[Proverbs - General]

The book of Proverbs was probably the latest production of Solomon, when not only the promised wisdom from above but also an experience gained under very peculiar and varied circumstances found expression in numerous concise and pithy sayings for the guidance and instruction of all who would live godly. R1517:5 The book of Proverbs is a poem, the first nine chapters of which are a discourse on wisdom, which is personified. The major part of the book consists of the proverbs of Solomon, some of which chapters 25-29—were collected and added later by King Hezekiah. Chapters 30 and 31, however, do not claim Solomon for their author. R1518:2
However well or illy Solomon followed his own teachings, it is conceded by all that those teachings were sound wisdom—as true today as when uttered. While Solomon's writings may not be ranked exactly with the inspired prophecies of the Scriptures, the fact that we are told that the Lord heard his prayer for wisdom, and granted the request, together with the fact that his writings were accepted as a part of the sacred canon in our Lord's day, and not objected to by New Testament writers, but on the contrary quoted from, is sufficient guarantee to us that the wisdom of these Proverbs is of a kind that cometh from above. R2388:1, R2053:2

[Prov. 1:1]

Proverbs of Solomon —Based on the promised wisdom from above and on experiences gained under peculiar and varied circumstances. R1517:5 Although he spoke 3000 Proverbs (1 Kings 4:32), they were not all deemed of the Lord worthy of preservation as a portion of the sacred Scriptures. R2053:4 Those who reverence the Lord he recognizes as sons. To such the counsels of these Proverbs are addressed, while warnings are given to others. R1518:5 Solomon was granted a supernatural wisdom that he might prefigure Jesus, the "greater than Solomon." (Matt. 12:42) R2053:2

[Prov. 1:2]

Wisdom —Dealing with wisdom from the earthly standpoint, not the heavenly wisdom, not spiritual understanding. R2053:1 Solomon was granted a supernatural wisdom that he might represent our Lord. R2053:2

[Prov. 1:5]

A wise man will hear —No matter how wise a man may be, he still has opportunity to increase his wisdom, and a teachable attitude and desire to know the truth are necessary. R2053:3Christians need to search the Scriptures daily that they might more perfectly understand the divine plan. R2053:3

[Prov. 1:7]

The fear of the LORD —Solomon here quotes from one of his father David's Psalms. (Psa. 111:10) R2053:3 Proper reverence for him, now so generally lacking. R2053:5 Allowing our minds to dwell upon the grandeur of God's benevolent, loving and glorious character until a glimpse of his glory awakens in us a feeling of admiration, veneration and love. R1518:3 In the training of a child, every suggestion should take the Lord into consideration. F554 Other fears are discountenanced among the Lord's people; the fear of the Lord should be their only one. CR9:1
Of knowledge —Knowledge from God is accompanied by its equal of understanding and this is how we have become established in the faith. If God gives us knowledge he also gives us a test on that knowledge, and fortifies it with the understanding thereof. R4093:2*
Fools despise wisdom —As mankind awakens from the superstition of the past they go to the opposite extreme of doubt, skepticism, infidelity, irreverence for God and his Word. R2053:5

[Prov. 1:8]

My son —Only those begotten of the truth and in covenant with God. R1518:5
Of thy father —God. R1518:5 True prosperity lies in obedience to parents, and in general, learning from the experiences of those who have gone before. R2053:6
Of thy mother —The Abrahamic covenant, typified by Sarah. R4019:5, R1518:5

[Prov. 1:9]

Be an ornament —Mark of honor and respect. R2053:6

[Prov. 1:10]

If sinners —Literally the brigands of Solomon's day, much more common then than now. R2054:1 Figuratively the trusts and monopolies (including labor trusts) of our day. R1518:5, R2054:1

[Prov. 1:11]

Come with us —Join our union or trust. R1518:6
Lay wait for blood —For opportunities to squeeze the life out of those under our power—financially or otherwise kill those opposed to us. R1518:6 Social brigandage, in passing laws that do violence to the liberties and interests of others. R2054:4
Lurk privily —Watch for opportunity to take advantage of their ignorance of our movements. R1519:1 Robbing others by misrepresentation, swindling advertisements, fraudulent deceptions, trickery, etc. R2054:1
For the innocent —It is chiefly the innocent who suffer most from such conspiracies. R1519:1

[Prov. 1:12]

Let us —This purports to be the language of murderers who would destroy their victims quickly, and have them lost from sight and from memory. E366
Swallow them up —Completely destroy them as competitors. R1519:1 As in an earthquake, as in Num. 16:30-33. R2600:2
Alive as the grave —As sheol, oblivion, lost from sight and memory. E366

[Prov. 1:13]

With spoil —Grow rich upon the loss and injuries of others. R1519:1

[Prov. 1:14]

All have one purse —Let us put our money and skill together so that we can control the markets and reap the harvest. R1519:1

[Prov. 1:15]

Walk not thou —"My soul, come not thou into their secret" scheming. (Gen. 49:6) CR351:4*

[Prov. 1:17]

Sight of any bird —Both Capital and Labor can see the devices of each other. R1519:1

[Prov. 1:18]

And they —These conspirators. R1519:2
Their own blood —Get caught in their own traps. R1519:2, R2054:4

[Prov. 1:19]

Greedy of gain —"Then they that will (to) be rich fall into temptation and a snare." (1 Tim. 6:9) R2054:4
The life —The living. R1519:2

[Prov. 1:20]

Wisdom —The voice of righteousness and prudence, the voice of God. R1519:2
Crieth without —Never before were the obligations of human brotherhood forced upon the attention of all men as they are today. R1519:2
In the streets —The "golden rule" is coming to the front, even in the newspapers of our day. R1519:2

[Prov. 1:22]

Love simplicity —Prefer to remain in ignorance of the just and right ways of the Lord. R1519:3
In their scorning —Of justice and truth. R1519:3
Hate knowledge —The wisdom that cometh from above. R1519:3

[Prov. 1:23]

At my reproof —But they will not turn, because they "Imagine a vain thing,"—they "set themselves together against the Lord and against his anointed." (Psa. 2:2) R1519:3
I will pour out —Make manifest. R1519:3
My spirit —My disposition. R1519:3
My words unto you —Notwithstanding the fact that they hate such a knowledge. R1519:3

[Prov. 1:25]

All my counsel —As contained in my Word. R2241:1

[Prov. 1:26]

I also will laugh —"He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision." (Psa. 2:4) R1519:4, R1079:5
At your calamity —The culmination of the present (1893) unrest will be a terrific whirlwind. R1519:4

[Prov. 1:28]

I will not answer —It will not avert the trouble for men to call upon the Lord once it has begun. R1519:4 "God heareth not sinners." (John 9:31) R2024:1 Prayer privileges are restricted to those who, desiring to flee from sin, come to a knowledge of the Savior and accept the favor of God. R2024:1

[Prov. 1:30]

None of my counsel —Some reject the Word of the Lord in toto; others, as truly rejectors, accept it nominally, but never in the sense of putting it into practice in their daily lives. R2241:1

[Prov. 1:31]

Of their own way —The whirlwind of trouble will be the result of their own selfishness. R1519:4 Illustrated by the end of King Saul. R3240:5
And be filled —To satisfaction. R1519:4

[Prov. 1:32]

The turning away —From the heavenly wisdom to the earthly wisdom of selfishness. R1519:5
Shall slay them —Incite the jealousy and hatred of the masses and make them special objects of attack in the time of trouble. R1519:5

[Prov. 1:33]

Shall dwell safely —"The Lord knoweth them that are his." (2 Tim. 2:19) R1519:5

[Prov. 2:3]

Liftest up thy voice —Many who thus pray for knowledge do not seek it as "hid treasure," and therefore do not find it. R493:2*

[Prov. 2:4]

If thou seekest her —Webster says that "in Scripture theology, wisdom is true religion," religion signifying "any system of faith and worship." R179:1* Those who are so anxious for truth as to be willing to sacrifice other things to get it are the ones for whom God prepared it. R367:1 Some would rather be always unsettled than go to the necessary labor of "proving" by diligent study of the Scriptures what is good and what is erroneous. Such indifference will expose them to error. R651:6 Some, even amongst the Lord's friends, rebuke others for their earnestness in seeking truth, instead of encouraging it.R2730:4
As silver —Why is the Bible not more plain? Why is gold hid deep in the earth? It is a question of character. Desire, will, energy, determination and faithfulness will be rewarded. R24:4*When found, silver has to be separated from materials, useful in themselves, but detracting from the value of the silver. So the child of God needs to "rightly divide the word of truth." (2 Tim. 2:15) R179:5* What was necessary for our fathers to know of truth is not enough for us to know, any more than the supply of silver at the discovery of America was sufficient for the world at the present time. R179:4*
As for hid treasures —Why hidden? That it may not be found until needed. R179:2* God has provided truth only for those who hunger and thirst after it. Many are too indifferent or too engrossed with money-getting and pleasure-seeking to dig for the truth. R1832:4 Miners have lights upon their heads and sometimes prostrate themselves in their search. We need to be humble and have our minds illuminated with the spirit. R179:5* If you would find it you must be ever on the lookout. If you would see its beauty you must brush aside the weeds of error and the brambles of bigotry. If you would possess it you must stoop to get it. R9:1

[Prov. 2:5]

Understand —A duty to find out all Possible of God's "system of faith." R179:2*
Find the knowledge —The Lord will bless every real truth-seeker. For such alone truth was written, to such alone it will be revealed. R501:5

[Prov. 2:7]

Sound wisdom —Contrariwise, the spirit of devils produces the spirit of an unsound mind. R2185:2

[Prov. 2:21]

For the upright —All who desire fellowship with God through Christ during the Millennial age. E30
Dwell In the land —Under the terms of the New covenant. E30

[Prov. 2:22]

