[Zechariah - General]

Zechariah the prophet was a priest as well, and was a young man at the time of his return under the governor, Zerubbabel, from the Babylonian captivity. As a prophet he was the successor of Haggai, who was now old, and his career as such began in the second year of Darius Hystaspes, and continued about two years. It was part of his mission to encourage Zerubbabel and all who labored in the construction of the Temple, and who were beset by innumerable oppositions, difficulties, etc. It is not until we realize that the prophecies, although having some force and application to the times in which they were written, have a special force and application to us, as the antitypical Israel, and to the building of the antitypical Temple, that we get the true force, value and beauty of these prophecies—a force and meaning that is entirely lost to those who take the Higher Criticism view. R2521:2,3
Zechariah prophesied during the period of the rebuilding of the Temple. The joy and zeal associated with the founding of the Temple was followed by a period of slackness, the result of the opposition of the Samaritan neighbors, who employed their every art to discourage the builders and to cause an interruption of the work. As a result several years elapsed before the structure was finally completed. Zechariah, a younger prophet (than Haggai) was raised up by the Lord at this time, and other messages were sent to the discouraged Israelites to show them that they must not expect great national prosperity at the time, but that nevertheless the Lord was with them, and that going on faithfully in an apparently small, insignificant matter, they would be accomplishing his purposes. This corresponds to some degree with the messages which have come to the Lord's people since the time of Wycliffe, and which have led to the Reformation movement in its various aspects, and incidentally to the development and preparation of the various living stones of the glorious Temple. R3650:2

[Zech. 1:1]

Darius —Darius Hystaspes. R2521:2
Zechariah —Was a prophet and a priest; returned from Babylonian captivity under governor Zerubbabel as a young man. R2521:2 He was the successor of Haggai. His career began in the second year of Darius Hystaspes and continued two years. Part of his mission was to encourage the Jews who labored in the construction of the Temple. R2521:2

[Zech. 1:5]

Do they live forever? —Are they immortal, as claimed by many? R802:2*

[Zech. 1:9]

The angel —Materialized angels can eat, drink and perform all the functions of the natural being of the earthly plane of existence. Q744:3

[Zech. 1:15]

The affliction —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125

[Zech. 1:17]

Choose Jerusalem —Promises to the natural seed. R11:5

[Zech. 2:7]

O Zion —The Kingdom of God, the Church. A297; T33
Daughter of Babylon —The nominal church. D38, D39, D42, D43

[Zech. 2:8]

He that toucheth you —Those who afflict or injure the spiritual seed injure the apple of the Lord's eye. R2847:3
Apple of his eye —The true Church, an object of special care. D29; OV380:3. OV423:3; R2847:3

[Zech. 3:1]

He shewed me —Evidently a vision; intended to encourage Israel, but especially to be a prophecy. R1490:2
Joshua —Signifying "Savior" in Hebrew; corresponding, in the Greek, to "Jesus." R2522:1 The entire "Church of the firstborn ones" (Heb. 12:23) during the present life. R1490:3 Our Lord Jesus is represented by the head, and his consecrated followers by the body. R1490:3
And Satan —Whose very existence is now denied by many. F609
To resist him —Satan uses superhuman intelligence and superhuman powers to inveigle our fallen flesh through depraved appetites; and frequently uses the worldly as unconscious instruments to oppose righteousness and truth, and those who are of the truth. F612

[Zech. 3:2]

Satan —The Head and Body are opposed by the same Adversary. R1490:3
Chosen Jerusalem —The Kingdom of God. A296

[Zech. 3:3]

Now Joshua —Whose head represented Christ Jesus, and whose body represented the Church. R1490:3
Filthy garments —Representing that all the church's righteousness is as filthy rags. R1490:3

[Zech. 3:4]

Change of raiment —Picturing the covering of our sins with the robe of Christ's righteousness. R1490:3

[Zech. 3:5]

His head —Our Lord Jesus. R1490:3

[Zech. 3:7]

Walk in my ways —Picturing the Church's high calling to the divine nature. R1490:3

[Zech. 3:8]

Hear now, O Joshua —These words were addressed to the literal Joshua, the Jewish High Priest. R1490:5
Men wondered at —Literally, "Sign men," types. R1490:5
My servant —My real servant, thus typified. R1490:5
The BRANCH —Or sprout, the man Christ Jesus. R1490:5 Not of the old dying Adamic stock; but a new sprout, having fresh vitality—holy, harmless and separate from sinners. R1490:5 Understood, by his contemporaries, as applying to Zerubbabel, not realizing that he and Joshua were but types of Christ, in whom the offices of King and Priest would be combined. R1491:4

[Zech. 3:9]

The stone —The chief Cornerstone, to represent this coming one. R1490:5
Before Joshua —The typical Joshua. R1490:5
Upon one stone —Upon that one stone. R1490:5
Shall be —Shall rest. R1490:5
Seven eyes —Perfect, or divine wisdom. R1490:5, R2822:4; B305; T47, T115
I will engrave —God is superintending the engraving of his character and law upon the living stones of the Church, the Body of Christ. R1490:6
Remove the Iniquity —The unfruitfulness, as well as the sin. R1490:6
In one day —The Millennial day, "One day with the Lord is as a thousand years." (2 Pet. 3:8) R1490:6

[Zech. 3:10]

In that day —In the Millennial day. R1490:6

[Zech. 4:1]

The angel —The vision of this chapter was intended to encourage the Israelites living at the time; but its chief lesson belongs to us. R1490:6, R3650:5

[Zech. 4:2]

