[Jeremiah - General]

About the time of King Josiah and his reformation the Prophet Jeremiah began to speak in the name of the Lord. Josiah was succeeded by his son, who proved himself another bad son of a good father. Under the evil rule of King Jehoiakim, Jeremiah, under the Lord's guidance, foretold the coming destruction of the city and Temple. According to Jeremiah's account it was a time of great moral delinquency. He pictures a terrible condition of the people. As Jeremiah told them of the time of trouble nearing, so some of God's people today are declaring that the greatest time of trouble ever known in the world's history is probably but a few years off. All cannot be reformers and prophets to the same extent as Jeremiah. Every child of God, however, should be a foe to sin in its every form. Such must be prepared for the finger of scorn and the lip of sarcasm and slander. R4856:3 The faithful prophet, Jeremiah, was persecuted because he boldly declared the word of the Lord which foretold only trouble upon Israel, and how the government foolishly thought to avert the trouble by persecuting the Lord's warning messenger, instead of heeding his wise counsel. In this the faithful Prophet typified the faithful of the Gospel age who will also suffer persecution in some shape or form, if they boldly declare the whole counsel of God. R1372:2
Jeremiah prophesied in the days of Josiah and of his four successors, Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin and Zedekiah. He was of about the same age as Josiah, and seems not to have been seriously ill-treated by that reformer; although he was passed by when the king sought heavenly counsel respecting the Book of the Law and the turning away of the penalties for sin therein recorded. Jeremiah's position was a peculiarly trying one, for although his prophesying evidently had a marked effect and greatly influenced the king and the princes and the people in cleansing the land of its idolatry and in re-establishing the worship of Jehovah, yet he was not permitted to compliment the people on these measurable reforms, and to promise them a return of divine favor, as did the false prophets at that time, and was considered unpatrio- tic. R2400:1 But he was a patriot in the highest sense of the word, namely, in that he looked for the highest good of his nation along the lines of divine wisdom. R4865:3
The captivity of Judah was in two sections: the first included Daniel and others with the King Jehoiakim. The king of Babylon left Zedekiah in control as his vassal under tribute, but on account of the latter's treachery and league with Egypt, the Babylonian army came again against Jerusalem and besieged it. Famine and pestilence resulted, and ultimately the city of Jerusalem was captured and utterly destroyed, and King Zedekiah, with his eyes put out, was taken a prisoner to Babylon, with all the people except a few of the very poorest and least competent. Jeremiah, given his liberty, chose to remain with the poor of the land who subsequently went down into Egypt, so that Jerusalem and the country round about lay desolate without inhabitants for seventy years, according to the word of the Lord at the mouth of Jeremiah. R3616:2

[Jer. 1:1]

Words of Jeremiah —To be read to all the people at the Temple on the occasion of a general gathering for worship and repentance. R4857:2

[Jer. 1:3]

End of the 11th year —The 70 years of desolation began in the end of the 11th year of Zedekiah. HG47:2 It was here the diadem was removed to "be no more until he come whose right it is." (Ezek. 21:25-27) HG46:5

[Jer. 1:5]

Before I formed thee —In the case of Adam, God knew what man, without experience, would do before he formed him, and made full provision for his failure. R875:3*

[Jer. 1:10]

I have this day —A prophecy which belongs to Christ's Millennial reign. B311
Set thee —Christ. B311 Claimed by Papists to refer to the Pope. B311

[Jer. 1:19]

To deliver thee —Not from persecution or even death, but merely such protection as would prevent his enemies from hindering the Lord's purpose in him. R1372:2 The Lord does not engage to deliver his children from all the ills of life; but if faithful unto death, they will have a glorious deliverance and entrance into the Kingdom. R1372:3

[Jer. 2:12]

O ye heavens —Powers of spiritual control, ecclesiasticism. A318; Q841:2

[Jer. 2:13]

Fountain —Of truth, the Lord's Word. Q841:2
Cisterns —Receptacles to hold the muddy waters of the traditions of men. Q841:2
Hold no water —The old systems are breaking up and are useless for holding the waters of truth. Q841:2

[Jer. 2:21]

Yet I had —God. R1795:3
Planted thee —Nominal fleshly Israel and nominal spiritual Israel. R1896:1
A noble vine —"A certain man planted a vineyard." (Mark 12:1) R1795:3
A strange vine —Not for any lack of attention on God's part, but because of the perversity of the vine. R1896:1

[Jer. 2:35]

Thou sayest —Through emotional revivals, by pointing to these as evidences that the holy Spirit is still working among the churches. R3583:1*

[Jer. 3:8]

Had put her away —Had been previously carried away captive. (2 Kings 17:1-24) R1372:5
A bill of divorce —The Lord has not remarried, nor ever will remarry, the ten tribes. R1341:5; C296
Treacherous sister Judah —Judah had not profited by the example of the Lord's displeasure with Israel, nor by the warnings of his prophets, but had outrivaled her sister in corruption. R1372:5

[Jer. 3:14]

Married unto you —Union or covenant between Jehovah and Israel. R1388:6

[Jer. 3:17]

At that time —During the Millennial age. D615
Call Jerusalem —The earthly phase of the Kingdom. A297

[Jer. 3:18]

Land that I have given —The gathering of Israel and Judah to re-establish them in their own land. R2125:1

[Jer. 3:22]

We come unto thee —When the iron rod has accomplished the work of destruction. A256

[Jer. 3:23]

Of mountains —Kingdoms. A318

[Jer. 4:2]

Bless themselves —In becoming Abraham's seed, in coming into relationship with the Kingdom, which shall have an Israelitish basis. R5810:1

[Jer. 4:4]

Circumcise yourselves —Symbolizing a cutting off, a separation from the flesh, its aims, hopes and desires. R3022:3

[Jer. 4:13]

As a whirlwind —The great time of trouble which follows the second coming of Christ, sweeping everything before it. R5863:6; D528
His horses —See comments on Isaiah 31:1

[Jer. 4:15]

Mount Ephraim —The governments of Christendom. D22; R3104:2, R1357:3, R562:2

[Jer. 4:23]

I beheld the earth —Society. A318
And the heavens —Powers of spiritual control. A318
Had no light —Truth. A20

[Jer. 4:24]

Mountains —Kingdoms. A318
And all the hills —Less autocratic governments. D551

[Jer. 4:29]

The whole city —Religious government. D25
For the noise —The time of trouble. (Jer. 25:31) D20
Of the horsemen —The great leaders in false doctrines. (Isa. 31:1) C316

[Jer. 4:30]

With crimson —Scarlet, symbol of the blood of the ransom. T34, T109
Ornaments of gold —Symbol of the divine nature. T18

[Jer. 4:31]

Daughter of Zion —The nominal church. D23

[Jer. 5:31]

My people —God's professed people, the nominal church. R1137:5
Love to have it so —Take pride in their growing denominational strength. R1137:5

[Jer. 6:2]

Daughter of Zion —The nominal church. D23

[Jer. 6:12]

With their fields —Of labor. C157
And wives —Churches. C157

[Jer. 6:14]

Peace, peace —The whole world boasts that civilization and Christianity have won the day, that the world has become God's empire and the blessings of the Millennium are ours to enjoy. R4795:3As at the World Parliament of Religions, it is merely a stroke of human policy to try to quiet the fears of the church. D238 As at the opening of the Kiel ship canal, where 120 ironclads participated. D156 As at the First National Arbitration Board, convened at Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 14, 1872. R5554:1 Ever since the first peace conference at The Hague the church systems have been declaring that war has come to an end. Q529:2 Their theory has been that universal peace between the nations would speedily usher in the Messianic Kingdom.R5554:2 There can be no true peace as long as there is sin; for sin is the great difficulty with the world. Q529:2 The Lord will raise up other servants who will not seek to please the ear with soft words, nor to lull the drowsy, but will proclaim the unvarnished truth concerning hypocrisy and deception. R563:3

[Jer. 6:16]

Ask for —If our ways are not in harmony with those of God. R705:6* This is the appropriate lesson for each of us, to come to the Bible afresh, to hear its message. SM543:1
The old paths —Not the theories of the Dark Ages; not Higher Criticism, Evolution, Theosophy, etc.; but the doctrines of Jesus and the apostles. SM302:1, SM543:1; E62 The finding of the Word began afresh with the introduction of the art of printing. R3609:4 The doctrines older than Wesley, Calvinism or Roman Catholicism—the doctrines of Jesus and the apostles and prophets. HG433:5 For example, celebrating the Memorial Supper upon its anniversary. R1943:2, R2115:2 As the "old paths" are found, pompous human titles which seem so much to the world and to Babylon come to appear vain, inappropriate and deceitful. R2826:2

[Jer. 6:17]

Watchmen —The prophets and others. R1795:6
Of the trumpet —Let the trumpet give no uncertain sound. (1 Cor. 14:8) R309:1* The trumpet is to sound until a company shall be developed who will be the virgins, the companions of the Bride. (Psa. 45:14) R309:1*

[Jer. 6:19]

Hear, O earth —Society. A318
I will bring evil —Prophetic of the siege of Jerusalem after Jesus' death. R2787:3

[Jer. 6:20]

Incense —Representing praise. R3703:4

[Jer. 6:23]

Like the sea —The restless, turbulent, dissatisfied masses of the world. A318
Ride upon horses —Doctrines. C316

[Jer. 7:3]

Amend your ways —If our ways are not right they should be amended and not justified, saying, It is my way. R2204:4, R705:3

[Jer. 7:4]

Temple of the LORD —The Christ. T70

[Jer. 7:9]

Unto Baal —To whom were offered human sacrifices. D24
After other gods —Corrupting the Israelites by contact with them. D24