But the wicked —Who refuse the divine offer of reconciliation. E30

[Prov. 3:1]

My son —"Wisdom is justified of her children." (Matt. 11:19) They show their parentage, reflect her likeness in physical as well as spiritual things. R2060:2

[Prov. 3:2]

For length of days —Due to a wise and moderate course in life, in obedience to the divine laws. R2060:2

[Prov. 3:3]

Let not mercy —Consideration for the failings and sufferings of others. R2060:3 Mercy includes all the graces of character. R5309:5
And truth —Sincerity, pureness and uprightness of dealing in all our affairs. R2060:3 Truth and righteousness are synonymous. R5309:1 The qualities of truth and mercy are in the divine character. R5309:3
About thy neck —As jewels and ornaments of character, manifest to all. R2060:3, R5309:2 It does not say to bind justice about our neck. Because there is none righteous, our course in respect to justice cannot be the same as that of our Heavenly Father. R5309:1
Write them —Re-write them. R5309:5 The work of re—writing the divine character in the heart is already begun in the Church, and will progress in the world during the Millennium. R5309:5, R2060:3
Of thine heart —In addition to the outward graces, deeply graven inward principles. R2060:3 Originally, God wrote the divine law in Adam's heart. R5309:3

[Prov. 3:4]

And man —Nobility of heart is acknowledged even by the children of darkness who would say all manner of evil falsely against the children of light. R2060:5

[Prov. 3:5]

Trust in the LORD —In order thus to trust, a knowledge of God's Word and plan of salvation are very important. R2060:5
Own understanding —As do some scientists who seek to find a theory by which a personal God will not be necessary. R2834:3 Our own judgments are unsafe; liable to seek wisdom in a wrong direction. R2262:3 Experience has taught the mature child of God the imperfection of his own judgment and the fallibility of all human counsel. R2060:5, CR498:5

[Prov. 3:6]

In all thy ways —The heart that is continually, in all of life's affairs, looking for divine direction is continually in a prayer attitude. No other condition is proper. R3806:1 Including giving thanks for meals. We advise the breaking together of spiritual manna at the same time as the partaking of earthly food. R4139:5
Acknowledge him —Before becoming entangled in multiplied cares, and thus hampered by the outcome of our own misguided course. R1554:2 Exemplified by Joseph's distinctly telling the king that the interpretations of the dreams came not from himself, but from God. R5216:6 We are not only to note divine providences, but also to give credit for them. R2894:1Especially appropriate in the study of the divine Word and any attempt to give an interpretation thereof. R3978:6 It is in vain that any would attempt to serve the Lord and yet neglect to make request for his blessing and guidance. R4911:3, R3806 :1 Cultivate such a sense of his presence that you learn to speak to him, as well as of him, most freely and without embarrassment. R590:2*
He shall —The Lord is always faithful to those who put their trust in him and look for his leading. R1538:5
Direct thy paths —Not in ways most congenial to the fallen nature. R2060:5 We should go forward only as he leads us. R5712:1 If we are not clear as to his will, let us not be in too great a hurry, nor try to guide ourselves. R5712:1, R5807:5

[Prov. 3:7]

In thine own eyes —Nothing is more dangerous to the child of God than self-conceit. "God resisteth the proud." (1 Pet. 5:5) R2060:6, R5186:1Ambition is good, but only when it is based on humility. R5186:2
Depart from evil —The evil of our fallen estate. R2060:6

[Prov. 3:8]

It shall be health —The promises of God's Word may not hinder pain, but will modify it and its frequency. R2083:6 "Health or vigor to thy muscles," figurative of general vitality of mind and body among the results of that proper reverence for the Lord which leads us to depart from sin in thought, word and deed. R2060:6

[Prov. 3:9]

With thy substance —Whether it be talent, education or influence. R2060:6

[Prov. 3:10]

Filled with plenty —This applied (in the material sense) during the Jewish age and will apply again during the Millennial age. "In his days shall the righteous flourish." (Psa. 72:7) But does not apply during the Gospel age. R2060:6 If faithful in the use of our substance to the cause of God, a blessing will result to us. R2060:6

[Prov. 3:11]

The chastening —Reproofs, trials, disciplines should be reminders to us that we are not perfect and still need the mercy of God in Christ. R2061:1
Of his correction —Do not consider the trials and difficulties of this present time as marks of divine disfavor. R2061:1

[Prov. 3:12]

He correcteth —God punishes for a wrong course, even though he restores one to his favor. PD43/53 Given as an inspired comment in Heb. 12:4-13. R1520:1, R1944:6

[Prov. 3:13]

That findeth wisdom —That attitude of heart and mind which fits us to receive the instruction of the Lord and profit by it. R1520:1 Perceives clearly the difference between right and wrong principles, and the propriety of following these. R2061:1
Understanding —Of whatever truth is meat in due season for them. R1520:1 The information and building up of judgment, character, based upon obedience to the voice of wisdom. R2061:4

[Prov. 3:14]

Merchandise of silver —Truth. R2061:4
Fine gold —The divine nature. R2061:4

[Prov. 3:15]

Rubies —Graces of character. R2061:4

[Prov. 3:18]

A tree of life —A reference to the restitution to the trees of life and the Edenic bliss of all who shall "lay hold upon" and "retain" that heavenly wisdom of meekness and entire submission to the will of God. R1520:4
Lay hold upon —Retain her. R1520:4

[Prov. 3:19]

By wisdom —Pure, peaceable, merciful and kind. R1520:4 This accounts for the beneficent laws of nature so bountifully adapted to our necessities. R1520:4

[Prov. 3:21]

And discretion —Wise policy. R1520:4

[Prov. 3:23]

Shall not stumble —The Lord will keep the feet of his people from being caught in the snares of the Adversary. R1520:4

[Prov. 3:27]

Withhold not good —This counsels fair dealing with our fellow-men. R1520:4
Power —Hebrew. El; signifying strong or powerful, frequently translated "god." R296:2

[Prov. 3:34]

Scorneth the scorners —The self-seeking, the proud in spirit, cannot be entrusted by the Lord to a high position. R5414:6
The lowly —In conduct; but particularly, in mind. R2450:5

[Prov. 3:35]

Shall inherit glory —Counsels patient waiting for the rewards of righteousness. R1520:5

[Prov. 4:1]

Instruction of a father —It were well for the youth of the world if their fathers more frequently communed with them and gave them the benefit of their experiences in life. R2388:2Instruction, reproof, guidance and counsel of children should not be left to others—to the church minister, Sunday School teachers or to mothers. R2388:2

[Prov. 4:7]

Wisdom —"The wisdom that is from above." (Jas. 3:17) R3479:5, R3603:3 Wise toward God, whatever fellow-men may consider us. R3479:5 Heavenly counsel is the essence of wisdom. R3479:5
The principal thing —However weak or strong, wisdom is the prime essential to our taking the proper course. F97

[Prov. 4:10]

Years of thy life —Parental counsel may save a child from many difficulties in life and from much sickness, leading to a longer life. R2388:5
Shall be many —In giving lessons to a child, a parent may profit by and review his own experiences and their causes, and add to his own years as well as to those of his child. R2388:5 New Creatures in Christ, here called sons, are promised that, by heeding his Word, the years of their life shall be many—very many—everlasting. R2388:6

[Prov. 4:11]

I have led thee —By my example. This thought may be applied to the Heavenly Father as well as to an earthly. R2388:5

[Prov. 4:12]

When thou goest —In the spiritual way, the narrow path. R2388:6
When thou runnest —The race for the great prize of their high calling. R2388:6
Thou shalt not stumble —So long as they follow in that path in which the Lord's providences guide them. R2388:6

[Prov. 4:13]

Take fast hold —"Lest at any time we should let them slip." (Heb. 2:1) R2389:1 Not only to hear the Lord's Word, but to act upon it, incorporate it as a very part of our being. R2389:1

[Prov. 4:14]

Not into the path —Of self-will, pride, worldly ambition, selfishness. R2389:1 Go not—Once entered, we may be able to retrace our steps with difficulty, but the safe program is never to enter these by—paths. R2389:2
The way of evil —Emerging so gradually from the "narrow way" as to seem little different from it, but diverging more and more so that one may soon discern the change. R2389:2

[Prov. 4:15]

Avoid it —Do not permit curiosity or fearlessness to entrap you as it did Mother Eve. (2Cor. 11:3) R2389:2
Pass not by it —Do not put yourself within reach of its influence. R2389:2
Turn from it —Any pathway that has the slightest appearance of evil or the slightest antagonism to the spirit of our law of love. R2389:4

[Prov. 4:17]

Bread of wickedness —There are people who make it their business in life to entrap the unwary; they earn their bread in that way. R2389:4 Others delight in sowing discord ... and mislead the spiritual sons of God. R2389:4

[Prov. 4:18]