A candlestick —Literally, a lamp; corresponding to that which, in the Tabernacle and Temple, shed the only light of "the Holy." R1491:1, R2521:3The complete Church of God. T115; R3651:1 Not representing the Church in glory. Then they will constitute, with their Lord, the Sun of Righteousness. R3650:6 Representing divine favor, enlightenment and blessing, as connected with the promises made to Israel. R2521:5 Representing, to Israel, that they were to be the light-bearers in the world at the time. R3650:3
All of gold —The divine nature. T18
With a bowl —A large central bowl, with seven branches therefrom, each terminating in a lamp. R2521:3
Seven lamps —Seven branches or burners. R1491:1 Here shown in united form, but in Revelation as separate and distinct. (Rev. 1:12, 20; Rev 2:5; Rev 11:4) R2521:6 The true saints, or light-bearers, in all the various phases of the nominal church development. R1491:1
Thereon —The seven lampstands, united in one, represented the Church as a whole from first to last, its every member complete—seven representing completeness. R3650:6
Seven pipes —This lamp differed from the one in the Temple and Tabernacle in that it had pipes to supply the oil. R3650:6

[Zech. 4:3]

Two olive trees —The Old and New Testaments, "the two witnesses." (Rev. 11:3, 4) D652; R1491:1 Peaceable agencies, the Old and New Testaments. R3651:1 The Old Testament with its prophecies, symbols, instructions and types; the New Testament with its explanations, assistances, encouragements, exhortations and promises. R3651:6 From which the oil proceeds. Oil represents the holy Spirit which illuminates the sanctified in Christ Jesus. R1491:1 Fleshly Israel, as God's typical kingdom, and spiritual Israel, as the real Kingdom of God, are the representatives of the Old and New Testaments. D651, D652 Interpreted contemporaneously to represent the kingly and priestly offices in Israel, filled by Zerubbabel, the governor, and Joshua, the High Priest; but these were typical of Christ. R2521:5, R2522:2 Indicating that the supply of oil for Israel's candlestick, and the supply of Israel's light, was inexhaustible. R2521:5

[Zech. 4:5]

Knowest thou not —The prophets did not understand their own utterances at the time. R349:6*

[Zech. 4:6]

Unto Zerubbabel —Signifies, Born in Babylon. R2522:1 Or, alienation from Babylon. R3651:1 Of the line of David, he represented the kingdom hopes of the people. R3651:1 Type of the Lord Jesus. R3651:1 His name signifies "a shoot, or sprout, out of Babylon," typical of Christ, who was out of, yet separate from, sin and all mixture of evil. R1491:2 The message given to him applies to Jesus and the members of his Body, especially to those in a teaching capacity. R3651:1
Not by might —Through crusades. R3651:2 By greatness. An understanding of God's Word is not enjoyed by all the educated an talented. R5982:4Prosperity in the Lord's work cannot come by might, or human power, or cunning. R5308:3 Not by an army. R1491:1 The influence and favor of the Persian monarch, to which they were subject. R2521:6 The world's conversion comes not by might, nor by the power of man. HG432:3
Nor by power —Powerful organizations, combining with earthly governments. R3651:2 Nor by force. R1491:1 By force, or compulsion. SM712:T Their own numbers and ability, as laborers and defenders of their cause against their nearby neighbors, the Samaritans. R2521:6
But by my spirit —The spirit of the truth, the spirit or influence of God, given through his exceeding great and precious promises. R1491:1 "He shall not fail nor be discouraged until he have set judgment in the earth." (Isa. 42:4) R3651:2 No matter how great or able one may be, he is not fit to be a leader unless he possesses a knowledge of the Lord's Word, and the spirit of the truth. R5982:5 The Lord guided them by his spirit to accomplish his purpose, even though it appeared to be an insignificant matter. The preparation of the true Church during the Gospel age is being accomplished similarly. R3650:3 Doing the transforming work—conforming the lines of character likeness in harmony with those of the great pattern which he has set for us. SM712:T Only since the true Temple began to be built at Pentecost with the anointing of the holy Spirit has it been possible to enter into the real spirit, thought, intention of the divine purpose. R3650:5

[Zech. 4:7]

O great mountain —The kingdom of the Evil One. R2522:4, R1491:2 The mountain of difficulty which stood in the way of the Lord's work. R2521:6
Before Zerubbabel —Type of Christ. R1491:2
Become a plain —For "the highway of holiness." (Isa. 35:8) R2522:4 To all co-laborers with the Lord, the assurance is that however great and formidable, the apparent mountains of difficulty shall disappear. R3651:3
Shall bring forth —From the tomb, in the first resurrection. R1982:4, R2522:4
The headstone —Christ Jesus, the top Cornerstone of God's building, the Stone which the builders rejected. C329; R1982:6 The capstone of the spiritual pyramid—his Church. R3650:2 The chief cornerstone in a pyramid is the top stone, which is also the model after which the whole building is being fashioned. C329, R3622:4, R1568:4 Calling to mind the Great Pyramid, whose top stone is the chief cornerstone and whose internal structure corresponds so perfectly with the Tabernacle and its symbolism. R1982:1 Jesus, the cap, the climax of his great and wonderful work, the New Creation in glory. R2522:4
With shoutings —Showing the holy joy which shall be fully realized when all the living stones noiselessly come together "without the sound of a hammer." (1 Kings 6:7) R1982:4 Not only by men, but by angels also. R2522:2
Grace, grace unto it —When the headstone shall crown this glorious building of God, there shall be shootings R1982:4, R3650:2 God's favor upon it! R3651:3

[Zech. 4:9]

Laid the foundation —Zerubbabel had begun the rebuilding of the literal Temple. R1491:4 The application is to Christ, who began the construction of the true Temple of God, "which Temple ye are" (1 Cor. 3:17), at Pentecost. R1491:4, R3651:4
His hands —Zerubbabel's. R2522:1
Shall also finish it —In due time our Lord Jesus will complete the work, by his Spirit, through the word; even though for a time the progress be slow. R3651:4, R3650:2 He who began the good work in us is able and willing to complete it. (Phil. 1:6) R3651:4

