[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 1:5]

Be counted worthy— In spite of the fact that no human being actually is worthy. R3002:2 We are not worthy of the Kingdom of God; but the Lord purposes to (count) his faithful ones worthy, through the merit of the atonement sacrifice, which permits the acceptance of our wills, intentions, instead of the perfect works of righteousness. R3002:2
Ye also suffer— Strive in a reasonable, rational manner, according to the divine Word and plan, to suffer for the Kingdom's sake. R3002:2 This loyalty should be put to the test. CR80:3

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 1:6]

Tribulation to them that trouble you— It will be but a just thing for the Lord, at the second coming of the Lord Jesus, to render a recompense (purgatorial punishment) upon those who have been opposers of the truth and of the saints. Their punishment or tribulation will be just, and not an unjust one. R1471:2,4

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 1:7]

To you— The saints, whose enemies are allowed to prosper and oppose. R356:2
Who are troubled— We are enduring tribulation, until he come. R3652:6
Shall be revealed— Greek: apokalupsis; revealment, uncovering, unveiling (as of a thing previously present but hidden). R2979:2,3, 580:5, 264:2, 20:4 The revelation of Christ to the world will be subsequent to his revelation of himself to the "wise virgin" class. The world will know, not by seeing Jesus in the flesh, but by seeing the great time of trouble. R5523:1
Angels— Agencies. R764:6

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 1:8]

In flaming fire— Of righteous purgatorial judgment. R1471:4 In which Christ's presence will first be revealed to the world in the great day of trouble which will introduce the new dispensation; and will continue to burn throughout that thousand-year day against all evil-doers. R1471:4, 5527:4 Symbol of the destructive force which will be exercised against everything that shall oppose the laws of Messiah's Kingdom. OV324:1; B151 Gradually, the world will come to understand that the great King is identified with the trouble. R5830:5Judgments against all unrighteousness. R2979:3 Trouble, judgments—consumingly destructive to evil and ignorance and wrongs of every sort. R764:6, 5527:4 In the time of trouble. R5456:1 After 1914. Q98:T; R5567:1 Melting of the social fabric. R668:1 Anarchy, bringing retributive justice preceding the blessings of the new Kingdom.R5567:1, 5586:6 Outward manifestation of judgment, which will come on men in a natural way. It is their own fire that they built. Q98:T Trouble—great anarchistic blaze—destruction, leaving present institutions in ashes. R5058:6, 1040:1 The outward sign by which the world will know that Messiah has accepted his throne. CR291:4
That know not God— Who acknowledge not God. T86 The ignorant who do not appreciate God's character and plans, and obey not the gospel. R764:6,356:2 On them who are not really acquainted with God, but who nevertheless fail to obey the light of conscience, which all to some extent possess. B152
And that obey not— And also on those who, while knowing God, yet obey not the gospel. B152
The gospel— Glad tidings. R1471:4

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 1:9]

Who— Willful sinners against full light. OV363:T Class of incorrigibles. R4973:5 Disobedient lovers of evil. PD95/109 Including Satan and all who follow his way. E392
Shall be punished— Divine vengeance or retribution against sinners. R2858:4
With— Or by. R926:1
Everlasting destruction— The second death. E330; R5344:1, 5314:6, 5286:6, 2972:5, 2690:4, 2657:4, 2607:6, 1882:4, 1878:6; OV363:T, 333:3; CR279:3, 338:2*; SM167:T Beyond all hope of recovery. R2858:4, 2972:5; Greek: aionion; not limited, i.e. upon which destruction no limit has been placed. R764:3,719:4 Not preservation in torment or otherwise. R3947:2, 4973:5, 4881:6; OV373:5 From it there will be no redemption, no resurrection; Christ shall die no more, perish like natural brute beasts. (2 Pet. 2:12) R5314:6, 1882:4, 1878:6, 926:1; CR350:1, 338:2 Only the willingly obdurate shall be lost, and their loss will be the loss of life. R4702:4 "Destroyed from amongst the people." (Acts 3:23) E193; R4140:4; SM767:T "Be as though they had not been." (Job 10:19) E387"The wages of sin is death." (Rom. 6:23) R4618:4, 1882:4, 1085:5, 926:1

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 1:10]

