of mourning, or "tears." D653 "The valley of the shadow of death." (Psa. 23:4) R1402:4
Make it a well —Turn it into a place of joy-springs, a "Valley of Blessings." D653
The rain also —The outpouring of the Millennial blessing, after the great time of trouble has ended, at the second advent. R1402:4

[Psa. 84:7]

Strength to strength —A matter of growth. "First the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear." (Mark 4:28) R5912:6 Showing the progressiveness of the journey. R1402:4
Every one of them —It is an individual work, not a congregational or sectarian one. R1402:4
Appeareth —May be presented perfect. D653

[Psa. 84:10]

Than a thousand —Elsewhere. R1402:4, R2080:3*
Be a doorkeeper —Wait during the present life for admission to the Father's house. R1402:4

[Psa. 84:11]

For the LORD God —Even while we wait for admission into his presence. R1402:4
Is a sun —To shine upon our pathway and into our hearts, enlightening us and filling us with a sense of his greatness and perfection. R1906:2, R1402:4, R4219:6
And shield —To protect us from all the fiery darts of the wicked. R1906:4 The merit of Christ is freely imputed to all who will accept it as their covering or shield. R1402:5
Grace and glory —Favor and honor, mingled with tribulation working patience. R1402:5
No good thing —Really advantageous and useful to fit us for admission to the Father's house. R1402:5, R5835:5 Yea, even chastisements and sorrowful experiences. R5654:2 Our bread and water shall be sure. (Isa. 33:16) R2326:3
Will he withhold —For the proper development of his children. R5296:4 Even in this present life. R2087:4 But he requires sometimes that we wait for a considerable time. At other times there may be a speedy answer. R5835:5 It is improper for saints to ask alms. R4101:5*

[Psa. 84:12]

Blessed is the man —Now and forever. R1402:5

[Psa. 85:1]

Brought back —Cyrus gave Israel liberty to return from Babylonian captivity. Messiah, the antitypical Cyrus, is about to give full liberty for the return of Israel to divine favor, to Palestine. OV176:3; R4892:2
Captivity of Jacob —Natural Israel. A300

[Psa. 85:2]

Forgiven the iniquity —The Deliverer will do more than merely regather them. R4892:2 Israel's sins have not yet been taken away. OV176:4

[Psa. 85:6]

Revive us again —Israel has the promise of a mighty deliverance. OV176:3

[Psa. 85:11]

Out of the earth —The earthly phase of the Kingdom. D653
Down from heaven —The heavenly phase of the Kingdom. D653

[Psa. 85:12]

Yield her increase —Until the whole earth shall smile as the Garden of Eden and break forth into singing. R1248:3

[Psa. 86:5]

Ready to forgive —Let your faith grow strong by meditation upon the promises. R5381:5*

[Psa. 86:8]

Among the gods —Elohim, mighty ones. E67

[Psa. 86:9]

Glorify thy name —"When thy judgments are made manifest." (Rev. 15:4) All will hail him as the infinitely wise one. R5430:4

[Psa. 86:13]

Delivered my soul —Christ's soul. E365
From the lowest hell —Depth of sheol, oblivion. Peculiarly applicable to Jesus since he was liable to perpetual oblivion if not raised from the dead. E365 Margin, the grave. R2599:3 The gradual change of language has attached a totally different meaning to the word "hell" than it originally had—the grave. PD29/41

[Psa. 87:2]

The gates of Zion —The heavenly phase of the Kingdom. A295; T33; R4454:1
Dwellings of Jacob —Natural Israel. A300

[Psa. 87:3]

O city of God —The Kingdom of God, the Church. C229; D25

[Psa. 87:5]

Zion —The heavenly Zion, those who shall be born in the first resurrection. Q330:4; CR335:5
Was born in her —There will be a list made so the world will know who are on the other side. CR388:1, CR52:5

[Psa. 87:6]

Shall count —A very honorable roll call, the Lamb's book of life. Soon everybody will know about it. CR52:4

[Psa. 88:3]

Is full of troubles —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125
Nigh unto the grave —Sheol, oblivion, death, not torment. E365

[Psa. 88:4]

I am counted —By my enemies; but none will be in this class whose hearts are in the attitude of the Psalmist. R2338:2 The writer is not declaring his own opinion, but merely saying how he is regarded by others. R2338:2

[Psa. 88:5]

Lie in the grave —Qebar, tomb, place of interment. E348
Rememberest no more —Disesteemed by others as one unworthy of any future life, remanded to the Second Death. R2338:2

[Psa. 88:11]

Declared in the grave —There must be a resurrection before they can give God thanks. HG121:5

[Psa. 88:12]

Land of forgetfulness —Not pain, suffering or remorse. R2599:2 Where we can neither help nor hinder, do good or do harm. SM28:T A condition of extinction. CR209:1* Thus Lazarus and others were silent about their experiences in hades. R822:6* "There is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, in the grave whither thou goest." (Eccl. 9:10) R2599:2

[Psa. 88:13]

In the morning —Of the resurrection, the Millennium. A9; E359

[Psa. 89:6]

The mighty —Hebrew, El, signifying strong or powerful; applicable to any powerful being, especially to the most powerful, the Almighty Jehovah. R296:2

[Psa. 89:7]

To be feared —Not treated with irreverent familiarity. R2002:2 When the people, contrary to the Law, looked into the Ark (symbol of the divine presence), and God punished them. R2002:6 A feeling of profound respect, often mingled with awe and affection. R2002:3

[Psa. 89:9]

Raging of the sea —The restless masses of mankind. A318

[Psa. 89:10]

With thy strong arm —The power of Jehovah; in the highest sense, Jesus. E47

[Psa. 89:14]

Justice —Jehovah's government is based on justice, not on mercy. R4980:6, R5857:1; OV229:4; SM661:1; R586:5 Justice must also be the foundation principle governing our lives, the foundation of all Christian character. R5431:5, R5857:1 Only after we have rendered justice are we at liberty to practice love towards another. SM354:1 The results of injustice will be more injurious to the doer than to the victim. R4500:6 Represented by the slab of the Mercy Seat, above which the glory of the Lord appeared in the Most Holy. T124 The basic principle of God's character. R2120:5 If God were an unjust God we could never depend on him. R5857:1 All the power, all the justice, all the wisdom of God must be used in accord with his own character, which is love. R5210:6 Its value manifested in the great expense at which God maintained it inviolate—the sacrifice of his only begotten Son. R1275:2*
Judgment —Equity. R769:2
Are the habitation —The foundation. Otherwise his creation would become filled with imperfect beings. E472 The just sentence against Adam would have stood forever had no acceptable substitute been found. E421 While love can guide divine justice, justice must rule. R5159:6 The principle which underlies all God's dealings with his creatures; God's unchanging business principle. R5884:1 Justice is the basis of love. R5266:1 Therefore the satisfaction of justice is the satisfaction of God. Q388:T Therefore God cannot justly set aside his own laws. HG309:1
Throne —Empire. R5210:6
Mercy and truth —God maintains the even tenor of his rule of righteousness, but makes special provision for the sinner race through Christ Jesus. SM662:1 God's own character (love) and law (justice) are twin bulwarks, each as high and strong as the other. R2328:1

[Psa. 89:15]

That know —Can distinguish the joyful sound of the heavenly message. R2569:3
The joyful sound —Turnah, Jubilee (Lev. 25:9), the Gospel. "Good tidings of great joy, which shall be unto all people." (Luke 2:10) R2569:5, R2568:3Shout. Jubilee means "time of shouting" or "shout." R2025:3* The "shout" (of encouragement) (1 Thes 4:16) should be understood to be the people's response to the Jubilee trumpet blown by the priests. R2026:2 The new song of Moses and the Lamb. R2569:6
They —Those whom God has blessed with a knowledge of Present Truth. R2570:1
Shall walk —In the narrow way of self-control and self-sacrifice, even unto death. R2570:4
In the light —Shall be his blessed people. R2570:4 In the path "that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." (Prov 4:18) R2570:4

[Psa. 89:17]

Our horn —Horns are symbols of power. T42

[Psa. 89:19]

Laid help upon —Because a sinless sacrifice was needed. E96 Accomplishing salvation through the Son—every feature is of the Father and by the Son. R3172:3
One that is mighty —Mighty to deliver from the power of death. SM116:2 Fully qualified. R3172:3 Primarily our Lord Jesus, but subsequently The Christ complete—Head and Body. R1936:2 "Mighty to save"—having both the right and power to call the dead to life, and the ability to instruct, discipline and lead back to the perfect estate. R3951:2,R713:2

[Psa. 89:20]

David my servant —Christ. The name David means "beloved." R1364:2 David's character was a beautiful type of Christ. R1936:5
Anointed him —In the following verses the "sure mercies" of David (Isa. 55:3) are enumerated. R1936:5, R1364:2

[Psa. 89:21]

With whom my hand —Power, dominion, kingdom. R1936:4
Mine arm —Of support and strength. R1936:4
Strengthen him —To perform the great preparatory work of sacrifice. R1936:4

[Psa. 89:22]

Afflict him —"All things shall work together for good to those who love God." (Rom 8:28) R1936:4

[Psa. 89:24]

Shall his horn —Authority and power. R1936:4

[Psa. 89:25]

In the sea —His power will in due time control all the restless, ungovernable masses of the world. R1936:4

[Psa. 89:26]

Art my father —Realizing communion and fellowship with God even in the midst of their earthly trials. R1936:5

[Psa. 89:27]

Him my firstborn —"The firstborn of all creation." (Col. 1:15) E87 Head of the "Church of the firstborn." (Heb. 12:23) R1936:5 The Logos was Jehovah God's first creative act as respects intelligent beings. SM491:2

[Psa. 89:29]

His seed also —The redeemed and restored race of mankind. R1936:5 By redemption and regeneration. R1364:2
To endure for ever —They shall have everlasting life. R1936:5

[Psa. 89:32]

Then —During the Millennial age. A303

[Psa. 89:34]

My covenant —The Abrahamic and the New covenants, particularly. R3109:2
Not break, nor alter —"I am the same, I change not." (Mal. 3:6) R3107:3 "That we might have strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us: which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast." (Heb. 6:18, 19) R3109:3 The Lord would have his people similarly faithful to their covenants. R3109:5

[Psa. 89:35]

Not lie unto David —Unto Christ. R1936:5

[Psa. 89:36]

His seed —The genealogical records, as given by Matthew and Luke, prove that Jesus was the son of David. R944:1*

[Psa. 89:45]

Hast thou shortened —Prophetic of the painful circumstances of Jesus' sacrificial death. R1205:2

[Psa. 89:48]

His soul —Being. R205:4
Hand of the grave —Power of sheol, oblivion, death. E348, E365 It is not the body, but the being, soul, that dies. R205:4, R277:1

[Psa. 90:1]

A prayer of Moses —Written by Moses. R1418:2, R4055:2*; HG310:5
LORD —Jehovah. E45
Dwelling place —Refuge. The city of refuge which God has provided for us is Christ, under the cover of his merit, his robe of righteousness. R3116:1

[Psa. 90:2]

From everlasting —From all eternity, without a beginning. E86; CR247:1; R338:4, R421:5, R3920:3, R4107:2 His qualities and attributes have always been the same. R5209:3 With unlimited time, he is working out his plan with great deliberation. R5251:3 Back of all inanimate causes there must be an intelligent first cause, an intelligent designer, and that is God. R675:6Contrary to Mormonism. HG731:4
To everlasting —Self -centered, self -contained, the same yesterday, today and forever, he changes not. SM483:4

[Psa. 90:3]

Man to destruction —A condition of peaceful unconsciousness. R2172:3 As a natural result of the penalty on father Adam. E363; F331 To sheol, hades, the grave. HG228:3 Not torture. R649:3, R846:4
And sayest, Return —In resurrection, because the price is paid. E353; R615:5*; HG333:5 The revival of man's life will not make him immortal or incapable of destruction. HG358:3

[Psa. 90:4]

For a thousand years —From the divine standpoint "a day with the Lord is as a thousand years." (2 Pet. 3:8) "In the day that thou eatest thereof." (Gen. 2:17) SM151:2 It was within one of these "days" that Adam died at the age of 930.F332 God has permitted a reign of evil during six of these thousand-year days. PD18/26 "A little while and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me." (John 16:16) R702:4
But as yesterday —It is only as measured by the shortness of present life that the 6000 years of evil seems very long. R1092:4 The lapse of time between death and the awakening will be nothing to the dead when it is past, since they are entirely unconscious of it. R1017:6
Watch in the night —To God a thousand years are but a watch in the night. R5210:3 Showing that even a shorter period than a "day" can be referred to as a thousand years. SM151:2

[Psa. 90:5]

They are as a sleep —Rest, or peaceful sleep. R2172:3

[Psa. 90:10]

And we fly away —Into the land of the enemy, the prisonhouse of death. R4792:6

[Psa. 90:12]

Number our days —Counting the days as so many blessings, so many privileges, so many opportunities to serve. R2896:6 "Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord." (Rom. 12:11) R1532:2

[Psa. 90:17]

And let the beauty —The justice, mercy, wisdom and power. R2570:5

[Psa. 91:1]