[Jer. 7:18]

Provoke me to anger —The idolatrous tendencies of that nation brought divine wrath upon them and sent them into captivity to Babylon. R5125:1

[Jer. 7:25]

I have even sent unto you —God was continually reminding them of their unfaithfulness. R1365:4 During the Millennial age it will no longer be necessary to be always preaching "know the Lord."R1365:5

[Jer. 7:26]

Hardened their neck —A figure taken from the stiffness of neck of an unruly yoke of oxen. R3464:1

[Jer. 7:31]

Tophet —Later called Gehenna, the valley of Hinnom. PD63/73 Used as a type of the real Gehenna, or lake of fire, unquenchable till its work is done. R1449:5* A place for the offerings or sacrifices of persons in idolatrous worship. R1449:5* The valley of Hinnom was first established under demon influence as a place of torture; but Israel made it a crematory for the carcases of dead animals and the bodies of certain vile criminals and it thus became a symbol of the Second Death. R3069:1
Burn their sons —The image of Moloch was erected there and children were roasted alive in the arms of the image. R3069:1; PD63/73
Neither came it —The doctrine of everlasting torture is contrary to every element of divine character. R5326:6 Under the Lord's arrangement no torture was permitted in Israel. R3069:1 For centuries the masses of Christendom have attributed to the God of love a character far worse than that of Moloch. R3069:1

[Jer. 8:7]

Not the judgment —Arrangement, dealings. C157; R230:5
Of the LORD —That this harvest day of full, complete separation of wheat from chaff and tares must come; in this they show less discernment than the migratory fowls. C157

[Jer. 8:8]

How do ye say —How can you say, when you cannot discern the harvest time and the change of dispensation then due. C157
Is in vain —Because the Word of the Lord by his prophets and apostles is made void and set aside without attention. The creeds formed in the Dark Ages are the lightless lanterns of them that walk in darkness. C157

[Jer. 8:9]

The wise men —Those learned in the wisdom of this world. C157
They are dismayed —Disheartened by the failure of their cherished human schemes. C157
And taken —Caught. C157

[Jer. 8:10]

Will I give their wives —Their churches. C157
And their fields —Of labor. C157
To them —To the conquerors. C157
For every one —Of them. C157
To covetousness —"They are greedy dogs, which can never have enough." (Isa. 56:11) C157
From the prophet —Orator. C157
Unto the priest —Minister. C157
Dealeth falsely —Practiseth falsehood: "For we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves." (Isa. 28:15) C157

[Jer. 8:11]

Healed the hurt —The sore. C157 In the days of Luther and the Reformation, when the daughters might have been radically healed. R498:5
Of the daughter —Nominal Zion, Babylon. C157
There is no peace —Her whole system is diseased and needs thorough cleansing with the medicine of God's Word, the truth. C157

[Jer. 8:12]

Were they —They should have been. C157
Abomination —Their abominable work. C157
Shall they —The teachers. C157
Their visitation —Or inspection, in the harvest. C157
Shall be cast down —They shall stumble. C157 "But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief." (1 Thess. 5:4) C215

[Jer. 8:13]

Consume them —Make an end of them. C157
There shall be —There shall be left. C158
Shall fade —Shall wither. C158
And the things —All divine favors and privileges. C158

[Jer. 8:14]

The defenced cities —Governments. C158
Water of gall —Bitter poison-water, the poison of bitter error, the "doctrine of devils" mingled with the pure water of life, the truth of God's Word. C158

[Jer. 8:15]

We looked for peace —Anticipating that our bitter poison-water doctrines would convert the world and bring about the Millennium. C158
And behold trouble —The disease of nominal Zion will grow rapidly worse as the Israelites indeed withdraw. C158

[Jer. 8:16]

Of his horses —Doctrines. C316
The city —Babylon, Christendom. D527

[Jer. 8:19]

The LORD in Zion —Nominal Zion, Babylon, is spewed out of his mouth. C157; R498:4
Provoked me to anger —Love can be justly provoked to anger. R5978:6, R5603:2 His anger is righteous indignation against sin. R5603:1, R5978:6 God's indignation was kindled against his chosen people. R5603:2
Strange vanities —Infidelity sits in the pews, declaims from the pulpits, rules in the assemblies; and, together with Agnosticism and Evolution, these strike against the very foundation doctrines of Christianity—the fall of man and his redemption through Christ. R1690:5

[Jer. 8:20]

The harvest is past —We did not do the Lord's will. R4079:5* They realize they have failed to make their calling and election sure to a place in the kingdom class. R2837:3 Nominal Zion might have been healed once, but now it is too late to reform the sects. R731:4
Summer is ended —"Pray ye that your flight be not in the winter" with the tribulation class (Matt. 24:20). Escape from Babylon before the winter time of her trouble comes upon her. D578
We are not saved —A class who would realize that the Bride has been taken and that they are left; at the fall of Babylon. (Rev. 19) Q229:2

[Jer. 8:22]

No balm in Gilead —None of the human remedies proposed will cure the malady of human depravity. D469 Consolation of wounded spirits on the battlefield of life. R5803:1 Babylon might have been healed once, but now, like her prototype Israel, she is given up—left desolate. R731:4
No physician there —There is no remedy, these systems must die. The disorder comes from within. Though the canker is carefully concealed, the bad odor and distress are noticeable. R498:5With the harvest ended those then in Zion will have lost the "especial" salvation, the prize of being made the heavenly Zion. R230:5

[Jer. 9:23]

Glory in his wisdom —Worldly wisdom tends to self-exaltation and pride. R1919:3
Glory in his might —Power in the hands of the ungodly tends to haughtiness and overbearing selfishness. R1919:3
Glory in his riches —Riches only tend to dwarf the soul among those who have not learned from God the responsibilities of stewardship. R1919:3

[Jer. 9:24]

Glory in this —"My soul shall make her boast in the Lord." (Psa. 34:2) R1920:1 This exhortation should inspire unbounded confidence and bring lasting comfort to those who honor and love him.R1351:4*
Knoweth me —The beginning of this wisdom is indeed the reverence of the Lord. This is the knowledge that does not puff up. R1919:6 Let our entire trust be centered in God; his promises will not fail. R5501:5 "This is eternal life that they might know thee, the only true God." (John 17:3) R1919:6

[Jer. 10:10]

At his wrath —The word of the Lord to the nations assembled before him for judgment. D12
The earth —The present organization of society. C229; D46; A323

[Jer. 10:11]

The gods —Mighty ones; a general name, often and properly applied to our Heavenly Father, as well as to Jesus, angels and men. R338:2, R421:3

[Jer. 10:13]

Uttereth his voice —God makes use of different agencies to do his service. These are sometimes animate, sometimes inanimate. R5385:3

[Jer. 10:16]

Is the rod —A symbol of authority. R4058:4

[Jer. 10:23]

Not in himself —It is not in the power of man to direct his own steps, but the child of God has learned where to seek counsel. R1753:1

[Jer. 10:25]

Eaten up Jacob —Natural Israel. A300

[Jer. 11:5]

Flowing with milk —It is believed that Jerusalem will become, as of old, the marketplace of the Orient. HG649:2

[Jer. 11:16]

Branches...are broken —"Because of unbelief they were broken off." (Rom. 11:20) D651

[Jer. 12:5]

Swelling of Jordan —Meaning "judged down," "condemned," representing the curse. R3086:4

[Jer. 12:9]

Speckled bird —The saints. R5974:6
A target for the world's sneers and ridicule. R132:1 Especially attractive to the hunter, the great Adversary. R5974:6
Birds round about —Mankind. R5974:6

[Jer. 12:15]

Have compassion —These promises are yet in the future. R515:6*

[Jer. 13:5]

Hid it —Accompanying signs were common with the prophets of olden time. R2223:4

[Jer. 13:14]

I will dash them —Complete destruction of present evil, unjust and oppressive governments and institutions. R362:1

[Jer. 13:23]

Change his skin —The differences between the races of men have long been arguments against the solidarity of the human family. God can change the Ethiopian's skin in his own due time. R3320:5The Ethiopian eunuch, to whom Philip was sent with the message of salvation, was unquestionably a black man. R3043:1

[Jer. 14:4]

No rain in the earth —There are now rains in the holy land; the plowmen are no more ashamed. R1297:5*

[Jer. 15:1]

Could not be —Could not be changed. Jeremiah was esteemed a pessimist, and we are now placed in much the same position. R2400:2

[Jer. 15:16]

Thy words —Those truths which God designed should, during this Gospel age, be the food to sanctify the Body of Christ. R200:4
Were found —Implying first that the Word of the Lord would be lost and need to be searched for; and secondly, when found, it would avail nothing unless appropriated to our needs. R3609:2Not only obeying the divine will, but seeking to know it more and more so that one can obey it. R5648:4 Not gained by human skill or labor. R1867:5 After he has found it, every child of God has considerable labor in proving and eating his spiritual food. R1867:6
I did eat them —Diligently appropriated them to the building up of my character. R2146:5, R200:4, R1867:5 We must eat the Word of God if we would derive his spirit. E225 There must be a daily laying up of its treasure of wisdom and counsel in the heart and the working out of its principles in the life. R2093:5, R1867:5, R2146:5, R5431:6 Living upon the divine promises. R3087:2 "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." (Matt. 4:4) R3087:2
Rejoicing of mine heart —The language of the heart must be expressed in daily life. R1274:5

[Jer. 16:9]

Out of this place —Scattered and persecuted among all nations. B216

[Jer. 16:13]

