[Joel 1:9]

Cut off —Hebrew, karath; this word was used in connection with covenants in evident references to the sacrifices that would seal or ratify the covenant entered into. No covenant was really made until the sacrifice was cut off, or accomplished. PT373:1*

[Joel 1:14]

Sanctify ye a fast —A disciplining of the body by abstaining from delicacies and relishes. R3659:5

[Joel 2:1]

Blow ye the trumpet —"Hearken to the sound of the (watchman's) trumpet." (Jer. 6:17) R309:1* Still the trumpet is to sound until a company shall be developed who will be the virgins, her companions that follow her. (Psa. 45:14) R309:2* Calling upon all to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God. D241
In Zion —The nominal Kingdom of God. D241
Sound an alarm —Do not, as at the World's Congress of Religions, cry, Peace, peace, when there is no peace. (Jer. 6:14) D241
In my holy mountain —Christendom, professed kingdom of the Lord. D540; A318 Among the true Church of Christ. R309:1
Day of the LORD —The Day of Vengeance, the time of trouble. D11, D655

[Joel 2:2]

A day of darkness —Ignorance of the prophetic developments of that time. R264:4 The world will not know of the Lord's presence. R153:1, R264:4 A day of judgment upon mankind socially and nationally, a day of national recompenses; but not of individual judgment. D11 The day that shall "burn as an oven" (Mal. 4:1); wherein the rich men weep and howl for the miseries that come upon them (Jas. 5:1-6); which is "darkness and not light" (Amos 5:20); which the Lord refers to as "great tribulation" (Matt. 24:21, 22); and Daniel as "a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation." (Dan. 12:1) D11 The same "day" as in Zeph. 1:15, but not the same as in Zech. 14:6,7. D655
A day of clouds —Trouble. R264:5, R153:1; D11, D655 "Behold, he cometh with clouds." (Rev. 1:7) R153:3, R264:6 In the natural storm, lightning and thunder give evidence that atmospheric changes are taking place, that the vitiated and corrupt "air" is to be changed. We rejoice that it will be pure after the storm. R264:5
Thick darkness —The prince of darkness now works. R264:5, R153:2 When the Lord comes and makes trouble and darkness his pavilion, he takes his Bride, delivering her from the strong enemy of the fleshly nature into the perfection of the new divine nature. R265:1
As the morning —The Millennial morning. A9; E359
Upon the mountains —Kingdoms. A318
A great people —The Lord's "Great Army" of trained soldiers of Christendom in rebellion against the powers that be. D546, D543
Not been ever the like —So terrible and so general a revolution. D540 More terrible and more general than the Jewish overthrow of AD70 or the French Revolution, because man today is more dependent on every other member of the social structure than ever before. D540, D536 The battle of this Great Day of God Almighty will be the greatest revolution the world has ever seen because it will be one in which every principle of righteousness will be involved. D541

[Joel 2:3]

A fire —Destruction. A318

[Joel 2:5]

Tops of mountains —Kingdoms. D543

[Joel 2:6]

Gather blackness —As a result of anarchy. R3107:6

[Joel 2:7]

Not break their ranks —Describing, not an undisciplined mob, easily dealt with by war experts, but a mighty, highly-disciplined host. D544

[Joel 2:8]

Shall one thrust —Press. D543, D544
And when they fall —And they pass through. D544
Upon the sword —Between warlike weapons. D544
Not be wounded —Not change their purpose. D544

[Joel 2:9]

Run to and fro in —Hasten forward into lawlessness. D544; A324 Verses 9 to 16 and Isa. 13:1-11 are in striking harmony with the battle and winepress figures of Revelation. A324
Up upon the houses —Into the houses. D544

[Joel 2:10]

The earth —The present social order. D544
The heavens —The ecclesiastical powers. D544 The Lord's army is boldly arrayed against the conservative forces of Christendom, both civil and ecclesiastical, and hopes even to cope with its present strength. D545
Sun and the moon —The illuminating influences of the Gospel and the Mosaic Law. D544
Shall be dark —Infidelity having become widely prevalent. D544
And the stars —The apostolic lights. D544
Withdraw their shining —When the Gospel is obscured, and the sacrifices enjoined by the Law come to be esteemed as merely barbaric, then the apostles also cease to be recognized as lights. D593 The dark night will come wherein no man can labor. D544

[Joel 2:11]

