[Hab. 1:2]

O LORD, how long —Habakkuk, representative of all who love righteousness, asks how long it will be until the present evil world will give place to the world to come "wherein dwelleth righteousness." (2 Pet. 3:13) R622:2
Shall I cry —Have I entreated. R622:1
Of violence —Because of violence. R622:1

[Hab. 1:3]

Spoiling —Robbery. R622:1
And there are —And there is a judgment, but oppression is more powerful. R622:1

[Hab. 1:4]

Slacked —Powerless. R622:1
Judgment doth never —Justice cometh not forth victorious. R622:1
Wrong judgment proceedeth —Therefore doth justice come forth perverted. R622:1

[Hab. 1:5]

Behold ye —Look ye about. R622:2 The Lord answers the complaint. R622:2
Wonder marvellously —Be astonished and astounded. R622:2
Work a work —The harvest work, and a change in dispensation. R1487:3 Referred to by Paul (Acts 13:40, 41) as applicable to the Jewish Harvest, which is typical of the Gospel age Harvest. R1487:3 First, gathering his saints and separating them as wheat from tares; second, the binding of the tares; third, the heavens rolling together as a scroll; fourth, the elements of earth getting ready for the final conflagration. R1488:2 "His work, his strange work." (Isa. 28:21) R1487:3 Fulfill a work. R622:2 In preparation for Christ's glorious reign. R1487:6
Ye will not believe —Conservative Pharisees of today shake the cautious head, saying that we cannot be on the eve of a new dispensation, for " lo, all things continue as they were from the beginning." (2 Pet. 3:4) R1488:5
Though it be told you —If you did not see some evidences you would consider the things impossibilities. R622:2

[Hab. 1:6]

The Chaldeans —Communists, Socialists, Nihilists, etc. R622:2 Babylon was the capital of Chaldea, so symbolic Babylon reigns over the civilized world, and the masses are fitly termed the Chaldeans. R622:2
Nation —People. R622:2

[Hab. 1:7]

Their dignity —Their burden, or restraint. R622:2
Proceed of themselves —From them shall proceed the judgment. R622:3

[Hab. 1:8]

Their horses —Doctrines. R622:3
Are swifter —Indicating their rapid spread. R622:3
More fierce —Showing the ferocity of the doctrines. R622:3
Their horsemen —Teachers of these doctrines, the leaders. R622:3
Shall come from far —Will be foreigners. R622:3

[Hab. 1:9]

All for violence —Their mission is violence. R622:3
As the east wind —Be set in opposition to the east—the direction of the sunrising, representing the dawn of the Millennial day. R622:3
The captivity —The bounden ones. R622:3 These shall cause a measure of judgment to come upon the evil institutions, yet they will be in opposition to the true light. R622:3

[Hab. 1:10]

Heap dust —Cast up earth mounds. R622:3

[Hab. 1:11]

Then —By reason of their successes. R622:3
His mind change —Not realizing that they have been used to overthrow oppression. R622:3

He shall pass over —Become surpassingly proud. R622:3
Unto his god —Boasting themselves of the victory of Liberalism. R622:3 Not realizing that they have been used as the Lord's great army to overthrow oppression and bring down the proud. R622:3

[Hab. 1:12]

Art thou not —The prophet represents the true saints as addressing Jehovah. R622:4
O mighty God —O Protector. R622:4
For correction —Thou hast appointed them to correct nations. This is the confidence of the saints. R622:4

[Hab. 1:13]

Of purer eyes —Nothing short of perfection can find favor in God's eyes. R1610:2
Than to behold evil —With approval. R5901:6*, R1351:5* God detects the smallest deflection in our hearts, and his character is so holy that he cannot but hate it. R5902:1* We must be purified from all iniquity before we can have the approval of God. R5901:6* Hence ultimately all who are in any way imperfect will be destroyed. R1610:2 He will not permit evil to all eternity, for this condition would not be pleasing to him. R5211:4
Canst not look on —Recognize with any degree of allowance; countenance. F120; R870:3, R386:6,R5901:6* Denoting his abhorrence. R1351:5*, R5901:6* According to the principles of divine government and law, he has no degree of allowance; he cannot condone sin nor admit its necessity in any degree. E418 This does not signify a perfection in the flesh, but a perfection of heart, of intention, of will, of endeavor. R5902:1 In eastern countries long ago, to show the face was a mark of favor; to turn the back, a mark of disfavor. B188 To have pardoned Adam, God would have made himself a liar. The absolute unchangeableness of God is the firm foundation upon which all his loving promises rest. R386:6 Since the ransom has been laid down, Jehovah, in due time, will no more disregard and treat men as sinners, turning his back upon them, but will send refreshment from his face, his favor, through Jesus, his agent in the restitution of all things. (Acts 3:19-21) B188
Iniquity —Thus the destruction of the wicked in the Second Death is the essence of wisdom. Ultimately all evil shall be destroyed. R5211:4