Will I cast —In chastening, correcting, forgiving, restoring and promising to bless and fully reinstate them to his favor, God illustrates his great love and mercy toward the whole world. R1373:4
Out of this land —This was to be their punishment, to be driven out of their own land and to receive no favor from God. R599:3, R4782:2
Into a land —Europe. R1378:6
Nor your fathers —Their fathers had been in Egypt and Babylon, but never in Europe. R1378:6 This prophecy positively marks Israel's present dispersion among all nations. B217
Serve other gods —Other rulers, elohim, mighty ones. B216; R421:3, R599:3, R1378:6, R1410:3
Not shew you favour —The Jews have been shown no favor since their rejection of Christ. B216; OV75:5; R1364:6 They will not forever remain cast off, but shall be regathered and blessed. R1378:6

[Jer. 16:14]

The days come —Favor would return again in some form to the Jew in 1878. R357:1, R1364:6
No more be said —The hand of providence is about to work out such a deliverance as Israel never knew before. R1405:6, R1652:2, R1063:2*
The land of Egypt —The deliverance from Egypt was a great and marvelous sign of God's favor to them; but their deliverance soon to be consummated will quite eclipse it. R599:3, R608:4, R384:6 That deliverance was but a type of the one to come. R1652:4

[Jer. 16:15]

Land of the north —Russia, where nearly half of the Hebrew race resides. B217; D553; R599:3, R608:4; OV76:1
From all the lands —Their later blessing would be their regathering out of all nations, and is being accomplished in our day. R4782:2, R1374:1
Bring them again —We have strong testimonies of God through the prophets that he will gather them again. OV76:1 The hope of the world's peace being cemented by the Jews occupying the lands of their fathers. R83:6*

[Jer. 16:16]

For many fishers —The Zionist movement. R3855:1-3, R1288:2* Teachers. C215
Shall hunt them —Persecution by revolutionaries, forceable expulsion. R3855:2, R1288:4*
From every mountain —Kingdom. A318

[Jer. 16:18]

And first —Before the time of favor will come. B218; R599:4
Recompense —Some of the recompense with favor, and some without favor. SM399:2; CR104:5
Their sin double —Mishneh, a second portion, a repetition; implying a casting off from all favor for as long a period as they had enjoyed favor, namely, 1845 years, from AD33 to 1878, when the Berlin Congress of Nations was held, which greatly ameliorated the conditions of the Jews. B218; CR104:4; R599:4, R1202:1; HG53:4 The double's being accomplished is the reason for the great awakening among the Jews and for the Zionist movement. R5920:6 "Even today do I declare that I will render double unto thee." (Zech. 9:12) "She hath received of the Lord's hand double for all her sins." (Isa. 40:2) B225, B227 The double of Israel's experiences would reach full accomplishment in 1915. R4623:1

[Jer. 16:19]

Gentiles —As well as the Jews. A59

[Jer. 17:5]

Maketh flesh his arm —Illustrated by David's numbering of Israel contrary to the law of God. (1 Chron. 21) R2016:3

[Jer. 17:9]

The heart —The natural affections; the natural mind. F600; R1985:1, R2038:1, R2762:2, R3735:3, R2445:1
Is deceitful —It requires constant watching and purging. If it is wrong the head will seek to justify it and thus pervert judgment and truth. R2038:2 The various members of our bodies, in their depravity, sympathize with the natural mind and favor it. R1985:1 At times misleads the New Creature, the new will, the new heart. R2762:2 The Lord's followers should daily, hourly, keep watch over their thoughts, words, deeds and motives. R4524:1 Those who practice evil speaking and evil surmising and attempt to justify their conduct have either never entered the school of Christ or are infants therein. R5123:1, R2445:1

[Jer. 17:14]

LORD —"Jehovah" is the original word wherever "LORD" is spelled in small capital letters throughout the common version of the Old Testament. R3438:2

[Jer. 17:24]

The sabbath day —Type of the Millennial age. B40

[Jer. 19:2]

Hinnom —Gehenna. Evil spirits led the people of Canaan to establish the valley of Hinnom as a place of torture. R3069:1

[Jer. 19:3]

I will bring evil —Calamity. R1226:2

[Jer. 19:5]

High places of Baal —Corrupting the Israelites by contact with them. D24
Into my mind —The doctrine of everlasting torture is contrary to every element of God's character. R5326:6

[Jer. 19:6]

Hinnom —Or Gehenna, a type of the real Gehenna, or lake of fire, unquenchable till its work is done. R1449:5* In Greek, Gehenna, Second Death. R3069:1

[Jer. 19:7]

Carcases —No torture was permitted; not the living, but the dead, were consumed in Gehenna. R3069:1

[Jer. 19:15]

Hardened their necks —A figure taken from the stiffness of neck of an unruly yoke of bullocks. R3464:1

[Jer. 20:8]

Word of the LORD —Concerning Israel. R5489:1
A reproach —Despised and rejected. R5489:2

[Jer. 20:9]

Nor speak any more —He had become disheartened. R5489:2 If he had allowed his fears to overwhelm him and had withheld God's message, he would have been set aside and another commissioned to deliver the message. So it is with us today. R5489:3
His word —Telling them that they had failed to keep their covenant with the Lord and would surely be carried away into captivity. R5489:2 Our message is the overthrow of the kingdom of darkness and the establishment of the Kingdom of God. R5489:5
In mine heart —God has let us into the secret of his counsels. R5489:3
As a burning fire —Burning zeal in his heart, a consuming sense of the importance of the message given him to deliver. R5489:1 All of the Lord's people filled with his spirit must be engaged in the harvest work in some manner. R2490:5
Shut up —If kept shut off from a draft the fire will become extinguished. "Quench not the spirit." (1 Thess. 5:19) R5489:3
I could not stay —His message had to be spoken; he overcame the temptation to hold his peace. R5489:2 He could not quench the fire within his soul, withholding God's message, without losing his relationship to Jehovah. R5489:3 We might let the holy Spirit of God die out in our hearts by a failure to do our duty. R5489:3

[Jer. 20:11]

Greatly ashamed —The only standard of judgment in public sentiment in the Millennium will be character. R1655:2
Everlasting confusion —"Some shall awake to everlasting contempt." (Dan. 12:2) R1655:1

[Jer. 21:10]

For evil —The evil the Lord creates and does is the calamities and judgments that he visits upon the ungodly nations. R1299:6*

[Jer. 22:24]

Though Coniah —Called also Jehoiachin and Jekoniah. E132

[Jer. 22:30]

No man of his seed —If Christ were the son of Joseph this prophecy would be false. R468:1* Messiah was of Nathan's line, not Solomon's. E133
Throne of David —Only the legal heirship came through Solomon, through Joseph, the legal father of Jesus, as shown in Matthew 1. R2060:4

[Jer. 23:1]

Pastors that destroy —A self-constituted "clergy" lording it over God's heritage, taking spoils, honors, reverence, titles, from their flocks. R1895:6
Sheep of my pasture —Characteristics of sheep are meekness, docility, lack of self-confidence, and obedience to the shepherd—traits which we should manifest. R5491:4 True sheep respond quickly to the shepherd's call and watch for his guidance. R5491:4 A fitting emblem of the kind of characters the Heavenly Father is seeking. R5491:4 Let us, as good sheep, not stray from the green pastures and pure waters. R5491:4

[Jer. 23:2]

Scattered my flock —To feed the flock is the Lord's province. The chosen elder may be the instrument through whom the Great Shepherd sends his own their "meat in due season." F283Elders need first to watch themselves lest they assume authority and honors belonging to the Chief Shepherd. F283

[Jer. 23:4]

Shall feed them —The Shepherd has been feeding us wonderfully. R633:4

[Jer. 23:5]

The days come —In due time God's Kingdom, founded on equity and justice, must fill the entire earth. R1213:5*
A righteous Branch —Solomon's royal branch is the high branch of the Davidic line. This must be abased and a low branch exalted. R468:4* Exalting Nathan's line, not Solomon's. E133 The prophets foretold that Messiah was to be the son of Jesse and of David; and the glorified Jesus himself declares, "I am the root and the offspring of David." (Rev. 22:16) R944:1* Christ was the Root of David's family, as well as the Branch. (Isa. 11:10) R1063:1*

[Jer. 23:6]

His name whereby he —The Body of the great Prophet, Priest and King, the Church, will be part of the Everlasting Father. T102
THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS —Jehovah—Tsidkenu, our Righteousness of Jehovah. The Church is to share this title. (Jer. 33:16) E42; T102;R3970:5, R4831:2, R4913:3 "That we might be made the righteousness of God through him." (2 Cor. 5:21) R4913:3 The righteous one imparts righteous life—the power which embodies righteous words in righteous deeds. R1323:1*

[Jer. 23:15]

Water of gall —Bitter poison-water, the poison of bitter error, the doctrine of devils, mingled with the pure water of life, the truth of God's Word. C158

[Jer. 23:16]

Prophets —False teachers. R1715:4 Heads and pastors of worldly organizations, claiming the name of Christ yet refusing his headship, leading and control, and the teachings of his Word. R365:4
Of their own heart —There are many such false teachers who are ambitious to declare the visions of their own heart. R1715:4

[Jer. 23:19]

A whirlwind —When God lets go his restraint on the "powers of the air" (Eph. 2:2), the evil spirits, these symbolic winds will produce a great cataclysm, sweeping everything before it. R5470:1,R5863:6 Symbol of the time of trouble. D528

[Jer. 23:21]

Not sent these prophets —"There were false teachers also among the people." (2 Pet. 2:1) R265:4, R365:4 See also comments on Jer. 23:16
Yet they prophesied —By an inspiration, or power, in them, almost like the real prophets of God. These were the counterfeits. R265:4

[Jer. 23:28]

