Ephesus was one of the greatest cities of that time. This may be judged from the fact that just at the entrance of the harbor stood one of the seven wonders of the world, an immense statue of "Diana of the Ephesians"—the deity of Ephesus and indeed of Asia Minor. R4432:2 The home of Priscilla and Aquila. On his third missionary journey, Paul made a two-year stop at Ephesus, reputed to have been next to Athens in its culture and art and surpassing it in painting. Thus it was a religious city after the heathen ideal. Tyrannus had a school near the synagogue, which, under the Lord's providence, became available as a preaching place for the proclamation of the Word, and St. Paul used the opportunity faithfully for about two years. The result was that from Ephesus, "the gateway of Asia Minor," or, as it was sometimes called, "the eye of Asia," the Word of the Lord was carried to various cities by the traveling public, including Jews and proselytes.R4420:2, 4421:1
Ephesus was a great city for magic, incantations, divinations, etc. The worship of Diana and the delusions connected therewith, "black art" etc., were (like all the heathen religious practices) devices of Satan and the fallen angels, whereby the people were made to believe in the power of Diana for good and evil, for health and sickness, for safety or accident. A vessel going to sea in order to have a prosperous journey, it was thought must have on board a miniature "shrine of Diana." The individual who wished for luck repeated certain words or prayers to Diana and wore upon his breast a charm or amulet marked with her likeness or with a prayer to Diana. In consequence, we are not surprised that the Lord greatly blessed the Apostle Paul in Ephesus with powers of the holy Spirit which enabled him to more than meet the powers of darkness. The record is, "God wrought special miracles by the hand of Paul." R2206:5,6
Ephesus was in many respects the scene of the Apostle Paul's most successful work. He spent about three years there altogether, accompanied by Timothy, Erastus, Titus and possibly others. The influence of his work, either directly or indirectly, extended to other cities round about. It is supposed that it was during this stay at Ephesus that congregations were started in the nearby places, mentioned in Revelation as "the seven churches of Asia (Minor)." R3157:3The Apostle Paul had become apparently more intimately acquainted with the Ephesus church than with any of the others. Apparently, it was one of the most flourishing of them all. He had, by the Lord's providence, spent more time with them, and evidently the results procured justified the prolonged stay. R4458:3
It was from his Roman prison that the Apostle Paul wrote the epistle to the Ephesians, one of the most beautiful of all his letters to the churches; full of deep spiritual instruction. Its Keynote is "in Christ," this expression, or its equivalents, occurring at least twenty times in this epistle. R3165:1, 1570:5

[NTC - Ephesians 1:1]

Paul— Writing this epistle from Rome. R1570:5
To the saints— Holy ones, sanctified believers in Christ. Those who cannot think of themselves as saints cannot apply to themselves the precious promises of this epistle. R2987:4 The word "saint" does not signify actual perfection. R2987:4 A name authorized by apostolic usage. R2987:4 Almost all of the epistles of the New Testament are addressed to the saints. R2987:4 All the exceeding great and precious promises are meant for the saints. R2987:4 Those reckoned holy through our Lord. R2987:4
The faithful— Overcoming ones. R399:1 Believers. (Diaglott.) R347:2
In Christ— This expression or its equivalent occurs at least twenty times in this epistle. R3165:1

[NTC - Ephesians 1:2]

Grace— Favor. (Diaglott) R347:2

[NTC - Ephesians 1:3]

The God— "To us there is but one God." (1 Cor. 8:6) R5748:3
Jesus Christ— He is not The God, he never was and never will be. R5748:3 The word Christ, or kristos, is a Greek word introduced into our English language, but not translated into it. Its meaning is "anointed." R134:2, 270:2 Our Lord Jesus became the Christ, the anointed, when he received the anointing of the holy Spirit at his baptism. He was perfected as the Christ at his resurrection. R5748:3
With all spiritual— Greek, pneumatikos, of a spirit kind. E313 Every spiritual. (Diaglott) R347:2
In heavenly places— In the "Holy" and "Most Holy." T80 In heavenly privileges. E313 In the heavenlies by Christ. (Diaglott) R347:2 Higher conditions—the first apartment of the Tabernacle represents the present condition of the Church while still in the flesh. R1732:4

[NTC - Ephesians 1:4]

According— To the divine plan. R2122:4
He— The Father. R4780:3 God, of his own sovereign pleasure. R623:2, 4213:3
Hath chosen— Foreordained. R3281:1, 4213:3, 2376:5 Or elected. R613:2, 623:2 In the divine plan it was a foreknowledge that there would be a Church selected from among sinners. R4780:3 As an exception to his general plan for mankind. A193 Predetermined to exalt a certain class, each of whom should meet certain predetermined conditions. R1092:5 God would make to some of his human creatures an offer of joint-heirship with his beloved Son, in the order of the new creation. R3281:1 The selection of the Little Flock was always the divine purpose. This very matter pleased the Father and pleased the Son, and is therefore a part of the divine program. R4398:5,4 These members are "elect according to the foreknowledge of God, the Father, through sanctification of the Spirit." (1 Peter 1:2) R4398:4, 4213:3, 2376:5 God has invited some to share glorious blessings with his Son. R343:2 The election of these individuals is not arbitrary, but according to fitness; the qualifications being justification by faith in Christ and devotedness to God's service at the cost of self-sacrifice. R1092:6 The election takes place in the period from the time of our Lord Jesus' first advent down to the time of his second coming. Q788:2 God's purpose is to select from mankind a Little Flock on whom he will confer Kingdom power in due time, making them his agents in the work of blessing the world of mankind. Our Lord Jesus is the Head or Lord of this Little Flock.R2479:2
Us— Not as individuals. God had foreintended the gathering of a class, or Church. Q657:6; R1092:5 The Church, his Bride and joint-heir. R2607:1 God foreknew us also by Jesus. R4855:5, 4625:4; Q657:6 As God foreknew the Redeemer, he also foreknew this class. R5228:2 A multitudinous seed was contemplated from the beginning. R2122:4 The Little Flock's selection was unexpected of the angels and of men, and hence was and is a "mystery" to mankind. R4398:5 Christ's associate, not only in the sufferings and trials of this present life, but also in the subsequent glory and great work of blessing all the families of the earth. R2376:5
In him— Christ. R2376:5, 4780:3, 4213:3 Long before our Lord came into the world, the Father had planned that there should be an anointed company, the Head of which should be our Lord, and the Body of which should be the Church. R5228:3 In his great plan of the ages, God had already provided a Redeemer. R5128:1
Before the foundation— As a class they were foreknown from the foundation of the world. R1092:5 The Lamb of God was in God's eternal purpose slain from the foundation of the world; so his followers, who are crucified with him, were sheep for the slaughter, chosen in him before the foundation of the world. R4490:1* Not "from the foundation," as in the case of mankind in the Kingdom. R2607:1 This endless, heavenly, spiritual kingdom was prepared long before the earth was founded—its inception being recognized in Christ. R2607:1, 5228:2, 5057:3, 2479:2, 2122:4, 623:2* The selection of a Little Flock is not a change in the divine program. R4398:5 In his plan of the ages God had already provided a Redeemer. R5128:1 God foreknew our helplessness under the reign of sin and death, and in his plan made provision for our case in advance. SM539:1 No second thought about it at all. CR460:4 We are chosen during the Gospel age, in order to be prepared to share in laying the foundation of the coming world or order of things. R207:1*
That we— His Church. R2479:2
Should be— Might be. (Diaglott) R347:2 Ultimately. F192
Holy and without blame— Blameless. (Diaglott) R347:2 Prepared for joint-heirship with our Lord in his Kingdom. R2479:2 Complete at last. R1008:2
Before him— In his presence. (Diaglott) R347:2
In love— Having in love previously marked us out for sonship. (Diaglott) R347:2

[NTC - Ephesians 1:5]

Predestinated— Foreknown of God as a class. E109 Even as it was predestinated of Jesus himself that he should be the Head. R4780:3 God has predestinated the selection of a chosen few, on certain conditions, that he might train and afterward exalt them for a special purpose. R1594:2, 827:4 Let the student carefully observe the Apostle Paul's teaching that God has predestinated the selection of a chosen few, on certain conditions, that he might train and afterward exalt them for a special purpose—to lift up and bless the remainder of humanity. R1594:2
Unto the adoption— Of sons. R827:4 "To as many as received him to them gave he power to become the sons of God." (John 1:12) E177 This adoption primarily was the inheritance of Israel, but after accepting Israel's remnant, "God did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name." (Acts 15:14) E177 The beloved Son granted to those who accept him the opportunity to receive the adoption of sons. E177
Of children— Sons of God, brethren of Christ. E109; R355:3 None except this class are begotten of the holy Spirit. R5134:2 More than a righteous life is required of those who would be sons of God. R5134:2 We are children of our Father Jehovah through or by means of Christ Jesus.R355:3
By Jesus Christ to himself— Through Christ Jesus for himself. (Diaglott) R347:2 According to the good pleasure of his will—He called them to this Kingdom honor. R1781:4, 1272:6 It was God's arrangement that the Church might be permitted to share in the sacrifice. R5622:1

[NTC - Ephesians 1:6]

Of his grace— Beneficence. (Diaglott) R347:2
Made us accepted— As members of the Body of Christ. R4535:3 Justified us. T46, 47, 80; R1585:5Graciously favored us. (Diaglott) R347:2 With the Father. We have come near to God through Christ. R2823:5, 5093:2 "Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God." (Rom. 12:1) R4535:2 Believers who have the same sacrificing spirit as our Lord. R4535:2 We have no standing or acceptance or purity of our own. NS350:3 We can maintain the reckoned acceptance only by abiding in Christ. "No man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John 14:6) R1768:6 Since only that which is perfect could be acceptable of God, our acceptance with the Father is under the covering of the robe of Christ's righteousness, his perfection imputed to us. E445 We are acceptable to God because clothed in the imputed righteousness of Christ. R1585:5 We are first accepted and then daily manifest our devotion to righteousness by efforts toward holiness. E446 Thus, by virtue of our Lord's acceptance of us is it that we have any privilege of sharing with him in the sacrifice and in the glory. R5622:2 The Church has come back from the fallen state of Adam. R5093:2 The Lord's people may realize that they are not aliens and strangers from God. R2823:4 Not on the Church's own account and not through heredity. R4019:4* The elect Church by nature was not superior to the world from which it was selected, but she had "an ear to hear" the divine message and responded and drew near to the Lord by faith and prayer. NS823:5,6
In the beloved— Only. T47 God would not accept our sacrifice through Christ; we are accepted only in the Beloved One. R5622:2 Not directly, but indirectly. R2823:5 Who is our Intercessor, our Advocate, and in whom alone we have a standing before the Father and may ask or expect any favors. R2823:5Accounted worthy of life everlasting, if we are faithful. R5093:2 In Christ. God made our sacrifices, of themselves unworthy of his notice, to be acceptable through the merit of our Redeemer's sacrifice. NS215:1 We have no actual perfection. R1585:5 We are reckoned pure and acceptable to the Father through the merit of our Redeemer, and not of ourselves. NS350:3 Our Lord's great sacrifice was necessary first for our actual justification before God. R4535:2 His consecrated followers are privileged to die with our Redeemer as members of his Body. NS203:2

[NTC - Ephesians 1:7]

In whom— By whom. (Diaglott) R347:2 In Christ. HG260:5
We have redemption— Greek, apolutrosis, deliverance from the divine curse and wrath, justification, enjoyed now. E436; F159; R1576:6 We possess the redemption.(Diaglott) R347:2 All who accept of their share in this atoning sacrifice are properly termed Christians. R538:1 We gladly accept Christ as our Redeemer. Thus, justified by faith, we have peace with God. (Rom. 5:1) R1576:6 The Apostle does not here refer to the redemption purchased at Calvary, but of our acceptance with the Father. E435 Those redeemed realize that they should not live the remainder of their lives to themselves and their own pleasure; hence, they consecrate themselves to his service. R1576:6
Through his blood— "It is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul." (Lev. 17:11) R1298:6, 1230:3 "Being now justified by his blood." (Rom. 5:9) R866:4, 652:5 The sacrifice, the ransom. E435 Through faith in the precious blood of Christ. R1231:2, 1025:5 "Blood" means blood given, blood shed, or death. R1336:1 His blood became the basis for the forgiveness of our sins; and for bringing us back to sonship in the family of God. R1230:3 This doctrine has always been opposed by the Adversary. R684:2 Christians have no further interest in any teaching that has any other foundation than this; except to point it out to others as a snare and trap of the great enemy. R1025:5*
Forgiveness of sins— Offenses. (Diaglott) R347:2 Of our sins, for which Christ paid the penalty. E461 "How that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures." (1 Cor. 15:3) This is the basis, our realization that we are justified and cleansed from all sin in God's sight. R538:1 Preaching this has always been opposed by the Adversary, and he has ever found able assistance, but never with such persistent and deceptive effort as now. R684:2
Riches of his grace— Opulence of his favor. (Diaglott) R347:2 Heavenly blessings granted to the faithful in this present life. R2762:4Knowledge of divine good things and treasures of wisdom. R2762:4 Those who come into Christ find more and more of these true riches of grace day by day, and year by year, as we progress. R2762:5 Fellowship with God, including faith, hope, and joy in the holy Spirit, and an ability to see and appreciate with the eye of faith things actually not seen as yet. R2762:4

[NTC - Ephesians 1:8]

He hath abounded— He caused to overflow. (Diaglott) R347:5
In all wisdom— We need the heavenly wisdom for every step of the narrow way. God has provided true wisdom in Christ. R2263:1 The very essence of divine wisdom is the great Mediator's instruction and guidance. R2263:1 The pilgrim for the heavenly country learns to trust no wisdom but that which cometh down from above and is in accordance with the divine Word. R2263:2 The faithful put no confidence in themselves and their own wisdom. R2263:1 "Who of God is made unto us wisdom." (1 Cor. 1:30) R2263:1
And prudence— Intelligence. (Diaglott) R347:5 As we could bear it. R827:4

[NTC - Ephesians 1:9]

Made known unto us— The Christian Church. A26 St. Paul writes of God's favor to himself. CR10:4
The mystery— The secret. A26; R1251:3, 347:5 The selection of the Church, the Body of Christ. R4625:4 Fully appreciated by his saints, but still hidden from the world. R1273:2, 1781:6 "The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will show them his covenant." (Psalm 25:14) NS740:6 The mystery is that God purposed that the blessing of the world should be accomplished not by our Savior alone, but in association with a select class of saints gathered out of the world, specially prepared during this age. NS740:6 Because we are children of God, we are privileged to know more and more of the hidden mystery. R2074:6 Was to be the ground for the faith, patience and endurance of the saints. R1273:2 The world does not understand because God prefers to keep the matter a mystery from them. NS740:6
Of his will— Plan. R827:4, 1781:5, 1273:2 God's will. R1273:2 Righteousness. R1781:5, 1273:2 Present evil is not of his will, nor of his government. R1781:6
His good pleasure— Benevolent design. (Diaglott) R347:5 Eternal purpose. NS544:3
Which he— God, the Heavenly Father. R1778:3, 3527:6
Purposed in himself— Previously. (Diaglott) R347:5 Before the world was. NS544:3 From before the foundation of the world. NS750:4 Before the foundation of the world. R1560:1 And had never before revealed. A26 Our God is a God of wisdom, justice and love, with all power to carry to successful conclusion his program respecting our race. NS750:3

[NTC - Ephesians 1:10]

That— In regard to. (Diaglott) R347:5
In the dispensation— Or epoch. A220 Administration. (Diaglott) R1269:6, 347:5
Fulness of times— In his own appointed time. R1594:2, 1273:2 The Millennial age. R3458:1 "Of the fulness of the seasons." (Rotherham) R827:4 In God's appointed time. R1594:2 Following the Millennial reign of Christ. R1560:3 When the divine plan shall have reached its consummation. R5051:1 Lasting from the beginning of Christ's reign for "ages to come." A219
He might— God will. R3458:1, 5051:1
Gather together— Re-establish under God's dominion and law. R1679:3 Re-unite. (Diaglott) R1269:6, 1834:1, 347:5 Because it is the will of God.R4498:5 There has been great commotion in the disrupted family of God. R1833:6 It is not God's purpose to allow his empire to remain shattered forever, but he is providing for recovery. R1269:6 Subdue, so that a state of peace, harmony and bliss may everlastingly prevail. R1273:2, 1269:6 This great work is not yet accomplished. SM252:T
In one— Under one head. R4940:5, 4498:6, 4159:1, 1834:1, 1778:3, 827:4 In one harmonious family, though on different planes of being. C330;R3268:6 Jesus already is the Head of the Church, so ultimately he will be the Head of all creation. R4498:5 All the faithful in heaven and earth under the headship of Christ whose head is Jehovah. R5058:5, 5051:1, 1550:1 "There shall be one fold and one shepherd." (John 10:16) R3527:6, 4940:6 As many of the world in general who will have their eyes opened and ears unstopped may become one with the Lord and with all those in harmony with him. NS273:1 There will be Jehovah, the Head over all things and the Head over Christ; next will come our Lord and the Church which is his Body; then will come the various orders of angels, and lastly mankind. R5051:1
All things— Worthy. R1778:4 All who submit themselves to Christ willingly, of the whole intelligent creation, human and spiritual. R1778:4 The Church will be chief; the Great Company, cherubim and angels will follow in order, and restored mankind the lowest order. R4940:6 The disordered things. R1679:3"For he hath put all things under his feet." (1 Cor. 15:27) R1778:4 All the faithful. R5058:5 Whatever inharmonies we now see in nature must be viewed as incidental to the preparations for the perfection of all things. This perfection is not due until after the Millennial reign of Christ. R1560:3
In Christ— Under Christ. R827:5, 5058:5, 1778:4, 1747:4, 1273:2 The anointed one.(Diaglott) R1269:6, 347:5 This is well illustrated by a pyramid, all of whose lines conform to the top-stone, the chief, upper, corner-stone. A242 In the great eternity before us. R1778:4 Jehovah delights to honor his Son, and commits all judgment unto him. R1550:1,2 The Millennial day will judge who are worthy or unworthy of eternal life under Christ. R1778:4
Which are in heaven— Spiritual things. R1679:3 "All power is given unto me in heaven." (Matt. 28:18) A289 Things in the heavens. (Diaglott) R347:5, 3527:6 Work among spiritual beings. A289 The angelic host do indeed give reverence and obedience to the glorified Son of God. SM252:T
Which are on earth— Human things. R1679:3 Things on the earth. (Diaglott) R347:5, 3527:6 Work among human beings. A289 The remainder of humanity is to be lifted up and blessed. R1594:2 The masses of mankind, living and dead, have never heard the name of Jesus or known of the grace of God in him. These must have an opportunity for salvation through Christ in the Millennium. SM252:T
Even in him— Even under him. R827:5, 1269:6, 347:5 Eventually united under the headship of our Lord, as the representative of Jehovah. R1747:4,5058:5; NS230:2 In every plane of existence. NS273:1 Christ is to subject spiritual and human powers when the Church has been selected and the work of judging and blessing commences. R1679:3 Our Lord Jesus the Head, the Church his Body, the Great Company, fleshly Israel restored, and ultimately all nations brought under one headship. R4498:5 Then will the Father rejoice in the grandeur of his finished work and in the everlasting happiness of his family in heaven and earth. R1834:1

[NTC - Ephesians 1:11]

In whom— By whom. (Diaglott) R347:5
Being predestinated— Not as individuals, but as a Church, as a class. R4855:5, 827:5; E109 Having been previously marked out.(Diaglott)R1269:6, 347:5 Being marked out beforehand. (Rotherham) R827:5 God foreknew us, the Church. NS544:3
To the purpose— Design. (Diaglott) R347:5, 1269:6
Of him— Of God, the Divine Architect. HG377:4; A73 Literally, out of. R1777:4, 1268:2
Worketh all things— Operating all things agreeably. (Diaglott) R347:5, 1269:6 "All things are of God." (2 Cor. 5:18) R1268:2 By God's overruling providence. A167 All the conditions and circumstances of the present and past. R1778:4 Gradually unfolding the various features of his great plan from age to age. A73; HG540:4 Even bringing about the train of modern inventions. A167 God knowing the end from the beginning. R5115:3, 4855:5 The grandest feature of restitution pertains to mankind itself—the return of humanity to its former estate. NS463:4 God is a wise economist of both time and means; and no power thwarts his purposes. Evil as well as good, under divine supervision, are working together for the accomplishment of God's sovereign will. HG540:5
After the counsel— According to a plan of the ages. R1560:1 Divine wisdom has foreseen the possibility of a glorious outcome. E412According to fixed rules, and principles which are unchangeable. R4451:1 The Scriptures everywhere hold that our Creator is systematically ordering the affairs of earth. OV248:1; NS711:1
Of his own will— Which, for the present, for beneficent purposes, sees good to permit imperfect beings and imperfect conditions to exist. E411 In due time he will establish righteousness in the earth. R5115:3

[NTC - Ephesians 1:12]

That we should be— In order that we might be. (Diaglott) R347:5 The new creation. F192
To the praise— For a praise. (Diaglott) R347:5
Who first trusted— Who had a prior hope. (Diaglott) R347:5 If the Church be a "first fruits," there must of necessity be a great ingather after the Church. R555:6
In Christ— The anointed one. (Diaglott) R347:5

[NTC - Ephesians 1:13]

Gospel— Good news. R94:4
Your salvation— From sin, i.e., forgiveness. We must first be forgiven before we can receive the holy Spirit. R94:4
Ye were sealed— The saints of the Most High God. R2982:6 Those who are in Christ Jesus are partakers of his anointing which seals. T37 The seal marks all of those worthy of deliverance. R2064:2 All who refuse to live up to their covenant, even though sealed, will be rejected from it and cast again into outer darkness with the world to share in the great time of trouble. R2982:6 Marked or indicated by the holy Spirit given to you. F132; R2064:3, 1658:1, 329:4 It is a seal, or mark of sonship. No more a servant, but a son. R375:2 The seal of your adoption. R1658:1 A seal is an authoritative impression affixed to an important document. R2064:3 The sealing corresponds to the quickening, and is not an instantaneous work, but is a gradual or progressive work. Q634:5 Given the assurance that you shall inherit the exceeding great and precious promises after you have faithfully endured the tests of your love and devotion which God will apply; this is the very cream of Christian experience in the present life. E247, 248 Now in progress, in their foreheads, giving them a mental appreciation of the divine plan and its times and seasons, together with a judgment or testing of all who have covenanted themselves to be the Lord's. R2982:6
That holy Spirit— Now granted to the Church in the earnest or foretaste of our inheritance. R4634:3 "Grieve not the holy Spirit, whereby ye are sealed." (Eph. 4:30) E247; T37 God's gift of the holy Spirit to the Church, which testifies to their divine recognition as sons and heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ, if so be that they suffer with him, even unto death. (Rom. 8:17) R2064:3 The Spirit of God is the evidence of our begetting to the family of God. R375:2The holy Spirit is from the Father, and he does the sealing through Christ with the holy Spirit, which itself is the seal. E246 This sealing with the holy Spirit is the stamp of God, impressed by God upon all his believing and truly consecrated children. R2064:3 The Spirit of God constitutes the true Church the light of the world. R375:2 We have now but the begetting of the holy Spirit to this new nature, but we have learned to know our God and to trust his faithful Word. R5497:5 We are not actually spirit beings until the resurrection. A197 The Spirit in us is not the spirit which is in the worldly. R375:2
Of promise— Not the so-called "third person." The holy influence of God. E246

[NTC - Ephesians 1:14]

Is the earnest— Pledge. R493:3, 2064:2, 1982:5 Assurance. R626:5; A202 Foretaste; or hand-payment. CR131:4, 470:5; R5507:4, 4634:3; NS266:5 The sealing of the same Spirit. R5497:5 Spirit begetting. NS591:4 What God's people already enjoy of the holy Spirit. NS266:5 Support which we receive from the Spirit while suffering at the hands of the enemy. R424:1* The change of mind from human to spiritual is the beginning of the change of nature, the begetting.R626:5 The Lord has through his promises given us a foretaste of the good things to come. R5906:6 By giving us his holy Spirit God binds the contract into which we have entered with him. R5907:1 When the Father accepted our offering and our vows to him, and granted us his holy Spirit, he did not give us the full consummation of our hopes, but merely an "earnest of our inheritance." R5855:2 As if God said, "I will give you this now, and I will give you the remainder when you prove that you mean what you say." CR470:5 The descent of the holy Spirit. From the resurrection of Christ to the descent of the holy Spirit was fifty days. HG70:5
Of our inheritance— The Church is to inherit the divine nature. R4634:3 Future inheritance as the sons of God. R1982:5 Divine providence has made abundant arrangement for the everlasting blessedness of all the sons of God. R2454:3 Which we cannot fully enter until our covenant is faithfully finished in actual death. F445 Which we will receive at the second coming of our Lord and our gathering together with him, as his members and his Bride class. R4592:4 In due time. R493:3 We are to inherit all things; including the blessing of all the families of the earth in union with our Lord Jesus. R4634:3
Until the redemption— Greek, apolutrosis, deliverance. E153, 441; R3281:6, 2064:5; NS266:5 In Christ is our redemption, or deliverance; for so God has ordained. R3281:6 Our Redeemer was in the world for the very purpose of redeeming man and all his forfeited rights and possessions. R2454:3 The time is coming for the redemption. R16:1 The time for the deliverance is in the Millennial Kingdom, and the Church is to be delivered first. E436
Purchased possession— Mankind; the rights, privileges, life and kingdom originally given to Adam; and the earth itself; all that was lost. A247; D633, 648; E221, 436, 441; F669; R2454:3, 1006:4, 16:1; NS136:1 When we are changed to receive his glory, this part of his possession will be complete and we shall be perfected with him and be under his direct control. R4634:4 The whole earth is a part of the purchased possession and shall be filled with the glory of God. R4634:6, 2425:3 The garden of Eden was the paradise lost, and on a larger and grander scale it shall in due time be restored by him whose sacrifice purchased it as well as mankind.R2788:3 All that Christ bought with his blood; it includes the world of nature—"I will give thee the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession." (Psa. 2:8) R593:3Our Lord is now the rightful heir, and shortly he will take possession of his purchase. A247 In God's due time everything that was purchased by the Son of God is to be restored to mankind. NS266:5 The Paradise state has been redeemed for man by the death of our Lord Jesus, and his glorious restitution work will be to restore Paradise. F669 The Redeemer will cleanse the earth from evil, baneful influences, and there shall be no more death, nor pain, nor sickness, nor crying. R2425:3 The blood will be applied to seal the New Covenant, under which everything will be brought into line, and then turned over to the Father. R4634:4 In the type the blood was poured at the base of the altar, showing that the earth was purchased back from the curse. T42; R73:1 "The earth is the Lord's" (Exod. 9:29); no deeds now on record are valid; Christ will re-divide the earth, giving its most desirable places to the meek. D310,633 The purchase is accomplished, but the deliverance waits for God's due time. E436 All who join with our Lord, as members of the Kingdom class, share in that purchase. D648 It is the purchaser's privilege to begin the work of giving life to the dead world. He delays the commencement of this life-giving work until the Little Flock is complete. R1006:4 The Little Flock shall be joint-heirs with our Lord Jesus in the purchased possession, and co-workers in restoring the redeemed race to life. R1006:4

[NTC - Ephesians 1:16]

Give thanks for you— He prayed for them and sent messengers and helpers to them. R1570:5
In my prayers— Saint Paul prays to God for the Church. R5797:5 Let us have sympathy for those whose eyes of understanding are still more or less blinded. R5145:4

[NTC - Ephesians 1:17]

Lord Jesus Christ— He is not The God, he never was and never will be. R5748:3 Christ never claimed to be equal in power. E39, 40, 82
May give unto you— He is speaking to the Christians, and not to worldly people. (Eph. 3:16) R3167:6 These will have a spirit of meekness. R371:1
Spirit of wisdom— Not another God, nor a person in any sense. E186
Knowledge of him— Knowledge of Christ. "The excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus." (Phil. 3:8) NS506:3

[NTC - Ephesians 1:18]

The eyes— Not natural sight, but the eyes of our faith. R2975:6 "We walk by faith, not by sight." (2 Cor. 5:7) R2976:1 Even Christians, in proportion as they are influenced by error or selfishness and not filled with the holy Spirit, are blinded. R5512:3
Your understanding— Your heart. (Diaglott) Q358:5 Rather than natural eyes. R223:2* Certainly the very best kind of eyes. R340:3* An ability to see and appreciate with the eye of faith things actually not seen as yet. R2762:4, 2975:6 Our eyes of understanding open more and more widely, in proportion as we are filled with the holy Spirit. R5391:1; CR416:5 Paul prayed for Christians thus because of Satan's anxiety to keep people from studying his gracious plan for redemption. SM132:3 It behooves us to have sympathy for those whose eyes of understanding are still more or less blinded by the god of this world. R5145:4
Being enlightened— Gradually, by an understanding of the truth. F143; R5145:4, 4692:5 Opened by the anointing of truth. R264:3 To see the divine character and plan. R3848:4 Opened to see wonderful things in the divine Word. R2975:6 Opened wider and wider. R5512:3, 5797:5; SM535:2; NS159:6 Some see more, and some less of the love of God. R5512:3 If our eyes are opened to appreciate the light, let us not be high-minded, but fear lest the light should pass from us. R3475:4 Even Christians see only in part, but may see increasingly in proportion as they come into accord with the divine plan. R3475:4 The importance of a proper spiritual sight, in order to discern truth clearly. R5797:5 By reason of sin, man's discernment of right and wrong has been more or less blurred, and some are totally blind to the deeper and spiritual things. R5797:5 Darkness is that which came by the fall of natural man. R5797:6 After having been once enlightened, darkness is the greater by reason of whatever light we once enjoyed. R5797:6
That ye may know— Be able to comprehend. R5797:5; SM535:2; NS532:1, 159:6 It requires time for heart and head to take in a glimpse of such a wonderful blessing as this which God has provided for the elect. R3168:1
Hope of his calling— The high calling. R1252:1*, 2414:6, 1710:5 To joint-heirship with Christ. R1252:1*, 1710:5 Hope of his invitation. (Diaglott) Q358:5 Designed exclusively for believers of the Christian age. A26 The mission of the Church is to introduce those who see the light to the full fellowship of the high calling; presently to suffer with Christ for righteousness' sake, and in the future to bless the world. R2414:6 Referred to by the apostles as a mystery, a secret thing; simply incomprehensible to the natural man. R1251:3*, 1252:1* The blessing of the world. R2414:6, 1710:5
The riches of the glory— The glorious wealth. (Diaglott) Q358:5 The anointed Christ of glory is a composite one of many members under one glorious Head. R3293:2 The blessing of the Lord, which goes first to the Church, will make her rich—"heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him." (Rom. 8:17) NS723:5
Inheritance— Used here in the sense of that which God possesses—or has come to possess—he possesses us by giving us certain promises—and if we take hold of them he will own and possess us, and we shall be his—his special treasure, as he puts it in another place. Q358:6
In the saints— Among the saints. (Diaglott) Q358:5

[NTC - Ephesians 1:19]

Of his power— God's power. R3207:3
To us-ward— The greatness of God's power working in his saints. R3207:3 Divine power exercised through the Word of promise. R3207:3 Raising us up to glory and using us then to bless the world. R3207:4

[NTC - Ephesians 1:20]

He raised him— By divine power. R4463:3; E281; CR58:2 Giving him life on a new plane of being. R3174:6 Christ could never have raised himself. R2795:2 Our Lord's resurrection from the dead implies that his work met with the Father's approval. NS636:6 Not to earthly conditions again, but to heavenly conditions. R4463:3 Was resurrected to the spirit plan. OV353:6 Our Redeemer and Lord was raised up first to be Head over the Church. R4354:5
From the dead— Our Lord, by the grace of God, tasted death for every man. R3174:6 God raised him up from the death condition on the third day. R5612:4 Jesus was the first one who descended to the tomb, was raised from the dead, and who has ascended far above angels. R5612:5 Giving him a new life, a new being—making him a new creature. R3167:3 No longer a man in the flesh, but is again a spirit being, now of the divine nature. R3167:3
And set him— "And am set down with my Father in his throne." (Rev. 3:21) R1829:4 The Father highly exalted the Redeemer. R5416:2, 5391:6 The Redeemer has already reached his destiny of high exaltation. R5263:5 The Father's hand lifted Jesus up when his obedience was fully tested. R5844:1 Because of his demonstration of full submission to the Father's will. R5252:5
His own right hand— Position of favor and power. A92; E39; R294:6 When his obedience was fully tested. R5844:1 "Christ sitteth on the right hand of God." (Col. 3:1) NS636:3 Our Lord's reward for redeeming mankind was glory, honor, immortality at the right hand of the majesty on high. NS636:3 Not only as high as he was before, but higher—highly exalted. R5252:5, 3476:6 Not only our Lord's change to the divine nature, but also his official elevation to the right hand of God. R1829:3 God hath appointed the Son the heir of all things. R3161:2
In the heavenly— To the divine nature. R5090:4, 1829:3 The spirit plane. OV353:6 The Greek word is emphatic and signifies the chief heavenly condition. R294:6 Jesus' reward for obedience. R5768:4; E39 State, the details of which we may not now grasp. R4966:5 Granted to our Lord as a reward for his atoning sacrifice. R1829:3 This full exaltation could not have been experienced until our Lord's sacrifice had been made and presented. R1829:3 Our Lord was exalted as Jehovah's Prime Minister in the throne of universal dominion, duly qualified, being made a partaker of immortality, a dignity never before conferred upon any created being. R1829:4

[NTC - Ephesians 1:21]

Far above— Next to the Father. OV353:6 God exalted Jesus above all others, both for the present and future ages. R827:5 Above angels. R3174:6,5612:5, 5416:2, 5304:2, 5263:5, 5252:5, 4931:5, 4835:6, 4595:4, 3845:1, 3378:6, 1542:4, 1510:3; SM74:1; NS551:6 "Him hath God highly exalted." (Phil. 2:9) E394; R5612:5, 5416:2, 5252:5, 4966:5, 3476:6, 1904:1, 1262:6 He is now a partaker of the divine nature, a spirit being of the very highest order—of the same order with the Father himself. R3378:6By virtue of his resurrection, our Lord has been exalted to the highest plane of life. NS479:1 To the highest plane in the new creation. F65 On the spirit plane. SM389:1 Above human and angelic natures to the very pinnacle of glory and power, the divine nature. This divine nature is the grade of spirit body being promised to the overcoming Bride. R1510:6,3 Jesus sacrificed perfect life and all his legal rights and privileges. His reward for so doing was exaltation from the human nature to the divine. R4835:3 The Apostle Paul assures us that our Lord Jesus was personally exalted very highly in his resurrection. SM787:1 Far above the human nature. R1262:6 He is the man Jesus no longer. He is now the Lord of glory, far above man's plane and conditions. NS88:5 Not to earthly conditions again, but to heavenly conditions. CR58:2 We cannot be so great as our Lord and his apostles, but if faithful, our glorious reward will be exceedingly high. R4595:4 The Church is said to share in Christ's resurrection which is not to human perfection but to glory, honor and immortality. HG229:6 All the spirit-begotten followers of Jesus who are found faithful will be made partakers of the divine nature—associates with the Redeemer. SM75:1 In the first resurrection the Little Flock will be changed from human nature to the divine nature, made like their Lord. NS551:6 The reward promised the Body of Christ is spiritual, heavenly, and their exaltation will be higher than that of the angels—like their Lord, to the highest of all natures—the divine. NS520:6 God's justice and benevolence is demonstrated by this high exaltation of the man Christ Jesus who was faithful unto death. R3378:6
All principality— Our Lord's resurrection was to glory, honor and immortality. SM74:1 To the glory he had with the Father before the world was—with and to an added glory. R5180:4, 2318:2 Proving Jesus is not a fleshly being, scarred for all eternity. R5416:2 "Being so much better than the angels, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they." (Heb. 1:4) F65; R5481:5 The identity, the personality, is the same, as of the Logos. R5065:4
And every name— Even to the divine nature. R5090:4, 4931:5, 4835:6, 3167:2, 2317:5, 1510:3, 1262:6, 828:2; OV152:2; SM175:1 Next to Jehovah. A134; R3845:1, 3378:6 He has already received personally much more than a requital for his sacrifice. SM787:1 The Body of Christ will share with her Lord in his exaltation. OV143:3; R2980:5; SM154:1 The Redeemer, backed by divine authority, will institute a heavenly Kingdom in the earth, and for a thousand years reign as King of kings and Lord of lords. SM389:1 As partaker of the Father's nature and sharer of his throne. F65 God has purposed to make a new creation, and calls the Church to be associated with her Lord in the divine nature. R5058:5The invitation to share with Christ the coming glories and dignities is accompanied by certain conditions: all who share his death will also share his resurrection. R1542:4,5 Those called out of the world during this Gospel age are promised a change from earthly to spiritual nature—they shall be like Christ and share his glory. NS395:5
That is named— Up to the throne of the Father. NS657:3
This world— Age. R1829:4

[NTC - Ephesians 1:22]

And hath put— Subjected. R827:5
And gave him— Jesus. R5446:3; T36 God gave Christ. R3776:5 Constituted him. R827:5 Our Lord did not call himself to the position of headship of the Church but was appointed to it by God. "No man taketh this honor to himself." (Heb. 5:4) R3276:5
To be the head— It pleased the Father to have Jesus the Head over all. NS142:1 Jesus is the Head, the chairman, the leader, the captain of our salvation, the forerunner. CR346:1; OV401:7; R4515:5, 2596:6 Ruler and teacher. R1574:6 Jesus is the Head over the Church, which is his Body. (Col. 1:18) R6013:3; SM791:T The Lord, the Head, will always be Head of the Church—the Head over all, God blessed forever. (Rom. 9:5) R4515:5, 2854:6, 557:1 Jesus came first, and his members have been gradually united to him throughout this age. OV401:7 Typified in the Jewish priesthood by the fact that the underpriests wore bonnets, and in the Royal Priesthood that the sisters, typifying the Church, also have their heads covered. T36 In every assembly where two or three meet in his name when his Word is sought and heeded. R1574:5 To have the first place in the Christ company. R5228:3 None went before Christ, otherwise he would not properly have been the Head. HG131:5 In the anointing of Aaron, the typical high priest, the anointing oil was all poured upon the head, and Aaron's head typified our Lord Jesus. NS204:1 The true Christian appeals to his Head for direction in every affair of life. R2461:1 In the blessing of all the families of the earth. R2596:6 Our individuality is lost as we become members of the Body of Christ and take his name. Any association that we have in the work of the sin-offering, is all accredited to the work of Christ. R4747:5 Jesus never gave this office to anyone, but claims it himself; any others who claim it are usurpers. R320:4
Over all things— "That in all things he might have the preeminence." (Col. 1:18) A82; R11:3 The Apostle carefully guards the Church against any presumptive claims. A82 The true Christian renounced his own will and submitted himself to the absolute control of Jesus, the Head of the Church. R2461:1
To the church— The Church of the first-born. R270:3; T36 The Christ class, of which Christ is the Head, God blessed forever. R1855:1, 2579:6 Jesus has been and always will be the Head over his Church. R1574:5 The members of Christ's Body who follow him. HG131:5 The Christ of God is Jesus and the redeemed Church. R751:3 Our baptism into Christ's death inducts us into the mystical Body of Christ, which is the Church, whose names are written in heaven. R5063:5, 5391:6, 5057:1, 2122:4, 1574:5; HG335:3 God's plan for the salvation of the world includes the selection of the Church of this Gospel age as members of the Body of the great Christ under Jesus their Head. NS295:6 The elect, glorified house of sons, of which Christ Jesus is the Head, will be used in blessing all the families of the earth, assisting them up the highway of holiness back into harmony with God. R2596:6 "The elect" of the Lord, called and chosen; and if faithful, they will be members of the glorious Church beyond the veil. CR75:4; OV241:5 God will select from the redeemed race a Little Flock, a Church, a Bride class, to be joint-heirs with his Son in the Kingdom work of uplifting mankind. NS551:6 Different members of the Church are being called—drawn by selective process—from the world of mankind, a people for a purpose. R5057:2 The preaching of the gospel was begun by our Lord and has continued throughout the Gospel age by the Church. R2579:6 The Christ of power and glory, foretold in Scripture, is not only Jesus Christ, but all those who being justified by his sacrifice have become joint-heirs with him. R557:1