[Hab. 2:1]

Set me upon —Fix my foot upon. (Douay Version) R621:1
Will watch —Studying his Word. R1475:5
To see —Not to guess at it, or to surmise about it, but to see it, so plainly that he can clearly, logically, and Scripturally demonstrate it to others. R1475:5
What he will say —We can know only what God has revealed in the Bible as his revelation. R769:1 Let us balance our judgments by the testimony of God's Word. R770:6
What I shall answer —To the unbeliever. R621:1
When I am reproved —When the unbeliever reproves me. R621:1

[Hab. 2:2]

Answered —Gave me an answer for the unbeliever. R621:1
Me —The faithful watcher. R1475:5
Write the vision —God's plan of the ages, the vision seen by Habakkuk. R5374:1 What you have seen of divine truth. R1475:5 Concerning the glorious consummation of God's plan. B15 This command has been obeyed—by charts, diagrams, concordances and explanations. R621:1
Make it plain —Set it out in an orderly, systematic manner. R1475:5 Some are called to make the truth plain for the benefit of all the rest. R1475:5It becomes the privilege of the faithful watcher to make plain to others what the Lord has made plain to him. R1475:5 Do not attempt to make it plain to others until you understand it yourself. R1475:5
Upon tables —Charts. C89
That he may run —For the prize. R1475:5 Run over it; be able to prove to himself its correctness. R621:1
That readeth it —Read it readily. C89 Read it clearly. B15 That everyone may read it fluently. (Leeser) R5374:1

[Hab. 2:3]

The vision —God's plan of the ages. R5374:1 The testimony of the Scripture. R621:4 A great revelation—a picture of God's plan through the prophets and the Law. Q729:5; R5731:5
For an appointed time —Is to be made clear at the appointed time. R5374:3 Time features are not as definitely stated in the Scriptures as are doctrinal features. R5374:3 Much of which was previously purposely hidden and obscurely expressed. R1475:5
It shall speak —Appear at the end. (Douay) R621:1 It will make itself heard and will not lie. R5374:2
Though it tarry —Its fulfilment would seem to tarry. R5731:6, R5374:1 If it appear to make any delay. R621:1 "Where is the promise of his coming (presence)? for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning." (2Pet. 3:4) R621:1
Wait for it —If, in the Lord's providence, the time should come 25 years later, then that would be our will. R5374:3 The year 1915 is now more than half gone, and I think it is very doubtful whether we shall see all we had expected in this year. It looks as though we were trying to hasten the fulfilment of the vision. Q730:1 In their haste, some supposed that all things concerning the Day of the Lord were to transpire immediately, but instead the trouble comes like spasms. R621:2 Let none of the consecrated be in haste to rush into print with crude, undefined ideas, and thus become stumbling blocks in the way of many others. R1475:6 "Oh, the blessedness of him that waiteth unto the 1335 days." (Dan. 12:12) C89
It will surely come —All the blessed things are positively certain to come. Q730:2
It will not tarry —It does not really tarry. It is a matter of God's time and our understanding of it. R5731:6; Q730:2 Its seeming tarrying was not so, but a partial mistake on the part of William Miller, foreknown and permitted by the Lord for the testing of his "holy people." C89

[Hab. 2:4]

Behold, his soul —The understanding, or mind, of the unbeliever. R621:1
Is not upright in him —He is not right at heart. R621:1
By his faith —In his faith—not slow to believe all that God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets. R621:1

[Hab. 2:5]

Yea also —Another version of the first 16 words: "As wine deceiveth him that drinketh it, so shall the proud man be deceived and he shall not be honored." The time has come when those who have no limit to their greed are not honored, but the reverse. R621:3
Because he —The Papacy, or a modern ambitious nation. E374
His desire as hell —His ambitions as sheol, oblivion, the grave, never full. E374; R2599:6
Cannot be satisfied —Their covetousness is like death in that it never has enough; its capacity cannot be satisfied. E375