But the path —"Thy word is a light unto my path." (Psa. 119:105) A20 "The path of righteousness." (Psa. 23:3) R1646:5 This passage is true of every one of the Lord's children individually, but the application is specially for the entire Church as a whole. R2389:5, R1646:5; A20,21
Of the just —The justified children of God, but especially the members of the body of Christ, the just One. R2389:5 "Light (truth) is sown for the righteous" (Psa. 97:11) ... those with faith and consequent justification. A20 "Ye, brethren, are not in darkness." (1 Thes. 5:4) R2389:6
The shining light —Its bright shining at the present time betokens that the new day, the new era of Messiah's Kingdom, is nigh. R4851:5 "God (the spirit of God, the spirit of truth) hath shined into our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God. (2 Cor. 4:6) E293 Through the words of the Lord and the words of the apostles. F61
That shineth —With the knowledge of God. R493:1
More and more —More and more clearly lit by the lamp, God's Word. R2389:6, R5569:1; PD41/52;Q554:4 It is our responsibility to step out from all the creeds and not support hypocrisy and error. R5851:6, R1312:2, R780:2 We are still in the dark place and shall be until the darkness gives way and the day is here. We have need of the Word of prophecy "until the day dawn." (2 Pet. 1:19) R5339:2 With the coming of many inventions, we also find fresh light shining upon the Bible. CR250:2 The difficulty with many is that they sit down and do not follow on in the path of light. A25 The Bible was not written for one man, nor for one age; but for all men and all ages, adapted to the circumstances as "meat in due season." (Matt. 24:45) R24:5*If our presentations (specifically, on the covenants) are read in their proper connections, they will be found to be harmoniously progressive. R4334:5 The Reformation movement and the close of the 2300 days (Dan. 8:14) found us free from certain falsities; but this did not mean that all the precious truths were properly located. R4334:6 Followers of the reformers have accepted creeds formulated in that period and consider it unorthodox to make any further progress. D60, D61
Unto —The same Bible which accomplished the Reformation work is necessary to the Christian's growth and knowledge today. R183:5
The perfect day —When it comes, men will not need the lamp, for then there will be sunlight; the knowledge of God will fill the earth. R5055:3 We are now in the beginning of that perfect day. SM555:1; R1646:6 The dawning light of a new age shows us God's character of love and illuminates the Bible, making its teachings more reasonable. PD41/52Since we have not yet reached the perfect day we cannot know how much more brightly our lamp may shine in the future. R2389:6; A21

[Prov. 4:19]

Way of the wicked —"None of the wicked shall understand." (Dan. 12:10) R2390:4 The Bible sheds no particular brilliancy upon the world's pathway. R2389:6
At what they stumble —The Christian world stumbles over the second presence of Christ. He is a "stumbling stone" and "rock of offence." (1 Pet. 2:8) R2390:1 The present social order of Christendom is to stumble and be wrecked in the time of anarchy. R2390:1 They stumble at the light, the very thing that should be a blessing to them. R4361:2*

[Prov. 4:22]

Health to all their flesh —Pure, noble, holy thoughts not only elevate the mental and moral constitution, but also have an invigorating influence upon the physical system. R2014:6

[Prov. 4:23]

Keep thy heart —Mind, affections. R2249:4, R4904:5, R5746:6 Our will, our intention, our desire, our effort. R5747:3, R4827:2, R5246:2, R5247:1; CR109:6; R1703:3 As the natural heart is the center of life, it is used as a symbol of the center of our affections, including the will. R5246:2, R5746:6, R1562:6 Kept fully in the love of God. (Jude 2) R1563:4 Signifies keeping guard over our sentiments, a critical inspection of every motive of life. R4345:2, R4639:5, R5747:1 The Christian's new heart is to be kept loyal to God, to the principles of righteousness, to his covenant. R5747:4 Though but few take the step of entire consecration to God's will, fewer live it out practically, keeping their hearts constantly submissive to the Lord's will. R1563:4 By communion with God in prayer, and through the Word of truth, our hearts are kept in the love and service of God. R1502:2 Also means activities in love and helpfulness, and the cultivation of thoughts in accord with the divine. R4345:3 The difficulty with many is that they look for some great battle, instead of averting the great battles by keeping their minds cleansed from secret faults. R4904:6 If the Divine Plan of the Ages does not satisfy our heart's longings there is something wrong with our hearts. CR54:3 See comments on Proverbs 23:7.
With all diligence —You cannot be too diligent about it. CRI09:6 If we do not keep our hearts, some ambitious desire will creep in. CR56:4; R4462:2 We are not competent to keep our heads, but we are competent and responsible for keeping our hearts. R4345:2 If our hearts are loyal, God is able to keep our poor heads. R4535:6 Margin, "Above all keeping, keep thy heart." R4249:1* If we are to be victors, it must be by constant vigilance, which the Lord will bless. CR56:4 We must not only acknowledge sin and strive against it, but also root out of our hearts every longing for everything not thoroughly approved by the Lord. R4904:4 Injustice sometimes becomes entrenched in human minds so that an attempt to establish righteousness is considered treason and rebellion. R4777:5 The "Vow" has assisted many in exercising diligence in keeping their hearts in the love of God. R4299:2
Out of it —If your heart is your garden, what you plant is what you will grow there, if you keep the weeds away. CR56:4 If the heart is right, the actions will regulate themselves accordingly. R1502:2 If the principles of truth and righteousness be fixed in the heart, then out of the good treasures of the heart the mouth will speak words of truth, soberness, wisdom and grace. R1937:2
Issues of life —Results of life. R5747:5 The testings are along the line of fitness for life eternal or death eternal. R4462:2, R4345:3, R4639:4, R4904:2, R5747:5, R4293:6; CR109:6, CR55:4 If Mother Eve had kept her heart she would have had the right to the tree of life; but failing, she came under the sentence of death. CR55:3 It is highly important that all our conduct in life be under the direction of a pure heart. R5747:2, R5246:3 If the heart is kept strictly under control in harmony with the Lord and his Word, all opposition of the world, flesh and devil shall not be able to overcome us. R2280:5 Pure thoughts have an invigorating influence upon the physical system, while unholy thoughts tend toward the germination of the seeds of disease already in the human race. R2014:6

[Prov. 4:24]

A froward mouth —The words are an index of the heart. R1937:1

[Prov. 5:5]

Take hold on hell —Lead to sheol, oblivion, death, the grave. E367; R2599:4

[Prov. 5:21]

All his goings —The Judge is taking minute cognizance of man's actions and words. R722:2, R2613:1 "Every idle (pernicious, injurious or malicious) word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof." (Matt. 12:36) R722:2, R2613:1

[Prov. 6:1]

If thou be surety —By endorsing notes or going on a bond, contrary to the instruction of the Lord's Word. R2668:6: F568

[Prov. 6:6]

Consider her ways —"Parents ought to lay up for their children." (2 Cor. 12:14) F577
And be wise —Follow her custom of laying up provision in advance of necessity. R2488:2

[Prov. 6:8]

Provideth her meat —Probably fewer need advice along this line than need advice against the opposite extreme. F577

[Prov. 6:16]

These six things —Elements of character in direct opposition to humility. R3537:3

[Prov. 6:23]

The law is light —On "the feast of joy for the Law" (Feast of Tabernacles) the Jews took all the books of the Law out of the chest and put a candle into it in allusion to this verse. R2439:1*Ultimately the Jewish Law was superseded by the true light—the gospel of the grace of God in Jesus Christ. R2439:1

[Prov. 6:30]

To satisfy his soul —Being, person. R205:1, R276:3

[Prov. 6:34]

Day of vengeance —Transition period following the Gospel age. R247:5 Designed to punish evil-doers and prepare the world for the blessed reign of righteousness. R247:5

[Prov. 7:3]

Write them —Storing the memory with heavenly "food," a verse a day, or week, should not be neglected. R2039:1
Of thine heart —Not only our heads. R2093:6 Implying the study of ourselves as well as of the divine Word that we may know just what portions of the Word apply to our individual present necessities. R2094:1*

[Prov. 7:27]

Is the way to hell —The path to sheol, oblivion, death. E367; R2599:4, R828:6

[Prov. 8:11]

Better than rubies —If the Queen of Sheba traveled such a long distance to know about the wisdom of God which Solomon possessed, how much more should the "greater than Solomon" be sought. (Matt. 12:42) R5722:5

[Prov. 8:14]

Counsel is mine —Christ's, as the personification of wisdom. D637

[Prov. 8:15]

By me kings reign —Israel's government was that of a republic under divine autocracy and law supervision. R4192:3
Decree justice —The prospect of a righteous, just, unshakable Kingdom. R3053:4

[Prov. 8:16]

All the judges —The earthly phase of the Kingdom. D637

[Prov. 8:17]

I love them —This is said of wisdom, but God is the personification of wisdom; and also Christ is wisdom—"he is made unto us wisdom." (1Cor. 1:30) R4269:6
That seek me early —"Train up a child in the way he should go." (Prov. 22:6) R3711:5 The child-mind is peculiarly susceptible to the truth and its spirit—the spirit of consecration. R4270:1 A child, reasonably well-born and raised under the influences of a Christian home, would very generally, at the age of 12, be ready to make a consecration of himself to the Lord. R3711:5, R4270:4 Every home should have its Sunday School class and every Sunday its quiet, sacred hour of fellowship, communion and praise—for parents and children.R4270:1 See comments on Proverbs 22:6.