[NTC - Ephesians 1:23]

His body— The Bride. R2122:4, 2376:5 The mystical Body of Christ. R5063:5, 5057:1; NS740:6 Members of the High Priest. T36 The great Messiah would be composed not only of our Lord Jesus but also of the elect Church, which symbolically he calls his Body. NS540:2 The Heavenly Father purposed not to have Jesus alone, but that he should be the Head of the Anointed, and the Church the Body. R5391:6 He likens the Church to the human body, of which Jesus is the Head. (1 Cor. 12:27; Rom. 12:4,5) R399:1, 2122:4, 1574:5 Even as there are many members in the body of Congress, all of whom are under a head. OV401:6; CR346:1 As our Lord suffered in the flesh, so will also those who are members of the Church, which is his Body. St. Peter admonishes us to expect this in 1 Peter 4:1. R5173:4 All who suffer with Jesus, even unto death, will be glorified with him, to become his Body. R316:5* The holy Spirit did not reach the Body until Pentecost. NS204:1 The Church of Christ was not established until Pentecost. HG261:6 The resurrection of the Church, which is his Body, will be like Christ's resurrection, different from that provided for the world in general. NS616:5; HG452:6 The members of his Body will soon be raised up also, sharers in "his resurrection." (Phil. 3:10) These are members of the great Mediator between God and men, and will have to do with every feature of the work of mediating during the Millennium. R4515:5 The Body of Christ, which is the Church. NS374:4 The great spiritual Body of the Lord Jesus Christ. HG260:6 The Body of Christ, the body of a company of anointed. CR346:1 All who are the Lord's constitute the Body, over which the Head rules. R1574:5 The union between the Head and the members is promised in the harvest of this Gospel age. NS296:1 So long as they abide as members of the true Body of Christ, they cannot be heady, cannot be self-willed. R2461:1
Fulness— Completeness. R827:5 The full development of him who is filling all things with all. R316:5*, 827:5
Of him— The Christ. R827:5 Under the reign of him who is to fill and perfect all things. R1063:6

[NTC - Ephesians 2:1]

And you— The sinner. R4377:5 Who have accepted the Redeemer and are seeking to walk in his steps. R5093:1
He— "Faithful is he that calleth you." (1 Thess. 5:24) CR57:5
Quickened— Made alive. CR354:3, 56:6; NS336:2 Reckoned alive as revived. R5197:4 As becoming alive unto God as a new creature. Q591:2 In a sense, raised from the dead. R3756:5 To newness of life. R3756:5 By the holy Spirit. R1649:1 After begettal must come the period of quickening, of energizing. R4462:3; Q557:1 Then God calls us new creatures in Christ, old ambitions have passed away. CR57:4 Nobody would reach the mark of perfect love without being quickened. Q557:1 In this vitalizing period of activity, the new creature becomes strong and ready for the birth of the first resurrection. R4462:3 If we have no desire to serve our gracious Father, it implies that our spiritual vitality is very weak. R4377:6 Spiritual activity in the service of God, and the brethren, and, if opportunity permit, activity in the service of all needing assistance such as we could give. R4470:3; Q557:1 Activity resulting from the indwelling of the holy Spirit. The degree of activity in the service of the truth and righteousness will indicate the strength or weakness of spiritual development. R4377:5 The processes of the beginning, development and final perfecting of the spiritual sons of God find a remarkable illustration in the begetting, quickening and birth of the natural man. R3250:3; Q557:1 Jesus specially loved and favored the more zealous and energetic apostles. R4378:1
Who were dead— Under the sentence of death. R3165:1, 2133:4; CR354:6 Having no right to everlasting life. R5070:3 Not totally dead, not actually buried. CR354:3 And under condemnation. R4377:5; CR56:6
Trespasses and sin— We are lifted up out of condemnation, we are no longer dead in Adam. R5093:1

[NTC - Ephesians 2:2]

Walked— The new creature should not walk thus. R4189:3 Meaning one's course of conduct, including thoughts, words and acts. R4189:3
The course of this world— This is the walk of evil-doers. R4189:3 Epoch of trouble. R1684:2 The very opposite of the walk of the children of light. R4189:3
To the prince— At present. R332:4 Satan, the prince of this age. OV109:2; F199; NS810:4 Ruler. R256:2, 5910:1, 5854:4, 5853:6, 5470:1, 4880:6, 4795:3, 2769:3, 1771:6, 1685:2, 1684:2, 370:6, 350:3, 332:4, 210:3; SM195:1, 439:1; Q623:4 The Bible declares that there is a being called Satan, "god of this world." (2 Cor. 4:4) R5209:6 The devil, Satan, who was once a holy angel, but through pride and ambition, he became an opponent of God. R5183:3,5210:1; HG725:2 Satan, who was the first enemy of the divine government. HG725:2 Satan, blinding the minds of all that believe not. D611; E113;F609; R2832:3 Satan, whose very existence is denied by many. F609; R5209:6, 3568:3* Jesus declared that Satan was a "murderer" from the beginning—and a "liar." (John 8:44) R5209:6 Saint Paul intimates that it would be impossible for the Church really to contend with this prince, for he is too wily, too wise for us. R5183:3, 1687:2; F609 Satan is moved with continuous envy and hatred of the Son of God, as well as of the Heavenly Father. R1687:4 He delights to cooperate with all of Christ's followers whom he can seduce. F199 He is a hypocrite, a deceiver, a tyrant and a merciless enemy of all who stand in the way of his ambition. R1687:4 He has power over human affairs under certain divine limitations and regulations. R4577:3; SM546:2 As an angel of light, he has done much harm. R5184:1 Satan, the head of "wicked spirits." R210:3 The prince of darkness oppresses and opposes justice and truth. R153:2 Satan is the prince because the children of disobedience are so much more numerous than the children of obedience. R5854:2Satan, who is constantly manipulating civil and religious affairs, for the accomplishment of his diabolical purposes. R1134:3 He will continue as the world's ruler as long as he can, or until he is bound.R256:2 Antichrist. R2832:3 He is not the prince of this world by right, but by usurpation. He will be deposed. A250, 251; NS548:4 God, of course, can control Satan. R256:3 Evil continues because Satan's power is continued. R256:2; F609 Who made himself prince over the other fallen spirits. R5910:2; SM548:2 The whole world is largely, though unconsciously, the tool of Satan. R2769:3, 1134:3 The facts of history corroborate the testimony of the Scriptures, that present governments are under the control of the prince of this world. (John 14:30) R1094:5, 152:6 Satan is to be bound; consequently his evil spiritual power will pass away gradually. R332:4; C238 Satan's binding, as shown by some prophecies, will not be fully accomplished for some years. R332:4 Satan's days are numbered and his end is sure; God will destroy him. R1687:5 Fallen man's master. R1685:2 Satan fully entered into Judas on the night of our Savior's betrayal. R4577:3 A great change of dispensation is coming, when the world shall be under the rulership of the prince of glory. NS526:2 Christ shall have conquered sin and destroyed Satan at the close of the Millennial age. R5210:1 The devil will no longer be ruler in God's holy Kingdom. R1771:6
Power of the air— An evil influence constantly exerted in the world, operating against truth, righteousness and purity. R5183:3, 153:2, 152:6 Spiritual rulership; in due time the "new heavens" will supersede the present "air" powers. C238; R1260:5, 266:4 Symbol of the spiritual throne from which Satan is to be deposed, and to which our Lord and his joint-heirs are to come. R264:5, 668:2, 153:2 Both the literal and the symbolic air. Satan is the prince of earth's religious systems, sometimes in symbol represented by the "heavens." R1684:2, 1134:3, 332:4 This might account for the great floods, cyclones and tornadoes of recent years. R2189:4 Illustrated by the great storm in which he tried to drown our Lord in the sea of Galilee. R3324:2 Demons, or fallen angels. R4880:6, 5910:1, 5470:1, 170:3; SM195:1 The powers of darkness, surrounding and ruling over the "present evil world." (Gal. 1:4) R153:2 The power of spiritualism is the work of Satan. R266:4 These fallen angels are being held until the saints of God shall have been sealed in their foreheads (intellect). As soon as the power that is controlling them is removed, we shall have a reign of evil all over the earth. R4880:6 The letting loose of these air powers would seem to show that God has let go his hand of restraint, permitting the terrible trouble resulting in complete overthrow of social order in anarchy. R5470:1 Will seek to prevent our attaining perfect love. R5603:4 Ecclesiasticism, both heathen and nominal Christian. R1799:6 His kingdom is invisible, under invisible control, and uses men and nations as visible agencies, and produces visible results of the most baneful and atrocious character. R210:3*, 5825:4 God has all along been master of the situation, but has permitted Satan to exercise power over the race to teach a lesson to both men and angels. R5910:2 It may be something in connection with the saints that will constitute the test of the fallen angels. R4880:6
The spirit— Satan's influence. R370:6 The same spirit works in the present time. R1151:2
That now worketh— Operates or rules. R332:4 Satan is now permitted to rule, leading man captive at his will. R350:3*; A250 Alienating hearts of men from the ways of righteousness. NS810:4 Although mankind cannot see Satan, yet he can see them, and by mental suggestion can gain control of them. R5183:6 As ruler of the darkness of this world. A68; SM548:2 Putting evil for good and good for evil. F199; A250 In the hearts. R4810:6, 5209:6, 5184:1, 2769:3, 1692:4, 1687:4, 153:2; A250, 68; NS810:4, 238:4 Implying that there are evil spirit beings back of the evil principles at work in this world. R5209:6 This work has been going on for centuries. R5304:6 Evil spirits, not allowed to materialize since the Deluge, continue their deceptions by using human beings as mediums. R5910:1 The promise of the Scriptures is that Satan's usurpation of earth's dominion will cease. OV109:2
In— Through. R2832:3, 2769:3
Children of disobedience— The whole world of mankind. R3457:4 All except the saintly ones, who are children of obedience. CR426:1; R5853:6,3457:4, 2832:3 The whole world, under the control of selfishness; are largely, though unconsciously, the tools of Satan. R4810:6, 5853:6 All are more or less controlled by the spirit of disobedience common to the whole world of mankind. R3165:2 The most subtle attacks of the Adversary are to be expected through human agencies. R5184:1 So much more numerous than the children of obedience that Satan, through them, holds the world's control. OV342:2; NS238:4 A very multitudinous host of deceived followers. HG725:3 Satan reigns through the wickedness of humanity. SM548:2 A disobedience which has been accentuated in proportion to the degree of alienation from the Creator. SM375:2; NS548:4 Whom Satan uses to oppose principles of righteousness and truth. R1687:4, 433:5* Who are the majority, while the saints are the small minority. SM310:2

[NTC - Ephesians 2:3]

We— The Apostle Paul, speaking for himself and the Church. R787:3 The Church. OV152:1; R5838:1; NS570:2, 246:5 Believers. NS402:5 Those whom Jesus accepts as his very elect. NS421:5
Of the mind— Alienated in their mind by wicked works. (Col. 1:21) NS823:4
By nature— Through the fallen nature inherited, as members of the Adamic race. R787:3, 5838:1, 4554:1; E108; NS52:2 Are blemished. R3844:5 To begin with, we are very poor material out of which to form likenesses of God's dear Son. R4837:1
Children of wrath— All mankind under the death curse. E17; R4998:3, 4554:1, 4388:5, 3165:2, 2991:2, 1081:6; NS384:2, 223:3 "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." (Rom. 3:23) R3165:2 All not justified by faith in Christ's blood. D242; R1594:2; SM310:1 Controlled by the spirit of disobedience common to the whole world of mankind. R3165:2 Who walk not as children of light, but as evil-doers. R4189:3 We were such when first we heard the Gospel call. R5902:2 The wrath affects even the Church. E145; R3844:5, 2991:2 We have nothing of ourselves that would be fit to offer to God, we must receive the robe of righteousness to cover our blemishes. R3844:5, 5838:1, 2987:4 Reckonedly not including the Church, because they have received the spirit of adoption as sons. E108; R4601:3, 4554:2, 4493:3, 2986:6; CR434:5; Q610:3 Strangers, foreigners and aliens from God. R5100:6, 3365:6 Sinners. Q610:3; R5838:1, 4475:6, 3165:1; NS864:2, 246:5, 85:6 The wrath of God is revealed in our bodies, our aches, pains, imperfections—all part of the great penalty for sin. R4972:6; NS366:3 The world is still under condemnation. CR457:3; R5079:1; NS402:5; Q375:3 We who believe in Christ are no longer children of wrath. HG195:5 The Creator has very gracious arrangements for mankind in general, during the Messianic reign. R4998:5, 5079:1; Q375:3; OV152:1
Even as others— Still are. OV152:1; D242; R5597:1; NS570:3, 356:1 Until brought nigh to God by the blood of Christ. R1594:2 Hence we must receive through faith our Redeemer's robe of his righteousness to cover our blemishes, then present our bodies in consecration. R3844:5 The redemption of the human race would be incomplete were not all mankind to be rescued from evil conditions. R1081:6* Except as we would come to the Heavenly Father through the appointed doorway—Jesus. R5902:2; D242

[NTC - Ephesians 2:4]

But God— The prime mover in our release and recovery. R3165:3
Is rich in mercy— God gave us aid by the benevolence of his character. R3165:3 Contrary to the views entertained by those who teach the doctrine of eternal torment. R3165:3
For his great love— We can exercise confidence in God's love as we come to a knowledge of his plan. R3165:3
He loved us— Sympathetically. R3165:4 Christ's special love for his Church. R1254:5 A comparatively small proportion of the world. R3165:4

[NTC - Ephesians 2:5]

Dead in sins— Figuratively dead. R2605:1 God's mercy toward us came without our having done aught to merit it. E147
Hath quickened us— Made us reckonedly alive. R5197:4, 2605:1, 294:5; NS336:2 The new creature must tabernacle in the flesh until it is given its new body. R5197:4 God is no longer treating the Church as though they were dead in trespasses and sins under divine sentence, but we are passed from that by faith. CR321:5 Our quickened flesh, by the grace of God, is represented as pure, desirable in his sight, and in proper condition for the marriage—the union with Christ. R5197:4 A great change came to the saints at Ephesus, and a similar change (in thought, word and act) comes to all who have become the Lord's saints. R3165:2,5
Together with Christ— As his brethren. E147
By grace— Favor. R555:3* This divine blessing. R3165:5 God's goodness and grace are superlatively grand. R3165:6
Ye are saved— This blessing has come to us, not of our worthiness, nor of our work. We reached this reckonedly saved position by faith; delivered from the sentence of sin, saved from the Adversary's delusion; from God's wrath. R3165:5 While saved by grace now, we still await a further salvation—the first resurrection. R3165:5 Not one will ever be saved except as he accepts God's favor and co-operates with the divine favor and blessing. Q620:2

[NTC - Ephesians 2:6]

Raised us up— "If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above." (Col. 3:1) R154:4 Reckonedly risen from the dead. NS336:4 In the spirit of our minds. R154:4 All the consecrated are in a holy condition now. T22 The saints are already raised above the condition of the world. R2859:6, 4931:5, 197:1* The faithful of the present age. R5548:6 These new creatures are reckoned as having been raised up out of sin and death into a new condition of life. R3165:5 This is a figurative resurrection from the dead. The real resurrection shall come to each of these if loyal to God. R3165:6 Our Lord's faithful followers shall be raised up still further in the first resurrection to glory, honor and immortality. R2859:6
Sit together— In communion with Christ. T22 Having fellowship with the Lord. NS336:6 It implies a restful condition. CR322:1; T22 On the Day of Atonement, the under-priests went into the first Holy, typifying those who are seated with Christ in the heavenly. Q694:1 By faith we see the Bride of Christ caught up to heaven, seated with Christ.R1210:6 We are to remain under these blessed conditions throughout the remainder of life. NS336:6
In heavenly places— Spiritual conditions. R2827:2, 154:4 Heavenly promises. R1881:4; HG333:5 The high calling. R2859:6 In the "Holy," the first of the heavenlies. T22; R4875:6, 3165:6; Q700:2, 39:3*; CR322:1 Referring to our position as spiritually begotten new creatures. R294:6, 2827:2, 154:4; T22; CR407:6; NS336:5 Going into the Holy seems to correspond to our experiences of the present time. R4875:6 Only members of the Body are privileged to go into the Holy and to know "the deep things of God." (1 Cor. 2:10) Q694:2Where they have the light of the golden lampstand, partake of the spiritual shew-bread and offer spiritual incense to God. R3165:6
In Christ Jesus— With Christ Jesus. R2827:2 Seated with Christ, much in advance of the general household of faith. R4875:6 Members of the Body of Christ, members of the new creation, members of the ecclesia. R3165:1,6 This expression, or its equivalent, occurs at least twenty times in this epistle. We have life in Christ alone. R3165:1

[NTC - Ephesians 2:7]

That in— That throughout all. R1273:2; OV24:4
The ages to come— Greek, aionios, worlds. R22:1* "In those ages that should come after." (Rotherham) R827:4 We know not how many ages there will be. R532:4, 4653:1, 256:5, 5:4 The ages of eternity. SM683:5; NS540:6 Future ages in which will be fully exhibited the further development of God's great plan. R5320:4Lasting from the beginning of Christ's reign for untold ages. A292, 219; R271:2; CR187:4, 479:5; OV175:5 After our exaltation with Jesus to heavenly honors. R827:4 The first of these alone is dealt with in Scripture, the Millennial age, during which we live and reign with Christ a thousand years. R5:4, 532:4, 256:6 Including the Millennial age. A219; R5741:4, 200:1; OV27:4 Throughout all the ages to come, righteousness, his will, shall be done. R1781:5, 1273:2, 271:2 Ages of perfection, blessedness and happiness for all, but regarding the work of which, Scripture is silent. R271:5 The first of which is the Millennial age; or rather the age of conquest, for in it Christ is to reign until he has subdued all enemies; and death is the last enemy conquered. HG11:6 Because of Jesus' ransom there is to be an age of restitution. R126:7 All might come to a knowledge of the truth and be brought back to perfection. R345:2 These ages each have a definite time appointed them, and a definite work to perform. R628:1* Christ and the Church will judge the world in the Millennial day. NS393:5 For a thousand years the faithful are to reign with their Lord; and then will follow the ages to come. R5741:4 The Millennial age will have an end after a thousand years of putting down sin, lifting up the obedient and destroying willful sinners. NS338:5 Following the completion of the Church, humanity shall be granted an opportunity to become perfect, human sons of God during Messiah's reign. R4931:5 In the Millennial age we shall be permitted to cooperate with Christ in lifting up the world of mankind to full restitution. R3166:2, 99:5* Implying that the glory of Christ and the Church is to be perpetual. R4653:1 God proposes to use a special, saintly class from mankind and their experiences with sin—making them joint-heirs with Christ in the ruling and blessing of the world by and by. R4931:5, 4914:4, 1743:6, 99:5* Note the wonderful things the Apostle Paul saw concerning the development of the Body of Christ and its work in coming ages. R365:1; HG179:1 The Bride's great work for which she is being schooled is that of the future. HG751:6 The elect class will show forth the praises of God. NS393:4 God's plan will be more clearly seen. R281:5, 143:4 The future work of the Church after the Millennial age would possibly be to people, govern and direct affairs in connection with other planets. CR187:4 God's children will be amazed when they see how God so loved the world. R546:1, 8:1 A limitless eternity is provided for the showing forth of God's love toward us. OV175:5 The glory of Christ and the Church will not end with the restoration of mankind. PD96/110
He— God. CR479:5; R5185:2, 4931:5, 4133:6, 3166:1, 2154:1, 827:4, 546:1, 199:6; NS540:6 The Father has a great work to be done and is seeking a people who will do it with Christ Jesus as Head. R5185:2
Might shew— Will show forth. R4931:5, 3165:6, 1743:6, 546:1; PD96/110; HG751:6 Would exhibit. R827:4 God promises to show. R2154:1 To the world through a "peculiar people." R327:6* To angels, to men and to every creature. CR479:5; R4914:4, 4133:6 His grace and favor will be showered upon the Church. R4914:4 As we toil upward on the narrow way, angels look on amazed at the grandeur of the plan.R281:5, 143:4
The exceeding riches— "The surpassing riches." (Rotherham) R827:4 God is rich in every grand and estimable quality. R3166:1; CR426:6 The glory that is to be revealed in the Church in the future. NS338:4 There will be what will correspond to the present beauties of nature, but higher and grander, for those who shall gain the new nature. R3166:2 Which the human mind can approximate, but cannot clearly conceive. A292; R3166:1 We shall share with him in the uplifting of humanity. R5377:4 The future inheritance of the saints in light, if we appreciate our opportunities for serving the Lord in the little things of the present life. R5741:4 We are to esteem that our service here is not to be compared with the things which the Lord has in reservation for those who love him. R5741:4
Grace— Favor. R134:5, 4914:4, 827:4, 270:3 Divine love is illimitable. OV175:3 God calls into his family out of the riches of his grace. CR426:6 There are coming ages in which God will display still more grace toward the Church than in all these things that he has already given to us and promised to us. CR322:3; R5320:3,4, 442:3; NS338:6 The whole world shall understand the mysterious workings of divine providence. R4133:6 The deep hidden riches of grace for the world are at present obscured by the exceeding riches of God's grace and loving kindness toward us who are in Christ Jesus. R442:3 God will show all who are in the "elect" Body of Christ his exceeding grace. R4914:4; NS540:6 Favored with a clearer insight into the deep things of God, called out of darkness into his marvelous light. R4914:4 Only partially disclosed at the present time. R3166:2
In his kindness— "In graciousness." (Rotherham) R827:4 Loving kindness. R4931:5, 1743:6, 442:3, 345:2, 143:4; HG751:6, 179:1; NS338:5; OV174:1;PD96/110 In lifting sinners from the miry clay to so glorious a station—the divine nature. R4931:5
Toward us— The Church. R4914:4, 327:6*; NS540:6, 338:2; HG607:5; OV24:4 The Church, the Body, the Bride class. NS338:5; HG179:1; PD96/110The Little Flock. R5741:4 The consecrated. R5320:3, 442:3 The jewel class. CR479:5 The Church, honored by the Father as members of The Christ, will have still other glories. R4653:1 Those who appreciate this high calling wish to be where God has invited them to be. R5185:2 Let us never forget that we are a "peculiar people," separate from nominal Christians and the world, having higher hopes, aims and ambitions. R4914:4
Through Christ Jesus— Who are in Christ Jesus. R3166:1, 1743:6, 827:4, 442:3, 126:6; OV24:4; PD96/110 Who will always be Head over all things. R4653:1

[NTC - Ephesians 2:8]

By grace— Divine favor. R5446:5, 677:2*; Q620:2, 266:4 The grace of God in Christ. R3165:4 Not of any duty that God holds to us. CR323:6; F105 The grace is not of ourselves. R3166:4 It is of God's grace and not of personal merit on our part that salvation is offered to us. R2286:5 Knowledge of God is granted us as a grace, and brings us to the place where we are enabled to exercise the faith. Q266:5God gives us grace to follow in the footsteps of Jesus in the way of self-sacrifice. R4796:6
Are ye saved— Our salvation is of divine favor. Q266:4; R3165:5 A reckonedly saved position by faith. R3165:5 It is grace truly, but unless you do works in harmony with it, you never will be saved. R741:2 It will be by grace that any of our race will be saved. CR324:1 Justice did not require our salvation. Q266:4 It was God who provided for the redemption which is in Christ Jesus. R4796:6; Q620:2 A complete conversion and full consecration to the Lord brings great salvation. R3165:5 Because you have an "ear to hear" and have responded—a blessed experience. R3165:4 Not one person will ever be saved except as he accepts God's favor and cooperates with the divine favor and blessing. Q620:2 We work out our salvation with great carefulness, realizing the promised grace in every time of need. R4796:6
Through faith— Ignorance is not a ground of salvation. The only ground for salvation mentioned in the Scriptures is faith in Christ as our Redeemer and Lord. A100 By faith we have the merit of Christ's righteousness imputed to us. R4796:6 Including true faith's obedience. R2286:5 It is impossible to have faith without knowledge. R677:5*; Q266:5 To have faith in any statement or doctrine is to have confidence in its truthfulness, and this should only be based on clear evidence. R677:3* There is nothing more common or necessary among men than faith—we exercise faith in the laws of nature and act upon it constantly. R2162:4 Our faith is not to be credited as a meritorious condition but we are to be thankful to God for it. R2286:5 It is to some extent a matter of our own development. R5446:5 The erroneous thought given by many is that our faith is not our own faith, not of our own volition, but an impartation, a gift from God. R2286:5 Salvation is the gift of God, granted by his grace or favor, and grasped by us through faith. R677:2* If we would have faith in God, it is also necessary to acquaint ourselves with his character as expressed in his two harmonious books—Nature and Revelation. R677:5*; Q266:5
That— Grace. R741:2 Faith. Q266:4
Not of yourselves— As a matter of course. Q266:4 Not dependent upon our perfection or anything we could do. R4796:6, 741:2 Not because of any merit of yourselves. R741:2 This lesson must be thoroughly appreciated, else we will be continually in danger of falling. R3166:4 We have not the opportunity of glorying even in our faith. R5446:5, Q266:4 It was made possible because of conditions and circumstances which God arranged. R2286:5 Our faith is of God in the sense that he supplies the necessary elements from which that faith is to be compounded. Q267:1 Although we exercised some faith at the beginning, else we could never have come to God at all to accept his favors. R3166:4
Gift of God— Grace has the signification of gift. Q266:4 Given to us of God. R2162:3 Justification permits us to go on to sanctification—to self-sacrifice. R2847:4 He developed in us that faith by the revelations of his love, through his promises, through his Word. R3166:5

[NTC - Ephesians 2:9]

Not of works— Our salvation from death is by faith. We cannot do any works that would justify us before God. R5759:1, 4796:6, 3166:4 The perfect work of Christ is the basis of our own work.R4796:6 Not our own efforts. R3166:4 Perfect works are not possible now. CR324:6 If we did good works, we might feel as if there was some credit due us. CR325:2 If of works, it would not be of grace. R3166:4 Justification is God's free gift, based upon the ransom, but if not followed by works, it is received in vain. R2847:4If one regards works as all important, he detracts from the value of the sacrifice of Jesus. R741:2 God tests, not by works, but by our faith and the degree of obedience rendered. CR324:6
Lest any man— Unless Christ had redeemed us, we could have no basis for hope of eternal life. R4796:6

[NTC - Ephesians 2:10]

We— The true Christian. R5967:3 His people. R1506:5, 5402:5 The Church. R5713:5 At first we realize that we are a sinner. R5320:3
Are his workmanship— The Church is God's creation. R589:5, 5759:5, 5713:5, 3166:5; SM433:3 It is God that worketh is us both to will and to do. CR325:2, 395:2, 420:1, 444:3, 461:2; R5284:4, 4417:6; SM433:3 The setting apart the Father does through his truth. R5320:3 We are submitting ourselves that God may work in us. R5855:6, 4417:6, 4255:6 God has arranged that these jewels be cut and polished after the similitude of his Son. R5119:1, 2404:3 The Temple is being built by the Master-builder, God. R2520:6, 2737:6 A new and separate creation in Christ Jesus. R3166:5 Because having heard of the grace of God, our hearts responded. R4255:6 Prepared for good works, not by good works. R3166:5 The power of God is working in you by the instructions from God's Word. CR325:3 We rejoice under every discipline because we realize it is a part of the Master's work in us. R2737:6 Not arbitrarily, but in cooperation with the will of the individual. R5967:3 Not merely spirit-begotten, but spirit-developed in character likeness of the Savior. R5967:3 Hence the necessity for the trials and difficulties of life which are preparing them for heavenly glory, honor, immortality. R5713:5, 2520:6 His work will be so perfectly accomplished that there will be no need of alteration beyond the veil. R5713:5 God's children; Christ's brethren. R5320:3, 5402:5 Divine grace is to be credited with the entire outcome. R2404:4
Created— Begotten of the Spirit though the Word of truth. R3770:1
In Christ Jesus— God accepts us in Christ. R3166:5 Reckonedly; in due time, if he abide in him, he will be a new creature actually. R1438:1,3770:1
Ordained— Foreordained. R3166:5
Walk— In newness of life. R3166:5 In the Lord's way of holiness and opposition to sin, developing character. R3166:5 The new creation should walk in good works. R4189:3, 3166:5

[NTC - Ephesians 2:11]

Remember— Paul reminds them of when they had no hope. R1435:1*
Ye— Converts from heathen nations. R503:2
Gentiles— Without the Law. R503:3
Uncircumcision— Strangers and foreigners—the other nations of the earth. R1435:1*
Circumcision— The descendants of Israel. R1435:1*

[NTC - Ephesians 2:12]

At that time— During the 4,000 years from Adam to Jesus. HG746:2 During the Jewish age and previously. HG420:3 A dark night of hopeless despair. NS533:4
Ye— Gentiles. R4368:3, 2442:5, 2086:5, 2050:6; NS49:6; OV164:1 The world. R3707:4 Some who became Christians out of the heathen nations. HG114:3
Were without Christ— Before. R2604:4 There was no way of life open to the Gentile world prior to the redemptive work of Christ. NS18:3 The Christians of Ephesus, who were a fair sample of the Gentiles generally. CR19:2; R1435:1* God had purposed the reconciliation of the world to himself through Christ. R3707:4
Aliens— Outcasts. R1086:6 Gentiles. R5005:1, 4341:2, 2604:4, 1459:3; HG428:4, 386:2 Foreigners because of Adam's transgression. R5162:3, 5093:1, 3893:4, 3707:4 Outside of divine favor and Judaism. R2574:1, 2620:2; HG254:5 Outside nations, the Gentiles, received no promises of relationship to God. PD13/23; R5444:4, 5162:3 Those not yet Christ's servants—the unconsecrated. SM509:2
The commonwealth— The polity. R2604:4, 1435:1*; HG386:2 Citizenship of their own. R1435:1* The promises. R284:2
Of Israel— The whole twelve tribes. C293; R1341:1 The favored nation. R2116:5 "You only have I known of all the families of the earth." (Amos 3:2) R3467:2 This nation alone had special divine supervision of its affairs and the promises and instructions, through the prophets and the Law. R3467:2 The children of Jacob, called Israel, were God's specially covenanted people. The nations of the world were not called of God as Israel was called. R3467:2;NS370:1
Strangers— All the world except that one nation of Israel. HG420:3 The Gentile nations. R3467:2, 5444:4, 3893:4 The Gentile converts had formerly been strangers to these things. PT360:1*
Covenants of promise— Given to only Israel up to the time of the casting off of the Jewish house. R2604:4, 5444:4, 1657:6, 1435:1*; HG386:2 God had made some gracious promises to the seed of Abraham, but as yet they were unfulfilled. R2120:6; NS18:3 The people of Israel had been greatly favored of God in a covenant through Moses. R3893:4 The Abrahamic and the Law Covenants. PT360:1*
Having no hope— No encouragements, no promises. F358; R2070:5, 1655:5; NS223:4 Without the only real hope of the Gospel. R1655:5 No hope of the unsearchable riches of Christ. R1435:1* We find the great mass of mankind today to be hopeless, and hence unhappy, burdened, downcast, miserable. CR19:2; R4081:3 They have hopes of their own, but not a Bible hope. R5816:2 The Apostle does not state that there is no hope for these heathen, but simply that they do not have the hope. CR19:3; R5468:2; OV388:5; NS345:3; HG114:4 The world had been in this pitiable condition for 4000 years. R2050:6, 2116:5 The world's hope lies in the future. HG380:3
Without God— Godless. R13:4 All those who lived outside of the favored nation of Israel. R2116:5 The Gentiles up to the beginning of the Gospel age. R2070:5 Mankind have become so alienated from God by wicked works and self-will that many do not know that there is a God. R5717:1 The world failed and is without any law except what remained of the originally perfect law of nature—conscience. R1499:1 So long as divine condemnation, the curse, the sentence of death, rests against the world, it is evident that God is not yet reconciled to the world, nor the world to him. R3707:4

[NTC - Ephesians 2:13]

Now in Christ Jesus— United with Christ, and through him united with the Abrahamic root of promise and inheritors of all its richness and fatness. R2442:6 All through this Gospel age. NS306:1 In God's estimation the difference between Jew and Gentile has now ceased. R503:2 Faith in the ransom, given for all, is the only ground of reconciliation with God. R925:4
Ye— As sinners. R925:4 The Gentiles. R503:2
Were far off— From God's favor. R503:2 Under condemnation. R925:4 The sinner was debarred from fellowship with the Father. R689:1
Are made nigh— Within reach of divine favors, blessings and promises. R925:4, 5005:1, 1068:1, 587:1 Through faith in the Lord Jesus and through the begetting of the holy Spirit. R5005:1, 5093:1 Our access is not complete yet, for outward manifestations of God's favor are not yet granted, only that which is by faith. R689:1 Brought nigh to God.R1657:6, 1594:2, 284:2 Reconciled. NS366:5 United with Christ. R2442:6 Hopeful. R4081:3 And become children of God through faith. OV164:1 They are no more outcasts from the Lord and his communion. R587:1
By— Through. R503:3
The blood of Christ— It was the giving up of Christ's life that paid our ransom price. R1336:1 And reconciled us to God. R2604:4, 1657:6, 1230:3, 1000:5, 925:4, 284:3; HG386:2 Bringing the Gentiles near to God and his promises. R1336:2, 503:2 God's favor is all centered in Christ; only those who believe in him could have the glorious hope which centers in him. CR19:3 It is Christ's blood that cleanseth us from all sin. R1230:2 We are now members of the Body of Christ and children of God by adoption. R5093:1And through Christ united with the Abrahamic root of promise. R2442:6

[NTC - Ephesians 2:14]

Our peace— The Jew received an equally great blessing as the Gentile from the same one sacrifice. R503:3
Both— Jew and Gentile. R586:6
Broken down— The time had come when the message of divine favor might go to the Gentiles. HG354:5 Gentiles and Jews are now received on the same terms, viz., faith in Jesus and consecration to walk in his steps. R5101:1, 3764:3 Dispensational change: it crumbled at the end of the 70th week of Jewish favor, 3 years after the cross. R4330:2, 4534:2; Q174:1, 600:T; HG429:1 Cornelius, the first Gentile convert, had been brought into faith fellowship. R3756:4; OV250:3; HG429:1 The new creatures in Christ are made sharers of those spiritual blessings and opportunities first offered to fleshly Israel. R2086:5 The dividing wall of the Jewish (typical) covenant had been removed. R1472:1, 74:3
The middle wall— Which separated Jews and Gentiles. R4711:3; Q600:T For 18 centuries God's exclusive favor was to the Jew only. R4534:2, 1472:1 Before the rejection of Israel, the whole world was divided into two classes, namely, Israelites, God's covenanted people, and Gentiles, who were not in covenant relationship with God. NS25:1 The literal wall, in the Temple, was of stone, 4 feet high, with a warning on it that aliens crossing it are subject to the death penalty. R4485:1
Partition— Enclosure. (Rotherham) R503:1 Separation. Q600:T The curse of the Law formerly separated Jews from Gentiles. R503:3
Between us— Jew and Gentile. HG429:1; NS331:3

[NTC - Ephesians 2:15]

Having abolished— Destroyed. R2001:5, 503:3 "Bringing to nought." (Rotherham) R503:1 Having slain. R586:6 To Jewish believers. R5047:2
The enmity— Condemnation. R503:3 Opposition of the Jewish Law Covenant. R1231:2, 587:1 Christ Jesus, by the sacrifice of his flesh, abolished the enmity or opposition of the Jewish Law covenant, under which fleshly Israel labored. R1231:2, 587:1
Even the law— Of the Law, the Jewish covenant. R5047:2, 1729:6; NS142:5 The Jew had been favored by the Law (which was ordained to life). R503:2Which was found to be only unto death. (Rom. 7:10) R1527:2 Which was not faulty. The fault was that the imperfect Jew could not keep the Law. "The Law is holy . . . and just and good." (Rom. 7:12) R503:2 The moral precepts of that Law never have passed away, and never will, because they are parts of the eternal law of right. R1527:3
In ordinances— In decrees. (Rotherham) R503:1 Decrees of the Jewish Law. R1527:2
To make— "Create." (Rotherham) R503:1
Of twain— "The two." (Rotherham) R503:1 Jews and Gentiles. R6:2, 4879:6, 4495:6, 257:3; NS341:1, 142:5
One new man— "Of new mould." (Rotherham) R503:1 Spiritual Israel. HG440:3 New nation. NS341:2 Of the Jews and of the Gentiles—a Little Flock—of which Christ is the Head. Q363:3; NS679:3, 658:5 The second Adam, the Christ, Head and Body. R6:1, 4495:6; NS142:5 The seed of Abraham. R6:2,257:4 The Mediator, the Peace Maker between God and mankind. R4879:6 Perfect unity in one body. NS341:2

[NTC - Ephesians 2:16]

Might reconcile— "Might fully reconcile." (Rotherham) R503:1
Both— Both Jews and Gentiles were under condemnation to death. R1727:6, 970:3, 74:3* The Redeemer whom God provided was sufficient for both. R1727:6
Unto God— Jews and Gentiles needed to have a work done for them which would make them right before God. R586:6
In one body— In the one sacrifice of himself. R1727:6
The cross— "Through the cross." (Rotherham) R503:1 Shed blood—death. R1336:2, 503:3 The death of Christ met the legal claim on universal man and secured his deliverance from the legal curse of death. R74:3*
Slain the enmity— Opposition of the Law against both Jew and Gentile. R586:6

