[Micah 1:2]

Hearken, O earth —Society. A318
His holy temple —The Christ. T70

[Micah 1:4]

The mountains —Kingdoms. A318

[Micah 2:7]

The house of Jacob —Natural Israel. A300

[Micah 2:12]

Of Bozrah —The ecclesiastical powers of Babylon. D17

[Micah 3:1]

O heads of Jacob —Natural Israel. A300

[Micah 3:11]

Teach for hire —"They all look to their own way, every one for his gain from his quarter." (Isa. 56:11) F287 With honors and titles go salaries, not according to the minister's needs, but on the commercial basis of his ability to attract large congregations and wealthy people. F286

[Micah 4:1]

That the mountain —The Kingdom. C235; D628; E44; R4796:1, R5294:4
House of the LORD —House of Jehovah. E44 His Church. R4796:1
In the top of —Overtopping, or overruling. D628; E44; R4796:1
The mountains —All earthly kingdoms. R4796:1, R5294:4; D628; E44
It shall be exalted —This exaltation began in April 1878 AD. C235
Above the hills —The highest peaks. D628
Shall flow unto it —God's favors are marked out for the heavenly and the earthly seeds of Abraham—the earthly through the heavenly. It follows that the blessings of other nations will come through their affiliation with these. R4320:6 The whole world will become attached to Israel as a part of Abraham's earthly seed. CR485:3 The attraction will be the blessings of health and restitution. R4796:1

[Mic. 4:2]

Many nations —Representing the world in general outside of those who have accepted the terms of God's New covenant with Israel. Q60:7,2 Thus Abraham will become gradually "a father of many nations." (Gen. 17:5) CR59:6
Let us —The poor world. SM15:1 All who will—by circumcision of the heart. R4454:3; CR59:6 Let us come into line with the divine government established in Israel. CR59:6
Go up —Saying: Whether imposters or not, the work of these men who claim to be the resurrected prophets is the very one the world needs. D628 They will behold in Israel the beginning of the reign of righteousness. R4464:6
Mountain of the LORD —Kingdom of Jehovah. A297; E44; SM16:T It must not be forgotten that all blessings are of the Father, though all are by the Son. (1 Cor. 8:6) E45 The divine government established in Israel in the hands of the Ancient Worthies will be the center of divine favor. R4320:6Thither all the nations of earth will send their ambassadors, and from thence take their laws. OV69:1
To the house —All must come under the arrangements of the Messianic Kingdom in order to share with the Jews in the blessings of that time. R4840:3,5
Of the God of Jacob —Natural Israel. A300 The blessings of the New Law covenant are definitely shown to be Israelitish. R4454:2, R4796:1; Q622:1 The New covenant will be inaugurated with natural Israel, and gradually the whole world will become attached to Israel as a part of Abraham's earthly seed. CR485:3 The Kingdom will be closely identified with the Zionist movement and the Holy Land. R4796:1
He will teach us —The world in general will petition for the same government and laws as Israel. R1529:2 He has done for the Jew first, but he will also do for us. R4840:5, R4796:4
Of his ways —The instruction of the Kingdom. HG439:6 They will see that the only way for them to get God's blessing will be by coming in under the New covenant arrangements through Israel. Q205:T
Walk in his paths —We will walk in the paths which he directs. CR59:6 They will then be willing to hearken to divine wisdom. R2334:5 "All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth." (Psa. 25:10) R2334:6 Kingdom blessings will be operative only toward those who will seek to keep the divine law. But as the nations perceive there is no blessing apart from keeping this law. they will doubtless be influenced to do so. R4819:5 Not until they do this will the Mediator recognize them in any sense of the word, nor will they be on probation for everlasting life. As soon as they are ready to walk in the way of holiness they will be counted as his children. Q60:7 "They shall return even to the Lord, and he shall be entreated of them and shall heal them." (Isa. 19:22) A256 Other nations, seeing the blessings and prosperity of Israel, will want to join with them. Q622:1, Q206:2, Q170:8, Q213:2
For the law —The Kingdom class will all be in glory, and Satan bound. SM15:1 In the Millennial day nothing in the nature of sin will be allowed. R5770:5 Illustrated by the reading of the blessings and curses of the Law from Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim. (Deut. 27:12, 13) R3091:2
Go forth of Zion —The spiritual phase of the Kingdom; the glorified Christ, Head and Body. OV320:4; A297; C293; D628; R4454:3, R4494:3, R4464:4; Q206:2, Q170:8 The Celestial Kingdom. OV320:4
Word of the LORD —Divine messages, through the "princes." D620
From Jerusalem —The seat of the earthly representative government in the hands of the "princes." R4454:3, R4464:6, R4494:3, R1529:3; CR59:6; OV320:4; D629 Natural Israel. Q170:8 After Israel is in favor with God. Q206:2 The To-Be Capital of the world under the Millennial Kingdom arrangements. OV69:1, OV320:4

[Micah 4:3]