[Prov. 8:22]

LORD possessed me —Jehovah possessed the Logos—wisdom personified. E93; R1059:6, R446:1;SM491:3

[Prov. 8:23]

From everlasting —As one of the divine attributes, wisdom existed even before our Lord Jesus; though it is not strange that some infer that wisdom here personifies Christ. R1518:2
Ever the earth was —Was formed. E93 This passage, to verse 25, may be viewed as a prophecy of what our Lord understood of his previous condition. R5065:3

[Prov. 8:24]

Were no depths —No seas. E93
Brought forth —Had Jesus been on an equality with God before, how could he have been highly exalted after. R803:1*

[Prov. 8:30]

Brought up with him —For centuries before coming to earth the Son had seen the Father's mighty works, marked his wondrous wisdom and experienced his tender love, having the plan revealed to him step by step. R3160:3 While he joyfully worked out the great plan of creation, Jesus probably knew nothing of God's purpose for the subsequent permission of evil. R3160:3 Showing not only his intimate acquaintance with Jehovah and knowledge of his plans, but exhibiting him as the honored agent in their accomplishment. R1059:6, R446:2*

[Prov. 8:32]

Blessed are they —God is "a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." (Heb. 11:6) R4072:5

[Prov. 8:36]

Love death —Let them make "a covenant with death" (Isa. 28:25) who hate wisdom; but we abhor death and seek for life through the life-giver, the Lord Jesus Christ. R625:6*

[Prov. 9:1]

Hath builded —Diligently to seek and come to God and form a character like his is to build this house of wisdom. R137:1*
Seven pillars —Faith is fundamental, and the seven graces of 2 Pet. 1:5-7 are as the house that wisdom builds upon it. R136:6* Not only for beauty, but for strength. R136:6*

[Prov. 9:8]

Lest he hate thee —"Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under feet and turn again and rend you." (Matt. 7:6) R2589:2

[Prov. 9:10]

Fear of the LORD —A proper respect for the Lord and his divine appointments. R4290:3 First, an appreciation of his greatness and our own insignificance; then, respect and love for his graciousness. This kind of fear casts out dread. R4796:3 We must look away from our own narrow thoughts and plans, and allow our mind to dwell on the grandeur of God's character. Thus the divine likeness is traced on our hearts as we study the divine revelation. R1518:3 Reverence of Jehovah. D639; R4796:3, R4841:1 "If any man (Christian) lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth liberally." (Jas. 1:5) R5714:6 This must continue in us. and increase as the years go by.R4486:3; CR40:1 It is a dangerous practice to speak jestingly of the Lord and the Scriptures. R4486:3
Beginning of wisdom —Thus, King Solomon began his reign with a reverent heart, as evidenced by his offering sacrifices at Gibeon. (1 Kings 3:3,4) R4290:6 We, too, have turned aside from service for a time to offer sacrifices to the Lord—our justified self, our will, our time, our influence, our talents. R4292:1 Manifesting itself in the peaceable fruits of righteousness. R1518:3 This fear of the Lord increases as the child of God comes to know his Maker, but it is a gradual process. R4841:2 The educational reforms and instructions of the future will begin with the hearts of men, starting with this lesson so lacking in present-day education, which leads to pride, arrogance and discontent. D639

[Prov. 9:16]

Turn in hither —Into the way of oblivion, not only in the physical sense, but also in the sense of losing their respect and influence amongst men. E367

[Prov. 9:18]

Her guests —Dead or dying from diseases due to sensuality, which also hurry off their posterity to the tomb. R2599:4
The depths of hell —Sheol, oblivion, having lost the dignity of manhood. E367

[Prov. 10:7]

Name —Position of official relationship is meant where the word "name" is used. R48:2*
Wicked shall rot —Shall utterly pass from the memory of all forever. OV439:3*

[Prov. 10:12]

Love covereth all sins —The disposition that exposes the imperfections of the brethren is surely not the love that covers. R5530:4

[Prov. 10:22]

Blessing of the LORD —Hidden in Christ, "in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." (Col. 2:3) R2762:5 Jesus tenders to us, first, earthly rights and blessings, on the condition that we agree to sacrifice them, thus being accounted worthy to share with him in heavenly glory. R4463:6 In the Gospel age God does not promise earthly blessings, nor immunity from sickness, pain and persecution. R2761:1 Greater happiness accompanies a devoted life, though spent in poverty, than does any other course, surrounded by every luxury. R4091:3Few who possess earthly riches in advance of hearing of the truth, are likely to attain the high calling. R2761:2
It maketh rich —Not with the counterfeit riches of Laodicea—material prosperity and numbers of wealthy people. R2763:1 Regardless of the amount of the world's goods which one possesses.R5171:1 "He was rich, yet for our sakes became poor that we through his poverty might be made rich." (2 Cor. 8:9) R2761:4 We may have even now a foretaste of the riches of his grace and the treasures of wisdom and knowledge; also the riches of the holy Spirit. R2762:4 In noble sentiments, faith, love, good works, and God's blessing and providential care. R2762:6, R5171:4 Spiritual privileges and hopes in the present life, and spiritual glory and immortality in the life to come. R5170:3, R5171:1, R2762:6, R4463:1; CR57:6 The blessing of the Lord has not made rich the world, but will do so in God's due time. R4463:1, R5171:4; CR57:3
Addeth no sorrow —Though those who live godly will suffer persecution (2 Tim. 3:12), these are not of the Lord, though permitted by him. R4463:2 Sorrows are not of the Lord's providing or adding, but come as a result of sin and imperfection. R4463:2; CR57:6 Earthly riches of money and fame are subject to change and decay, and the heart which is too centered in these may be plunged into an abyss of sorrow and disappointment. R5862:1, R1820:2

[Prov. 10:29]

But destruction —Contrary to the Universalist theory. R3083:3

[Prov. 11:1]

A false balance —This balancing applies as truly to mental as to physical dealings with others. R4514:6
A just weight —Not only by squaring every act and word with strictest justice, but bringing "every thought into subjection to the will of God." (2 Cor. 10:5) R4514:6

[Prov. 11:13]

A faithful spirit —Ruach, disposition, mind. E318

[Prov. 11:15]

He that is surety —by endorsing notes or going on a bond. F568

[Prov. 11:18]

A sure reward —Future rewards. R723:4, R2613:6

[Prov. 11:20]

His delight —Since we were created for the divine pleasure (Rev. 4:11), being responsive to God's goodness institutes a lively and delightful fellowship with him. R2031:3

[Prov. 11:21]

Hand join in hand —The tendency to unity is an artificial one and efforts in that direction are made for policy's sake. R1548:4 If the world's multitudes say, Come, join our fraternity and band together with us to fight for our rights, the upright will say No! R1875:5 Saying, "in union there is strength." R1548:4
Not be unpunished —But the wrath of God is always just and tempered with mercy. R2613:2
Seed of the righteous —We should train our children that, when the trouble comes, they will counsel others to righteousness and the avoidance of carnal warfare. R1963:6
Shall be delivered —Unless they need the purging, the Lord will permit the glorified Church to care for their children during the great time of trouble. R1963:5

[Prov. 11:24]

That scattereth —By hospitality and liberality. R2856:6 Christlikeness implies not only a desire to be helpful to the groaning creation, but the effort to assist them, even at the cost of earthly comforts. R2857:1 There will always be opportunities to spend this world's goods for spiritual food for the famishing ones fleeing out of Babylon. R1593:5Though bringing forth fruit only in good hearts, we are yet preaching the good tidings to all willing to hear. R1023:6 One-day and general conventions are not a waste of money that could have been used otherwise. R3877:6, R3856:2
And yet increaseth —As we give out to others our own store of blessing is increased. R5720:5 Sometimes in natural things; always in spiritual. F344
That withholdeth —As the neglect of tithes by Israel led to empty granaries and lean flocks, our neglect to render our all in full consecration results in loss to us. R2485:6, R2486:5 In the case of the house of sons, not merely one tenth, but everything is consecrated, and all is to be used as opportunity indicates. F345
More than is meet —The degree of our prosperity should be the measure of our charity. R5927:4, R2857:1 If one has kept anything back he did not make a full consecration, and may be sure he has not been fully accepted by the Lord. F345 Those who have not the love that leads them to respond with gratitude have not the condition of heart which the Lord loves. R2500:5 The Lord's followers are to be prudent, economical; but not miserly, stingy, penurious. R3877:6, R3504:2; F344
Tendeth to poverty —Sometimes to financial; always to spiritual. F344 Poverty of soul as well as poverty of purse. R3877:5 It is not always those who fight most strenuously for their rights who fare the best, even in this world. R3738:4 Cases of absolute privation may mean that one, when possessed of means, failed to use a portion in charity, in the Lord's service. R5927:3

[Prov. 11:25]

Liberal soul —Generous—not merely in earthly matters, but especially in their hearts, minds and thoughts—benevolent and kindly. R3939:3 Like Christ, desirous of sharing temporal or spiritual favors with others, particularly with the "household of faith." R2212:5 The congregations of Macedonia did not stop with money, but gave themselves in service to God's cause, thus receiving great spiritual blessings. R1594:1 In practicing liberality we are developing Godlikeness. R2857:1, R5927:2 Spending for the spiritual welfare of themselves and others. R3856:2
Made fat —Spiritually. R1594:4 We learn from the "widow's mite" that the Lord measures not the amount but the spirit prompting the gift, granting spiritual "fatness" accordingly. R5927:3 "He that soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully." (2Cor. 9:6) R2212:1
He that watereth —In telling the message of his grace we shall grow spiritually ourselves. R4244:2, R5720:3, R5978:4 Those most active in serving the truth to others are amongst the most blessed. R4244:2 To the extent we exercise a spirit of benevolence in giving, like our Heavenly Father, we are likely to have a special blessing. R5409:4, R3377:6 Great blessing results from liberality in the Lord's cause. R5927:2

[Prov. 11:28]

Righteous shall flourish —During the Millennium the Prince of Life will use only the pure, holy, reverent and godly. OV91:1

[Prov. 11:30]

Tree of life —A righteous life, of whose virtue others may partake and live. R1520:5
Winneth souls —Whose wise and righteous course in life becomes an incentive to righteousness in others. R1520:5 Away from the path of sin and ungodliness; to righteousness, peace, faith and trust in God. R1520:5

[Prov. 11:31]

In the earth —The Bible purgatory will be established in the earth. R1469:4
Much more —"If the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear." (1 Pet. 4:18) R2053:2

[Prov. 12:2]

A good man —Let each ask himself, Are the purposes of my heart all pure and upright? R1520:2
Obtaineth favour —A constant sense of the Lord's favor. R1520:2

[Prov. 12:3]

Shall not be moved —Because rooted and grounded in the principles of righteousness. R1520:2

[Prov. 12:5]

Are right —They stray not into forbidden paths. R1520:2

[Prov. 12:6]

Words of the wicked —Perverse doctrines to overthrow the faith of the righteous. R1520:2
Mouth of the upright —Ever ready to defend the righteous against the snares of the wicked. R1520:2

[Prov. 12:9]

And hath a servant —Laboreth for himself. R1520:5
Honoureth himself —Aimeth after honor. R1520:5