[NTC - Ephesians 2:18]

Him— Christ. R2024:4, 1541:2 The Lord Jesus. Q389:1 Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice unto God, for men. R587:1
We— Believers who have turned their backs on sin and have become members of the household of faith. Q389:1
Access— Through Christ's blood. Q389:1 We are to come unto the Father. R1227:2 There was no access unto the Father as long as the enmity (opposition) of his just law barred us out as sinners. R587:1
Unto the Father— God. Q389:1 The Gentiles may now enter into covenant relationship with God by Christ. R1541:5

[NTC - Ephesians 2:19]

Ye— Those who realize their sins, repent and accept the Redeemer as the only way back to God. R2024:4
No more strangers— And outcasts from the Lord and his communion. R587:1, 1068:1 No longer condemned to death. R5596:3
And foreigners— Like the rest of the world, who are not recognized as sons of God. R1594:2, 4989:3, 1733:6 These should not be recognized as our "brethren," sinced we are no longer in Adam, but now in Christ. R1594:2
Fellowcitizens— God indicates his pleasure by begetting us of the holy Spirit. R4989:3 Our citizenship is of the heavenly Kingdom, therefore we should be diligent to learn its language. R1062:6* We take no part in this world's politics, but attend to our heavenly politics. "For our enrollment as citizens is ready in the heavens." (Phil. 3:2, Rotherham) R2039:2 Since we are no longer in Adam, but now in Christ. R1594:2
With the saints— Of the heavenly Kingdom, and as such should claim only such rights under the kingdoms of this world as are accorded to aliens. A267
Household— Family. R50:6* No longer composed exclusively of Israelites, but of those out of every nation. R1435:2*

[NTC - Ephesians 2:20]

And are built— The Church is built. F217; R1523:3 The saints of God are built. HG736:2
The foundation— One foundation, which is completed. R81:2*, 333:6 We are building upon the foundations of faith which God himself had established. R1793:6; Q115:3 The finished redemption. R333:6
Of the apostles— Especially commissioned by the Lord as his representatives. SM461:2; HG736:2 Faithful witnesses. F217 Used of the Lord as his inspired agents. F217 The voice of God to and through the Church came only through the twelve apostles of the Lamb. HG736:4 The twelve apostles, inspired and infallibly guided in all their doctrinal utterances by the holy Spirit. R1793:6; F217 Ordinary men who were specially called and solemnly ordained, continually under our Lord's training. They were witnesses of his miracles, teachings and personal character. R1522:3 Designated as the twelve foundations of the New Jerusalem, the glorious Church, in Revelation. R1522:1;HG736:3
Prophets— The twelve apostles are referred to in their double office—apostles, especially commissioned by the Lord as his representatives, and prophets, mouthpieces, for the proclamation of his message. HG736:2; SM461:2 The prophets of the Old Testament times. Q115:3
Jesus Christ— The sure and steadfast rock. R1522:1
Chief corner stone— The top-stone, laid in heaven, the ideal of the whole structure; chiseled and polished and fitted for its position like the other living stones. E232; CR456:5 Ever since Christ became the world's Redeemer. R5822:1, 3694:1, 3294:4 The head corner-stone of God's plan. C330

[NTC - Ephesians 2:21]

All the building— The whole Church. R92:4* The various members. R5245:6; Q119:3 Beautifully illustrated by the Great Pyramid. C330; CR456:6
Fitly framed together— Fitted, shaped, trimmed and polished for our positions in the glorious Temple of God. R172:1, 5152:2, 4296:4, 1750:1; CR456:5 We as living stones out of the quarry of humanity. R292:2, 5504:2, 4296:4, 172:1 The work of the Gospel age. R172:1; CR456:6 The stones in the Temple differ to some extent one from the other. This might represent our being a larger or a smaller stone—representing the privileges or honor which we may have beyond the veil. R5246:1; Q119:3 Showing the unity of the Church of Christ. R81:1* The very finest polishing is produced by contact with the brethren. CR456:5 Not until the full number of stones shall have been made ready will the construction of that glorious Temple begin. CR456:6
Groweth— The Church, making increase for years in the fruits and graces of the holy Spirit. R5504:1
Unto— Into. R5245:6, 292:2; Q119:3 An holy temple—A spiritual house. R292:2 Antitypical Temple, of which Christ is the Head. R5504:1, 2060:1 The Church. PD45/55; R2031:4, 305:6 In that Temple God by his holy Spirit will dwell in fullest measure. R5504:2,4, 305:6 The Church's construction has been in progress through the Gospel age—ever since Christ became the chief corner-stone of his Temple. R5822:4,1, 5504:2 The Temple which Jesus has been building during this Gospel age. R292:2, 172:2 The Scriptures clearly teach that the Church is the Temple of the Living God. (2 Cor. 6:16) R5822:1, 3694:1, 3294:1, 2031:4 Through which, when finished, God's blessing shall have come to all people. R5822:1, 3694:4, 3294:1 Christ will be the Head, and the Bride will be the Body in the holy Temple. R1096:1* Once, God dwelt in the Jewish Temple, but at the death of Jesus, the glory of the Lord departed, and from that time it ceased to be, really, the Temple of God. R305:6, 55:1 This Temple is not quite complete. R4296:4 With what intensity of zeal and fervor should we regard the antitypical Temple, while we contemplate the typical Temple which enkindled such an enthusiasm. R2031:4 "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the Temple of my God." (Rev. 3:12) B209, 239 The Apostle Paul mentions that the "Man of Sin" (2 Thess. 2:3) system arises in the Church, and professes to be in and of the true Temple. R980:2, 55:1 Whose living stones shall show forth the praises of God to all eternity. R2031:4 Any building which men may put up at Jerusalem might be called a temple, but it would not be The Temple of God. R55:1
In the Lord— Attaining the glorious character-likeness of our Master. R5246:1

[NTC - Ephesians 2:22]

Ye— The Church. R600:2, 2508:2 Living stones. R2508:2
Builded together— Prepared. R1096:1* It is still under construction. R1750:4, 5822:4, 2508:2; CR457:1 The building will not be completed until the last of these fitted and polished stones is laid in its position. R2508:2 God is now visiting the Gentiles to gather the Body. R751:3* The whole Church groweth into a holy Temple for the habitation of God. R92:4*
An habitation of God— The house of God in which he is pleased to dwell. R2508:2, 2031:4, 600:2 An everlasting habitation. R306:1, 55:1 The Temple is completed when the various members of the Body of Christ are brought together and united in glory, honor and immortality to the Head of the Church. R2508:3 When completed, the glory of the Lord shall fill the house—the Church will be glorified. R2508:2 Through which, during the Millennial age, the grace of God shall flow to all the families of the earth. R2508:2
Through the Spirit— Led by the Spirit, an evidence of sonship. R50:6*

[NTC - Ephesians 3:1]

For this cause— For the building up of the Church, the Temple of God. F217; R1523:3
I Paul— Am. F217; R1523:3 The most learned of the twelve apostles. R5941:3 The one who took the place of Judas. R5941:4 The Lord's mouthpiece to the Gentiles. R5941:6 "He is a chosen vessel unto me." (Acts 9:15) R5941:5 A well-educated man who had fully given up his own will. R5941:5 Spirit-begotten children of God are amazed at the logic, wisdom and power of St. Paul's writings. We know of nothing in the world that will compare with them. R5941:6 St. Paul's mind grasped more quickly than did the minds of the other apostles the things pertaining to the new dispensation. R5941:6
You Gentiles— Paul perceived that the Gentiles were to be fellow-heirs with the Jews in the Kingdom privileges. R5941:6

[NTC - Ephesians 3:2]

To you-ward— The Gospel Church. R435:4

[NTC - Ephesians 3:3]

By revelation— Special revelation. R435:5 From the Lord. R435:2, 2033:2 God gave Paul wonderful revelations concerning the mystery. R369:1 His writings are especially inspired. R435:2 Granted to instruct them concerning things to come. R1525:6 Paul's vision of the third heavens or Millennial Kingdom, wonderfully influenced his writings. R1525:6 The sights shown to Paul concerning the development of the Body of Christ and its future work. R365:1 St. Paul had visions and revelations more than had all the other apostles of the Lord together, giving him wonderful insight into divine things. R5941:5,435:6 If we reject Paul's testimony regarding this revelation to him, we should reject all of his teachings on every subject. R435:5
He— God. R435:4
Made known— Paul writes of God's favor to himself. NS398:6
Unto me the mystery— Unto Paul, as our Lord's instrument. R369:4 A great mystery—a great secret. NS142:2; F199 This secret is "Christ in you, the hope of glory." (Col. 1:27) NS295:6 "The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will show them his covenant." (Psa. 25:14) SM152:2 The high calling. B202; R1523:3 The Church. R369:4 The peculiar relationship between Christ and the Church. R5100:2 The Messiah was to be, not an individual, but a company gathered from amongst many nations under one headship. R5549:2; NS697:1 The deep truths of the gospel concerning the high calling of the Church, The Christ. R1523:3; F217 The Gospel age has been devoted to the development of the Body of the Mediator. R5300:5 Hidden from previous dispensations and ages. R5549:2, 2208:6 That which had not been known previously. R435:4 The due time had come for revealing to the Church the divine plan respecting her participation with Christ in the blessing of all the families of the earth. R2490:2 That Messiah will be spiritual, not earthly. NS697:1 That Messiah was to be a spirit being and that the Church, selected during this Gospel age, are to be with him and like him on the spirit plane. NS443:1 Our Redeemer proved himself worthy to be the Father's agent in carrying out all the great mystery of God. R2208:6Of the divine plan, hidden in parables, figures, symbols from the world and from the nominal Christian, but not hidden from the consecrated children of God. R2208:5 It will not be finished until the end of this Gospel age. R368:3; F199

[NTC - Ephesians 3:4]

Ye may understand— Only a special class can understand this mystery. R5549:3 We are indebted to Paul for a clear record of how we may become members of this mystery band. R369:4
My knowledge— Paul's knowledge of God's plan. R365:1 A knowledge of the mystery. R435:5 He possessed a knowledge of "the deep things of God," casting a reflection upon all that he wrote. R435:6 Paul recognized his own favor from God in respect to the knowledge of Christ. NS506:3 Paul's writings have a rich depth possessed by no other New Testament writer. R365:1
In the— Of the. R435:4
Mystery of Christ— The close, intimate relationship between Christ and his faithful followers. R4434:3 No one can appreciate this mystery unless he is begotten of the holy Spirit. R5100:2

[NTC - Ephesians 3:5]

Which— The high calling. B202 These truths relative to God's plan for the blessing of all mankind. R682:2, 414:2
In other ages— Past ages and dispensations. F199; R217:5; NS295:6 In the Patriarchal and Jewish ages. R368:2 Before the Gospel age. R1533:4 God has not been selecting the Christian Church from the beginning of human existence. B202 The call and favor to those of past ages were to earthly honors, earthly glory, and everlasting life as human beings. B202
Was not made known— Hid from other ages. R435:5; NS697:1; SM152:2 These prizes of joint-heirship and immortality. R217:5 Immortality, promised to those of the Gospel Church who overcome, was never known of before this Gospel age. R252:3 Dimly seen until the Gospel age began to dawn. R414:2, 919:4, 658:2 To this day is understood by the truly consecrated only. R5549:3, 5320:3, 33:2 Since the gifts and callings of God are unmerited favors, no injustice is done in not offering others of past ages the same favor.B202
As it is now— During this Gospel age. R217:3, 5549:3 Since Pentecost. R368:2 "Now is the accepted time." (2 Cor. 6:2) R1533:4 "But now is made manifest to his saints." (Col. 1:26) R368:2 We can understand prophetic Scriptural statements only as they become due. R658:2, 919:4, 414:4
Revealed— Due to be understood. NS295:6 God's revelation of his plans is progressive. R919:5, 658:4, 414:4 God had never before revealed the mystery (secret) of his will. A26 The Apostle saw a prize that inspired his zeal to the point of fervency. R1533:4
His holy apostles— The Lord's chosen agents. R1524:4 His saints. R217:3; NS697:1, 295:6; SM152:2 Justified and consecrated; and so reckoned holy.R1523:3 Whom God set in his Church. R435:5 Twelve apostles, and we have their words of reproof, correction and instruction today. R435:5 Whose writings are the basis of proper Christian faith today. R435:5 They were not only to bear historic testimony of Christ, but were specially prepared through the holy Spirit to teach the deep things of God. R1523:3 God used them as his mouthpieces to communicate to the Church truth relative to his plans. A26 While Paul was not of the original twelve apostles, he was specially appointed to be an apostle, and his teachings prove it. R435:5
And prophets— Public expounders. R217:3 Teachers. R435:4 But not now understood by the world. R435:5
By the Spirit— The holy Spirit, a guide into all truth and a revealer of things to come. R3052:3

[NTC - Ephesians 3:6]

The Gentiles— These called from amongst the Gentiles. R2126:4 Believing Israelites, as well as Gentiles, may be grafted into the spiritual vine by faith. R201:2 The Jews resented sternly the suggestion that any except their own elect nation could share Kingdom honors. R1095:2
Fellowheirs— Same nature with our Redeemer. SM152:2 Heirs of divine glory. B202 Joint-heirs and co-workers with Christ. B202Any of the natural fleshly seed of Abraham may give up their earthly promises and become fellow-heirs with the Gentiles. R201:2
Of the same body— Members of Christ's Body, who will, if faithful, be given immortality. E396 The Messianic Body, under its anointed Head, Jesus. F199; R201:2 Priesthood, or holy nation, with the remnant of all Israel which received Christ. R2126:4 The Head of which has "Life in himself." (John 5:26) E396 It was not for some years after that they learned, that the Gentiles were to be fellow-heirs of the same promises. R1095:2
Partakers— Sharers in the first resurrection. SM152:3 The entire Church class is to be sharer with the Redeemer in the sufferings of the present life and in the glories of the future. SM152:3

[NTC - Ephesians 3:8]

Less than the least— The very lowest. (Diaglott) R1679:5; HG729:3 Humility was a characteristic of the Apostle Paul. R3537:3 Paul frequently referred to his persecutions of the Christians with contrition. But, having accepted forgiveness in Christ, he put away the things behind him. R1885:4
Saints— The truly consecrated among professing Christians. R1139:1
Is this grace given— Was this favor given. (Diaglott) R1679:5; HG729:3 Paul labored to testify to his appreciation of the grace bestowed. R1885:4
That I should preach— Announce the glad tidings. (Diaglott) R1679:5; HG729:3 Devoting himself to the cause of the crucified one. R1885:4
Among the Gentiles— Among the nations. (Diaglott) R1679:5; HG729:3 The Gentile can share equally with the Jew. HG79:5
Unsearchable riches— Boundless wealth. (Diaglott) R1679:5; HG729:3 That are in God's great gift—his Son. R1679:5
Christ— Anointed one. (Diaglott) R1679:5; HG729:3

[NTC - Ephesians 3:9]

And to make all men see— "Even to enlighten all." (Diaglott) HG729:3; R1679:5 Causing us to understand. R227:1
What is— What are the conditions of. R369:4
The fellowship— The method of administration or operation. R1679:5; HG729:3 The terms under which participation in the new creation may be obtained. F217 We must have fellowship in the sufferings of Christ if we would share his coming glory. R369:4 Wonderful grace is bestowed on those called to fellowship in this mystery. A88
Of the mystery— Of that secret plan. R1679:5, 3192:4; CR10:4; HG729:3 The Gospel Church, not our Lord Jesus alone, but the entire Church with him. R3192:4,5; HG178:6 The hidden mystery of God. R3192:4, 4531:5 God's redemptive plan. R1679:5 Of joint-heirship with Christ. R1523:3 Which is Christ in you. HG178:6 During past ages, this mystery of the spiritual seed was hid in earthly promises, until the Spirit through Paul revealed it to the Church. R218:6 The terms of fellowship in this mystery. R1523:3 So long kept secret, and hidden in promises, types and figures. A88 The fact that during this Gospel age God is selecting from mankind some to be joint-heirs with Jesus in the Kingdom. R3937:3 God did not intend that the mystery should be understood except by the faithful, until the great day of revealing. R3193:1 This mystery is not intended to be understood by the world or nominal Christians, nor even by the true Christian who is not fully consecrated to the Lord. R3192:4 Children of God are privileged to know more and more of the hidden mystery and appreciate the divine plan. R2074:6 The mystery will be finished when the Church is complete. R369:4 God has glory in reservation for this mystery Church of which Jesus is the Head. R369:4 We are just on the eve of the finishing of this mystery. R369:4 There was no mystery class before Pentecost. HG178:6 The work following the completion of this mystery must be an immense work, worthy of such great preparations. A88 It is God's method of dealing with Satan, and God's dealing with the whole Christ. CR45:5
The beginning— Our great Redeemer was the very first and chief of God's creatures. R1642:1 Our Lord Jesus existed prior to his incarnation, and in a more exalted nature and condition. R1673:3
Hath been hid in God— Kept secret. R219:1 Until the Gospel age. R1679:5; HG729:2 A mystery which has been hid so long suggests that the work that is to follow its completion must be an immense work, worthy of such preparations. A88 God arranged the earthly promises so as to hide the spiritual promises until the due time. R218:6 The sharing of the Body with the Head both in the sufferings of this Gospel age and also in the glory to follow. R227:1
Created all things— Including Satan, who was originally perfect and upright. F612 Including angels and men. R1642:1
By Jesus Christ— Our great Redeemer, the very first and chief of God's creatures. R1642:1 Our Lord Jesus existed prior to his earthly life in a more exalted nature and existence. R1673:3

[NTC - Ephesians 3:10]

To the intent— In order that. (Diaglott) R1552:5
That now— Henceforth. R1679:6; HG729:3 In his own appointed time. R1594:2 During the Gospel period. R1149:2*
The principalities— Governments. (Diaglott) R1679:6; HG729:3
And powers— Authorities. (Diaglott) R1679:6; HG729:3
In heavenly places— In the heavenlies. (Diaglott) R1679:6; HG729:3 To the Church; not earthly. R1149:2*
Might be known— Might be made known. R3694:1, 3294:4, 2750:4, 2238:4, 2055:4, 1910:4, 1750:4, 1679:6 Is to be made known. HG729:4
By the church— Through the instrumentality of the Church. R1679:6; HG729:3 Congregation. (Diaglott) R1679:6; HG729:3 To lift up and bless the remainder of humanity through this trained, exalted and empowered few. R1594:2
The manifold— Much diversified. (Diaglott) E17, 413; F62; R1682:2, 1679:6; HG729:3 God is not limited in his operations. E413
Wisdom of God— Manifested in the creation of the rose, pink and pansy; cherubim, seraphim, angels and men. F62; E413 Manifested in choosing different methods of dealing with fallen angels and fallen men. E413; R1679:6; HG729:3

[NTC - Ephesians 3:11]

The eternal purpose— A plan of the ages. (Diaglott) R1679:6, 1560:1; HG729:3; OV406:1 God's eternal purpose. NS544:3 No human mind ever originated such a great plan. It is surely divine, surely Biblical. It is of God. OV407:3 Billions of our race have had a great schooling time along the lines of sin during the past 6,000 years. OV406:2 All the experiences of the present life will have a bearing upon the members of the fallen race during their restoration in the incoming age. OV406:2 The divine purpose from the beginning was to gather out from mankind a Little Flock who will, with their Lord, bless, uplift and instruct mankind in the ways of the Lord during the Millennial age. NS544:3 When our race came under the death sentence, God might have cut us off more quickly had he not had this plan in mind. OV406:1 God planned to redeem man from the death condition, and to restore the race in due time. OV406:1 God planned that mankind should have experiences of pain and death to learn needful lessons. OV406:2 Final death will result from the continued practice of sin. OV406:2 God always maintains his justice, and he always maintains his love; and we are blessed by both. OV406:5
Which he purposed— Love had beforehand arranged a plan whereby redemption would come. OV406:3 As we study the matter, we can see great wisdom in God's course. OV406:3
Christ Jesus our Lord— Our blessed Lord Jesus, through whom the whole plan is consummated. OV407:1

[NTC - Ephesians 3:12]

And access— To the Father. R1227:2

[NTC - Ephesians 3:14]

I bow my knees— The Apostle Paul prayed that the Church might attain more of God's love. NS622:1 He prayed for them and sent messengers and helpers to them. R1570:5, 2137:4; HG745:6
Unto the Father— And God. R3911:6 Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong in our addressing a petition to our Lord Jesus direct. R3911:6
Our Lord Jesus Christ— The Messiah, the Son of the living God, the Redeemer of the world. R3911:6

[NTC - Ephesians 3:15]

Of whom— In whom. R3268:6
The whole family— Of God. R3268:6, 1833:1, 1116:5 All of God's creatures on various planes of being. R3268:6; C330 Will be fully recovered from the fall and established in righteousness. R1560:4 Then "there shall be one fold, and one shepherd." (John 10:16) R2673:6 God bears a father's love to all his intelligent creatures. R1833:1 "For thy pleasure they are and were created." (Rev. 4:11) R1833:1
Is named— The world will be brought under the control and under the name of Christ. R4498:5

[NTC - Ephesians 3:16]

That he would grant— He is speaking to the Christians, and not to worldly people. R3167:6
To be strengthened— That they might grow in the knowledge of God. R2137:4
The inner man— The new nature. R237:2*

[NTC - Ephesians 3:17]

That Christ— The spirit of Christ. E224
Dwell in your hearts— Sit as king, ruler, director of every thought, word and deed. E224 A measure of blindness continues with us for some time after we have accepted Christ. HG745:6
That ye— The Apostle writes to the Church. OV57:4; NS723:6 This enlightened class. R2712:2
Grounded in love— In the holy Spirit or disposition. E224 The Apostle Paul urges this class to grow in love. R2712:2 Love is the spirit of all who are truly members of the Body of Christ. R2649:6 Seeking to have love perfected in them. R2694:4 The great need of the Church today. NS622:4; R32:4* Undoubtedly, love is the principal thing to be studied, to be appreciated and practiced in our lives. R2649:4 Growth in knowledge will keep pace with growth in love. R2649:5 Only those who take this standpoint can make thorough progress in grace and knowledge. R2649:4 When knowledge serves its proper purpose, it brings us to the appreciation of the love that is of God. R2649:4 From this attainment comes our blessing and the world's blessing. NS622:4 The word love is as warming and cheering correspondingly as the words hatred and selfishness are cold and discouraging. In every human being there is a craving for sincere love. NS619:2

[NTC - Ephesians 3:18]

May be— So as to be. R2137:4
Able to comprehend— Enabled. R2587:6, 2581:4; SM425:3 To see more clearly. OV33:2 The secret of the Lord. R2210:3 By the holy Spirit. R2892:4 "Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God." (Luke 8:10) R3328:4 To come to a clear knowledge of the truth. R5145:4, 2941:3, 2210:3 This glorious plan of God. NS295:6, 400:2 None but the consecrated, the spirit-begotten, can comprehend. R3479:3 By feeding upon the words of God. R3059:3 An ability to discern spiritual things. R2941:3; Q748:4 It was the longing desire to comprehend. R589:2 What is almost impossible to one blinded by the doctrine, "Ye shall not surely die." (Gen. 3:4) F622 The opening of the eyes of understanding of Christians is gradual. OV50:2, 57:4; R4089:5, 3328:1 The eyes of our understanding should be opened widely to see the length and breadth and height and depth of the love of God. PD44/53; R5719:1, 4118:1, 2587:6 When we enter the Lord's family, we are only on the threshold of knowledge and appreciation, and have need of progress and growth. R3167:6 The due time has come for the lifting of the veil of ignorance and superstition. OV33:2 The Apostle Paul prayed to the Lord for understanding for the early Church. HG390:2 The various denominations have been blinded to a large extent to the light of the divine Word by Satan's original lie. F623 In order to understand the Bible, we must come into the attitude of pupils of Christ and be taught of him. Q748:4
With all saints— The saintly new creation. SM43:3 The Apostle's prayer included us. R4114:3 This special class, "God's elect." R2049:1 We are trusting in the same Savior and in the same Father. R3066:2 The Lord's saints constitute the most secret society on earth. NS400:2 In proportion as the saints receive of the holy Spirit, holy thoughts replace unholy thoughts of the natural man. R2892:4 There is a ministry of evil in respect to the saints—in their testing, polishing, refining and proving as overcomers. R3168:2 More than an elect few are eventually to reach eternal life through the Redeemer of mankind. SM42:3 God is electing these in order that through them, with Christ Jesus, as the elect and foreordained "seed of Abraham," all the families of the earth shall be blessed. R2049:1
Breadth, and length— No man can measure. R2892:4 The divine plan will continue to open before them. R2649:5 All Christendom has erred in respect to this, as evidenced by conflicting creeds. OV174:1
Depth, and height— Of God's love. SM425:3; NS332:1 Of the love of Christ. SM42:2 Of love divine, all love excelling. OV33:2 Of God's wisdom, justice, love and power. NS384:4 Depths of the divine plan. R3168:4, 3066:2 Of the mystery. NS400:1; CR11:3 Full comprehension. NS622:4 God's Word, as a telescope, beholds the beauty of God's divine character and splendor of the divine plan. R2892:4We are unable to appreciate the love of God. NS544:4 Our forefathers were generally in considerable darkness in respect to this. SM42:2

[NTC - Ephesians 3:19]

To know— Appreciate. R2649:4; E224 The Lord's people have been enabled to grow in grace and in knowledge and in love. F219 Not all have this opening of the mental eye. Only the sincere, honest-hearted may enjoy this blessing, this clearer vision. R2587:6
The love of Christ— The love of God in Christ. NS622:4 The love of God that has made a plan of salvation that is world-wide. HG186:1 The love of God was completely obscured by the darkness of the medieval period, when doctrines of demons got full hold upon the minds of the people, and the Bible was out of use for twelve hundred years. SM132:4 For the fallen angels as well as for fallen man. R1680:4 To know him is to love him; and we cannot love him without knowing him. R1997:1*
Passeth knowledge— Human knowledge. F220; R2581:4, 2137:4, 2049:1 Which passeth all understanding. SM42:1, 132:3, 42:2; R5145:4, 3328:4, 2712:2, 2595:5, 2137:4; CR11:4; NS834:4, 544:5, 532:1, 400:1, 235:6, 159:6; HG186:1; OV174:1 Mere human understanding. R2049:1 Surpassing all of our expectations. R4118:1
But which is revealed in the holy Scriptures. Q748:4 Be filled— With the Spirit. E225 A filling with his spirit, mind and disposition, which is a gradual work. NS621:5 The Lord would have us come into this condition of earnest desire for filling with his Spirit of holiness. E224 The grand ultimatum of Christian attainment. R2064:6 When we pray to be filled with the Lord's Spirit, we are to look about us and find the provision which he has made and directed for the answer to these prayers. E225
Fulness of God— The Father's Spirit in full measure. E224 Holiness of God. NS621:5 God-like character. R5901:2* God's loving benevolence toward us. R2163:6* In proportion as we are emptied of all things else, then we are ready to receive of his fullness. E224 Only the Little Flock will be born into the Father's express image. R385:2,3 It is our duty daily to press toward this mark of holiness. R2064:6 Toward this end every child of God is constantly aspiring and should note degrees of progress. R2064:6

[NTC - Ephesians 3:20]

Unto him— God. R4100:3 Our Father, who recognizes even our thoughts. R90:3
That is able to do— The Scriptures say God is able. R5901:3* That he will do. NS455:2 In his own due time. R1178:1 Unto the faithful. NS468:6
Exceeding abundantly above— Exceedingly, abundantly more than. SM532:1; R4100:3, 3166:1; NS468:6, 455:2, 391:5; HG390:2
All that we ask— All that you could ask. R2699:4 Of blessings and favors. HG390:2; SM532:1 Or at present imagine. R1178:1 God can do not only as much as you can conceive or ask, but abundantly more. R5901:3*, 4100:3 According to the riches of his grace and his loving-kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. R3892:4, 4100:3 To express our wants makes a deeper impression on our own hearts. R90:3*
Or think— Or expect. NS455:2
The power— God's power. R5380:4, 3892:5 It takes real faith to believe God can make you holy or Christ-like. R5901:3*
Worketh in us— "It is God which worketh in you both to will and to do." (Phil. 2:13) R3586:2 To do his good pleasure. R3892:5 God's works, incited by his Word and Spirit. R3586:2 The power of God works in us to live separate from the world, overcoming the world, the flesh, the Adversary. R3892:5These works are not ours as men but as new creatures, members of the Body of Christ. R3586:2

[NTC - Ephesians 3:21]

In the church— By and through the Church. T98
Throughout all ages— Indicating that mankind will always praise the Lord through his anointed. T98

[NTC - Ephesians 4:1]

The prisoner— Who left all to follow the Master, counting home comforts as loss and dross, enduring stripes, imprisonments and hunger. R832:5
Beseech— Exhort. (Rotherham) R768:1; F239
You— The new creation. R4189:3 Members of the Body of Christ F239 Believers. R2020:1 Not the world, but the saints. R1594:3
Walk worthy— "That ye might walk worthy of the Lord." (Col. 1:10) R2020:1 And not stumble. B28 Let us not forget him who set us an example that we should walk in his footsteps. R832:5 In Jesus' footsteps of self-denial. R832:2 So that you will be an "overcomer." R2020:4 To share the throne and glory of the great overcomer Jesus. R832:2 Whereunto all living believers have been called. R2020:1 Being fully consecrated. R2020:3 By a full surrender of themselves to the Lord. R2020:3 Making their calling and election sure. R2020:1 The Little Flock (Luke 12:32), shall be esteemed worthy to share the throne and glory of the great overcomer, Jesus. R832:2 So that you may not be rejected by the Lord as unworthy of becoming his Bride. B28 We become dead to the world and alive toward God. R2020:3 If we love houses, lands, wife, children or any other thing more than our Lord, we are not worthy of a place among his disciples to whom he promised the Kingdom. R832:3,4 "That ye may be accounted worthy to escape all those things that shall come to pass." (Luke 21:36) These will escape by being gathered through death to glory before the terrible severity of the world's trouble comes. R2020:4 It is because the Great Company does not walk worthily that it fails to receive the great reward. R2020:1
The vocation— Our vocation is that of servants of God. R4189:4 The calling. (Rotherham) R768:4 Of divine service. R2020:1 For the glory of their King. R2020:1 The very highest of all; the representative of the Lord and Master. R4189:3; CR36:1 No earthly avocation should be permitted in any degree to hinder the service which we have undertaken as children of God. R4189:4
Wherewith ye— To these belong all the exceeding great and precious promises of God's Word. R2020:1
Are called— To glory, honor and immortality for the future, with Christ, the Lord. R2020:2 Our Lord desires us to make our calling and election sure, to win the great prize he has set before us. R832:2

[NTC - Ephesians 4:2]

Lowliness— Of mind. (Rotherham) R768:4 The Lord Jesus was meek and lowly in heart. (Matt. 11:29) R1921:1
And meekness— The Lord has always chosen the meek for every great work. R1921:1 Meekness was a marked characteristic of all the prophets and Ancient Worthies. R1921:1 Moses was the meekest man in all the earth. (Num. 12:3) R1921:1 Remembering your own unworthiness and insufficiency except as God is pleased to work through you. R1920:5 And not in a combative spirit. R1920:5
Longsuffering— Greek, makrothunia, corresponding to the common thought of patience. R2790:6
Forbearing— Bearing with. (Rotherham) R768:1 Not chiding and marring the joy of others. R3214:6
In love— Affecting all the affairs of life. R2649:4

[NTC - Ephesians 4:3]

Endeavouring— Giving diligence. (Rotherham) R768:4 Doing all in our power. R4391:5 Earnestly. R1895:4The Apostle exhorts all of the saints. R1594:2
To keep— To maintain. R4391:5 Preserve. F282; R1278:1 That the Church might be preserved entire, without schism. Q837:2
Unity of the Spirit— The oneness of the spirit. (Rotherham) R768:4 The spirit of love. F239 Unity of the faith. R1895:4 Oneness of mind. R1278:1 To avoid any schism in the Body of Christ. R1895:4, 1130:5* "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory." (Phil. 2:3) F282 The Bible teaches the unity of the Church. OV122:2 The possession of the spirit of Christ is an evidence of vital union with Christ. R81:3* Christian union is a possibility. R768:3 True Christian union is advantageous and an end greatly to be desired and sought for among God's children, yet it is of great importance that we have union on the true and Scriptural basis. R768:1 This union is felt and is strengthening among the consecrated ones. R768:2 What steady cooperation there was among the apostles and elders of the early Church, preaching the sound doctrine of the truth! R1895:5 Apollos did not discount the teachings of Paul. R1895:5 The apostles and elders of the early Church did not endeavor to eclipse one another by new theories of their own. R1895:5 If fervent love for the Lord and the truth prevail, it will generally be found easy to unite in judgment respecting the divine will. F282 The advantage of Christian union is not fully appreciated by all the Body. R768:2 May we more fully realize this unity. R81:4*
In the bond of peace— In the uniting bond of peace. (Rotherham) R768:1,6 "Having peace with one another." (Mark 9:50) "Be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless." (2 Pet. 3:14) R2947:1,4 Being firmly bound together by love. R769:1 This is the kind of bondage under which we are laboring. R157:1 We honor as one of the chief Christian virtues the spirit that differs in opinion and yet lives in harmony. R156:6

[NTC - Ephesians 4:4]