He shall judge —Previously, in the great time of trouble. D629 Favoring most the nations which are most righteous. R4796:4
And rebuke —All unrighteousness. R4796:4
And they shall —As a result of the Lord's rebukes and subsequently his law and Word. D629
Sword into plowshares —The metal previously used in weapons of destruction will be used to till the earth. R4796:4 War will so utterly wreck the participating nations that they will have no strength for further combat, no gold reserves or war chests for further military purposes. R5852:2
Spears into pruning hooks —Through Messiah's Kingdom saying, "Peace, be still." R5601:2
Not lift up a sword —Man's extremity will be God's opportunity. R5823:6 For Satan shall be bound and righteousness shall control. R260:4
Learn war any more —Under Messiah's Kingdom wars will cease forever. R5760:3, R4796:4

[Micah 4:4]

They —Israel restored to divine favor; also all the families of the earth. R4675:1, R4966:2; CR116:6
Every man —Not applicable to spiritual Israel, who will be reigning with Christ. OV108:2; R4071:5
Under his vine —Not under some landlord's vine, but his own. R2323:4 Home ownership shall be general. R2323:5
Under his fig tree —Rejoicing in the fruit of their own planting. R615:5* This is an earthly, not a heavenly promise. R5575:1, R4966:1, R4675:1, R637:5, R4548:6; HG132:1; CR116:6; Q178:9

[Micah 4:6]

In that day —Since AD 1878. R351:2,4*

[Micah 4:8]

Tower of the flock —The Christ, Head and Body. E45; D648; R4018:6* Jesus, by his obedience unto death, has become the strong tower, the fortress, the protection, to all of God's people. R4796:4
Unto thee shall it come —It would come to the one who would keep the law, and he would have a right to all the blessings God gave to mankind originally. Q182:T He both won it and laid it down at the same time. He won it by obedience to the Law, and by the sacrifice of himself laid it down so that he could have the right to give it to Adam and his race. Q228:T After the completion of the Church he proposes to give that dominion to mankind. Q228:T
The first dominion —Adam's dominion as earth's king, representative of God, his Creator and Father. D648; E152; Q182:T; R4796:4 Lost by Adam in Eden, redeemed by Jesus at Calvary. E45
Daughter of Jerusalem —The Bride. "The Jerusalem that is above, the mother (in prospect) of us all." (Gal. 4:26) HG16:4

[Micah 5:1]

They shall smite —Though the scribes and chief priests understood of Jesus' birthplace, they could not see that he would be smitten. R436:1

[Micah 5:2]

But thou, Beth-lehem —One of the many prophecies which indicate that the Bible is a divine revelation. A58
Though thou be little —"Art not the least"—the chief city of the province. R1401:3 In olden times there were honorable cities and mean cities. Nazareth was one of the latter, while Bethlehem was distinctly one of the former—the city of David. R3700:3,5
Shall he come forth —Fulfilled in a seemingly accidental manner, because of the taxation decree of Caesar Augustus. (Luke 2:1) R3700:5, R2556:2
Have been —Have been foretold. E45; R2556:2, R3700:5
From everlasting —His coming and Messiahship were purposed and provided for in the divine plan. E45

[Micah 5:3]

Therefore —In view of the fact that the Jews were willing to persecute our Lord as Ishmael persecuted Isaac. PT365:T*
Will he give them up —The children of the Law covenant were to be given up, cast off, until the Sarah covenant would bring forth the whole Isaac class. PT365:T*; R4450:2*
Shall return —When the Sarah covenant has brought forth The Christ. R4450:2*

[Micah 5:4]

And Feed —Feed Jehovah's flock. (Psa. 23:1) E45

[Micah 6:2]

O mountains —Kingdoms. D20
The LORD'S controversy —"It is the Day of the Lord's Vengeance and the year of recompenses for the controversy of Zion." (Isa. 34:8) The Lord has taken cognizance of the controversy, the strife and contention, in nominal Zion. Now the day of recompenses has come, and the Lord has a controversy with them. D19
Strong foundations —Hitherto strong foundations. D20
Of the earth —Of society. D20
Hath a controversy —The Day of Vengeance, the time of trouble. D20
With his people —With his professed people. D20, D186; R577:4, R1547:2

[Micah 6:4]

Miriam —An example of a woman prophesying. Female as well as male stewards are to use all their talents. R1549:3,4

[Mic. 6:5]

Remember now —Each book of the Bible is linked with all the rest by their common spirit and harmony. and by their mutual endorsement. R1145:5

[Micah 6:8]