When he shall— Messiah—Head and Body. OV119:4; R2407:4
Come— Have come. R764:3 When he comes it will be privately. He comes to organize the Church as his Kingdom, to set it up. R579:6, 263:3, 19:3
To be glorified— Recognized as glorious, and to manifest his glory in his saints. R582:2* That coming glory was foreshadowed in his miracles, "manifested forth his glory." (John 2:11) R526:5
In his saints— In the first resurrection. F161
And to be admired— Respected, obeyed, worshipped. R774:1 Wondered at. R582:2*
In all them— Who desire fellowship with God will come to him through the Royal Priesthood, who will offer their sacrifices for them. R1732:5 All who come into harmony with God, through Christ, under the terms of the New Covenant sealed by the precious blood. R2407:4 Those who choose the heavenly portion and the sacrifices necessary to obtain it should be admired by all mankind. OV119:4
In that day— In the Millennial day. R1732:5, 2407:4, 1176:1, 765:1, 764:6, 356:2 "The last day" of sin, in which it will be forever wiped out. R356:2

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 1:11]

Of this calling— The great high calling of this Gospel age—to joint-heirship with his Son in the Kingdom. R3002:4 Present and future—now to suffer with Christ to cultivate his spirit, to bear much fruit and thus be fitted for a share in the work of the incoming age—for the blessing of the world. R2414:6
The work of faith— These are not things which he offers us grudgingly, but things which he is well pleased to bestow. R3002:5

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:1]

Beseech you— Entreat you. R665:4
By the coming— Greek: parousia; presence. B159; R2979:1, 1693:1, 223:2

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:2]

Not soon shaken— Not quickly agitated, nor alarmed. R665:4
The day of Christ— Period of Messiah's glorious reign. SM151:1
Is at hand— Greek: enestemi; is present. B269; F226; R665:4 "Has set in." (Rotherham) R519:4* For it was yet a long way off. F672

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:3]

Let no man deceive you— "Beguile." (Revised Version) R519:4* Jesus knew the enemy's subtle power, and that he would deceive the very elect, if possible. (Matt. 13:24-43) R632:1
That day— Could not come until after the great falling away, and the manifestation of the Man of Sin. R3128:4 Until the abomination of desolation has been set up. R5339:3 We are now living in "that Day of the Lord." (1 Thes. 5:2) R305:1, 54:2
Not come, except— Paul did not use arguments such as some today are disposed to use against the claim that the Day of the Lord has begun. He did not say when Christ comes your eyes shall behold him and your ears hear the trump of God.B270
Come a falling away— The apostasy—from the true faith. B269; R1093:4; 665:4 From the truth. R306:1, 980:2, 55:1 In the Church before the great Day of the Lord could come. R5769:1, 306:6, 55:5 A spiritual defection. (Used one other place in New Testament, where Paul is charged with teaching apostasy from Moses by abandoning circumcision.) R638:6* A false system that would develop in the Church. R305:1, 54:2 As one error after another crept in, the Church fell from her position of trust in and support of the promises of her absent Lord, and began to love the world and the things of the world. R305:1, 54:2 A falling away into formalism, the development of a clergy, and a desire for worldly power. B286, 287 During the "Dark Ages" of Papacy's reign, from about the year 300 to 1600 A.D. During that carnival of heresy several portions of the Bible were altered as to appear to give support to Papacy's teachings. R278:2
That man of sin— An apostasy; the system of error. R980:2; B267-361 The kingdom of Antichrist. R1093:6 In the Dark Ages there was quite a clear understanding that the Papacy was the Man of Sin. R5339:5 The Antichrist; the abomination of desolation, the beast, the little horn, the Papacy. B271, 277; C95; D32; R1775:1, 1526:4, 606:4, 402:1, 310:2, 305:2, 54:3
Be revealed— His real character shown and seen. R305:1, 54:2
Son of perdition— The son of destruction, the opponent. R665:4

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:4]

That is called God— That is called a mighty ruler. B269 That is worshipped. R304:3, 54:1
So that he as God— As a mighty religious ruler, A theos, not THE theos, Jehovah. B275
In the temple of God— A religious ruler, claiming and exercising authority over and above all other religious rulers, even to the extent of exalting himself in the Church, which is the true temple of God. B275; R305:6; 638:3* Greek: Ton naon; here translated "temple," never means in six other usages a literal temple, but is always applied to the Church of God; "Which temple ye are." (1 Cor. 3:17) R638:1*