He that dwelleth —The Church in the end of this Gospel age, The Christ. R4925:3, R5437:3; A338The cause of protection for those who do not fall is the fact that they live in God. R862:3, R593:4, R4227:6
In the secret place —Of consecration, communion and fellowship. D66; R1788:2; HG717:3 Typified by the Holy (Most Holy, D43; R3331:5) of the Tabernacle. R4925:3, R5815:2, R5989:5, R159:1*, R1913:5 Provided in these perilous times with a clear knowledge of the divine plan, with its times and seasons. R5989:5 They have entered "the holiest, by the blood of Jesus." (Heb. 10:10) R4767:6
Of the most High —Sanctified, wholly set apart to God. D158
Under the shadow —Very close to the Lord, where the wicked one cannot touch us. R4311:2, R4524:6, R4736:3, R4925:6 Symbolized by the cloud that covered the typical Tabernacle. R1913:4, R5989:5

[Psa. 91:2]

I —David here represents Christ Jesus, addressing the Church. R3331:5, R4925:6
Will say of the LORD —Of Jehovah. R3331:5
He is my refuge —Those who have the Lord for their refuge and fortress have a superhuman care and protection. R4487:4

[Psa. 91:3]

Deliver thee —Those who abide under the protection of the Almighty. R4925:6
Snare of the fowler —The deceptions of Satan. R3331:6, R4304:4, R4925:6 Satan is represented as a hunter, seeking the Lord's people as earthly hunters are prone to hunt after speckled birds. R5693:4 The strong arguments and deep-laid plans of error. R36:3
Noisome pestilence —The pestilence which destroys. The sinful propensities of the old nature, and the spiritual pestilences of Christian Science, Spiritism and Universalism. R3331:6, R4926:1

[Psa. 91:4]

He shall cover thee —So close to his heart does Jehovah gather his loyal and faithful children that they feel the warmth of his love. R3331:6, R4926:1 "The Father himself loveth you." (John 16:27) "Fear not, Little Flock, for it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." (Luke 12:32) "He that loveth me shall be loved of my Father." (John 14:21) R3331:2
With his feathers —As New Creatures, as a shield from the enemy. R5438:4 Not only the strong, sheltering wings, but also the feathers of the hen-mother's breast are used to protect her young.R5438:1
Under his wings —The picture is that of a mother hen who, when the hawk is about, clucks for her brood, calling them under her wings, under her special protection; the cluck corresponding to the "Vow." R4304:2 The soft, downy feathers under the mother-hen's wings serve to keep the little chicks warm and hide them from their enemies. R5438:1
His truth —That grand system of truth comprised in the divine plan of the ages. R3332:1, R4926:1
Shield and buckler —The whole armor of God, to enable us to stand in the very midst of the time of trouble, no matter how fiercely the storms of life may assail us. C228, R3332:1, R4817:6, R707:4 Only a clear and harmonious understanding of God's Word will enable us to withstand the powerful attacks of this time. R36:4

[Psa. 91:5]

Terror by night —The terror of the dark night of the great time of trouble "wherein no man can work" (John 9:4) in the dissemination of divine truth, so great will be the terror, tumult, trouble and persecution. R3332:1, R4926:2
Nor for the arrow —"Even bitter words" (Psa. 64:3) of the opponents of truth. R3332:1, R4926:2, R112:3
That flieth by day —At the present time which, in comparison with the dark night that is coming, is called day. R3332:1, R4926:2 Slanders and misrepresentations will be open. R2450:3

[Psa. 91:6]

For the pestilence —Moral and spiritual stumbling stones—error, Higher Criticism, unbelief, infidelity. R3332:1; SM289:1; R5437:3, R4926:2, R844:3, R36:3 The moral pestilence of Spiritualism. R267:1, R125:2 As a pestilence, infidelity suits itself to its various surroundings. R36:3 A pestilence spreads because people are in poor physical condition. So it is with spiritual pestilence. Out of the heart are the issues of life. R3826:5 When pestilence is in the air, it inoculates a person without his being aware of the fact—likewise with spiritual pestilence. R5815:6
Walketh in darkness —Secretly, hidden. R2450:3 Spreading and making its victims among those in darkness, ignorant of the truth or unfaithful to it, and therefore subject to the strong delusions of error. R3332:1, R4926:3
For the destruction —Caused by these pestilences. R3332:1
Wasteth at noonday —Subverting the faith of many just when the light of divine truth is shining gloriously upon the faithful, as it is today. R3332:1 Science, falsely so—called, claims to be at its very zenith, its noontide of light and glory. R862:3

[Psa. 91:7]

A thousand shall fall —Into infidelity. C241; R4926:4, R5816:2 But not into eternal torment, nor Second Death. SM325:2; CR115:3 God wishes some to fall. SM325:2 The cross has ever been the great stumbling stone. R5801:6, R1644:2, R4110:4 A testing time is now upon the Church. R4304:2, R4745:3, R4926:3,R5437:3 No overstatement of the fact. R867:6, R2817:2, R684:4;HG317:5 Into mere social moralism. R1911:5 Because only one in a thousand of nominal Christians is really consecrated wholly to the Lord. R1307:6 Partly caused by natural calamities, as well as social, financial and religious convulsions. R3033:5 One of the signs of the close of the present dispensation. R3199:1 Like Gideon's typical band, the victory is reserved for the faithful few. R1356:6
At thy side —The true Church's side. R5801:6 Those who were actually begotten of the holy Spirit, or who have assumed such a position; for instance, the tares. R4926:3, R4304:2 The only things which will stand will be those which cannot be shaken, the true and faithful. R3053:2, R5816:5; OV320:1
Ten thousand —We might infer that the one thousand may fall into total unbelief, and the ten thousand, the Great Company, into the great time of trouble to wash their robes white. R4926:4So great will be the failing away from the truth, even among those who once received it with joy. R3332:2 Into Higher Criticism, Evolution, Theosophy, Christian Science and various other delusions. R4304:2 Including some of the most learned of our day. SM245:2
Thy right hand —These fall because they have neglected the necessary development of character; failed to put on the whole armor of God. R5678:4
Not come nigh thee —The true Church, because of their loyalty and uncompromising faithfulness, and because of the ample armor of truth and righteousness. R3332:2, R4926:3, R4955:6, R4167:6; D592 Kept by the power of God through faith. R3295:5 The citadel of truth will be preserved, notwithstanding the fall of the masses of Churchianity. R3455:3 Not one whose name is "blotted out" of the book of life (Rev. 3:5) shall stand, and not one whose name remains shall fall. R745:2

[Psa. 91:8]

Only with thine eyes —Enlightened by the spirit of truth. R2450:3
Of the wicked —Those who reject the truth or prove unfaithful to it. R3332:2, R4926:4

[Psa. 91:9]

Thou —The shielded ones will be those who live very near to the Lord. R4438:6, R4379:4
Thy habitation —The only safe retreat in the Day of Wrath. D242; R2770:6 These shall not be moved, yet many of them will pass through most severe trials and temptations. R5652:4

[Psa. 91:10]

No evil befall thee —The New Creature. We see that no evil befell our Lord as a New Creature. R4767:2, R4311:2 No evil of the kind referred to. Any other seeming evils shall, under divine providence, work together for good. R3332:2, R4926:5 That will mean divine protection to the very end of our course.R5817:4 Some evils do befall the Great Company, to bring about the destruction of their flesh. R4767:6
Plague come nigh —"That wicked one toucheth him not." (1 John 5:18) SM289:2

[Psa. 91:11]

For he —Jehovah, the Heavenly Father. R5257:2
His angels —Heavenly messengers and the Lord's earthly children are used of him as ministers, servants, as well as various other agencies. R4926:6, R5257:2, R3441:4, R5815:5, R5816:6 God will raise up some faithful pastors and teachers. R4926:5, R4927:1 Divine promises and helpful assistance of the saints. R5437:6
Charge —The loving, protecting care of God. R5257:2 The message of Present Truth. R2647:6, R1268:2,R745:2 In the Harvest time a "charge" or counsel is given to bear up all members of the feet class, lest they stumble. R3441:5 Divine agency and power are everywhere, and ready at any instant to be exercised as much as need be for the accomplishment of God's will. R4769:3
Over thee —Concerning thee. R3332:2 The Messiah class, Head and members. R5257:2, R4545:1
To keep thee —The Lord, our Shepherd, will care for the true sheep. Nothing can harm these, except as the Heavenly Father sees that earthly injury would prove profitable. R4926:6 , R3332:4, R4545:1
In all thy ways —In all the affairs of the Church, at all times, including the Dark Ages. R5257:5

[Psa. 91:12]

They —Doubtless the heavenly messengers are connected with this work, yet it is done through the Church in the flesh. R4927:1, R3441:4 Human agents. R844:6, R1480:4*
Shall bear thee up —All the members of the Body of Christ, individually and collectively. R3332:4, R4927:1 By helping them to a clear understanding of the truth and encouraging them to be faithful to it. R3332:4, R4927:1, R4545:1, R5437:6, R2567:5 To a higher plane of devotion and appreciation of divine love. R5105:1, R4674:5
In their hands —Upheld with the right hand of his righteousness, the power of his truth. R1307:6
Dash thy foot —Symbolic of the last members of the Body of Christ. R3332:4, R4927:1, R5257:6, R5437:6, R681:6, R3719:1, R3298:5, R2244:2, R1688:6, R757:6, R288:1; B157 After a description of the evil day which this "feet" class shall experience, special provision for the help and support of the "feet" is promised. R844:3 It is in this day that we are living that the "feet" are in special danger of stumbling. R3668:6
Against a stone —Only the sanctified in Christ Jesus, the "feet" class, will be kept from stumbling. R844:3, R2647:6 Stumbling-stones of false doctrines, especially the errors regarding the great fundamental doctrine of redemption through the blood of Christ, and our Lord's presence. R4927:1, R5817:1, R3332:4, R4110:4 Lest some overwhelming trial should prove too much for them. R1801:6

[Psa. 91:13]

The lion and adder —Every device of Satan, whether boisterous as a lion or stealthy as a serpent. R3332:5, R4927:4

[Psa. 91:14]

His love —The love and loyalty of each member of the "feet" class. R4927:4
Upon me —Saith Jehovah. R3332:5
Deliver him —The Heavenly Father will deliver him (the "feet" class) from the pestilence, etc. R3332:5, R4927:4
Set him on high —As joint-heir with Christ, a partaker of the divine nature. R3332:5, R4927:4
He hath known —Hath appreciated. R3332:5, R4927:4

[Psa. 91:15]

He shall call —This Psalm applies especially to Jesus and the Church. R5757:3,5
I will be with him —Whether standing alone or in company with others. R4927:5
In trouble —The Lord may not prevent or deliver us from trouble if his wisdom sees best for us to have it. R5758:4
I will deliver him —There are deliverances at present according to our needs. R5758:5 Final deliverance in the resurrection. R5758:5
Honour him —Not the kind the world now appreciates, but which in the end it will. R5758:5

[Psa. 91:16]

With long life —Eternal life. R3332:5
My salvation —Make him understand my plan. R3332:5, R4927:5

[Psa. 92:10]

But my horn —Horns are symbols of power. T42
With fresh oil —Type of the holy Spirit. T116

[Psa. 92:12]

The righteous —And they only. C371
Shall flourish —In the Millennial age, in Christ's Kingdom. C371; R492:6
Like a cedar —Symbol of everlasting human life. T109

[Psa. 93:1]

The world also —The new, perfect conditions of the Millennial age. R1814:2
Cannot be moved —Thus, in the change of dispensations, there is little or no change of the earth or heavens, but simply a great destruction of life. HG11:4

[Psa. 93:4]

Waves of the sea —Restless masses of mankind. A318

[Psa. 94:3]

How long —After the Lord has chosen his jewels, "then shall he return and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not." (Mal. 3:18) R1653:6

[Psa. 94:9]

He —Shall we not consider God as infinitely superior to the very highest of our human ideals? OV3:2
Shall he not see? —We can also say that he who knew how to make the tongue knew what words to select for his message to men. R52:2 He that gave humans the sense of justice and the power of sympathy, compassion and love—shall we not consider him as infinitely superior to our highest ideals? SM625:1

[Psa. 94:13]

Days of adversity —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa 45:7) A125

[Psa. 95:1]

A joyful noise —All who have heart sentiments of thankfulness and gratitude should be encouraged to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, without trained choirs being necessary. R2511:5

[Psa. 95:3]

For the LORD —Jehovah. E67
Is a great God —El, mighty one. E67
Above all gods —Elohim, mighty ones. E67

[Psa. 95:8]

In the provocation —While passing through the wilderness, the children of Israel aroused his indignation repeatedly. R5125:1
As in the day —Forty years, not 24 hours. B47; F19; PD3/8; HG583:4

[Psa. 95:10]

Forty years long —Typifying the 19 centuries of the period of Jewish disfavor. R3079:3

[Psa. 96:1]

O sing unto the LORD —The judgment day, instead of being a time of terror, distress and sorrow, is represented in the Scriptures as being a special time of joy and gladness for the world. Q853:4; HG273:5

[Psa. 96:4]

Above all gods —Elohim, mighty ones—a name applied to Jehovah. E68

[Psa. 96:5]

Are idols —Septuagint: demons. So Romish nations stand under demoniacal tutelage, just as did the Gentiles of old. R1991:5

[Psa. 96:9]

Worship the LORD —The worship of the one true God is elevating and ennobling, and calculated to develop in us the moral likeness of God. R1836:1
Beauty of holiness —In the spirit of the truth. R1836:1

[Psa. 96:10]

Among the heathen —It is the privilege of the saints to tell the glad tidings to all who will hear. R5989:2
The LORD reigneth —Blessing not only the living, but also those who have fallen asleep in death. R5706:4
Judge the people —The saints are to be judges with Christ. R5776:2