[Zech. 4:10]

Despised the day —The present day, when the construction of the spiritual Temple is in progress. R2522:1 The day of suffering, the day of trials. R1491:4 To the Jews, returned from Babylon to rebuild the Temple, the materials available seemed poor and insignificant; and so with us who now are free of Babylon. R3651:4 So Christ's earthly ministry, and the work of his followers, have all along seemed small and weak. R1491:4
Of small things —The Dawns ("Studies in the Scriptures"), Towers and Tracts. R2512:3 Corresponding. in some degree, with the messages of the Lord's people since the time of Wycliffe, leading to the Reformation movement in its various aspects. R3650:3 The humble beginning of the work of rebuilding the literal Temple. R1491:3 Not many great, not many wise, not many learned, are to be found amongst the living stones. (1 Cor. 1:26) R3651:4 Those who promulgate the Harvest Message and who, in the eyes of the world, are little, mean and insignificant. R3651:5 Small beginnings, feeble efforts, discouraging conditions, etc. R2522:1
They shall rejoice —They rejoice to see the work progress under his direction. R1491:4
See the plummet —Recognize the hand of the Lord in squaring, straightening, proving and testing the faith and character of his people. R3651:5 All the elements of justice, truth, righteousness and love. R3651:5 Let us not only conform to the plummet line, but build one another up in the faith with love, kindness and encouragement. R3651:5
With those seven —Representing perfection. R3651:5 The seven eyes, the perfect wisdom of God which holds survey of all the earth, superintending the work. R1491:4
Eyes of the LORD —Watching the tears, joys, trials, difficulties and prosperity of his people. R3651:5
The whole earth —Complete, all-seeing, everywhere, all-knowing. R3651:5

[Zech. 4:14]

Two anointed ones —The Old and New Testaments. (See Rev. 11:3, 4) R244:4*

[Zech. 5:9]

Between the earth —Law-abiding society. R3052:6; A318
And the heaven —Powers of spiritual control. R3052:6; A318

[Zech. 5:11]

Build It an house —Temple, Church organization. R3052:6

[Zech. 6:2]

Horses —Symbol of doctrines. C316

[Zech. 6:12]

Build the temple —The true Church. T70

[Zech. 6:13]

Shall be a priest —Not a sacrificing priest, but a blessing priest. SM139:3
Upon his throne —A king and a priest at the same time. SM136:1, SM139:3 A king in the sense of governor. A priest in the sense of atoner, who, having redeemed, is the reconciler of the people and the dispenser of divine favor. D637 A royal priest. R1063:2* "A priest forever after the order of Melchizedek." (Psa. 110:4) T30; R531:1* As such, Melchizedek's position in the type was higher than that of Aaron. F72 The royalty of the Aaronic priest being proclaimed by the golden crown in the garments of glory and beauty. T30

[Zech. 8:3]

Dwell in the midst —A promise to the natural seed of Israel. R11:5

[Zech. 8:8]

Dwell in the midst —Chapter 8 teaches of Israel's return and the building of Jerusalem. R107:6*

[Zech. 8:9]

That the temple —The antitypical Temple, the glorified Church. R2021:1

[Zech. 8:10]

Before these days —During the time of trouble.D530 Connecting the trouble with the building of the great spiritual Temple. R2760:6 Preceding the building of the true antitypical Temple, the glorified Church. R2021:1
There was no hire —Want of employment—the natural outcome of growing want of confidence between man and man. HG22:2; R2515:2
Nor...any peace —But warfare between capital and labor, emperors and peoples. CR44:5 But trouble, more general and greater than the world has ever yet known. (Dan. 12:1) R1243:1
The affliction —Oppression. (Leeser) R2021:1
For I set all men —"For I will let loose all men," (Leeser) The trouble will be worldwide. There will be no place of safety except under divine providence. R2021:1
Every one —Every man for himself. R2460:6
Against —In competition with. R2515:2
His neighbour —In the country as well as in the city. F555 As soon as the political and financial powers begin to crumble, the warfare will become anarchy. SM454:2 Worldwide anarchy, accompanied eventually by all the horrors of the French Revolution. R1912:2, R5526:3; OV341:2 The climax toward which things are leading. R5790:6 Selfishness will be its basis. R4074:3, R4208:4, R5526:3, R2760:5; SM266:1; OV146:2; D530 Brought about by the cloudburst of truth and the rising waters of knowledge. R5604:5Anger, hatred, malice of one nation against another will extend to persons. R5569:2 We are to expect the same condition in the church. R4208:4 Anarchy, the general uprising of the people, will bring on the great time of trouble of the Scripture. R5526:3; OV341:2 Brought on by the influence of Gospel enlightenment and the spirit of liberty operating in an unregenerate and selfish heart. OV146:2 In a time of anarchy brought on by the neglect of the golden rule. R2313:6 As a consequence of the world losing confidence in itself. SM734:2 The spirit of anarchy will spread from nations to individuals. OV419:4 Demonstrating that earthly blessings are really injurious to those out of tune with the Infinite One. HG639:4 For the government to advocate the taking of a side in the present war (1914) would foster the spirit of anarchy. R5569:2

[Zech. 8:12]

Shall be prosperous —Already we perceive that we are in the gray dawn of that glorious day which God hath appointed. R1248:3
Shall give her fruit —Wholesome restraints, wise rulings and righteous discipline, shall bring forth the peaceable fruits of righteousness. R1248:3
And the ground —The earth also shall be saved—recovered from the divine sentence or "curse." R5078:4
Remnant of this people —Then the Lord shall reign over regathered Israel in Mt. Zion. R4796:4