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:6]

Withholdeth— Prevents, hinders, comes between. R665:5 Interposes. B270
That he— Christ Jesus. R665:5; B270
In his time— In his own due season. B270 Now you know why I so positively declare that we are not yet in the Day of the Lord. R665:5

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:7]

Mystery of iniquity— Began in Paul's day, and developed into Papacy and her daughter organizations. There is a sense in which the word mystery is used in Scripture in the same sense as the word church. (Col. 1:27; Eph. 5:32; 1 John 3:1)R368:6, 711:1, CR11:3 Insubordination to Christ. B270 The body of Antichrist, Babylon, Christendom, particularly the Papacy. F201; R767:1
Only he who now letteth— The thing which hindered a rapid development of Antichrist was the fact that the place aspired to was already filled by another, the Roman Empire. B288

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:8]

Shall that wicked— System. R307:2 The Lawless One. (Diaglott) R1977:2 The Man of Sin. R1363:1 The Antichrist; "Even now there are many." (1 John 2:18) E286
Be revealed— Greek: apokalupto; to uncover, to remove a disguise. R307:3, 711:1 By Luther and others, even though many do not even yet see it. T86, R307:3
Spirit of his mouth— His Word—the truth. This agency for the consuming of Papacy has progressed for about three hundred years, or since God's Word began to be published—AD 1526, and particularly since 1801 when the "two witnesses" were exalted to heaven and the "dominion" or temporal power began to be taken away. R307:3, 815:4, 287:5, 55:6 Truth, the spirit of the Lord's mouth, may come through a thousand channels. Even blasphemous infidelity may be one of the agencies and we believe it is the truth uttered, though mixed, which is the secret of power against Babylon—with respect to human rights and equality. R757:4
And shall destroy— All willful sinners, and all who will not hear his voice, his command, his instructions. F398 Let no one hastily infer a peaceable conversion of the nations, for this and many scriptures teach the opposite. (Rev. 19:15; Rev. 11:17, 18; Dan. 12:1; Psa. 149 and 47) B101
With the brightness— Greek: epiphania; bright shining; manifestation. C39; R2979:2,6, 307:4 Light and knowledge will so increase that all forms of error and evil will be finally dispelled by the bright shining of the present one. We may expect vengeance to begin in October (1881). While it will not be hindered after October, yet great results need not be looked for in a day. R247:6
Of his coming— Greek: parousia; presence. B159, 270; C39; R3082:3, 2979:1,6, 2001:5, 1363:1 Of the present one. R711:2, 247:6, 124:1

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:9]

Even him— These words, supplied by the translators, and not in the original text, tend to obscure the sense of this passage. R1363:2
Whose coming— Christ's parousia (presence). R1363:1, 1693:1
Is after— Greek: kata; is with, or accompanied by, as the same word is rendered in Mark 1:27; 1 Cor. 2:1; Eph. 6:6. B359; R1363:1,2
The working— An energetic operation. (Satanic energy and action.) B359
Of Satan— One of many scriptures which refer to this Adversary whose very existence is now denied by many. F609 The Apostle was a firm believer in a personal devil, and a Bible study of his teachings on this subject would be profitable when Christian Scientists and others deny the existence of the Adversary. R3165:6 The prime mover in the evils of this present time, and especially active in this hour of temptation. R2793:2 He will not yield peaceably to the new rule; but must be overthrown by Christ after a violent struggle. R3119:6
And lying wonders— Healing and miracles. F639 The fallen angels, spirit mediums. R3742:4 Out of the church of Rome have sprung the various minor systems. R767:1 "Seducing spirits and doctrines of devils." (1 Tim. 4:1; Eph. 6:11-13; 2 Pet. 3:17; Matt. 24:24) R2189:3, 2173:4, 1643:2

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:10]