That hath a dream —An imagination. SM671:1; OV411:T, CR343:3 Possibly caused by indigestion or inspired by evil spirits. R3277:6 When a man does not see a thing himself he is very apt to conclude that nobody else sees it. HG353:2 If a dream corroborates a plain statement of the Word it may be used as we would use a type, to illustrate but not to teach a doctrine. R3971:6 "If they speak not in harmony with the Word of God, it is because there is no light in them." (Isa. 8:20) R3278:1
Tell a dream —Many are teaching their own or their forefathers' imaginings; which the faithful are obliged to contradict as unscriptural. OV158:4; R2400:3
He that hath my word —The Lord's Word, his revelation, his inspired testimony, is to be put far above all dreams of our own and of others. R3971:6 All are authorized to teach his Word who know his Word. CR343:3 People are awakening to the difference between dreams and realities and are wanting something more substantial. R3757:3
Let him speak —With the Gospel itself went the right and the authority to declare it. R2966:4 If we hold back for fear of man we would be sharing in the sin of adding to the Scriptures. OV411:T, SM671:1
My word faithfully —Not uncertainly, doubtfully; but as the oracles of God. R1882:6 Not human speculations, philosophies and fanciful dreams. R3726:6, R2400:2, R3945:1 All authority to speak in the name of God must come from him. OV158:4; R2966:4God's Book makes no division of his people into clergy and laity. HG617:4 Let him speak only my Word faithfully. R1633:5 In as kind a manner as possible, but not shunning to declare the "whole counsel of God." (Acts 20:26,27) SM404:2

[Jer. 24:5]

Of the Chaideans —Mystic Babylon, Christendom. For since their overthrow they have been dispersed among all the nations of so-called Christendom. C259
For their good —For their discipline and punishments—good thing in disguise. C259

[Jer. 24:6]

For I will —During the Millennial age. A109
Bring them again —This is a deliverance which will need no repetition. R1483:5
Not pluck them up —This cannot refer to the return from the captivity to literal Babylon, since after that return they were again pulled down and plucked up. OV226:3; C259; A109

[Jer. 25:9]

Nebuchadnezzar —Unlike Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar thought to unify the people by compelling worship of one God. R2509:5
Bring them against —Verses 8 to 38 are a vivid description of the great time of trouble. R5735:4
Utterly destroy —Pointing to total desolation, not captivity. Such was not the case prior to Zedekiah's dethronement. R3437:3
Perpetual —Here the 70 years of desolation are olam, lasting. R3725:5*

[Jer. 25:11]

A desolation —The 70 years desolation of the land. R1372:5, R1976:1 Punishment upon the Israelites; substitute for the whole number of Jubilee years. PD48/59 The seven times of Israel's chastisement began in 606 BC with the foretold desolation and continued until about Sept. 21, 1914. Q356:2
Seventy years —Scripturally declared as a punishment upon the Israelites for not properly keeping their Jubilee years. PD48/59 Nineteen for the Jubilees imperfectly observed (950 years) and 51 additional at 49 years each (2499 years), from the last Jubilee to earth's Great Jubilee, the Times of Restitution, 1874 AD. "Then shall the land enjoy her sabbaths, as long as it lieth desolate." (Lev. 26:34) B191-196; PD48/59

[Jer. 25:12]

Seventy years —From the destruction of Jerusalem to the time of the return of its inhabitants. (Compare Jer. 29:10 with 2 Chron. 36:22, 23) R4893:1
Punish the king —Through King Cyrus as the divine agent. R2509:4

[Jer. 25:15]

Cup of this fury —The time of trouble, which is daily increasing in volume and intensity. R1561:6, R5769:4
All the nations —More and more, all the nations are being dragged into it. R5790:3

[Jer. 25:26]

All the kingdoms —No trouble that has ever yet come upon the world answers to the many prophetic descriptions of this one and none has ever yet involved all nations. R1371:5
King of Sheshach —Babylon, Christendom. R2663:3, R1371:6
Drink after them —Be the last to fall in the great time of trouble. R2663:1, R1371:3, R1561:6;HG94:1 Suffering more severely than the heathen nations because she has sinned against greater light. R2663:3

[Jer. 25:27]

And fall —In the time of trouble. R1561:6

[Jer. 25:28]

Certainly drink —Of the cup of wrath, which will mean their utter destruction. R2338:5, R2663:2

[Jer. 25:29]

Evil on the city —Christendom, Babylon. D527 The evil the Lord creates is the calamities he visits on the ungodly nations. R1299:6*,R2663:2

[Jer. 25:30]

Roar from on high —Call aloud from on high. D527
His holy habitation —Over his nominal habitation, Christendom. D527

[Jer. 25:31]

Controversy —The great time of trouble spoken of by Daniel and our Lord. R1371:3, R438:1; D20
He will plead with —He holdeth judgment over. D527

[Jer. 25:32]

Nation to nation —Nations, because of close communication, are dependent upon one another. What affects one affects all. R4750:3
A great whirlwind —Intense and complicated trouble and commotion. D13, D527; R1519:4,R534:6 The great time of anarchy. R5845:6 The result of letting loose "the four winds of heaven." (Rev. 7:1-4) R5058:6, R5470:1
Coasts —The outward parts; society being encroached upon by the lawless element (sea). R4750:3, R2663:1

[Jer. 25:33]

The slain of the LORD —As the "old world" ended with the almost entire destruction of individual life, so national life is to be destroyed in the end of this world. HG18:2

[Jer. 25:34]

Howl, ye shepherds —Pastors of nominal Christendom, at the spoliation of their pasture fields. R2663:4
Ye shall fall —And be ruined. R2663:4

[Jer. 25:35]

No way to flee —Hireling shepherds are ready to flee the trouble and avoid persecution. R2673:4

[Jer. 26:3]

The evil, which I purpose —The evil that the Lord creates and does is the calamities and judgments that he visits upon ungodly nations. R1299:6*

[Jer. 26:11]

The priests —Nearly all the persecutions of Jesus and his followers came from professed servants of God. R4857:1

[Jer. 26:16]

The princes —But for the moderation of the civil power many a reformer would have been put to death. R4857:4

[Jer. 27:9]

Hearken not —We are not to permit any of these false prophets to have any influence over us. R5800:2

[Jer. 29:5]

Build ye houses —Because your captivity will be 70 years long, much longer than you have ever before experienced. C294; R1341:3

[Jer. 29:9]

Prophesy falsely —God warns us against having anything to do with these occult powers. R5800:1

[Jer. 29:10]

Seventy years —In the first year of his reign I, Daniel, understood by books the number of the years whereby the Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the destruction of Jerusalem. (Dan. 9:2) B64 "Till the land had enjoyed her sabbaths" (Lev. 26:34): 19 for the Jubilees imperfectly observed and 51 for the cycles in which no Jubilees were observed, ending in 1874 AD. B191 See also comments on Jer. 25:11, 12.

[Jer. 29:13]

And find me —When the Gospel Church is complete Israel shall be saved from their blindness and obtain mercy at the hands of glorified spiritual Israel. R2402:5

[Jer. 29:18]

An hissing —They have been outcasts from God's favor. OV76:1 They themselves say that God has shown them no favor. R599:2

[Jer. 30:2]

Write thee —The prophets did not confine themselves to oral teachings. R1145:3 The writings of the prophets collectively were termed "The Law and The Prophets" and esteemed as of divine authority. R1145:3

[Jer. 30:7]

Jacob's trouble —Here are a number of events: the return of the Jews to Palestine; the reorganization of the Jewish nation, though not independent; the gathering of great wealth to Jerusalem; many peoples go up to "take a spoil"; the "battle of the great day"; the partial success of the invaders; the power of Messiah effecting deliverance; the recognition of the long-awaited Messiah; then the recognition of him as the one they rejected; God pouring on them the "spirit of grace and supplication"; their mourning for sins and being accepted to fellowship again with God. These events we expect in about the order mentioned. R26:6 Spring has come, the fig tree is "putting forth"; yet we must look for more storms, as in nature the Spring equinoxial storm is one of the most severe. R384:2 The famine for the Word of the Lord shall reach Israel and cause them to come to the great Governor for bread. This will be the time of "Jacob's trouble." R3982:2 We have reached this period. (1882) R341:5* We are in the "time of Jacob's trouble." (1895) R1898:5 Jacob's trouble is not yet (1898) ended. Greater persecution will shortly overtake them—to drive them to Palestine. R2290:1 The final conflict of the Battle of the Great Day will be in Palestine, upon regathered Israel. D554, Dxvi; SM239:3; OV276:5 In conjunction with a world-wide trouble—financial, religious, political and social, eventuating in anarchy. OV67:1; R2504:1 The time for the special manifestation of God's favor will be in that dark hour when Israel will recognize their King. SM425:4; R5442:6 The Gospel Church having first been completed. SM425:4
Saved out of it —In the midst of the trouble God will reveal himself as Israel's defender, as in ancient times. D555 All the prophets testify that the power of God will be so marvelously manifested in Israel's deliverance that all the world will know that the Lord's favor is again with Israel. D557; OV75:4 In and through that trouble the Lord will pour upon Israel the spirit of grace and supplication and they shall look upon him whom they have pierced. (Zech. 12:10) SM426:T The end of Jacob's trouble is the deliverance of Israel from the blindness that has been upon her. R3469:1The coming deliverance is mentioned particularly in Zech. 14:1-4. R3469:2 The Ancient Worthies, as judges and lawgivers, will be restored to them. R4320:5Natural Israel will obtain mercy through spiritual Israel. R3982:2

[Jer. 30:8]

Burst thy bonds —Natural Israel, whose favor ceased when ours began and whose favor is to return when ours has accomplished its purpose. R2290:1

[Jer. 30:18]

I will bring again —"The Lord shall save the tents of Judah first." (Zech. 12:7) A294
Of Jacob's tents —Fleshly Israel. A294
And the city —Jerusalem. C259
And the palace —The Temple. C259 "I will restore thy judges as at the first, and thy counselors as at the beginning." (Isaiah 1:26) A294

[Jer. 30:23]

The whirlwind —The time of trouble. D528; R5863:6 Letting loose of the four winds, or air powers; resulting in the overthrow of the social order in anarchy. R5470:1, R5845:6 Also likened to a great tidal wave (Psa. 46); letting loose the "four winds of earth" (Rev. 7) and a "great fire." (2 Pet. 3) R5863:6 See also comments on Jer. 23:19 and Jer. 25:32.