There is— The Apostle Paul assures us. R4878:3 Paul enumerates the elements of that unity. They are seven units. R1435:3*
One body— The Body of Christ, the Church of the living God, the Little Flock, the Seed of Abraham. R1278:1,2, 4878:3, 5393:2 Christ in the flesh. Q364:5 Anointed, or begotten of the holy Spirit. R5393:2, 5134:2 The Church, Christ being its Head. R67:1*, 768:1, 81:1* Of many members. F239 This is a truth in the Word of God. R1130:5* Separated from the world to the Lord and the Millennial work. R4354:4 Our Lord and the apostles never recognized any but one Church on earth. R1571:2 The Church triumphant is to be one Church, and not many churches. R1570:6 The least as well as the greatest is a member of the Body and vitally connected with Christ the Head. R81:1* The apostles are important members of the Body. R67:1* All who have fallen asleep in Christ are as much a part of the one Body as those who live at any time. R81:5* The Church, which when complete and filled with glory will shine as the sun in the Father's Kingdom. R67:1* The Church is being selected for the great work to be accomplished during the Millennial age of restoring "whosoever will" back to their former estate. R1571:1 The members of the Church should work in unity and harmony in doing the will of the Lord and witnessing to the truth of the Gospel. Q837:2 All true Christians should unite in abolishing sectarianism which separates God's professed people into various more or less antagonistic, little companies. R4878:3 The sects say that Christ has many churches, and ignore Christ's statement that there is but one Church. R4879:1 Every sect is a sin, and every division a proof of disobedience. R1130:5 Divisions of the probationary Church were denounced by the apostles as schismatic, sectarian and contrary to God's will. R1571:2 The human institutions called churches, while containing some of the members of the true Church, are merely social clubs. There is but one Church, and it is scattered everywhere. R4878:6 That during the Gospel age God has been selecting a Church is admitted by all Christians except Universalists. R1570:3 "The household of God" is no longer composed exclusively of Israelites, but of those out of every nation; and its one foundation is occupied by Israelites and non-Israelites alike. R1435:3*
And one Spirit— Aim, mind. R768:1 One sentiment or disposition. R1278:1 The spirit of the truth, of holiness, of love. F239; R1278:2 To us there is one holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Lord. NS774:2; Q837:2 The Spirit of God which actuates and governs all who are of the one Body. R1278:2 Which unites the many members. F239 Consecration brings to us divine acceptance, manifested by the begetting of the holy Spirit. R4547:6 As long as this Spirit abides in us, it is a witness and a guarantee that we are still the Lord's. R5393:2 The same Spirit is promised for the guidance of every member of the Church. R768:3 The promise of the Spirit belongs to the whole Church. R67:1* Whoever has that Spirit gives evidence of membership in the Body, and therefore of acceptance with God. R81:3* Each individual believer, by his possession of the Lord's Spirit, will be related to every other similarly consecrated believer. NS376:2 All who possess it are fellows, whether they know it or not. R81:3*
Even— According. (Rotherham) R768:4
Ye— Spiritual children of God. R772:1* The Church, the elect of God. R5060:2,3 New creatures in Christ Jesus, still in the flesh. R1548:3 The consecrated. R5864:3 The Lord's flock. R4784:3 All of the Lord's people of this Gospel age. HG752:3 Those who have "an ear to hear." R1951:3 Those who have accepted Jesus as their ransom-sacrifice and consecrated themselves wholly to God. R5916:3, 4548:1, 772:1* Through the one Word of truth; are one class, one Church; under one Lord, faith, baptism. R5864:6
Are called— Of God during this Gospel age. NS371:3; R5134:1 To come into God's family. R5134:1 To belong to the Body of Christ. R5393:2 During this Gospel age, God has been calling the Church to glory, honor and immortality. R5060:2; F92To self-sacrifice; to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Q309:5; R5060:2, 4784:3, 1669:1; F125 The only call yet made is to membership in the Little Flock. R1046:4, 5060:2, 4547:6, 1951:3, 1668:6; Q307:3 Some fail to respond obediently, losing their justification, in the sense that it fails to become vital, divinely approved. R4547:6 During the Gospel age the Lord has but one Church, one flock who follow him. R4784:3, 1668:5, 399:4; NS379:6 Invited to enter in. R1951:3, 5060:2 Invited to the divine nature and a heavenly mansion. R4784:3; Q39:TThere must be the invitation. R5134:1 "My sheep hear my voice." (John 10:27) R4784:3 This invitation is not just to do the best we can, but to sacrifice. R5134:2, 1669:5 And begotten of the Spirit. R5864:3 To be new creatures. NS592:1 To joint-heirship with our Lord in the glory, honor and immortality of the Kingdom.F125; R5232:4; HG745:2 To be heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ as the Bride, the Lamb's wife. NS20:4 To both suffer and reign with Christ. R791:1 To sacrifice the earthly nature and become partakers with the Master of the divine nature. R4784:3, 791:1 None come to God in this Gospel age except those who make a sacrifice. R5134:2 The call of the present time is a call for willing sacrificers to present themselves as joint-sacrificers with Christ in the service of God, his people and his truth. R1669:5 God is selecting a Little Flock from amongst mankind to be joint-heirs with our Lord Jesus in the Millennial Kingdom. R2732:1 The Lord has attached a greater prize to the call made during the Gospel age, which selects not only those who love righteousness, truth and divine favor, but who so love them that they would sacrifice all else for the sake of these. R1669:1Called to be of the "seed"—The Christ which shall bless the world. R791:1 To take the Lord's yoke and be associated with him in the bearing of his burdens. NS379:6 We were counted new creatures when we heard God's call and accepted the same and consecrated ourselves unto death. F125 God wishes us to attain that to which he has invited us. NS373:5 The acceptance of this call includes not only faith in the Lord and in his promises, but also obedience—full consecration. NS371:3 Called to become dead to all earthly interests, as well as dead to sin. R4547:6 To enter upon a period of schooling under the tutelage of the Lord Jesus, their Redeemer. NS642:4 To whole-hearted loyalty to the Lord. R5916:3 Only one class is called, and that is the Church. NS20:3 There is but one call during this age. Q309:5 And now it is a matter of development in the spirit of the Lord. R5393:2 These are said to be in the school of Christ, receiving discipline, learning lessons, being taught of God, fitted and prepared for usefulness in the Kingdom during the Millennial age. NS371:4 Only those who are filled with his spirit will be able to come off conquerors and attain to the glorious things whereunto they are called.F92 It is for each of us to make our calling and election sure. R5394:4, 4547:6 The path of the Little Flock is narrow and difficult at present, but it is God's path—the right path, the path of life. R1668:6 The place to ascertain what is God's call is in God's own Word of revelation. R3634:4 This call comes through the proclamation of the Gospel. R5134:1 Those who receive the call may accept it before this age of sacrifice ends. R5134:1 Our feelings or aspirations are not the call. Otherwise, it would imply that we do our own calling. R3634:4 He who "hears" the present call has no right to hope for another if he spurns what has been put within his reach. R1951:3 It is a mistake to suppose that the Apostle Paul and the early Church were called with any different calling from that which appertains to the entire Gospel age. NS615:5 Some receive a knowledge of God's mercy and of their own privileges without profiting thereby—without accepting the only call of this age. R4547:6 God did not call any to be of the Great Company class. Those, "saved as by fire," will get a reward to which they were never called or invited. Q309:5, 307:3, 298:T In the Millennial age, there will be no call, but every creature will be required (not requested) to render obedience to that Millennial government. F93 To our understanding, no such call to restitution blessings will ever be issued. R3634:5 Our failure to rightly appreciate the great blessings which God has attached to the call of this Gospel age is not a sign that we have not received the call, but it is a sign that we have not clearly and fully appreciated it. R3635:1 Speaking of our priesthood, the Apostle declares, "No man taketh this honor unto himself, but he that is called of God." (Heb. 5:4) R3634:4
In one hope— "More than conquerors." (Rom. 8:37) HG752:3 "Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection."(Rev. 20:6) R5232:5 God sets forth in the present time only one hope, only the one calling, only the one invitation. NS415:5 Of being worthy to share in our Lord's glory, honor and immortality. R5232:4 Those who prove wholly faithful will be born divine beings. R5916:3 To become joint-heirs of Christ's glory. R1669:5 To sit with Christ in his throne. R2732:5, 5393:3 To be members of the Church of the first-born. R4548:4 We are not to think of different calls; we have no choice in the matter. F92, 93; R1668:5, 772:1; Q279:7; NS342:2, 20:3 The hope that we may be of the Lord's goat class. R4921:2 Of being a member of the Bride class and joint-heir with Christ. Q604:T; R3732:3*; NS371:3; HG752:3 To membership in Christ; to be of the Royal Priesthood. R4656:6 It is the hope of being made perfect in Christ; of being made partakers of the divine nature. R351:4* There is but one prize held out by the Scriptures as an offer during this Gospel age, as there was a different one held out previously, and as there will be a still different one held out during the Millennial age. R1668:5 The ground of this hope is found in Jehovah's promises, confirmed by the ransom price for our sins, and by Christ's resurrection from the dead for our justification. R1278:2 This contradicts the thought that there might be two callings, an earthly and a heavenly, from which we might choose. R3634:4 The invitation given to the Church of the Gospel age was but one invitation. SM636:2 Whether you get it or not, it is one hope. Q39:T The Little Flock will gain an abundant entrance into the Kingdom. NS371:6 Our trials, difficulties, weaknesses, are so different that only the Lord can determine who are worthy. R5394:4 The human perfection, physical, mental and moral, to which the world may attain in the next age, is now out of the question to these consecrated ones. R772:1* The apostles constituted the nucleus of the family of God—whose hearts and hopes were one. R2449:1 Whoever willingly sacrifices his all may be as sure of the prize as any other one running the same race. R1046:5 Which inspires all the members of the one Body of Christ, who have the one spirit of the truth. R1278:2 Both classes, the Little Flock and the Great Company, receive the anointing of the Lord, the begetting of the holy Spirit. R5393:2, 5134:2; CR348:3; Q39:1 And there is no decision as to the two classes in the present time. CR348:3 No one is called to the Great Company class. R5924:6, 5060:2, 2732:6, 1046:4, 772:1; Q307:3; SM636:2; NS642:6 The position attained by the Great Company is an unpromised one, of the Lord's abundant mercy. R2732:6 It is not because the Little Flock of overcomers suffer more than the Great Company of tribulation saints, that they are to get the prize, but simply that they suffer willingly, self-sacrificingly. R1669:3,4 Those not wholly faithful will be born spirit beings of a lower order. They will miss the great "prize." R5916:3 There is not a second call during this Gospel age, though there is a second class of saved ones selected during this age—the Great Company. These of this second company have no separate and distinct call. F93 The Little Flock and the Great Company were not separately called. It was the one call, and each individual had the opportunity of making his calling and election sure. NS415:4 The Great Pyramid does not show a place for the Great Company, as though they had been invited to such a place. Q310:1 Some will not be accounted worthy to reign with him because they failed to progress. R5393:3 Those in covenant relationship must attain spirit nature on the divine plane, or a lower one; or lose all in the second death. R5759:1, 2732:4,6; Q307:3 The new creature is begotten to the divine nature. Q508:4, 38:7; R772:1,2* Many of these will fail to make their calling and election sure. R5916:3, 772:1*; Q307:3 There has been no change in the terms of discipleship or in the reward promised. R4784:3 There can no more be two hopes in "the unity of the Spirit" than there can be two Lords or two Gods in it. R1435:3*
Of your calling— God, during this Gospel age of nineteen centuries, has been calling the Church to glory, honor and immortality. That calling is the heavenly calling. Q309:5; R4784:3; NS342:2 The high calling of God in Christ Jesus. PT388:5*; R1046:5, 399:4 "I beseech you, brethren, by the mercies of God, present your bodies a living sacrifice." (Rom. 12:1) F125; NS371:4 The high calling of joint-heirship with Christ in the Millennial Kingdom. R1951:3, 2732:6; NS642:6 The high calling, to divine nature and glory R1668:3 Such as have responded to Romans 12:1 are God's chosen. They are reckoned as members of the Anointed One. NS372:2; Q297:7 It is for us to appreciate this calling, to see how great it is; that no other invitation that God has ever given would be so wonderful as this call. NS20:4 "Let us lay aside every weight . . . and let us run with patience the race that is set before us." (Heb. 12:1) NS371:5, 20:4 All who have seen the prize and accepted the invitation can make their calling and election sure by complete self-sacrifice in the service of the Lord and under his direction. R1046:4Unaided by divine grace, none of us can make our election sure. R773:4* "Hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown." (Rev. 3:11) R1046:5 As new creatures in Christ, it is a question of eternal life or eternal death for them. PT388:5* There is but the one call during this age. R1951:3 Let us make our calling and election sure and realize that God is giving us now a knowledge of his future blessings for the world of mankind. NS20:4 The privilege of becoming joint-heirs with Christ will end as soon as the elect number is completed. R5134:4 There was no high calling in the Jewish age. R5134:4 Before the restitution call, the Gospel age must first close, the sacrifices of the Church, Head and Body, must be finished to the uttermost and be accepted before God; then the great High Priest will lift up his hand (power) to bless the people. R1669:6 Full restitution is not yet offered as a prize, and cannot be offered until the Church shall first be perfected in glory. R1669:4 The high calling is not for all. R5134:1 There will be "other sheep" who will become the Lord's followers under different conditions and under a different call in the future. R4784:3

[NTC - Ephesians 4:5]

One Lord— Jesus Christ. (1 Cor. 8:6) NS774:2; R5137:1 Who in all things has the pre-eminence in Jehovah's plan and work. R1278:3 Jesus Christ, by whom are all things. R3475:1; NS258:1 The Only Begotten of the Father. R3475:2 The first and the last of Jehovah's direct creation. R1278:3 The only Head of the Church. SM121:1; R1571:3 "For one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren." (Matt. 23:8) R1523:4; F230 There is only one Head to the one Body. F229; R1571:3, 1523:4, 1278:3 Lord signifies master, ruler, governor. R61:1*; NS65:1 His name alone will be quite sufficient (we will need no sectarian name). SM123:T; R1571:3 Our Lord's prayer will be realized by the overcomers. They will be one with himself and with the Father. SM126:3 One, and only one, deserves all the honor of the Church, both now and forever, and that one is her true Lord and Master. R1571:4 "For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living." (Rom. 14:9) R61:2* All the saints recognize the one Lord; whom they serve. R1594:5, 1046:5 To whom we render supreme reverence and obedience. R1571:4 He is the Redeemer of his Church, as well as her Lord. R1278:3Christian union is a union in which all so united acknowledge the one Lord. R768:2 As only Christ died for us all, he alone must be recognized as our Savior. SM121:1; R5137:1, 4878:3 Jesus Christ. This title is expressive of a glorious fullness of power and love. R61:2* No longer in the flesh, no longer a human being. He has finished the work of ransoming us, for which the taking of the flesh was needful. R1278:4 Of Jew and Gentile. R61:2* The Son is not superior to the Father. R3475:1 As all ye are brethren, so the class distinction as between clergy and laity must be abrogated that we all may be one Church with one Lord. SM121:1; R5938:4
One faith— Faith is the power of God to every one that believeth. R1278:5 Faith anchors our hearts securely to the precious things of the future, though unseen. R1278:5 Based on his Word of promise. OV123:5 "There is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time." (1 Tim. 2:5,6) R1572:2 Of divine revelation through the apostles and prophets. Accepting no other, though it be preached by an angel from heaven. R1594:5 One so simple, clear and reasonable, that all—the learned and unlearned alike—could grasp it and comprehend it. R1572:1 The basis of this one faith is "that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures; and that he was buried, and rose again the third day." (1 Cor. 15:3,4) R1572:2 Belief in Jesus as a ransom for all must be insisted on as a test of Christian fellowship. R1572:3 True faith begins with the one kind of seed-faith in all, no matter what stage of development each may attain. R1572:3 We should contend earnestly for the "faith which was once delivered unto the saints." (Jude 3) R4878:4, 1572:6 The gospel. This one gospel acknowledges man's fall, and God's mercy and love manifested through Christ's work of redemption, forgiveness and restoration of the willing and obedient. R1572:4,3 The simplicity of the gospel recognizes the broad outlines of the divine plan and allows each individual to see as many of the finer lines of the same as his spiritual development will permit. SM121:1 Through this faith we grasp the exceeding great and precious promises of God, appropriating them to ourselves. R1278:5 That we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, having peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. R1278:5 All should be of one faith and enabled to point out the waymarks so clearly that every earnest member of the Body may see light in God's light. R769:4 We are inspired by the one faith. R768:2 The true vine is united. It is not a sect, and its members are not sectarian. NS376:2 The early Christians were unitedly one and reprobated any division. SM121:1 Maintained only by abandonment of the creeds and a return to the words of Jesus and the apostles and the prophets. R5003:1, 4878:3; SM462:1 Not incongruous mysteries, inconsistent with themselves and inharmonious with reason. R1572:1
One baptism— Baptized (or immersed) into Jesus Christ. (Rom. 6:3) R1278:5, 768:1 Burial into Christ. R3356:3; SM123:1 Consecration into his death. OV123:5; R3356:3, 1046:5 One immersion. (Rotherham) R768:1 Begotten of the same Father. R768:2 And only one proper symbol of it, immersion in water. F452; R1278:6; SM123:1 Jesus and his apostles taught baptism. OV241:1; CR75:3 A feature of the gospel. The one Lord, one faith, one baptism constitutes the one gospel. R1572:4, 1571:2 One immersion, one Lord, one faith and one hope must be there as the primal basis of union. R768:5 An immersion even unto death. R1278:6 Thenceforth they live, not unto themselves, but unto him that bought them with his own precious blood. R1278:6 Justified believers attain membership in the Church of Christ through this immersion of their hearts, their wills, into the will of Christ. R1278:6, 1594:5 Not the symbolic one, but the actual one. R3356:3 All the churches were subject to the same regulations instituted by the apostles. R1895:4 Leading to the true union of the Church. R1572:5 Christian people in general are agreed that immersion in water corresponds most closely to the meaning of the Scriptural language. F452 Nowhere in the Scripture is infant baptism commanded or urged. CR75:3; OV241:1

[NTC - Ephesians 4:6]

One God and Father— This is the Apostle Paul's testimony. F452 The Eternal One, who is "from everlasting to everlasting." (Psa. 90:2) R369:6The living God. The Almighty. Jehovah. R4878:3, 1268:5, 369:5 "To us there is but one God, the Father." (1 Cor. 8:6) NS258:1 Who is holy and separate from sin, and cannot look upon it with any degree of allowance. R1268:4 The power all resided in the Father; everything is of him, from him, through the Son; "that all men should honor the Son even as they honor the Father." (John 5:23) R3475:1, 369:3 "Every good gift . . . cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning." (Jas. 1:17) R1269:1 Who is only good. R1269:1 Who was pleased to recognize, honor and use the Son in his great work. R3475:1 God's work in the present time is not the salvation of the world, but the salvation of the Church; the world's salvation will follow during the reign of Messiah for a thousand years. R4878:6 Who has not only put into our possession wonderful Bibles and helps for Bible study, but has given us the ability to read and study the Word critically. NS774:4 We reject as totally unscriptural the trinity teaching that Jehovah, Jesus and the holy Spirit are three Gods in one person. R369:2,3475:1 The doctrine of the trinity, which finds no place in the Scriptures, and is contrary to reason, was concocted during the Dark Ages. NS257:6 It is impossible for God to lie. R1269:4 Sin, crime and wickedness are to be understood as being the very opposite of God's character. R1269:3
Of— Literally, "out of." R1268:2 Over. R4878:3
All— All things are of our Father; he is the first cause of all things. R369:3
Above all— Over all. (Rotherham) R768:4

[NTC - Ephesians 4:8]

He ascended— Our Lord Jesus ascended. R843:4; Q531:2, 42:7; NS783:6, 658:1 Christ's ascension, after his crucifixion, resurrection and 40-day period with his disciples. NS655:2,3 Our Lord, duly qualified, was exalted as Jehovah's Prime Minister in the throne of universal dominion, being made a partaker of immortality, a dignity never before conferred upon any created being. R1829:4 Our Lord bestowed his earthly rights upon believers. Q434:T He presented his merit as the satisfaction for our sins, to purge not only those who were waiting in the upper room at Pentecost, but also all others of the same class down through this Gospel age. R4667:3 Having to his credit the price or value sufficient to ransom the whole world. Q560:T Our Lord's manner of going was secret, unknown to the world, known only to his disciples. He will so come in like manner; and none will know of his presence except his disciples. R5830:4, 5829:1,4
Up on high— Up to the throne of the Father. NS657:3 Where he was before—to the spirit plane. R5829:6 Above all heights. R5066:3 There to appear in the presence of God for us. And he presented his sacrifice on our behalf. R1829:4,5 This refers not so much to locality as to station, power, dignity. NS657:2
He led— Jesus leads forth to liberty and eternal life those who have been slaves of sin and death. R5066:3; NS782:1 Because of the great victory which our Lord Jesus gained over sin and death. NS784:4; R5066:3
Captivity captive— Death captive. R1829:4 The captivity that is on the world is the great captivity of slavery to sin and death. Q48:2 Literally, "A multitude of captives." Our Lord purchased the whole race of mankind, captives to sin and death. R5066:5, 5829:1, 5067:1, 1829:4, 182:5; Q48:2; NS783:6 The great Ransomer, owns the captives; and in his own due time, will say, "Come forth, show yourselves." (Isa. 49:9) Q48:2 A long procession of captives. In this procession are the Church of the first-born, with the twelve faithful apostles in the forefront, the Great Company, the Ancient Worthies, then the world of mankind who choose righteousness. R5066:5 It is yet to be the great work of the thousand years of the Messianic reign. R5066:5 These words are a pen picture representing a great king as a conqueror returning from a victory over an opponent, setting free those who had been enslaved. NS783:6
And gave gifts— Spiritual gifts; holy Spirit; "the heavenly gift," at Pentecost. (Heb. 6:4) E210; R2224:5, 1829:6; Q669:5; NS784:6, 657:4 Grant not only freedom, liberty and blessing but also confer certain gifts. R5067:1 These the apostle specifies in verse 11. Q669:5, 843:4; R5067:1; NS657:4 Our Lord Jesus was God's great gift to Israel and to the world. R2407:2 It was the custom in olden times that a king coming into authority and power should give gifts. R5066:6 To the Church. And we are blessed by the gifts. R5067:4,6 The ascension of our Lord to the right hand of power signified his ability to give gifts unto men. R1829:5 Our Lord sent the Comforter into the hearts of his disciples, and this gift of the holy Spirit has continued with the Church ever since Pentecost. R1829:6 To develop the Church. NS658:4 Arranged of God to do the work assigned, to guide the Church into truth. R182:6 God uses and provides various instrumentalities for communicating his instructions. Q843:4, 669:5 Not merely for a few years, but for this entire age until completion of the Church. R5067:4; Q843:4 All the blessings which our Lord Jesus is to shed forth are of the Father though through the Son. NS657:3,4 Needed by the class being prepared for the heavenly joint-heirship. NS784:6 Through our Lord Jesus, all of God's gifts are promised and to be bestowed. R2407:2 The Master did not give these gifts for the conversion of the world. R5067:2 We will be his gifts to the world of mankind, when, in association with our Lord, we shall bless all the families of the earth. R5067:6

[NTC - Ephesians 4:9]

He ascended— Above all heights to fulfill all things. R5066:3 His exaltation came as a reward of his loyalty to the Father's will. NS784:5
He also descended first— He first descended. Our Lord left the heavenly glory and nature to take the human nature. R5066:3 From the heavenly glory to the earthly nature. R5066:3
Lower parts— The grave. R1829:4 Lower condition. R5066:3

[NTC - Ephesians 4:10]

He that descended— Into the grave. R1806:2, 1829:4 He left the heavenly glory. NS784:5
Is the same— The very same Jesus. R1829:4, 1806:2 "I am he that liveth, and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore." (Rev. 1:18) R1806:2The change of nature from human to divine no more destroyed our Lord's identity in this case than did his change from the spiritual to the human nature. R1806:2
That ascended— He returned to a more excellent glory. In returning, he left the human nature to ascend again to that which he had before, with the additional glory of the divine nature. R5066:3
Above all heavens— To a more excellent glory. R5066:3 Powers of spiritual control. A318 He did not suffer loss of the heavenly nature as a result of his obedience in taking the human nature. R5066:3
That he— "If any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous." (1 John 2:1) R1829:5 We now have a great High Priest, that hath passed into the heavens; one who is now on the most intimate terms and in the closest possible favor with the Sovereign of the whole universe. R1829:4
Fill all things— To be Lord of all. NS658:6 The whole plan of reconciliation was of God, and is wrought out in Christ. R1829:5 That all things may be fulfilled through him. R5066:3

[NTC - Ephesians 4:11]

And he— Our Lord, the great Head of the Church, the Chief Shepherd. F269, 240, 241; R4878:6, 3153:5, 3143:1, 2224:5, 1894:1,3,4, 768:5, 182:5 Christ. R1524:1 God. R309:6* God through Jesus. Q43:T, 843:4
Gave— The great Redeemer dispensed gifts. R5067:1 Gifts to the Church—dating from Pentecost. F269, 240; R182:5 The holy Spirit comes through these several ways to the building up of the Church. Q669:5; R2224:5, 182:5 To assist us, God has provided helpers. R364:3, 1867:3, 1848:4, 768:5; A12; F241; NS784:6 If God gave these special gifts, it is the duty of the Church to use them; it would not be the wisest course for a Bible student to study the Bible by himself. Q43:T; E283; F241 As his representatives. R3142:6 An abundant and special provision made for the edification of the Church. R781:2*By appointing of various members to various offices for the general good of all. R768:5 For the blessing of the general Body, as respects both their present and everlasting welfare. F241; R4878:6 The Lord's arrangements safeguard his flock and at the same time make ample provision for their needs. F270 Set these special gifts in the Church. E283 The Lord has faithfully performed his part, all along during the age, providing servants in his Church. R1894:2 God hath set the various members as it hath pleased him. NS657:4 Our Lord has marked out our course for us. "This is the way, walk ye in it." (Isa. 30:21) R1894:1 It is thus that the Chief Shepherd leads and feeds and keeps his flock. R3143:1 The Lord always has raised up, and will to the end raise up, such helps for the edification of the Body of Christ; but it is the duty of every member to prove carefully their teachings by the infallible Word. R3153:5, 1894:2 The Lord set these in the Church at the beginning, and thus gave us the ideal Church arrangement. His people would have proportionate blessings if they followed the pattern, or difficulties if they ignored the pattern. R1894:1 Divine truth is never found except in the divinely appointed channels. R3153:4 The Lord has the supervision of this matter and has been giving the gifts to the Church throughout the Gospel age as their services were necessary, and as believers were prepared to make use of their assistance. NS657:5,6 These gifts are not forced upon the Church, and those who neglect them, when offered, experience a corresponding loss. F241 Here, only the chief gifts are mentioned. In 1 Cor. 12:28 we have these and other "diversities of gifts." R182:6
Some apostles— As apostles. (Rotherham) R768:1 Some (the gift to be) apostles. NS657:4 Some to be apostles. F269, 239 The Lord's chosen agents. R1524:4 Male apostles. F270; T102 The apostles having no successors, were all supervised by the Head of the Church. R5067:1,4, 1894:2 Twelve specially provided by the Father. They were not self-appointed. R5067:4,1 Only twelve. The office is not prolonged in bishops, cardinals and popes. NS657:5 There were but twelve apostles, and their inspired ministry has been to the whole Church, even to the end of the age. R1894:2 We must remember that the apostles are first; "God hath set some in the Church, first, apostles." (1 Cor. 12:28) R1524:2 Among those chosen were some rather illiterate fishermen. Thus, Jesus has ever chosen the weak things to confound the mighty. R364:3 These, being dead, yet speak to us. R182:6 They are still performing their service in the Church, speaking as the Lord's mouthpieces to his people, through his Word. F240 We still have their instructions as fully as the early Church, "that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." (2 Tim. 3:17) R5067:4 Who set forth doctrines in their inspired writings. R5508:2 The early Church rightly reverenced the piety and superior spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the apostles, and sat at their feet as learners. R1524:4 Who preached the very same gospel of life and immortality brought to light by the Lord himself with amplification of details to the Church, under direction of the holy Spirit. R1524:5 They were not selected because of their learning or worldly wisdom, nor because of their natural gifts; but largely because of their entire consecration to his will and service. R364:3 The term "elder" seems to be applicable to any or all of these servants whom the Lord sets in his Church for its edification. Thus, the apostles classed themselves as elders in 1 Pet. 5:1. R1894:3 When the noble apostle to the Gentiles was about to finish his course, we find him committing the interests of the work to the elders of the Church, and his charge applied even to our day. R1524:3 The apostles never claimed a monopoly of the teaching of the Church. R1524:1 They did not cultivate a blind and superstitious reverence for themselves. R1524:5 Who made no effort to assist in moral, social and political reforms of their day, because they knew that such was not God's plan. R1564:1 May we follow in the footsteps of the apostles by preaching God's Kingdom as the hope of the world. R1564:4
Some prophets— As prophets. (Rotherham) R768:1 Male prophets. F270; T102 From among our brethren in the Body of Christ. R3153:5 Divine truth is found only in the divinely appointed channel—our Lord, the apostles and the prophets. R5508:2, 1524:6 Orators; one who publicly expounds, literally a teller-forth. Q115:3; E283 Not the prophets of old. Q115:3
Some evangelists— As evangelists. (Rotherham) R768:4 Male evangelists. F270; T102Amongst believers, all are under the supervision of the Head of the Church. R5067:1 Who make known the good tidings. R5067:1 Who represent the mission work.R365:3 Mark, Luke and Stephen gave testimonies as trustworthy as those of the apostles. R1524:3 God's instructions may come through his teachers and evangelists, etc.; but they must all be recognized as emanating from the Father through the Son. Q843:4
Some pastors— Male pastors. F270; T102 Shepherds, to individually visit, encourage, strengthen, hold together and defend from wolves. F246; CR339:1; R827:4, 768:4,5, 364:2, 182:5 We are to heed all the helps which our Lord raises up from among our brethren in the Body of Christ.R5508:2, 3153:5, 1524:3 Amongst believers, all are under the supervision of the Head of the Church. R5067:1 The Lord, from time to time, has raised these up to prepare the Church to be the Bride in glory. R5067:4 Who have Jesus' spirit of self-sacrifice for the sheep, and ability to feed them by expounding to them the Scriptures harmoniously. R364:3,5 With varying degrees of ability, able to instruct and care for the flock. R1894:2 Who esteem it a privilege to serve, feed, protect, assist and care for the Body. R365:5,3 God has always provided his Church with ministers and helpers. R364:3
And teachers— Possibly helpers of either sex, or else male teachers, previously mentioned in the verse. F270 "I suffer not a woman to teach." (1 Tim. 2:12) T102 If the teachers be of divine appointment, those taught are divinely taught. R380:1 Jesus was a teacher sent of God. R364:6 God raises up teachers for the Church. R364:5 Divinely provided teachers who give assistance. R5067:6 Faithful teachers R1025:4* Amongst believers, all are under the supervision of the Head of the Church R5067:1 Apt at teaching. E284All various members of the Body appointed to special services in it. F239 We should give heed to the Lord's Word and note how all of his true people will be taught of him. R4333:3 The Church has need of human teachers. E285 Teachers or elders are specially chosen, though always from among the males. F272 No fact could be more plainly taught in the Lord's Word than that it was his intention to make use of human instrumentality, teachers, in the development of his Church. R2224:5 The Word of God is to be the standard for everything we receive. Q43:T After conversion, teaching is necessary. R1455:4 The Lord always has raised up, and will to the end raise up, such helps for the edification of the Body of Christ; it is the duty of every member carefully to prove their teaching by the infallible Word. R5508:3, 1025:4* Every thought suggested and every exposition of Scripture advanced by these must be brought to the test of the Word. R768:6 He whose privilege it is to teach will not be offended by criticism if filled with meekness and lowliness of mind, but will desire and encourage it as long as it will be satisfied by a "thus saith the Lord" as a proof. R768:6 All the teachings represented in the name of the Lord and apostles are to be proven whether or not they proceed from the Fountain Spring without adulteration. NS658:1 The congregation sought to prove their teachers. R1848:4, 1524:4 Many now feel that teaching is unnecessary. R1455:4 Not angel voices guiding them individually in the understanding of the Scriptures. R4333:3 Many false teachers were raised up by the Adversary. R1848:4 Nominal Christendom has their teachers, having itching ears for the world's applause, but they turn away their ears from the truth. R365:4; E284

[NTC - Ephesians 4:12]

For the perfecting— With a view to the fitting. (Rotherham) R768:1 The teaching, instruction, qualification. E284; R385:3*, 364:2, 182:5; T102; NS784:6 In the spirit. R5067:3 Bring to glorious maturity. R3153:6 For the complete qualification. R827:4, 385:3*, 364:2 Becoming fully equipped. R1894:4 Preparing the entire Body for the doing of the will of the Head. R365:3, 4026:6*, 385:3* Making themselves ready. R2415:6 We must "go on unto perfection." (Heb. 6:1) NS658:3 Made perfect through suffering. R5067:2 Not by force. R4878:6 Now in the present age. R2331:5 The present mission of the Church. R5822:2, 5152:2, 4734:2, 4372:2, 4302:2, 3694:2, 3294:2, 2750:2, 2238:2, 2055:2, 1910:2, 1750:2 It is not sufficient that believers have a little knowledge, faith, sanctification, devotion; they still need instruction of the apostles, etc. R5067:2 We will not come into the knowledge of the truth at a single bound, but gradually, step by step. R3153:5 This Gospel age is for the very purpose of calling, testing, proving and selecting the Bride class. HG745:3; R4878:6 This increase and growth must not stop until the entire Body has been schooled for the work of service. R364:3 Our perfection will be demonstrated by our loyalty of heart and submission to the divine will. R5067:3,4 Every member is to be nourished and exercised, that the Body may be symmetrical, perfect. R1894:2 Each step leads to a higher vantage ground for further attainment both in knowledge and its blessed fruits of established character. R3153:5
Of the saints— The Body of the Anointed. R385:3* The Church. R5900:6*, 5067:4, 4026:6* The truly consecrated among professing Christians. R1139:1, 364:3 To be God's witness to the world; kings and priests of the next age. R5822:2,5; 4734:2,5, 3694:2,5, 2750:2,5, 1750:2,5 Earnest, sincere, true disciples. R3153:5,6 The saintly footstep followers. NS784:6; R4878:6 Consecrated believers. R1867:1 To the last. R5067:4 We may be saints before we have come to full harmony with God's plans, or reached our full development in knowledge and faith. R364:3 Now the individual Christians are called upon to make their calling and election sure. R4878:6 All the saints should be diligent students, with a view to thoroughness of development, rather than entertainment. R1894:4 Because they will need to learn obedience themselves before they can properly become teachers, judges, kings and priests unto God, governing the world of mankind to uplift humanity. NS658:4 The still, small voice is calling the saints to separation from the world, to fellowship with God, to joint-heirship with Jesus in the Kingdom soon to be established. R4879:1 Not only for the glorious service of the future, but also the essential service of the Church in the present age. R1894:4 Each of the saints should seek to do good, as well as to get good in their meetings and studies. R1867:1 When perfected, the Church shall pass beyond the veil and be forever with her Redeemer to share his glory, honor and immortality. R5067:4 Our object is not the gain of "filthy lucre."R3670:6
For the work— The future work of service. R5822:5, 5152:5, 4734:5, 4372:5, 4302:5, 3694:5, 3294:5, 2750:5, 2238:5, 2055:5, 1910:5, 1750:5 Let us work with the Lord as much as we can. R1564:4 For the future work of service for the world. R2415:6
Of the ministry— Of service; the glorious ministry or service of the Millennial Kingdom. F239; R2331:5, 1894:4, 827:4, 364:2, 182:6; T102; Q43:T; NS784:6 This service is to consist in redeeming, restoring, ruling, and blessing all the families of the earth, during the incoming age of a thousand years. R385:3* Present and future. R1790:6, 3670:6 Serving it to others. R1900:6 The service of the Church, of the truth, and of the Body of Christ. Q532:T, 43:T; R385:3* To the service of Christ, Head and Body. R768:6 Serving one another in the present life; but the special work of service will be that of the future, blessing all mankind in the Millennial Kingdom. NS658:3 All our assemblings together, either personally or by means of the press and mails, are ministerial conferences for the purpose of enabling each to do more efficient service for the upbuilding of the Body. R769:1 The understanding of God's Word is a prerequisite to this. R1900:6 In what further developments of God's plans they may be afterward engaged, we are not yet informed. But the divine family will always be engaged in carrying out Jehovah's will. R385:3*
The edifying— The building up. (Diaglott) T102 An upbuilding. (Rotherham) R768:4 The building up in the most holy faith. Q669:5; F239; R827:4, 781:2,3*, 364:2, 182:6; NS784:6, 341:1 Instruction. R5900:6* To develop every grace. R5822:2, 5152:5, 4734:5, 4372:2, 4302:5, 3694:5, 3294:5, 2750:5, 2238:5, 2055:5, 1910:5, 1750:5 The knitting of all together in the unity of the faith and in love and devotion to God. R1894:4 The entire Body of Christ builds itself up and grows strong by the use of spiritual food. R365:3 Both brethren and sisters can and should take part in meetings other than preaching discourses. R1867:1 Making use of ordinary or extraordinary public presentations of the truth by ones who have such ability. R1894:3 Great care and much wisdom is necessary. R781:5* Whether in natural or spiritual things, we cannot reckon a man to be properly taught or trained unless he is built up within—in-structed. R781:2* The individual Christian needs edification, instruction, building up in faith, testing, proving, chiseling, polishing, preparing before he is ready for a place in the Kingdom. R5067:5 He who rejects the Lord's way evidences the fact that he is not in the right condition of heart and hence is not taught of God. R4333:4
The body of Christ— The Church, the Bride class. R5067:2, 1524:3, 781:2*; Q669:5 The saints. R4878:6The house of God. R781:5* A special elect class gathered out from amongst mankind. NS379:5 The members are being raised up from the world, separated from the world to the Lord and the Millennial work. R4354:4 The Body of the anointed. (Diaglott) R385:3*, 827:4, 364:2, 182:5,6; T102 The elect Little Flock of this Gospel age, which alone will constitute the Bride class. NS371:2 "More than conquerors." (Rom. 8:37) NS371:2 Until the elect Body shall be complete. NS784:6 This figure signifies the closest possible intimacy and union of the elect ones with the great King of glory. NS379:5 Our Redeemer and Lord was raised up first to be the Head over the Church which is his Body. R4354:4 Which is to share with the Lord the Kingdom honors and glories. NS371:2 The endeavor of each member at all times must be to do everything in his power for the upbuilding of the Body. F240 This special elect class shall sit with the Lord in his throne, and with him be the judge of the world when the world's time of trial for life eternal shall come. NS379:6 As one body they might advance in the development of Christian character. R1894:4

[NTC - Ephesians 4:13]

Till we all come— Until. R5067:4, 4878:6, 4709:5, 4537:6 Advance into. (Rotherham) R768:1 Till we all attain unto. F239; R2066:4, 781:2*, 492:6, 364:2; NS336:3 The Church shall ultimately come. R4495:6 Until the whole Church shall be brought. R2414:6 By the close of this age. R2414:6 Until the entire Church of Christ, as a whole, shall have reached. R5067:5 It is the divine will that all the various members should grow to full development. F239 The necessity exists for entering the school of Christ. R5081:6 The spiritual life in the process of development. This spiritual life is of slow growth—a plant to bloom in eternity. R1906:3 The spiritual new creatures in Christ must have and appropriate proper nourishment that they may continue to live and grow. R1906:3 The Lord's people require development, which time alone can accomplish. R5081:6The work of growing up into Christ is necessary before the child of God would be fit for the Kingdom. R5082:1 Meanwhile, growing in grace, knowledge, love and all the fruits and graces of the spirit. NS336:3 Our first standing in Christ is that of babes, but we need to be nourished, strengthened, developed to perfection. NS658:2 The Lord uses these whom he is refining as co-laborers with him. R4709:5 Nothing is more plain than that the individual Christian needs a great deal of instruction, edification in the faith, testing, proving, chiseling, polishing, fitting, preparing before he is ready for a place in the Kingdom. R5067:5 Even the last member shall come into relationship as members of that glorious Body, by the processes of preaching, and various other gifts. Q532:T
In— To. E284; F240; R5067:4; Q531:1Unto. R781:2*
Unity of the faith— Oneness of the faith. (Rotherham) R768:1, 769:1 A blessed unity. R768:6 The Scriptural unity is upon the foundation principles of the Gospel: (1) redemption through Jesus' blood and our justification by faith therein; (2) our consecration and sanctification to the Lord, the truth and their service—including service of the brethren. F240 Unity of faith is desirable and is to be striven for. That unity of "the faith once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 3)in its purity and simplicity with full liberty to each member to take different views of minor points. F240 One not in the unity of the faith would not be suitable. R5067:5 He that is independent of the Body is independent of its Head also, and is not a member of the Body, for in it each member is made dependent on others. R769:4 A necessity to the healthy growth and development of the Body of Christ. R768:2 Our present experience should approximate that description. R1802:6* Too long has assent to human creeds taken the place of individual faith. R2066:4
The knowledge— The full knowledge. (Rotherham) R768:1, 5067:5, 769:1 God declares that knowledge of the doctrines which he has revealed in his Word will be of great value to us in our endeavors to grow in his grace. R1866:6 The wise love the truth and seek it diligently, while those who act foolishly, wickedly, love not the truth, hate knowledge. R493:1*
Unto a perfect man— Into a man of full growth. (Rotherham) R768:4 The full stature of a man in Christ. R4709:5, 4537:6, 2066:4, 1906:3 A full-grown man. F239; R781:2*, 364:2; NS658:1 All are to grow up as one harmonious body. R1594:5 The Christ, the Anointed, of which Jesus will be the Head, and the Church the members in glory. R4878:6, 4709:5, 4537:6, 4495:6, 364:2; Q531:2, 532:T "And he is the Head of the Body." (Col. 1:18) F362 The refining work, the increasing of the Body of Christ goes on. R4709:5 The condition of manhood. NS658:2 To the condition of a perfect man. R5067:5 Till the Body is complete. R364:2 A man of full stature. F362: R4709:5 The great Refiner. R4709:4 The new creation, with Christ as its Head. F362 The Head representing Christ Jesus, and the members representing the Church, members in particular of his Body. F362 The use of the different members of the Body proceeds. R4709:5That glorious man that is to have dominion of the world. Q532:T That is the same man as in Eph. 2:15. "For to make in himself of twain (Jew and Gentile) one new man." Q532:1; NS658:5 The great Messiah; Jesus, the Head and the Church his Body. Q531:2 This one great man of which Jesus is the Head, is to be composed of Jews and Gentiles by nature. Q532:1 This is the Messiah of whom Moses spake, saying, "Moses truly said unto the fathers, a prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you." (Acts 3:22) It has taken over 1800 years, and he is not completely raised up yet. Q531:2 That Christ is the Head of the Body is the picture uniformly set before us in the Scriptures. R4709:4 From the time of our acceptance and begetting of the holy Spirit, we are counted in as members of his Body in a prospective manner on the supposition that we shall make our calling and election sure. R4709:5
Unto the measure of— Toward. R1894:4 To the full development. R5067:5 Developed to the proper measure. R5067:5
The stature— The full stature of a man in Christ. NS341:1, 336:3; R1524:2, 364:3 The new creation is represented as a man of full stature. F362 Jesus, already glorified, has given these gifts to the Church that they may develop one another, until the whole Body will be completed. Q43:T
Fulness of Christ— Fullness of the Christ. (Rotherham) R768:1 The likeness of Christ. R1594:5 The increasing of the Body of Christ. R4709:5 As one Body under the one Head, Christ Jesus. R1895:5 Anointed One. R364:2, 5067:5, 4878:6, 1524:2 The Messiah, Head and members. R5067:5 Of perfection as the Body of Christ. R2414:6, 5067:5 The great Mediator of the New Covenant, of whom Jesus is the Head, the Church his Body. SM439:T; R4878:6, 4537:6, 2414:6; NS686:5 The full measure of Christ's character is the standard. R5900:6* Harmoniously cooperating together in the doing of God's will under the direction of his Word. R1895:5 Not that each individual is to become of Christ's measure, stature and character, because nothing of the kind is possible. NS658:5 It behooves us then to examine ourselves, and see if we are abiding in the anointed Body, and as active, living members, contributing to the general health and activity of the Body. R365:4 When we all shall have reached that glorious consummation of the Church, then the world's reconciliation will be the great work of the Millennial age, to the praise of our Redeemer and Father, and for the blessing of all. NS386:2