[Zech. 8:19]

And peace —"God hath called us to peace." (1 Cor.7:15) R2946:3, R2947:1

[Zech. 8:22]

In Jerusalem —In that Millennial time. PT385:2* Fleshly Israel will be recognized as the chief nation of the earth. R83:2 To be the capital of the world under the Millennial Kingdom arrangements. OV69:1; A296; CR157:2

[Zech. 8:23]

In those days —When the earthly phase of the kingdom is established. A296; C293; D628 The days of the building of the Temple and the time of trouble spoken of in verses 9 & 10. R107:6*
That ten men —Representing all other nations of the earth that will gather about Israel at that time. PT384:1*
Of the nations —"All nations shall flow into it." (Isa. 2:2) A297; D628
Him that is a Jew —"Salvation is of the Jews." (John 4:22) In the restitution work, fleshly Israel shall be used as a medium through whom salvation from spiritual Israel shall flow to all. C293 Fleshly Israel will, in the near future, be recognized as the chief nation of earth. R83:2
We will go —All nations, learning of the blessings of restitution to be bestowed in Israel, will say, "Come, let us go up." (Isa. 2:3) R4796:1; Q170:8
We have heard —The world will notice the blessings of health and prosperity bestowed upon Israel and wish to obtain the same. Q171:T; R4555:3
God is with you —Jewish restitution is the first item of the many blessings to be poured upon mankind. OV66:2, OV85:2; C287 They will say: "He has done for the Jew first; but he will also do for us." R4840:5 Verses 20 to 23, together with Ezek. 37, help to prove that the New covenant is with fleshly Israel only. R4530:1* Thus, from Israel, under the New covenant, through Israel's Mediator, a way of approach to God will Be opened up for all the Gentiles. OV96:3; R1341:2

[Zech. 9:9]

Rejoice greatly —Verses 9:9 to 10:4 were fulfilled at our Lord's first advent. R2124:5 Great is the joy now among saints as they recognize the King. R1795:5
Shout —"If these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out." (Luke 19:40) B225; R2746:1, R3538:4, R5090:6, R5362:4; PD65/77 "Hosanna!" (Matt. 21:9)—Salvation, Blessing. Praise!R2746:1, R5090:3, R3538:5, R3850:6, R5495:1; B225 The word Hosanna is an acclaim of praise, confidence and expectancy, closely resembling the thought of the word, Hallelujah. R3538:2 Nationally, they did not receive him with shouts of rejoicing. R599:4 After the shout of the multitude ceased, it was apparently taken up by the children in the Temple without any particular meaning. R3852:4, R3538:5 The people, recognizing the wonderful miracle wrought upon Lazarus, congregated and hailed him as Messiah. R2447:6 Their unstable and fickle minds, swayed by false teachers and unwilling to act on their convictions in the face of opposition, would, only a few days later, cry, Crucify him! Crucify him! R1795:2, R1696:4 The saints' proclamation of Christ's presence and Kingdom is the shout—heard, if not believed. R1795:5
Daughter of Jerusalem —The Lord did not consider the multitudes with him as, in any sense of the word, representing the city and the nation. R2746:2, R599:4
Thy King cometh —The day when Israel's double, or Mishneh, turned. OV77.5, OV95:4; B226; R2296:6 On the tenth day (ninth day—OV78:1) of the first month, when the chosen people of Israel were taking up their lambs for the Passover. OV95:4,5; F461 Referring primarily to Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem five days before his crucifixion. B224 This message has proved to be the test to both the fleshly and the spiritual houses of Israel. C136; B241 The Lord's assumption of the office of King. R4122:3 The formal offer of the Kingdom by Jesus, which the Jews, as a people, neglected to accept. R5494:3, R2296:3 Foreshadowing his coming glory and triumphal entry upon the Kingdom at his return from the far country (heaven), armed with a plenitude of power and authority. R2746:1 Prefiguring the coming of Christ as King in the end of the Gospel age, in AD 1878. R1795:2, R1696:1At his baptism John introduced him as the Bridegroom; during his ministry he superintended a reaping work; at the end of his visible ministry he rides in as a King. R114:6* Being rejected, as foretold, he consequently did not then set up the Kingdom. R113:2 It was a grand or ludicrous triumphal entry into the city of the great King—according to the standpoint from which it was viewed. R2745:3
Unto thee —Not to Herod's palace, to demand possession of it; not to Pilate's palace, to demand recognition of him; but to his Father's house or palace—to the Temple. R2746:3
Just, and having salvation —Righteous and victorious is he. OV77:6
Lowly —He was to be a King (Isa. 32:1), yet he would be born in a manger (Luke 2:12) and come as one of the humblest of earth. R1063:2*
Riding upon an ass —This was fulfilled just five days before his crucifixion. R4122:3, R3850:6 The Jews were familiar with this prophecy, and had long been awaiting for Messiah to fulfill it. R3850:6 An ass was used rather than a horse. Tradition tells us that so all the kings of Israel were accustomed to ride to their coronation. R2745:3 The only occasion we have any knowledge of Jesus riding—not for weariness, but after the manner of kings, to ride in triumph on white asses. R3850:2; PD65/77 It was necessary that the Lord do literally what the prophets foretold, that Israel be without excuse in their rejection of him. R3850:6
Of an ass —Of a she-ass. OV77:6

[Zech. 9:10]