[Psa. 96:11]

Heavens ... earth —Not only the saints, but the whole earth. R5989:2

[Psa. 96:12]

Field be joyful —Prefigured by the High Priest, when he lifted up his hands and blessed the people. R1248:4 "The whole earth is at rest and is quiet; they break forth into singing." (Isa. 14:7) R1248:5
Trees of the wood —"The trees of the field (the people) shall clap their hands." (Isa. 55:12) R1024:4

[Psa. 96:13]

For he cometh —When he appears, day appears, life appears, fruitfulness appears; the curse departs; difficulties, wars, troubles, sorrows vanish; it is the world's Jubilee. R302:3* He who so loved us as to give his life for our ransom comes again to reign. R1352:2
To judge the world —The object of the second coming of Christ is to bless all the families of the earth. HG315:4 Rewarding with restored perfection the willing and worthy, and cutting off from life forever all wilful sinners. R1073:4
With righteousness —Swift and unerring justice. D519

[Psa. 97:1]

The LORD reigneth —Having special reference to the period from 1878 down to the full inauguration of his Kingdom, when his glorious reign will be clearly recognized. R5989:1 Typically, over Israel. R1887:5, R1996:6 The fulfilment of every foretold sign of his presence bears witness to this fact. R814:6
Let the earth rejoice —It is great cause for rejoicing if they can only have the faith to realize it. R816:4

[Psa. 97:2]

Clouds and darkness —Storm clouds and the darkness of gloom, perplexity and trouble. R1913:1, R5989:1 Therefore men cannot see the blessings beyond, since they walk only by sight and not by faith. R815:1 The morning without clouds is that of the perfect age beyond the reign of Christ. The Millennial morning will be especially cloudy. R1073:5
And judgment —Justice, represented by the slab of the Mercy Seat, above which the glory of the Lord appeared in the Most Holy. T124 It is this judgment of the nations, manifesting all unrighteousness, that is causing the clouds and darkness. R1913:1, R5989:1 This trouble is a necessary preparation for the glorious reign, which is an abundant cause for rejoicing. R5989:2 Justice is the foundation of God's government, and his love could not operate in violation of his justice. R1286:3 The basic principle of God's character. R2120:5
Are the habitation —The establishment. R35:4*, R269:6 The foundation; otherwise his creation would become filled with imperfect beings. E472 Also the foundation of our present and future security. Without the justice of God, we would have no assurance that his gracious promises would ever be fulfilled. R3656:2 The just sentence against Adam would have stood forever had no acceptable substitute been found. E421, E422 See comments on Psa. 89:14

[Psa. 97:3]

A fire —Wisely directed by the High and Holy One. R1913:1, R5989:2 Increased knowledge, like a pendulum, will swing to the opposite extreme of impropriety, bringing great trouble and anarchy. R815:5
Burneth up —Cut off, destroyed, devoured with "the fire of his jealousy." (Zeph. 3:8) R1913:1, R5989:2
His enemies —All opposers of his righteous course. R1913:1, R5989:2 Of God and man, the oppressive organizations of both church and state, thereby liberating the people. R815:5

[Psa. 97:4]

Lightnings —Diffusions of knowledge. R511:2 Not the brilliancy of the "Brain Age." A171 A flash of lightning from the obscured throne discloses here one error, and there another, with remarkable glimpses of the great principles of truth and righteousness. R1913:2, R5989:3 Principles of the Word of God brought to the front and discussed in the news media and at public gatherings. R5989:4 In contrast with which the world's present disorder is so manifest. R1913:2,R5989:3 The increase of knowledge, general diffusion of education, multiplying of inventions, general interchange of thought, wider range of commercial interests, rapid modes and cheap rates of travel, multiplicity of books and periodicals, wonderful power of the daily press. R815:5
Enlightened the world —In the day of his preparation for the blessing of mankind. A171 Continually calling attention to the Word of God, the golden rule, the equal rights and privileges of human brotherhood. R1913:3, R5989:3 Revealing corruption and dishonesty, in high places. R5989:4Flashes of ight and knowledge manifest his presence and more and more disclose to the world his power, glory and reign. R153:5
The earth —The present organization of society. A323; C229; D46
Saw —Worldly men are drawing attention to the prophecies of Scriptures. R5989:3
And trembled —For fear and insecurity. C229 Not knowing what the outcome will be, but dreading the worst. R1913:3, R5989:3 Knowing that the present war of words must sometime come to blows—and is now beginning to do so. R1913:4, R5989:5Popular thought is set in a revolutionary direction. R5989:4 The first flashes bring terror and dismay to the world, disclosing the gigantic proportions of evil and oppression. R547:4 "The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard." (Isa. 24:20) R1913:4 As Israel did at Mt. Sinai. R5990:2, R1914:2

[Psa. 97:5]

The hills —The less high, less autocratic, governments. D551; R5575:4
Melted like wax —Retain their form, but as the earth (society) gets hot, they come down little by little, to the level of popular demand. D551 Some melt under fervent heat, while others will be carried forcibly into the midst of the sea. (Psa. 46:2) R815:6, R511:4 The result of the "shout" and the "trumpet" of 1 Thes. 4:16, and of "Michael standing up" in Dan 12:1. R668:1 Great Britain is an example. If all governments would fully concede to the people their rights (melt), much of the great calamity of revolution would be averted. R815:6 Russia, on the other hand, conceding nothing to the people, shall be forcibly carried by the tumult of revolution "into the midst of the sea." R816:1 Illustrated by the decree of the Czar of Russia (1903) providing for freedom of religion and establishing some degree of local self-government. R3177:6

[Psa. 97:6]

The heavens —The new heavens of the Millennial age. A323 Heavenly rulers, the saints. R493:5*, R270:1, R35:4*

[Psa. 97:7]

Confounded —Put to shame and confusion; their idols destroyed. R5990:1
Graven images —Human philosophies and science falsely so-called. R1913:6, R5990:1
Idols —Which their wayward hearts have set up instead of God. R5990:1 Those who are worshiping mammon, stocks and bonds, houses and money, will be ashamed of riches that they cannot account for along lines of the golden rule. SM595:3
All ye gods —"Let all the angels of God worship him." (Heb. 1:6) E72

[Psa. 97:8]

Zion heard —The true Church heard. D158 Not all who claim to be of Zion, for the great nominal church turns away, saying, "Where is the promise of thy presence? for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning." (2 Pet. 3:4) R814:6
And was glad —Psalms 91 and 46 show why the saints rejoice and are restful of heart while others weep and lament. R1913:4, R5989:5; D158 It is the sinners in Zion that are afraid. (Isa. 33:14) R5989:5
Daughters of Judah —Fleshly Israel, whose blindness shall be taken away. R816:4

[Psa. 97:10]

Hand of the wicked —Some power is in Satan's, hand, but with limitations. R2180:1

[Psa. 97:11]

Light —Truth. A20
For the righteous —The truth is only intended for God's consecrated people. Q719:7; R1305:5, R652:1;HG745:6 It is a mistake to suppose that those without faith, and consequent justification, should be able to apprehend clearly the truth. It is not for such. A20 "The path of the just is as a shining light." (Prov. 4:18) A20 Righteous at heart, as Saul of Tarsus. R1444:2 Justified, reckoned righteous in God's sight. R945:6 Who faithfully and thankfully receive and disseminate it. R3648:2 If any of the wicked gains a partial knowledge of the truth, we may be sure he will lose it. R2823:6 Those who have been blessed with light and have made no use of it, have not been privileged to retain it. R946:2 To the extent that men observe the principles of righteousness, they are correspondingly favored with truth and its attendant blessings. R945:3 Sown, through the prophets, for the righteous some centuries down the stream of time. R946:1 Sown centuries ago, but now being most gloriously revealed to those for whom it was sown. R947:4
Gladness —Which comes from a realization of the truth. R3648:2

[Psa. 98:1]

A Psalm —Written by inspiration for the dedication of the Temple. R4297:1
His holy arm —Jesus, the power of Jehovah. E47; R4792:6 To no human generalship can the honors of the coming victory for truth and righteousness be ascribed, but to the King of kings and Lord of lords. D19

[Psa. 98:4]

Make a joyful noise —All who have heart sentiments of thankfulness and gratitude should be encouraged to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, without trained choirs being necessary. R2511:5
All the earth —The work of judgment is a great cause for rejoicing, not only among the saints, but in the whole earth. R5989:2

[Psa. 98:7]

The world —The face of nature reassumes the smile of unfallen times. It is earth's festival, the world's Jubilee. R302:3*

[Psa. 98:9]

For he cometh —See comments on Psa. 96:13
To judge the earth —A period of glory and blessing, not dread. OV255:1, OV311:1; A142, A143 Cannot begin until the great Judge takes his seat and authority. R5443:5 The saints are to be judges with Christ. R5776:2, R569:4
Judge the world —By the Messenger of the Covenant, now present. R5442:3 After the Day of Wrath. R5442:4 The love of God brings judgment to the world. R5442:1 All hopes of eternal life are based on this trial. R5442:2 All who prefer sin will be destroyed in Second Death. R5442:3

[Psa. 99:1]

The LORD reigneth —This Psalm was apparently written by inspiration, on the occasion of the dedication of the Temple. R4297:2
Between the cherubims —Between love and power, above a foundation of justice, represented by the Mercy Seat. T125
Let the earth —The present organization of society. A323; C229; D46

[Psa. 99:4]

In Jacob —To natural Israel. A300

[Psa. 99:5]

At his footstool —The earth re-established under God's dominion. D649

[Psa. 99:9]

At his holy hill —The earthly phase of the Kingdom of God. A301

[Psa. 100:4]

Enter —Only applicable to the priestly class. R3054:5
Into his gates —The Holy and Most Holy conditions. R3054:1

[Psa. 101:5]

Him will I cut off —The Second Death, the final sentence of those failing the individual trial of the Millennial age, will never be destroyed. R2609:6

[Psa. 101:8]

Destroy all the wicked —All evildoers and corrupters of earth will be destroyed. R4999:1, R894:5; SM230:2 The Second Death will never be destroyed. R2609:6

[Psa. 102:13]

Time to favour —A large proportion of the promised coming blessings belong to natural Israel; all should not be spiritualized. OV108:2
Set time —Fixed and unalterable. SM479:2 At the end of the Gentile lease of power, God's provision for Israel to represent his kingdom in the world returns. SM477:1

[Psa. 102:14]

For thy servants —"For thy servants hold dear her stones, and her very dust they cherish." (Leeser) CRI35:5

[Psa. 102:16]

Shall build up Zion —Restore the natural city of Jerusalem and complete the construction of the New Jerusalem, the Church. R56:2* Implying a process, including the restoration in all its parts; true both of earthly Jerusalem and the Gospel Church. R56:6*, R58:3*
Appear in his glory —"When Christ who is our life shall appear then shall we also appear with him in glory." (Col 3:4) R56:2*

[Psa. 102:19]

Behold the earth —In his sympathy, God beheld our sorrow. R4963:5 If God so loved these, if Christ died for them as well as us, why should we not be very sympathetic with them? R3933:4 After the saints have all gone to be with the Lord. R60:5*

[Psa. 102:20]

Hear —Figuratively. R4963:5 Describing, not an impersonal Creator, but a personal one—one who feels, thinks and exercises his power. SM623:1
Groaning —The suffering of humanity under the death penalty and the incidental aches and pains of our fallen condition. R5032:1, R4963:5;SM610:2
The prisoner —Prisoners of sin; captives in the prison house of death. Q159:T, A112; R4963:5
To loose those —He did more than look and pity. His right arm of divine power in due time began to bring deliverance to the captives of sin and death. R5032:1

[Psa. 102:23]

Weakened my strength —Christ's strength. R449:1 Here the speaker changes from Jehovah to Jesus, speaking at the time of his crucifixion. R449:1

[Psa. 102:24]

Midst of my days —Prophetic of the painful circumstances of Jesus' death. R1205:2
Thy years —Jehovah's answer to Jesus prayer. R449:4

[Psa. 102:25]

Of old —In the creation of our first parents. R1814:1
Of the earth —The present social order. R1814:1, R3154:6 Originally, Adam was king, with dominion over the beasts, fowls and fish. R4222:6 The physical earth—referring to changes taking place as to earthly conditions; also used as the basis for a symbol, indicating the transformation of the present social order into one more acceptable to God. R3154:6
And the heavens —Powers of spiritual control. R3154:6 Originally, the spiritual heavens recognized the supremacy of the Almighty and that his will must be law for mankind. R4222:6 The spiritual or superior rule of the angels, which was connected with the epoch that preceded the flood. R4222:3

[Psa. 102:26]

Be changed —Rearranged, made over, made new. R3154:6 One such change took place at the flood. We anticipate another in the near future, making the earth more fit than at present for the Millennium. R3154:6 Already changed twice, until today we have what is known as "This Present Evil World." (Gal. 1:4) R4222:6 They need changing, not because of any imperfection of the divine arrangement, but because it was departed from through sin, disobedience and death. R4222:6

[Psa. 102:28]

Children of thy servants —The best provision which parents can make for their children is to give them, by precept and example, instruction in righteousness. R1963:5
Shall continue —"Seek meekness, seek righteousness. It may be that ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord's anger." (Zeph. 2:3) R1963:6

[Psa. 103:2]

