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Consecrated parents, after seeing the truth, should not only let the light shine out upon neighbors and grown folks, but also and especially upon their children. And as the children come more and more to love the Lord and his truth, it is well to teach them to appreciate the privilege of rendering little sacrifices of play, etc., in his service. We should not force them, but teach them both by word and example to appreciate such opportunities as great privileges; nor should we expect them to sacrifice all their play-time. Endeavor to have their services like your own, freewill offerings.

It has been suggested that children can do little in the way of preaching the good tidings, and this has been true until now. Now, a way has opened up by which the children may be a mighty power, a way in which the parental influence may reach out through the children to whole neighborhoods. Thus many who have regretted that they were so circumstanced that they could not go forth to preach the truth by selling DAWN, find a door opened to them now through their own and other children.

The plan is, to have children all over the country in every city and town, act as colporteurs in selling the OLD THEOLOGY TRACTS for the Tract Society. Tracts Nos. I. and II. are now ready, and a new one may be expected each quarter. The first one is, Do the Scriptures Teach that Eternal Torment is the Wages of Sin? The second is entitled, The Scripture Teaching on Calamities, and Why God Permits Them.

It is proposed that these Child-Colporteurs shall sell these tracts at one cent each, wherever parental judgment may direct—on the cars, in the markets, in stores, depots, etc., etc.—everywhere. Thousands can be sold thus, and will be more surely read than if given away gratis.

Furthermore, while your own children might gladly, for a while, engage in this service from interest in you and a desire to serve God, it will be necessary for others to have a money interest in the service; and this will help give stability and continuity to the efforts of the interested children also. Therefore, the TRACT SOCIETY proposes the following special arrangement with all Child-Colporteurs. They will be supplied 50 tracts for 25 cents (Nos. 1 and 2 assorted or separate as desired); and thus even at the small price of one cent each, the children will have half their receipts for profit—for spending in whatever way they please.

To enable any, who may feel uncertain as to their ability in this work, to give it a trial, we will put up packs of ten tracts (5 No. 1 and 5 No. 2) and call them "trial packs," at the same rate—i.e., 5 cents per pack, postage free. And if any are so poor that they cannot purchase one of these packs, we will start them in the work by sending the first pack on credit.