[Jer. 31:7]

For Jacob —Natural Israel. A300

[Jer. 31:8]

The north country —Russia, where nearly two-thirds of all the Jews now living reside. C259

[Jer. 31:9]

With weeping —Bitterness against Israel will cause the "remnants of Israel" to be expelled from various nations. R1898:5

[Jer. 31:10]

Will gather him —Confirms the assurance of God's returning favor to fleshly Israel. R1364:5

[Jer. 31:14]

Shall be satisfied —The perfect man will not understand the spiritual glory; he will be absorbed with the glory that surrounds him on the human plane. R613:2

[Jer. 31:15]

Bitter weeping —Sorrow for the dead is not a sign of weakness; rather, a sign of love and sympathy. OV212:9
Rachel weeping —Prophecy of the slaughter of the infants in Bethlehem. R1681:6
They were not —They were dead, unconscious. "The dead know not anything." (Eccl. 9:5) Q766:3; R3436:4

[Jer. 31:16]

Thus saith the LORD —This is the word of the Lord, which cannot be broken. OV212:8
Shall be rewarded —The labor of parents endeavoring properly to rear their children is not lost. OV212:7, OV217:1
Shall come again —Restored to life; not all at once, but gradually in the resurrection. OV212:5, OV213:3, OV216:1
Land of the enemy —The great enemy, death. CR430:2; OV85:1, OV214:6; R2063:4; Q830:2 The place to which all alike go—from the sinner of three-score and ten, to the little one of two years old and under. R822:5* While Satan has the "power of death" (Heb. 2:14), it is a subordinate power which he grasped as an usurper. R452:4* "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." (1 Cor. 15:26) OV214:6, OV212:6

[Jer. 31:22]

Compass a man —How marvellously Christ fills the picture here. R350:1*

[Jer. 31:27]

House of Israel —The entire passage, verses 27 to 40, is for the Jew, natural Israel. R4586:2
House of Judah —The object in mentioning both is to prevent any from getting the idea that only the ten tribes would be blessed in the future. R1364:5
Seed of man, and...beast —Israel to be replenished with man and beast indicates New covenant entirely earthly. R4530:4*

[Jer. 31:28]

Shall come to pass —In the Millennial, or Restitution, day. A109
And to afflict —Ever since Jesus rejected Israel they have been under divine displeasure. The faithful performance of the evil part of the promise is an assurance of the ultimate blessings. R1364:6
Watch over them —The Jewish people. A109
To build, and to plant —They shall be firmly planted in their everlasting possession. R1483:5 This is a deliverance that will need no repetition. R1483:5 The succeeding verses how that this does not refer to earlier deliverances from Babylon, Syria, etc. R545:4

[Jer. 31:29]

In those days —In the Times of Restitution, the Millennial age. A109; E332; R3304:5,R4812:2, R4971:4, R258:6 When fleshly Israel receives its portion. C298 In the days of favor following the "seven times" of chastisement, or "Times of the Gentiles." (Luke 21:24) B92 Indicated by the return of divine favor to Israel. R1365:3; C298
Say no more —No longer shall any die for Adam's sin. R2608:5, R1260:5, R3304:5, R4018:3*, R5240:4 The weakness of heredity will no longer weigh men down. R892:4
The fathers —Adam and his posterity. A109, A143; R2050:6, R4371:3, R5063:6, R2611:5
Eaten a sour grape —The sour grape of sin. R1365:3, R2050:6, R2611:5, R4812:2, R282:6; A109; E332; OV90:2
The children's —All of Adam's children. R2587:4
Are set on edge —In the case of Adam, one soul sinned and twenty thousand million souls die as the result—because they are his children. CR431:5 By the chain of sickness, misery and death which follows. A109, A143; E309; R1365:3, R2049:4; OV392:3; HG351:4 The nature of the fathers, being polluted by sin, is transmitted to the children, who come under the death sentence for having the same nature (disposition) as the fathers. R527:2* So that sometimes we cannot do the things that we would do, and frequently leave undone the things that we ought to do. R2587:4

[Jer. 31:30]

But every one —Who dies in that age. A109; B92; E473 Since the race will no longer be "in Adam" this trial must be an individual one. R2117:4
Shall die —The Second Death. R1365:3, R2608:5, R2677:6, R4909:1, R5309:5, R381:2, R904:6 None but wilful sinners shall die then, but such shall surely die.R1073:2 The atonement for Adamic sin will not cover wilful sin against light and knowledge. E474, E332
His own iniquity —His own sin only. A109; R2759:4, R2677:6, R2833:2, R4971:4, R5240:4, R5292:5 No longer shall die for Adam's sin. R1260:5, R2608:5, R3304:5, R4018:3, R5240:4, R904:5 Since it is recorded that "Christ dieth no more," it follows that not one of such condemned ones can be redeemed as Adam was. R912:6
His teeth —There will then be a test for life or death, as there is now with the Church. Q288:6

[Jer. 31:31]

The days come —When The Christ is glorified and beyond the veil, after the days of the Gospel age. R5000:1, R4321:6; Fii When the sufferings of the Body of Christ will be finished and Messiah shall come as the great Priest and King. R4513:1, R4452:3, R4497:5,R4505:1, R4612:6 When Israel's "seven times" of punishment are over. R5163:6 As soon as this blood of the atonement shall have been applied for the sins of all the people. R5292:6
Saith the LORD —God made a promise to the Jews and that promise must be fulfilled. CR44:2
I will make —In the future; replacing the Law covenant. R4496:1, R4646:4, R4344:5 A covenant does not go into operation until after it has been fully mediated. R5164:1 Covenant relationship with God means perfection. Mankind will not reach perfection or enter into the covenant until the end of the 1000 years. R5293:6
A new covenant —Properly so called because it will take the place of the Old Law covenant. R5163:6, R3916:5 The Everlasting covenant, to be made with Israel alone, will bring blessings to Israel, and to all mankind through Israel. R4321:2, R5163:6, R4806:2, R4902:6, R4706:1, R4821:1, R4505:1, R4497:5, R3916:5, R4452:3, R4528:5, R4555:1, R4592:5, R4612:6, R4624:4, R4768:5, R4940:1; CR44:2, CR157:3; Q170:7, Q468:2, Q622:1 The one that God intended should come to replace the typical covenant. R5071:2, R4474:3, R4309:5, R4555:1, R5164:2, R5292:2; OV118:2 The mention of a New (Law) covenant implies a Mediator for it. R4437:6*, R4496:1 The antitypical Moses, The Christ complete, as Messiah will mediate between God and mankind. R5301:6, R4840:3,R5071:3, R5164:1; CR157:3, CR98:6; SM200:3; R4452:3, R4474:5, R4511:5, R4624:6, R4696:3, R4713:5, R4840:3, R4902:6, R4912:4; SM730:3 Mediated by The Christ for 1000 years. R5301:6, R5292:3, R5000:2, R4613:4, R4640:3, R4646:1, R4586:6; HG460:4 The words "New covenant" indicate the repetition of God's favor to Israel under the better Mediator. R4624:6 This cannot set aside, or make null and void, the original Abrahamic covenant of grace, any more than could the Law covenant. R5301:6 Implying that Israel was right in not expecting much from the Law covenant. R4496:1 The covenant is a conditional one. That is shown by the fact that it has a Mediator. Q187:2 The New covenant has been promised for centuries but it has not yet gone into effect. R5292:6 The Ancient Worthies will be under the New covenant, their indiscretions or imperfections will come under the review of the Mediator. Q12:T-13:3 The offer of life to the Church is under the covenant of sacrifice; to the world, under the New covenant. A141 The Gospel Church was not at all under the first covenant; only the Jewish nation was. R4624:4 The New Creation is not under the Law covenant typified by Hagar, or the New covenant typified by Keturah, but under the original covenant, the Everlasting, Oathbound, Abrahamic covenant typified by Sarah. R4011:1, R4624:4 Superior to the old covenant in that it will have a better Mediator. R4309:6, R4624:6, R4931:1, R4714:3, R4940:1;CR157:3 Of which our Lord was the Messenger. R4495:6, R4715:3 Which will absolutely take away sin and bring man into harmony with God. R5292:2, R5293:4
The house of Israel —As the natural seed of Abraham. R4821:1 The New covenant will be Israelitish. CR157:3 The New covenant will be made directly with the nation of Israel. R4497:5 The New covenant is given to Israel and the world only indirectly. The Father's dealings are not with Israel, but with the Mediator of the covenant. R3109:2God's covenant will be with the Mediator for Israel. R4555:1, R4640:5 All the Jews will be transferred from Moses to Christ, the better Mediator; and from the Old Law covenant to the New Law covenant. R4840:3 In order to avail themselves of this covenant all other nations and peoples will be obliged to become a part of Israel. R4902:6; CR139:1, CR485:2, CR51:4; OV72:T, SM596:1 The expression "New covenant" is not used with others than the Jews because it is not true that God will make a covenant with the rest of mankind. R4659:2 The New covenant is not to be made with any others than Jews for no others were in covenant relationship with God. R4624:6 This work will proceed from Israel to all the families of the earth. R4674:2 The New covenant will mean that all through the Millennial age all the blessings will go forth first to the Jews. CR44:2 The nations are to be blessed also under this New covenant by becoming "daughters" to Israel. (Ezek. 16:61) R4371:3 The mediatorial work will be accomplished through natural Israel. R4624:4, R4821:1 All mankind, represented by Israel. R904:6 The Jewish nation needed to be redeemed in a special manner before God could use it as his channel of blessing to the other nations. R4624:4
The house of Judah —The ten tribes of Israel and the two tribes of Judah: both mentioned to prevent a misunderstanding. R4586:2, R1342:1, R2125:6; C297