O my soul —The appeal is not merely to the lips, but to the entire being. R2551:2
Forget not —One of the least expensive, but most highly appreciated, offerings we can present to God is thanksgiving for mercies past and present. R2551:2 He that is conscious of being forgiven much loveth much; hence the danger of forgetting it and of falling into the idea that every one must suffer the full penalty for his own sins. R137:4*

[Psa. 103:3]

Who forgiveth —It is the new mind that recognizes his healing, his forgiveness, his reconciliation to God. R4981:4 They who hide their sins from themselves and think to hide them from the Lord greatly err, and will make no progress. R5234:4 Not generalizing, but particularizing. Properly, the first item of praise is redeeming love through Christ's sacrifice. R1402:3 The Church's sins are only "covered" now, but wait to be "blotted out ." R2028:3 The work of Christ for the Church, of blotting out sins and healing all diseases, will not be complete until the Millennial morning. R2028:3
Who heareth —God is prepared to heal us spiritually when we come into the proper attitude of heart and go to the heavenly throne of grace. F145 By heeding your fervent prayers for restoration of favor after you have amended the wrong as far as possible. F144, F649 With spiritual healings. R5234:4 Those who receive physical healing by "gifts" or "prayers" have never yet been completely healed. At most they receive a temporary blessing. R2028:3 Those resurrected will be without any of their present mental, moral, or physical diseases or weaknesses. R1402:6
All thy diseases —Applicable physically to the Israelites under the Law covenant and spiritually to the Church, the New Creation. R4979:6, R4981:4New Creatures have such experiences. F649 Soul disease, due to the Lord's hiding his face because of our neglect of consecration vows. F144,F145 Certainly not physical diseases; the Lord's bloody sweat, the bursting of his heart, and Paul's thorn in the flesh prove the contrary. F649; R5234:4

[Psa. 103:4]

Who redeemeth —Gaal, sets free by payment. E438 The original sentence to destruction is now offset by the ransom. HG333:5
Thy life —Soul, being, not the body. OV166:2, R5017:2 It is the soul that is doomed to destruction not the body. The body changes every seven years anyway. HG204:5
From destruction —"Thou turnest man to destruction." (Psa. 90:3) E353 It would have been destruction—death as that of the brute beast—except for the fact that Christ paid our penalty. HG195:2; R803:3 Not from torment. HG197:1

[Psa. 103:6]

That are oppressed —The weak and oppressed of the world. R1402:6 He makes their cause his cause. R1402:6

[Psa. 103:7]

His ways unto Moses —His care for the interest of the weak in the laws which he promulgated through Moses. R1402:6

[Psa. 103:8]

LORD is merciful —Especially towards spiritual Israel. R5818:1 Toward the world, in its release from the bondage of sin and death to full liberty of sons of God. R5818:4
Plenteous In mercy —Making provision for the passing over, covering, and ultimate blotting out of our weaknesses. R3425:5 Except for his mercy and love, God would have been fully justified in canceling our covenant long ago. R4056:1 If we would appreciate his mercy through Christ, we should similarly exercise mercy toward others. R4056:4 His grace, while limited first to one earthly nation, then later to an elect company from all nations, is finally to be extended to every human being the world around. R5818:4

[Psa. 103:9]

Not always chide —Contend with the wayward. R1402:6 Reprove. R1272:3
Neither will he keep —Hold back, retain; a time of retribution shall come. R3947:2, R1402:6 "The Lord is not slack, as men count slackness." (2 Pet 3:9) R1272:3, R1781:1
His anger —Righteous indignation against wilful sin and sinners. R1772:2

[Psa. 103:10]

After our sins —According to the just desert of our sins. R1402:6
To our iniquities —As they deserved under his righteous law. R1402:6

[Psa. 103:11]

Great is his mercy —We cannot come too often, then, to the throne of heavenly grace. R1865:3
Them that fear him —And love him. R1403:1

[Psa. 103:12]

Our transgressions —The transgressions of those who love and fear God. R1403:1, R5427:2 Full and complete forgiveness to those who are truly repentant and desire to draw near to God through Christ. Q832:4

[Psa. 103:13]

Like as a father —"I will receive you and be a father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." (2 Cor. 6:17, 18) R5739:5 Illustrated by anecdote. . . "If God cares for you as I do..." R3808:1*
His children —The first step is to come into harmony with God and become his child. SM682:T Those who come in childlike faith and obedience to God he calls his "little ones." R657:1*
LORD pitieth —Gives sympathy to. R1585:4 He invites us to confide in him as children and speak to him freely of all that concerns us. R3161:4
Them that fear him —Reverence him. R2083:5 Perfect love casts out slavish, but not reverential, fear. R2289:4-6, R2986:6

[Psa. 103:14]

Knoweth our frame —He knows that we are fallen—imperfect mentally, morally, physically. R5101:3, R5585:6 He has compassion on us. The fact that we are weak and lame does not separate us from his love and power, for he has covered us with the imputed righteousness of Christ. R4818:1, R5803:2; Q655:T In our trials, the Lord permits us to be taken out of the fire for a little while so that they will not be too severe. R5778:6 It is not his purpose that we shall always be in conflict with ourselves—perfect will against imperfect body; but he has provided for perfect resurrection bodies in accord with our new minds. R4897:6 Graciously giving us time to run the race and develop character. F372 Therefore arranging that we have little seasons of refreshment between times of trial. R5779:1
That we are dust —That we cannot do what we would like to do. R5437:4 God invites our confidence in the smallest affairs of life. R3161:4 And so has compassion on the sons of his love, and is very pitiful and of tender mercy. R4818:1 Our testing is not to see whether we are perfect according to the flesh. R5115:1

[Psa. 103:17]

Them that fear him —Lack of reverence for God was the cause of the fall of Eve, Adam, Satan; the cause of calamities upon Lot, Ishmael and Esau. It was reverence for the Lord that brought blessings to Noah, Abraham and Isaac. R2872:3

[Psa. 103:19]

His throne —Power, dominion, control. R1815:2
His kingdom ruleth —The Kingdom for which we pray. R1403:4

[Psa. 103:22]

In all places —After the end of the Millennium. R1403:4

[Psa. 104:3]

Clouds his chariot —"Behold, he cometh with clouds." (Rev 1:7) R153:3

[Psa. 104:4]

Maketh his angels —"Who maketh the winds his angels and flaming fire his servants." R2382:2 God is as able to use winds or waves, lightnings or sandstorms, or pestilence, as any other agency in the execution of his will. R2382:2
Spirits —Spirit beings. R5043:1; Q838:4
His ministers —God can use anybody or anything as his agency, his messenger. R5815:3
A flaming fire —Spirit beings can appear as a flame of fire, as in the burning bush. (Exo. 3:2) HG28:4

[Psa. 104:5]

Of the earth —The new, perfect, conditions of human society. R1814:1
For ever —Not to be burned up, but to "abide forever." (Eccl. 1:4) R6013:5 The same physical earth remains, and is the scene of great revolutionary changes, justifying the use of the symbols of a new heaven and a new earth. R1615:4

[Psa. 104:13]

Earth is satisfied —Not envious of the Gospel Church and its reward. R613:2

[Psa. 104:20]

Beasts —Wild beasts; not man-eating Negroes, as some claim. R3044:5

[Psa. 104:34]

My meditation —Only in pondering the Word of the Lord can we receive its nourishment. A hasty reading of the Scriptures makes a spiritual dyspeptic. R1390:3

[Psa. 105:8]

Covenant for ever —Both the Abrahamic covenant (spoken of here) and the New covenant are scripturally styled "The Everlasting covenant, " in contrast with the Law covenant, which passed away. R4321:2 The one covenant is perpetual in the other, even as the spiritual seed shall rule and bless through the earthly. R4321:2

[Psa. 105:9]

Which covenant —The promise of the land was the covenant. HG44:1
His oath —Confirmation of the participation of Isaac and Jacob in the great promise that God made to Abraham. OV73:2

[Psa. 105:15]

Touch not mine anointed —An assault on one of these would be an attack on the Almighty's arrangements. R5673:2 Though King Saul was the Lord's anointed, we are not to think of the kings of today as the Lord's anointed. They are their own anointed. Their kingdoms are kingdoms of this world. R5673:2 We shall not be injured as New Creatures, no matter what the Lord may permit to come against us according to the flesh. R4219:2
My prophets —Ministers. R4219:2
No harm —Injure your real, highest, interests. R4219:2

[Psa. 105:18]

Hurt with fetters —With a clear conscience, and a sense of the divine approval, Joseph determined to make the best of that situation also. R1640:2 For very shame's sake, we should strive at least to come up to the standard of Joseph. R3973:4 Egyptian prisons were terrible places, with the prisoners horribly mistreated. R2886:2, R3973:3
He —Nephesh, soul, sentient being. E334

[Psa. 105:24]

Increased his people —Israel's increase was a miracle. HG362:3

[Psa. 105:25]

Turned their heart —Injustice inequity iniquity got such a hold upon them. R5271:2
To deal subtilly —The practice of injustice injures both parties the afflicter as seriously as the afflicted. R5271:1

[Psa. 105:26]

Moses his servant —Who stood in the position of a father to the whole nation. R1725:3 Who acted representatively in bringing the Jews under the Law covenant, as Christ acted representatively in removing it. R1725:4 Thus, as God's representative on the one hand, and Israel's on the other, Moses could be the Mediator of the Law covenant between God and that nation. R5046:6

[Psa. 105:27]

Shewed his signs —The plagues were doubtless a full compensation of justice upon them, equivalent to the injuries which they had practiced. R5271:3
And wonders —The Egyptian plagues were miraculous from one viewpoint; not so from another. R5271:3

[Psa. 105:28]

He sent darkness —Perhaps produced by the dust in the air. R5272:5 Pharaoh considered the sun god of the Egyptians as the powerful one. R5271:5

[Psa. 105:29]

Waters into blood —Possibly produced by some micro-organisms in the water, the miracle being the ability of Moses and Aaron to effect the change at their command, and to abate it. R5271:6

[Psa. 105:30]

Brought forth frogs —Which Pharaoh's magicians were unable to remove. R5272:1

[Psa. 105:31]

Divers sorts of flies —Gnats, mosquitoes, house flies and cattle flies. R5272:2
And lice —Dust ticks, probably breeding on the decaying heaps of frogs. R5272:2
In all their coasts —The miracle consisting in producing these ticks in unusual numbers—not merely in the desert wilds, but throughout Egypt. R5272:2

[Psa. 105:32]

Hail for rain —A cyclone. R5272:4

[Psa. 105:34]

Without number —Immense swarms of locusts that have come upon Egypt from Nubia have covered the ground for miles—sometimes to a depth of 15 inches. R5272:5

[Psa. 105:35]

Eat up all the herbs —Locusts are apt to eat everything that is green before they fly away. R5272:5

[Psa. 105:36]

Smote also —The penalty was not so much in the death as in the suddenness of it. R5272:6

[Psa. 106:1]

His mercy —Which sent his Son to be our Redeemer. R5427:3 The wrath of God is always just and tempered with mercy. HG319:5; R5427:3; R2613:2
Endureth for ever —To a full completeness. R5427:3

[Psa. 106:12]

They sang his praise —In the song of Moses recorded in Exo. 15:1-20. R3998:6

[Psa. 106: 23]

Stood before him —God dealt with only one man in connection with the making of the Law covenant—Moses. R1725:6
In the breach —See comments on Psa. 105:26.

[Psa. 106:35]

Learned their works —Grecian philosophy, including the doctrine of the immortality of the soul. R5910:3

[Psa. 106:36]

Served their idols —Sought after wizards, necromancers—mediums of the fallen spirits. R5910:2

[Psa. 106:48]

From everlasting —From all eternity; without any beginning. E86

[Psa. 107:1]

O give thanks —This Psalm was probably written on the occasion of the dedication of the Temple. R4297:1
Endureth for ever —To a full completeness. R5427:3

[Psa. 107:10]

Sit in darkness —Failing to search the Scriptures that they may know the will and counsel of God. R2240:6
Bound in affliction —Our first parents—driven out of the Garden of Eden because of disobedience. SM156:3

[Psa. 107:11]

The words of God —The Scriptures—by not putting them into practice. R2241:1

[Psa. 107:12]

Brought down —Penalty for disobedience. (See Psa. 107:10) SM157:1
With labour —The sentence, that man should earn his bread by the sweat of his face, was designed of the Lord to be a blessing. SM157:1

[Psa. 107:13]

Then they cried —Before being used of the Lord and prepared for further great things at his hand, Israel needed to learn dependence upon him. R3983:5 As the Lord taught us to pray, "Abandon us not in temptation, but deliver us from the evil one." (Matt. 6:13) R3983:6
In their trouble —Present distresses and tribulations are all working out for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, if we are rightly exercised thereby. R3983:6

[Psa. 107:19]

They cry —Such a cry implies that the sins and weaknesses of the flesh were contrary to the transgressor's will. All such who cry unto the Lord in sincerity and faith shall be heard. R3103:4

[Psa. 107:26]

They go down again —Stormy troubles of the sea—a graphic description of some of our trials and difficulties. SM745:1
Trouble —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125

[Psa. 107:27]

Reel to and fro —"The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard" (Isa. 24:20) as the judgments of the Lord fall heavily on the wayward and disobedient. R5989:5 Vainly endeavoring to right itself, maintain a footing and re-establish itself. D551

[Psa. 107:28]

Cry unto the LORD —When the world is frenzied with fear and despair. They will see then that unless the Lord helps them, all is lost. OV420:2
Out of their distresses —A picture of how the Kingdom of Christ will be inaugurated. OV420:2