Of unrighteousness— Untruth. R2891:3 Satan will be granted by the Lord special power in the end of this age, and as a result there will be special, severe testings upon the people of God; many will fall away from a Christian profession and a nominal faith. SM325:1 Satan himself is aware that nothing that is wholly false could succeed. (2 Cor. 11:14) SM323:1 The first question to be asked respecting any matter is: Is it true or is it false? To tamper with error after we see it to be error is to lay a trap for our spiritual feet. R2891:3; F264
Received not the love of the truth— With a proper zeal. R4194:3 But in the love of self. R3138:5 Loved the error rather than the light. SM326:1;R1643:2, 1356:3 Rather the love of building up a denomination; the love of soliciting money for a denomination; and the love of certain ideas of their own. R5800:4After coming to a knowledge of the truth, they do not love it so as to be willing to die for it. R1356:3 They that receive the truth in the love of it will surely serve it with all the decision they can command. R2950:4 They who on receiving truth ponder long whether it will cost too much, give evidence that their love for the truth is not great enough. Such must cultivate love for the truth until it outweighs all other things else they will not be fit for the Kingdom. R2950:4 The Lord will not permit those who receive the truth in the love of it to be turned aside. But he would send strong delusions to those who receive it from any other motive, or for any other reason. R5800:4 If sincere love for the truth, honesty of thought and deed, be yielded, sacrificed to pride, ambition, vain-glory, or any other thing, the result will be a loss of Present Truth. R3847:4 They are not worthy of it. R2275:1 To the listless and selfish who are not grossly wicked, the truth is only made a minister to pride and selfishness, and hence it is the will of God that all such should lose it. R1950:1

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:11]

And for this cause— Evidently these words were a prophecy concerning the present Harvest time. Doubtless they apply primarily to the Church and will later apply also to Babylon and the unregenerate world. "Judgment must begin at the house of God." (1 Pet. 4:17) R4514:3
Shall send them— Permit to come upon them. R2274:6 Speaking of this evil day, a certain class may believe a lie, because they were not honest, but acted deceptively, hypocritically. Probably the most valuable trait of character is honesty. R5098:3 The Harvest time, especially the closing years of the Harvest. R4583:2 All, in the end of the Gospel age, who, having been favored with the Word of God, have failed to appreciate and use it. R2174:4, 3847:5, 3490:3 For the purpose of sifting and separating the true from the false among those who have named the name of Christ. OV294:1; R3209:3 To gather the tares. OV297:4; R3209:3 Upon many in the nominal church. R2540:1, 3490:3, 2274:6 The church in general. R4167:5 Not only nominal Christendom, but upon those who have been specially favored with the light of truth now shining. R4583:2The intimation is that the severity of the testing will come first to the saints. R4583:3
Strong delusion— That which, from certain standpoints, has the appearance of truth. R2274:2 Literally, a frenzy of delusion. R4514:2 Of Satanic wrath and power. R1949:3 God not only permits, but also desires, that the faith of his professed people should be severely tried. R1949:6, 5990:4, 5800:4, 1280:1 A working of deception—Spiritism. Fallen angels transformed to appear as angels of light and progress. F639; R2174:5 The success of strong organizations; such as Papacy, Methodism, Spiritism, Theosophy, Christian Science, Church Federation. F200; R4583:2, 1736:4 The modern Satanic gift of tongues is one of the many delusions of our day. R3941:5 Putting light for darkness, and darkness for light. R3119:6 Christian Science, mind-cure teachers, Satan masquerading as the champion of pure thoughts and righteous living. SM326:1 Giving them over, permitting them to believe, the lie which they preferred, and to suffer for missing the Truth which they did not love. SM238:2 Persistence in that which in the beginning, at least, was clearly recognized as wrong; but which, through self-will persisted in, subsequently became a gross deception. F166 Because the Christian world received not the truth in the love of it, God sent these delusions that it should be condemned thereby. R5652:4; OV294:1 The pestilence (moral and spiritual) that walketh in darkness that spreads and makes its victims among those who are ignorant of the truth, or who are unfaithful to it and hence unworthy of it. (Psa. 91:6) R3332:1 The Adversary is permitted to bring strong delusions upon the Lord's people for the very purpose of sifting out all not truly his. (Mal. 3:17) R3125:2, 5800:4 These delusions will have wonderful power upon the world of mankind and especially in Christendom, which will gain power during the next few years. The delusions will have their power because God's people have not been sufficiently awake to the privileges of Bible study. R4583:2 Great delusions are just before us, and some of these may come closest upon those possessing the most light of Present Truth. (Matt. 24:26, 27) Had it been foretold precisely what form these deceptions would take, this would have somewhat hindered their deceptive power. D581 Surely the proposed union—vitalizing the Protestant image and bringing it into accord with the Papal (beast) system, is a master-stroke of Satan and one of the strong delusions of this time foretold by the Apostle. R1474:6
That they— A certain class, who acted deceptively, hypocritically. R5098:3 Those who, having been brought in contact with the truth, either resist it, or by failure to follow the true light loyally, show that they are unworthy of it. R2033:5 No doubt some who will be of the Great Company will be more or less deceived of the Adversary by the strong delusions of this hour. R4583:6
Should believe a lie— And depart from the truth. R3125:2 A disloyal condition of heart may be meant which would apply to every form of truth and correspondingly apply to various lies. R4514:3 The demons are constantly striving to perpetuate the lie of Genesis 3:4, "Ye shall not surely die." They will now be permitted to personate the dead so successfully as to be a strong delusion. R3490:4, 5909:6 Whoever would come under the influence of the teaching of Satan and his fallen host would think of a dead man as really advanced to a higher station instead of having fallen into death. Other errors could be introduced, such as purgatory. OV301:3 The poor world, lacking wisdom from on high, misled by its trusted scientific and theological teachings, is rapidly coming under the power of the evil spirits. R4404:4