[Jer. 31:32]

Not according to —The old one was written merely on tables of stone. The new one the Lord will cause gradually to be written in the hearts of all. OV90:4, OV115:3 God intended to give them a better covenant than the Law, which they had found to be a bondage and one unto death. R4309:5 The Law given at Sinai was inferior when compared with the perfect heart-and-mind written law bestowed upon Adam. R1717:5
The covenant —The Law covenant, made only with the Jews, did not accomplish the blessing of Israel and of the world. OV29:1; R4659:2; Q169:3The inauguration of the Law covenant was typical of the inauguration of the New covenant. R5000:2, R4592:5, R4646:4;OV118:2 The terms of the New covenant will be the same as those under the Law covenant instituted by Moses. OV81:2 The Law covenant is as binding upon the Jew as it ever was and it will remain so until it is superseded by the New Law covenant. R4912:4, R5164:1
In the day —The day of the Passover, the first feature of the Law. R1731:2, R971:6; OV94:T The Passover is the first feature of the Law, and the Law covenant is continually referred to as dating from that time. R971:6

[Jer. 31:33]

The covenant —The New covenant, the Everlasting covenant. R3597:3
House of Israel —The whole twelve tribes. C293
After those days —After the "seven times" of chastisement. B92; R4497:4 After the days of this Gospel age. R4321:6 Signifies after the completion of the selection of the Church. R4497:6, R4612:6 When the days are accomplished for the overthrow of the kingdoms of this world and the setting up of the Kingdom of God. R904:5 After a while, by and by. R789:1
I will put my law —Love shall be the law. R1244:6 God had a law before the Ten Commandments. It was graven on man's nature in Adam. That original standard is again promised for the future.R1731:5, R5294:2, R5309:4 Gradually retrace and rewrite the divine law in the hearts of men. F359; R5309:5, R1365:5, R2195:6, R2060:5 When the law has been fully written in their whole being the covenant condition will be fully attained. R4570:5* The perfect human nature will then be as it was at first, a law-inscribed nature. R764:2
In their inward parts —In their very thoughts as well as in their outward life. CR299:5; OV130:4 In their very nature. R1717:5
In their hearts —The center of affection, the character. R789:5, R2060:3, R5309:4, R4613:1 Restoring a heart of flesh, of tenderness, sympathy, righteousness and divine likeness. R4806:2, R636:6, R1244:6, R4729:4, R3071:3 Implying that the ability will be given to keep the law. R5071:3, R4821:1, R812:5* More than Adam had. R111:1
Be my people —The Ancient Worthies will come forth perfect; to them will gather their own Israelitish kindred, and all nations. R4575:4

[Jer. 31:34]

Teach no more —Because all will know the plan of God. R1771:6, R3285:2, R4908:6, R5352:5; A75 Then mankind will no longer be invited to accept Christ, but will be compelled to be obedient. CR51:3; SM440:T The teaching of "churches" will be unnecessary. R2428:2* It will no longer be necessary to preach. R5919:6, R1717:5
Shall all know me —The eyes of their understanding shall be opened. R3192:2, R2940:4, R4883:1,R5594:2, R5919:6, R6013:5 The glorious opportunity for salvation shall come through the knowledge of the Lord. R5078:4; SM558:2 Come to a knowledge of the truth. R5407:1, R3140:5 "The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord." (Isa. 11:9) R1363:6, R2690:1, R1717:5, R1972:4; OV215:5; R858:5, R2610:3, R4883:1, R5594:2, R5919:6; SM792:1 The way will be so plain that "the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein." (Isa. 35:8) A215; R1363:6, R1450:5 This statement is not true now, and cannot be true until the Lord's Kingdom is established. A75 This is restitution work, the work of the entire Millennial age. R4613:4; SM792:T The conditions will be such that doubt would be more difficult than belief is at present. R1771:6 As a kind and loving father, God provides for the education of all who ever came into the world. R33:3* Forgiveness of sins and the blessing of being awakened from the dead would profit mankind little if future arrangements did not permit a thorough recovery from present mental, moral and physical weaknesses. HG390:6, R443:3 A personal acceptance of the conditions of the New covenant will be required of each individual. R1771:6 Instead of misrepresentation of God's character and loving plans, the reverse will be given to mankind. R5485:5 When they know, each will be responsible. R5084:1 All who have ever lived. R5407:1, R3140:5, R3285:2
From the least —"The wayfaring men, and those unacquainted therewith, shall not go astray." (Isa. 35:8—Leeser) A215
Forgive their iniquity —The taking away of their sins is a necessity before they can receive the New covenant because God makes no covenant with sinners. R4497:5 Under the Law covenant this was not done and sins remained; for atonement was made fresh for them year by year. R5293:4
I will remember —The Mediator will not hold against anyone the transgressions of this present life. R5293:5
Their sin no more —Israel's sins have not yet been taken away, even as the world's sins have not yet been taken away. R4892:3 Past sins and iniquities shall no more rise up in judgment against them, demanding their just penalty, death. R1654:1; HG231:6 Christ will have appeared on their behalf and made satisfaction for their sins. R5164:2Guarantees that none shall die the Second Death except the wilfully, intelligently disobedient. R3770:6, R5164:2

[Jer. 31:36]

The seed of Israel —Uses one name for all the tribes. C297; R1364:6

[Jer. 31:38]

That the city —The city of Jerusalem will be rebuilt and will become the capital city of the world. Q790:2 Located in the territory of the two tribes, showing that the foregoing prophecy is not only for the ten tribes. C292; R1342:1
Shall be built —It is now being built along these very lines. C266; R1044:4*
Tower of Hananeel —Discovered in 1886 in laying the foundation for a hotel. R1390:2 Describing the portion outside the Jaffa Gate. R1382:4

[Jer. 32:4]

Behold his eyes —Seems to contradict Ezek. 12:10-13. He lived and died in Babylon, but saw it not. He saw Nebuchadnezzar at Riblah, in Palestine. His sight was there taken from him. R4866:2

[Jer. 32:17]

Nothing too hard —A prayer, trusting God's power. R5380:4*

[Jer. 32:20]

Signs and wonders —The Great Pyramid. See Isa. 19:19. C318

[Jer. 32:35]

Unto Molech —Modern Molech worship is the misrepresentation of God by those who endorse the eternal torment theory. R2360:1, R3464:6

[Jer. 32:37]

I will —Herzl's death may do good—teaching those interested that they must trust in God and not in man. R3412:4
Gather them out —Regathering from among all the nations. R1483:5 The Lord will no doubt use persecution to awaken them. R1819:6 A deliverance already beginning which will need no repetition, for they shall be established in their everlasting possession. R1483:5 Dr. Herzl's continuance at the head of the Zionist movement might have proved inimical to these divine arrangements centered in Palestine. R3412:4

[Jer. 32:40]

And I will —In the Millennial age. A109
Everlasting covenant —Both the Abrahamic (Gen. 17:7, 13, 19; 2 Sam. 23:5; Psa. 105:8-10) and the New covenant (Jer. 32:40; Jer. 31:31,32; Ezek. 16:60) are styled "the everlasting covenant" in contrast with the Law covenant, which passed away. The one is perpetuated in the other. R4321:2
With them —With the Jews. A109 Devout Jews are still waiting for the fulfillment of these promises. R5885:6 See also comments on Jer. 31:31.