[NTC - Ephesians 4:14]

We— New creatures. R5313:1, 5081:6 God's people. R5067:6 Each individual Christian. R2066:4
No more children— No longer be infants. (Rotherham) R768:1 Weak. R309:5* "Such as have need of milk and not of strong meat." (Heb. 5:12) R3622:2 We are not always to remain babes. R21:5, 5313:1, 3622:1, 1568:1, 364:3 Who are never able to arrive at the knowledge of the truth. R651:2 At the time of consecration and begetting of the holy Spirit, the new creature is merely a babe in Christ. R5081:6 No longer a babe in Christian experience and knowledge. R2066:4 Every healthy child of God should be able to leave the foundation doctrines which are established in his mind and go on growing in grace and knowledge of the truth. R1568:1, 3622:1 We are to grow out of this infantile state up to the maturity of spiritual life. R3622:1,2,4, 1568:1,4 The babe grows into a child, and the child into a man. R5082:1, 3622:1, 1568:1 The difference between a babe in Christ and one fit for the Kingdom is that the latter has been tried and tested and has proved himself to be an overcomer. R5082:1 With the assistance of the divinely provided gifts of teachers. R5067:6 God wishes all of his people to be qualified for telling forth his truth. R5313:1
Tossed to and fro— Billow tossed. (Rotherham) R768:4 Because they have been negligent in the improvement of opportunities presented. R309:5*Because not rooted and grounded in faith. R651:2
And carried about— And shifted around. (Rotherham) R768:4 Misled. R5067:6 Entangled in sects. R1130:6*
With every wind— Having been once convinced, we should not be easily turned aside from a properly grounded faith. R5913:5, 4409:1 Anything that would set aside or make useless the first principles of the doctrines of Christ should be promptly rejected. R5913:6 Winds carry about some that are unstable; they never get settled as to what anything means. Q737:3 Winds represent false doctrines. R4822:6; Q737:3
Of doctrine— Of teaching. (Rotherham) R768:1 It is the duty of every member carefully to prove their teaching by the infallible Word. R5508:2,3153:5
By the sleight— In the craft. (Rotherham) R768:1
They lie in wait— Avoid the meshes of their captivity. R1130:6*
To deceive— Suited to the artifice of error. (Rotherham) R768:1 It is impossible to deceive the elect because they are guided by the spirit of truth. R1025:4* The saints should give no heed to those who invite them to build their hope of salvation upon any other foundation than that laid down in the Scriptures—redemption through the precious blood of Christ. R1025:5,6* Allow no one to pen us up by human creeds; nor to lead us out beyond the bounds fixed for us by the Chief Shepherd, into liberties and licenses he never authorized. R3143:4

[NTC - Ephesians 4:15]

But— On the contrary, being sincere and. R5067:6 Each new creature. R2227:4,5
Speaking— Pursuing. (Rotherham) R768:4 When the Christian has received the truth into his heart, he will esteem it a blessed privilege to speak it. R5978:2, 5720:3 Our power of speech, of communicating our thoughts to others, is the greatest power we possess; the most far-reaching. R5720:3 The speaking of the truth is absolutely essential to the life of the Christian. R5720:3, 2649:4 The spirit of the Lord will dictate. R2649:4 Those who have the truth are not to be ashamed of it, nor fearful, but to trust in the promises of the Lord for words and wisdom for the occasion. R2952:3 We are not advocating public debating of the truth, because opponents of the truth are apt to strive for victory, rather than to strive for the truth. R2952:2 "Expression deepens impression." R5978:4, 5720:3
The truth in love— "God is love." (1 John 4:8) God is the highest representation we have of love. Love is the overruling quality of his character. R5978:4,6 In order to be a servant pleasing to the Lord we must speak the truth in love without fear. R5978:3,4; 5720:1,3 It is the divine rule. R3195:5, 2157:4 According to the apostolic command. R2952:3, 2227:4 Love, inspired by a true knowledge of God. R5977:6 And sincerity. R5720:5 Being truthful. R827:4, 492:6 One for another. R2227:4 To confess Christ before men. R5978:3, 5720:3 Whoever speaks forth these things of God in love will receive a blessing in his own heart and mind. R5978:4, 5720:5 The truth is to be spoken humbly, but fearlessly; in a kind, generous, reasonable manner. R5978:1,5, 5720:1, 2952:3 To speak it out of love to God and love to the brethren. R5721:4 We come into the knowledge of truth gradually, step by step. R5508:4 Knowing the truth is the reward of continued discipleship. R5508:2 The truth becomes a sanctifying power bringing forth in our lives its blessed fruits of righteousness which time and cultivation ripen to a glorious maturity. R5508:4 We who have received the truth are no longer in Satan's bondage. R5508:5 We are to exercise our function of ambassadorship. R5978:3, 5720:3 When one receives the truth in the love of it, it has a healing effect on his mind. He will begin to think more correctly and to act more wisely. R5978:1 It is God's plan; we have nothing whereof to boast. R5978:5, 5721:4 We should present God's plan in meekness, gentleness, brotherly kindness and love. R5721:4 By doing this we advance our own spiritual welfare. R4281:6 The Christian with the spirit of love becomes more and more Godlike. R5977:6The wise love the truth and seek it diligently. R493:1 The Christian is not at liberty to speak contrary to the truth. R5978:2, 5720:1 In harmony with love, it is our duty not to repeat evil speaking, but it is our duty to tell the matter to the one slandered so that he might overtake the falsehood, correct the slanderers and be truly courageous on the side of the Lord. R4282:3,4 Not in the spirit of bitterness and malice. R560:4 In many instances it is a duty to speak of another's false doctrines if there is danger of him overthrowing the faith of others.R4524:3 The severe, hard truths, should be stated as softly as possible. R2325:5 We are to see that our words are loving, kind, gentle, keeping self out of sight, that the beauty of the truth may be seen. R5720:5
Grow up into him— The foundation of all hope is laid not on earth but in the heavens. A243 Into membership in the Anointed One; coming fully into fellowship and obedience under the Head, Christ. R5067:6, 5604:5, 364:3, 320:4 Grow in the likeness of our dear elder brother, our pattern, our Head. R5720:3, 5978:3, 5313:2, 364:3 We must be developed. R5978:3, 5720:3 The Body must grow. R365:4 In grace and knowledge. R5978:3 The Church is to be prepared for joint-heirship with our Lord in his Kingdom. R2479:2 Gradually the new creature becomes stronger and stronger. R5313:1, 5067:6 We are to mature in the fruits of the holy Spirit; to be qualified to share in the glorious Kingdom which is to bless the world. R5978:3, 5313:1 As in physical life, so in spiritual life, there is growth and development; first, the babe in Christ, then the growing child, the young man, and finally the statue of a man in Christ. R1906:3, 21:5* Become new creatures preparing ourselves for the glorious things to which we have been invited by divine promises. R5313:2 As we grow, the quality of love should be more and more manifest. Love must grow in our hearts and minds, permeating all our thoughts, words and actions. R5979:2 The child of God is to be very courageous, knowing that God will not permit anything to come to him that will not be for his good. R5977:3 The new mind must cultivate trust in the Lord. R5977:3 It is the duty of the Body of Christ now to point out present hindrances to growth in grace and knowledge. R559:6 Being preserved from any spirit of bitterness and malice. R560:1,4
In all things— Coming fully and completely into fellowship and obedience. R5067:6 Until made perfect and complete through his grace. R5604:5,5797:5 So that they may be his representatives and agents in the work of blessing the world of mankind. R2479:2 We are to proclaim the truth, and at the same time to grow and develop in character so that it will make us more like God. R5978:3 While each new creature may be considered as a complete member of Christ, all the new creatures are to recognize themselves as members one of another, and of the Body of Christ, the Church. R2227:5
Which is the head— Who is the Head. (Rotherham) R768:1 Christ, our glorious Head. R5604:5, 5979:5 The Anointed One. R827:4, 493:1 Of the Church. R5978:3, 5720:3 The principal one; the Lord of this Little Flock. R2479:2 The method by which he was prepared for his present high position was an illustration of the method by which his Church is to be prepared for joint-heirship with him. R2479:2 Jesus never gave this office to any one, but claims it himself; any others who claim it are usurpers. R320:4 "But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit." (1 Cor. 6:17) (Not to some sect.) C186
Even Christ— Our Lord Jesus. R2479:2 To whom the chaste virgin is espoused. R399:4

[NTC - Ephesians 4:16]

From whom— Out of whom. (Rotherham) R768:1
The whole body— Of the Anointed. R5067:6 Of Christ. R2227:5, 1594:5 The Church. R92:3* Apart from the world and its spirit. R1594:5 It is so only in a preparatory and representative sense. R92:3* All members must be properly joined to the Head, by a proper covenant, intelligently made. R5067:6 The members are being raised up from the world, separated from the world to the Lord and the Millennial work. R4354:4 As Eve was the glory of Adam, and his complement, so of the Church in relation to Christ. R92:4*
Joined together— Framing itself together. (Rotherham) R768:4 United. R5067:6 The Captain of our Salvation has accepted us as his joint-heirs. R5067:6 "How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity." (Psa. 133:1) R2227:5 Not by creeds of men, but by love begotten by the one Spirit of truth. R322:1
Compacted— Connecting itself. (Rotherham) R768:4 Separate from the world and not in affiliation or alliance with it. R1594:5 That the whole Body may be one—symmetrical, beautiful, cooperative. This union requires the entire Gospel age. R5067:6
By that— Through means of. (Rotherham) R768:4 By that lubrication. R2227:5 There should be no friction amongst those who are the Lord's people and who have all received of the same Spirit. R2227:4
Every joint supplieth— Every joint of supply. (Rotherham) R768:1 By means of every assisting joint. R827:4 Every joint taking part. R322:1 Every member of the congregation. E245; R322:1 Benefits and helps. E245 Not the clergy only. R322:1
The effectual— An inward. (Rotherham) R768:1
Of every part— Of each single part. (Rotherham) R768:4 In its own place. R227:5
Maketh increase— Is securing the growth. (Rotherham) R768:4 Affects the growth. R827:4 Completion in numbers. R2227:5
Of the body— The Church. R2080:4 In its members. R5067:6 The Apostle clearly shows that the work of the Church in the present time is for the completion of the Church—the Body of Christ. R827:4
Edifying of itself— Upbuilding of itself. (Rotherham) R768:1, 827:4 Its own upbuilding in the graces. R2227:5 Growing in grace and knowledge and character-likeness to the Head. R5067:6
In love— Having all parts of his own character thoroughly lubricated with the spirit of love. R2227:5 Thus coming to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God. R322:1

[NTC - Ephesians 4:17]

That ye— The Body of Christ. R1594:5 The new creation. R4189:4
Walk— In obedience to God's Word. R1753:5,6 Having the Spirit of the Lord. R4189:4 Humbly in love before our God. R1151:3* As children of light. R4189:6 "Commit thy way unto the Lord." (Psa. 37:5) R1753:6 Circumspectly, by faith, in newness of life, as wise, "redeeming the time." (Eph. 5:16) R1753:5 The walk of the Church is on the narrow path; the walk of the world is on the broad road. R4189:4 In obedience to the principles and precepts of God's Word. R1753:6 Whatever we do, we are to do to the glory of God. R4189:4 Progress in Christian experience. R4189:4 After the spiritual instincts of the new nature, and keep down the stronger impulses of the old nature. R1753:5 The children of God walk by faith and not by sight. R1753:4 In newness of life, after the Spirit and not after the flesh. R1753:5
Not as other Gentiles— Who are influenced by a worldly spirit. R4189:4 Who pursue their hopes, aims and ambitions. R1753:5 Because the saints have received the spirit of Christ. R1594:5 Not as fools, not by sight, not after the flesh. R1753:5 But contrariwise, they are to set a proper example for the world in gentleness, kindness, patience, faithfulness to the Lord and to duty. R4189:4 We are to have the spirit of a sound mind to direct us. R4189:4 It is impossible to maintain the life of both the spirit and the flesh since they are at war one with the other. R1753:5 Keeping pace with the world. R4189:4

[NTC - Ephesians 4:18]

Being alienated— Under the Kingdom, the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth, and many will know and obey God and be alienated no longer. R3726:1*
The ignorance— Without doubt, ignorance alienates men from God. R3726:1*, 3725:1*

[NTC - Ephesians 4:20]

But ye— The saints. R1594:3
Not so learned— As to observe no difference between themselves and the world. R1594:5

[NTC - Ephesians 4:22]

The old man— The old sinful dispositions inherited from Adam. R1594:5 The old will, and he is to be dead. Q605:T Their former selves. R1594:5

[NTC - Ephesians 4:23]

And— Though our outward man perish. (2 Cor. 4:16) R192:4*
Be renewed— Not speaking to the world; but only to the brethren. R4830:6 The wills of these brethren were already renewed, yet it is another thing to bring every thought into harmony with the will of God in Christ. R4830:6 After the begetting of the holy Spirit. R4830:6 Day by day. R2231:6, 192:4* Gradually developed, following righteousness. R4830:6 So that we will be members of the Bride class. R4830:6 Not walking down toward the flesh, but according to the spirit.R192:4* The work of transformation of character. R4830:6 Though renewed, the new creatures still have to keep the body under, crucify the flesh and war a good warfare against the world, the flesh and the devil. R1594:5 The righteous man may stumble many times and yet recover himself. (Prov. 24:16) R4830:5
In the spirit— Greek, pneuma; character, disposition. E319; R1906:6 The inward man. R192:4*God knows us not after the flesh but after the spirit of our new minds. R2231:6
Of your mind— "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." (Rom. 12:2) R4830:6 Christ-minds. F675; R2231:6 Through lack of knowledge, the new mind may for a time lie dormant, but the Apostle warns us against this state. R4830:3

[NTC - Ephesians 4:24]

Ye— New creatures. F675
Put on the new man— "The hidden man of the heart." (1 Pet. 3:4) F675; R2231:6 They have become new creatures in Christ Jesus. R1594:5, 2231:6 The duty and privilege of such is to grow, to develop as new creatures in Christ. R1906:6 The new creature has an outward man that is perishing. R2231:6 We are reckoned sons of God, babes in Christ. R1906:6 The new nature of the saints, begotten by the Word of truth, is really only the new "will," which, however, is thenceforth addressed as the real person, and it alone is recognized of God. F675 We have much to learn both of revelation and experience. R1907:1Going on to perfection. R1906:6 Others of mankind have not duality of nature. F675
After God— God supplies all that is needful in the way of nourishment. R1907:1 Who knows us not after the flesh, but after the spirit of our new minds. F675

[NTC - Ephesians 4:25]

Putting away lying— Falsehood. R5020:2
Speak— Politely. R5020:5 Send forth good influences for happiness and helpfulness. R5020:6 The new creature can use his lips to show forth the praises of God and to bless his fellowmen. R5021:4 The golden rule needs to be applied to our speech as well as to our actions. R5021:4 Many Christians fail to fully appreciate their responsibilities for every word they utter. R5020:5
Every man truth— Tell the truth. When you say yes, let it be yes; when you say no, let it be no. (Matt. 5:37) R5020:3,2 God desires "truth in the inward parts." (Psa. 51:6) And any who have not this quality of honesty, truthfulness, cannot be pleasing to God. R2943:6 Be so truthful in all that you say that it will be unnecessary to swear to its truthfulness, or to use any kind of specially forceful language to prove your sincerity. R5020:3 This does not require, however, that we should tell all we know in all cases. Some people ask questions they have no right to ask. R2944:5 A fountain cannot send forth pure and brackish water at the same opening. (Jas. 3:12) R5021:4 Do not overstate or understate matters. R5020:3
With his neighbour— He who is honest with himself will be honest with God, and honest also with his fellow-man. R2944:4

[NTC - Ephesians 4:26]

Be ye angry— Have a Godlike displeasure and opposition to something wrong. R439:4 Love for truth, love for God and love for the people being deceived by error can be the cause of anger. R439:2 A perfect man could be angry at evil or injustice, and his anger would be controlled by reason, justice, love. R439:4 Anger fired by the higher impulses is noble and manly. R1248:6 If we saw the principles of righteousness being outraged. R5417:5 Over injustice done to a dumb brute. R439:3, 5417:5 Injustice and wrong should be met with indignation and rebuke by God's true children. R439:3 Anger in itself is not sin. R5417:5No one can live in the present age, in which Satan has control, without finding just cause for righteous indignation. R439:2 Where an innocent person is suffering wrong, and we have full knowledge of the matter, it might be our duty to manifest anger. But these cases would probably be very rare. R5417:5 The ancient prophets were angered when they heard the name of God blasphemed. R1249:1* It is a possibility even when filled with the holy Spirit, as was Paul in Acts 13:9,10. R439:2
And sin not— Anger prompted by love should be controlled by love. R439:3 Do not teach your children never to be angry, but teach them how to "be angry and sin not." R1249:4* Do not allow yourself to sin. R1665:4* The danger is in extremes. R439:3 We should use a great deal of discretion. R5417:5
The sun go down— No matter what provocation we have, we should see that the matter is settled quickly. R5974:1
Your wrath— Wrath must not be harbored or cherished, for it is sure to lead to permanent bitterness and hatred. R5974:1

[NTC - Ephesians 4:27]

Place to the devil— A sinful extreme. R439:3 The great Adversary, Satan; a cunning wily foe. F609; R3165:6 Who deceives, bringing darkness and delusion. R3165:6,5 Whose very existence is now denied by many. F609; R3165:6 The Apostle was a firm believer in a personal devil. R3165:6 Let not truth fall in the streets and error triumph over it. R439:2 Some get angry to the extent of bitterness and personal hatred. R439:3 By the spirit of retaliation. R1665:4* Permitting personal expediency to hinder us from nobly upholding the right. R439:3 We must keep close to our Shepherd if we would be delivered out of temptation and from the power of the evil one. F609

[NTC - Ephesians 4:28]

Let him— The former self. R805:4
Steal no more— He must give back that which he stole. R747:3* This shows amendment of life. Godly sorrow for the wrong, turning from the wrong, and then, as far as possible, making the wrong right—that is repentance. R747:6* True repentance must always be accompanied by restitution for the wrong to the extent of one's ability. R805:1
Let him labour— In faith. R2488:2 "If any would not work, neither should he eat." (2 Thess. 3:10) F651 Even while praying for daily food, we are to put forth the labors of our hands, and to expect that the Lord's blessing will be upon the same, according to his wisdom. F653 Not to accumulate great wealth. R2196:6 Many are bold to pray for things they will not work for. F651 The Apostle did not go to the Lord with requests for temporal good things, money, houses, lands, food, raiment, etc. F651 It is very doubtful if labor was at any time in the past as well housed, as well clothed, and generally comfortable, as at the present time. R2513:2
Working with his hands— Doing with his might what his hands find to do, as unto the Lord. R2488:3 When he sometimes lacked, the Apostle Paul worked at the ordinary trade of sail-making and tent-making, a humble occupation. F651
The thing which is good— At useful employment. R2196:6 We should not cultivate in ourselves or in each other a spirit of discontent, which can do no good, but is likely to work injury. R2513:2
That he may have— Laying up provision in advance of necessity. R2488:2 By economy and frugality. R2241:2 This implies forethought and provision in the way of laying up of money earned. R2488:1 Provision for the necessities of our own household, and generosity toward others, is the Lord's counsel. R2241:2,5572:1, 854:6 "Owe no man anything." (Rom. 13:8) R2241:2 Not because of selfishness and a desire to hold and accumulate. R2435:6 The Christian is not to take anxious care respecting the future, in matters beyond his control. R2488:1
To give— To the poor and for the Lord's cause generally. R854:6 A proper realization of our sacrifice of all, reverses the tables upon selfishness. R855:5 Those who distribute will find in the end their own vessels full. R2436:4 A joyful service, as Jehovah's steward. R855:5 It is a steward's place to find places where he can dispose of the talents and moneys consecrated to the Lord to the best advantage, as his sanctified judgment, under the guidance of the Lord's Word, may dictate. R855:4 We may do good and lend according to our abilities, but are not to obligate ourselves beyond what we could give or lend outright. R2241:2 That thus we may have opportunity to be imitators of our Heavenly Father, who is continually giving to the needy. R2435:6 We need not become paupers to make others affluent. R855:1 Fleshly Israel was instructed to lend, but not borrow; this principle applies to spiritual Israel. R2196:6 We are to prize every spiritual morsel and to gather up in store for future needs of ourselves and others. R2435:6
To him that needeth— To those in need. R2488:1, 1390:5, 854:6 To those who lack. R5572:4 Buying on credit should be avoided by the Lord's people.R2196:6 The Christian should strive to have need of nothing, and, so far as possible, not to be dependent upon charity. R2196:6

[NTC - Ephesians 4:29]

Corrupt communication— The spreading of evil report or message instead of good. R4770:2 Evil communications. R4770:2 Carnal sentiment. R2443:6 Unkind words. R2157:4 Evil-speaking, slander, something of a gossipy flavor connected with it. R2443:5 Evil speaking ministers evil to the hearer. R4770:5 Which does injury to others. R2444:1 If corrupting information comes to us, we should see that it goes no further.R4770:2 Whether the matter be true or false. R4770:2 In uttering an evil thing, even if true, one may do a world of evil. R2588:2 Strive earnestly against these. R2588:2 Do not be a strife-promoter. R2588:1 Let your conversation be such as becometh saints. (Phil. 1:27) R2443:5 Because the influence is corrupting, degrading, tending even toward immorality. R4770:2 Avoid gossip, fault-finding and cynicism, which are evidences of deficiency in the likeness of Christ. R2588:2 Let us shun them and hold fast only to that which is edifying. R4770:2
Proceed— Because you are children of light. R2443:5 Reasoning is seriously defective when righteousness is ignored. R4770:5 Christians should learn the length and breadth and depth of this injunction. R2588:2
Out of your mouth— The mouth of God's true children. R2588:2 Doing Satan service. R2588:2 "Speak evil of no man." (Titus 3:2) R2588:2, 2443:6 Using the tongue to the disadvantage of others. R4770:2 Our tongues can spread contagion all around, doing much injury. R4770:2 However refined his methods or words. R4770:5 "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." (Matt. 12:34) R4770:6, 2444:1 Strife-making is chiefly stirred up with the tongue; though it may be aroused by a gesture or a glance. R2588:1 Even amongst the Lord's people there is a tendency to make remarks which, while not necessarily sinful, tend to cause sprouts of evil to develop. R4770:2 Let us redouble our energy in subjugating our tongues. R2157:4 We have sometimes wondered whether evil spirits have something to do with this. R4770:2
But— Hold fast only to. R4770:2
That which is good— Good tidings. R646:3 That the Lord would approve. R2588:3 Showing our peaceable dispositions. R2588:3 It is an old and true saying that "kind words can never die." R2157:4 Peace-making is chiefly done with the tongue, though it may operate through the eye. R2588:2 "Whatsoever things are of good report . . . think on these things." (Phil. 4:8) Those thinking on good things will speak to each other of the same. R2588:3 "Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt." (Col. 4:6) R646:3 These have been sanctified with the truth. R2588:3 There is surely broad scope for conversation among Christians on the subject of God's grace in Christ Jesus in the precious promises of the divine Word. R4770:5 It showers blessings on every hand, so far as the new creature is concerned, and assists in deadening the old nature. R2443:6, 4770:5 The subject of the riches of God's grace in Christ Jesus expressed in the exceeding great and precious promises of the Word. R2443:6
Of edifying— Assisting others, as much as lieth in us. R2875:6, 2588:2 The thought of an edifice, a building, the up-building of each other. R4770:2
Minister grace— Blessing. R2588:3, 2157:4 A heart filled with the spirit of love, the spirit of God, the spirit of truth, will be sure to bestow it upon others. R4770:6 "Show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness, into his marvelous light." (1 Peter 2:9) R4770:5 Scandal does not minister grace to the hearer. R4770:5, 2443:5 The first duty of everyone who would obey the call to preach is to become an earnest, faithful, diligent student of God's Word. R646:3
Unto the hearers— All with whom we come in contact. R2875:6 And adds also to the grace of the speaker. R4770:5, 2443:6

[NTC - Ephesians 4:30]

Grieve not— "Quench not the Spirit." (1 Thess. 5:19) R3434:6 Quench not the spirit of holiness in the heart. Every Christian should press on toward perfection of holiness. R5391:1 Efface not the seal. R2065:2* Implies that it will not leave suddenly without being grieved. R5099:6 Do nothing that would violate your covenant, or cause grief or smiting of conscience to your new mind. E265 While the quenching and the grieving are not instantaneous works, they are the paths which lead to the second death. R5391:1 So as not to be cut off from fellowship with God. R5391:4 Those who enter into this real spirit of God are proportionately prepared to comprehend the meaning of the prophecies and revelations of the Lord which are hidden to the worldly-wise. R3435:6 Even advanced disciples of Jesus are in danger of grieving the holy Spirit. R5391:1 This is the nearest suggestion to reproof in respect to the holy Spirit's dealing with the Church. R3434:6
Holy Spirit— This blessing. R3510:1 The very spirit of truth. R3435:4 Mind of God in you. R372:1;E265 The Comforter. The grand provision made for the comfort of the Lord's people clearly indicates a necessity for such comfort. R3434:5,6 Which is your seal of divine sonship. E265 None could be begotten of the Spirit until the ransom-sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf had been accomplished, and the merit of that sacrifice presented to and accepted by the Father. R3510:1 Which brings success in interpreting the Word of God. R3435:6 We are made partakers of this one spirit. R3510:1 There are various degrees of the spirit of holiness which may be possessed by the child of God at various times in his experience. R5656:1 We are not to think that all begotten of the holy Spirit are exactly on the same plane in their spiritual development or knowledge of God's plan. R5656:1 Let us have the holy Spirit abounding in us more and more, for this is the Lord's good pleasure. R3436:6 Little things may be the wedge in the displacement of the Spirit. R5099:6 Warning against losing the light that has illumined us; the Spirit of our adoption.R5099:6, 2279:3 Those who grieve the Spirit are spiritually sick. R5391:4 There may be some who have less of the holy Spirit than before, implying that they have not been growing spiritually. R5656:1 The Spirit granted to the Church at and since Pentecost is the Spirit of adoption, the Spirit of understanding, not the Spirit of prophecy. R3510:1
Of God— And submit in all things to the will of God. E264 The real spirit of his truth. R3435:6 Where the spirit of God is, there all the fruits of the spirit grow luxuriantly. R2065:4
Ye— Children of God, new creatures in Christ. E264; F159 The saints. R593:3 All the house of sons. R2279:3 Truly consecrated children of God. R2064:3* The overcoming Church. R2064:3* All accepted to membership in the Body of Christ. R3510:1 Advanced disciples of Jesus. R5391:1
Are sealed— Marked or indicated by the holy Spirit given to you. F132; E264; R2064:2*,372:1; Q23:1 The assurance that we shall inherit the exceeding great and precious promises after we have faithfully endured the tests of our love and devotion, this is the very cream of Christian experience; let us be careful not to quench or extinguish this precious treasure. E247, 248; R2064:2* Sealing signifies the imprint of the Lord's character upon us. The sealing is still going on. Q23:1 The seal of our adoption into God's family. R2225:3 "Sealed with that holy Spirit of promise." (Eph. 1:13) T37; R2064:2* As sons of God. E437 The seal is the spirit (mind) of God. R372:1 Only those who are in Christ Jesus are partakers of the anointing which seals. T37 And are to maintain this seal of sonship, this begetting of the divine nature, and not to lose it.E437 From the moment of true consecration to God, the sealing may be noted in words, thoughts and conduct, growing more distinctly as the new mind grows in grace, knowledge and love. E264; R372:1 The sealing of the Spirit is all that is communicated during this present life; for the full measure of the blessing of the divine nature we must wait until the day of deliverance. E437 While the impression is distinctly felt upon the heart of the believer and is a testimony to himself of his divinely recognized kinship with God, it is also outwardly manifest to others. R2065:4 Keep this seal ever bright and fresh. E248
Unto— Until. R3510:1
Day of redemption— Greek, apolutrosis; deliverance in the first resurrection. F159; E247, 436; R3510:1, 2225:3, 2064:5* The Millennial day. E437; R2064:3* The time appointed of the Father. E437 Early in the morning of the Millennial day. R2064:3* The sealing with the holy Spirit will continue unto the day of redemption. Q23:1 At an appointed day all the sealed ones will be delivered. R2064:2* Christ shall ultimately give us the complete victory by making us perfect in his own likeness. F160

[NTC - Ephesians 4:31]

All bitterness— Of spirit. R4759:6 The opposite of sweetness. R5974:1 Rancor in the heart, very closely allied to malice, granted an entrance in the heart is very likely to make complete shipwreck of the new creature. R5974:1 It would seem the Apostle is mentioning one of the worst traits first. R5974:1Bitterness is frequently represented by brackish water; not pure water, but alkaline, unpalatable. R4759:3 As soon as the bitter spirit has found place, all the faults of that person will be exaggerated and all his good qualities minimized. R4759:6 "Lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled." (Heb. 12:15) R4759:3,6 Which leads to evil works. R5125:2, 4759:3 We are not to permit the dangerous root of bitterness to grow. R4759:3 How impossible it would be for the Lord to have love for one who has such a disposition. R4760:1
Wrath— Deep, determined and lasting anger, something that is resentful, retaliatory. R5974:1 "Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath." (Jas. 1:19) R787:4 God's wrath is always of a proper kind. "God is angry with the wicked every day." (Psa. 7:11) R5974:2
Anger— Seems not to be so strong a word as wrath. R5974:1 Fleshly anger. R5603:6 God bids us beware of anger, lest because of our fallen condition, we err in judgment. R787:4 An angry feeling comes after the bitter spirit has found place in our heart, and if persisted in, leads to hatred for the individual. R4759:6 Those who have little love will be easily angered. R5604:1 Love is not easily provoked to anger. Love is patient and seeks to help the evil-doer. R5125:2 This does not mean that there would never be occasions for righteous anger. God is angry when injustice is committed willingly. R5604:1 That which people do not love is that which they hate. R4759:6 Must not be harbored and cherished; for it is sure to lead to permanent bitterness and hatred. R5974:1 In Mark 3:5, Jesus had a proper anger, a righteous indignation at hypocrisy and willful opposition to the light. R787:4 Our balance of judgment is so poor that generally we are too hasty. R5125:3 If we have been careless in our thoughts, words and doings, we might be angry with ourselves. But if the heart is right, we can learn a lesson from every mistake we make. R5974:2,4 It is good policy for anyone—Christian or worldling—to learn to give soft answers, even under anger-provoking conditions. R2325:4 There may be instances of wrong and oppression when we should be angry, when to be otherwise minded would be wrong, and would show either sympathy with the wrong, or a lazy fear of the result of opposing it. R787:5
Clamour— Strife. R5125:2
Evil speaking— The saying of anything that would be injurious to another. R5471:5 A more refined, a more subtle matter (than wrath), more deceitful, more malicious. R5974:1 The fruit of lovelessness and malice. R5974:4 We should daily, hourly, keep watch over our thoughts, words, deeds and underlying motives; evil words and deeds represent some wrong condition of heart. R4524:1 The Lord's spirit, as well as his Word, forbids evil speaking. R4281:2 The speaking of anything that is prejudicial to the character of another, whether truth or falsehood, is evil speaking in the proper acceptance of that term. R4281:2 What one used to do in the world. R5471:2True or false, is contrary to love and is born of some evil motive. R4281:2 This is a dis-grace. R4759:3 The mischief that can be done with the tongue is almost unlimited. R5974:5 The sending forth of bitter waters. R5974:4 It should be painful to hear a defamatory tale about a fellow-pilgrim in the narrow way. R5974:5 One of the difficulties of Christians is to know how, when and where to hold our peace in respect to the reputation of others. R5471:4 "As we have opportunity, let us do good unto all men." (Gal. 6:10) R5471:6 Much evil speaking would be avoided by "doing all the good you can, to all the people you can." R5471:6 A hearer of evil is in the Lord's sight equally guilty with the speaker of the evil. The Adversary is near to assist in any evil work. R4281:6
Put away from you— Fiery trials, of faith and practice are now being permitted on the Church. R4521:3 Because these are works of the flesh and the devil. NS595:1; HG693:2 These fruits of the Adversary, these evil traits of character. R5973:3,6 So that we may inherit the Kingdom of God. R5973:3 So that the new creature may be victorious. R4760:1 To mortify, to put to death, these deeds of the flesh already reckoned dead. R3831:6 Each of us is to watch and guard himself, looking to the Lord for help, filling his heart and mind with the Word of the Lord. R5973:6, 4759:3 All who are cultivating character pleasing to God should put away every impurity. Whatever is wrong should be opposed by our new minds. R5125:1 Seeking daily to bring into subjection all the weaknesses of the mortal body, reckoned dead when begotten of the Spirit. R3831:6 Let us beware lest we be entrapped by the subtle influences of the great Adversary who incites to these snares. R4521:3 Each unkind, ungenerous, hard word or deed, is a testimony in opposition to our professions to be the Lord's people, begotten of his Spirit. R2325:5 The victory over this evil disposition must be won. R5973:6 Go before the Lord in prayer. R5471:4 New creatures in Christ are obliged to bring the old creature under control of the holy will, crucifying the flesh. R5973:3 Have no ungenerous sentiment. And if such intrude, it must be immediately repulsed, just as we would resist anything contagious. R4759:3,6 These would be put away if the very first sign of such feelings were heeded and dealt with. R4760:1 A special blessing comes to those who chasten themselves. R4760:4 Watch our hearts. R4759:3,6 Our time is short in which to complete our work of character structure. R5974:5 You, the Lord's people, the new creature. R3831:6 Far away from the Lord's children who profess to be God's ambassadors. R5974:1,2
All malice— A resentful feeling. R4760:1 Old leaven. R2283:4 A malicious spirit is related to anger, backbiting, slander, wrath, jealousy, hatred and all the works of the (fallen) flesh and the devil. R1693:3, 5973:3, 4281:3, 3831:6, 2283:4 The spirit of the world. A part of the evil disposition common among fallen men. R1693:2 A willingness to do someone injury and to feel glad if some injury befalls them. R4760:1 The Lord's people should strive against all these weaknesses which are stimulated by the Adversary. We should fear these things as we would a plague. R5974:4 Which can be purged by the spirit of love in our hearts. R2283:4 New creatures have no sympathy with profanity, idol worship, dishonor to parents, murder, adultery, false witness, covetousness as stipulated in the Ten Commandments. Those whose hearts run in these directions have not the Spirit of Christ and are none of his. R3831:6

[NTC - Ephesians 4:32]

Be ye kind— Kindness is one of the elements of love. R4269:3, 5912:5 Our Heavenly Father is kind to the unthankful and just to the unjust. R5125:4,4269:2 Seeking to put the kindest construction upon the words, the actions and the natural tendencies of one another. R5603:5 God delights in mercy, generosity, sympathy. R5135:2, 5912:5, 5206:5 To learn this lesson well ensures eternal life; relates specially to the consecrated, although others may apply it with profit. R5134:2, 5135:2 Follow the golden rule.R5471:5 It is much better to be a peacemaker than a strife-maker. R5125:2 Love for the brethren ought to be the blessed tie that binds no matter how much the conveniences of the class, or other reasons might make it necessary to subdivide. R5948:4 Speak a kind word sympathetically, lovingly to help some brother or sister to keep balanced. R4009:4 Have a special interest in. R4269:3 Even if it be no more than a cheering word. R4269:3 Not only to those we love, but even to our enemies. R4269:2 The followers of Jesus are not to be selfish and grudging, but generous. R5205:2 Do not neglect the cultivation of this fruit of the Spirit. R5206:6 Are we cultivating the love which is kind and forgiving? R5912:5
One to another— Especially to the Lord's family. R5206:5 Love as brethren ought to love. R5948:4
Tenderhearted— Gentle, considerate. R5948:4, 4009:4 Compassionate. R5134:6, 4269:5 We must have love and sympathy; not merely justice. SM433:2 Tender-heartedness must characterize those who would have a participation with our Lord in his Kingdom. R4269:3, 5206:6 Sympathetic and willing to suffer one for another. R3981:3 In the school of Christ the Church is prepared for divine service in association with our Redeemer. R5206:6
Forgiving one another— In accord with the divine requirements. R5134:2 Exercising mercy. R5135:1, 3981:4 It must be from the heart. R1694:4, 5135:5 A forgiving spirit is a part of the spirit of love, a part of God's spirit. R1693:2, 5912:5 We should be very ready to forgive the blunders and errors of either natural or spiritual childhood, and to all the weak and inexperienced; even before they ask we should manifest our willingness to forgive. R1694:1 It should not be a forgiveness forced out of us by importunity, nor by the appeals of many, nor by pity for the wrong doers' sufferings or sorrow. R1693:6 A forgiving disposition; a spirit of readiness or willingness to forgive. R1693:3 Not a lip forgiveness and a heart hatred. R1694:4 "Until seventy times seven." (Matt. 18:22) R1694:2, 5135:1 "If ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." (Matt. 6:15) R5135:5 The influences upon our hearts and lives will be ennobling. R5135:1 The trespasses of others against us are trifling indeed in comparison to our obligations to the Lord. R5135:1 Servants of God are required to have mercy upon their fellow-servants—upon other brethren. R5135:4 Forgiving the brethren of their trespasses and shortcomings. R5135:1 Because in many things we all fail. R4269:4Any brother confessing his fault and asking forgiveness must be forgiven. Forgiveness is obligatory when asked for, and we should be willing to forgive. R5134:3,5, 5135:1, 4269:5 Else we will not be acceptable to the Lord as members of the Bride class. The larger our attainments of this God-like quality, the more pleasing we will be in the Father's sight. R3981:4, 3982:4 Becoming more merciful and generous toward the household of faith and all men. R5135:1 Whenever malice, willfulness and knowledge have been factors in the transgression, it is our duty to be proportionately slow to forgive and to require stronger proofs of repentance. R1694:1 We may not decide that any transgression against us is unforgivable. Our imperfect judgment forbids such a decision. R1694:2 The Lord assures us that unless we forgive those who trespass against us when they repent, neither will he forgive us when we repent. R1694:4
Even as God— Who waited to be gracious to us and who desired to pardon us, but who nevertheless first required our repentance. R1693:6, 1694:5 The forgiving of God's children is made dependent upon their having a spirit of forgiveness toward the brethren. R5135:4 "As God also in Christ forgave you." (Revised Version) R5205:5 Even as we desire that God should have compassion upon us. R5134:6 Whose sons we are. R3982:4 We will learn to forgive even as God forgives if we adopt as our own the spirit of God's sound mind. R1693:5 When we are forgiven or justified in God's sight, he is bound by his own justice to release a forgiven and justified one from death. R93:3 He who follows not this course is blind and cannot appreciate the blessings which the Lord has promised to those who faithfully copy him. R3982:4
For Christ's sake— Because he paid the penalty, satisfied justice. E462 The merit of Christ's sacrifice is the ground for our own forgiveness. R1694:4 "And became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross" (Phil. 2:8), that we might be forgiven. R94:1 "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." (Rom. 5:8) R94:4 "The Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world." (John 1:29) R93:6 Even the precious blood of Christ. R93:6Our Lord Jesus freely gave himself as a substitute for the guilty. E462 Jesus Christ by the grace of God tasted death for every man. (Heb. 2:9) R93:6Christ Jesus paid the price of every man's natural or inherited imperfections. R1694:4, 93:6 By ransoming us from sin, Jesus obtained the right to destroy death. R94:1 Every new creature is held responsible for his own weaknesses; but divine power has provided for the cancellation of these freely for Christ's sake, upon their acknowledgment and request for forgiveness. R5135:5 Christianity is built upon the doctrine of "forgiveness of sins through Jesus' blood." R94:4
Hath forgiven you— Freely. E461 "We have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins." (Eph. 1:7) R93:6 And still forgives you.R5603:6, 5135:1 As we appreciate our own weaknesses, it will make us sympathetic with all. R5135:2 If not forgiven, we cannot approach God as "our Father." He is not the father of sinners. R94:4 We must first be forgiven before we can receive the holy Spirit. R94:1 God did not pardon, i.e., "refrain from exacting the penalty," but "laid
upon him [our Redeemer] the iniquity of us all." (Isa. 53:6) E461 Ceased to impute to us what had been paid by our Redeemer. E461 For as God was just to punish for sin and would not clear the guilty, so also "he is just to forgive us our sins" since Jesus paid the price of our sins. (1 John 1:9) R94:1 If you could be released from death a thousand times, yet not forgiven the sin, you would again be obliged to die. R93:3 The more we each realize our own indebtedness to the Lord for the forgiveness of our sins, the more we should seek to copy his glorious character. R3982:4 And the righteousness of God is manifested most beautifully. R94:1