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:12]

They all— Those who having once heard and understood the truth, turned from it, rejected it. R2274:6 Those who fall. SM567:2; R3941:5
Might be damned— Condemned. SM326:1; R3941:5, 3490:3, 3125:2, 2274:5,6, 2174:5, 1869:5, 1766:4, 606:4; Q166:2 Might be judged unworthy to share the Millennial Kingdom, as joint-heirs with Christ. B359; R2813:3, 2274:2; Q166:2 Be manifested as not right—as out of harmony with God. SM567:2; R3941:5, 1766:4
Who believed not— Manifesting that they were not worthy of the glorious things which God has in reservation for those who love righteousness and hate iniquity. SM326:1
Had pleasure in unrighteousness— The preceding verses show that the reference here is to the development of the Man of Sin—Papacy. Those who were instrumental in introducing this system sought to pervert the truth for their own selfish ends. R606:4 Greek: adikia; untruth, deception, hypocrisy, two-facedness. R1363:2, 3181:3, 3941:5; SM105:T Injustice. R1766:4 Doctrinal or practical. R2174:5 Not necessarily in gross unrighteousness, such as crime, but often a desire for a little more liberty of self-will instead of close conformity to the divine will. R2274:6 The great majority have followed Satan, the opponent of God. R5910:1

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:13]

From the beginning— God foreknew and fore-arranged that those should be chosen to this high calling who, believing the truth, would be sanctified by it. This implies the searching for truth as for hid treasures. R475:6
Chosen you— The saints, not the nominal church. A299; R2538:5, 25:1* This peculiar people is a new and chosen generation. Or in other words, having believed the message of salvation and gratefully accepted, they were chosen of God. R1567:2, 3621:2
Through sanctification of the Spirit— The sanctification movement among Methodists is not the same as the high calling. Sanctification means, set apart, or, separated. The only sanctification recognized in Scripture is a sanctification of the spirit (mind) through the belief of the truth. R377:3, 475:6 Consecration of their hearts or minds. R831:4 A complete setting apart to the divine will and service. R1950:5 The divine spirit is the sanctifier, and the Word of Truth is the instrument. R197:3*

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:14]

Gospel— It is the voice of God by Jesus Christ proclaiming glad tidings of the coming Kingdom. R810:3*
Of the glory of our Lord— Pre-eminence over all other classes, all other stations, in earth or in heaven. Exalted far above angels and granted the divine nature. (Rom. 2:7; 1 Cor. 15:53; 1 John 3:2, 3; 1 Cor. 1:26, 27; 2 Peter 1:4) This is the glorious inheritance of Zion, and this promotion can be received from no other quarter than God himself, on his own terms. R5711:1 "The far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory." (2 Cor. 4:17; 1 John 3:2; Col. 1:27; John 17:22; 1 Peter 5:10) R5684:5; A211 "Partaker of the divine nature." (2 Peter 1:4; 1 John 3:2; Rev. 21:2, 9; 22:17; 1 Cor. 10:16, 17; 12:12, 13, 27) R5748:6 Referring to our intimate relationship to our Head. "If we suffer with him we shall also reign with him." (2 Tim. 2:12) T80