[Jer. 32:43]

Fields shall be bought —Therefore it was suggested that wealthy Hebrews purchase from Turkey all the government lands with the proviso that Syria and Palestine be constituted a free state. R1342:6
In this land —This is now being fulfilled. C266 The Lord has commenced bringing the Jews back to their land, and arranges for their reception and comfort on arrival. R84:1

[Jer. 32:44]

Buy fields for money —Baron Rothschild, at the time of the last loan of 200,000,000 francs made to Turkey, accepted a mortgage on the whole of Palestine (1879). R84:1*
Captivity to return —Just as the Lord opens the way for their return to Palestine, he, as it were, forces them out of other lands. R84:4

[Jer. 33:6]

I will cure them —The Jews, and the whole world of mankind, in the Millennial age. A109

[Jer. 33:15]

Unto David —The prophets foretold that Messiah was to be the Son of Jesse and David. R944:1

[Jer. 33:16]

This is the name —"I will write upon him my new name" (Rev. 3:12). The name of the Bridegroom is given to his Bride. R3970:5
Wherewith she —The glorified Church. T102; R4831:2
The LORD our righteousness —Jehovah Tsidkenu, our Righteousness of Jehovah; a wife shares her husband's honors and name; all femininity having been dropped. E42; T102; HG275:3, R3970:5, R238:2* "That we might be made the righteousness of God through him." (2 Cor. 5:21) R4913:3 The antitypical Zion, the glorified Christ. R4913:3; HG606:3

[Jer. 33:18]

Sacrifice continually —It is possible that in the beginning of the Millennial age God may restore some of the features of the Jewish Law, even sacrifices, to serve as object lessons. R1732:6

[Jer. 33:20]

My covenant —A covenant is a ratified, unalterable agreement. R4370:2

[Jer. 34:22]

Without an inhabitant —Which seems to be what God meant by "making the land desolate that it might enjoy its Sabbaths." (2 Chron. 36:21) HG47:2

[Jer. 36:1]

This word came —Its prophecies of dire disaster incurred the enmity of the king. R4857:2
Jeremiah —Restrained from liberty and forbidden to address the people publicly in the Temple. Similarly those who have "present truth" are forbidden to speak in the nominal churches. R2400:5

[Jer. 36:2]

Write therein —As Jeremiah employed Baruch, the scribe, to write the words of the prophecy, God's people today present their message in written form. R2400:6
Against all the nations —A solemn warning in our day, for the prophecy is not only against Israel but against all the nations." R1371:3

[Jer. 36:3]

All the evil —The two uses of the word "evil" in this text illustrate the two kinds of evil (sin and calamity). Sin is always an evil but evil is not always a sin. R1226:2

[Jer. 36:4]

Baruch wrote —Although he well knew that it meant the loss of the king's favor; a lesson to God's people today. R2400:5

[Jer. 36:23]

Into the fire —He evidenced his disregard for the Word. R3614:3
Until all the roll —The entire manuscript was read and destroyed. R3614:2, R1371:3
Was consumed —All endeavors to destroy God's Word will fail. R2401:1 Papacy endeavored in vain to destroy the Bible. R3614:6 Some today, although they would not burn the Bible itself, would be in full sympathy with the burning of truth literature. R3615:3 Those in power today will be similarly disrespectful of the message and may futilely attempt to destroy it. R2400:6, R4858:4 The first edition of Tyndale's translation of the New Testament was bought up and burned. R3614:6, R4857:6

[Jer. 36:25]

Made intercession —Merely advised the king in a worldly-wise way, as some today advise a more liberal course. R2401:1

[Jer. 36:26]

The LORD hid them —Possibly at some time in the future the servants of Present Truth may need to hide from injustice. R2401:1

[Jer. 36:28]

Again another roll —Suggesting the manner in which the Bible came into existence—piece by piece, under the Lord's supervision. R3614:3

[Jer. 36:30]

He shall have none —Messiah was of Nathan's line, not Solomon's. E132 If Christ were the son of Joseph this prophecy would be false. R468:1*

[Jer. 36:31]

I will punish him —As the king brought upon himself additional trouble as a punishment, all modern methods of fighting against God are sure to bring punishment. R2401:1

[Jer. 36:32]

Many like words —Resulting in the book of Jeremiah as we now have it. R3614:3

[Jer. 37:1]

Zedekiah —He was a vassal to Nebuchadnezzar, king of the Chaldeans, whose seat of empire was to the north. R4865:3

[Jer. 37:15]

Smote him —Shameful handling of the worthy servant of the Lord. R1796:1
Put him in prison —Persecution implies that the person or thing persecuted possesses some qualities or powers that are feared. R4865:2 Mental attitude has much to do with the amount of suffering. Jeremiah, for instance, had a mind at peace with God. R4866:1

[Jer. 37:16]

Cabins —Underground cisterns or vaults, frequently deep with mud and slime. R4865:5

[Jer. 38:1]

Jeremiah —Because Jeremiah was faithful to the Lord's message he was persecuted. This test is upon us today. R3616:5

[Jer. 38:5]

Zedekiah the king —No heir of his has occupied the throne of Israel from Zedekiah's day to the present time, over 2500 years. R3616:1

[Jer. 38:6]

Into the dungeon —Probably the water cistern. R3616:3 Typifying the faithful of the Gospel age who suffer persecution. "All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." (2 Tim. 3:12; Phil. 1:29) R1372:2
Sunk in the mire —The lot of the Lord's prophets in early Bible times was far from an enviable one. A54; HG536:5

[Jer. 38:7]

The Ethiopian —A Negro. R3042:6, R3616:3
He had a cleaner heart than did the majority of the chief men of Israel, much nearer to the divine likeness. R3616:4

[Jer. 38:13]

Took him up —The king acted not from sympathy but from a desire to inquire of the prophet. R4865:6

[Jer. 38:14]

Zedekiah the king —He despised Jeremiah, yet he feared that his message was true. R4865:6

[Jer. 39:2]

City was broken up —After a year and a half of siege. R4866:2 Not just a scrap of history, nor for a moral lesson, but given to mark: (1) the beginning of the great Jubilee cycle; (2) the close of God's typical kingdom; and (3) the beginning of the Times of the Gentiles. R1372:6

[Jer. 39:7]

Put out Zedekiah's eyes —Thus was made possible the fulfillment of the seemingly contradictory prophecy of Ezek. 12:13, that he would live and die in Babylon and yet never see the city. R4866:2The punishment was after the manner of the time as illustrated on some of the victory tablets which still remain. R4866:2
Bound him with chains —Thank God that the prisons of today are reformatories rather than dungeons. R4866:5

[Jer. 39:9]

The remnant of the people —Not beginning just 70 years of captivity, but 70 years of desolation. R1372:5

[Jer. 41:2]

Smote Gedaliah —Assassinated the governor under whom many of the Jewish fugitives were disposed to return from captivity. R1372:5

[Jer. 41:10]

All the residue —Beginning the period of 70 years desolation of the land. R1980:5, R1372:5

[Jer. 43:5]

All the remnant —See comments on Jer. 41:10.

[Jer. 43:7]

The land of Egypt —After the assassination of Gedaliah the entire population speedily removed into Egypt for fear of the wrath of the king of Babylon, thus beginning 70 years of complete desolation. R1372:5, R1980:5

[Jer. 44:2]

This day —Marking the beginning of the 70 years of desolation. HG47:2

[Jer. 44:19]

Cakes to worship —This cake was round, as an image or effigy of the sun, and was worshipped as such. Here the pedigree of the modern ritualistic Communion wafer is suggested. R1991:1*

[Jer. 46:2]

Against Egypt —The world. C317

[Jer. 46:3]

Draw near to battle —The time of trouble. D527

[Jer. 46:4]

Harness the horses —Old doctrinal hobbies. C316
Ye horsemen —Great leaders in false doctrines. C316

[Jer. 46:9]

Rage, ye chariots —Worldly organizations. C316

[Jer. 46:10]

Made drunk —With pride and prosperity; typical of an intoxication with the error and false doctrines of Christendom. R4287:3

[Jer. 46:11]

And take balm —None of the proposed human remedies will cure the malady. D469

[Jer. 46:27]

My servant Jacob —Natural Israel. A300

[Jer. 46:28]

Not...unpunished —The Lord will no doubt use persecution to awaken them. R1819:6

[Jer. 48:16]

And his affliction —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125

[Jer. 48:47]

In the latter days —In the Times of Restitution, olam sleepers awake. R3725:5*

[Jer. 49:4]

Gloriest thou —The glory of the nominal church is in numbers, wealth and worldly prosperity. R562:3

[Jer. 49:5]

Shall be driven out —Jews are not shown much favor in Germany and Russia. R351:4*

[Jer. 49:6]

And afterward —In the Times of Restitution, olam sleepers awake. R3725:5*

[Jer. 49:7]

Concerning Edom —Christendom. D15

[Jer. 49:13]

That Bozrah —Ecclesiasticism, the chief citadel of Christendom. D17

[Jer. 49:14]

To the battle —The Day of Vengeance. D527

[Jer. 49:21]

The earth —The present organizations of society. C229; D46; A323

[Jer. 49:39]

In the latter days —In the Times of Restitution, olam sleepers awake. R3725:5*

[Jer. 50:1]

Against Babylon —Of two-fold application and fulfillment: first upon literal Babylon, the type; more fully upon symbolic Babylon, the antitype. R45:1, R177:4, R2498:3 Mystic Babylon, Christendom. D26 As the literal city was captured by diversion of the literal waters symbolic Babylon is to fall by the diversion of the symbolic Euphrates, i.e., the alienation of the people and their withholding of financial support. R2498:4, R4699:4 A company who live separate from, and endeavor to keep themselves unspotted from the world, and bear the fruits of the spirit, are no part of Babylon. R46:5 Literal Babylon never was Israel, but the Israelites were for a time swallowed up in Babylon; likewise, mystic Babylon never was spiritual Israel, though for a time spiritual Israel was in captivity to mystic Babylon. R2498:6

[Jer. 50:2]

Bel —The God of Babylon, the Pope. D40

[Jer. 50:3]

Out of the north —Cyrus and his army, overthrowing literal Babylon, was a figure of Messiah, King of kings and Lord of lords, overthrowing mystic Babylon. R2498:4

[Jer. 50:6]

Their shepherds —Greedy, ignorant, lazy teachers. F287
Mountains —Kingdoms. A318

[Jer. 50:8]

Out of the midst —"Come out of her, my people." (Rev. 18:4) D43

[Jer. 50:15]

Her walls —Built of ignorance and superstition, whose great foundations were laid centuries ago. SM409:2
Do unto her —"Reward her even as she rewarded you." (Rev. 18:6) R1371:6

[Jer. 50:20]

I will pardon —Showing that the real fulfillment of this prophecy was not on literal Babylon, but would be when God shall take away the sins of Israel. R177:4

[Jer. 50:22]

A sound of battle —The Day of Vengeance. D527

[Jer. 50:28]

To declare in Zion —Nominal fleshly Zion, Christendom. D23; C157

Of his temple —The Christ. T70

[Jer. 50:29]