[NTC - Ephesians 5:1]

Be ye— An exhortation to the Church. R121:5*
Followers of God— Faithfully persevering to the end of the race course. R3721:5; SM629:2 Accepting the Lord's invitation to enter the Father's service with him. R3721:1 Not looking back. R3721:4 Our Lord Jesus is the great Shepherd and Guide of his followers. SM629:1 Worldly ambitions and hopes must be forsaken if we would be his disciples. R3721:4 The Lord evidently intends to instruct as his disciples the majority of the called while they are about their ordinary duties and responsibilities of life. R3721:2The very humblest of the sheep are included in the rewards promised to the faithful. SM629:2 We cannot serve God and mammon. R3721:2 Let us, as wisely as possible, arrange life's affairs so as to more completely give all our time and energy to the service of God. R3721:1 The Apostle shows the importance of holiness of heart and life. R121:5*
Dear children— The new creation. R4189:5 Under the guidance and instruction of our elder brother, Jesus. R3721:1 Glory, honor and immortality are for those who love the Lord supremely, more than they love houses, lands, business, wealth, family or self. R3721:4

[NTC - Ephesians 5:2]

Walk in love— Which is the spirit of our Father, of our Lord, and the spirit of all who are truly members of the Body of Christ. R2649:6 The law of the new creation. R4189:5 Progressing as we walk in it. R4189:5 Not only toward the brethren, but affecting all the affairs of life. R2649:3,4,4189:5 As the spirit of loving zeal was demonstrated in our Lord's case, so in our case; otherwise we should not be permitted to be members of that Body. R4922:2 Undoubtedly, love is the principal thing to be studied, appreciated, copied and practiced in our lives. R2649:4 Not according to the course of this world. R1790:5 Our words, deeds, everything with which we are connected is to be governed by the law of the new creation—love. R4189:5, 5519:4 Ultimately bringing us to that blessed condition where we can love our enemies, and be glad to do good to them. R4189:5
Hath loved us— Christ's special love for his Church. R1254:5
Hath given himself— His shed blood secured our release from sin and death. E446
For us— We do not go into the Holy as individuals, but as members of his Body. R4922:3
An offering— Our Lord, in offering up his own perfections, was offering up that which would, by imputation, be our perfection, as his members. R4922:3 The burnt offering represents the value of Christ's work. R84:1*
And a sacrifice— He was sacrificed for us. R416:6*; E446 The blood of bulls and goats could not take away sins. (Heb. 10:4) E446 He rendered obedience day by day. R4922:2
To God— To whom the price was paid. E450 God did require the death of Christ as man's ransom sacrifice. E450
Sweetsmelling savour— The sweet incense burned by the High Priest represented the perfections of the man Jesus. R4922:2 As members of Christ's Body, we are in Christ, a sweet savor to God, though a bad savor to the world. (2 Cor. 2:15) R4922:3; Q342:6 The Lord counts the sufferings of the faithful as very precious, as a sweet odor, an evidence of their love and devotion. SM782:1 There is nothing in the account in Leviticus that says that the incense was offered a second time. R4922:2; Q342:6

[NTC - Ephesians 5:3]

Fornication— An evil. An unclean thing. R2967:2, 4188:6 A gross evil which was very prevalent in the Apostle's day. R2480:3
Uncleanness— Means anything that is not pure, not chaste, not holy, not clean. R2480:3 The consecrated saints should be clean of heart, pure of heart. R2480:4
Covetousness— An unclean thing. R4188:6

[NTC - Ephesians 5:4]

Foolish talking— An unclean thing. R4188:6 Course, lascivious talking. R2967:2 One of the things of sin and death from which the Lord's people must arise. R2967:2 If we fill our minds with jokes, foolish sayings, we shall not be able to fill them with the things of the holy Spirit. R5518:6 Avoid this. R1790:5
Nor jesting— Half suggestions of profanity or vice. R2967:2 Obscene jesting certainly is to receive no encouragement, to provoke no laughter; but rather to call forth a gentle, loving rebuke.R4189:1
Which are not convenient— Things not proper to the child of God. R5519:1
But— Seeking to put these away. R5519:1

[NTC - Ephesians 5:5]

Covetous— All covetousness is idolatry. R1836:1
Who is an idolator— Idolatry is willful, sinful devotion to degrading self-gratification. R1835:6 The sin of idolatry is most prominently set forth in the Jewish Law, the very first commandment being, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." (Exod. 20:3) R1836:1 Only God is worthy to be enthroned in our hearts. R1836:4 The idolatry of money is the great sin of Christendom. R1836:1 As was fleshly Israel in the worship of the golden calf. R1836:2 As Moses was a type of Christ, his return from Mt. Sinai corresponded to the second coming of Christ, marking the idolatrous worship of the golden calf as corresponding in time to the present worship of mammon by Christendom. R1836:4 "Little children, keep yourselves from idols." (1 John 5:21) R1836:5 "Ye cannot serve God and mammon." (Matt. 6:24) R1836:1
Any inheritance— Only those who have laid up the treasure of a character like that of the Lord Jesus will be fit for an inheritance in the Kingdom of heaven. R5519:4

[NTC - Ephesians 5:6]

Deceive you— Twisting the Scriptures, turning the truth of God into a lie. R1575:3
With vain words— That such things are natural, proper, excusable. R4188:6 This should not be understood to signify that God's wrath comes because of vain words. R4188:6 Let no cunning sophistry of the evil one persuade us to ignore our Christian common sense in the study of the divine Word. R1782:4
Of these things— The unclean things, fornication, uncleanness, covetousness, filthiness, foolish talking. R4188:6 The unclean things which have become second nature to many of the fallen race. R4188:6

[NTC - Ephesians 5:7]

Partakers with them— With the world in their sins. NS214:5 If we fill our minds with jokes, foolish sayings, etc., we shall not be able to fill them with the things of the holy Spirit. R5518:6Faithful believers should turn away from false brethren in their midst. R1320:5

[NTC - Ephesians 5:8]

Sometimes— Once. R5718:3, 4188:6 Formerly. R1320:5, 1776:3
Darkness— In darkness. R4188:6; D45 The world's condition is not that of light, but of darkness. R5099:5 Ignorance and misunderstanding of God—in unbelief. R5719:1 The darkness comes either directly or indirectly from the Adversary. R5718:3In the darkness class, confused with the gloom of the Dark Ages. R5719:1 In order to keep mankind away from God, Satan has put light for darkness and darkness for light. R5718:6 God permits for a time the sin and darkness which envelop mankind. R5719:1
Now are ye light— This transfer from darkness to light is gradual; we are transformed in mind and finally perfected in the first resurrection. R5719:1
Walk— With our Lord and Master. NS214:6 The new creation should walk in good works, as representatives of the Lord and Master. R4189:6 The Christian's course of conduct, including thoughts, words, acts. R4189:3 The walk of the Church is on the narrow path. Whoever tries to keep pace with the world will find himself leaving the narrow path, disadvantaging himself as a new creature. R4189:4
Children of light— New creatures. R4189:6 Lifting up the light of truth. R4189:2, 753:6 To these, old things have passed away and all things have become new. R5099:6 Whose course in life is in harmony with the divine character and Word. R4189:6 Lovers of truth and righteousness, purity, goodness. NS88:3 Opposers of everything unrighteous, impure, sinful. NS88:3 All the children of God, so far as they have received the holy Spirit of begetting. R5099:5, 5719:3 They will rejoice even in persecution and tribulation; letting the light, the truth, shine out; exposing error. R5719:4 "God is light, and in him is no darkness at all." (1 John 1:5) R5718:3 The holy Spirit of God operates in his people and shines forth upon the darkness of the world. E293 Spiritual understanding is a guiding light to new creatures. R5719:4Let us think and discuss what is pure, lovely and of good repute; putting away everything defiling to ourselves or others. R4189:1 No one of us as yet has full light, but some grow more rapidly than others in grace, knowledge and love. R5719:1 Loyalty to the light will bring difficulties and trials to prove them. R5719:2,4 The children of darkness hate the children of light and will persecute them as they did the Master. R5719:4 Who rejoice even in persecution and tribulation. R5719:4 Whoever, having received the Spirit of the Lord, allows a wrong spirit of the flesh to return and to displace the spirit of the new creature, will in that proportion go into darkness. R5100:1

[NTC - Ephesians 5:9]

Fruit of the Spirit— Of the light. (So read old manuscripts.) R1998:4 Of God. R1782:4 By cultivation. R1998:4 These are developments of heart and character, which come more or less slowly, according to personality and environment. R5224:2 The riper the Christian, the riper these fruits; and if no fruits, then no Christian. R5224:2 These fruits of the Spirit can be seen; they are meekness, gentleness, patience, long-suffering, brotherly-kindness, love. R5224:2 Wherever it is found. R4188:6 The holy Spirit never prompts to badness, unrighteousness, untruthfulness. R4188:6 The fruits and graces of the holy Spirit of Christ are prominently set forth in the Bible. OV196:5
Goodness and righteousness and truth— So far as possible, the new creature's heart will be in accord with these. R4189:1 Whose effects reach on into eternity. R1776:6 Remember this always. R1782:4

[NTC - Ephesians 5:10]

Proving— Coming more and more to an appreciation of what God desires in us. NS214:6 Finding out more and more, day by day. NS214:6
Unto the Lord— To God. NS214:6

[NTC - Ephesians 5:11]

And— We are admonished. R1285:1 The saints should. R1577:1 Those exercised by true love should. R753:6
Have no fellowship— Have nothing whatever to do. R1482:6* Because we are children of God, begotten of his Spirit. R2967:3 God tells us to hate sin and love righteousness. R1251:1 Have no affectionate love for evildoers. R1251:1 No fellowship with one who denies the ransom. R1336:5*, 538:1 Show your disapproval by withdrawing. R4803:2 Separate from sinners. R537:6 Refuse to hear gossip and slander. Stop a brother or sister at once, kindly but firmly. R4803:2 We cannot serve two masters. R1321:2*
With the unfruitful— On the contrary, the tendency of the new mind of Christ is toward fruit-bearing, development, blessing. R2967:3 Sin is destructive in its tendencies instead of productive. Its tendency is toward death. R2967:3
Works of darkness— Unscriptural doctrines. D173 Evil works contrary to the Lord and righteousness. R5038:1 Secret societies. D45 Light and darkness are not brethren, they are everlasting foes. R753:5 Because there is no concord between Christ and Satan. R538:1 Satan is styled the "prince of darkness." R5038:1 Let us not only put off the works of darkness, but put off all that pertains to darkness and error. NS615:1 God has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. R3199:6 We cannot espouse the cause of truth and the cause of error as well. R1321:4* We cannot retain the friendship of God and the friendship of advocates of error also. R1321:4* One of which is evil speaking. R3783:3 "God is light, and in him is no darkness at all." (1 John 1:5) R5038:1 God hates evildoers. R1251:1 The Bible is a light to the path of God's people in the midst of darkness. R5038:2Let those on the Lord's side rally around the Lord's standard. R1321:4* Our homes should be well lighted: even the natural light is a foe to the darkness of sin. R2967:4 Sin is figuratively represented by darkness. R2967:3, 5038:1
Rather reprove them— By the spirit of holiness in the consecrated Church. E293; R375:3 A godly life is always a reproof to the ungodly, even where no word of truth may be possible. E294 Our reproof of sin may always be through our daily lives which reprove by manner, look, act and tone everything tending toward darkness and sin. R2967:3 No fellowship with them. More than this, we must not be content with a negative opposition, but must reprove them. R5038:4 Refuse to listen to, or to have any share in evil reports of others. R3595:3, 4803:2 Failure to reprove is a measurable endorsement of the wrong. R4189:1 The word of reproof should be wisely and lovingly given. R4189:2 Not necessarily by word, but certainly by conduct, by having no fellowship with them. R4480:6 Preachers who scatter doubt and stab at faith.R1004:2*

[NTC - Ephesians 5:12]

Those things— Uncleanness, impure practices. R5038:5
Of them— Persons of the world. R3783:3
In secret— That are done in the dark. R4189:2

[NTC - Ephesians 5:13]

Made manifest— Shown to be wrong. E293; R375:3 Our lives shall be so contrary to all sinful and impure practices that all may take knowledge that we have been with Jesus and have learned of him. R5038:5
By the light— Truth. (Psa. 97:11, 119:105) A20; E293 The light which shines from a saint's sanctified life is the holy Spirit.R375:3
Is light— Illumination to the eyes of our understanding as Christians through Bible study helps. NS805:6 And special light is due at this time to God's consecrated people. NS805:6

[NTC - Ephesians 5:14]

Awake— Referring to the prospective Church. Q591:2 To righteousness and not to sin. NS672:5 Referring to the thoughtless. R1512:3 From their stupor. R4189:2; NS156:3 Get the eyes and ears of your understanding open. R2966:6; CR374:3 To spiritual consciousness, responsibility and activity. NS669:5 To what is important. R1490:4 And see the true situation of things. R2966:6; NS156:3 And think about God and the meaning of the Word of God. CR374:3 To the gospel message. NS669:3 And realize they are sinners. R4189:2; NS156:6, 157:3 And seek to walk after the Spirit. R2967:5 To a realization of the goodness and justice, the wisdom and love of the Almighty. NS157:1 It is necessary that the mind should first be awakened. R2966:6 As a rule, some great trouble awakens the conscience, causing the individual to get awake to his need for a Savior. NS156:6 Those who are well-satisfied with the good things of this life are not easily awakened to an appreciation of righteousness. NS157:1 Let us be glad that we have awakened; let us help to awaken others. NS157:4 Many who get a little awake prefer rather to fall asleep again. NS160:2 The world still lies under original Adamic condemnation; they have not yet been awakened to see the grace of God. NS163:2 In God's due time, the whole world will be awakened. NS160:2
Thou that sleepest— Addressed not to the wicked, but to Christians. R2966:3 Babes in Christ, fallen asleep under the spirit of the world and of the nominal church. R2966:6 Asleep in respect to spiritual things. NS669:5 Respecting right and wrong. NS156:3 These are not awake; they seem to be going about as in a dream. They think of the trivialities of life, what to eat and drink, clothing, entertainment. CR374:3 Some are asleep and do not realize the distinction between light and darkness; they might be glad to know of Christ. R5038:5 New converts, like newborn babes, are much inclined to sleep, but while this in nature is profitable, in grace it is dangerous. R2966:6 The Apostle Paul himself was asleep in respect to truth and righteousness, but being sincere at heart, the Lord shook him awake. NS159:2 The world in general is in a state of lethargy, asleep. NS156:2 This comatose condition is otherwise spoken of as blindness and deafness. NS156:2
And arise— Those who do awaken should arise. CR375:2 Figuratively. R2968:2 From the condemnation which is upon the world. NS163:1 From things of sin and death. R2967:2,4 Completely. R2967:2 From all low conditions of thought, word and deed. R2967:3 Separate themselves from the world and its spirit. R4189:3; NS669:6; CR375:3 Put forth the energy of the new mind and new will in directing and controlling the mortal body. R2967:1; NS672:5 The resurrection which we are not to experience in the present life. Q591:2 As a new creature. Q591:2 By the Lord's grace. R2967:2 Rising up out of one's weaknesses. Q591:2 Christ's call and assisting grace are only for such as voluntarily seek to arise from the dead and seek righteousness. NS671:1 Developing character. Q591:2 Be transformed by truth. R2966:3 Take a higher plane of thought and action than that of the world in general. NS670:6 Unless this arising to newness of life is accomplished, we cannot share in the first resurrection. R2967:6 This is a work of time, requiring days, months, years of energetic effort. R2967:2 Arising is not an instantaneous act, but a process requiring one movement after another, until fully accomplished. R2967:1 Even after the experienced Christian has risen fully up, he still must be on his guard lest he be entrapped by weakness of his mortal body, or by the world, or the Adversary. R2967:2
From the dead— This dead condition. NS157:5 The world in general is reckoned from God's standpoint. NS157:4 Rising from the old dead nature, alive unto God. Q591:2 Not relating to actual resurrection from the dead. NS670:2 By accepting Christ. NS158:2 By accepting the forgiveness and reconciliation which God provides for us in Christ. NS157:5 And be alive toward God through Jesus. NS157:6 Turning toward the Lord, the truth, the light. R4189:3 And walk in newness of life with the Lord, our Redeemer and Head. R2968:2 And realize peace, joy and blessing. NS158:2 In arising from the dead, they are getting upright, becoming upright in character. CR375:3 Superior to the fallen tendencies of your own flesh, common to the world of mankind. R2967:2; CR374:2 The death sentence that was passed upon all has been changed by the Lord to be a sentence to sleep for a while and then to be awakened. CR374:1; NS669:1 By the Lord's help, by the help of the brethren, by assistance of the precious promises of the Word and by the indwelling of the spirit of the Word. R2967:4 This text is also applicable to the Millennial age. CR376:2
Christ— The Lord Jesus. NS671:4 The Lord has promised. R4189:3 The great light-giver, the great enlightener of all mankind. CR376:6 The Lord is pleased to give light. CR375:3
Give thee light— Shine upon thee. (Revised Version) R2966:6; NS156:1 Light of favor. NS156:2 Great enlightenment. NS159:1 With its blessed, health-giving influences. R1490:5 In the great storehouse of truth, the Bible. NS160:1 And increasing knowledge and appreciation of truth and righteousness. R2967:4; CR375:4 And follow that light, otherwise the awakening is not profitable. NS672:2 The message of the Lord to us is full consecration. CR375:4 Not only on our own characters, but light upon the road we are to travel. "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet." (Psa. 119:105) R2967:5 "Ye are the light of the world . . . Let your light so shine." (Matt. 5:14,16) R627:2* As a child of the light, begotten by the Father of lights, he loves the right and hates the sin. R2967:5 Be thy light. NS671:3 This light is the glorious light of our Lord's presence. R627:1* There is a great danger that after you have become thoroughly awake, understanding much truth, you might become overcharged with the cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches. CR376:2 He does not give light to those who are not awake. "Light is sown for the righteous and gladness for the upright in heart." (Psa. 97:11) CR375:3; NS158:4,5

[NTC - Ephesians 5:15]

That ye— The Lord's people. R3594:4 The followers of Jesus. R5038:6 The new creation. R4189:6Every member of the Body of Christ. R3593:3
Walk— After the spirit; by faith; in newness of life. R1753:5, 2967:5 This narrow way. R1490:5 In obedience to God's Word. R1753:6 With respect for God and his promises. CR358:4 "Commit thy way unto the Lord" (Psa. 37:5), and he will direct thy steps. R1753:6 With the Lord, by seeing Scriptural lines that must guide all. R3593:3 Do not stand still. R2967:5 Not after the flesh. R1753:5
Circumspectly— Circum, around; spectus, to look; to watch. R3593:3 Looking all around at every step. R4870:5, 4189:6, 3593:3, 2967:5, 2160:2; CR122:4, 358:2 Carefully, scrutinizingly. R4206:6, 5038:6, 4190:1, 1490:5; NS415:4 With close scrutiny on every hand, especially as respects thoughts, motives, intentions. R5956:3, 4206:6, 4190:1; CR156:1 To hearken to the instructions of the Lord's Word and to the leadings of the holy Spirit. R4190:1 Cautiously, with attention to guard against surprise or danger. R627:4* Showing forth the praise of the great King. CR156:1 Carefully heeding God's Word and walking according to its light. R3596:5 Because we profess to be of the new creation and are separate from the world. R4190:1 Circumspection is necessary in order to walk wisely. R4190:1 Seeking divine aid, counsel and guidance that he make no mistakes. R4189:6 And in so doing develop the character pleasing to our Lord and Head. R4190:1 Seek to make paths for your feet having divine approval. R4189:6 So as to keep their garments unspotted from the world. R4870:5, 2160:2 He who neglects the Word as a lamp neglects one of the very important means of walking circumspectly. R2967:5 Because our Adversary is on the alert to ensnare us, and our tests are permitted to be the severer as we come nearer the goal of character. R4189:6, 2967:5 The Christian cannot live carelessly. R4189:6; NS415:4
Not as fools— Not like ignorant persons. R1490:5 Neglecting the Lord's commands. R3594:2 The Apostle suggests that any other course than this would be foolish. R2967:5, 5038:6 Or those destitute of understanding. R627:4* Who seek the wisdom of the world. R4190:1Careless, indifferent, overcharged with the cares of this life, the deceitfulness of riches and the affairs of this world. SM258:2
But as wise— Wise children of the Lord. R4190:2 The wisdom of God is to be ours, and we are to exemplify it in all affairs of life. R4190:1,3593:3 The course which the Lord's Word directs. R4190:1 In harmony with our faith and consecration. R1753:5 Walking humbly before the Lord. R3596:1 Meekly attaining full development under divine instruction. R1566:3 Taking advantage of your opportunities. R1490:5New creatures in Christ should be the wisest in managing their affairs, in governing their children, in eating, drinking and dressing. R4190:1 Let us commit our reputation to the Lord as a part of our sacrifice, rather than contradicting every adverse criticism. R3594:3,4 There is a wisdom with God which is foolishness to the world. R4190:1 Wiser than our fellow creatures of earth. R3593:3 Not that the world will always approve. R4190:1 The wrongs done toward us will never justify wrong-doing on our part. R3594:3

[NTC - Ephesians 5:16]

Redeeming— Greek, exagorazo, purchasing and securing out of. E431; R627:4* This is an apostolic injunction. R4103:4 Purchasing it back from worldly cares and pleasures, to have the more to use in the Master's service. R5038:6, 4190:2, 4103:4, 2967:6; NS467:4 Buying it back, purchasing it away from other things. CR177:5; R4871:2, 4190:2, 4103:4; NS468:4 Taking advantage of your opportunities. R1490:5, 4103:4, 2736:4, 627:4* Properly valuing. NS468:3 Such purchase will cost us something of self-denial. E431 Snatching time, opportunity, influence from the flesh and consecrating it to spiritual things. R2967:6Being ready to sacrifice our earthly interests, customs, ambitions in favor of the heavenly. R4190:2 Because the choicest blessings of all time will soon be won or lost as far as we are concerned. SM258:2 This is a test upon us which shall demonstrate whether we love earthly things or whether our hearts are centered in the King's business. NS467:3 Not squandering. R5038:6
The time— To have the more to use in the Master's service. R5038:6, 4190:2, 4103:4, 2967:6, 627:4* Which we had previously spent for worldly things. R4190:2 As though the time were already mortgaged. R4190:2 At the expense of the old nature. R2967:6 Devoting time to Kingdom interests. NS467:3 Because his main business in life is his ambassadorship. NS467:2,4 Spend such time in the interest of ourselves and others of the new creation. Studying and refreshing ourselves with the blessings, promises and favors which are ours as new creatures. R4190:2; E431 To tell these good tidings to others. R4190:2 As new creatures, our hopes, aims and efforts are centered upon things above, the heavenly matters. R4190:2 Little of our time would be spent foolishly, in foolish talking, jesting, acts, thoughts, reading. NS468:5 Time is granted to us to make up our account. And blessed is he who is now putting forth redoubled energies. R2736:4 Not allowing the spirit of the world to direct us. R4190:2
The days are evil— Unfavorable to spiritual progress, presenting thousands of temptations for worldly pleasure, ease, fame, etc. R2967:6 Days of special trial and testing. R3593:6 The times are perilous. R1490:5 Because of the special activity of our Adversary. R3593:3 Making increased vigilance and steadfastness necessary. R627:6* Multiplying the tests that come upon us as new creatures. R2967:6 In this evil day it is important that we be not deceived and led into darkness. R627:5* In proportion as the Adversary seeks to stir up strife, let each of the consecrated be the more on guard to give no avoidable offence in word or deed. R3593:3,5 All our energies are needful to fight for the light and against the darkness. R5038:6 The test is upon us; if we yield to the spirit of the world, it means corresponding loss of favor with our King. NS468:3 The pride of life and desires of the flesh never had so deep and broad an influence over man's mind as at present. NS468:2

[NTC - Ephesians 5:17]

Be ye— Christian brethren. R1777:2
Unwise— Fools. R4190:2 Allowing the spirit of the world to hinder you from appreciating the proper walk in life. R4190:2,4 Cease trying to be everything the world will approve. R4190:4 Individually, every man in Christ is expected to use his own Christian common sense. R1777:2 Common sense is a common name for wisdom; but as to whether it is truly wise depends upon the right heart condition. R1776:3,6 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God." (James 1:5) R1777:1
But understanding— This requires study of the Lord's will. R5038:6 By studying principles and precepts of his Word, comparing Scripture with Scripture. R1777:2 "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." (1 Thess. 5:21) R1777:2 Because we have before us the open book of divine revelation. R1777:2 Thus himself rejoicing in the truth, he may be an aid to others to bring them to the same conviction. R1777:2 The Apostle is urging the exercise of this faculty upon the Church for her protection against errors of doctrine and of conduct. R1777:1 The Church must wisely discriminate between the false and the true, the bad and the good. R1777:1
The will of the Lord— Righteousness. R1781:6 Binding upon every Christian in proportion to his knowledge of it. R5947:2 Through the fall, we have lost appreciation of God's will, and hence are exhorted to study to prove what is the perfect will of God. R1781:5 The Lord's people are to be continually rejoicing, full of gladness. The basis for this is to be their faith in the Word of God by which they are nourished. R4190:4 Which leaves no room for the spirit of the world to intrude. R1490:5 Present evil is not of his will, nor of his government. R1781:6 "For this is the will of God, even your sanctification." (1 Thess. 4:3) R1781:4 The mystery of God's will is hidden from the world, but fully appreciated by his saints. R1781:6 God is now letting men have an experience with doing their own wills and trying their own plans and theories, that thus the lesson of sin may be clearly seen by angels and men. R1781:2 Jehovah and his will are wholly on the side of purity, justice and truth. R1781:3
Is— As expressed in his Word. R1782:4

[NTC - Ephesians 5:18]

And— Christians and not worldlings are here addressed. R1489:3
Not drunk with wine— A bond of Satan which enslaves. R2533:3 Does not refer to literal wine, but to the spirit of the world. R1502:5 Not to become intoxicated with the spirit of the world. R1489:3, 4190:4, 2873:5, 1837:1 Intoxicated with false doctrines. D614 Intoxicated with the spirit of the world, the mixed wine of Babylon, of Churchianity, having a form of godliness and tending to stupefy and give illicit joy; love for sectarianism. R2968:4 Only by sobriety and the wisdom of meekness shall we be able to walk this narrow way to its glorious terminus. R1490:5 Under present conditions, men look for something to revive them—to counteract life's trials, burdens, sorrows. R2967:6 Desiring to abstain from every appearance of evil. R3248:4 We need sober watchfulness and attention to the will of the Lord. R1490:4There is an intoxication in wealth, luxury, ease, pleasure and fashion. These stupefy the new mind, making us dull of hearing as respects spiritual things. R2873:5, 4190:4 If any had been addicted to the use of liquors to intoxication, he must become more sanctified to God, else he can never be accepted as one of the overcomers. R2533:3 Noah's drunkenness, purely accidental, was the result of the first vintage of grapes after the flood. R2533:3,4 As was Herod when asked for the head of John the Baptist. R2637:4
Excess— Confusing the mind. R509:4 The list of excesses mentioned by the Apostle; lasciviousness, lusts, excess of wine, revelries, carousings and abominable idolatries. R3247:1 To all intoxicating allurements the answer must be, No. R2873:5 Temperance and abstinence from evil in any form are the inculcations of holy Scripture for all who have named the name of Christ. R4188:2 Those who are filled with the Spirit cannot partake to excess. R2533:2
But— Do that which would be symbolized by it. Be dead to the world. R346:2, 3248:4
Be filled— The Church of Christ, the saints. R5912:1 You who are new creatures. CR397:6 Those who have made full consecration. R5912:1Saturated with the spirit of holiness. R5982:4 Each consecrated disciple of Christ should reach this plane. R5913:1 The Apostle Paul's exhortation. R5982:4, 2456:1; SM608:1 Or else the spirit of the world will come in unsolicited and take possession. R1489:3 By first being emptied of the spirit of self-will. R2456:1, 3326:2; SM608:2 By keeping in close communication with the Lord, the Word and the brethren. E245; R5912:5By giving heed to the instructions of God's Word; by giving heed to our Head. CR464:2; E205 As we are being filled and enlarged, our hearts are therefore filled more and more. CR313:6 It rests entirely with us. R376:3; E244 If we keep filled to our present capacity, this very infilling will enlarge our capacity; and so the expanding and filling goes on. R5912:2 The child of God is not merely to have a little of the Spirit. R2968:1 There are some differences of natural disposition by which some are less hindered than are others from receiving the spirit in large measure. SM608:T The spirit of truth speaks to us through the Word, and by obedience to those words we shall be filled with the Spirit. R376:3 We should see that the holy Spirit of God abounds in us more and more as we go on in our heavenward course. Christian development should be steady and continuous. R5912:1 In proportion as we receive more and more of this holy Spirit, it will produce in us the peaceable fruits of righteousness, knowing the love of Christ. SM607:T We must daily carry our earthen pitcher to the heavenly fountain to be replenished, for we are leaky vessels. R5912:5 By drinking of the Lord's cup and being filled with the spirit of our Master. R2968:5 Otherwise, we lose the power, the assistance, the strength and grace necessary for our aid, comfort and development. SM608:1 It is in vain that we seek to be filled with the holy Spirit if we neglect the Word of God, if we neglect our prayer privilege, if we neglect to assemble with the Lord's people. E245 Every man, woman and child should have a noble ambition and should labor constantly for the attainment of that ambition. R2636:3
With the Spirit— Greek, pneuma, the Spirit of God, spirit of the truth. E313; R5912:1, 1502:5; SM608:2 Which is heavenly, holy. SM608:T;R5038:6 A blessed influence which we receive from the Father through the Son. SM607:1; R2456:3 With the mind of Christ. R5038:6 In Hebrew—anything of influence or power that is invisible. CR397:2; SM607:1 It is not a holy person that is put into us, but a holy disposition, a holy mind, a holy will, a holy influence of God. CR469:5; E244 Sanctified; set apart wholly to the Lord. R4458:5 The spirit of obedience and of a sound mind. R1837:1,2456:1, 1489:6; SM607:T The spirit of love. R1489:6, 5982:5, 5912:5; SM607:1 Filled with a peace the world knows not of. R346:2 Manifested by a submissive acceptance of the will of God, sweetness under provocation, and calmness in the midst of turmoil and bustle. R5913:1 If it were an impossibility for us to be filled with the Spirit of God, the inspired Apostle would not have so instructed us. R5912:2 Our ability to understand spiritual things depends not only upon our study of the Scriptures, but also upon the measure of the holy Spirit we possess. R5982:4 The new wine, the new exhilarant, the new antidote for care and pain and trouble. R2533:2 The result of the fruitage of the vine which the heavenly Father planted, of which Christ is the central stock, and of which his followers are all branches. R2968:4 "If any man have not the spirit of Christ he is none of his." (Rom. 8:9) E244 "Let the spirit of Christ dwell in you richly." (Col. 3:16) E184 Of the Lord, so that they may bring forth its precious fruits in abundance. R1502:5,6 A spirit of joy, peace, benevolence, goodness, mercy, brotherly-kindness, love. SM607:1; R2968:4 The spirit of meekness, gentleness, patience, long-suffering, brotherly-kindness, love. R5982:5 A peace-producing and light-giving influence. SM607:T "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts." (Zech. 4:6) R5982:4This is granted only to the new creature in Christ Jesus. SM607:1 The gift of the holy Spirit is to all that obey the gospel. R199:1* To be the Lord's people. E244 Developing that inward life. R5913:4 Our contact with the holy Spirit will quicken our mortal bodies and energize our faith. SM606:2 For the purpose of sanctifying our hearts and lives, and separating us from those who have the spirit of the world. E244 As the Spirit of the Lord comes in, it will be operating in you. CR402:4 We become more and more spiritual. CR469:5 Whose healthful tendency is to illuminate the understanding and to invigorate every noble faculty. R1489:6 He who has the new spirit will seek to purify himself in thought, word, deed. R2456:2 So that our chiefest joy will be to give thanks to the Lord for this goodness and fellowship of heart. R4190:4 This dependence upon the Lord and filling with his Spirit makes us humble, and we think soberly. R2968:4 The deepest pains and sorrows of the heart are more than counterbalanced by the joys of the Lord secured through the possession of a fullness of his Spirit. R2968:1 A correct understanding of the Lord's Word comes to those who are of a meek and teachable heart, who study it, live it and absorb its spirit. R5982:4 To a be leader of the Lord's people, one must have a knowledge of the Lord's Word and the possession of a good degree of the spirit of the truth, being trusted as an ambassador of the Lord. R5982:5 So that the intoxicants of earthly joys will have less and less attraction for us. R2873:6 It is useless for us to pray for the Spirit, and neglect the Word of truth from whence that Spirit is to be supplied. R376:3 Instead of needing alcoholic spirits for refreshment, the Christian has the Spirit of the Lord which exhilarates. R4188:3

[NTC - Ephesians 5:19]

Speaking— The Lord's followers are to realize that they have a special privilege of fellowship in speaking to one another in psalms and hymns. R3806:2
To yourselves— One to another. R4190:4 According to their several ability. R1890:3
In psalms and hymns— Of praise and thanksgiving ascending before God from his people. R2511:4 The holy Spirit refreshes and will lead us to psalms and hymns. R5038:6 For hymns and psalms should be regarded as union or concert prayers. R2345:5 Life itself is the proper hymn of praise to be continually rendered to the King of kings. NS755:2
Spiritual songs— Greek, pneumatikos, in accord with your new spirit. E313 The Apostle commends these three kinds of songs. R2345:4Doubtless, the Lord accepts the offering of song, whatever its form, so long as it comes from the heart. R2345:5
Singing— Lifting voices in praise. R1890:3 This necessarily finds expression in all the acts and words of life. R2511:3
Making melody— The Lord's people are not be be morose, sullen, unhappy, always in tears, but rejoicing. R4190:4 The joy and rejoicing of the new nature. R2511:3 "My life flows on in endless song." R2511:4
In your heart— Heart-thankfulness to the giver of all good. R2511:3
To the Lord— In praise. R4190:4 Showing our appreciation of God's grace. NS755:2 For the privilege of having fellowship with Christ in his sufferings. NS625:1

[NTC - Ephesians 5:20]

Giving thanks— Prayers of thanksgiving. R1489:6 Every day should be with us a day of thanksgiving. R1490:1 For privileges of spiritual enlightenment and needed discipline. R1490:1 For the trials, as well as for blessings; for adversities, knowing that God is able to make all things work together for good. R4190:5 Where the spirit of joy and thankfulness reigns, pride finds no place. R1490:4
For all things— For God's favor in Christ. R5038:6 This is a happy frame of mind to be in. These have reached an enviable attitude of Christian character. R1490:4 We can receive all the valuable experiences of life—the painful and pleasurable—with joy and thanksgiving, realizing that these are fitting us for the Kingdom. NS107:1 Even trials and vexations as part of the refining process.R1490:4 Because all things work together for our good. R1489:6, 4190:5
God and the Father— God, even the Father. R4190:5

[NTC - Ephesians 5:21]

Submitting— The grace of humility or submission; for helpful, loving counsel or criticism. R1490:4; 1553:4 Those who have the Lord's spirit will be willing to defer to each other's preferences in things not contrary to the principles of righteousness. R2968:4 The first duty of submission is to the infallible Word, and afterward to each other in that secondary sense which first proves all things by the Word. R1553:3 We should submit ourselves as far as possible to every reasonable regulation. Q102:2 To have a certain amount of willingness to fall in line with everything that is not a matter of conscience is a good thing. Q102:2 Looking to note the Lord's leadings and providences. R4190:5 So that we do not think of ourselves above what we ought to think. R2968:4 Not being dictatorial or too self-assertive. R4190:5
One to another— In the reverence of the Lord. R2968:4 This duty of submission is enjoined upon the whole Church individually, in their relationship one to another. R1553:3
Fear— Reverence. R4190:5, 2968:4

[NTC - Ephesians 5:22]