[Hab. 2:6]

A parable against him —Questioning not only the rights of kings, but how and why one man is supposed to be born with the right to command and rule another; why millionaires roll in wealth while others, their intellectual, moral and physical equals, barely have life's necessities. R621:3
A taunting proverb —A dark speech. R621:4
Woe to him —"Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries which shall come upon you." (Jas. 5:1) R621:4
That which is not his —Since money is the equivalent of service, and the wealthy have never rendered extraordinary service, the conclusion is that they accumulated their wealth dishonestly, without giving an equivalent service to the world for it. R621:3

[Hab. 2:7]

Vex thee —Tear thee. R621:4
For booties —For a spoil. R621:4

[Hab. 2:14]

For the earth —During the Millennial age. B99; R1015:4; OV192:3 After the gathering of the elect. R4557:3
Shall be filled —The curse shall be rolled away, and all darkness shall be dissipated by light and blessing. R5338:2; OV384:1 The wonderful inventions of our day, the printing press and the mail, are potent factors in knowledge filling the earth. R5363:6, R1155:3 But this knowledge is coming to a people who at heart are unprepared for it. The hands of the ignorant and unlearned are stretched forth to grasp the throttle of power—political, social, religious and financial. R5363:6 Showing that great enlightening and educational influences will be set to work.R1248:2 Breaking the shackles of ignorance and superstition. OV384:1 As with the Gospel Church, a gradual matter—line upon line, precept upon precept. F709It will be in and through the glorified salt of the earth that the blessing will come, the streams of truth for human refreshment, for a thousand years. R5780:2, R4990:3, R4957:1, R1043:2*; OV192:3 Accomplished by the Kingdom of Light, operating through earthly agencies, in harmony with its principles of righteousness and truth. OV45:2 "As truly as I live, the whole earth shall be filled with the glory of Jehovah." (Num. 14:21) D656 As a result, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess to the glory of God. (Phil. 2:10, 11) SM130:2; R5427:3 "Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped." (Isa. 35:6) OV382:T; HG651:5 Jesus has not yet been the Light of the World, but merely a light to his people. R5352:5, R5338:5 All will then understand the promises now being grasped by the "Little Flock." Then "the mystery" shall have ended. A86, A87
With the knowledge —Knowledge of the Lord will be the drawing power in the Millennium, even as now. D195 The Millennial age will furnish full knowledge and full ability to all. R892:4, R4158:6; HG417:4 All will know and appreciate the privileges then possible to them. R5178:4; OV382:1 All the eyes of understanding will be opened. R5762:1 The Lord will turn unto his people the pure message, that they may all call upon his name and serve him. (Zeph. 3:9) R5823:3Men will become not only perfect, having all that Adam had, but will have additional knowledge and character. R4965:1 "And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me." (Jer. 31:34) R6013:5, R1365:5 The clear knowledge of God's goodness. SM174:2 The Church of Christ gets this knowledge beforehand. OV424:1 The gathering of the world will be the result of knowledge. R5530:6 Some will resist this knowledge. After 100 years they will be destroyed. R5530:6; SM16:1
The glory of the LORD —God's law of love and life, which men will fully know and keep. R1213:5* No longer will the divine character be aspersed with slanderous teachings, making him out viler than any of his creatures. HG685:1 Our temporary blindness will but accentuate the glorious brightness of God's wisdom, justice, love and power. R5210:5; OV351:1; SM472:T
Cover the sea —Ocean-deep. R5823:6

[Hab. 2:15]

His neighbour drink —The condemnation would apply equally to those who tempt others to the use of intoxicating drinks and to those who endeavor to lead others to imbibe of the intoxicating wine of the spirit of the world. R1444:5

[Hab. 3:1]

A prayer —Habakkuk's entire prayer, recorded in this chapter of his prophecy, is symbolical. R5383:1 Rehearsing the trouble coming upon the world during the Day of the Lord from the Lord's standpoint, showing whose power really shakes the kingdoms and brings in everlasting righteousness. R622:4

[Hab. 3:2]

Thy speech —Thy fame. R622:5
Midst of the years —Of the time of trouble. R622:5

[Hab. 3:3]