[Psa. 107:29]

The storm —Mankind is experiencing a mighty whirlwind on the social sea; selfishness is always stirring up a storm on every possible occasion. God permits this so humanity will learn to appreciate our great Savior. R5695:6,3, R5696:1 How suddenly the Adversary may at times bring against us a whirlwind of temptation or of opposition or of persecution. R3324:6 The storms may seem to come from the world, but really beyond the world is the Adversary. R3325:4, R5239:2 These storms may be right inside our own person—storms of anger, passion, or resentment. R5239:4 Those who do not have storms, trials, and difficulties lack proof that they are God's children. (Heb. 12:7, 8) R5239:2 The 6000 years of sin and death have been one continuous storm with occasional brief lulls. R5239:5 This trouble and the glory to follow are the theme of all the holy prophets. R5696:3 The difficulties of life have been valuable to the Church. R5695:6
A calm —The storms of life may go on, but the Lord speaks peace to us. R5696:1 In due time, Christ will bid all storms to cease. R5695:3 In a storm at sea, the voyager feels his own littleness and realized no human arm can calm that storm; but our Heavenly Father can calm the storms of trouble. R5239:1 By the storms and sunshine of life, the Lord is bringing us to the desired haven. SM745:1 The great rest for mankind from the evil one for a thousand years. R3325:4 Illustrated by the miracle of Jesus' calming the sea. R3324:1

[Psa. 107:30]

Desired haven —Beyond the veil—the New Jerusalem. SM743:1 To that condition of heart and character which he can approve as worthy of life eternal. SM746:T

[Psa. 107:39]

Affliction —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125

[Psa. 107:43]

Shall understand —And that constitutes authority to teach. F295 Have confidence in the Lord and in his times and seasons. R5697:1 It is ours to know the outcome. R5696:1

[Psa. 108:9]

Moab is my washpot —Cleansing Israel from their defilement and bringing them back to God. R4199:5

[Psa. 109:2]

Opened against me —Prophetic of the painful circumstances of Jesus' death. R1205:2

[Psa. 109:7]

Be condemned —Upon Judas alone, of all who had to do with his death, our Lord placed the full responsibility. R1962:5, R4909:3

[Psa. 109:8]

Let another —The Apostle Paul. Q521:2; R5002:3, R5408:6, R5940:4
Take his office —Judas' office. Q521:2; R5002:3, R5408:6, R5940:4 Prophetic announcement of a successor to Judas, to teach that the appointment of his successor was exceptional and not the rule. R5002:3

[Psa. 110:1]

The LORD —Jehovah. E49
Said unto my Lord —Adon, Jesus. E49 Showing a distinction of persons between Jehovah and Jesus. R296:3, R2757:5, R1410:6 Jesus does not become David's Lord until he becomes David's father—when he gives him life in the Millennial age. R809:6 He became David's offspring in Bethlehem; he became David's Lord and root at his resurrection, through virtue of his death. R810:1 "To this end Christ both died and revived, that he might be Lord, both of the dead and living." (Rom. 14:9) R810:1 To be Lord of the dead implies the right, authority and power to give them life. R810:2
At my right hand —The place of chief favor, next to the Father himself. CR457:2; A92
Until —He is waiting until his glorious Kingdom shall be inaugurated for the blessing of all the families of the earth. SM679:1

[Psa. 110:2]

Shall send the rod —Scepter, authority. R2935:2
Out of Zion —The heavenly phase of the Kingdom. A295; T33; R5574:4
Rule thou —The Church. This is not in any measure fulfilled yet. R2935:2
Of thine enemies —Who even until now continue to take the kingdom by force and to use violence against the members of the Lord's Body. R2935:2

[Psa. 110:3]

Thy people —The Jews first, and then those who shall become Israelites (people of God) during the Millennial age. D632, D654;R2935:4
Shall be willing —Having learned the dreadful lesson of the exceeding sinfulness of sin. R35:2*, R269:2 This cannot refer to the Church; they are willing now. R2935:3 To hearken to the voice of the Lord through those whom he will appoint. R5646:5
In the day —The Millennial day. R2935:4
Of thy power —When Satan is bound; when Messiah takes his great power and reigns. R2935:3, R5646:5
Womb of the morning —Jesus was the only direct creation of Jehovah. R1060:4 The saints of God, coming forth from their invisible abodes in the morning of joy, shall refresh the world with their benignant influences. R303:1* As morning after morning comes forth fresh and vigorous, and as the sun retains its youth and energy. R2935:5
Dew of thy youth —Freshness, vigor, in the re-creation. E92 Manifested in the original creation. E92 Jesus' power displayed in restoring and perfecting all things will at least equal his power as Jehovah's agent in creating them. R446:4,* R1060:2

[Psa. 110:4]

The LORD —Jehovah. E49
Hath sworn —By divine oath to the antitypical Melchizedek, more emphatic than in respect to the Aaronic priesthood. SM141:1
Thou —Christ. T30; R4877:2 Here, too, the Body of Christ is no longer shown as separate individuals, but as one complete. R3952:4, R714:4
Art a priest —A Mediator, whose mission is to restore fallen beings to perfection and harmony with God. R3951:2, R713:2 Must be called of God.R5472:2
For ever —Melchizedec was without beginning of days or end of years in respect to his office; no record was made of when his priesthood began, nor was any provision made for a successor. In these respects he typified Messiah. (Heb. 7:1-4) PD25/36
After the order —Or, manner. R714:1, R4877:2 Our Lord is the Head of this priesthood, and the gospel Church are his members, his under priesthood. R5424:1
Of Melchizedek —If Christ was to be a priest after the order of Melchizedec, he could not be a priest after the order of Aaron. Q692:6 The renunciation of the earthly nature is necessary to the attainment of this kingly priesthood. OV106:2 A priest upon his throne. T30; SM499:1; R4715:2, R5066:1, R5472:3, R5776:6 Who represented The Christ in glory with full power to bless. R3951:6, R4877:2; Q696:2; SM137:2 Christ is not on his own throne yet. He is waiting at the Father's right hand for his foes to be subjected to him; for the Church to be completed. CR361:1 The New Creature (the priest) is not of the Aaronic order. It does not trace its lineage to any human source. This was strikingly typified in the priesthood of Melchizedek. R713:3, R5226:6, R4877:2, R3951:6 Our Lord is now the great Prophet, Priest and King after the order of Melchizedek. OV402:2; CR112:5 Not one jot or tittle of the Law failed. The priesthood did not cease, but was merely transferred from the order of Aaron to the order of Melchizedek. OV105:2 As we have no right to intrude into the typical Holy or Most Holy, so they of the house of Aaron have no right to come into the antitypical Holy, which we enter. Q692:7 Under this priesthood, men will gradually rise up out of sin and death during a period similar in time to the 930 years in which Adam experienced the dying process. SM503:1

[Psa. 110: 5]

The Lord —Adonai, Jesus. E49
At thy right hand —In Jehovah's position of chief favor. E49 It is Jehovah's power that will bring about the Millennial victory of The Christ. R3079:5
Day of his wrath —The Day of Vengeance, the time of trouble. A308, A323 The Millennium is preceded by the most terrible judgments upon the nations. In consequence of these judgments, the people are turned to a pure worship. HG18:5

[Psa. 110:6]

He shall —With the sword of truth. B101
Wound the heads —Civil, social and ecclesiastical. B101 As the "old world" ended with an almost entire destruction of individual life, so national life is to be destroyed in the end of this world. HG18:2

[Psa. 110:7]

Drink of the brook —Wisdom gained by experience. "He learned obedience by the things which he suffered." (Heb. 5:8) His testing was of a character and of an intensity such as never before had been brought to him or any other creature.R2935:6 "The cup which my Father hath poured for me, shall I not drink it?" (John 18:11) R2936:1 It is necessary that all the members of his Body should likewise drink of the brook in the way if they would share with the Lord in kingdom blessings. R2936:1
Therefore —Because he did what is now our privilege to do. R2936:1

Lift up the head —Be exalted, as we will be also if we follow him. R2936:1

[Psa. 111:9]

Reverend —Reverence is defined as a feeling of profound respect, often mingled with awe and affection; worshipful regard when directed to the divine or sacred. R2002:3

[Psa. 111:10]

Fear of the LORD —Such reverence inspired our coming to the Lord in consecration. It helped to perfect our sacrifices by keeping us back from presumptuous sins, and helped to fix acceptable character. R4462:5 The filial fear of failure to fully manifest love and thankfulness. R1122:5 The fear to do aught that would be displeasing to him or that would separate from his love and favor. R2986:6 When he speaks, therefore, our ears should be attentive to his voice and every power alert to do his bidding. R2002:3 One of the peculiarities of our day is lack of reverence. R2053:3 Looking away from our narrow thoughts, plans and schemes and allowing our minds to dwell upon the grandeur of God's benevolent, loving and glorious character. R1518:3 Under proper limitations, fear is a healthy condition. R4996:3 Scripture text cards in every room are a constant reminder that the Lord's will is the only standard recognized. F554 Perfect love casts out slavish, but not reverential, fear. R2986:6 Reverence; not the fear of eternal torment. OV261:5; R5952:5 A proper reverence acts as a restraint upon sin. OV180:1 Our coming to the Lord was inspired by reverence for him. R4462:5 It is a dangerous practice to speak jestingly of the Lord and the Scriptures. R5952:5
Beginning of wisdom —Only when it leads to greater carefulness of living and to a desire for the Heavenly Father's approval. OV180:1 We must have reverence to begin with, and all the time. CR40:1 An appreciation of the infinite power of the Creator and our own littleness should make us teachable. PD1/7

[Psa. 112:4]

There ariseth light —Truth. A20

[Psa. 112:5]

With discretion —Hebrew, mish-paht, righteousness. HG16:6

[Psa. 112:6]

The righteous —The Ancient Worthies and others who cooperate with them during the Millennial age in turning many to righteousness. A291; R1409:6

[Psa. 112:9]

He hath dispersed —Quoted by the Apostle Paul in 1 Cor. 9:9 to support his plea for Christian benevolence and alms-giving. R2212:5, R2211:1, R5927:5, R5926:1
His horn —Horns are symbols of power. T42

[Psa. 113:1]

Praise ye the LORD —The first of the "Great Hillel" Psalms (113-118) which were chanted antiphonally, with responses, to flute accompaniment, on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles. R2438:6*At the end of the Kingdom mankind will be filled with joy, gladness, life and happiness and be enabled to sing the praises of the Lord. R4243:5*

[Psa. 113:7]

Raiseth up the poor —His power and influence will be the great moving principle that will level the whole world of mankind. R4982:4

[Psa. 114:3]

The sea —The time of anarchy in the close of this age. R1657:5
Jordan —Meaning "Judged down," "Condemned." Typifying the curse, which has rested for 6000 years against our race. R3086:4

[Psa. 115:1]

Not unto us —An exhortation to humility. R5901:1

[Psa. 115:6]

But they smell not —Ruach, exert invisible power—sense of smell. E174

[Psa. 115:16]

The children of men —As represented by father Adam, and conditioned upon obedience and loyalty. R5335:5 God's guidance in the affairs of earth was originally intended. R5304:3 The race as a whole will have possession of the earth. R5183:1, R5112:1 God would have the prosperous concentrate their mental powers not upon the personal aggregation of wealth, but upon generous schemes for the uplifting of the entire race. R5112:5

[Psa. 115:17]

The dead praise not —But the resurrection of the dead will bring all to a full knowledge of the truth. R890:1
Down into silence —"There is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave" (Eccl. 9:10); not a place where shrieks and groans are heard. R2599:2, R2604:4 Death is a place of darkness (Job 10:21); of no remembrance (Psa. 6:5); a land of forgetfulness (Psa. 88:11) where there is neither work, nor device, nor wisdom, nor knowledge (Eccl. 9:5,10; Job 14:21). CR209:2*; HG194:5, HG216:2

[Psa. 116:3]

Sorrows of death —The sadness associated with the thought that he was about to die. OV265:1
Pains of hell —The fear of sheol, oblivion, death; no reference to anything in the future life. E366; OV265:1
Gat hold upon me —Sickness and trouble are the figurative hands of the grave to grasp us. R2599:3

[Psa. 116:7]

-Return —When, for a season, there is a cloud between us and the Lord, because we fail to maintain the standard, it can only be removed by repentance and forgiveness. R5149:4
Unto thy rest —Of faith in the promises of God. R5433:1 Let the mind return to its rest in contemplation of the beauty of holiness, which is the mark, or goal, of the high calling. R1885:6

[Psa. 116:12]

What shall I render —The things we consecrated to God, our little all. CR474:6; R5726:2 Our time, our strength and our bodies as living sacrifices. CR308:2, CR306:1; R5538:2 Each day should begin with the inquiry as to what are the possibilities of our service or sacrifice in the Lord's cause. R5155:2 Not, "What will he or she render?" but, "Lord, what shall I render?" CR304:2
All his benefits —Which we have received, as well as those we hope yet to receive. R5155:2, R5726:1; CR474:5

[Psa. 116:13]

I will take —Through faith in Christ, the Redeemer. R1673:4
The cup —Of self-denial, shame, ignominy and abasement now; blessing and refreshment in the Kingdom. R3853:6, R5155:2, R5538:4; CR316:4, R329:4 All the experiences that come to us in his providence, every day. R5538:4; CR307:2, R322:6
Of salvation —The gift of God's love, purchased for us at great cost. R1673:4 Which is the cup of sacrifice. R4304:5 The cup of death is represented as a cup of salvation because only thereby can our salvation, and the world's, be attained. R4555:5
Call upon the name —Giving him our fullest confidence. R1673:4 For needed aid, not trusting in our own strength. R4555:6, R5155:5, R5539:5; CR322:6