Wives— As types of the Church. F495 Woman, the weaker vessel. R1076:1*, 766:1* A man's partner in life. R1075:4*, 765:3* Have that spirit which characterizes the true Bride of Christ. R1553:6 The Christian wife seeks to lighten her husband's toil and share his cares. R1553:6
Submit— According to the divine command. R2100:6 Be in subjection—of a meek and quiet spirit, which is of great price in the sight of God. (1 Pet. 3:4) F498 Developing along the lines of true womanhood and true wifehood. F500 A submission which savors love, reverence, trust and humility. R1553:4 This duty of submission is specially enjoined upon the wife in the domestic relation. R1553:3,4 Love is not ashamed of its submission. R1075:6*, 765:6* A reasonable submission, compatible with a moderate expression of the wife's sentiments and a proper consideration of the same by the husband. R1553:5 Many women are superior to many men; if such become wives of such men, they must either violate the divine order, or else submit themselves to an inferior, which is also out of harmony with the Lord's design. R1076:1*, 2100:6, 766:1*;F495 It is not the dwarfing or degrading of her powers, nor the clipping of her spiritual or intellectual opinions, nor to attain any selfish ends. R1552:6The wife is not at liberty to assume the headship of the family and to order her husband as a servant. F499 Not by domestic tyranny and slavery. R1553:1
Your own husbands— Or head. R2100:6 As types of Christ. F495 Man's superiority consists mainly in his greater strength, both physical and mental. That is God's order. R1076:1*, 766:1* Who will desire the help of his wife, her cooperation, her views, her sympathy, her love, and will appreciate them highly. F497

[NTC - Ephesians 5:23]

The husband— By divine arrangement. F497 The husband should be the protector, provider and director in the affairs of life. R765:3*,1075:4* The head of the family must be watchful of the interests of all under his care to such an extent that he should sacrifice himself, his own comfort and convenience for their proper care. R2783:5
Head of the wife— The headship remains with the male. T101 And head of the family. R2783:4 A willing co-worker in harmony with her husband's will. R765:3*, 1075:4* "The head of the woman is the man." (1 Cor. 11:3) F270 "God called their name Adam." (Gen. 5:2) T101; R139:1* This is the divine order for the highest good of all. R1075:4*, 765:3* This rule that the husband is the head of the wife is always maintained in the Scriptures. R766:5* The responsibility of headship is upon the husband, and he must not avoid it. It is part of his stewardship. F497 God himself instituted marriage as between our first parents. R2418:3 The Lord set his seal of approval upon marriage when he instituted the relationship and blessed the union of the first pair in Eden. R1553:6 And no man should marry a woman his superior. F496 Headship in the family will be far from tyranny. F497 A new creature in Christ Jesus should not be unequally yoked with one who is of the earth. F496 This union between man and woman was designed to be an illustration of the union between Christ and the Church. R2418:3 Many who see clearly the headship of Jehovah, and the headship of Christ, fail to see the headship of man in the domestic relation. R765:3* Although the wife should not be imposed upon and overworked for the sake of visitors. R2783:5 The worldly husband is not the head of his wife as a "new creature" espoused to Christ. Her first allegiance is to her Lord, and in so far as may be consistent with this new relation, she should endeavor to fulfill the old also. R765:5*
Christ is the head— The husband, "of the bride, the Lamb's wife." (Rev. 21:9) E48 The heavenly Bridegroom. R2418:3 The forerunner; none preceded him as members of the Christian Church. B202 Jesus never gave this office to any one, but claims it himself; and any others who claim it are usurpers. R320:4 He likens the Church to husband and wife, exhorting husbands to love their wives, and wives to reverence their husbands, and thus exemplify the beautiful relationship between Jesus and his Church. R399:1 He plans, directs, supervises and cares for the various members of his Body, the Church. R1387:5 As every member of the human body moves under the control of the head, so every member of Christ is controlled by the will or spirit of the Lord, the Head of the Church. R397:6 And knows our every weakness. R397:6
Of the church— Which is his Body. B202 The Bride. R2418:3 This beautiful figure of the Church's relationship to Christ is very prominent in the Scriptures. R1386:1 The Church of the firstborn all follow the example of the Head. R158:5 In Biblical usage a woman symbolizes the Church. F270; HG409:2 The distinctive titles of soldiers, priesthood, disciples, Body members, living stones, chaste virgin, refer, not to different classes, but to the same class. R399:4
The saviour— Preserver, care-taker. R1076:1*, 1552:5, 766:1*
Of the body— Of his Body. R139:1* Of the Church. R158:2*

[NTC - Ephesians 5:24]

Subject unto Christ— The subjection of the Church to Christ is a willing subjection; it is inspired by love, veneration, gratitude and implicit confidence and trust in the Lord's love and care for us. R1552:5 Because he can do better for us than we could do for ourselves. R1552:5 As his Church, we are permitted to be helps meet for his use; to do a lesser part and yet an acceptable part, well pleasing to God. R766:6*
The wives— Exercising humility. R3537:5
Be— Subject. R1552:5, 1075:6*
To their own husbands— This does not imply a servile subjection of the wife to the husband. R1552:4
In every thing— As helpmates. F495 Because she recognizes such to be the divine arrangement for their mutual good. R1075:6* In everything tending to holiness and purity and true nobility of character; not in everything unholy, impure and selfish. R1552:6 Everything should be done, not from the standpoint of force and demand, but rather from the standpoint of love. R2783:5

[NTC - Ephesians 5:25]

Husbands— Be capable and willing to fill this position after the divine pattern. R1075:4*, 765:3* Cultivating and exercising humility. R3537:5The true Christian husband has the mind of Christ. F496 It is as right for the husband to consider the future welfare of his wife, as for the heavenly Bridegroom to provide for the Church. R1828:4 The head of a house has a responsibility which divine law has laid upon him requiring sacrifice of time and preference in the interest of his family. R5168:4It would be a mistake to think, when one is entering into marriage, that he is marrying somebody who is perfect; neither one is perfect. R5900:4
Love your wives— This is apostolic counsel. R1552:6 Forsaking all others, cleave only unto her as the beloved and cherished companion. R1464:5*,1386:1 Remembering that you have covenanted to cherish her. F496; R854:6 The husband will delight to honor and bless the wife. R1075:6* What God has joined together, let no one attempt to interfere with. R5900:5 There is neither servility nor tyranny where love rules. R1075:6*, 765:6*
Even as Christ— The only-begotten of the Father. R4528:2 The Bridegroom. R29:2* Christ's special love for his Church, clearly distinguished from the world. R1254:5 They become one, "the new creation of God." R257:3, 6:1
Also loved— And cherishes. R854:6 With great love and tender care. R1386:2 Setting forth the unutterably tender relation between Jesus Christ and those who are his. R29:2*
The church— The Bride of Christ, the Bride class. R595:3, 3917:1, 29:2* The Bride of Messiah. R4528:2 The special possession, which he purchased, which still awaits redemption. R593:3
Gave himself for it— Self-sacrificingly. R1552:6 The Church, the primary object. R139:1* For us, the Church. R147:3, 4528:1, 158:2 He could have bought the world just as easily, but he followed the divine plan and bought the Church. R4528:2 It required all of the Lord's merit for the Church, and left none unappropriated. R4528:2 Our Lord Jesus "bought us with his own precious blood"—with the merit of his sacrifice of earthly rights. R4528:1 No part of the great plan of God, either toward the Church, or the world, could have succeeded without the death of Christ. R3917:1 The merit of Christ's sacrifice and the restitution rights which it is able to secure for every man, has been temporarily diverted from the world to the Church. In God's due time it will be available for the world. R4528:1 Husbands should lay down their lives for their wives—should provide not only for her food and clothes, but also for her mental and moral interests. R5900:2, 5168:4; F495

[NTC - Ephesians 5:26]

That he— Christ Jesus, who knew no sin. T29; R375:1
Sanctify— Set apart. R375:1 "Sanctify them through thy truth." (John 17:17) E243; R2671:5The holy Spirit of God, operating through his Word, does this. SM585:T The sanctifying is in progress now. R844:5 A glorious possibility. R5901:2* All thus sanctified are reckoned new creatures in Christ. R375:1 "Both he that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all one; for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren." (Heb. 2:11) R375:1 We shall be wholly sanctified by keeping close to the Heavenly Father by prayer and study of the Word. SM585:2
And cleanse it— The Church. R5258:5, 375:1 Through the precious blood of Jesus. T29 The cleansing of our moral characters. R2671:4 "Having our bodies washed with pure water." (Heb. 10:22) E445 No one can thus cleanse us or help us into divine favor except the Redeemer himself. R2201:6 The Bride is to be cleansed and made fit for joint-heirship with the heavenly Bridegroom. R4662:6 This cleansing is in progress now. R2279:4 The object of the Church's submission to Christ is for the sanctification and cleansing of the Church. R1552:6 So long as we are in the flesh, we must have the robe of Christ's righteousness, in order to be clean. R5258:3 The Word of truth cleanses our hearts by showing us our imperfections. R4662:6 The Church as a betrothed virgin is under strictest obligations to purity and faithfulness. HG409:5 The holy Spirit of God, operating through the Word, produces in us cleansing, justification, sanctification. E243 By purging away the defilements with which each comes daily in contact in the world. R2279:5, 2201:6 Every unholy quality of disposition is to be cleansed away. R5901:1*Nothing in this provision indicates a cleansing from willful sin. R5258:6
With the washing— The purifying of the flesh, so far as possible. R2571:2, 2160:4 An illustration of a great truth. R2201:5 Typified by the washings of the Levitical priesthood. T29
Of water— Representing truth. R5846:2, 3600:6, 2671:4, 1695:5, 290:1 Not the muddy and polluted teachings of the Adversary, or of those whom he has blinded. R2671:4 The use of which is for refreshing and cleansing the Lord's people; and it is through this very cleansing agency that the Church is to be glorified and the world blessed. R1695:5,4662:6 To help keep each other separate from the world, and clean. R2201:6 He washes us from our past sins by his blood; but it takes the Word, and constant obedience to it, to sanctify us. R5901:1*, 2671:4
By the word— Through the Word. R4662:6, 2671:3, 2571:2, 2449:6 Of God. R4662:6; E243 The truth. R1076:2*, 4662:6, 2160:4 All the instruction which we receive from the Lord comes to us through the written Word. SM584:2 These words signify that unless one be first begotten "by the Word of truth," he cannot be born of the Spirit to the new nature. R3600:6 Taking heed unto the Word of the Lord. R2202:4 Keep close to the written Word. SM584:3 The Word of God, like water, is purifying and cleansing. R2671:4 God provided his Word for the sanctification of the Church by the spirit of the truth. E243 The basis of our faith and hopes. R4662:6 That ye may be clean through the word spoken unto you. R844:5 "That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." (2 Tim. 3:17) SM584:2 We are frequently taught lessons by God's providences which we could never learn from instructions of God's Word alone. The lessons are impressed upon our hearts and do us lasting good. R4663:1 A part of the duty and privilege of all the Lord's people throughout the remainder of the earthly lives. R2671:4 He grants his consecrated ones the cleansing power of his truth. R2160:4 Every child of God should beware of any teaching independent of the inspired Word of God. SM584:2

[NTC - Ephesians 5:27]

He— Our Lord, our dear Redeemer. R5197:5, 2587:6; NS483:1
Might— Will. NS483:1
Present it— Present her. R158:2* Our Lord's elect Bride. R2160:4 The Church. R5197:5 The purchased possession. (Eph. 1:14) R593:3 Before the Father. R5942:4 Introduced to our Heavenly Father by our dear Redeemer. R2587:6 Without fault—perfect characters. R5901:1* All discipline in the Church is properly under the direction of the Head of the Church only. R953:6* Rebekah did not occupy the position of Isaac's bride until conducted by Isaac himself to that position. R752:4*
A glorious church— Christ's glorious Bride. R1386:1, 1211:1* Jesus and his Bride made one. R252:6 His Church. NS483:1 A Little Flock. NS358:4 The heavenly Jerusalem. R1386:1 The true Church is a virgin; (the Church of Rome poses as the true, virgin Church of Christ). R2047:1; C209 The wise virgins will be faithful to the espousal vows. R1386:1 Because they fully submitted to the guidance and discipline of Christ. R1340:4 Everyone in that glorious company will have been a faithful soldier; not a deserter, nor ashamed of the Lord or his truth. R5942:4 The Lord's virgin Church was espoused to him at Pentecost, and has been awaiting the coming of the Bridegroom and the resurrection change to glory, honor, immortality—the marriage. HG409:4 Unquestionably, there we will have fullness of joy. NS483:4 We are seeking now to prepare ourselves for that great event which shall complete our joy and usher in the world's blessings. R2429:4 Once she was a sinner under condemnation of death, but she was justified, washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb—redeemed by her beloved Lord and sanctified by his truth. R1211:1*
Not having spot— Spotless. R158:2* On the robe of Christ's righteousness. R2782:6, 5197:4, 2160:4; HG409:5 If it would be a wedding garment, it must be spotless, clean and white. R2782:6, 5924:1; HG409:5 Wrong-doings which we recognize as contrary to God's will. R5197:4, 4870:5 The Lord's children see their spots, and by faith apply the provided cleansing, through penitence and prayer. R2783:1 If any spot comes on the wedding garment we have to get it off again and thus keep ourselves in readiness for the marriage supper. Q604:4; R4615:6 We must prove that we possess a consuming love for the Bridegroom, and an untiring devotion to his name and principles. C209 The Little Flock keep their garments unspotted from the world by daily applying for their share of the precious blood. NS358:6,4,5 The precious blood is the antidote for every stain. R2480:4, 5006:6, 4974:3, 1211:1* We were cleansed from past sins when the robe was given us; and there is a provision for continued cleansing of all sins that are due to weakness, temptations, and unavoidable failures. R5258:5, 5006:6 The robe is to be wholly without filthiness of the flesh. R4974:6 Gloriously complete and perfect in the most absolute sense. R5863:1 Only those with tender consciences will keep their garments unspotted by going immediately to the throne of grace to obtain mercy and forgiveness. R5197:5Because of the spots upon their robes and their carelessness, some will be unready to be of the elect class. These will go through a great time of trouble which will demonstrate to which party they really belong—righteousness or unrighteousness. R2783:2
Or wrinkle— Carelessness, indolence, neglect of using an opportunity. R5197:5, 2783:2 The blood of Jesus Christ our Lord cleanseth us from all of our errors and misdeeds of ignorance. R4336:4 Our wedding robe must be without spot or wrinkle if we would be acceptable as members of the heavenly Bride. NS357:3 In our present imperfect condition, it would be a miracle if we should never come so closely in contact with evil as to spot or wrinkle our garment. R2782:6 Guard the robe zealously. R2160:4 If, through weakness or ignorance of the flesh, we err, our Advocate, whose ransom-merit was applied to us, will appear for us (figuratively apply his merit) for the cancellation of our unintentional misdeeds and thus maintain us in the Father's sight. R4516:6
Or any such thing— Because our Lord, out of the abundance of his merit, has applied a portion on our behalf, that we may be reckoned perfect. R3917:1; C209 St. Paul gives us the thought of the absolute purity of the class that will ultimately be presented to the Father by our Lord. R5197:5 Because the Redeemer will, upon application, impute his merit for the cancellation of such imperfections, that they may be maintained in their standing with the Father. R5006:6
Holy— Blameless, irreprovable, in his presence. NS483:1 Reckoned holy by the merit of the precious blood of our Lord. R2279:5 Holiness, or Christ-likeness, is set as the standard. And it is possible. R5901:2,3* Only that which is holy is acceptable as a sacrifice, and we are so reckoned through Christ, our Redeemer. R905:5 "Be ye holy; for I (the Lord your God) am holy." (1 Pet. 1:16) R5902:1* These, and these alone, walk with the Lord and are overcomers. R2160:4 "Whosoever is begotten of God doeth no sin." (1 John 3:9 Revised Version) R5197:4 This fitness of character to meet God's approval must be accomplished while in the flesh. R5902:1* The very character of God demands that we become holy. We must be purified from all iniquity and evil before we can have the approval of God. R5901:6* Christ makes the Church holy by making the individuals holy. R5901:1* If we are fully persuaded that we can become like Christ in character, we will arouse ourselves to seek to attain it. R5901:4* And may be accepted as his joint-sacrificers and joint-heirs in the Kingdom that is to bring the blessing to Israel under the New Covenant and through Israel to all mankind. R3917:1 The great work that the Lord has for us to perform in the coming age demands that we become Christ-like. No other character would do. R5901:6*
Blemish— Of character. R5901:1* Weakness and imperfection of the flesh. R5197:4, 5901:1* We need not permit a blemish to remain on our glorious wedding robe. R5924:1 God's requirement is that no sacrifice may come upon his altar, except such as is without spot or blemish. Hence, his first provision was that Christ's righteousness be imputed to us. NS770:5 The same merit of the same sacrifice of Christ may be used for cleansing every blemish. The blood of Jesus Christ keeps cleansing us from all sin. NS357:4 Blemishes would not be ours as new creatures, but would result from the fact that for the time being the new creature must tabernacle in the flesh, until given its new body. R5197:4 This figure represents perfection of mind; for our bodies cannot be brought to that condition, because of the fall of Adam. R5197:5 So that the sacrifice of Head and Body complete reaches the world. R158:2*

[NTC - Ephesians 5:28]

Men— Who were made care-takers or preservers of the female. T101
To love their wives— The Apostle Paul's epistles clearly show that he honored true womanhood. R4122:2
As their own bodies— As a part of his own body. T101 The wife is accepted as the flesh of her husband and her body as an addition to his members. R1387:1 Great love is this; that a man should do for his wife what he would do for himself. R5900:2

[NTC - Ephesians 5:29]

Even as the Lord— Who did even more than this—he laid down his life for us. R5900:2
The church— His Bride. A82 His Body. R5900:2

[NTC - Ephesians 5:30]

For we— The Church, the prospective Bride. R399:1 Raised up from the world, separated from the world to the Lord and the Millennial work. R4354:4
Members of his body— Figuratively. NS332:1 The faithful, the elect, the new creation. NS78:6 God's chosen ones. NS372:2 The Body of Christ is a body corporate, each individual acting in harmony with each other and under the direction of Christ for the manifestation of God's love in the salvation of men. R48:4*, 4354:4 They become one, "the new creation of God." R257:3, 6:1 As though Christ were still in the world promulgating the message he declared while in the flesh. NS366:6 Members of the anointed Priest and King. R5392:1; NS372:1 Joint-sacrificers with Christ. NS803:1 Counted in with him. NS864:3 Begotten of the Spirit. F495 Because they walk in Jesus' footsteps. R5392:4 Faithful followers of the present time. NS858:1, 367:1 And have the mind of Christ. F495
Of his flesh, and of his bones— Members of Christ, as in the figure used. R48:4* As Eve proceeded from out of Adam, so does the Church proceed from out of the second Adam. R29:2*

[NTC - Ephesians 5:31]

For this cause— For this purpose, to this end. R1386:1 Thus representing the heavenly union. R399:1
Leave— Forsake the former ties which united them to parents, brothers and sisters. R1386:1 Shall be joined—The marriage relation was instituted as a type of the marriage of Christ. HG100:2 Marriage is a very sacred obligation, and should be undertaken only after serious consideration. R5900:5
One flesh— One body. R399:1 As one person, having one mind and one common interest, purpose and aim. R1386:1 The Church has a great privilege to be counted in as a part of that flesh. R4491:2*

[NTC - Ephesians 5:32]

A great mystery— A secret, not easily understood. R5391:3, 3192:4 The mystery of God. R3192:4 Which few are able to understand. R4515:3 Hid from ages and dispensations. R2490:3 This mysterious work of the present age. R227:1 The preparation of Messiah, Head and Body members. R3193:1 A multitudinous Mediator. R4548:6 The Gospel Church. R3192:4, 368:6 "Christ in you, the hope of glory." (Col. 1:27) R5391:6, 5392:3, 368:6 The sharing of the Body with the Head both in the sufferings of this Gospel age and also in the glory to follow. R227:1, 4515:3 This is indeed a hidden mystery—that the Church is completely separated from the world and offered a great prize of glory, honor and immortality, the divine nature. R4434:3 A mystery to the world, which knoweth us not, because it knew him not. (1 John 3:1) R368:6 The relationship between the Gospel Church and its Head and Lord. R3192:4God appointed Jesus as the Head, and elected certain saintly ones to be the members of his Body. R5391:6 That a certain class, justified through faith, are permitted to join with their Redeemer as participators in his sacrifice, his sufferings, his death, in order that they may be granted a share with him in his work of the Millennial Kingdom—blessing all the families of the earth. R4515:6, 2490:2, 369:4 The Spirit of God causes us to understand this mystery. R227:1 Understood by the true Christian, fully consecrated to the Lord. R3192:4 Blessed are our eyes if we see this mystery. R4515:4 The promised Messiah is not our Lord Jesus alone, but also with him the Little Flock—unitedly The Christ, which God is providing for the deliverance of the world. R3192:5 While the unfolding of the mystery of God commenced in the days of the apostles, it will not be finished until the end of this Gospel age. R368:3 The Almighty did not intend the mystery to be understood except by the faithful, until the great day of revealing. R3193:1 Which will be finished when the Church is complete. R369:4 When this great Messiah, Head and Body, changed and glorified, of the divine nature shall be complete—then shall come "times of restitution." R3193:1
Christ and the church— The Lord will always be the Head of the Church. R4515:5, 369:4 The Church—the elect class now being gathered. R4516:3The Bridegroom and the Bride, between whom the union will be perfect. R1386:1, 5391:6, 257:3, 29:2* This union between man and woman which God approved was designed to be an illustration of the union between Christ, the heavenly Bridegroom, and the Church, his Bride. R2418:3, 5900:2, 3991:1; F494 Next to the death and resurrection of Christ, the marriage of the Lamb is the most important event in the whole plan of redemption. HG100:3 All the merit belongs to our Lord. R4491:2* When she is fully formed and perfected, they go in to the marriage. R257:3 The Church is to be associated with Jesus in the work of judging the world. R4515:5 The new creation should esteem the typical, earthly marriage and its responsibilities much more highly because of their appreciation of the antitypical union between Christ and his Church. F495 Those of the Church forget earthly hopes and ambitions and become wholly "his"—the Bride, whom he loves. R1387:2 Our Lord is the seed of Abraham under the original Abrahamic Covenant. We, his Church, are also the seed of Abraham under that Covenant. R4515:6

[NTC - Ephesians 5:33]

In particular— Individually. R1552:5
So love— Manifest love in all ways. R2783:5 Let love, and only love, hold the reins of control. R2783:6
And the wife— Every woman who usurps the place of the head of the household is doing injury to herself and the best interests of her family. R5168:5 She is not to wait for outsiders to admonish her. F498
That she reverence— Give wifely respect due according to the marriage covenant. F498 As the Church reverences her Lord. R5900:2 Not with a slavish fear, but a reverence of love and devotion. F498; R1552:5, 1464:5* Reverence is possible where there is nobility of character. R1552:6
Her husband— As the head of the family. F498 Reverence toward the husband means much and enters into all of life's affairs, influencing every act respecting the home. F498 The woman who reverences her husband honors herself. F498

[NTC - Ephesians 6:1]

Children— The Apostle writes to those children who are already justified by faith in their Redeemer. R1731:4 It would not be possible for a mother to produce a perfect child; but with her own ideals, fixed upon things pure, noble and good, her mind may impress the character of her unborn child. R5700:6
Obey your parents— The parent is to give the child proper conceptions of life, proper instruction. R5700:5 It is the parents' duty to see that a child is conscientious, just, loyal to God and to the principles of righteousness. R5700:5 Because their youth and inexperience stand in need of parental guidance and control. R1464:4* "Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Prov. 22:6) R5700:5 "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!" R5700:1This rule applies to children during their minority only, though the duty of honor and reverence to parents may never be relinquished, but should the rather increase as age advances. R1464:4*
Is right— The law of love is the only law that ought to rule in the home; and that law should be written in the heart of each member. R1464:6*

[NTC - Ephesians 6:2]

Honor thy father— It is quite proper for the new creature to quote from the Law or any other part of the Scripture that which will help to make clear the Father's will concerning us. R1731:4,976:5
And mother— It never was a command to parents, but to children. R976:5, 1731:4
Commandment— The Apostle Paul quotes one of the Ten Commandments. (Ex. 20:12) R1731:4, 976:5

[NTC - Ephesians 6:4]

Fathers— The office of the father, as head of the family, is worthy of honor both from wife and children. R1555:6, 5168:4 Recognizing your responsibility, duty and obligation which divine law has laid upon you. R5168:4 If any ride rough-shod over the rights of others, this course is contrary to the divine law and spirit of love. R5168:4 Providers, whose care should include provision of spiritual as well as natural food and raiment for his wife and family. R1555:2 His responsibility often requires the sacrifice of his own time and preferences in the interest of his family. R5168:4
Provoke not— Study your conduct toward the members of your own family. R5168:5 Study to let the beauty of holiness be manifest. R1554:4
Your children— It is not always that religious parents have religiously-inclined children. R4399:5
But— Let charity begin at home. R4399:5
Bring them up— With loving interest, looking out for their welfare. R5168:4 Do your duty and leave the rest to the Lord. R5168:4
In the nurture— The parent who is consecrated to the Lord and guided by his Word has generally a good influence upon those nearest to him and directly under his care. R4399:5

[NTC - Ephesians 6:5]

Servants— This is Paul's counsel to servants. R3958:5* He that is called in the Lord, being a servant, is the Lord's freeman. R1083:5* If you are called being a servant, you need not ignore the duties and responsibilities of a servant, or esteem yourself too highly to meet a servant's obligations. R1083:3* Communism is not the Lord's arrangement. D478, 479, 480
Be obedient— Servants should obey their masters. D480
That are your masters— Treat them with respect and Christian courtesy. R1464:2

[NTC - Ephesians 6:6]

From the heart— Greek, psuche; soul, being. E335
In singleness of your heart— Each should render service. R1464:3*

[NTC - Ephesians 6:7]

With good will— Servants should render service with a double good will if the master were also a brother in Christ. D480
Doing service— Fulfill them with dignity and grace. R1083:3* Do the best we can in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. R1083:6*
As to the Lord— All service, in whatever capacity, should be rendered unto the Lord. R1083:5* There is no servility in such service, however humble the task may be. R1464:3*

[NTC - Ephesians 6:9]

Ye masters— Those in authority. R1464:2* This is Paul's counsel to masters. R3958:5* Those who must themselves give an account to the great master, Christ. R1862:4
Do the same things— Treat your servants as those who must give account to the great Master, Christ. D480 Serve them with kindness and compensation, and do it with good will as unto the Lord. R1464:2*
Unto them— Servants. D480
Respect of persons— God regards no distinction of Jew or Greek, bond or free, male or female, because are all one in Christ. R1464:2*

[NTC - Ephesians 6:10]

My brethren— This is Paul's counsel to the Church. R2031:1 All the Lord's people. R5816:5 New creatures in Christ Jesus. R4089:4 Because the time of your testing is here. R4688:2
Be— We should grow. R5651:3
Strong in the Lord— Strong in faith and in character. R1882:5, 5751:1, 4089:5, 2568:5 By faith in God and in his promises. R5113:6; SM395:T Having strong confidence in him. R5497:5, 5113:6 And not weak. R5816:5 "Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong." (1 Cor. 16:13) R2031:1, 1882:5 Trusting in God and not relying on ourselves. R5113:6 By keeping our eyes continually fixed on him. R5497:6By not loving the world, by laying aside besetting sins, by assembling with the Lord's people, and by searching the Scriptures daily. F729 An exhortation applicable to the people of God at all times and under all conditions and circumstances. R4089:4 By these stumblings they learn of their own weaknesses, and then fortify themselves. R5218:3, 5751:1 Through trials and battlings against the world, the flesh and the Adversary. SM394:3; R2568:5 Some of the noblest characters are those achieved through earnest striving against inherited weaknesses. R1882:5, 5751:1 After reasonable instruction in the ways of righteousness, the Lord has a right to expect strong characters. R1882:4 As new creatures, in the spirit of our minds. It is this determination of the new creature against sin and for righteousness that God desires. SM394:3; R5751:1 To do valiant service as soldiers of the cross. R1487:6, 1171:6 So that we take joyfully every trial, persecution, difficulty which God permits for our testing of character, which is of paramount importance. R5497:6 In order to stand in the evil day now upon us. R5816:5 By feeding more and more upon the precious truth. 1171:6 Developing character through exercise in resisting evil. R2568:5 By positive resistance of temptation and positive standing up for the Lord and his cause. R4814:1 Because of the struggle between truth and error. R266:6 Because these are "taught of God," they become marvelously strong. R5113:6 By utilizing the strong meat of God's promises. HG442:3 Our hope is firm; it is indeed an anchor to our souls. R5497:5 By setting the Word of the Lord above all other messages. Buy the truth at any cost and sell it not for any price. R4089:6
In the power of his might— Mighty power. R1487:6 Courageous. R4817:6 As we should be. R5816:5 Our hearts have good courage. R5497:5 The Lord will give courage to his people. He encourages us through each other, as we build one another up in the most holy faith. R4817:5 Courage is necessary to faithful service in the good fight of faith. R2031:1 Faith is the power of God which enables us to endure all things as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. R4089:2 Because the Adversary will be on the alert to use any snare or trap for the undoing of those who are faithful soldiers of the cross. R4088:5 Through faithfulness to the vows of consecration. R4088:6 The Lord's people need strength and encouragement. R4817:3

[NTC - Ephesians 6:11]

Put on— Paul is very specific, and warns us. R425:3; NS45:5 The Lord's Word cautions us. R3411:2 Not just find the armor, but put it on. R4042:3 This message to us is urgent. Get ready. R5678:4, 2310:1 As good soldiers. R4214:6 The Lord grants us a measure of grace and protection that we shall not be assailed before we have had time to put it on. Q456:T All the "brethren" will be awakened in season to put on the armor. R2453:2 The Apostle urges all the faithful to appropriate, to meditate upon and to store up the truth in mind and heart—that they may be able to withstand error and evil in every form. R3332:1We still have need of this Scriptural exhortation. OV285:1 Requiring energy to do this. R2453:3,6 Make progress in the way of Christ-likeness. NS541:4
The whole armour— The Christian armor. R4583:2 Supplied in his Word. R5800:6, 5184:1; Q456:TNot an armor for the flesh, but for the mind—the new creature. F657 The Apostle Paul is very specific that we will need the whole armor because the conflict will be with the prince of darkness himself.R425:3 Which is a necessity in order to withstand the attacks of the wicked one. R2527:5 And use it faithfully. R4214:6,2378:3 Or you will be unfortified. R4583:2 Not merely an intellectual knowledge of the divine plan. NS45:5 Soldiers of the cross fight against unseen spiritual foes, and the Lord has provided us armor.R5889:2 So armed, though many fall at your side, nothing can compel you to doubt the presence and power of our Lord. R36:6 This armor will be proof against all of Satan's delusions. F657 Every spiritual help and assistance we receive are parts of the Father's good providence for us. OV285:2 We are fully supplied with the whole armor of God, which will amply protect us against the fiery darts of the Adversary, if only we accept it and buckle it on. R4817:3, 3273:6, 425:3 An intelligent soldier sees that he wears it properly. R5404:4 As in contrast with the small pieces of armor worn by various denominations of the past. R2453:2 Some have not had on much of the armor. R5816:5 Until we realize its glorious completeness in the full discernment of the divine plan of the ages. R3215:5
Of God— Who supplies it. R1687:6 God is its maker. It is his provision. No other armor will avail. F657 Poor humanity need divine help to free themselves from the Adversary and his hosts of evil. R5896:4
That ye— All the saints. R425:3
Be able to stand— Safely; for greater is he than all that are against us. R1687:6 The faithful alone will stand. R5802:1,4 It will be difficult to stand and not fall before the attacks of the enemy. R425:3 By keeping close to our Shepherd. F609 Whatever the test might be. R425:3 And not be deluded. R4583:2 A testing work will be in progress in the Church, a time in which the question will be not so much, Who will fall? as, Who shall be able to stand in this evil day? R5249:4; NS621:2 God's children who have learned the lessons of his Word regarding moderation of thought, rest of heart in the Lord, patient waiting for his time and way with careful self-inspection and government daily, will be blessed and kept from the snare of the Adversary. R5250:4 Jesus forewarns us in Luke 21:36 that it will be difficult to stand and not fall before the attacks of the enemy. R425:3 Stand our ground, knowing that with every temptation God has promised and provided a way of escape. R5896:5 Because of the ample armor of truth, thou shalt stand and not fall. R3332:2 If the Adversary finds one well protected and resisting him with a firm will, he will at once retreat. R5896:6 By receiving the truth "in the love of it." NS45:6 Because we are living in a grand and awful time. R5249:5 The statement of the prophet is that one thousand will fall to one that will stand—"a thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee." (Psa. 91:7) NS621:1, 563:6
Against— We must contend against. R4214:6 Because the devil is against us. R4214:6 It is our conviction that the great time of trouble will come upon the world through the great Adversary, Satan, and his fallen host, exciting mankind to unwisdom and to passion. R5249:6 Waging a warfare against sin and the powers of darkness. R5404:2 We are now in the period of which he cautions us to be specially on guard against "seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils." (1 Tim. 4:1) R2189:3
The wiles— Snares. R5250:4 Machinations. R5896:1 Besetments. F729 Or deceptions. R425:3; NS94:6 Satan is an ensnarer who seeks to entrap us. R2770:1 Although mankind cannot see Satan, yet he can see them, and by means of mental suggestion can gain control of them. R5183:6 Satan is too wily, too wise for us. R5183:3; F609 Manifested by miraculous powers of the fallen angels in the end of the Gospel age. R2189:3,4
Of the devil— Our great Adversary. R5925:6; F609 The prince of darkness. R425:3, 5896:1 Satan, meaning the hater; the accuser; once called Lucifer, Son of the morning. R5896:1 Of the enemy; our foe. R425:3, 4688:5 The evil one. R5896:1; F609; NS94:6 Satan, the opposer of righteousness and of Jehovah. Satan, the Adversary of the Church. R5183:3,6, 5896:3,4 Satan, who is cunning, deceitful and desparately wicked. R4214:6, 2378:3 Who was cast out of heaven and cut off from all association with holy beings. R5896:1 Satan, the great general of sin, a spirit being, much more intelligent than ourselves. R2309:4 He is a hypocrite, a deceiver, a tyrant and a merciless enemy of all who stand in the way of his ambitions. Beware of him! R1687:4 A mighty foe. A great intellectual giant, with an accumulation of more than six thousand years of knowledge and experience. R1687:3 The great Adversary is ever and always the agent in the propagation of evil. NS94:6 Satan, who was once a holy angel, but became an opponent of God by permitting pride and ambition to gain control of his heart. R5183:3, 5896:1 Our Adversary is sure to bring the test from an unexpected quarter. This has ever been his policy. R425:3 The Apostle was a firm believer in a personal devil. R3165:6 We know that we have no power with which to oppose Satan. None is sufficient for these things except the Lord. But the Lord is greater than are Satan and all his angels. R5185:4 Satan's constant endeavor is to lead the people of God astray from the Lord and their covenant of sacrifice. R5184:1 Our Adversary's opposition to truth is the fulfillment of Scripture, and we expect no cessation, but rather a further aggressiveness. R4583:5 The new creature is expected at all times to be on the alert against the wiles of Satan. R5404:4 "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." (James 4:7) R5896:1 Satan seeks particularly to destroy our faith in God. R5183:6 Who lured our first parents into disobedience and misled a large number of angels into sin and opposition to Jehovah. R5896:1 Satan has sinned willfully against so great light, and has persisted in his evil course, that infinite wisdom can do no more for him. R1687:5 Whose destruction is plainly declared in the Scriptures. R5896:2 His days are numbered and his end is sure, for God will destroy him. R1687:5

[NTC - Ephesians 6:12]