[Prov. 12:10]

Regardeth . . . beast —Extends his tender mercies also to the lower creation. R1520:5

[Prov. 12:11]

Tilleth his land —The true child of God is no idler or visionary dreamer. R1520:5

[Prov. 12:14]

The recompence —Every act will meet its just deserts in due time. R1520:5

[Prov. 12:15]

In his own eyes —Whoever succeeds in justifying himself in a wrong course finds the downward path easy and retracing his steps almost impossible. R1520:5

[Prov. 12:20]

Of peace —"God has called us to peace." (1 Cor. 7:15) R2946:3
Is joy —"He that in these things serveth Christ is acceptable to God and approved of men." (Rom. 14:18) R2947:4

[Prov. 12:22]

Lying lips —Hypocrisy is deceit in action and to deceive another is lying in one of its most unworthy forms. R4318:6
That deal truly —The principle of truth is honesty—in our words, conduct and thoughts. R4318:5 If we must charge Jacob in securing the birthright with lying lips we can at least credit him with honesty of heart. He lied to secure justice, and because his faith was not strong enough to trust the Lord implicitly. R3955:5 We should have even more faith: that the Lord will deal truly, to give us the blessings he has promised. R3955:6

[Prov. 13:3]

Keepeth his mouth —All our words are taken by the Lord as an index of our hearts. R1938:1
Shall have destruction —What a fearful responsibility attaches to the tongue that wags in an evil or flippant way, dishonoring God. R1938:1 "By thy words thou wilt be acquitted, and by thy words thou wilt be condemned." (Matt. 12:37) R1937:1

[Prov. 13:12]

The heart sick —To those who do not exercise proper faith, the trials by the way and the disappointments are most discouraging. R4048:1

[Prov. 13:15]

Is hard —Though following the line of least resistance seems easiest, this is only a vain delusion. Q800:4

[Prov. 13:20]

With wise men —In every enterprise of life we should seek counsel—the wisdom that cometh from above that is "first pure, then peaceable, easy to entreatment and full of mercy and good fruits." (Jas. 3:17) R4723:4

[Prov. 13:24]

That spareth his rod —Neglects to use it when necessary to enforce the rules of love. F524 The homes of the New Creatures should be ruled by love, not the rod. When used, the rod should be wielded by the hand of love, never by the hand of anger. F524 The rod of discipline may be in the form of the denial of a kiss, or the withholding of supper or some other comfort or luxury.F525 "Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." (Psa. 23:4) Q54:4

[Prov. 14:6]

Findeth it not —"God resisteth the proud" (Jas. 4:6); does not reveal his plan to such. R3337:2
Easy unto him —In coming to God's Word it is always important to remember that our attitude should be that of the disciple and not of the teacher. R3337:1

[Prov. 14:8]

Fools —Teachers of Evolution. OV86:3

[Prov. 14:10]

Knoweth his own —Nephesh, soul, sentient being. E334

[Prov. 14:12]

There is a way —"The broad way that leadeth to destruction." (Matt. 7:13, 14) CR496:4. The way of selfishness, the way of the world. SM162:2, SM156:1 Human judgment would be unreliable even if supported by absolute knowledge. R3241:1 The way of selfishness, which has prevailed for 6,000 years; the natural way, approved by the standards of the world for centuries. SM162:2 Trusting to an outward form of godliness, being religious as a mark of respectability, attending the house of God because it is fashionable. R5849:5* The gospel of Satan, tacitly acknowledging the great doctrines of Christianity, but with erroneous interpretation and application. R5849:1* The Jews, although they thought they had found way to life in the Law, found it to be a way to death. CR500:5
Which seemeth right —Because all of Adam's children have been "born in sin and shapen in iniquity." (Psa. 51:5) CR496:2 Reasoning, "Life is to be enjoyed" and it is their duty to enjoy it. CR500:6 The ways of the world are those which they think right. CR496:1, CR500:1 The world has been trying, and trying hard, to see what they can do in the way of bringing in a good government. CR502:2 Difficult to discern, because long-cultivated sentiments sway our judgment. R1656:4 Presented in such plausible language that it appeals to the emotions; and in such a subtle manner that it commends itself to the intelligence. R5849:1* If the heart be wrong the head will seek to justify it, and in so doing will pervert judgment and truth. R2038:2 We do not know how to do our own thinking. We must do what the Lord tells us to do through his Word. CR496:5
Unto a man —Because blinded by his own perverse will or fleshly mind. R2038:2
The end thereof —Where the subject of delusion is of vital interest. R2274:3 Many, for a time beguiled into an error of doctrine or practice, may yet be recovered from the snare of the Adversary. R1239:6
The ways of death —The Second Death. SM165:T; R5849:5*

[Prov. 14:34]

Exalteth a nation —Even though the kingdoms of this world are not the kingdom of the Lord, this principle prevails. R3399:5 Mankind will learn this when the Prince of Life has put in force the laws of righteousness and equity with an iron rule. A303; R726:1 History confirms that even now in proportion as a nation conforms to principles of righteousness and justice, it is exalted. R3399:5 We may well be astonished to see to what extent the influence of the righteous exercises a preservative influence upon the nations. R3399:5 Nevertheless, it is still true that prosperity is injurious in proportion as it separates the people from the divine arrangements. R4729:6
But sin is a reproach —Every evil course seems to be the misdirection of a good quality, as the war spirit of combativeness and destructiveness. R2641:3 Sin is constitutional derangement requiring continual effort to not slide backward. Thus, some heathen, not helped by the Lord, reached the lower depths of degradation. R3598:6 God will eventually bring home to each member of our race valuable lessons along this line. R5233:5

[Prov. 15:1]

A soft answer —A kind and gentle answer may be helpful; turn away anger. R4009:4 Not only as good policy, but as the fruitage of the holy Spirit. R2325:4 The harder the truth, the more softly it should be spoken. R2325:4 This advice is nowhere more needed than in most home circles. R2325:5Any other answer is incompatible with the spirit of love. R2325:4
Turneth away wrath —Neglect of this command is the cause of a large proportion of domestic infelicity. R2241:3
Grievous words —Strifeful, cutting, sarcastic words. R4009:4
Stir up anger —Stirring up difficulties which will become agents of retributive justice. R4805:3, R1938:3

[Prov. 15:3]

Eyes of the LORD —The intelligence of Jehovah. R5209:3 The Lord's influence, his power of knowing, whatever the means; not that God beholds every act of every person. R5634:2
In every place —The nearest suggestion of God's omnipresence contained in the Scriptures. R5209:3 Every man has a present responsibility according to the measure of light enjoyed, whether it be light of nature or of revelation. A145 So we should let our children feel that our eye and God's is ever upon them, just as we feel that God's eye is upon us. R1097:5*
Beholding —Supervising all things. R1778:6
Evil and the good —"God shall bring every work into judgment with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil." (Eccl. 12:14) R722:2, R1653:3, R2612:6; A145 God's knowledge of all conditions is not out of harmony with the fact that he permits things which he disapproves.R5209:6 Since the Lord's beholding of evil and good is unquestioned; since his ability to interfere is undoubtedly true; and that he has not yet interfered is manifest; then it is proper to say that God is permitting sin. R1778:6, R1270:3

[Prov. 15:8]

His delight —Since we were created for the divine pleasure (Rev. 4:11), being responsive to God's goodness institutes a lively and delightful fellowship with him. R2031:3

[Prov. 15:11]

Hell —Sheol, oblivion, death, not torment. R2599:4; E367

[Prov. 15:23]

Spoken In due season —Perhaps a word of counsel, a word of reproof, or a word of instruction. R4663:2 As by the leader of a testimony meeting, offering encouragement or counsel in response to testimonies presented. F322 You can do ten times as much with a good word at the right time as you can with the right word at the wrong time. Q615:T

[Prov. 15:24]

Is above —Upward, toward righteousness. E367
That he may depart —May be delivered by resurrection power. E367
From hell beneath —From sheol, oblivion, death, not torment. E367

[Prov. 16:2]

The spirits —Ruach, mind, thoughts, motives. E318

[Prov. 16:5]

Proud in heart —Pride is an inordinate and excessive amount of self-esteem and self-conceit. R5704:1, R5001:1 Those who feel haughty toward others and are not sympathetic; who despise others. R5000:6 Pride is very deceitful and frequently cloaks itself with humility. R5000:2 No kind of pride would be more detestable in God's sight than pride of the truth. It is not our Plan. R5001:1 Worldly pride challenges faith in God and obedience to him. R4898:5 Certain conduct which sometimes seems to be pride is not pride; as those, lacking self-esteem, who have much approbativeness. R5000:3 Sometimes manifest by elders in attempts to override the liberties of the congregation and hold power in their own hands. R5001:4 Applies also to the angels. R5000:6
An abomination —Not a creature in the universe has anything to be proud of, has nothing of his own creation, has only been a recipient of favor, blessing. R4898:2, R5704:1

[Prov. 16:7]

Enemies to be at peace —At the proper time, in the future. Now, whoever will live godly will suffer persecution. Q528:3

[Prov. 16:11]

A just weight —We should apprehend the principle of divine justice, and deal justly and keep judgment. R3635:5 He who fails to appreciate justice must proportionately fail to appreciate mercy; for mercy is merely the difference between love and justice. R3635:5

[Prov. 16:18]