[Psa. 116:14]

I will pay my vows —Fulfil my covenant of consecration, of sacrifice, faithful unto death. R3282:5, R4555:6, R5539:1 The vow of Christ and his members is faithfulness unto death—the drinking of the cup. R4555:5
Now —Now is the acceptable time for the Church. R5539:1 Promptly. R1673:4
Presence of all —The Lord desires a public confession; a witness before men. R5539:4, R4304:5, R4266:5We will not keep secret the matter of our vow, nor the matter of our obedience, but we will stimulate one another in the good way. R5155:5

[Psa. 116:15]

Precious —No matter how long ago it took place. C233 He takes special note of their death. R4651:3
Sight of the LORD —"The Father himself loveth you." (John 16:27) R2355:4
Death of his saints —"Ye shall all die like men, and fall like one of the princes." (Psa. 82:7) C239 Nothing that befalls them is an accident. F646 In their case, the control of "Him that hath the power of death" (Heb. 2:14) is limited. R2180:1 As in the Lord's case, dying daily (1 Cor. 15:3), even unto death. R3282:5 Consecration—dying daily—and finally, actual death—they are all precious to the Father. Q221:2 Such, at his coming, are raised in his likeness. R1210:3* Those of the Jewish age, into the glory of the earthly phase of the Kingdom; those of the Gospel age, into the glory of its heavenly phase. R1562:2, R2354:6 As though the vow referred to symbolized death to self and the world, as well as to sin. R4266:5

[Psa. 116:17]

Sacrifice of thanksgiving —There is a more difficult sacrifice than this offering of praise—to forsake all, take up our cross, and follow him in the narrow way. R4535:2

[Psa. 118:1]

O give thanks —This Psalm was probably written for the dedication of the Temple. R4297:1 The last of the "Great Hillel," which was chanted antiphonally, or rather with responses, accompanied by the flute, on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles. R2438:6*
Endureth for ever —The wrath of God is always just, and tempered with mercy. R2613:2, R5427:3; HG319:5 To a full completion. R5427:3

[Psa. 118:4]

That fear the LORD —Perfect love casts out slavish, but not reverential, fear. R2986:6

[Psa. 118:6]

I will not fear —I shall be content, so long as I have my Father and my Redeemer. R5113:6
Can man do —Or say of me. R5113:6

[Psa. 118:20]

This gate of —This is the gate that leadeth to. D639

[Psa. 118:22]

The stone —Christ. R1796:4; C329
Is become —In reference to his triumph in the resurrection and his future glory as King of the whole earth. R1796:4
The head stone —Typified by the top stone of the Great Pyramid. C329; R1982:1,6 A foundation is laid in the heavens, not on earth; the living stones built upon it are cemented to it by heavenly not earthly, attractions. R1982:2 "The chief corner stone" of the Temple which God purposes to build. R2940:2As of a pyramid. Every under-stone must be built in harmony with the lines and angles of the top-stone, showing how all of God's sons, earthly and heavenly, must be conformed to the image of his Son. A242,243

[Psa. 118:23]

It is marvellous —To have the stone "witness," the Great Pyramid, speak, and corroborate the testimony of the Bible, is astounding. C374

[Psa. 118:24]

This is the day —The day of earth's salvation; the Millennial day of Christ's glory as the Head and Ruler of the world. C329; D639

[Psa. 118:27]

Shewed us light —Truth. A20
Bind the sacrifice —In the time of sacrifice. R2789:1 Dying daily is a very hard thing to do. R4244:5* The Vow is a closer binding of the sacrifice of consecration to the altar. R4402:3*
With cords —The cords of love and zeal. R2588:6 In the Tabernacle type, the goat was tied, picturing the covenant of sacrifice which we make. R4864:3
Of the altar —The Brazen altar. R101:1*

[Psa. 119:9]

Wherewithal —The law of God is a detector of false ways; therefore we should test all of our ways by it. R705:6
A young man —At the verge of manhood life's great work and duties must be faced, and the youth must come in contact, to some extent, with the wickedness of an ungodly world. R2146:2*
Cleanse his way —Keep a clean course in life. R2146:2*
By taking heed —Very few take time to consider, to weigh and compare principles and motives of action, to see whether the ends for which they strive are worthy of their efforts. R2146:1*
To thy word —"Able to make thee wise unto salvation." (2 Tim. 3:15) R2146:4* Coming to it for answers to all questions of right and duty, studying how the perfect law of God applies to daily life, its associations and obligations. R2146:6*

[Psa. 119:10]

I sought thee —The Christian who abandons daily reading of the Word and meditation on its precepts is not a growing Christian. R1850:5

[Psa. 119:11]

Hid in mine heart —Heart appreciation of the divine arrangements. R4409:5, R1850: 5

[Psa. 119:15]

I will meditate —With a meek and prayerful spirit; not read carelessly. R2146:5 Only in pondering the Word of the Lord can we receive the nourishment it is designed to give. R1390:3 A life acceptable to God is to be attained, not merely by prayers and resolutions, but by systematic effort at self-cultivation and nipping the weeds of perversity in the bud. R1296:2
In thy precepts —By diligent and constant cultivation of pure, benevolent and noble thoughts. R4834:6

[Psa. 119:16]

I will delight —Not merely a willingness to do the Lord's will under restraint, but a willing heart—"I delight to do thy will." (Psa. 40:8) R3609:1
I will not forget —The key to all proper living. R3609:1, R4834:5
Thy word —Not according to the imperfect standard, but according to God's Word. R4834:6

[Psa. 119:18]

Open thou mine eyes —God's Word explains many mysteries, and his faithful servants, who study his Word, are not in darkness. R1063:4*
Wondrous things —The matchless harmony of the divine plan. A349
Out of thy law —The entire Word of God, in a larger sense, is God's law. R1498:5

[Psa. 119:54]

Have been my songs —"Thou hast put a new song into my mouth, even the lovingkindness of our God." (Psa. 40:3) R2232:2 "Songs in the night." (Job 35:10) R2232:1 Not only literal songs, but the entire life will be a song of praise and thanksgiving. R2232:2 Remember Paul and Silas, praising God in the prison of Philippi, while their backs were still lacerated and bleeding? R2232:5
In the house —"The present evil world" (Gal. 1:4) is the general house of our pilgrimage while waiting for the change from the human to the divine nature. OV178:T; R2231:2 "The earthly house of this tabernacle." (2 Cor. 5:1) R2231:3
Of my pilgrimage —While waiting for the "city" of God. R2231:1 Even while we remain here as enemies and foreigners in the enemies' lands, we shall be fed and nourished temporally and spiritually. R5803:6

[Psa. 119:55]

In the night —Before the dawn of the Millennial day. R2232:1

[Psa. 119:67]

I was afflicted —Our Heavenly Father designs that various kinds of trouble shall come upon us to develop and prove our characters. R5879:4, R2382:1;F648 There are great blessings connected with afflictions. F648 The real interests of the New Creation and their physical conditions and interests are often opposites. F631
I went astray —It often requires several adversities to awaken one to come unto the Father through Christ for relief. R4048:3
But now —Therefore, we can thank God for earthly adversities. SM330:T As Job was blessed more abundantly after his trials than before, so in mankind's final restoration they will have the blessing of added experience to make them wise.R5803:4 The severe tribulations and disciplines of Israel's "seven times" will prove favorable to such of them as incline to do right. In fact, when Jesus came, they had proved so favorable that they were the holiest people in the world. Q356:4

[Psa. 119:71]

It is good for me —Precious indeed to the saints of God is the ministry of pain and sorrow. R5803:2, R5879:4, R2382:1; F648 "If ye be without chastisement (discipline, training), then are ye bastards and not sons," (Heb. 12:8) R5879:4

[Psa. 119:75]

Afflicted me —See comments on verses 67 and 71.

[Psa. 119:76]

According to thy word —Pray, trusting God's love and mercy. R5380:5*

[Psa. 119:90]

And it abideth —The same physical earth remains as the scene for great revolutionary changes which destroy the preceding order of things. R1615:4

[Psa. 119:97]

0 how I love thy law —The law of love, whose foundation is justice. R5885:5, R3070:6, R3071:4, R1535:5 We should love it as Christ loved it, study it and endeavor to conform to it as he did, glory in it and, by word and example, teach it to others as he did. R1404:5 We learn to delight ourselves in God's law by assembling together for Bible study. R597:6*
Meditation —We should, in every detail of life, consider carefully what is right and what is wrong according to Scripture. This course is termed meditating on God's law. R5116:3 If God's law were the constant meditation of all, there would be fewer glaring mistakes. R5885:5, R3071:4
All the day —Since it is to be applied to all our business and social relations, its often intricate problems require close discernment. R1703:5, R4062:4

[Psa. 119:99]

More understanding —God's Word explains many mysteries, and his faithful servants, who study his Word, are not in darkness. R1063:4*

[Psa. 119:104]

I get understanding —While seeking to follow the various specific commands of Scripture, let us seek more and more to understand the principles which underlie the divine law. R3596:1, R4803:4; HG620:1
Every false way —The law of God is a detector of false ways; therefore, we should test all our ways by it. R705:6

[Psa. 119:105]

Thy word is a lamp —His providence and Word. R4663:4 A prophetic lamp. D617 We need the Bible now as a lamp because we are in a dark time, until the day dawn. Q43:2; CR251:4 During the time of the world's existence the Bible has been the lamp, or light, to God's people. CR267:3 In this age the Word is the lamp and the Church the lampstand, but in the next age we shall shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of our Father. (Matt. 13:43) R243:6*, R244:1* During the Millennium the world will have something better, yet they will get a blessing from the Bible when they see how prophecies were fulfilled. Q43:2 All who walk the narrow way must use the lamp and walk with great particularity. CR340:4 In proportion as we feed the flame of the Spirit with the truth, we become burning and shining lights in the world, having the Spirit of the Lord in us. R4419:4 The lamps are trimmed by searching the Scriptures. C92 Even believers see only in part, and should desire increasing light, which God has for the Church only. HG745:6 The heathen are in gross darkness. Civilization is in darkness also, although not as gross as in heathendom. HGI79:6 Those who have it not stumble on in the darkness. R3686:3, R4988:1
Unto my feet —Pictures the traveler with the lamp attached to the toe of his sandal, giving light only for each step of the way. SM242:1; R5055:2 Not a light like that of the moon, which reaches far out, but merely a little light at the feet of those watching for it. Those who are going to sleep will find their light going out. R5256:6
Light unto my path —illuminating the signs of the times. R2973:3 Only for those who walk in the footsteps of Jesus. It does not shine far into the future, but enough for each onward step as it becomes due. A20; OV203:1; R3468:6 "The path of the just is as the shining light." (Prov. 4:18) A20The light prevents stumbling over the "stone of stumbling." (Isa. 8:14) R176:5 No amount of prayer will make up for neglect to study the Lord's Word. R5709:5The Law was a light, but was ultimately superseded by the true light, the Gospel. R2439:1, R2504:4 God's promises respecting the glorious morning are figuratively called "light," and these constitute the Bible. R5038:2 But let us beware in this day of the "new lights" and of many presenting themselves as special teachers. R2532:4

[Psa. 119:130]

Giveth light —Wisdom from above is the noblest science and the best instruction. R4825:1

[Psa. 119:133]

Order my steps —Help me so to walk as to make as few mistakes as possible. R3157:1
In thy word —The Word of God furnishes principles, precepts and examples broad enough to indicate the Lord's will in all the minutest affairs of life. R614:4 According to thy promise; perhaps by sending financial or social disappointments, or sickness of body so as to bring back the wandering sheep. R3157:2

[Psa. 119:148]

Prevent —Anticipate. R5518:5
Thy word —Law, precept—the spirit, the purpose of that law, not merely the outward form. R5518:5

[Psa. 119:165]

Great peace —"God has called us to peace." (1 Cor. 7:15) R2946:3 The knowledge that all of their affairs are under divine supervision. R5933:1
Which love thy law —To appreciate the fact that God has a great purpose; to take delight in finding out what God's will is; to have full confidence in his justice, wisdom, love and power. R4898:1; Q528:5 God's law represents God's will. R4898:1
Offend —Stumble. Those that stumble are those that are not rightly in harmony with God's law. R5933:1; Q528:5

[Psa. 119:174]

For thy salvation —From all sin, and to the perfection and beauty of holiness. R1938:2

[Psa. 119:175]

Let my soul live —The soul can be destroyed by its Creator. R1882:1; HG334:5

[Psa. 121:2]

My help —The Lord's people never needed help more than at the present. The difficulty with some, however, is that they do not realize their need. R4311:1
Cometh from the LORD —Not relying on our own strength or wisdom or the assistance of our fellows; not despising assistance from any quarter, but receiving it in the conviction that it comes from the Lord. R4311:2

[Psa. 121:4]

Slumber nor sleep —Whether we call on him in the busy hours of the day or in the silent watches of the night he is near to sustain, uphold, and protect, whether we realize his presence or not. R5549:1

[Psa. 121:5]

LORD is thy keeper —The great Covenant Keeper, who has promised and who will not fail in his promises. R3632:2 He would protect them as long as they would be loyal to him. R5626:2

[Psa. 121:8]

Preserve thy going —Refers especially to the spiritual life of the Lord's consecrated people. R1682:4