I will cut off —Verse 10 notes the evil consequences to follow their rejection of their King. B225
Be cut off —Ultimately. OV77:6
He —The "Prince of Peace." (Isa. 9:6) R1614:4
Shall speak peace —All of this, except the riding into Jerusalem, belongs to the restitution age. HG52:5 When the elect company is selected and exalted to power with Christ their Head, then he shall make "wars to cease unto the ends of the earth." (Psa. 46:9) R820:6 But not until he has first made known his presence in the whirlwind of revolution and in the storm of trouble. D238 When mankind has been humbled and made teachable by the leveling process of the great time of trouble. R1869:3, R1614:4, R1484:6 Primarily to God's chosen people (Israel), and through them to the Gentiles. OV97:1 By different methods than the Kiel canal celebration and the World's Congress of Religions. D238; R2515:2 His voice commanding "Peace" will shake the earth (social structure) and the heavens (ecclesiastical structure). R2515:2 "Be still and know that I am God." (Psa. 46:10) R2515:3; D637
Unto the heathen —In respect to becoming part of the spiritual seed of Abraham. OV97:1
To the ends of the earth —Without an opponent. R4974:4

[Zech. 9:11]

Thy prisoners —In death all are captives. A112
Out of the pit —The grave, and hopeless depair. A112

[Zech. 9:12]

Turn you —The invitation of the Messiah, to the Jew first. OV78:T
To the strong hold —Christ was their stronghold, had they but received him; but they rejected him, therefore the denunciation. R599:5; B225;OV78:T
Prisoners —Typically, Israel under the Roman yoke. B225 Actually, Israel and all mankind under the control of sin and death. B225;F353
Of hope —So-called because Christ has the "Keys of hell and of death." (Rev. 1:18) R2601:1; A99; HG384:2 Because of God's plan for their release. OV177:2, OV224:3; SM30:1 Hoping for a coming king who would deliver and exalt them to the promised dominion of earth. B225
Even to day —To you Jews, because you are about to reject the Messiah. B225; OV78:T He points out the very day that the second part of the double began. CRI04:5; R1379:1, R599:4; SM399:3 It was that very day he wept over the city, left their house desolate, and the second half, which makes the double, began. HG53:5 The standpoint of the future is taken, and the things spoken of as accomplished facts. R1754:6
Render double —Mishneh, a second portion, a repetition; implying a casting off from all favor for as long a period as they had enjoyed favor, namely 1845 years, from AD 33 to 1878, when the Berlin Congress of Nations was held, which greatly ameliorated the condition of the Jews. B218 Twofold. OV78:T A duplication of chastisement. B225 Where their double of waiting for the Kingdom expired, the King did come, in AD 1878. R1202:4 "And first I will recompense their iniquity and their sin double." (Jer. 16:18) "She hath received of the Lord's hand double for all her sins." (Isa.40:2) B227; R1202:4 (Jeremiah 16:16) looked at the matter from the far past and told what would come; (Zechariah 9:12) stood at the turning point and told of its very day; (Isaiah 40:2) comes down prophetically to the end of the double in AD 1878. OV78:2; SM399:2,3, SM400:1 Literally, the other half. R599:5 Has been accomplished, accounting for the Zionist movement. R5920:6

[Zech. 9:13]

Judah...Ephraim —Not mentioned as antagonistic or rival kingdoms, but as unitedly sharing divine favors. R2124:5

[Zech. 9:14]

Blow the trumpet —The seventh trumpet, the Trump of God, the Last Trump, the Jubilee Trump. A316; B148; R2025:3*, R2026:2
With whirlwinds —The time of trouble. D528

[Zech. 10:1]

Showers of rain —Truth. B256

[Zech. 10:3]

The shepherds —Greedy, ignorant, lazy teachers. F287
In the battle —The time of trouble. D527

[Zech. 10:5]

And they —Verses 5 to 12 evidently apply to the second advent. R2124:5

[Zech. 10:6]

House of Joseph —Not mentioned as antagonistic or a rival kingdom to Judah or Ephraim, but as unitedly sharing divine favor—of the same kind and at the same time. R2124:5
Not cast them off —The Lord assures Israel that the coming favor will be to both, and to all the tribes. R2124:5

[Zech. 10:7]

They of Ephraim —Christendom. D22

[Zech. 10:10]

The land of Egypt —The kingdom of darkness. F458

[Zech. 10:11]

Through the sea —The coming time of anarchy. D596
River shall dry up —"The sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates, and the water thereof was dried up." (Rev. 16:12) R1371:6
And the sceptre —Right to rule. B83

[Zech. 11:1]

Open thy doors —This entire chapter relates to, and was fulfilled at, our Lord's first advent. R2124:5

[Zech. 11:3]

Pride of Jordan —Meaning "Judged down," "Condemned," typifying the curse, the sentence which has rested for 6000 years against our race. R3086:4

[Zech. 11:6]

His neighbour's hand —See comments on (Zech. 8:10)

[Zech. 11:12]

Thirty pieces of silver —The market-price of a slave. R2745:1 One of the many prophecies that show the Bible to be a divine revelation. A58;R1205:2 One of several prophetic statements, fulfilled in Jesus, that were so mixed up with other statements not specially applicable to him, that the Jews might easily stumble over them. R435:3, R436:2

[Zech. 11:17]

Right eye —Mind's eye, or right understanding. R1434:2*

[Zech. 12:3]

Together against it —God declares that he will deliver regathered Israel from their enemies. R26:5, R593:2

[Zech. 12:4]

Smite every horse —Old, false, doctrinal hobby. C316

[Zech. 12:7]

The tents of Judah —Israel, as a nation, will be the first among the nations to come into harmony with the new order of things. A294 The tribe of Judah, the principal tribe, in which was vested the kingly office. B206 The pious of the ten tribes had allied themselves with Judah, and were known as "Jews." R2084:6, R2380:2 To share in the covenant made with Abraham, any of the ten tribes must become associated with the literal Judah at Jerusalem. C294; R1341:2
First —The restoration of the Jew to Canaan is a beginning of restitution. R384:5 The Millennial favors will be to the Jews first. C256See also comments on Zech. 8:23.