We— God's people. R5043:6; NS124:2; OV294:4 The saints. R5053:2 The Lord's people need to be on the alert more than do others. R5248:3 New creatures whose earthen vessels are subject to like passions and storms as those which assail the world in general. R5248:3
Wrestle— Contend. R5908:4, 5043:6, 4400:5, 2590:6; SM102:T; OV294:4 Struggle. OV294:4 Battle. R4215:1, 2378:3 We war. R5896:5 God forbid that we should fight against our own kindred, the family of God. R559:2 Evil spirits had aroused the riot that Paul and Silas found themselves in. (Acts 16:16-24) R4400:5, 5908:4 Only those who exercise faith have been enabled to endure as seeing the invisible, and believing in a grace not yet made manifest in full measure. OV19:T The brains and nerves of the civilized world are being trained by hypnotism for an onslaught from the evil spirits. R4396:5, 5250:1
Not against flesh and blood— Merely. F626; R5896:5, 5379:5, 5053:2, 4813:6, 4448:2, 2770:1, 2650:4, 1391:4; NS605:1, 597:1; OV18:5; SM102:T Not merely against human beings. SM102:T; R425:3, 267:1 Not only with the weakness of the flesh which we have inherited. R2590:6; NS563:4 Not merely with our own mortal flesh and its blemishes or with imperfect neighbors and friends. NS597:1 Not merely against the visible tools of the Adversary. R1670:6, 1687:5
But— Our chief conflict is. R2770:1, 2590:6, 1687:5, 479:3, 425:3; NS597:2 We must also wrestle. R2590:6, 1687:6 We fight. R3518:4 Our warfare is. R1744:5 As new creatures, we must contend. NS597:2, 124:2 The Apostle instructs us who our foes are. R3274:2 We contend against something worse. R193:4* With a demon host. R2378:3, 4215:1; OV294:4 With the cunning of the Adversary himself and his many agents. SM102:T Against evil spiritual beings. R267:1 Our Lord wished to show an abnormal condition; that the tare seed was specially sown for the very purpose of choking the wheat. R3770:3 Remember the Apostle's words. R4208:2
Against principalities— Princely powers of darkness. R2174:5 Princedoms. R559:2 "Ne'er think the victory won, nor once at ease sit down." R431:5*
Against powers— Unseen spiritual powers. R1391:4, 2770:1, 5889:2 Occult powers. R4086:3, 5889:2 Mighty invisible powers plotting to stumble the "feet" of the Body of Christ. R1687:5 Satan himself, and the demons, his associates in evil, are really the great power working in and through mankind, in opposition to God and his plan. F626 Satan exercises powerful influence in the world. R3310:6 Power of the fallen angels in the affairs of men. R4086:6 In the present time there are two great opposing forces in conflict—Christ and the soldiers of his cross, and Satan and the powers of darkness. R1948:1 We are surrounded by many subtle and powerful foes. R3089:3 Have nothing whatever to do with occult powers. R4086:6 Satan is "the prince of the power of the air" (Eph. 2:2), and is malevolent enough to exercise his power to the extent of divine permission. This might account for the great floods, cyclones and tornadoes of recent years. R2189:4 Powers of the world, the flesh and the devil are closely allied. R5488:6 God is testing his people, by permitting these conditions so that only the faithful will walk perseveringly to the very end. R5184:1God has all along been master of the situation, but has permitted Satan and his legions to exercise power over the rebellious race, ultimately teaching lessons to both men and angels. R5910:2, 5896:1 The nations are now subject to the spiritual powers and rulers of the darkness of this world. HG33:3 Evil spirits, not allowed to materialize since the deluge, continue their deceptions by using human beings as mediums. R5910:1, 2582:1, 267:1
Against the rulers— Who fight against God. R5043:6 Satan, especially. A68; R5910:1,5043:6, 4813:6, 4216:5, 1948:1, 1670:6, 267:1; HG538:4; SM102:T He who was once called "Son of the Morning" (Isa. 14:12), became the prince of the "rulers of darkness." R5896:1, 425:3 Satan, the arch-enemy of God. The great deceiver. E189; OV50:2 Satan is now permitted to rule; and he works in the hearts of the children of disobedience. (Eph. 2:2) A68; R350:3* Satan is the leader of sin. R4216:5 Satan, the first conspirator against righteousness, the father of lies and deceptions. E187 Satan and his deluded subjects will not meekly renounce their claims to earthly dominion and submit to the King of kings. HG681:3 Satan has planted seeds of errors and blasphemy against God, misrepresenting his character and plan.R3770:5 The Adversary is very alert to find snares for the Lord's people. R5925:6 The Word teaches that Satan is a spirit being and has an unholy spirit, mind and disposition, exercising an unholy influence through various channels and agents. The fallen angels also exercise an evil influence as they have opportunity. E188 Possessed of great intelligence, and wily. R4448:2, 4216:5; NS124:2; OV294:4 Fallen angels. R3490:1, 5910:1, 5043:6, 4521:2 Who wish to corrupt the whole world by idolatry and sin. R5910:1 Our enemy is a giant in whose presence we are feeble indeed. R4216:5 We realize the secret, subtle and persevering effort of the prince of this world to overcome the saints. R645:6 These spirit adversaries are especially on the alert to entrap and ensnare the consecrated followers of the Lord. R5248:3, 4477:3; OV18:5 We are to resist Satan's influence and deceptions to mislead us into error and sin. R2309:4 Fallen man is incompetent to defend himself against the Adversary, except by being thoroughly loyal to the Lord and attentive to his Word. F626 Our Lord taught us to pray that the Father "deliver us from the evil one." R4216:5 We need divine assistance. R4216:5 Satan, who puts evil for good, and darkness for light. (Isa. 5:20) He has general control, first of the masses through ignorance, and secondly, of the more intelligent through pride and selfishness. E189 Satan, toward the end of this age, will be granted special license to deceive by peculiar arts all who, having been highly favored with the Word of God, have failed to appreciate and use it. R2174:5 We realize that the contest is a very unequal one unless we lay hold upon the strength of Christ. R3053:2 Hence the saints will need to draw nearer and nearer to the Lord. R4477:4 God is able and willing to overrule the wrath of men and devils and to restrain whatever would hinder his grand purposes. R2189:5 When God's time for the establishment of Christ's Kingdom comes, Satan's kingdom will be brought to naught. R1687:1
Of the darkness— The prince of darkness now works in oppressing and opposing justice and truth, to the affliction of mankind. R264:5 Our Adversary is the prince of darkness, and his work of deception upon the human family is favored by ignorance. SM102:1 Satan presents himself as an angel of light, and not as a messenger of darkness. R5184:1 "Darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the people." (Isa. 60:2) A68 Every effort to veil and obscure the truth, is the device of our unseen Adversary to retard our progress in the narrow way. R475:3Any attempt to investigate any works of darkness tells of our lack of faith in the divine Word. R4087:5 Satan's favorite method of operating is putting darkness for light—by making good appear evil, and right appear wrong. R5183:6 Satan's methods and mediums are to deceive—to blind the minds of mankind, lest the glorious light of the goodness of God, as it shines in the face of Jesus Christ our Lord, should shine unto them. (2 Cor. 4:4) R2174:6 The Adversary misleads, putting darkness in the guise of light and endeavoring to make the light of the dawning New Day appear as darkness. HG682:1 As the Adversary specially opposed the Lord, so he specially assaults the faithful members of his Body. R4477:4 The world was dark when our Lord appeared in it, filled with the Spirit of God, the light of divine truth, which constituted him "the light of the world." E189 Possibly, manifestations of the powers of darkness, transformed to appear as angels of light and progress, shall be much more delusive than anything yet attempted. R2174:5
Of this world— Of this age. HG682:1 Present evil condition. E189 World-rulers of this darkness. R3493:5* Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world." (John 18:36) A68 The kingdoms of this world are now subject to Satan. A68; R1744:5From the standpoint of God the course of the world is sinful. R5117:1 There is a tendency in our flesh to go with the world. R5117:1 God's people must go in the opposite direction to that of the world. Hence to live godly is to live in opposition to the course of the world. R5117:1 To overcome the saints, no artifice or effort is left untried; opposition, ridicule, rejection, flattery, false reasoning to disprove the truth, cares of this world, bribery with good things of this world and various allurements are all used. R645:6, 475:6 Sons of God shall not be in darkness with the world, because they are "brethren" of Christ and walk in the light. R1948:1
Spiritual wickedness— Wicked spirits. E188; R5896:5, 5488:5, 5379:5, 5248:3, 5117:2, 5053:2, 5043:6, 4813:6, 4521:2, 4477:4, 4293:2, 4216:5, 4208:2, 4086:3, 3770:3, 3490:1, 3310:6, 3274:2; 3270:1, 2770:1, 2650:4, 1687:6; HG682:1; OV294:4, 50:5, 18:5 Of whom Satan is chief. E188, 189; R210:3*, 559:2, 350:3; NS124:2; OV294:4 The spiritual things of the evil one. R2174:5, 3310:5; F609 Which leads from the way of life into the way of death. R5925:6 Wicked spirits possessed of great intelligence, and wily. R4448:2 Satan and the fallen angels are very desirous of invading our minds, hearts and bodies with evil suggestions. R4477:3, 3770:3, 1151:3* These wicked spirits are on the alert to oppose the Lord, the truth and all who are faithful to him. NS563:3 "We are not ignorant of his devices." (2 Cor. 2:11) R3310:6 Not Satan alone, but all the fallen angels, the demons, are foes of the Church. R2770:1 The great army of fallen angels under the captaincy of the devil, the prince of demons. R5896:5, 5910:2, 5421:2; NS563:3; HG682:1; OV18:5 The evil spirits wish to make men believe that people who have gone into death are not dead, but more alive than before. R5910:2, 3490:3; NS124:4 Hypnotism, another form of spiritism, seeking to break down the human will. R4521:2, 5250:1 Satan's kingdom, under invisible control, uses men and nations as visible agencies, and produces visible results of the most baneful and atrocious character. R210:3* Spiritual hosts who perform mysterious happenings and trickeries. HG548:4 Fallen spirits whose power to incite malice, envy, hatred, strife, is very great. NS597:2 Fallen angels, disobedient angels, delighting in sin under the prince of demons, Satan, evil workers amongst men, operating through spirit mediums and obsessed persons. OV18:4 The fallen angels seek to break down the human will. R4521:2 These seek to enslave us and to make our battle with our old self constant. NS605:2 Wicked spirits have been plotting against the divine plan, trying to thwart it, all through this age. R3770:3 Satan, a spirit being, as the great master or general of sin, has largely to do with all the various influences with which we must battle. R2309:4 The deceitfulness of these wicked spirits is far too deep for humanity, and he who seeks communion with them in any manner does so in violation of Scriptural command of Lev. 20:6 and Isa. 8:19. R2582:1 These wicked spirits have the power in some degree to favor in us wrong sentiments; if we give our minds into any selfish, sinful or ignoble channel, these unseen adversaries may have power over us. R4208:2 This battle against adverse influences has continued throughout the night-time of this Gospel age, and yet the Church has not reached the harbor, nor has the storm abated. R2650:4 Unwillingly and unwittingly, we are wrestling with wicked spirits. R2582:1, 5117:2 This thought, that we are contending against principalities and wicked spirits in high places, would be appalling to us, did we not on the other hand realize we acquire help and assistance by other unseen powers. R4813:6, 5488:6, 5123:5, 4988:6, 4477:4, 4208:2, 3053:2; F626 We are no matches intellectually for the wicked spirits, and need to heed protections from the Lord's Word. R3490:2 Evil spirits would do injury to the servants of the truth if permitted. Evidently, they are under some restraint as respects the Lord's people. Later on, they may be permitted to operate through others, as Satan entered into Judas before the betrayal. (Luke 22:3) R3491:6 The Scriptures show that the fallen spirits would be held under restraint for a long time, but that those restraints would gradually be relaxed in the closing of this Gospel age, in the lapping of the Millennial age. R3490:2 These agencies have sought to represent Almighty God as base, vindictive, loveless, unjust and powerfully vicious. OV19:T This warning restrains the Lord's people from "curious and dangerous investigations." R3490:1 To realize this will cause the Lord's people to tremble, but we are to remember the encouraging words, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" (Rom. 8:31) NS563:4 Without the Lord we could do nothing in the face of opposition which we continually meet from the great Adversary. R4293:2 Who is sufficient for such an unequal contest with the prince of darkness and all the hosts of sin? Confidence in self would be unwise; we place our confidence in God. R4216:6, 5248:3 Beware lest we be entrapped. R4521:3 The evil spirits are coy in their deceptions, and the Lord's people need the holy Spirit, the spirit of a sound mind, the spirit of love, joy and peace protecting them. R3310:5,6 Meantime, they are but turning the polishing wheel, which, under our opposition, will polish us and fit us for Kingdom glory. NS605:2
In high places— Public influence of the fallen angels. R3490:1 And it is growing more emphatic every hour. R479:3* No wonder, then, it is the hour of temptation. R4477:4 Paul warns the Church that her warfare is with wicked spirits in the heavenlies. R5183:3, 479:3*; F610 In exalted positions, in influential positions. E188; F626; R5896:5, 5117:2, 5248:3, 5053:2, 4813:6, 4477:4, 4400:5, 4216:5, 4077:3, 3274:2, 2309:4, 559:2; SM102:T; NS563:4, 124:2; HG682:1; OV294:4, 50:5, 18:5 In places of authority and power. R1687:5, 1686:4, 1391:4 Controlling places. R267:1, 264:6 Our only safety is in abiding close to the Lord—in obedience to him and his Word. NS597:2 Hence, the saints will draw nearer and nearer to the Lord and feel content only under the shadow of the Almighty. R4477:4 Nor is this all. Perhaps the greatest battle the new creature is to endure is the battle of the new self against the old, fallen self. R4215:1

[NTC - Ephesians 6:13]

Wherefore— On this account. R267:1 In order to overcome. R378:1 Every soldier of the cross needs to heed the Apostle's warnings. R3331:3
Take unto you— Put upon you. R1659:3, 4087:2, 684:5 St. Paul urges the Lord's people. R5184:4; SM291:2 The people of God. R5851:4, 5267:2 You, the feet class. R3298:5 Diligently. With great care. R5678:4 The Apostle forewarned us we should specially need this armor as the evil day draws on. R3494:4, 5744:3; SM291:2 Arm yourselves for the battle of the great day of God Almighty. R5744:6 The Lord grants us opportunities to put on the whole armor. R3943:3 Put on, piece by piece, quickly. R2275:6 Put it on and wear it, feel at ease and at home in it, because the time is coming when it will be impossible to stand without it. R2275:3 Assist one another in putting it on. R4077:4 Demonstrating loyalty and obedience to the Captain. NS62:4 No man puts on armor unless he expects to fight. R5098:1 Do not neglect to put on the armor. R4439:2 Do not cast aside. R5925:6 We should take it because the Lord will not force it upon any. NS62:3 There will be less and less opportunity for putting on the armor because of our great enemy. R1659:3 Many devote to frivolity the time which they could employ in putting on the armor which God has provided for his people. R5184:4
The whole armour— Never before needed or provided. R2275:3; NS62:4; HG317:6 Every piece riveted together with love. R4042:6 The full understanding and clear appreciation of the divine plan. HG317:6 The divinely-provided armor which will protect from the fiery darts of the enemy. R2275:2, 4077:4, 684:5 For all the soldiers of the cross. R4087:2 To be worn only by the redeemed. R2275:6 Because we shall need it. R862:3 Because more stringent conditions are before us. R5851:4 Gladly accept the armament and become faithful students. R4439:1 The truth alone will constitute the armor of God. NS778:4, 564:2 Some have buckled on every part of the armor, and today they stand completely clothed with the truth. R2275:3 An armor of truth, knowledge, information granted to them from the great armory, his Word, the Bible. NS62:3 God's truth shall be the shield and buckler of all those that stand. R862:4 We should be arming ourselves with the whole armor of God's Word, bracing ourselves for our own final testing. R414:6 The graces of character, meekness, patience, gentleness, brotherly kindness, faith, truth, hope. R4077:4 Take the whole armor of God, not merely one or two parts of the armor. SM291:2 Few have it all. R36:4 Without this complete armor, no child of God is safe in this evil day. R2275:2, 5184:4, 4042:3, 1659:5 We have come to this "evil day"; and the urgent message to us is: Put on the whole armor of God; prepare yourselves for the great testing that will come. R5678:4, 414:6 Some of us may feel too self-confident, and not sufficiently watchful. R5267:2, 4042:3 The protection which would be granted to a certain class. R4438:6, 3490:4, 862:3 This is the armor with which we are to withstand the attacks which appeal to the evil tendencies of the fallen nature. R5340:1 Not a useless weight, but a necessary protection in battle. R5098:1;NS62:4 Only those who have put on the whole armor of God will be properly equipped to withstand the assaults of the enemy. R5744:3, 5816:6, 5678:4, 4077:4, 2275:2; HG682:6 The armor cannot be put on at all until the body be washed and clothed in the garment of Christ's imputed righteousness. R1995:4 See that it all bears the imprint and marks of the Royal Armory—the Word of God. R684:5 Available to all of God's people; nevertheless, only those who put the armor on will be safe. R4436:6 God's people will have need of this armor to cope with delusions so strong as to "deceive the very elect, if it were possible." (Matt. 24:24) R2189:3 We obtain this armor from the Word of God, and it requires time and care to fit it and learn to use it. Do not use time for worldly things, except for the things needful. R378:1 Those of God's people who have been overcharged with the cares of this life to the neglect of the divine Word will find themselves lacking of the armor and vulnerable to error. NS564:1 Even armed with the whole armor, you will barely be able to stand—so fierce will be the assault. R684:5 Or we must surely fall as this conflict progresses. R684:4
Of God— Of God's Word. R414:6 Which God supplies. R1687:6, 378:1 Beforehand. R1659:3 Every piece of which bears the stamp of the precious blood of Christ. R2275:5 God has provided in his Word an armament full and complete for all the truly consecrated. R862:2,42275:2 Which God has provided in preparation for the present and approaching tests of this harvest time. R4042:3 Do not take other men's philosophies instead of the Word of God. R5925:6 To boldly withstand error by clear and fearless presentation and defense of the truth. C212 Alas, how few seem to realize the importance of this armor which God has commended! SM291:2
That ye— The Lord's faithful ones. R4955:6
Able to withstand— In the conflict. R378:1, 4688:5, 684:4 Stand against the evil attacks. R110:3; SM291:2 The assaults of error. R388:2; SM291:2 Spiritual wickedness. R267:1 None will be able to withstand Satan without divine aid. R5184:4 By heeding the Apostle's words. R684:4 Able to keep standing. R5925:6 Whatever the test might be. R425:3 The encroachment of error. R3215:5 Seductive and evil influences. HG682:2 To stand unshaken in the midst of storms. R3053:5 By having confidence in God and in his Word. NS564:2 By understanding the Bible correctly. NS793:3 Those who will stand will be the very elect. R3358:6, 4477:4, 862:3; D66 God's Word will open up the eyes and sustain the faithful ones. R4955:5 The Adversary attacks the Bible in many ways, overthrowing the faith of those without the whole armor of God. R2034:5 Sustained from falling. R4955:6 Because God's Word has revealed a Creator infinite in wisdom, justice, love and power; a Savior, able to save to the uttermost all who come unto the Father through him; and a divine plan consistent with the divine character. R4955:6 For so strong will be the current against them. HG717:2 The nourishment that gives strength and ability to stand is the "good tidings" through the Lord and the apostles. NS43:4 If we would reign with Christ, we must prove our worthiness by loyalty, faith, zeal, patient endurance and unwavering trust in the power and purpose of God to deliver and exalt his Church in due time. R3331:3 Let us not flee from the battle. OV285:6 The battle will be hot and many will fall. R684:2, 5678:3 We all need to "hold fast the faithful word." (Titus 1:9) R3494:4 "A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand." (Psa. 91:7) The thousand falling, to one who will stand, is as real and truthful as the statements of the prophet relative to the trouble coming upon the world. R684:4, 3328:5; D66 Possibly some faithful servants of God may live on, far into that dark night of trouble. C212 Those who are unable to stand the severity of the trials draw back from the light. R190:2 Whoever shall not be prepared to stand will make it evident that God did not find him worthy of the light of present truth. R2453:3 What a defense against doubt and every attack of the devil is the knowledge of the divine plan of the ages. R2034:5 "Let us fear, lest, a promise being left us of entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it." (Heb. 4:1) R3331:3
The evil day— This day of the Lord's presence; day of trial. R267:1, 2275:3, 190:2, 110:3 With which our age will close. R4438:6, 4042:2, 2532:4, 190:2; D66; F657; SM291:1 We are now living in this evil day. R5744:3, 4042:2, 2532:4, 2453:2, 2275:3, 2218:3, 425:3, 338:1, 110:3; C212; NS97:1, 62:2, 43:4, 38:4, 12:4 This "Day of the Lord" in which we are living. R388:2 Now upon us. R5816:5, 3943:2, 460:3; NS793:3; HG316:6; SM287:1 Day of trouble. R862:3 This "hour of temptation." (Rev. 3:10) R5678:4This age is the one in which evil prevails. HG681:2 Day of perilous times, snares, pestilences, subtle dangers and evil besetments on every hand. R3331:2 Now, more than ever before. R4154:4 It is a day more for defense than aggressive warfare—withstanding. R36:4, 2275:4 Which shall come upon the whole world as a snare. NS564:2 When giant errors so boldly and defiantly stalk about. C212 This period of special trial of severe testing in the end of this age. NS62:2,4, 389:4, 43:4, 12:4; SM291:1 A day of danger, of victory for the few, of disaster for the many professing the name of Christ. HG681:5 Those who successfully stand in this evil day will prove the mettle of their Christian character. HG717:2 For "a thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand." (Psa. 91:7) A thousand to one shows a large discrepancy between professed followers of Christ and those who are truly his. R414:6, 36:6; NS95:6, 62:5, 38:4, 12:4; HG717:2 In which many shall stumble and fall from their steadfastness of faith. R2532:4 The Apostle Paul looked down prophetically to our day. R4077:3 All of the apostles pointed forward to our day—to the conclusion of the present age and inauguration of the new Kingdom. HG681:1 The apostles knew this day was in the future. Evidently, it was a part of God's plan to keep his people uninformed concerning the exact time of the day of the Lord, until due. R5678:4 These are the days when the whole armor of God will be necessary. R5184:4 A time of thorough testing, a time in which the separation of the wheat from the tares will be most absolutely accomplished. SM287:2; R3943:2, 1644:5, 414:6 The trials of the "evil day," while beginning with the Church, will go out amongst the people of every nation, especially to all parts of Christendom. R5718:4, 4583:3, 4293:2, 4077:3, 862:3; NS621:1 The Lord wishes none to stand in this evil day except those who are thoroughly consecrated to his will. R5184:4, 2275:6 The Church has already been in this evil day for some years, and it still continues and will merge into the evil day upon the world. The evil day upon the Church began before the evil day upon the nations. HG681:2 Arrows of sarcasm will pierce some, infidelity will waylay others, destructive teachings will sap the strength of others, causing wasting away. R862:3 In which those who have been lukewarm in their love for the Lord and the brethren, overcharged with the cares of this life or deceitfulness of riches, will be overtaken. SM291:1 If we would escape the delusions of this evil day, let us see to it that we are, in deed and in truth, lovers of righteousness. R2276:4 Jesus forewarned us that it will be difficult to stand in this evil day. (Luke 21:36) R425:3 The trial of our time would be so critical, so crucial, that it would deceive, if it were possible, the very elect. SM289:1; F657; R862:3, 475:6, 36:6; NS95:4 In the midst of this evil day, call to mind the gracious promises of our Lord—"Let not your heart be troubled." (John 14:1,27) R3331:2 God's provision for his saints is equal to the emergency. R2275:3 In the struggle of this evil day, we must depend upon the Word of God—"It is written!" F658 Our day is a blessed one in respect to its wonderful opportunities and privileges, but it is an evil one in the sense of being a time of great trial and testing of faith to Christendom. NS793:3 The persecutions of the Church in bygone times may properly enough be considered as shakings and siftings, but the siftings with which this age will close will be the most momentous of any the Church has ever known. NS95:4 Lukewarm Christians will surely be overthrown in this evil day. SM291:2 The lapping time by which the present age will merge into the Millennial age. NS95:4
Having done all— That you can do, in the way of armoring, etc. R1659:3 Having reached the mark of love as quickly as possible. F190,373 When we reach the mark of character which God approves. R5082:1, 4154:3 They make the Most High their habitation; they live in God; they abide under the shadow of the Almighty and trust in him, and not in self. (Psa. 91:9,1) R862:3 Do with your might what your hands find to do. R2143:4 Having fearlessly and clearly presented and defended the truth. C212 Having finished our appointed work. C230 Let your daily life be a witness for the Lord and an example of holiness. R2143:4 Doing perfectly is impossible, for there is none righteous, no not one. R2143:4
To stand— The shaking, sifting and testing that is coming. NS563:6 In this time of general falling away. R1644:5 Complete in him. R475:6 Firmly, strongly, confidently, intelligently. Being earnest, vigilant, watchful. HG682:6; SM288:1 Stand fast in the faith of the gospel and in loyalty of heart ot God. HG717:2; NS62:5; SM288:1 Not in our own strength, but in the strength of our Redeemer's assistance. F190 Enduring opposition cheerfully. R4910:3 Stand at the mark, do not run away from it; the Adversary will try harder to put you away from the mark than he did in preventing you from getting to it. Q456:T; R2275:6 Having reached the "mark," it is required of us that we stand up to the mark faithfully, cheerfully, patiently enduring the tests which the Lord will even then see fit to have come upon us. R4910:3, 2755:5; F373; C230 The test is not whether one can reach the mark, but whether one will remain at the mark. R5082:1, 5172:2 While one stands at the mark of love, the tests grow stronger. R5172:2; F373; Q456:T His grace will be sufficient, if we constantly apply for it. R5651:4, 5184:4 Perfect love is the mark toward which we pressed; we can attain no higher standard. R5172:2, 2143:4 At perfect love. Love shall grow more rooted and grounded in proportion as it is tested. R4154:5 The faithful, who will receive the Kingdom and be joint-heirs of it with Christ, alone will stand. R1644:5,5802:1, 2554:4, 475:6 To stand the trials of faith, patience and all the elements of love, faithful and complete in Christ. F373, 369 To stand the final tests and be acclaimed "more than conquerors through him who loved us" and bought us with his precious blood. (Rom. 8:37) R3943:3 Clad in full armor. C212; R2755:5,1995:4 As representatives of God and of the principles of righteousness. R2755:6 Successfully. These will prove the mettle of their Christian character, for strong will be the current against them. D66 Dwelling in the secret place (of consecration, communion and fellowship) of the Most High. D66; HG717:3 Through sanctification of mind and belief of the truth. R475:6 Stand firmly and valiantly in the battle, defending yourself and those of the household of faith within your reach. R1659:4, 2554:4 Possibly the saints may be compelled to stand in idleness long enough to let faith and patience perfect their work even after the appointed work is finished. C230 Only those with true Christian devotion to God, zeal, courage and fortitude will be able to endure to the end. D66; HG717:2 These will not fall, no matter what the trial the Lord permits, because fortified by development of character. R5678:3 Only those who faithfully walk with God, partaking of his Spirit, and humbly relying upon his precious Word, stand fast. D65, 66 One of the final and most searching tests will be love for the brethren—all who trust in the precious blood of Christ for forgiveness, and are fully consecrated to the Lord's service. Many will fail at this point. R2453:4 The Lord will provide assistance to the feet members of the Body of Christ through his messengers or servants, for they shall sustain, strengthen and uphold them by the Word of truth. R862:3 These must "earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." (Jude 3) R2453:4 Be on guard against the spirit which is envious of honors, privileges and blessings granted to another. R4154:5 The very elect will not fall, "because thou hast made the Lord, even the most High, thy habitation." (Psa. 91:9) SM289:2 Before the sifting ends, a thousand will fall to one who will stand. R1255:3, 1417:6, 862:3 A thousand shall fall into unbelief to one who will stand firm for the Lord and his Word. R3358:6; HG317:5 Our text indicates the fewness of those who will eventually stand. SM291:2 Not one grain of wheat will be lost. SM288:T And be saved from falling with the great nominal church, Babylon. NS38:5 Those who fall are unworthy of the truth, unworthy of membership in Christ. R2275:6, 2453:2 The position thus suggested implies an attack, and the attack will surely come. R2275:6

[NTC - Ephesians 6:14]

Stand therefore— The Apostle Paul urges. R5339:6 Loyal to the Lord. R5889:2 Unshaken, in the midst of the storms of this evil day. R3053:5 Maintain your standing. R388:3 Keeping on the armor. R388:3 Completely clothed with the truth. R2275:3 Stand your ground and battle for the truth. R2275:6 When you can do nothing more. R2143:4 And assist others to stand. R2554:4, 2453:5; NS38:5, 12:5; HG682:2 It is going to be hard to stay there. Q456:T So that ye may be counted worthy to be a living stone in that glorious Temple of God and an heir of that Kingdom which cannot be moved. R3053:5
Your loins girt— With the precious promises of God's Word; the truth. R684:4, 2275:3 Symbolizing consecration to the service of the truth. F657 To brace and strengthen you. R36:5 Girding up the loins of our minds with the girdle of truth. (1 Pet. 1:13) R5925:6, 414:6 Become a servant of the truth, or, at least, have the spirit of service. F657
About with truth— Thus enabled to daily grow in grace and in knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ. R5678:5 A sustaining strength derived from an understanding of the Word. R36:5 Lest we become weary and faint. (Heb. 12:3) R684:4
And having on— We must be buckling on. R5925:6
The breastplate— Our dear Redeemer's death. R4042:6 Christ's merit recognized as covering our life, our vitals. R684:4 An appreciation of the covering provided in and through the merit of our dear Redeemer's sacrifice. NS98:4 Justification. F657; R4043:1, 3030:6 To protect the heart. R2453:3, 3273:6; HG682:2 Purity of heart. R4077:4 His love provided the redemption which covers and protects us (without which we would be discouraged; our heart would fail). R4042:6, 3273:6 All need this righteousness, not only Christ's imputed righteousness, but also of the actual righteousness of heart, of will or intent, which alone can appreciate and appropriate the imputed righteousness of Christ. R1659:5, 3273:6, 3031:1, 3030:6
Of righteousness— Of Christ's righteousness. R684:4,5 475:6 Not the filthy rags of our own righteousness, but the righteousness of God in Christ. R3030:6 His merit recognized as covering our life, our vitals. R684:4, 2310:2 A righteous character, developed by the truth. R2275:3

[NTC - Ephesians 6:15]

And your feet— Figuratively. B157 Not literal feet any more than in the passage, "His feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives." (Zech. 14:4) B157 All need the "sandals," consecration, patience and fortitude, in order to keep the narrow, rugged way and not become weary and faint of heart. R1659:5,4077:4, 4043:2, 2453:4
Shod— For this narrow path. R475:6 Enabling one to walk firmly and upright. R192:6* Prepare for the rough pathway by putting on the sandals of full consecration to the Lord, even unto death. R2453:4 Enabling them to triumph over adverse conditions of the present life with speed and comfort. HG683:1 Those who go unshod, go hunting trouble. F657 So as not to be a limping disciple. R192:2*
With the preparation— Which is needful. R825:2 Meekness, gentleness, long-suffering, patience, love. R36:5; NS98:4 Which leads us to expect and enables us to endure the sharp difficulties of the narrow way unflinchingly, as good soldiers. R684:4, 3273:6, 2310:2, 825:2
The gospel of peace— Peace of God. F657 The glad tidings. R475:6 To assist him over the rough places without compromising the truth. F657 For our work through life as valiant representatives of the Lord and his truth. NS98:5 Selfish ambitions will never carry us to the end of the narrow way. R4043:2

[NTC - Ephesians 6:16]

Taking— Grasping. R5925:6
The shield of faith— The shield is a symbol. R3518:6 Faith in Christ's blood by which we have redemption. R475:6 For use on all occasions as necessity demands. R2453:3 Full confidence in the wisdom and power of our God and full trust in his Word. NS98:4 Of trust, of confidence in him who has bought us and redeemed us. R2310:2 A trust in God which will protect. R1659:5
"Without faith it is impossible to please him [God]." (Heb. 11:6) F658 The love of God, the mercy of God and of our Lord Jesus is the basis of our faith. R4043:1 Which is indispensable for protection. F657 Sufficient to cover every circumstance or condition that may arise. HG683:4 The Christian who has not the shield of faith, and a large one, is continually at a disadvantage before the Adversary. R5425:4 Which grows larger in proportion as it is handled and used. R3273:6 With no thought of wavering. R4688:6 Be on guard and cast not away our shield. R684:5 "This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith." (1 John 5:4) F658 "His truth shall be thy shield and buckler." (Psa. 91:4) R3332:1
Wherewith ye— As an armed soldier of the cross. R1744:5
Fiery darts— Arrows. R36:6 Fiery trials. R1744:5, 1659:5 Skepticism, higher criticism, evolution and demonology. F657 Anger, malice, hatred, strife. F658
The wicked— The Adversary, Satan. F657, 658; R4215:1 The enemy. R1744:5, 1659:5

[NTC - Ephesians 6:17]

And take— Taking a firm grip upon. R5925:6 We must be fastening. R5925:6
The helmet— Knowledge. R3031:1, 4077:4, 4043:1 Our helmet is a faith-knowledge. R4043:1 An intelligent hope of salvation. R684:4 The covering of protection for the intellect. R5678:5, 5339:6, 3030:6, 2453:3, 684:5; HG683:1 Intellectual protection; our sanctified reasoning guided through the Word of the Lord. R3030:6, 2453:3, 2310:1; HG316:6 Intellectual appreciation of God's plan. R1659:5, 3273:6 3030:6; F658; NS98:4; HG683:1 An intellectual knowledge based not upon things that are seen, but upon
things that are unseen. [Heb. 11:3] R4043:1 Which is indispensable because the Adversary is turning everything scientific and educational into a weapon of destruction. F658 Representing the truth. R3273:6, 5339:6 Do not allow your head to grow too big for it. R2275:5 Those who have put on the helmet only, who have merely a theoretical or intellectual knowledge of the truth, are in great danger. R1659:5 Less necessary in the past than now. F658
Of salvation— The acceptance of Christ's atoning work. R36:5, 475:6 From the snares and delusions of error. R2275:3
Sword of the spirit— Our weapons are not carnal. D542 In defense of the doctrines of Christ. R2275:4 Necessary to defend your shield and other armor. R36:5 Our weapon is always, "It is written." F658 Be not ashamed of the sword of the spirit, the Word of God; handle it with confidence, but not boastfully; it is not thine, but God's. R825:1 For both offensive and defensive warfare. It is sharp, and while one edge is presented toward the enemy, there is another toward him who wields it. R359:3* When we lose the sword of the spirit we lose our only protection against error. R5184:4 That we may be ready for service in protection of others and in defense of ourselves. R5678:5; C212 This can only be possessed by careful study and leading of the Spirit after consecration. F658 All this is the armor with which we are to withstand the attacks that appeal to the evil tendencies of the fallen nature, so that we may be more than conquerors through Christ. R5340:1The sword is an aggressive weapon. R5889:2 Sharper than any two-edged sword. R3273:6 Which is quick and powerful; let it do all the cutting. R4803:6 Becomes stronger and larger in the battles for the Lord and the truth. R3273:6 To be used in opposition to Satan and sin. R5889:2, 3030:6, 2453:3, 2310:2, 1659:5, 684:4 Refrain from using the Word of God in a belligerent manner. R3274:1 It is to be handled to accomplish good. R5889:2 The great weapon with which a soldier of the cross will prove his loyalty and strength. R5098:1
The Word of God— The truth. B100; R2453:3, 2310:2 "Onward, then, and fear not, children of the day, for his Word shall never, never pass away." R5340:3 Absolutely indispensable for our protection. R3030:6 God has provided this armor complete. HG316:6 So as to defend themselves and others from the insidious attacks of the foe. R1659:5 "My word that goeth forth out of my mouth shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." (Isa. 55:11) SM51:1 The Word of God is the only offensive armor of the Lord's little band. F658 We need to especially listen to what God says to us through his Word. R388:4 Let us heed the sure Word and be loyal, steadfast and true. R4688:6 Be zealous to search the Scriptures, preparing for the battle. SM291:2 Let us learn how to use the Word of God skillfully. NS98:4 Would that all Christian people awake to a proper study of the Bible—to see the object of divine dealings with the Jews during the Jewish age, with Christians during the Gospel age, and with the world during the Millennial age. SM286:2 All who handle the Word of God are in great danger of doing injury to themselves, except as they speak the truth in love. R4043:2

[NTC - Ephesians 6:18]

Praying always— The offering of a petition. R5835:4 A wonderful privilege. R5480:1, 5835:2 We need to have much and close communion with God.R388:3 To be always in the spirit of prayer. R5480:6 Because prayer is the Christian's "vital breath." R5745:6 We will need, with all our armor, to cultivate and to use the privilege of prayer. R5745:2 Only those prayers are acceptable to God which come from those in covenant relationship with him through our Lord, Jesus Christ. R5745:3, 5480:1 We must come only in the name of Christ, the only way of approach. R5835:3, 5745:3 "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you." (John 15:7) R5480:5 In harmony with the Lord's Word—in the interest of the new creature. R5746:5 One for another. R5901:5* A good soldier of the Lord Jesus must keep in close touch with headquarters. This he is privileged to do by coming daily to the throne of grace. R5745:1 The Lord's people are to approach the throne of grace daily, hourly, if need be. R5745:6 God wishes us to come to him in faith, in simple, earnest prayer. R5835:6 We should pray, above all, for God's holy Spirit. R5835:4 We are to pray for the things which we believe are God's will, really desiring what we ask for. R5745:4 The object of prayer is to benefit ourselves, and to bring us into the attitude of mind which will be in heart-readiness to receive our Father's blessing. R5745:4 One of Satan's chief lines of attack is to cut off our communication with the Lord. R5746:1 We could not be on our knees always; the matter of praying is not so restricted. Q546:2;R5835:3 How we shall come to God in prayer, whether standing, kneeling or bowing the head, is left to our common sense, although kneeling is a very reverential posture. Q546:2 The children of God are not to "say prayers," they are to pray. True prayer is the language of the heart. R5835:3, 5480:1 Anyone may express thanks to God or render worship, adoration, homage; but none may come to the Lord with recognition, except those who have come into Christ. R5835:4
All prayer— Any petition, great or small. R5480:2, 5745:3 Prayer is a necessity (for the Christian). R5382:4 Not just words, but from the heart.R5835:3, 5746:4 The prayers of the consecrated should be for grace to meet our various trials and difficulties. R5745:6 It is the prayer of a righteous man and the prayer of faith that is to bring results. R5901:5* The greater our earnestness, the more acceptable will be our prayers. R5480:1 As new creatures, our requests should be for things pertaining to our spiritual interests. R5481:4, 5745:6 Our Father delights to give us his holy Spirit, his very best gift, if we pray for it. R5481:4 Secret prayer is absolutely essential to the life of a Christian, and the Scriptures commend both public and private prayer amongst the children of God. R5480:5 "Prayer is laying hold upon God's willingness." R5481:3
And supplication— An earnest entreaty. R5745:3, 5835:4 A spirit of deep appreciation, of earnestness and humility and reverence. R5480:1,5480:3 With strong supplication we cry to our Father. R4688:5
In the spirit— With heart-appreciation of what we are doing; and concerning the needs of the new creature. R5745:3,5 Earnest and sincere. R5835:3,5745:3 The Lord is specially pleased to have us pray for the needs of the new creature. R5745:5 Our prayers are to be along the lines of the spirit, and not of the flesh. We are to pray only incidentally for the earthly things, because we have consecrated our bodies to God. R5745:5
Let us never come before him with vain, meaningless repetitions. [Matt. 6:7] R5745:5 Heathen prayers are formalistic, vain repetitions, not "in the spirit." R5745:2,5746:4
Watching thereunto— An attitude of mental alertness. R5480:2 After praying, be alert for answers. R5835:4, 5745:4, 5480:2 By watching and praying always (beside having on the whole armor), we will progress. R1802:4 Our Master's injunction: "Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation." (Mark 14:28) R5835:5This will require our waiting on the Lord, which should be in perfect trust and patience for his good time. R5480:5 For fresh evidence daily of the love and special watchcare of our God over us. R5481:6 Perhaps there are lessons to be learned by the Lord's delay in answering our petitions. R5480:4
Perseverance— Day by day. R5480:4 At times, there may be a speedy answer to our petitions. R5835:5,5480:4 Not just for a few hours or days, but until petition is answered. R5835:5, 5745:4, 5480:4 An essential quality in the sight of God. It includes patience, carefulness and interest. R5480:3 The Lord may defer to test our faith. R5835:5 Persistent, but not trying to force the Lord. R5835:6, 5481:3 We should not strive to induce the Lord to do anything that he is unwilling to do, but should wish that only his will be done. R5835:6, 5745:4 This is related to every fruit of the Spirit which the Lord's people are to cultivate. R5480:3
And supplication— A special agonizing desire for a thing; entreaty with intense yearning. R5480:2, 5745:3, 5835:4 An intense form of prayer. R5835:4,5480:2
All saints— Do you pray in behalf of the brethren? Through prayer, we can serve the brethren by obtaining blessings, enlightenment and mercy for them. R5901:5* And for the interests of the Lord's cause. R5480:5 The truly consecrated among professing Christians. R1139:1

[NTC - Ephesians 6:19]

And for me— And, brethren, pray for me. R367:6
Mystery of the gospel— The Church and her special call; to the privilege of sacrifice now, and the privileges of glory by and by. R4434:5

[NTC - Ephesians 6:21]

Tychicus— Paul sent him to the Church at Ephesus to be their helper. R1570:5

[NTC - Ephesians 6:24]

In sincerity— Greek, aphtharsia, incorruptly. E397; R204:1