Pride —Of wealth; sectarian pride; family pride; personal pride. R2459:6 Pride has been a general guide for the world which has accomplished much harm. R5723:4 Alas for the power of pride; the proud cannot see their difficulties. R5068:3 Humility is important because the other graces of the holy Spirit cannot be cultivated without it. R4787:1 If you find a humble one with ability, encourage him in its exercise; but if he be not humble-minded, encourage him not, even though he have the ability, for the higher you push him the greater will be his fall. R1629:3 Illustrated by King Uzziah. He forgot that he was merely the Lord's representative and that his first duty was to obey the divine commands. (2 Chron. 26:8-21) R4786:2
Before destruction —Contrary to the Universalist theory. R3083:2 The greater the blessing, the more serious would be the loss by destruction. R3385:6
An haughty spirit —Society's real danger is not from anarchists, but from friends of law and order who, in putting down enemies of the law, will tend toward haughty austerity. R991:3 Ruach, mind, will, disposition. E318 A domineering, self-satisfied disposition tends to undermine the character. R3385:6
Before a fall —"Thou wilt save the humble people, but wilt bring down high looks." (Psa. 18:27) R3337:2 We have a standing never previously granted to any, and the higher the standing the more serious the fall. R3385:6, R1629:3 The time of trouble toward which Christendom is hastening. R2459:6

[Prov. 16:19]

An humble spirit —Ruach, mind, disposition. E318

[Prov. 16:22]

Understanding —Not merely of the head, but of the heart especially. "With the heart man believeth unto righteousness." (Rom. 10:10) "Out of the heart are the issues of life." (Prov. 4:23) R2038:2

[Prov. 16:23]

Teacheth his mouth —To speak "words of truth and soberness." (Acts 26:25) R2038:2

[Prov. 16:24]

Pleasant words —Of wisdom, of counsel, of loving-kindness. R2038:3
Health to the bones —In that they refresh and comfort and stimulate courage, and thus fortify the soul and strengthen it to noble deeds. R2038:3

[Prov. 16:25]

There is a way —See comments on Proverbs 14:12.

[Prov. 16:27]

Diggeth up evil —Apparently finding satisfaction in so doing. R2038:4

[Prov. 16:28]

A froward man —A bad man whose acts and words tend to produce envy, bitterness, misunderstandings and strife. Q46:T
Whisperer —A busybody or slanderer. Q46:T

[Prov. 16:31]

The hoary head —Blessed is the man who sets his house in order and who maintains that order to the end of his days. R3630:1
Crown of glory —When the hallowed influences of ripened Christian graces are manifest to every beholder. R2038:5, R3630:4

[Prov. 16:32]

Ruleth his spirit —His own mind or will. R2892:4, R3985:6, R4904:6, R5975:5 Bringing it into full subordination. E112 By changing the allegiance of his will from self to God and overcoming the foes that are entrenched in his mind as a result of the fall. R3629:5, 3, R1860:1, R4904:6, R5056:3, R5488:4 We must be taught to rule ourselves, that we may know how to rule others. R12:6* The little and more numerous battles, keeping the mind cleansed from the secret faults, are principally the ones in which we gain the victories. R4904:6 The greatest power in the universe is the power of the will. OV195:4 God wants all Christians to practice self-denial in respect to sins and everything which would hinder his cause in any degree. F552 Our dealings with ourselves are our chief concern, our chief battle. R3985:6 He that continues to rule his own spirit has not only routed the enemy, sin; but continues to keep him at bay. R3629:3 To rule one's own spirit cannot be done singlehandedly. The wise general will invoke a stronger power, the almighty arm of God. R3629:5 Illustrated by John the Baptist, all of whose aspirations and human ambitions were made subservient to his one mission of introducing Jesus. R1916:1 We have three departments of government: the legislative, which should always be the conscience; the judicial, the judgment; and the executive, the will. R3629:5, R5488:6
Than he —Destructiveness and combativeness, which serve a Christian well if directed against his own blemishes, are out of place when one becomes contentious with the brethren. R5056:3, R4803:5, R3858:3 In overcoming pride and selfishness (by confession of his sin with Bathsheba) David proved himself a greater hero than in his youthful conflict with Goliath. R2017:4
That taketh a city —To take a city one must have the skill and equipment necessary to conquer a nation. R3629:2

[Prov. 16:33]

The lot is cast —Those things which men may regard as mere chance. R2038:5
Is of the LORD —Will be overruled to the accomplishment of his purposes. R2038:5

[Prov. 17:15]

Justifieth the wicked —Because they prefer evil, they attempt to deceive themselves and others into the idea that wrong is right and right is wrong. R657:3

[Prov. 17:17]

Loveth at all times —No friendship can be surely counted upon until after it has been tried. R5664:2

[Prov. 17:18]

Becometh surety —By endorsing notes or going on a bond. F568

[Prov. 17:25]

A foolish son —As was Absalom. R3267:3, R3268:5 In training their children, parents are laying out for themselves either joys or sorrows for the future. R3268:5

[Prov. 18:4]

A flowing brook —Drinking of water represents appropriation of the truth, namely wisdom. R2935:1

[Prov. 18:8]

Are as wounds —Harsh words leave a trace that kind words cannot quite efface. R5100:5*

[Prov. 18:10]

And is safe —"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee." (Psa. 55:3) R2038:6

[Prov. 18:24]

A friend —True friendship is a rare flower on our sin-cursed earth. R1907:3 "One there is above all others, well deserves the name of friend"—our Lord Jesus. R3233:1
Closer than a brother —There are two planes of friendship: a natural plane on which men of two like natural qualities would be drawn together; and a spiritual plane drawing still more closely those alike in spiritual hopes. R3233:4 True and lasting friendship can exist only between unselfish souls whose wills are fully submitted to the will of God. R1908:4

[Prov. 19:2]

That the soul —Being, person. R205:2

[Prov. 19:15]

And an idle soul —Being, person. R205:2

[Prov. 20:1]

Wine is a mocker —Wine personifies alcohol. R3270:2 Intemperance is one of the most dreadful curses afflicting humanity. R2873:1 The cost of intemperance is not merely of the liquor, but of the crimes and diseases attendant. R3859:6 There is also an intoxication of pleasure, of fashion, of pride and fond desire, which seeks to stupify the new mind.R2873:5 The intemperate use of spiritous liquors is an apt illustration of the course and effect of sin in general. R1631:2 A clear knowledge of the divine plan should lead us more diligently to bring every power and talent of mind and body into full subjection to the divine will. R2873:5 The "royal priests" are in more danger from symbolic wine than from natural. R4031:5 If others are drunk with wine, let us be filled with a different kind of wine—the holy Spirit. R5038:6 We desire to express our full sympathy with the temperance cause. R3859:6 While the wise man does not say that a moderate use of alcohol brings woe and sorrow, most who tarry long at wine reached that condition through habit after beginning with the intention of being only moderate drinkers. R3271:2
Drink is raging —A warning against a foe so subtle and destructive to peace and righteousness. R1444:4 The amount spent in the United States for liquor is nearly four times that spent to conduct the government. (1894) R1631:5 Statistics of 1899 show that 72% of all criminals were made so by strong drink. R3055:1 The devil is for the saloon, God is against it; vice is for it, virtue is against it; the brothel is for it, the home is against it; the anarchist is for it, the statesman is against it; poverty is for it, plenty is against it; misery is for it, happiness is against it; disease is for it, health is against it; death is for it, life is against it. R4007:3*
Not wise —Though the advocacy of total abstinence is radical and unscriptural, whoever trifles with this mocker is in danger of being deceived by it. R2533:2 Who permit themselves to be deceived by sin in any of its forms, for the pleasures of sin are brief and unsatisfying. R1631:5 Circumstances and climate here, as well as the purity of the liquors, differ much from those of Jesus and the apostles. R509:5

[Prov. 20:9]

Made my heart clean —"In my flesh dwelleth no good thing" (Rom. 7:18)—no perfection, and all imperfection is un-right, and all unrighteousness is sin. R2721:3
I am pure —"If we say (speaking of our flesh and ignoring the justification provided in Christ to cover its blemishes) that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us." (1 John 1:8) R2721:3

[Prov. 20:25]

It is a snare —Leeser translates this verse: "It is a snare to a man to sanctify things hastily and to make inquiry only after having made vows." R2081:1
To make inquiry —In the sense of reconsidering the cost and, in view of the cost, whether or not we shall keep it. R2081:1 But it is a blessing to make thorough inquiry, and register afresh, our consecration vow. R4265:6 If, after vowing, inquiry finds it greater and more comprehensive than first supposed, let one not break it, but, as in Psa. 50:14, "I will pay my vows unto the Most High." R4265:6 "When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it. Better it is that thou shouldest not vow than that thou shouldest vow and not pay." (Eccl. 5:4, 5) R4265:6,R2154:5

[Prov. 21:3]

To do justice —To do that which is right, just, equitable R5430:3 The foundation of all Christian character. Only those who have this foundation well laid can make proper progress. R5430:6 Justice comes first; mercy and benevolence afterwards. R5431:5 Building thereupon all the various qualities of love. R5431:6
And judgment —The essence and substance of the Golden Rule—love for our neighbor as for ourselves. R5430:3 The Law demanded full allegiance to God. R5430:2 To render righteous decisions in the mind; to decide justly. R5430:3 The decisions of our minds, as well as our actions, should be in harmony with the principles of righteousness. R5430:3 We are not to judge motives of others; we may judge outward actions as wrong, but not the heart. R5430:3 We are not to judge another without indubitable proof.R5430:3
Is more acceptable —Even though we sacrifice some of our time for the Lord's work, we shall not be pleasing to God if we do not keep his requirements of justice towards others. R5631:4
Than sacrifice —Some in Israel seemed to feel that they could be unjust, and then offer a sacrifice and make it all right. R5430:2 Some grasp the thought that there is a privilege of sacrifice in the present time, but fail to note that the Lord has given some commands that must first be considered. R5431:4 One must exhibit the true spirit of obedience, the earnest endeavor to be in harmony with the law of God; before consecration to sacrifice is in order. R5431:4

[Prov. 21:15]

But destruction —Contrary to the Universalist theory. R3083:3

[Prov. 21:16]