Utter his voice —Using the hopes, fears, follies and selfishness of this great army, according to his divine wisdom, to work out his own grand purposes in the overthrow of present institutions and for the preparation of man for the Kingdom of righteousness. D550
Before his army —A great army of discontents—patriots, reformers, socialists, moralists, anarchists, ignorants and hopeless. D550 Not realizing that they have been used as the Lord's great army to overthrow oppression, to bring down the proud and to thresh mountains (kingdoms), they shall boast themselves of the victory of Liberalism. R622:3, R362:2;Q23:6; D547 The trained soldiers of Christendom, in rebellion against the authorities. D549 Now in preparation by the transfer of the loyalty of the soldiers from the crown to the people. D559-D561 The living saints, and many of the world, are now being used as the Lord's soldiers in overthrowing errors and evils. B101 His "regular army" are few—a "Little Flock"; but there is an immense army of "irregulars" in every kind of uniform—Communists, Infidels, Socialists, Anarchists and Nihilists.R817:3
Is very great —And could not, therefore, be the "Little Flock." D543
Executeth his word —The beast, or Roman empire, in its horns or divisions, still exists, and will be slain by the rising of the masses of the people and the overthrow of governments preparatory to the recognition of the heavenly rulership. A259

[Joel 2:23]

For you the rain —Truth. B256 Rain has come in abundance in the last few years. Palestine again blossoms. 10,000 olive trees have been planted in Samaria. HG649:2

[Joel 2:25]

Caterpillar —Figuratively represents God's army. R5527:1
Great army —The saints will not be in that army at all. R5527:1, R362:3 Of discontented, along the lines of Socialism, claiming that it is God's remedy. Eventually it will go into anarchy. Q23:7 Anarchists may be part of God's great army, in that he will supervise their campaign. R5527:1

[Joel 2:28]

To pass afterward —Verses 28 and 29 need to be transposed to see the two outpourings clearly; probably reversed to obscure the matter until the proper time. E164, E219; R376:5, R852:2, R1411:5, R2504:5, R2930:2 After the days mentioned in the next verse. E219; R636:6, R5317:6, R226:6, R2930:2; CR216:6 After the completion of the selection of the Church, the Christ. R4497:6, R3361:2 Will be fulfilled under the ministration of the Millennial Kingdom. R4467:3 As a work of the Times of Restitution. R636:6 After "we have received the spirit of adoption." (Rom. 8:15) E163 After the Day of Vengeance has humbled the arrogance of men. D518, D653 After the days when the new dispensation shall have been fully ushered in, when the New covenant shall become operative in the world, when Messiah shall take the stony heart out of their flesh and give them all a heart of flesh. HG274:3 After the world has witnessed the Lord's peculiar blessings on Israel in the Millennial dawn. D639When the High Priest finishes the sacrifice he will "pour out his spirit upon all flesh"; just as, at the completion of the first sacrifice, he "poured out his spirit on his servants and handmaidens" at Pentecost. R4340:5 During the Gospel age none can receive God's spirit except by consecration; while, in the next age, the carnal mind, being removed, the acquirement of the mind of the spirit will be without difficulty. R636:6
Pour out my spirit —To put a new spirit within them, as it was in Adam before sin entered. R111:1, R1412:3; CR399:3 The general baptism of the spirit. E217 It is the same spirit in both outpourings, received in the same way, from the same source, through the same channel; but its seal and witness are very different to the two groups. R1411:6; E220 To them also, a spirit of begetting, begetting again as human sons. R1412:3 A second Pentecostal blessing. PD73/87 Then, as now, it will be the spirit of truth; the recipient must first come to a knowledge of at least the first principles of the truth and be consecrated to God's service. R1411:6 The spirit of the truth. With truth will go its spirit, its influence, its power to correct the heart and life and to bring it into accord with God. R2504:6Through the truth and the divine judgments of that time. In proportion as they receive his spirit they will come into the attitude of sonship. R5583:5 A sign of relationship to God, then as human sons, not as "new" or spiritual, ones. R376:4, R5452:4 Not signifying as during this age, a begetting to a spirit nature; but simply that the recipient has come into harmony with Christ, the Mediator—not a change of nature, but a restitution to that which had been lost. E220, E221 In proportion as men shall come into full harmony with that holy Spirit will any of them become eligible to the eternal conditions of life and joy beyond the Millennial age. E165 As they receive of his spirit they will be coming back to soundness of mind. CR399:3 The miracle that will cause the knowledge of the Lord to cover the whole earth as the waters cover the mighty deep. (Isa. 11:9) HG432:3, HG443:4 "The Autumn rain brings them blessings." (Psa. 84:6) D653 The Ancient Worthies must receive it in the future. R5074:4 "And the Spirit and the Bride say, Come." (Rev. 22:17) E165
Upon all flesh —All that Joel here prophesied was not fulfilled at Pentecost, but what they saw was all foretold by Joel, and more too. R1411:6 All the families of the earth shall be blessed.R4666:6, R5317:6; T88 No longer only on the few special servants. E239 Upon the whole world of mankind. R5317:6, R1411:6, R5452:4; T88 All reconciled to God under the New covenant. R2070:4 All the willing and obedient. R5066:6 That they may come back into sonship. R5452:4 After the overcoming Church has been glorified. R2504:5 Israel's blessing implies the blessing of all nations; the seed of Abraham being first. OV118:1 Pictured by the increase of the widow's pot of oil until every available vessel was filled. (2 Kings 4:1-7) R558:4 Enlightening them, helping them overcome inherited tendencies, and restoring them to perfection.E218 It will be necessary for them, as now for those who would profit thereby, to consecrate themselves to God, and eat the truth. E218; R5583:5 By no means insuring the same results to them as to the Little Flock of the Gospel age; no longer pointing to sacrifice, but to the laying hold of earthly rights and privileges more freely. R852:4 The spiritual mind is to be restored to all flesh during the Millennial age. R636:6 Then, indeed, all will understand and appreciate the promises now being grasped by the "Little Flock." A86 Including the Ancient Worthies, to fix, establish and crystallize their already perfect characters. R5074:4
Your sons —In the receiving of these earthly sons, Israel will be the first. God will pour upon them "the spirit of grace and of supplication." (Zech. 12:10) R376:5, R2504:5; OV118:1
Your daughters —We have examples of women prophesying: Anna (Luke 2:36-38); Philip's four daughters (Acts 21:8,9); Miriam (Micah 6:1-4); Huldah (2 Chron. 34:21-28) and Deborah (Jud. 4:4-24). R1549:3
Shall prophesy —Teach, or declare. R226:6, R227:4, R376:5 Teach—not a teaching in the church or of the church, but a teaching of the world by the world, under the supervision of the glorified Christ. R4467:3
Your old men —Ancient men—the prophets. R4467:4
Dream dreams —The things they hoped, dimly understood, and greatly longed for. R4467:4
Shall see visions —They will see that of which their Ancients prophesied. PD73/87; HG274:3 Shall see the glorious visions (of restitution blessings, etc. in process of fulfillment) of which your ancient men dreamed. R4467:4, R227:4