[Zech. 12:8]

In that day —Not now, but when the King shall reign in righteousness. R4715:6, R5031:2; Q426:1
Shall the LORD defend —He will reveal himself as Israel's deliverer. R148:5
Shall be as David —The Ancient Worthies, and through them the nation of Israel, will become the representatives of the heavenly Kingdom. R4320:5

[Zech. 12:9]

In that day —After spiritual Israel is complete. R5832:4 In the great time of trouble near at hand, which will include "Jacob's trouble" as well as "Babylon's fall." R2420:5
To destroy —Their deliverance will be so great that they will recognize God's power and favor; and, through nearness to God, in prayer and supplication, recognize that they rejected and pierced their Redeemer. R286:3

[Zech. 12:10]

And I will —During the Millennial age. R2605:2 Illustrating God's and Jesus' love for their enemies—a willingness to do for them whatever could be justly done; bearing no enmity or grudge in return for their hatred. F371 The restoration comes first. R102:1
Pour upon —The same outpouring of the holy Spirit as mentioned in Joel 2:28, 29. R2504:5, R376:5 One of the first things of the new order will be the pouring upon Israel of their share of blessings, and their eyes will be opened to recognize Him whom they rejected more than 1800 years ago. Q94:1 Part of this work of grace is the giving them of the message that the land is theirs that their period of chastisement is at an end, and that shortly blessings will come to them—not as Christians, but as Jews. R4735:6
Inhabitants —Israel, at the time of their return to prosperity; in the midst of their final struggle. OV81:3
Of Jerusalem —Those who, from respect for the promises, gather to Palestine. D627
Spirit of grace —A new will, mind or disposition in harmony with God. R2504:6 Prayer and supplication. R4735:6, R3982:4, R5719:6, R4710:6, R5571:4 In and through Jacob's trouble. SM426:T Their iniquity first being pardoned. R5571:4 Forgiving them and making the experience profitable to as many as shall prove willing. OV194:4 The holy Spirit, the spirit of truth. When the truth shall be made known, with that truth will go its spirit—its influence and power to correct the heart and life, and bring it into accord with God. R2504:6 Opening the eyes of their understanding. SM533:T; R5571:4 The blessing of the Lord, coming upon Israel first, means also the blessing of the whole world. R5599:1 Receiving them back to favor, under the terms of the New covenant. R5442:6
Of supplications —Israel's praying, supplicating, will bring the blessings of the New covenant. R3970:3 Would that all Jews were in the attitude of prayer toward God, looking for the fulfillment of all the prophecies. CRI41:6
They —Israel. R5234:3, R5578:1
Shall look upon me —Jesus, who bears no enmity nor grudge toward them, but is ready to pour out upon them his Millennial blessings. F371 Aleph Tay, the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet; "I am the first and the last." (Rev. 1:17) R1948:4* With the eye of faith (understanding). R5442:6, R5719:6, R4710:6, R5571:4, R148:4, R5599:1, R3950:5; HG390:2; D600 Israel's eyes will be the first eyes that will be opened. R5269:5, R1693:4, R4544:4 Recognize; identify the Deliverer as the one they once crucified. R148:4; D600; OV116:4 A few of the Jewish "common people" are already "looking unto Jesus." R2831:6, R2605:4, R1043:1, R748:4; HG387:4 Not now, but when the King shall reign in righteousness. Q426:1, Q422:3; R4715:6, R3896:6 Inquiring, Is not this the Christ? R2605:4 Seeing out of obscurity. B72 When their eyes first begin to see out of obscurity, there will not be anything that they can see with the natural sight. R5269:5 Recognize him as the promised seed of Abraham and their long-looked-for Messiah. R1747:2 Recognize him in consequence of a miraculous deliverance when God manifests his power on their behalf as in olden times. OV116:4 When they shall be saved, or recovered, from their blindness. SM532:2; HG443:6; Q171:3 Possibly upon Christ's human body which may be preserved somewhere as the grand memorial of God's love, Christ's obedience and our redemption, typified by the golden bowl of manna in the Ark. B130 Perhaps indicating that Jesus' spear-marked and nail-marked body is somewhere kept for future exhibit. R3377:1
Whom they have pierced —In the piercing of his side, the foundation was laid for the fulfillment of Scripture. R198:2* Crucified; pierced by the spear and torn by the nails and thorns. B130 Whose death ratified, or made effective, the New covenant, through which Israel's favor comes. R1365:4 The full responsibility of the crucifixion was left with the Jews. "His blood be upon us and upon our children." (Matt. 27:25) R3896:6, R2472:6 Israel's pride led them to look only at the promises of glory, honor and power to accompany the exaltation of Israel, and ignore such passages as this which tell that Messiah must first be rejected. R4782:2
Mourn for him —Mourn that they rejected him. D600 Discerning that they made a great and horrible mistake in crucifying their long-promised Messiah, their Redeemer. SM426:T, R5578:1, R5599:1; Q421:3 They will be sorry; they will be cut to the heart. CR164:2; R5234:3 When their blindness shall be turned away. OV194:4; R5269:5; SM532:2 It was the prospect of this that assisted Jesus to so patiently endure. R1821:5 Be ashamed—a mourning of penitence and not of despair; caused by the spirit of favor which is shown them by the long-lost brother now restored. R58:1* Mourn for their sins, and turn to the Lord. R102:1 At the close of the storm, all mankind—the Jew first—shall discern the new King and shall mourn for sin and that they ever, in blindness, rejected him. D600 The time of Israel's recognition indicates that the time of special favor to spiritual Israel must be correspondingly drawing to a close. R4670:1 Shouting, "Lo! this is our God, we have waited for him, and he will save us." (Isa. 25:9) R1693:4 As Joseph's brethren mourned for him. R3982:4, R58:1*Weeping, as did the woman who poured the ointment on Jesus' feet. (Luke 7:38) R2626:6 Not with tears of hopeless sorrow. R2472:6 "Mourn over it." (Young's translation) R517:1* As they come to see the actual facts. R1365:4 Their mourning will be a happy day for them. Their eyes will open then to see what the love of God really is. HG164:4 Their mourning will be turned into joy as they are freely forgiven. R4710:6
For his only son —"As over the only one." (Young's translation) R517:1*