Do unto her —"Double unto her double, according to her works." (Rev. 18:6) R1371:6

[Jer. 50:37]

A sword —The truth, the Word of God. B100

[Jer. 50:38]

Shall be dried up —"The sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates, and the water thereof was dried up that the way of the Kings of the East might be prepared." (Rev. 16:12) R1371:6 As the drying up of the literal Euphrates by Cyrus was the immediate cause of the fall of ancient Babylon, so the drying up of the waters of the mystic Euphrates is the prelude to the fall of "Babylon the Great." (Rev. 16:12, 19) HG89:3; SM410:1 Implies a cessation of the revenues of Babylon. SM410:1

[Jer. 50:42]

Roar like the sea —Restless, turbulent, dissatisfied masses of the world. A318

[Jer. 50:46]

At the noise —The time of trouble. D20
The earth —Society. A318
And the cry —Because of her more terrible punishment. D28
Among the nations —"The kings of the earth shall bewail her and lament for her." (Rev. 18:9) R1371:6

[Jer. 51:1]

Against Babylon —Mystic Babylon, Christendom. D26; HG64:1
And against them —All in sympathy with Babylon. D39

[Jer. 51:2]

The day of trouble —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125

[Jer. 51:6]

Flee —No one is responsible to flee unless he sees that it is Babylon, but the very suggestion that it is Babylon means that one should make a thorough investigation to see if it is so. Q65:T Present Truth will guide us into closer fellowship with God and separateness of mind, heart and service from Babylon. SM127:2 For those who obey this command there is but one place of refuge, "The secret place of the Most High" (Psa. 91:1)—the place or condition of complete consecration. D43
Out of the midst —"Come out of her, my people." (Rev. 18:4) D43; R436:5, R2538:1 The Lord's people are not to look back at the things that are to be destroyed. R5456:4 With a full renunciation of the things of the present time. R5456:5
And deliver —This call must be heard and heeded before the disaster comes; for it will come suddenly, as in an hour. SM411:2 Whoever shall seek to save his life must lose it. Whoever shall lose his life will thereby be preserving it. (Luke 9:24) R5456:5
LORD'S vengeance —A part of the work of the second advent will be the overthrow of antitypical Babylon. R5092:3; D39
A recompence —In the time of trouble God will repay his enemies according to their deeds. D39

[Jer. 51:7]

A golden cup —Representing the Bible, the Divine Standard or authority. SM407:1 "Having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations." (Rev. 17:4) C156 The cup suggests that the unfaithful church had once been the receptacle of divine truth. R5092:1
Made all the earth drunken —Not that every doctrine presented by Papacy was false and intoxicating; but that a stupefying potion was put into the wine already in the cup. SM407:2 So strong is the power of this intoxication that its inconsistencies are not discerned by those intoxicated. SM408:1
Nations have drunken —As heathen philosophies were joined with Christianity a poisonous draught was mixed and poured into the "golden cup" of truth, making all nations drunk. R5910:6 "She made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication." (Rev. 14:8) C156
Wine —False doctrine. R5092:1
The nations are mad —Intoxicated with her errors. C156 As error spread, the spirit of ambition superseded the spirit of humility. R5910:6The pagan doctrine of the immortality of the soul, combined with that of the torture of the wicked, resulted in the doctrine of eternal torture. R5911:1 During the Dark Ages millions were tortured, exiled, and murdered in multitudinous ways. R5911:2

[Jer. 51:8]

Is suddenly fallen —Both literal and symbolic Babylon. R2498:3 "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen." (Rev. 18:2) C156 She has been spewed out of his mouth, and the Almighty now calls upon his true people to "come out of her." (Rev. 18:4) R5478:2
And destroyed —And broken. C156
Howl for her —"And they cast dust on their heads and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, Alas, that great city." (Rev. 18:19) C156 "The merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her." (Rev. 18:11) R1371:6
Take balm —Human remedies. D469
For her pain —Her wound. C156

[Jer. 51:9]

Babylon —The chief empire of earth in Jeremiah's day; an illustration of a prophecy which has had one literal fulfillment, and is about to have its second or higher fulfillment. R436:5
Is not healed —Illustrated by preparations for war among nations which confess allegiance to the Prince of Peace. R4411:6* The protests and warnings of the righteous are steadily ignored by the world. D542 There is no balm in Gilead, and no physician there. (Jer. 8:22) D469
Forsake her —"Come out of her, my people." (Rev. 18:4) D543 Get out from under her influence; stand free from this bondage to error and worldliness. R5696:6
His own country —To the true Church, or to the world, as the case may be, according as each is thus proved to be of the wheat or the tares. C156
Her judgment —Her punishment. C156
Reacheth unto heaven —"Her sins have reached unto heaven and God hath remembered her iniquities." (Rev. 18:5) R1371:6

[Jer. 51:10]

Declare in Zion —There is a nominal spiritual Zion, and a nominal fleshly Zion. D23; A297; T33

[Jer. 51:11]

The kings —Of Christ's Kingdom, the Royal Priesthood. R2498:4
Of his temple —The Christ. T70

[Jer. 51:12]

The walls —Civil power. D40

[Jer. 51:13]

Upon many waters —"The waters that thou sawest where the whore sitteth are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues." (Rev. 17:15) R1371:6, R5846:2 The literal was built on the river Euphrates and derived wealth and splendor from that source; the symbolic is seated upon many waters—peoples, nations, from which it derives its support. R45:1

[Jer. 51:24]

Babylon —Christendom, the nominal Christian church, especially the Papacy. D26, D39
Of Chaldea —Babylonia, Christendom, all the nations of the so-called Christian world. D39

[Jer. 51:25]

Mountain —Kingdom. A318

[Jer. 51:27]

Set ye up a standard —The standard of the truth. D40
Blow the trumpet —The seventh trumpet, the last trump, the trump of God, the trump of knowledge and liberty. B148 Not metallic trumpets. The angelic movements under the seventh trumpet are as noiseless as they have been under the other six. HG26:1

[Jer. 51:28]

The kings —Of Christ's Kingdom, the Royal Priesthood. R2498:4

[Jer. 51:29]

Without an inhabitant —See comments on Jer. 43:7.

[Jer. 51:33]

Of her harvest —"Thrust in thy sickle and reap, for the time is come for thee to reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe." (Rev. 14:15) R1371:6

[Jer. 51:37]

For dragons —"An habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." (Rev. 18:2) R1371:6

[Jer. 51:39]

They —Babylon's great ones, highly esteemed by her subjects, called by various dignified and high sounding titles. R1951:4
Perpetual sleep —As clergy, with high-sounding titles and offices, they shall never awake or exist again as such. R1951:4 Olam, lasting, not endless. R3725:5*

[Jer. 51:41]

How is Sheshach taken —Representing Babylon. The religious element will be the last to fall. (Jer. 25:26) HG94:1

[Jer. 51:42]

The sea —Restless, anarchistic masses of mankind. A318

[Jer. 51:44]

Bel in Babylon —The God of Babylon, the Pope. D40
Out of his mouth —He shall repudiate in his extremity the "great swelling words" and blasphemous titles which he has for so long appropriated to himself. D40
The wall of Babylon —The civil power that once defended it and that in a measure does so still. D40 Built of ignorance and superstition, whose great foundations were laid centuries ago. SM409:2

[Jer. 51:45]

Go ye out —"Come out of her, my people." (Rev. 18:4) R1371:6, R2538:1

[Jer. 51:46]

Rumour that shall be heard —"Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars." (Mark 13:7,8; Luke 21:8,9) R5969:2*
Another year —A second year. R5969:2*

[Jer. 51:48]

The heaven —The powers of spiritual control. A318
And the earth —Society. A318

[Jer. 51:49]

So at Babylon —Because of her greater responsibility, against her will burn the fierceness of his wrath and indignation. D28

[Jer. 51:57]

Made drunk —An intoxication of error, false doctrines and theories. R4287:3 See also comments on Jer. 51:7.

[Jer. 51:58]

Her high gates —Representing mystic Babylon's worldly wisdom, human ingenuity and dexterity of organization to maintain control of the symbolic waters. SM409:2
Be burned with fire —Be destroyed. D40 The same symbol of fire is used by St. Peter in referring to the same trouble and destruction. SM424:3
Shall labour in vain —To prop and save the walls of Babylon. D40

[Jer. 51:60]

Jeremiah wrote in a book —The prophets did not confine themselves to oral teachings. R1145:3

[Jer. 51:63]

Midst of Euphrates —Peoples, nations. B209

[Jer. 51:64]

Shall Babylon sink —Into the restless sea of ungovernable peoples. D111 Showing that her destruction will be sudden, violent and complete. D37
And shall not rise —"And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down and shall be found no more at all." (Rev. 18:21) R1371:6, R5478:2 The "sea" of anarchy will swallow up the false systems. R5478:2

[Jer. 52:1]

Reigned 11 years —In round numbers; actually 10 years, 4 months, 9 days. B48; R67:6

[Jer. 52:6]

Ninth day of the month —Corresponding to about July 1, 1914 or 1915. Q75:8*

[Jer. 52:10]

Judah —Represented those Israelites who were faithful to the Lord. R2401:3 As the Lord sifted Judah, so he has been sifting Protestants, to gather out the "jewels." R2401:6

[Jer. 52:12]

19th year of Nebuchadrezzar —Then was the land made desolate so that it could enjoy the "seventy years" of sabbaths. HG58:2

[Jer. 52:16]

Left certain of the poor —So long as they remained, the prophecy of 2 Chron. 36:21 was not fully met. HG47:3