From Teman —Using the marvellous display of God's power in Israel's deliverance from Egypt as an illustration of the world's deliverance at the establishment of the Kingdom. R622:4

[Hab. 3:4]

His brightness —His Kingdom. R622:5
Light —Sunlight. R622:5
He had horns —Rays of light and blessing. R622:5
Out of his hand —Out of his every act. R622:5
The hiding —The secret; God's goodness is for a time kept secret, not recognized by men. R622:5

[Hab. 3:5]

Went the pestilence —Moral pestilence shall flee as darkness before the rising sun. R622:5
Coals went forth —Dross and stubble shall be consumed as righteousness steps in. R622:5

[Hab. 3:6]

Measured —Judged. R622:5
Drove asunder —Melted. R622:5
Everlasting mountains —Ancient governments. R622:5; A318
Scattered —Crushed to pieces. R622:5
Perpetual hills —Less autocratic governments. D551
Did bow —Sunk. R622:5

[Hab. 3:7]

Tents of Cushan —The dwellings of darkness, of iniquity. R622:5
And the curtains —Those who caused the darkness. R622:5
Land of Midian —Strife. R622:5

[Hab. 3:9]

Oaths of the tribes —Like severe rods of punishment goeth forth thy sword. R622:6
Cleave —Open. R622:6
Rivers —Truth channels. R622:6

[Hab. 3:10]

The mountains —Kingdoms. R1813:4
Of the water —The water of Present Truth. "The waters shall overflow the hiding place." (Isa. 28:17) R1813:4
Deep uttered his voice —"The sea and the waves roaring." (Luke 21:25) R1813:4

[Hab. 3:11]

The sun and moon —The Law and the Gospel. D590 Refers to a future event. R1813:3
Stood still —Were darkened. "The sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light." (Matt. 24:29) R1813:3 The miracle in Joshua's day was evidently typical of the power to be displayed by our Lord in the time of trouble. A61 See also comments on (Josh. 10:12, 13).

[Hab. 3:12]

Thou didst march —Thou wilt tread the earth under foot in thy wrath. R622:6
Thresh the heathen —Astonish the nations. R622:6

[Hab. 3:13]

With thine anointed —With thy Christ. R622:6
Woundedst the head —Satan. R622:6
Discovering —Destroying. R622:6
The foundation —Thus a complete overthrow. R622:6
Unto the neck —With its high-towering walls. R622:6

[Hab. 3:14]

With his staves —With his own spears. R622:6
The head of his villages —The chief of his warriors. R622:6

[Hab. 3:15]

Through the sea —The Lord's doctrines were enforced and conquered the great multitude-the "raging waves of the sea." (Jude 13) R622:6
With thine horses —With thy doctrines, which will then be enforced. R622:6

[Hab. 3:16]

My belly trembled —My inmost parts trembled. R622:6
At the voice —At the report. R622:6
That I might rest —In the remembrance that the trouble brings the chariots of salvation for the deliverance of the just. R622:6 In this day only those can rest who are built upon the Rock foundation and are faithfully living up to their covenant of consecration. R622:6

[Hab. 3:17]

The fig tree —But from God's standpoint, the fig tree (Israel) will be budding. R5384:4
Fruit be in the vines —The Church. The fruit of the vine will feed the world in the coming age. "I am the Vine, ye are the branches." (John 15:5) R5383:2
Olive shall fail —The Church, the special people of God. R5383:2 Seem to fail. R5383:2 The olive will give life to the world during the Messianic reign. R5383:3
The fields —"The field is the world." (Matt. 13:38) R5383:3
Yield no meat —The Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Greeks, Romans, Papacy, and lately Socialism, have successfully failed to better the world. R5383:3
The flock —The Church, the Little Flock. R5383:2
Shall be cut off —Our Lord Jesus was cut off from the earthly fold when he died. So with us. R5384:1
No herd —No perfect men, with the Church glorified and the Ancient Worthies not yet here. R5383:4

[Hab. 3:18]

I will rejoice —Those who will then understand—the Great Company. R5383:4 By the fall of Babylon these will be set free. Before all this is made plain to them they may use the language of our text. R5383:2 All things had seemed to them to be failures, and now they see that God's plan has not failed, but has been fulfilled. R5383:2 "Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready." (Rev. 19:7) R5383:2