[Zech. 13:1]

In that day —In the Millennial Age. R2670:4, R1710:5
A fountain opened —The great washing time. R2670:4, R1710:5 By faith in the blood of Christ to be made every whit whole and fit for fellowship of angels and saints. R1710:5 "There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Immanuel's veins." R1230:1 In full, agreement with this is the significance of the word "Siloam." (John 9:11) It signifies "the sending forth," or "the fountain." R2670:4
To the house of David —In the house of David. R1710:5

[Zech. 13:4]

In that day —The day of trouble. R2338:5
Shall be ashamed —There will be a general change of front on the part of religious teachers. R2338:5
Of his vision —The false gospel. R2338:5

[Zech. 13:5]

I am no prophet —They will desire to disavow their previous occupation. R2338:5

[Zech. 13:6]

Unto him —Unto the clergy of the nominal church. R2338:5 Religious leaders will be so ashamed of the false gospel which they have proclaimed that they will desire to disavow their previous occupation. R2338:5
In thine hands —Implying injury or destruction of power or influence once exercised. R2338:5
I was wounded —In the time of trouble. R2338:5 Seeming to indicate severe usage received by religious leaders from their former flocks. R2338:5Our Lord was wounded in the hands—crucified. Q740:2 Seems to have no reference to the wounding of our Lord at his crucifixion. R2338:6
House of my friends —Indicating severe usage at the hands of their former flocks. R2338:5 "He came unto his own, and his own received him not." (John 1:11) Q740:2

[Zech. 13:7]

My shepherd —The true servants of God. R2338:6
My fellow —The Lord's special messenger in the Harvest of the Gospel age. R3818:6*, R6001:4*
Smite the shepherd —Jesus' death. R5550:3, R1205:2 Pastor. R3776:2
Shall be scattered —The apostles would all be offended, discouraged, stumbled. R5550:3 Therefore, during the 40 days between his resurrection and ascension, Jesus' chief concern was to regather them and re-establish their faith in him as the long-looked-for Messiah. B111 God permits this for their proving and development. R2338:6 "All ye shall be offended because of me this night." (Matt. 26:31) B111; R4712:2
Turn mine hand —Use my power to protect. R2338:6 No scattering of the sheep, but the reverse—the "hand" or power of the great Jehovah would rest upon the little ones left over. R6001:4*
The little ones —The weak ones. R2338:6

[Zech. 13:8]

Two parts —The Little Flock and the Great Company. R3776:2, R3634:1 Two companies, both justified, begotten of the spirit, and candidates for joint-heirship with Christ. (See also Lev. 16:7-10 & Lev. 23:17) R4079:4* Possibly, the first class is the very elect; the second class, those who go into the Second Death; and the third, the Great Company and all mankind who go into the time of trouble. Q712:4
Cut off and die —Being consecrated unto death. R3634:1
But the third —The world of mankind. R3634:1 These three parts are not equal parts. R3634:1, R508:6*;Q712:4

[Zech. 13:9]

Through the fire —The time of trouble. Q712:4; D527 The world of mankind will pass from death conditions to life conditions during the Millennium. R3634:1 Probably some of the living nations will pass over into the Kingdom without going into the tomb. R3634:1
Refine —The great time of trouble will have a refining influence on the world and on the Great Company. Q712:4 All will be granted an opportunity for coming, through the divine processes of the Millennial age, back to the full perfection of human life lost by Father Adam's transgression. R3634:2
Call on my name —All who are returned to harmony with God will recognize him as such. R3634:2
I will hear them —God will recognize them as his people. R3634:2

[Zech. 14:1]

The day of the LORD —Already begun. R286:5 When the first return of Israelites to Palestine will have taken place. R286:3

[Zech. 14:2]

Gather all nations —Gog and Magog, the hosts of merciless plunderers of regathered Israel. D554, D555
Against Jerusalem —The Scriptures clearly show that the end of Jacob's trouble will take place right in Jerusalem. CR141:6 The capital city of regathered Israel. OV69:1
City shall be taken —The battle, at first, goes against Israel. R286:3

[Zech. 14:3]

Then shall —The scene is laid in the time of trouble, probably near its close. R286:3 God interferes only when the great gathering is completed and Jerusalem is taken. HG89:6 Synchronizing with the type in Egypt. It was in the midst of the alarm caused by the seventh and last plague that the Israelites were called out of Egypt. HG91:5
The LORD —Jehovah—exclusively the Father's name. R286:2, R1874:1; D650
Go forth —Will reveal himself, not as a man, but manifest his divine power. CR141:5; D555 Here Israel comes to recognize Jesus as the Son of God, for "the Lord my God shall come, and all thy saints with thee." (vs. 5) R410:1 Israel's first realization of the Kingdom having come. R148:4
Against those nations —The foes of regathered Israel. D555 The time having come to manifest his justice against them, and his favor to Israel. R286:3
As when he fought —In olden times for Israel, D650 For Joshua against the six Amalekite kings at Gibeon, and for David against the Philistines at Perazim. D555, D650 When he miraculously delivered Israel from the hosts of Midian by Gideon and his band. R3469:2,R4083:2, R1876:4 Jehovah fought Israel's battles anciently, seen only with the eyes of their understanding. R296:3The deliverance will be so great that they will recognize God's power and favor. R286:3 Overthrowing nations so much stronger than they, that it was a miracle. R148:5