[Psa. 122:1]

Go into the house —Become part of the true Temple. R3284:4, R1495:6 In the Millennial age all mankind will be invited to approach the Lord and his spiritual Temple, The Christ; and, through them, the Father. R3284:4

[Psa. 122:6]

Peace of Jerusalem —As true of Jerusalem the higher, and her children of peace, as of the earthly Jerusalem. Those who pray for the Lord's cause seek to serve it and are proportionately blessed thereby. R2576:2

[Psa. 123:2]

Wait upon the LORD —We should recognize the divine providences and look for them. R5844:2

[Psa. 125:1]

Be as Mount Zion —The spiritual phase of the kingdom of God. A295; R5574:4

[Psa. 125:2]

Jerusalem —Would be a difficult city for an enemy to successfully attack; so is the defense of the Lord's people. R4623:3
Is round about —As a fortress and protection under every adverse influence. R4623:3 We are surrounded by God's messengers. (Psa. 34:7) R158:6*

[Psa. 126:2]

Tongue with singing —While the whole creation groans, the saintly few may sing, may rejoice. R4892:5 As Israel left Babylon with great joy, so we who have gotten free from mystic Babylon rejoice exceedingly and would not go back under any consideration. R3643:4

[Psa. 126:3]

For us —For natural Israel upon her return from literal Babylon; for spiritual Israel upon her return from mystic Babylon. R3643:1, R4892:2
We are glad —Those not thus stirred in spirit may as well stay in Babylon, as they would only prove snares and stumbling blocks to others. R2510:5 These have joy and peace because he grants to them a knowledge of his divine purposes and of things to come. R4892:5

[Psa. 126:5]

They that sow —The work of seed sowing was to be one of the main features of the Church's work until the Harvest, but the work of the harvest time is altogether different. R885:2*

[Psa. 126:6]

And weepeth —Feeling the importance and cost of the work in self-sacrifice. R785:1 Touched with sympathy for the blinded and suffering. R935:5*
Doubtless come again —We "know that our labor is not in vain in the Lord" (1 Cor. 15:58); we will see some of the fruit. R785:1

[Psa. 127:2]

His beloved sleep —Many, previously troubled with the cares of this life, have cast their cares upon the Lord and have regained the ability to enjoy sweet rest in sleep. R3003:4

[Psa. 130:1]

Out of the depths —In every life, in the present reign of sin and evil, the somber shades predominate. R5802:2, R1759:2 It is in seasons of overwhelming sorrow, when we draw near to the Lord, that he draws especially near to us. R1759:5, R5802:3
Have I cried —The soul that has never known the discipline of sorrow and trouble has never yet learned the preciousness of the Lord's love and helpfulness. R1759:3
Unto thee, O LORD —The righteousness of our Savior is our glorious dress in which we may come to God with humble boldness, courage. R5802:5

[Psa. 130:3]

Mark iniquities —When the heart is true and loyal, God does not mark our infirmities in a record against us. R1759:6 Does not mark against us the unavoidable blemishes of our earthen vessel.R5802:5
Who shall stand? —David, feeling his own shortcomings, longed for full deliverance from every imperfection. R5802:3

[Psa. 130:4]

There Is forgiveness —Mercy is one of the grandest and most impressive features of the divine character. R3599:2 The fact that God gives us credit for our heart intentions prompts us to greater reverence for him. R5681:1
That thou mayest —It is God's love which constrains us to seek him, desire to serve him, and walk in the footsteps of Jesus. R4931:3 If God were not forgiving and merciful, we might indeed be in terror before him, but we could not love him, not have the same incentive to righteousness. R3599:2
Feared —Reverenced. R1759:5, R4931:3

[Psa. 130:5]

I wait for the LORD —How necessary is the patient waiting on the Lord. R1759:6, R5802:6 "Wait patiently for him ... and he shall bring it to pass." (Psa. 37:7, 5) R1760:1
Do I hope —He loves us too well to permit any needless sorrow, any needless suffering. R5802:6 God has not forgotten when the answers to our prayers seem to tarry long. R1760:1

[Psa. 130:6]

More than they —Who are watching from the standpoints of socialism, nationalism, and other human plans and hopes. RI760:4
For the morning —The Millennial morning. R1760:1

[Psa. 131:2]

Quieted myself —Nephesh, soul, sentient being. E334

[Psa. 132:7]

At his footstool —Applied by Popists to the kissing of the Pope's foot. B309

[Psa. 132:8]

Arise, O LORD —Chanted just before the glory of the Lord filled the Temple at its dedication. R4297:4* Referring to the cloud's lifting from the Tabernacle and going before Israel as a guide.R3060:6
Thou, and the ark —The Christ. T121

[Psa. 132:11]

Fruit of thy body —The genealogical records prove Jesus to be the Son of David, as the prophets foretold. R944:1* Fulfilled in Solomon only because Solomon was a type of the greater Son of David, who was also the Son of God. R2372:6 The typical kingdom continued from David to Zedekiah, then was taken away from the earth, never to be replaced until the Messiah replaces it as God's true Kingdom at his reign. Q93:8 If Solomon had obeyed God as did David, the deathless heir to the throne would have come from his seed as well. R467:3* The Maccabeans did not come from the line God recognized, and the Herod family were not Jews at all. Q93:8

[Psa. 132:12]

If thy children —But they did not meet the conditions, and Solomon's line was rejected as Christ's ancestry. E130

[Psa. 132:13]

Hath chosen Zion —The true Church. D158

[Psa. 132:17]

The horn —Horns are symbols of power. T42
Of David —Type of Christ. B255

[Psa. 133:1]

How pleasant —This Psalm seems to be specially applicable to our day. R4994:3
Brethren —The Church. R4994:3 But truth and error, light and darkness, are not brethren. They are implacable and everlasting foes. R753:5, R5229:5
Together in unity —All who have the spirit of the Head must be in sympathy with the fellow members of the Body. F132 The more the Lord's jewels come together, the more opportunities for friction, and the more need for the holy Spirit. R4995:6 It would be easier for a company of people in the nominal church to live together in unity. R4995:1While each New Creature is a complete member of Christ, yet in addition all the New Creatures are to recognize themselves as members one of another, and are to exercise toward each other such love as will prevent friction and enable the whole to cooperate for its own upbuilding and completion. R2227:5 Made difficult because of the Christian's real intrinsic worth or character—like diamonds being rubbed together. R4995:4 Let our combativeness be engaged against the great enemy and all the works of sin—including those in our fallen flesh. R3246:5 Each brother has a right to his own opinion. We have no right to make our views tests. The things that are tests are the things given us in the Scriptures. R4995:3,4 If we find any member unendurable, we should ask for more of the Lord's spirit so that we may exercise more patience and brotherly kindness in dealing with that one. R5230:1,4 The most favorable condition for unity is that all shall seek to have the Lord's will done in their mortal bodies. R5229:3 Illustrated by David, who was emphatically a man of peace toward his brethren of all the tribes. R3246:5 Illustrated in the Bethel family. HG503:1

[Psa. 133:2]

Precious ointment —The holy Spirit. T37, R5235:6, R5654:5, R5971:6 "The anointing which we have received of him abideth in you " (1 John 2:27) T37, E215 The anointing belongs to the entire Body—the qualifying power of God on all the Royal Priesthood, authorizing them to declare the glad tidings. E215; Q23:T, R5971:6 Jesus' anointing was God's recognition and acceptance of his sacrifice. R1688:4
Upon the head —Upon Christ Jesus at the time of his baptism. T37, R5424:5, R5549:4, R5587:5; CR460:3 "Anointed with the oil of gladness above his fellows." (Psa. 45:7) T37 In Jesus alone have we any standing before God. R5536:5
That ran down —From the baptism of Jesus to the last member of his Body. E215; CR251:5; OVI61:T, CR460.3 The underpriests took part in the ceremony and were anointed symbolically in him as members of his body. R135:1, R270:6
Even Aaron's —Type of The Christ, Head and Body. T37
To the skirts —Showing that the same anointing covers all the members of the Body. R4994:3, R5971:6, R5549:4, R5654:5, R1715:3; SM599:T, Q452:T, CR251:5
Of his garments —Anointing all who are truly his, covered by his robes. R72:6; T38

[Psa. 135:4]

LORD hath chosen Jacob —God himself was king of Israel. Hezekiah and others were only his representatives on the throne. R1358:4
His peculiar treasure —So long as Israel was under the divine rulership and care, no evil could befall them—except by divine permission for their correction and discipline. R1358:5

[Psa. 135:14]

The LORD will judge —It is not for us to judge any. R4473:6
His people —Up to the present God has not been judging the world; the trial is confined to justified believers. HG234:3

[Psa. 136:1]

Endureth for ever —To a full completeness. R5427:3 The wrath of God is always just, and tempered with mercy. R5427:3, R3283:4, R2613:2 This Psalm was probably sung by the Levites and the people of Israel at the dedication of Solomon's Temple. R3283:4, R4297:1 Therefore, the punishment of the wicked will end sometime. R236:4, R356:2

[Psa. 136:6]

Stretched out the earth —By gathering together the waters into seas; by convulsions of earth casting up mountain ranges and depressing other parts for the gatherings of waters, seas. R1813:1
Above the waters —Higher than the waters. R1813:1

[Psa. 136:8]

The sun to rule —Not the limitation of its usefulness; only that which specially pertains to man and the earth, his home, is mentioned. R1812:6

[Psa. 136:10]

Endureth for ever —To a full completeness. R5427:3 God's mercy towards human sinners will endure until Christ makes an end of it in the close of the Millennial age. R1454:1 Not limited to the present life. During the Millennial age the hand that smote will be turned to heal. R5427:3; A256

[Psa. 136:15]

Overthrew Pharaoh —Type of Satan. F458
In the Red sea —Type of the Second Death. F459

[Psa. 137:1]

Rivers of Babylon —Defiled by the mire of worldliness and error. R497:6
Yea, we wept —Fleshly Israel, after the overturn of their kingdom. B83
Remembered Zion —God's favor to Zion in the past. R497:6

[Psa. 137:2]

Hanged our harps —Laid aside the harps of God. R497:6 Take down your harps; flee from Babylon into full liberty of thought and expression; tune your harps and sing the song of Moses and the Lamb. R497:6
Upon the willows —Weeping over the grave of truth. R497:6
Psa. 137:3 :

They that carried —The Babylonian system. R497:6
Required of us mirth —Babylon would like to see Zion's captives happy in the midst of her worldliness. R497:6
Songs of Zion —That she might boast of the Lord's favor. R497:6

[Psa. 137:5]

If I forget thee —It is pleasing to note that in the land of their captivity Israel was reclaimed from idolatry so thoroughly as never to return to it again. R1483.3

[Psa. 137:6]

Remember thee —The spirit of praise is cultivated by calling to mind and recounting what the Lord has done. R2031:5

[Psa. 138:2]

Thy holy temple —The Christ. T70

[Psa. 138:6]

Unto the lowly —Only the poor in spirit, the humble and teachable ones, can submit to the discipline and training necessary to fit them for the Kingdom. R2139:4

[Psa. 139:6]

Such knowledge —His mighty intellect grasps with ease all the interests of his wide domain, from immensity to minutia. R1864:3 Memory that never fails, judgment that never errs, plans that never miscarry, vigilance that never ceases. R1560:2

[Psa. 139:7]

Go from thy spirit —To escape or be hidden from divine power. E366

[Psa. 139:8]

My bed in hell —Sheol, oblivion, death, not torment. E366
Thou art there —Even oblivion is accessible to divine power. E366 God has the same power to aid those in hell that he has to bless those in heaven. HG754:6*, HG756:1* God's power is unlimited. Even over those in the tomb he can, and will, exert it, and bring forth all that are in the graves. (John 5:28) R2599:3 "I have the keys of death and of hades, oblivion." (Rev. 1: 18) E366

[Psa. 139:14]

Fearfully —Awe-fully; we are noble creatures, in the image of our God, except as marred by sin. R1566:3

[Psa. 139:15]

My substance —My organism. E404
When I was made —Either at first birth, or in the resurrection. E404

[Psa. 139:16]

In continuance —Gradually. E404

[Psa. 139:21]

Them —Includes both evil men and evil angels. Q322:2

[Psa. 139:22]

Perfect hatred —We want to hate what the Lord hates. "Thou hast loved righteousness and hated iniquity " (Heb. 1:9) R4909:5, R1861:4, R5949:2, R1291:1; Q321:5, Q783:T We hate the Antichrist systems with "a perfect hatred" because we love God with a perfect love. The two, being opposites, properly produce opposite sentiments. R1191:4 We have no thought of ever becoming more loving than the Lord. R4909:6, R2131:2

[Psa. 139:23]

Search me, O God —It is in the diagnosis of our case that we are most likely to err; it is here that sobriety of mind and meekness are so much needed. R2094:5
Try me —The Lord says, I will prove you by leaving you all your time, influence, money, everything, in your hands as my steward. Q615:T

[Psa. 141:2]

As incense —The incense of old, which typified the prayers of saints, was composed of a rare mixture which only the priests were allowed to make. R5692:5 The prayers of God's people rise up before him as a sweet perfume. R5692:5

[Psa. 141:3]

Keep —If the prayer be sincere, the petitioner will do all in his power in this direction while seeking divine aid. R3739:6
The door of my lips —Whatever difficulty we have through our lips needs correction at our hearts. R3739:6 Help me to be secretive at the proper time. R3971:5 What a fearful responsibility attaches to the tongue that wags in an evil, or even in a flippant, way, which is also dishonoring to God. R1938:2