[Joel 2:29]

Servants and ... handmaids —The Church during this Gospel age, begotten to sonship, "New Creatures in Christ." R5452:4, R636:6, R2504:5, R4666:6 Slaves—those bound to the Lord by a covenant. R226:6 The holy Spirit is to be poured upon these only during the Gospel age. R4497:6, R5537:2, R5066:6; CR216:6 All of the "gifts of the spirit," during the Gospel age, shall be poured out upon God's servants and handmaids, preparing the way for the spirit to be poured on "all flesh" during the next age. R103:6 Regardless of age, sex or national distinction. R4467:3
In those days —During the Gospel age. D639; R2930:3, R226:6 The two ages and their blessings are distinguished by the expressions "in those days," signifying the Gospel age, and "after those days," signifying the Millennial age. R4467:3
Pour out my spirit —This blessing began at Pentecost, and will close with the anointing of the last member of the Body of Christ. R4467:3, R226:6,R4340:5, R5317:6, R376:5; SM753:T There have been counterfeits of the holy Spirit in the past, and also in modern religious revivals. D565

[Joel 2:30]

I will shew wonders —The day of trouble preceding the Millennial day of blessing. R1411:6 Prefigured by the wonderful manifestation at the establishment of the Law covenant at Mt. Sinai which caused Moses and all the Israelites to fear and quake. (Heb. 12:26-28) HG399:2
In the heavens —Powers of spiritual control. A318
In the earth —Society. A318
Fire —The burning of cities and villages is surely a fire in the earth. SM317:T
Pillars of smoke —Are rising from battlefields, burning villages and funeral pyres. SM317:T May refer to social upheaval, political and financial troubles; also some great physical manifestation of divine power in the time of trouble.R5318:1

[Joel 2:31]

The sun —Symbolically, the true Gospel light, the truth; and thus, Christ Jesus. D590; R5917:T
Into darkness —Literally, in the dark day of May 19, 1780, which extended over 320,000 square miles. D587 Symbolically, by denial that we were bought with the precious blood, and by substituting the theory of Evolution. D592 Obscured by the thick clouds of worldly wisdom. R5917:4
And the moon —Symbolically, the light of the Mosaic Law. R5917:4; D590 The darkening of the Gospel sunlight results in the darkening of the moonlight. D593
Into blood —By claims that the typical sacrifices were "bloody" and barbaric. D592

[Joel 2:32]

Shall come to pass —During the Millennium. R5317:6

[Joel 3:2]

Gather all nations —In the "Day of Vengeance of our God." (Isa. 61:2) R5601:2 In the present struggle (1914), where the weak nations are called upon to assert their strength. SM413:1; R5769:4
Valley of Jehoshaphat —Valley of graves; valley of death. SM418:2, SM413:2; R5649:5, R4744:6, R5601:2,R5805:5; D141; HG472:6 Typifying Adamic Death. The valley of Hinnom typifies the Second Death. R2908:2

[Joel 3:9]