Out of the way —After he has been once enlightened. Q593:2; R3725:4*
Congregation of the dead —Some few of the consecrated, who leave the "way of understanding," who draw back and wilfully reject the Lord, will remain in death—the Second Death. Q593:2

[Prov. 21:18]

A ransom —Kopher, a covering, a protection. The laws made for the people in general are a covering for the Lord's saints. R5972:1

[Prov. 21:23]

Keepeth his mouth —Victory will not be for us except as our hearts are allowed to dominate our tongues. R4381:6 The heart and the mouth are under special scrutiny. The former represents the individual character and the latter, an index of the character. R1937:1
And his tongue —While each should be on guard against communications that would be injurious, he should also be on guard against allowing sparks to ignite in his own heart. R4381:4
Soul from troubles —In the Church the power of the tongue may set on fire the course of the new nature, a fire which may burn into the Second Death, and may spread to others with similar effect. R4381:4

[Prov. 22:3]

Prudent man —Two classes may expect divine protection in the coming trouble: (1) children of the consecrated under the age of discretion; and (2) some consecrating themselves to God during the trouble. R2020:6 We are not to expect miraculous help except where necessary. We are to watch and pray, look ahead and use our best judgment, trusting in and looking for the Lord's providential guidance. R2021:2
Foreseeth the evil —The great time of trouble. R5571:3, R2021:2, R2019:3* Profit by the experience of others, either through instruction or observation. R2073:3 The time of trouble is of two kinds: (1) troubles and siftings upon the Church which none of God's sons will escape; and (2) the wrecking of present institutions which true children of God "may be accounted worthy to escape." (Luke 21:36) R2020:5 Character preparation is the best heritage a parent can leave a child: (1) the Golden Rule of justice; (2) mercy, the spirit of helpfulness; (3) meekness, gentleness, etc.; (4) economy in everything. R5571:3 We recommend that none be urged (in order to escape the great time of trouble) unduly to make a full consecration to the Lord, lest such profession be mere hypocrisy. R5571:6
And hideth himself —By surrounding himself and his family with the best conditions for development in the Christian graces, for rendering service to the Lord, his people and his truth. R2021:4Instead of seeking a place of safety, seek the condition of safety described in Zeph. 2:3 under divine providence. R2021:1 In time of trouble keep a good stock of fuel on hand and a little reserve of staple food. R5854:5 Do not be afraid of having too much commodities. Think of them as provision for any in need who may come to you. Do not sound a trumpet about such provisions. At most, suggest that your friends do likewise. R5572:4
Punished —Severe experiences, punishment for lack of observing the natural laws of cause and effect. R2073:3

[Prov. 22:6]

Train up a child —Chiefly by the establishment of right principles in the heart. F528 In the reverence and admonition of the Lord. OV217:3 Discipline and obedience should be insisted upon with firmness and kindness from the day of birth. R3711:5 "The that seek me early shall find me." (Prov. 8:17) R3711:5 It will have more influence than most people seem to realize. Q544:2 The mind of the mother, during the period of gestation, is stamping and impressing, favorably or unfavorably, the character of her child. R5700:6, R2902:2; F520 Rule yourself before attempting to rule your child. R1098:2*, R1097:1* Good men and loyal to the Lord may be poor fathers, careless of their responsibilities to their children. Alas that it is so to this day. R3598:2 The care and instruction of children is a paramount obligation resting upon every parent. R4522:3, R5700:5 The science of child-raising in a nutshell: (1) When you consent, consent fully; (2) When you refuse, refuse fully (3) Often comment; (4) Never scold; (5; Beware of making an issue with your child, but when the issue is forced, carry it out. R1098:2* Since ours is a difficult day in which to raise children it should lead one more earnestly to seek wisdom from on high properly to discharge his duty toward his child. R3711:6 We urge the daily use of the Heavenly Manna, beginning every day with praise and prayer; and the children should be Scripturally instructed every Sunday. R4522:4 See comments under Prov. 8:7.
In the way —It is a mistake to suppose that children cannot appreciate religious principles. R2903:2
He should go —Conscientious, just, loyal to God and the principles of righteousness. R5700:5
When he is old —Consider children a little garden spot. Plant the seeds of the fruits of the spirit and reap a rich reward in the graces of character—especially if the children have been consecrated from infancy or before birth. R2903:2
He will not depart —The impression of the principles of righteousness cannot be wholly effaced even though the child might temporarily try forbidden paths. R3598:2 The principal reason so many do depart is that they are not properly trained in the way they should go. Q54:4

[Prov. 22:8]

Shall reap vanity —A principle of divine law applicable to all men. (Gal. 6:7) R1653:3

[Prov. 22:26]

Sureties for debts —By endorsing notes or going on bonds. F568

[Prov. 23:7]

As he thinketh —Alexander the Great willed to be conqueror of the world and, at a cost of wealth and a stream of blood, he accomplished wonders. OV195:5
In his heart —The mental determination or will represents the real man, from the divine standpoint. OV315:4; SM339:2; R5246:2 The Lord knows whether we are seeking to please him. R5124:4, R5247:1 The mind has something to do with our physical condition. One-half of the people in the world are sick because they think they are so. The mistake of Christian Science is that they carry this principle too far. R5247:6 We should seek to cultivate helpful thoughts and thus exercise a helpful influence upon ourselves or others. R5248:1 A man's thoughts shape themselves according to the structure of his brain. OV137:4; R4774:4 See comments on Prov. 4:23.
So is he —A man is not always what on the surface he seems to be. His real character is deep down—the purpose of his life. R5246:5 If he thinks justly, he will speak and act justly; if his thoughts are selfish and ignoble, his words will be deceitful and his conduct dishonest. R2890:3, R4821:2 Heart-thinking, guided by certain principles, has to do with the real man God is considering—not the old creature, but the new. These constitute transformation of character. R5246:6 The body and mind are both strengthened by thinking about things noble, good and pure. SM338:1 The instructions of the Word, received into good and honest hearts, lead to obedience and the development of the fruits of the spirit. R5908:5 This same principle is applicable to the whole world, though not on a scale so far-reaching. R5247:4

[Prov. 23:12]

Apply thine heart —Not just our heads. This implies the study of ourselves, as well as of the Word, to see just what portions of the Word apply to our present necessities. R2093:6*, R2094:1*

[Prov. 23:14]

Shalt beat him —If the child needs it. E368
Deliver his soul —Spare his being for years of usefulness. E368
From hell —Sheol. Wise correction will save a child from vicious ways which lead to premature death, and possibly prepare him to escape the Second Death. R2599:4; E368

[Prov. 23:15]

My son —The exhortation is that of a parent or a teacher who has had experience in life. To profit by instruction is an evidence of wisdom. R2073:3
Be wise —in heavenly wisdom; this makes the glad father. R1502:2 The aim of some parents to have their sons be men of wealth, power, fame or social prominence is not a worthy ambition. R1502:2

[Prov. 23:17]

Not ... envy sinners —Thereby missing the joy and peace which naturally flow from a heart full of love and reverence for the Lord. R1502:2

[Prov. 23:18]

There is an end —To the brief pleasures of sinners. R1502:2 The end of the walk of honesty and uprightness will eventually be better than that of pleasures and sensualities. R2074:1
Not be cut off —Shall have a never-failing source of consolation. R1502:2

[Prov. 23:19]

Guide thine heart —If the heart is right, the actions will regulate themselves accordingly. " Keep thy heart, for out of it are the issues of life." (Prov. 4:23) R1502:2
In the way —Describing a youth starting upon life's journey where two roads meet—one upward, an honorable course of morality; one downward, gratification of depraved tastes. R2073:6 This way of morality and temperance is not the same as the "narrow way" of self-denial in which the Christian is to walk. R2074:5

[Prov. 23:20]

Not among winebibbers —Realizing the force of example, those who feel strong along this line will forego the exercise of their liberties for fear of stumbling their weaker neighbors. R3270:6,R3746:3 The Lord's consecrated may not turn aside from their more important message, the calling of the bride, to urge upon the world the excellent but temporary and partial reform of total abstinence. R4337:2, R4338:4, R4156:3,6 It would be perfectly right for us to express our sentiment on the liquor question at the polls. R4156:2

[Prov. 23:21]

For the drunkard —"No drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of heaven." (1 Cor. 6:10) No drunkard, therefore, can hope to be a member of the Body of Christ. R4600:6 Having once been a drunkard, and having turned from it, the individual would be a drunkard no longer. R4601:1 Total abstinence may be much more necessary today than it was centuries ago because the race is gradually becoming weakened. R4156:5
And the glutton —Drunkenness and gluttony are classed together. Both are unworthy of true manhood and bring their sure reward of poverty and disgrace. R1444:4 Who is as truly intemperate as the drunkard. R2074:2 We are in sympathy with temperance in respect to intoxicants and "in all things." R3746:6
Come to poverty —Gluttony leads to poverty of both mental and physical strength. R2074:2
Drowsiness —Sloth or idleness or lack of energy, another form of intemperance. R2074:2 In an opposite direction, intemperance in energy and ambition for honors or wealth robs one of social enjoyment and spiritual privileges and joys. R2074:2

[Prov. 23:22]

Hearken unto —Or, honor. The obligations of honor to parents never ceases, though that of obedience does when the years of maturity and discretion are reached. R1502:5 Because of the sudden increase in knowledge, the young have outstripped their seniors. The resultant tendency is disrespect. R2074:2 The wise parent sets a good example in childlikeness, being ready to learn from and with his children along the lines of their superior educational advantages. R2074:3

[Prov. 23:23]

Buy the truth —With reference to the ordinary affairs of life, dealings between men; and with reference to spiritual things, God and the divine plan. R2074:3 What we possess naturally is not of lasting value; what we may obtain instead is of priceless value, everlasting. R1656:2
Sell it not —Truth, wisdom and understanding are not too costly at any price; and should never be sold or compromised for the short-lived advantages of error. R1502:5
And instruction —Sought in meekness and with a ready and appreciative mind in the way of God's appointment; but never take council with the ungodly. R1502:5