[Psa. 141:4]

To any evil thing —Assist me in my determination of opposition to all these things (dainties of this world). R5692:6

[Psa. 141:5]

Let the righteous —Primarily the Lord Jesus; also right-intentioned, right-willed persons, manifesting in their conduct the spirit of righteousness. R4977:2
Smite me —Those in fellowship with God will take no offense if reproved by the righteous. R5692:6
A kindness —We should be glad to be set right if we are wrong, and receive it as of the Lord. R4977:2
Let him —A proper reproof should not be injurious, but uplifting and refreshing. R4977:2
Reprove me —Administering reproof to another should be done only after careful consideration and prayer. R4977:3
An excellent oil —Such as a guest received from his host in ancient time. R5692:6
Shall not break —Neither our heads nor our hearts are broken by Scriptural reproofs. R5693:1 "Let not my head refuse it." (American Revision) R5693:1Reproof should not be disastrous, not crushing. R4977:3
In their calamities —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125 "Even in their wickedness shall my prayer continue. " (American Revision) R5693:1

[Psa. 141:7]

At the grave's —Sheol, oblivion. E366

[Psa. 141:9]

From the snares —But the world will be ensnared in the great time of trouble. R5693:5

[Psa. 141:10]

Let the wicked fall —Satan and his servants will be overwhelmed in the great time of trouble approaching, in a manner not expected. R5693:5

[Psa. 142:6]

For they are stronger —Pray, pleading our need. R5380:5*

[Psa. 143:5]

I remember —The spirit of praise is cultivated by calling to mind and recounting what the Lord has done for us. R2031:5
Work of thy hands —The two great books of nature and of revelation are special themes of meditation for those who love the Lord and desire to know more of him. R1390:6

[Psa. 143:8]

In the morning —Of the resurrection, the Millennium. A60; E364

[Psa. 143:10]

Lead me —Ask him to guide you, with no will of your own or choice as to the pathway, silently waiting to hear his voice, and it will be given you to know his will. R590:5*

[Psa. 144:1]

Fingers to fight —We should never go to battle without the assurance that the battle is the Lord's, nor should we forget that "Our weapons are not carnal weapons." (2 Cor. 10: 4) R2015:3

[Psa. 144:6]

Cast forth lightning —Diffusions of knowledge. R511:2
Shoot out thine arrows —Divine truth, slaughtering the hosts of error. R5493:6; CR164:4; SM440:1 See comments on Psa. 45:5.

[Psa. 144:11]

Strange children —The Lord shall separate the false, or strange, children from the true, and will glorify the saintly ones. R4768:2

[Psa. 144:12]

Corner stones —Corner pillars. R4768:4
Polished —Sculptured. R4768:4 The grace and beauty of the children of the Messiah will be marvelous, attaining to more than Adamic perfection. R4768:4

[Psa. 144:13]

Our streets —Your open pastures. R4768:4

[Psa 144:14]

No breaking in —No breach—no rupture of happy relationships. R4768:4
Nor going out —No migration, no more seeking for better or more happifying conditions. R4768:5 Even death shall be destroyed. R4768:4
No complaining —Discontent is now rapidly increasing with every added blessing of our wonderful day. R4768:5 Contentment will take the place of selfishness and discontent. R4768:5

[Psa. 144:15]

Happy is that people —It is an ideal picture of the future and not of the past. R4768:1 That happy nation will acquire, additionally, a happy home and a worldwide paradise. Even human perfection could not bring happiness if calamities continued. R4768:2
Whose God is the LORD —Whose God is Jehovah. We need to correct our ideas and our theologies. R4768:5

[Psa. 145:5]

I will speak of —Meditate on. R2712:1
The glorious honour —From the standpoint of the average Christian, God is anything but gloriously honorable in his majesty. R2712:3
Thy wondrous works —The sentence of death upon our race, the work of redemption through Christ, and the coming deliverance. R2713:1

[Psa. 145:6]

And men —The world of mankind in general, not appreciating his glorious character. R2712:1

[Psa. 145:7]

Abundantly utter —Loudly proclaim. R2713:5
The memory —The Memorial, the gift of God's dear Son. R2713:5

[Psa. 145:9]

Is good to all —The Lord's special care and compassion are over the weak, helpless and bereaved ones. Q781:4
His tender mercies —Kind providences, to be manifested in due time. R1560:3
Over all his works —His memory never fails, his judgment never errs, his plans never miscarry, his vigilance never ceases. R1560:2 In a certain sense God's providence attaches to every creature, but saints are his peculiar care. R3219:2

[Psa. 145:10]

And thy saints —All the Lord's saints during the harvest time. R2714:6

[Psa. 145:11]

Of the glory —Of the glorious salvation to be manifested to the living and the dead. R2714:2-4
Of thy kingdom —The Millennial Kingdom. R2714:2
Of thy power —Which will bind Satan, punish sin, heal the mental, moral and physical diseases of men, raise the dead, lift all the obedient up to perfection. R2714:4

[Psa. 145:13]

Everlasting kingdom —Man will have everlasting life, as Adam had it, as long as obedient to God's will, which will be forever, since they will have learned the evil effect of any other way. R269:6

[Psa. 145:15]

Meat in due season —Every feature of Present Truth sent by God as "meat in due season" for his saints is promptly counterfeited to "deceive, if possible, the very elect." (Matt. 24:45, 24) R5800:5

[Psa. 145:17]

And holy —He could not be holy in all of his works if he were the author of sin and crime. R1351:4*

[Psa. 145:19]

Them that fear him —Perfect love casts out slavish fear, but increases reverential fear. R2986:6, R2289:5

[Psa. 145:20]

The LORD preserveth —God will eventually bring a blessing out of evils to those not in sympathy with them; but the evils themselves, and the wicked, he will destroy. R3145:4* To all eternity. OV439:3*
Them that love him —During the Gospel age divine blessings are conferred upon the Church. R3658:5
But all the wicked —Satan and all who intentionally oppose God. E392; R4811:6, R5839:4,R769:4 Of the Sodomites and the antediluvians God made illustrations of the great lesson that all who refuse the rule of righteousness will be esteemed "wicked." R5179:1,R5167:6; SM502:2; CR113:4 The intelligently wicked. R5839:1 Not the ignorant. R3083:2 The wilfully wicked and not the merely ignorant, misled, blinded, or deceived. HG728:5 Whether they belong to the class that is now on trial or to the class which will be on trial during Messiah's reign. R5408:2 All shall be awakened and brought to a full knowledge before being sentenced as "wicked." But the wicked shall never see life. R1106:6 God permits conditions which he disapproves, which he will ultimately destroy. R5209:6
Will he destroy —Not torment. F332; SM520:2, SM153:2; CR498:4; R5238:3; OV439:3*; SM589:3 "The wicked shall perish." (Psa. 37:20) R2607:3 "Punished with everlasting destruction." (2 Thes. 1:9) E392 Ultimately, after full opportunity, every false teacher and every wilful sinner will be destroyed. R4740:5, R5209:6, R5340:2, R5694:2; SM87:1 Torment is unjust and unmerciful, but taking away life from those who do not conform to New covenant regulations is reasonable, just and merciful. R3083:5 God can both create a human soul and destroy one. OV34:1 He who gives us our existence has the power to deprive us of it. R363:1 This is a righteous, just, penalty for those who refuse God's favor and his righteous, reasonable, loving terms. Q219:T Neither sin nor sinners can go beyond the Millennial age. R765:4 There is no reason why those who will not make progress should be allowed to live on indefinitely. R5167:5 He will not feed them and continue their lives everlastingly. R1176:1 But the delay in execution until the little season will delude some into thinking that it will not be enforced, as Eve was deluded in Eden. R1234:5 Not in the present life where they, more often than the righteous, flourish and prosper. R1383:5Whoever will not have God's gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord cannot have life at all. R2398:6 God will ultimately have a clean universe, free from the blight of sin and sinners. R2607:3 It is right to destroy beasts, and it is right for God to destroy those who will ultimately be like brute beasts in that they would be injurious to others. Q225:T Contrary to the teachings of Mormonism. HG731:4 But none will die the Second Death because of Adam's transgression. SM589:3 "Fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body." (Matt. 10:28) CR498:4 There will be no forced obedience. The only force wilful sinners will receive, after having full opportunity to know God's will, is the force of destruction. R891:4

[Psa. 146:4]

His thoughts perish —Contrary to the teachings of Spiritualism. R2170:2 "The dead know not anything." (Eccl. 9:5) R4792:1 There is no conscious existence after the breath leaves the body. R802:3, R1881:5 His personality, the result of his hereditary and prenatal influences, combined with his experiences, perishes, for it cannot exist without a body. R5166:2 Whoever would believe the Scriptural doctrine of the resurrection must also believe the Scriptural doctrine respecting death—that death is death, the cessation of life. R4791:6

[Psa. 146:7]

Looseth the prisoners —Setting free the prisoners of sin and death. OV387:5; A112

[Psa. 146:9]

Relieveth the fatherless —The Lord's special care and compassion are over the weak, helpless, and bereaved ones. Q781:4

[Psa. 147:2]

Outcasts of Israel —Assembling to his standards the outcasts of nominal spiritual Israel. (Isa. 66:5) R438:2

[Psa. 147:4]

The stars —The Lord's bright ones. R438:2

[Psa. 147:11]

Them that fear him —Earnestly watchful of every word and act, trying to please the Lord, and copy his character. R2289:6

[Psa. 147:14]

Finest of the wheat —The wealth of our Father's storehouse. R5538:3 It is necessary that the New Creature be fed upon it. R5735:6

[Psa. 148:8]

Stormy wind —Ruach, invisible power. E174

[Psa. 148:14]

Exalteth the horn —Horns are symbols of power. T42

[Psa. 149:5]

Joyful in glory —The time may come when part of the saints will be in glory beyond the veil, and when those on this side will enter very fully into the joys and work of their Lord. R5451:1It need not be on the other side, but on this side, of the veil. Q387:1 Though we shall rule the world, it will be when we are in glory. R233:5,* R35:6, R152:6
Upon their beds —In the state of perfect rest. R82:3* ; Q99:1 Representing creeds, or the sum total of one's religious belief. R5804:2Representing mental attitude and heart condition. R5804:4 This seems to imply that there is a special work to be done while the saints still have "beds" on this side of the veil. R5631:6, R5451:1; Q88:2 Signifying a rest of faith, applicable to this side of the veil, beyond is not a rest of faith, but an absolute entering into rest. R5451:2 We shall, of course, be at ease on the other side, but this evidently means an ease of faith on this side of the veil. Q387:1

[Psa. 149:6]

High praises of God —The saints can praise God more intelligently and fully now than ever before. R5804:4 Applicable to those on this side of the veil. R5631:6, R5451:2; Q427:2
Two edged sword —That sword is truth, and the living saints and many of the world are now being used as the Lord's soldiers in overthrowing errors and evils. B100, B101 The Word of God. R5631:6, R5804:4; Q88:2, Q99:1 The Word of God. That means here, for there will be no smiting with a two-edged sword over there. Q387:1; R5451:2 God's people have all the knowledge needful for the efficient use of the sword at this time—to oppose everything opposed to the truth. R5804:4; Q387:1

[Psa. 149:7]

Execute vengeance —This would seem to imply that there would be something for the saints on this side of the veil to do in connection with the execution of the judgments upon the nations. R5632:1Implying that these saints will be in authority. This Psalm describes the time when they are to do a judging work in respect to the world in general, as well as in respect to Israel, God's people. R5451:2
Upon the heathen —The Gentiles, or nations. R5451:2; Q427:2 Other Scriptures intimate that all nations, not only heathen, but civilized, will be found in opposition to the heavenly kingdom, and that all together will be crushed. SM442:1
And punishments —To some extent at least we are already engaging in the great work here depicted—in the binding and fettering of error. R5804:5 The seven last plagues. R155:4-6*
Upon the people —Of Israel. R5451:2

[Psa. 149:8]

To bind their kings —To forcibly restrain them from wrongdoing. D633 The new King (The Christ complete) will dethrone and bind the former Prince of the power of the air and accomplish the final overturning. R362:1 The binding or suppression of evil during the Millennial age will result from the exercise of authority and power by our Lord when he shall take unto himself his great power and reign. (Rev. 11:17) R331:2 Whether we participate in this work on this side of the veil or on the other side makes no difference to us. R5451:5 Illustrated by a sister's experience with a Baptist minister. R5573:5 Apparently the Church now has no part whatever in the binding of kings. Q125:5
Fetters of iron —Because they will not surrender peaceably. A261 Truth is surely accomplishing a work in binding and fettering error. R5804:5

[Psa. 149:9]

To execute —Should any commission be given to the Lord's people to execute judgment this side of the veil, it would be so explicit as to leave no room for doubt. R5451:4 Possibly some of the Lord's people on this side of the veil might jointly engage in some work of judgment with others on the other side. Q99:1
The judgment written —All this belongs to this side of the veil. These are the saints who are to execute the judgments written. Q387:1 The river Jordan means a judgment, and the smiting of this Jordan may mean to put the truth in such a way as to do the judging. The Elijah will handle this sword. Q387:2
This honour —Has not come to us yet. Q427:2 Of a share in the establishment of the Kingdom and the overthrow of Gentile power. D624
All his saints —Would include those who are living in the world when the judgments are executed, as well as the resurrected saints. R5761:5