Proclaim ye this —"My determination is to gather the nations, to pour upon them mine indignation." (Zeph. 3:8) R350:3
Among the Gentiles —Among the nations in the Laodicean phase of Christendom. R1757:5
Prepare war —An era of war which will impoverish all nations, sicken all their peoples, and prepare the way for the universal anarchy with which this world will end. R2327:2, R5715:2 To eventually become so satiated with bloodshed and misery as to sicken of war and willingly seek peace. R35:1*, R269:1Being fulfilled in the wonderful preparations for war now being made among the nations (1897-1916). D142 Illustrated by Austria's peacetime expenditure of $75 million for war preparations (1904).R3396:6 Some sort of a general war, preceding or connected with, the great time of trouble, anarchy, with which this age will close and usher in the Millennial period. R3327:5 Such a general war would increase taxation and breed general discontent alarmingly and quickly, causing the seeds of Socialist propaganda to shoot up and bring forth red-handed anarchy speedily. R3327:6 In France, the clerical party would even favor war, in the hope of reviving monarchy (1903 comment). R3263:5
All the men of war —We look for a great war in which the whole civilized world will Be involved. R3296:5
Let them come up —To battle. R2641:1 "My determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger (the natural result of sin): for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy." (Zeph. 3:8) R350:3*

[Joel 3:10]

Plowshares into swords —In the sense that money has been spent for military purposes which should properly have been spent in agricultural implements and developments. R3327:5; SM413:2; HG674:6 "Your ploughshare steel use for swords." R4745:1 Plowshares will first be turned into swords, and the great conflict must take place, before they shall be peacefully turned back to plowshares. (Isa. 2:4) R899:6, R269:2, R35:2*, R353:2*, R1757:5, R362:3; Q812:2 Those who otherwise would be following the plow and pruning the trees are forging and handling instead the weapons of war. D143
Pruning hooks —Pruning-knives. R1757:6
Let the weak —The financially weak nations. D143; R3327:6 Belgium and Switzerland are among the weak nations feeling strong, the latter having the highest pro rata military expense in Europe (1900 comment). R2641:2
Say, I am strong —Drain their resources beyond the powers of long endurance. D143 Desiring to impress each other with their strength. hoping thus to put off the evil day of war. R3327:5, R1838:4 "I am a hero." R1757:6 The resistance shown in the Boer war shows how a weak nation, well armed with modern weapons, may feel comparatively strong and, if proportionately independent, even arrogant. R2641:2

[Joel 3:11]

Assemble yourselves —Assemble hastily together. R1757:6
All ye heathen —All ye nations. R1757:6
Round about —Nations from every side. R1757:6
Thy mighty ones —The Lord's holy ones. R3327:5

[Joel 3:12]

Let the heathen —The nations. R1757:6
Valley of Jehoshaphat —"God's pleading judgment." R1757:6 The cemetery valley of Jerusalem. R5715:1, R5805:5; HG674:5 To the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty. SM413:T See also comments on Joel 3:2.
Round about —The armies of all nations gathered as one vast cemetery. R5715:1

[Joel 3:13]

The harvest is ripe —The Hebrew qatsir, equivalent of the Greek therismos, refers to the same harvest mentioned in Rev. 14, though, first, perhaps, to the Jewish harvest. R223:1*

[Joel 3:14]

Valley of decision —Trial, crisis. R1757:6

[Joel 3:15]

Sun and the moon —The illuminating influences of the Gospel and the Mosaic Law. D544; R1757:6
Shall be darkened —Infidelity having become widely prevalent. D544
And the stars —The apostolic lights. D544 Teachers, especially the apostles. (Rev. 12:1) R1757:6
Withdraw their shining —When the Gospel age is obscured and the sacrifices enjoined by the Law come to be esteemed as merely barbaric, then the apostles also cease to be recognized as lights. D593
The dark night will have come wherein no man can labor. D544

[Joel 3:16]

Shall roar —In rebuke of evil. R2641:1
Out of Zion —The elect Church. R1757:6
From Jerusalem —The earthly phase of the Kingdom of God. A297 Israel, in restoration. R1757:6
And the heavens —Powers of spiritual control, nominal church. A318; R1757:6
And the earth —Society. A318; R1757:6
Shall shake —In the time of trouble. D528
The hope —A refuge. R1757:6
The strength —A stronghold for the sons of Israel. R1757:6

[Joel 3:17]

My holy mountain —Kingdom. A318
Jerusalem be holy —Israel shall be saved, rescued, nationally brought back to power and grandeur. R11:6 "There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob. For this is my covenant with them, when I shall take away their sin." (Rom. 11:26,27) R12:1

[Joel 3:18]

Flow with milk —Food for beginners in the Lord's way. A24; D577
Flow with waters —Truth. C65

[Joel 3:19]

Edom —Christendom. D15