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I am sorry to hear that the untruthful statement has been circulated that you are denying the Ransom. Of you it can be said emphatically that you are the great defender and expounder of the ransom—from the year 1872—and especially from 1878 even to this day.

For centuries the doctrine of the ransom held a prominent place in orthodox theology, but there was no distinction made between the act of providing the ransom price and the act of paying that price over to Justice. This is most convincingly set forth in your writings. The "anti lutron" did not remove the sentence of death from the world; this is to be done by the hilasmos act. In your writings the act of presenting the ransom price as an offset for sins in the heavenly court of justice is divided into two parts—the Atonement for the Church and the atonement for the world; that the legal atonement for the Church was made on the Ascension day, and when the "ransom money" shall have been stamped with the image and with the superscription of the death of the Church, it will be paid over to Justice and God and the world will be at one—legally only. God cannot be reconciled to sinners; they must first be brought into a perfect condition ere they can enjoy the friendship of God; hence the necessity of an effective covenant.

With greatest interest and pleasure I have followed you in your explanation of the three Covenants. I was used to speak of this Gospel Age as the New Testament time and of the Gospel Church as the New Testament [R4430 : page 206] Church, but you made a clear cut of it, declaring that the New Covenant is not yet in existence, that it belongs to the Millennial Age. This declaration dispelled the mist and caused me to see the wondrous doings of our God more clearly. The Seed promised in the Abrahamic Covenant is to bless Israel and all nations by the arrangement of the New Covenant. The New Covenant will be established as soon as its Mediator, Christ Head and Body, shall have been completed. Then will begin the great transaction. Christ as the High Priest shall enter into the Most Holy with the blood of the Church to justify God in his act of letting the world go from the chain of death—legally. God will then be at liberty to exhibit his wisdom, love and power toward mankind. The work of the atonement will then be finished and Christ shall come forth as the Mediator. The antitypical Ishmael, the Jewish nation, shall come from the wilderness condition to the promised land, even to Mt. Zion, the center from which God will rule the world during the Millennium. The New Covenant will be sealed and the precious work will begin—the work of taking away the sins of Israel and the taking away of the sins of the world, and the writing of the law of God in the hearts of the children of Israel and in the hearts of the people of other nations.

You have brought wonderful things to my attention. I am taken captive by these things. What am I that I should come under the offer of getting the choicest portion of the Abrahamic Covenant? I remember the days when I was reading and thinking of the two Covenants mentioned by Paul in Galatians 4, but I did not understand, so I have watched and received eagerly whatsoever has come from your pen along the line of the Covenants. How precious it is to walk under the light shed upon them! Precious, sanctifying truths indeed they are. Daily I remember you and all your dear colaborers at the throne of heavenly grace.

Yours in love of the Truth,

K. P. HAMMER,—Can.


For some time I have wanted to write and tell you how greatly I have been blessed since making the Vow my own, which I did at 11:15 p.m., January 9 last. Words fail to express the peace of mind I experienced as soon as I registered it with our heavenly Father. I am happier now than I have been since I came into Present Truth, and can truthfully say, each day I have received more light and knowledge and have increased joy in the Lord and in his service. My heart overflows with gratitude and extreme thankfulness to our heavenly Father for his goodness to me.

Dear Brother Russell, I grieve very much when I think of the things I believed and thought of you. I am very deeply impressed by the way in which you have taken this trial and by your love for the brethren amid such terrible persecution, and I want you to know you have my heartfelt sympathy. I pray that those who are still in opposition may also have the eyes of their understanding opened before it is too late.

May the Lord's blessing be with you all in "Bethel Home." May I ask you to pray on my behalf? With much Christian love to you all,

Your sister in the blessed Lord,

M. L. JAMES,—Pa.



I rejoice to tell you that Saturday, April 24th, the anniversary of the day I registered my "Vow" to the Lord, found me "safe in the arms of Jesus," much grace having been obtained in time of need. I love the Vow's sanctifying power and protection. The Lord bless thee abundantly. With sincere love and prayers,

By his grace, C. WHITE,—Texas.



"Grace to you, and peace, from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ." "We give thanks to God always for you, making mention of you in our prayers "daily," "Remembering without ceasing, your work of faith and labor of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ"; making request that your trip among the dear ones abroad may be prosperous and assist in "building up many in the most holy faith."

I want to tell you what a great blessing the Vow has been to me—and especially so since Brother Brown went home and I have had no earthly one to lean upon. The dear Lord has been very near, guarding and strengthening me for the daily battle with "the world, the flesh and the Adversary."

"May he who is able to guard you from stumbling and to set you before the presence of his glory, without blemish, in exceeding joy," be with you to the end of your life's journey.

Your sister in the Anointed,





After the singing of the hymn the Bethel Family listens to the reading of "My Vow unto the Lord," then joins in prayer. At the breakfast table the MANNA text for the date is read and questions and comments considered. Finally, just before leaving the table, the MANNA comment is read. Desiring that all share the blessings, we commend the plan to others. The hymns for Aug. are indicated below to permit all who so desire to join with us:

(1) 4; (2) 61; (3) 236; (4) 280; (5) 215; (6) 9; (7) 286; (8) 152; (9) 110; (10) 334; (11) 105; (12) 141; (13) 139; (14) 328; (15) 155; (16) 117; (17) 119; (18) 8; (19) 35; (20) 130; (21) 47; (22) 273; (23) 7; (24) 125; (25) 246; (26) 19; (27) 194; (28) 14; (29) 88; (30) 71; (31) 325.