[Zech. 14:4]

And his feet —Jehovah's favor or dominion. D650; R286:2 R5437:2 "I will make the place of my feet glorious." (Isa. 60:13) R286:2, R5437:5; D647 Accomplished through his representative, Jesus. R286:5 Not the literal feet of Christ, but symbolically, the feet of his father, Jehovah. R1874:1, R286:2; D649 Or, residence. R286:2
Shall stand —Be established. R286:4 Or, rest. R286:4 Jehovah's feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives as one at first, before its division. R287:1
In that day —After the Church is glorified; at the close of Jacob's trouble. R5437:2, R286:2 The Day of Jehovah. R5255:6 In the Millennium. D649
Mount of Olives —Kingdom of light, peace and divine blessing. R5437:5, R286:5; D651Located to the east (or sunrising) of Jerusalem (the peaceful habitation). R286:5 The literal mountain will probably be involved. R5437:2 As the olive furnishes both light and food, the Mount of Olives would represent the Kingdom of God. R5437:5
Cleave in the midst —Representing the two phases of the Kingdom. R286:5; D652 A part of the work of the glorified Church. R5437:2 Experiencing a great earthquake. R5437:2, R5255:6
Toward the east —Open to the Sun of Righteousness, free from the shadows of sin and death. D653
A very great valley —The Valley of Blessings, God's Kingdom. D652 A place of favor and protection, guaranteed by both the heavenly and earthly phases of the Kingdom. R286:6 The valley of mercy, between and under the care of the spiritual and human phases of the Kingdom. D653 "Passing through the valley of mourning, they change it into a place of (joy) springs." (Psa. 84:6), D653
Of the mountain —The Kingdom. D653
Shall remove —From earthly to heavenly conditions. D653; R286:5
Toward the north —Toward the Pleiades, the celestial center of the universe, the seat of the divine empire. D653
And half of It —The earthly half, the Ancient Worthies. D653; R286:6
Toward the south —To complete restitution to perfect human life. D653

[Zech. 14:5]

And ye shall —While spoken to Israel only, yet it will not stop there—for whomsoever will may become an Israelite. D654
Flee to the valley —The Valley of Blessings, God's Kingdom. D652 Israel is represented as fleeing to this place of protection and safety. R286:6
My God shall come —Thus will Jehovah, my God, come in. D654
The saints with thee —"The Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints." (Jude 14) C302 Meaning, both in Hebrew and Greek, the "holy ones," those begotten by the Spirit and born of God; viz., Christ and his Body. HG23:5 All the holy ones shall be thus united with him. D654 Christ coming for his saints and our gathering together unto him is certainly the "coming as a thief," but not the appearing with him in glory, which must be a later event. R245:4*, R154:6* When he appears in glory we are with him; and we must be gathered to meet him before that. R579:5, R263:2, R19:2

[Zech. 14:6]

In that day —In the Millennial day. D655 Not "the Day of Vengeance." D655
Clear, nor dark —Bright, nor the darkness thick. D655

[Zech. 14:7]

Shall be one day —Shall be the one. D655
Known to the LORD —Foreknown to the Lord. D655
Not day, nor night —Neither full day nor night. D655 Because, as generation after generation are brought back from the tomb they will be in various stages of restitution toward perfection. D655 Typified by the standing of the sun at the overthrow of the Amorites, as an evidence of the Lord's power. A61
At evening time —At the close of the Millennial day. D655 The evening of that dark day, or period of trouble. R286:5
It shall be light —Clear light. D655 High noon—its sun shall never set. D655

[Zech. 14:8]

Living waters —"Waters of life, clear as crystal." (Rev. 22:1) Restitution blessings. D655 Compare with Ezek. 47:1-9. D650

[Zech. 14:9]

LORD shall be king —Jehovah. through Christ as his vicegerent. A303; R3114:1 All will recognize our Lord as the great teacher. SM58:3 "Give the king (this king whom thou hast appointed) thy judgments and thy righteousness unto the King's (Jehovah's) son." (Psa. 72:1) R1415:5 By the end of that day his will shall be done on earth even as it is done in heaven. D656
Over all the earth —Not only King of the Jews. B81

[Zech. 14:10]

Inhabited in her place —The population outside the wall near the Jaffa Gate, here described, bids to be greater than that within. R1382:4
Tower of Hananeel —Its ruins and foundations were discovered in excavating for a building across from the Tower of David in 1886 AD. R1390:2

[Zech. 14:13]

A great tumult —The time of trouble. R3271:3; SM735:T; OV341:2
Rise up against —The disconcerted hosts will effect the complete disruption of the present order of things. R5604:5 Anarchy—the general uprising of the people. OV341:2; SM454:2 See comments on Zech. 8:10.

[Zech. 14:16]

Go up from year to year —All nations of earth will send their ambassadors to Jerusalem. OV69:1
To worship the King —Upon such as will conform to the arrangements, the divine blessing will rest. OV69:1

[Zech. 14:17]

Unto Jerusalem —Jerusalem, rebuilt, is to be the headquarters of the nations. HG36:6 All nations will receive a share of the blessings by coming under the same conditions and participating in Israel's New (Law) covenant. OV85:1
No rain —No blessings of restitution. Q171:T; R5583:4 Blessings only on those who will seek to keep the divine law. R4819:5 Any nation who shall not recognize Jerusalem as God's government shall have no special blessing. OV96:3; R5583:4 May be both literal and symbolic. Q205:T, Q622:1 If there were no rain, there would be no fruitage. R5583:4

[Zech. 14:20]

HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD —All will be consecrated to the Lord and all will walk in his ways. R1374:6 Surely a change of sentiment from that prevailing in the present time. R1374:5