The LORD —Jehovah. R5408:2
Require —These things are required of everybody who would have any standing with the Lord. R5310:1 God does not require sacrifice—it is a privilege. He does require loyalty and obedience.R5408:4, R5310:2 The Law, given to the Jews through Moses, will be given to the whole world of mankind through Messiah. R5408:5
Of thee —Micah is addressing the Jews, and his message was from the standpoint of the Law. R5408:4, R5309:6 No Jew ever fulfilled the Law except Jesus. R5408:4
But to do justly —The strict following of the golden rule, enjoined by the Great Teacher. R4821:2 Amplifying the golden rule—deal justly with others if you would expect them to deal justly with you; be merciful with others if you would expect them to be merciful with you. R5310:1 The prophet was encouraging the Jews to do their best to fulfil the Law's requirements. R5408:4 For one to keep the principles of truth and righteousness before his own mind is to be a thoroughly upright man or woman, in whom truth, purity, goodness, will be in control. R5309:2We are not to expect full justice from others. R5310:1 Nothing less than justice should be thought of. R5310:1 Justice is a quality which we are not permitted to exalt too highly, except in our hearts and minds, as a principle of the divine standard. R5309:1 Justice in our words means not even insinuating evil, In order to operate in our words it must operate in our hearts and minds. To do justly signifies absolute righteousness in thought, word and conduct. R4821:2 To do justly means justice between servant and master, mistress and maid, buyer and seller. R4821:2 We are not required to do more than justice, but we are permitted to do more. R5310:4
To love mercy —Kindness. R5408:2 Only those who show mercy to others will themselves receive mercy at the Lord's hands. R4821:4 To delight in yielding personal rights and privileges in the interest of others when no principles are involved. R3021:1 Many, while seeking to practice mercy, do not love it. R4821:4 Having the principles of truth and righteousness in control, one should cultivate more and more the quality of mercy. R5309:2 Love requires that we deal justly with all, that we seek to cultivate the appreciation of the rights of others; but additionally, to have the spirit of sacrifice which gladly lays down life itself for the brethren. R5310:5, R3020:5, R3021:1
Walk humbly —That condition of mind in which we could be taught of him. R5310:1 Those most able and willing to follow the first two requirements are apt to be the most delinquent in the third, apt to be possessed of a spirit of pride. R4821:5 Lest we ourselves should not be accounted worthy of the great prize. R4655:4 The most humble are often those who have had great sins and weaknesses which have humbled them. R4821:5

[Micah 6:9]

Hear ye the rod —Symbolizing divine authority. R4058:4

[Micah 7:1]

Woe is me! —The true Church. R2142:5*

[Micah 7:3]

That they —Present systems of oppression, trusts. R2142:5*

[Micah 7:4]

The best of them —The nominal church. R2142:5*

[Micah 7:5]

Trust ye —Addressed to the Little Flock, as in Luke 21:16. R2142:5*
Not in a friend —Unless they join us in the same narrow way of sacrifice, for their very love for us will often cause them to bitterly oppose us. And in the end even that love will sometimes turn to hatred. R1069:5*
Guide —Whether a minister of the nominal church, or parents, or husbands, or Christians of considerable advancement, highly esteemed for their works' sake. R1069:5* None of our former guides must be looked to as guides now. R1069:5*
From her —The wife (or husband) who hitherto entered into all your plans will not now be able to sympathize with you unless of the same consecrated class. R1069:5*

[Micah 7:6]

The son dishonoureth —If a parent would have peace in the home circle, it should be established on the recognition in the family of the righteous principle of parental authority over children who have not attained their majority. R1070:1*
Men of his own house —Their very love for us will often cause them to bitterly oppose us. R1069:5* "I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law." (Matt. 10:35) R1069:3* When law and order give way before the mad passions of the ruthless mob. HG22:6 The Lord's brethren did not believe on him and seemed ashamed of the unpopular notoriety which his course brought upon them as a family. R1069:3*

[Micah 7:7]

Therefore —Though all other helps and comforts fail. R1069:6*
I —The Little Flock. R2142:5*
Look unto the LORD —Through his Word. In him we must find our friend, comforter and guide, and learn his will and plan. R1069:6*
I will wait —We must wait patiently for the grand outworking of his plan. R1069:6*

[Micah 7:8]

Against me —The Little Flock. R2142:5*
When I fall —In death. R1070:2*
I shall arise —In the likeness of our lord. R1070:3*
In darkness —Partial gloom and confusion. R2142:5*
Shall be a light —The Lord will always be our light if we walk in close harmony with him. R1070:2*

[Micah 7:10]

She that is mine enemy —The nominal church. R2142:5*

[Micah 7:11]

Thy walls —Their salvation. "We have a strong city; salvation will God appoint for walls and bulwarks" (Isa. 26:1) HG68:3
The decree —Of the Kingdom of God being taken from them at the first advent of Christ. HG68:3

[Micah 7:15]

According to the days —Like the deliverance from Pharaoh. D556 As it was then in the midst of great trial and distress, so now their deliverance will not be without distress. R384:6
Thy coming out —A type of entering the Millennium. R2142:5* The restoration of the Jews takes place in the midst of great trouble and during the pouring out of the seven last plagues, according to the type. R127:5*; D556; HG91:5
I shew unto him —Unto regathered Israel in the close of the time of trouble. D556; R2142:5*

[Micah 7:17]

Lick the dust —Be destroyed. R1649:6, R2920:4
Like a serpent —Typical of Satan. R1649:6

[Micah 7:18]

Delighteth in mercy —The heathen gods are all vengeful. The God of the Bible alone lays claim to being a God of love, "whose mercy endureth forever." R4892:3