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:15]

Traditions— Teachings of the Scriptures and Paul's own instructions. Q747:2

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:16]

Hath loved us— God's special love and provision for his saints as distinguished from the world. R1254:5

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 2:17]

Word and work— Give earnest heed to opportunities for service, and consider that the information has been given us that we may impart it to others—to those brethren and sisters of the Lord's family, some of whom are in Babylon yet. R4685:5

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 3:2]

Have not faith— The New Covenant was made necessary as a supplement to the Faith or Abrahamic Covenant because, as the Apostle declares, "All men have not faith." R4515:6 The great majority of Adam's race are so fallen as to be unable to approach God as Abraham did. R4515:6

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 3:5]

And the Lord— The love of God is a different kind than is common to the natural man, and we need to be directed into it through the divine Word. R2648:2
Direct your hearts— The Lord demands the absolute cleansing of the will, the heart, the spirit. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." (Matt. 5:8) F409
The love of God— The love that is gentle, meek, patient, long-suffering—that thinketh or speaketh no evil, but trusteth and is kind and considerate according to the golden rule. F409We need to have our hearts directed into this love, for as a new creation we are walking in a new way—not after the flesh but after the Spirit. F409
Waiting— Waiting for the actual salvation. R604:5*

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 3:6]

Brethren— The oneness of thought, mind and action required of the Church of God. R1130:6*
Withdraw yourselves— He warns us against immoral and unjust persons, and those who wrest (twist) the Scriptures, and thus turn the truth of God into a lie. And in the Apostle's estimation, doctrinal disorders are among the chief. R1575:3
From every brother— We have no evidence that the early Church ever regarded the apostles as lords in the Church; or that the apostles ever assumed such authority or dignity. F230;R1523:5 Brother was the common term of salutation. Even the Lord himself was not ashamed to call them all brethren. (Heb. 2:11) F230; R1523:5
Walketh disorderly— Wolves in sheep's clothing, selfishly seeking their own temporal advantage. The Apostle did not counsel the handling of these wolves very gently, as some teachers of today advise. R1559:1
After the tradition— The Lord's plan, of which the atonement, the ransom, is the center, or hub. F630

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 3:9]

Power— Authority as the appointed apostles of the Lord to demand support. R2500:6

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 3:10]

Would not work— Many are bold to pray for what they will not work for. F651

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 3:11]

Working not at all— This passage does not authorize begging or idle waiting for the Lord's people to supply one's needs. R2805:1* There are many ways of walking disorderly (1 Thes. 5:14). Some work not at all. R1575:3
Busybodies— Some are trying to attend to the affairs of others, and feeling responsibilities that the Lord has never put upon them. This is an indication of spiritual weakness, for these are surely neglecting their own nourishments and exercises, else they would not have so much time to spare in finding fault with others. R4376:1 "Let none of you suffer as a murderer, or a thief, or as an evil-doer, or as a busybody in other men's matters." (1 Peter 4:15; 1 Tim. 5:13) R4376:1

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 3:14]

Obey not our word— If he be disorderly, unwilling to submit himself to sound reasoning, and loving, generous, rules of order. F303 The apostolic Scriptural directions in respect to their conduct. R3034:6
Have no company— After you have faithfully warned such a one, if still he obeys not the truth, note that man. But not until it becomes manifest that the Lord has cut him off, may we cease to feel a brother's interest in him. R1893:6

[NTC - 2 Thessalonians 3:15]

Not as an enemy— But as misguided brethren for whose recovery we are to be willing to lay down even our lives, an hour here, another hour there, an effort for this one and an effort for another one, because they are the Lord's. R3092:4
Admonish him— This does not mean to denounce roundly and severely; it does mean to admonish in a spirit of love, gentleness, meekness, patience, and with a sincere desire to help the brother to see the fault which we are certain exists, and which we are sure is not evil surmising on our part. R3034:6
As a brother— All the Church were similarly greeted—as brothers and sisters in Christ. R1523:5