[Prov. 23:24]

A wise child —Laying the foundation for a good, wise character before the children were born. R2074:4

[Prov. 23:26]

My son —You who have repented of sin and are trusting in the precious blood of Christ. R3703:6 If you would be my son. R5702:5 We are treated as sons in a relative way the moment we turn from sin. Q400:1 Because of justification, instead of being human sinners, we are human sons; and now, because we are sons, God speaks to us as such. A233 Only by continued loyalty and obedience can sonship be maintained. R5702:3, R3207:4*
Give me thine heart —The affections and qualities of the mind to which God appeals. OV138:1; R4904:1, R4774:6 Including all that you have and are; in the highest, noblest and fullest sense—your body, worship, reverence, praise, treasure, time, talents, influence, money—all in joyful service. R3703:6, R2388:5; A233; F436 Not merely nine-tenths of your heart, but all of it. R4812:3And I will make you a son on a higher plane than the human. A233 As the Apostle declares, it is our "reasonable service." (Rom. 12:1) R3704:1 The most that God does for anyone is simply inform him of the steps necessary to complete his justification. R5207:2 So long as our heart is loyal to the Lord it will control all the products of life because it will lead us to seek to know the Lord's will in everything. R4201:3
Observe my ways —Note God's qualities of character, of wisdom, justice, love and power, calling forth admiration and reverence. R5703:1 All who are sons of God will study his ways, especially from the study of the Bible. R5703:4 We are not to follow the Lord's ways in the execution of judgment because we are liable to make mistakes in such matters. R5703:1The world does not realize that they are copying the Lord's ways in the inventions of this day. R5703:1

[Prov. 23:29]

Who hath babbling? —The spirit of a sound mind would not permit one to take anything into his system that would befuddle his reason. R4337:2
Redness of eyes? —"Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging." (Prov. 20:1) R2533:1 Picture of the drunkard. R4600:6, R1444:4

[Prov. 23:30]

That tarry long —Most of such began the use of liquor with the intention of becoming moderate drinkers only. R5098:6, R3271:2

[Prov. 23:31]

Look not —Even the exceeding great and precious promises are not enough to hold our fallen appetites when constantly exposed to temptation. We must engage our attention and thoughts in another direction. R3271:4 While it cannot be said that the Bible commands total abstinence, under present conditions we, as followers of Jesus, are justified in urging it. R4600:3 97% of transportation companies forbid their employees from using alcohol. (1903) R3270:3
When it is red —There is a charm or enticement connected with alcoholic stimulants which gradually wastes the strong and quickly enthralls the weak of will. R4600:6
Moveth itself aright —Goeth down smoothly. R4600:6

[Prov. 23:32]

Like a serpent —Throughout all Europe the blight of intoxication is awfully prevalent. (1906) R3746:6 Also see comments on Prov. 20:1.

[Prov. 23:33]

Strange women —Strange things, as in delirium tremens. R3271:4 The demoniacal power of liquor is associated with its twin sister, fleshly desire and general immorality. R4600:6

[Prov. 23:34]

Midst of the sea —Like floating wreckage. R4600:6
The top of a mast —In imminent danger of destruction. R4600:6

[Prov. 23:35]

I felt it not —Those who become beastly drunk are unconscious of injury. R4600:6
When shall I awake? —Seem to have their chiefest pleasure in unconsciousness. R4600:6
Seek it yet again —Upon recovering from one debauch, their desire is to seek the stimulation again. R4600:6, R3271:4

[Prov. 24:16]

A just man —Will not fall into sin, although he may stumble for various causes. R5218:3
Riseth up again —If the heart is right, the Lord will show him his mistake and the way to recover himself. R5218:3

[Prov. 25:1]

There are also —Chapters 25 to 29 were collected and added later by King Hezekiah. R1518:2

[Prov. 25:6]

Put not forth thyself —Ambition is a necessary faculty of the human mind, but a very dangerous element as respects the formation of Christian character. R3832:2

[Prov. 25:11]

A word fitly spoken —What a power the tongue has for good. OV208:4

[Prov. 25:21]

If thine enemy —Although, if destitute, we should feed them; yet so long as they are the adversaries of the Lord's cause, they are our adversaries, and we are theirs. R1861:4
Give him bread —If love so broad and comprehensive was obligatory upon natural Israel, to what degree should spiritual Israel possess and manifest this noble quality? R5643:6 Not to see how badly you can make him feel, but because love is the principle of your nature. R2214:6 Illustrated by Elisha's feast to the Syrians who came to take him captive. (2 Kings 6:22, 23) R3441:5

[Prov. 25:22]

Fire upon his head —Make him ashamed of his conduct in contrast with yours. R3830:3 Many a man, like Nero, when awakened, will be greatly humiliated by the generous forgiveness of formerly injured fellow-men. R1655:1

[Prov. 25:28]

No rule —A will-less man is a good-for-naught. OV196:T A lawless disposition, the spirit of anarchy. R5487:6 Indecision and lack of character in little things (irregularity in arising and indecision as to proper foods) affect all the greater things of life. R5653:4 "A wise man sometimes changes his mind; a fool, never." Ruling our own spirit does not mean that we are to go to extremes. R5653:4 One who yields to sin and various weaknesses and assaults of the Adversary has lost his real manhood. R4789:6 If we rule our mind and our thoughts we shall rule our tongue. R5488:2
His own spirit —The impulses of one's native mind, disposition. R5488:1,5, R5652:6 In creating man God gave him a will; but it needs to be defended and kept in repair. R4789:3 The will is to be continually on guard over the mind, to allow nothing to enter except through the regular gates of conscience and judgment. R5653:1
A city —One's will; the will governs the mind and conduct. R5488:5, R5489:1 Whether our wills are strong or weak, they need direction. R5487:3 In olden times cities were particularly places of refuge and had strong walls. R5487:3
Broken down —Not from visible forces alone, but by evil spirits subduing and breaking down the will. R4789:6 Even failures, subsequently recognized, lead to greater fortification of the will. R4790:4
Without walls —Open to attack. R5487:3 Would invite attack and be certain to meet disaster sometime, as would a broken-down human will. R5653:1No will, no self-control. R4789:3, R5653:1

[Prov. 26:4]

Answer not a fool —To one who speaks foolishly do not talk foolishly in return. R5050:3

[Prov. 26:5]

Answer a fool —You do him service if you show him the folly of his position. R5050:3

[Prov. 26:11]

Returneth to his vomit —As those who, by God's grace, have once been delivered from Babylon and return thither. R2991:5

[Prov. 27:7]

Soul —Being, person. R205:2

[Prov. 27:12]

Foreseeth the evil —The energy of politicians and financiers advocating world trade markets is begotten of this wisdom. R2867:5,3

[Prov. 27:20]

Hell —Sheol, oblivion, death, not torment. E368; R2599:5
Are never full —Cannot be overcrowded, no limit to its capacity. E368

[Prov. 28:9]

Shall be abomination —Shall not be heard. R2024:1

[Prov. 28:20]

Abound with blessings —Proportionate to his faithfulness and zeal. R3869:6

[Prov. 29:1]

Hardeneth his neck —A figure drawn from the stiffness of neck of an unruly yoke of oxen. R3464:1 Often reproved, yet stiff-necked. R4820:2
Be destroyed —If reproofs do not have a corrective influence the result must mean a final destruction—Second Death. R4820:2

[Prov. 29:2]

When the righteous —The Church associated with the Lord. R3285:5, R3447:5
The people mourn —"The whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together" (Rom. 8:22) while Satan is at the helm. R3447:5

[Prov. 29:11]

All his mind —Ruach, mind, thoughts, plans, purposes. E318

[Prov. 29:25]

The fear of man —And man's churches. R2208:3 "How can ye believe which receive honor one of another." (John 5:44) R4208:1 God would have every man in Christ realize his liberty from sin and superstition and his solemn accountability to God for all his thoughts and words and doings. R1788:5 Hindering even some of God's true servants from faithfulness.D61 A temptation comes to the Lord's people to guide their course not entirely by the Word of the Lord, but with a deference to the sentiments of others. R4208:1Man can do no more, at worst, than take our life; while, on the other hand, our hopes respecting eternal life are with God. (Matt. 10:26-28) CR9:1
Bringeth a snare —The neglect of the principle of individual judgment brought upon the church the snare of the great apostacy, with popes to dictate in matters of faith and conduct, subverting the consciences of men. R1788:6

[Prov. 30:1]

The words of —Chapters 30 and 31 do not claim Solomon for their author. R1518:2

[Prov. 30:5]

Word of God is pure —However we have abundant proof that the English translation is not perfect. R52:3*

[Prov. 30:6]

Add thou not —The penalty was death for the Scribe who dared alter a single word of Scripture. R52:2*

[Prov. 30:8]

Give me neither —The two-talent man would have a natural advantage over the one-talent man in that he would be neither so likely to be discouraged nor to be puffed up, nor have the increased responsibility of those possessing more. R4660:1

[Prov. 30:15]

Are never satisfied —No end of capacity and can never be over-filled. E368

[Prov. 30:16]

The grave —Sheol, oblivion, death. R2600:2; E368

[Prov. 31:7]

Forget his poverty —This advice of King Lemuel is contrary to true wisdom. R1521:4

[Prov. 31:10]

A virtuous woman —Uninspired, not by Solomon, and not at all the present ideal. R1520:3

[Prov. 31:15]

While It Is yet night —This is an extreme view by an uninspired pen. R1521:1

[Prov. 31:30]

Vain —A breath. R1520:3
Feareth —Reverenceth. R1520:3